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File 136955418867.png - (836.12KB , 853x480 , everybody act natural.png )
210059 No. 210059
So, there is this show... about a mouse reporter named Geronimo. Together with his sister, cousin, and nephew, they travel around the world (and their hometown) in search of scoops and adventure. The show currently airs in most of Europe, but not in America.

Based on a more popular and well-known children's book series of the same name.
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>> No. 210060
File 136955562734.png - (109.58KB , 390x390 , official Benjamin arght.png )
A sample of animation and music done by the composer:
Nicolas MARTIN composer, Geron…youtube thumb
>> No. 210076
File 136959848671.gif - (1.90MB , 400x300 , Thea knows some sort of martial art.gif )
An example of animation quality in GIF form.
>> No. 210129
coool stuff man. weird question but was there any disguising with like masks or anything in the show?
>> No. 210160
Are you taking about the cat pirates from the books? They are nowhere to be seen in season 1.
>> No. 210187
well them or any general mask like disguise used.
>> No. 210199
File 13697711565.png - (393.17KB , 670x480 , swag.png )
Well, there is one episode.
>> No. 210254
So, this is an article:

It has words in it.
>> No. 210373
File 136997792159.png - (703.04KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2011-05-04-07h32m00s53.png )
One of the best episodes of season 1, in decent quality and in English:
Geronimo Stilton The Gem Gang Part 1youtube thumb
Geronimo Stilton-The Gem Gang Part 2youtube thumb
(beware, theme song is bad)

What do you think?
>> No. 210465
pretty cool. ive only seen like a couple episodes that i've found on youtube. i think that was one.
>> No. 210853
File 137076780045.png - (280.46KB , 369x473 , how does fur blushing even work.png )
Funny thing, when this image was posted on regular /co/, the thread got over 500 posts, and lived for two days.
>> No. 211047
File 137119379322.png - (426.54KB , 853x480 , geronimo 42.png )

I will bump my own threads as much as I want.
>> No. 213469
File 137461374678.png - (741.23KB , 844x480 , these letters are delicious.png )
This counts as content, right?
>> No. 213471
It's okay mate, I have to do it all the time for my threads.
>> No. 213835
File 137516394024.png - (154.68KB , 640x348 , Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 1_41_28 AM.png )
Thanks to the anon who discovered it!
>> No. 214821
File 137669147472.png - (273.58KB , 530x420 , rf Benjamin bump.png )
One more thread on regular /co/, and no one came here.

>> No. 215512
Oh I'm here with you.

Patiently waiting for rule34 on Pandora.
>> No. 217897
Mister Twister, Please upload the episodes that you don't yet have on MEGA. Thanks
>> No. 217898
Mister Twister, please upload the remaining episodes you have copied. Thanks
>> No. 217911
You are new here. This website moves at a much slower pace, and you only need to make one post in 3 days to get a reply.
>> No. 217947
Actually, that was an accident. It seemed like the first one didn't show up but when I posted it again, they both showed up.
>> No. 217952
File 138259582076.png - (772.93KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2013-07-27-14h49m38s116.png )
That's okay. If you feel like actually discussing this show, feel free to do that anytime.
>> No. 219188
File 138471393912.png - (466.39KB , 600x600 , theastolethemonalisa.png )
Just a PSA: Any one with On Demand can watch select episodes under Kabillion. I saw Mr. and Mrs. Matched along with Clean Sweep, Gem Gang, Hypno Tick Tock, The Mask of Rat-Jitsu, aaand Rodent Express. Might be different in your area. [US]
>> No. 219204
File 138472174843.png - (581.29KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2013-07-27-13h18m29s213.png )
That is interesting.

Another PSA, is that I discovered the canadian DVDs to not be interlaced at all. Actually, most DVDs aren't. It's just the format the movie file is in contains a code that forces the player to read the images as interlaced. If you have a good modern player, it will read the progressive image straight from the disc without interlacing. Still, I have no idea how to do that on an external laptop drive. VLC is a free program, and therefore does not have a fancy mode like that. I would love if someone could help me with that.

Pic related: interlacing artifacts in the background.
>> No. 219276
walmart had a dvd of some episodes of this for about 2 weeks, didn't pick it up myself but it seemed somewhat interesting
>> No. 219281
Book series was on bbc for getting some shit for forgetting to put Israel on a map of the middle east
>> No. 219322
File 138482422164.png - (433.12KB , 844x480 , vlcsnap-2013-07-27-14h28m47s147.png )
I wish I could see that. Sounds amazing!

Complete season sets are available from Canada. Unfortunately, those discs are NTSC (480), and for progressive scan you must play them on a regular modern player. Your computer drive does not have a built-in progressive read mode (not yet anyway).
>> No. 220451
Could you try to rip them?
>> No. 220544
Are DL links allowed here? Deletion of this post would indicate 'no'.

An episode from season 2:
>> No. 220545
File 138683173542.png - (197.98KB , 720x404 , vlcsnap-2013-12-08-13h54m50s159.png )
And another one:
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