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Since /writ/ is going to die soon, I figured I'd actually post something since I've been lurking a good portion of a year, contributing not a damn thing.

I didn't want to post since I don't read books at all and you guys come across as people with higher brows than me. But I did lurk. I usually check out /writ/ and /draw/ and it doesn't seem like /draw/ is going to draw anytime soon.

Since /writ/ is dying due to a low post count, I feel like I should post something I've been working on for a while now, but have been afraid to post, since I write for the pure definition of fun and I'd probably cry like a baby if anyone actually critiqued my stuff. I've been writing just for the hell of it, with little regard to what most people tell me. I do have a few I let look over my stuff to edit. Really, anyone can critique me but my readers barely do it, so I'm spoiled I guess.

Here's my story. Turn back if you like Pokemon because chances are it'll make you angry or something.

Pokemon 0:

Those are the table of contents. There's 24 chapters and I've started on 25. Part 1 of the story is about to end.

Personally, I wouldn't read it if someone else wrote it since it's too long. People enjoy it though and I now write for them and myself.

And since /writ/'s going to die, I can finally say that I at least posted something. If you do decide to read, enjoy and give me feedback. If you don't decide to read, then I don't blame you.

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>going to draw

to die*

Oh and I'm going back to lurking. I'm done posting and sorry for the triple post.

>If the post rate goes up, the board'll stay after the month is up.

Why doesn't anyone catch onto that part?

>I don't read books at all

Why not? Not only are books FUCKING AWESOME, but they help you to write better and can help get your some FUCKING AWESOME ideas of your own!

Story's bookmarked, will give it a read-through when I have the time.

So yeah, I'm on Chapter 3 at the moment, and fucking loving the dark, realistic take on Pokémon. Kudos, author.

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Chapter VI at the moment. I love it.
I had a similar idea some time ago and I'm glad you wrote it first.
I had to suspend my disbelief a lot though. The world seems very realistic except for the whole sending 13 years old out to protect the public from fire-spitting dragons, electric birds and giant turtles with high pressure water guns thing.


I know what you mean, man; I think the idea is that more trainers --> more Pokémon caught before they can evolve and become a problem OR trainers dying as a result of trying to catch Pokémon. Either way, the government wins. It's a dark concept, but a very interesting one at the same time.

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