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File 138306419455.png - (148.56KB , 770x1090 , 20131029.png )
218177 No. 218177

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>> No. 218178
File 138306530374.jpg - (27.74KB , 600x450 , Aliens.jpg )
Have a Prequel-related macro.
>> No. 218200
File 138310163535.gif - (130.46KB , 684x937 , rsdfowefpcsd094jtowejfoe927.gif )
This storyline is making me anxious.

Also Tarquin's getting super mad.
>> No. 218207
File 138310698790.jpg - (8.90KB , 300x300 , GOOD.jpg )
I hate that fucker.
Using the beauty of classical story structure as a justification to perform evil. HOW'S THAT LITTLE IMPROV IN YOUR CONVOLUTED PLAY TASTE YA BASTARD?
>> No. 218215
Casters are overpowered as fuck
>> No. 218217
As they should be.
Its the reward for been really shitty at the early levels.
>> No. 218219
D&D 3.5 is a terrible system, literally made by nerds trying to get back at the jocks that physically beat them up in childhood.

D&D in general is a pretty terrible gaming system that doesn't deserve the momentum it has built up over the years that keeps sucking in newbies.
>> No. 218260
File 138320099781.png - (135.12KB , 770x1090 , 20131031.png )
Out of curiosity, what system would you recommend for newbies? I've played a little 3.5, played a 4e campaign, but neither really made much sense to me.

Also, boys are gross.
>> No. 218261
I hear pathfinder's pretty nifty.
Then again, I know nothing about pen and paper RPGs at all.
>> No. 218263
Pathfinder is literally the same game as D&D 3.5 with a few balance tweaks and a handful of tweaks. It doesn't really do anything to resolve the real issues with D&D's use as a system for anything outside the Wargame genre. Don't get me wrong--if you like hack and slash dungeon crawls, D&D is great at giving you those. But if you want something with more focus on characters and/or telling a story together as a group, you're better off looking toward something with more of a narrativist focus, like Fate. I haven't been able to play it yet, but I'm also intrigued by Shock!
>> No. 218269
Fucking christ boys, get your shit together!
>> No. 218275

Makes you wonder whether they're like this 'cause they're just like that now, or they've been effected by the timewarp in some manner, like Ryan and Amy.

Though that would imply that the reason Sonny wouldn't come out of his room earlier in the storyline was due to impled puberty induced flatuence... which I didn't even know was a thing.
>> No. 218296
So, since I've been bored at work lately and since it's author always puts reference links to older comics, I've been shotgunning through the archives of El Goonish Shive.

Anybody else read that webcomic? I started on that way goddamn forever ago, it was just about the literal third or fourth webcomic I ever started reading.

It's got some flaws, the cast is huge by this point, I'm not even sure who the main character is supposed to be, it's more like an X-Men sized core ensemble, and some of them have enough backstory and development by this point to have justified them having their own comic, the ever-expanding magic system is really really convoluted (as implied by "ever-expanding,) and it's so chock full of gender-bending/size-changing/animal-hybrid transforming that I'm reasonably sure that at least some of the writing process goes something like:

"Yes, Pickle?"
"I'd shuur like me a little tickle!"
"Well alright, Pickle."

Still, the art's improvement is something to behold, and despite the stuff I mentioned before, I really like the characters, and exposition-marathon aside, I think the setting has a lot of potential. Anybody else think so?
>> No. 218299
I read it, and it is something of an unusual case among the comics I follow. On the one hand, I can't really recommend it to anyone because, yeah, it was not very good. The art was blegh, the writing was poor, and the author's fascination (if not outright fetish) with transformation shone through like a lighthouse. It had all the markings of someone who doesn't know how to make a comic trying to make a comic. So why do I still read it?

Well, partially it's because of all those markings. Isn't that why we like webcomics? Thanks to the internet, anyone with the drive can make their comic available to the public without needing a ton of investment or a major publisher with which to sign? And, although the comic was pretty crummy, it got better. Much, much better. The art is leaps-and-bounds above what it used to be, the main characters are very sympathetic, the story arcs are original and interesting, and the world, although quite complicated, has a logic to it that remains consistent. Really, it has all the markings of being a quality webcomic that is marred by the fact that it only got that way after years of being little more than something some guy on the internet made in his spare time.
>> No. 218310
Webcomics being free is a major reason I like them
>> No. 218333
>Really, it has all the markings of being a quality webcomic that is marred by the fact that it only got that way after years of being little more than something some guy on the internet made in his spare time.

