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Hey, /ck/. How do you guys like your coffee?

I prefer mine decaf, lightly sweetened, usually enjoyed throughout the day with something sweet like a piece of cake or a cookie.

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To quote American Gods: "black as night, and sweet as sin." Though I do enjoy it with cream, too. As long as it's sweet.

With so much irish cream and sugar that it is no longer identifiable as coffee anymore.

Alternatively, caffe mocha.

I prefer black, no sugar. If it's really bitter or strong I'll put some cream and sugar in. Sometimes I'll put cream and sugar in if I want to drink it right then but it'll be another fifteen minutes before it cools down enough to drink.

I can't drink Starbucks's coffee without loading up on cream and sugar (and sometimes a little vanilla powder). Wawa has good coffee (GREAT coffee when you consider they're a convenience store), but there are none outside the Northeastern US.

Hazelnut iced coffee with light cream and a decent amount of sugar.

It's the best during the summer.

File: 126414803369.jpg-(35.75KB, 662x710, Coffe_percolator_moka.jpg)
2 or 3 packets of sugar (preferably brown, I hate that Splenda shit), and 2 packets of creamer.

But I usually make coffee at home in one of those cute percolators. Pic is uncannily close to the one I have.

I'm swedish. Our coffe is tar compared to everyone else

I love the smell of good coffee but I just cannot stand the taste

half&half until it's a dark tan. put in 4 packets of sugar.

chug that shit before it gets cold; coffee gets nasty when it's cold.


Had this Ethiopian stuff once, it was fantastic. So thick and sweet you could just filter it through your teeth.

Very dark, but with liberal amounts of cream and sugar if it is repulsive. Depends on the flavor.

I will kill a man for Kona.

colombian with enough milk to make it drinkable without burning myself too bad

sugar is an unnecessary trend, if you drink coffee or tea embrace how fucking bitter they are

Coffee doesn't have to be bitter. Bitterness varies with varieties, roasts, and blends. If you prefer a smooth, non-bitter cup there's no reason not to put in a dash of sugar if the only coffee available is more bitter than you're used to.

Black, and with a load of sweeteners.

Strong and black.
I'm saving up to get my own espresso machine. I hate having to take a bus just to get a good cup.

The same way I take my women: strong, black, and proud.

Coffee gives me the shits.

Depends on the mood, but one creamer dealy and a couple sugars'll suffice more often than not.

Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet. Maybe it's the brand?

With so much milk and sugar that it's unrecognizable.

If Moe's like me, it's the caffeine that does it. I can't drink coffee on the road, for example...

Caffeine triggers colon peristalsis. Sometimes it seems like eating something along with coffee instead of drinking it on an empty stomach helps avoid this.

With like half of the cup full of milk, and a good amount of sugar. (but not so much as to make it sickening.) Sometimes with irish cream.

I cannot stand hot coffee, but I will drink it luke warm to room temperature to ice cold.

Anyone else?

I like it hot, but most of the time when I put in cream/milk it's not because of flavor. I want to be able to enjoy it without burning my gums and throat off.

I don't like hot food and drink in general, so yeah, I use a very skewed boiling water-to-milk ratio to compensate.

Kitten tongue. :(

I like my coffee like I like my women: short, black, and forced through a fine metal mesh by high pressure steam.

Oh wait, now I've said too much.

It's complicated. "Hey, let's go get coffee. Well, you might get coffee. I will buy a beverage that was coffee in a past life but is now pale liquid sugar."

It might be time to admit that I don't like coffee....

Light on the cream, just enough sugar to take the bite off.

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