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Ok I don't want to go into too much detail but basically I need to figure out a way for a forming nation of stuffed animals to have a military arm. In my story stuffed animals (which now have the ability to move around and communicate with each other telepathically) are caught up in a war between the humans and a newly formed nation of figments and these beings called moppets (essensially a magical being made by people or other moppets from rags of cloth, clothes, and crystallized souls of children). The moppets and their figment allies are hunting stuffed animals for raw materials to make more moppets and humans are burning them to destroy the resource.
In responce to the threat the stuffed animals are uniting under a 'warrior' teddy bear. Forming their own nation/goverment/etc.
Now I'm running into the problem of how the stuffed animals will protect themselves. Most lack the appendages necessary for firing guns or wielding any weapon for that matter. They also lack the ability to make more of their own kind (still trying to figure out how to give them the ability to). I just need some ideas...

Why should they be able to defend themselves? Is it a main part of the story? Why not let them simply be caught in between the more powerful forces, and trying their best to survive, given their pathetic abilities.

the warrior teddy bear is one of the main characters. The story is kinda like a song of ice and fire where there is no one single main character.
Its kinda important to the story that they actively try to defend themselves (though truthfully they ultimately fail and make a mass exodus from the land). That said I want them to be able to put up a meaningful resistance.

if youre using magic to bring toys to life, its no big stretch to let the magic make them stronger than something that size ought to be, or nearly anything else

Can they cooperate? If they wrap around each other they could form larger appendages that could manipulate larger/more complicated objects.

I'm picturing a couple bears strapped together by those monkeys with the velcro arms, for example.

I actually like this idea (may use it). Another one that crossed my mind is that since there is a human aiding them (lets just say hes a new comer to the land and the other humans want him, his figment 'wife', and their half breed child dead) so theoretically he could sew them the appendages they need to use weapons (possibly sew weapons on them) or the appendages they need to alter each other.

Suicide bombing.

Alternatively, support in the form of other toys? Toys that are formed already as weapons? Add to that childlike innocence twisted with morbid implications.

  I'll just leave this here.

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