That's a sign he should end this comic and start another one using what he's learned.
>> No. 218336

If we're being fair, I think even Dan realizes this is true.

>> No. 218363
File 138332751777.jpg - (364.37KB , 700x1089 , image.jpg )
Four years later, we're finally going back to the material plane. Holy shit I can't believe it's over.
>> No. 218472
File 138354452325.png - (146.10KB , 880x1245 , 20131104.png )
Oh come on Jack!
You used to be cool.
At least Linton haven't lost it at all.
>> No. 218474
File 138354584927.jpg - (255.77KB , 600x900 , image.jpg )
Awww yeah here we go. Sorry, boys, I like you and all, but Sette and Duane are where it's at.
>> No. 218488

I only remember to check up on this every month or two. The updates were inconsistent for so long that I keep forgetting it's actually regular again.
>> No. 218490
File 138361200471.jpg - (266.58KB , 700x1089 , image.jpg )

I am so incredibly hype.

Too bad we have to wait until January.
>> No. 218492
So puberty is just kicking the shit out of the boys sense of reason right?
>> No. 218493
File 138362861760.png - (238.20KB , 800x647 , mysterysolvingteens.png )
Oh, sure. Reason, motivation, resourcefulness - just about everything useful for sleuthing.
Give 'em a year and they'll be these charming lads.
>> No. 218532
File 138371548373.jpg - (273.02KB , 600x900 , ch08_31.jpg )
Haha. Smooth, Sette. Very smooth.
>> No. 218569
File 138376809368.jpg - (247.49KB , 792x1152 , 2013-11-04-26p64.jpg )

The entire city of Cumberland is now going to collapse into a pile of rubble, isn't it?

Either that or the whole robot just seizes up, and Cumberland is permanently a mecha-shaped city.
>> No. 218578
I'm betting neither, at least immediately; enough "cool" people/dinosaurs have crossed into McNinja's dimension at this point that they will be able to muster something to keep the robot functioning.

Hell, Ron Wizard was able to fashion an entire dinosaur mech by himself for the President to pilot, so I doubt Radical's robot will stop by disabling the defense system.
>> No. 218587
File 138379115327.jpg - (342.05KB , 792x1152 , 2013-11-06-26p65[1].jpg )
Or not...
>> No. 218630
File 138383138369.png - (716.33KB , 771x1157 , 2013-11-04-chapter-4-page-50.png )
I really like García.
>> No. 218646
File 138386478627.jpg - (629.98KB , 780x997 , starchman stars.jpg )
I really like Starchman Stars as ridiculously valuable currency in Mayview.

Just what kind of prizes ARE those?
>> No. 218748
File 138407155951.jpg - (651.29KB , 700x1062 , why indeed.jpg )
>> No. 218801
...GOD I've missed having a Wulfenbach on-camera.
>> No. 218805
File 138413636060.jpg - (270.35KB , 600x900 , ch08_32.jpg )
>I fear Duane is juuuuust about fed up with the charming little compulsive liar routine.
Welp on this end too.
>> No. 218958
File 138435315515.jpg - (258.38KB , 600x900 , ch08_34.jpg )
Doubling Down on the WELP'ing.
>> No. 218965
File 138435911229.jpg - (302.46KB , 792x1152 , 2013-11-13-26p67.jpg )
Oh wow, Old!
You're really that desperate, do you?
>> No. 219001
File 138438124620.gif - (112.52KB , 681x937 , baefotjfpwepfjdi83hfs8fsa930.gif )

He's gonna die, sin't he? :(
>> No. 219008
I'd say it's about 50/50.
>> No. 219010
It seems incredibly obvious, but at the same time it might be TOO obvious meaning he won't

And since this is D&D he could always be rezzed, letting the cliché both occur and be subverted
>> No. 219030
File 13843926582.gif - (9.00KB , 391x644 , 1252905194362.gif )
My ass is a ton of hints.
>> No. 219045

I just came here to ask if anyone else was watching the shit going down. Is this going to be the point where Duane just loses it entirely?
>> No. 219067
>Elan used to wish that his parents remarry.
>Now views Julio as father figure
>Elan's mom apparently was/is a big fan of him...

I usually don't like these kind of convoluted perfect endings, but I Want To Believe.
>> No. 219068
>You're really that desperate, do you?
Ha ha, grammar.

