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Well, I drew these in order to help get my friend out of his inability to help create characters on the go. But seeming as though he's not here: Let's have an exercise, eh? Look at each portrait and give a summary as to who you think they would be like.

Misha from KS, mexican dude, Mayekoi before her dye, black girl from Gunnerkrig Court, and emo kid.

Token anime-inspired flirty airhead character.
Token traditional/religious/nice character.
Token ethnic-yet-successful character.
Token gender ambiguous/special interest character.
The fact that there's more females on the "team" implies a great deal of shenanigans takes place in the series, and it's more of a romantic comedy than say action adventure. Looks like something they'd show on Nickelodeon during the afternoon.

Top left: Controls a giant robot via the microphone protruding from behind her hair. The robot's arms can turn into drills that can pierce through all but the hardest of materials.

Bottom left: Can travel to the Afterlife and communicate with the spirits that inhabit it. In combat, she recruits deceased heroes from the fields of Elysium to fight by her side.

Top center: Can drastically increase the rate of his passage through time, effectively giving himself superspeed. He has to exert himself to do it, though, and using his powers at their full potential (increasing his speed times twenty) could potentially hospitalize him.

Bottom right: His invisible eye sees curves and angles in space that defy human understanding of physics. He can travel along these alien shortcuts to travel just about anywhere he wants to go, and learns more tricks every day.

Top left: Absorbs sunlight and can channel it into bursts of energy that she can use to blast enemies, propel herself through the air, or simply illuminate a dark room.


Derp I meant top right on the last one, obviously.

Jane Doe

Top Left: As she is going about her usual day, Top Left is suddenly impacted by number of cacti that have escaped the back of a delivery truck going up a steep hill and dies five seconds into the story. Not much gets explained past the fact that she was annoying and had pink hair.
Center Top: Best friend of Top Left. After seeing the death of Top Left, he realizes that he actually has something to talk about for once, and then goes and makes a thread about it on the internet where he whines about the death of his friend in hopes that he gets some kind of attention.
Top Right: Was friends with Top Left, but secretly hates her because she's rude and judgmental. Gets way into her religion after witnessing the death of said friend. Becomes annoying and condescending, much like Top Left was.
Bottom Left: Student of some sort. Is associated with Bottom Right, but dislikes his company as he is an addict. Though she didn't know Top Left, Bottom Left was two feet away as she was run over by a group of speeding cactus, and pretends to remain mostly unaffected. Eventually becomes addicted to pills prescribed by her doctor, which are essentially small doses of speed.
Bottom Right: Some dude who's kind of a douche and is addicted to speed and cocaine. After seeing Top Left die horribly, realizes he is a bit of a asshat and tries to stop being such a prick. Fails horribly and remains prick-ish with the delusions that he is some how not, which gives him an inflated ego.

None of them fight crime.

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