Given what we know of Doc, this isn't really that radical of a conclusion to which Old would arrive. He's never really shied away from extreme violence. He just doesn't like killing when he doesn't have to.
>> No. 219069
At the very least he's finally lost all patience for the little rat girl.
>> No. 219097
File 138448722983.gif?spoiler - (370.78KB , 715x2674 , nuAX9EZ6XTHdX57wmss.gif?spoiler )
Yes, probably.
>> No. 219099
I suppose a positive side of all this time I'm spending without internet/a computer is atleast I don't have to wait too long to read a bunch of webcomic pages.
>> No. 219100
File 138449260638.jpg - (282.34KB , 600x900 , ch08_35.jpg )
>> No. 219113
File 138454806847.jpg - (240.76KB , 792x1152 , 2013-11-15-26p68.jpg )
>> No. 219116
I'm honestly disappointed it was as simple as turning the key. I would have thought some one from Radical's dimension would have an alternative at this point, or that Ron would at least hold the thing together.

Well, maybe they'll do something yet.
>> No. 219118
I just remembered how much less I can tolerate from webcomic creators than artists in other media. The behavior of the latter doesn't really affect me unless they're a truly terrible piece of work, but for some reason seeing someone simply be a petty, conceited prat on the internet makes me want to not touch their stuff ever.

And this is why I should follow artist tumblrs with all text posts blocked, damnit.
>> No. 219120
I know what you mean. The creators of shows/comics/whatever really don't affect me. They can be huge assholes, but as long as I only watch/read their work and it's good I don't care. creators online however....

I can't tell you how often a webcomic has been spoiled for me by their creators being whiney children
>> No. 219134
File 138456475464.jpg - (287.31KB , 628x1160 , 1.jpg )
Meh. Sorry you've had that problem, but... welp, I haven't. Two of my favorites, which I would highly recommend to fantasy fans, are Tales of The Questor and Elf Life. The latter is written by a guy that can be nice and can be a major asshole, and whose political beliefs come up once in a while in a wh... look he canceled Elf Life for a while to devote all his time and energy to political cartoons I disagree with. Suffice to say, while I love his comic, he and I would not get along. Tales of the Questor is a truly underrated gem, with fun characters, an interesting world, quirky humor, and generally clever writing that regularly puts a smile on my face. And the guy who writes it is so lacking in social skills that any day now he's likely to be reclassified as some sort of walking skin disease. Separating the art from the artist is just part of life.
>> No. 219211
File 138472220474.jpg - (201.86KB , 650x1011 , Bacon has a tallent.jpg )
Well. I cannot say I was expecting this.
>> No. 219244
Huh. I wonder If Bacon is gonna join up with the party after this, outcast as he is. What does the big book of JRPG-clichés say about it?
>> No. 219247
File 138473662265.jpg - (109.98KB , 576x432 , 8ball_SignsPointToYes.jpg )
>> No. 219265
File 138476636986.jpg - (200.25KB , 650x920 , 1384749264-2013-11-18.jpg )
Hino Nacional do Brasil - Oficialyoutube thumb
>> No. 219275
Urgh, this was amusing when it was just a funny little superhero comic, including the fetishy stuff, but now its just a fetish-comic trying to be DEEP with hamhanded drama.
>> No. 219278
Isn't that the "Classic" lifecycle of webcomics?
>> No. 219279
File 138479264936.jpg - (182.22KB , 660x1023 , toolate.jpg )
Yeah dude, the comic inspired by Empowered and Strangers in Paradise, that introduced a girl dying from ALS as a main character way back in chapter 1, went and started having serious moments.
>> No. 219289
A handful of comics manage to avoid that, but yeah, I've quit more comics than I can remember because they lost the lighthearted tone they started out with. I'm sure in plenty of cases the writer just gets a bug up their butt about doing something "serious", trying to force it onto the comic they're already working on, rather than creating a separate story where it'd be more appropriate, but mostly I think switching to drama is just an easy out for when a writer suddenly has trouble maintaining consistent comedy. That's not to say good drama is any easier than good comedy, but coasting along on bad drama seems to be more readily eaten-up by people than coasting on bad comedy.
>> No. 219293
Spinnerette was no more intended to be purely lighthearted than Empowered, which was a direct inspiration. He worked out the character origins before the first issue. We didn't get the full stories until later, but he wasted no time hinting at Mecha Maid having ALS and foreshadowing Tiger’s origin (old man was murdered, passed on his powers to Tiger, but his superhero life resulted in his wife leaving him with their kids because she couldn’t handle being afraid for him all the time).

He worked things out well in advance because this wasn’t your typical “write and draw it as you go along” comic. He had to go out and get artists to draw it issue by issue. He needed a lot worked out in advance. If it’s not your cup of tea, hey, whatever floats your boat. But if you think he started writing something light then changed his mind, or let attention go to his head or something, you just weren’t paying enough attention. Comedy mixed with drama was pretty much the plan all along (or more specifically Strangers in Paradise-inspired relationship drama superimposed over a superhero inspired by Empowered only where the other heroes aren’t such dicks all the time).

I've heard "you started cute then got serious damn you" thrown at Empowered, Spinnerete, and Little Victory. Scratching my head at the author-and-logic-contradicting assumption it was ever going to be anything else in every case.
>> No. 219294
Yeah, I always thought similar. I put Classic in capitals because this pattern was a lot more widespread during the phase when everyone and their dog ran a webcomic basically as a hobby and predictably a lot of people just plain couldn't come up with new material or got bored/tired of having to do so constantly. These days (at least from in my experience) it's less common because there's simply less webcomics and more that start with a point in mind.

Of course sometimes the results are awful even if the author did plan ahead of time. There's such thing as bad ideas. Isn't Shortpacked/Willis's other comics like this or just first case? Because man that's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of terrible internet dramedy.
>> No. 219295
File 138480999486.png - (737.17KB , 786x1163 , 2013-11-18-chapter-4-page-54 yay beast wars.png )
Speaking of death in comics~
>> No. 219297
Except the problem is his drama writing is terrible.
>> No. 219298
paranatural can do nothing wrong, apparently.
>> No. 219299
>Goku's stack of halos
The imagery in this comic is so relentlessly amazing.
>> No. 219300
Spinerette can clearly get a bit narmy, but there's little overlap on the venn diagram of legitimate problems with the comic and things people complain about. It definitely strikes me as one of the comics that gets disproportionate hate from /co/ due to a perception that it's "pandering to tumblr" or some shit. Only webcomic I've seen inspire a "why are straight white men the only people it's still okay to be prejudiced against?" tirade on /co/.
>> No. 219344
File 138484725987.jpg - (264.13KB , 600x900 , ch08_37.jpg )
I very much enjoy Sette getting a great big helping of humble pie. Let's hope it sticks.
>> No. 219345
File 13848507466.png - (158.50KB , 880x1245 , 20131119.png )
They... they tried to kill hundreds of people on purpose? Wow, they actually might be worse than that Selkie. She at least had magic as an excuse for being a murderous lunatic.
>> No. 219352
Someone mentioned Bob & George in the megaman thread..

Man... remember when sprite comics were all the rage?
>> No. 219374

Yeah okay that's true enough and all but it's a bit secondary to OH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING
>> No. 219375
And all that was just to ruin their teacher's memory.
Truly terrible people.
>> No. 219379
I think that their existence might have depended on the train arriving on the rails they sabotaged. They have this purple aura around them because they were stuck in a paradox, where they came from nowhere but their actions still affect the timeline. Now that their conditions for existing are not met AND they don't do anything important, they're disintegrating.

They sacrificed themselves to ruin their teacher's good memory. Truly the most noble of motives for suicide
>> No. 219380
But their attempts have just been thwarted. And it can't be that their existence depended on the train being sabotaged since they wouldn't have existed in the prime timeline to begin with.

My thinking is that they've spent too long in the past without coming back. Grumpaw did warn the girls not to stay in past whatever time he gave them, and I don't think the boys have been paying attention to that--it might also explain that energetic discharge the girls got when they touched them.
>> No. 219385

Ah, but if the train's diverted, it never comes into town, and Boughy never has his golden memories, and so the boys never go back in time to ruin said memories.
>> No. 219396
File 138492450937.png - (192.56KB , 880x1245 , 20131120.png )
Things are getting worse by the minute.
>> No. 219398
No, they doomed themselves when they sabotaged the train. The train arriving from that rail on time was something that led to them being born in the first place. Their grandparents might have met there, or something. When they destroyed the train, they got stuck in a paradox because now they have no origin but still leave a mark on the timeline by sabotaging the train. Even though the girls saved the train, the original conditions are not identical, so they still don't have an origin, but now they aren't doing anything meaningful either (since it's now the girls' "fault" the train was diverted). Therefore, they are being devoured.

This is a nicer, softer version where they still exist in present time.
>> No. 219401
File 138493283666.png - (171.94KB , 880x1245 , 20130916.png )

The connection might be even more obtuse than that. Shauna in the new timeline isn't just possessed of a boyfriend, her family is also well-to-do instead of wrong-side-of-the-tracks. This shit ripples.
>> No. 219402
That may be tied into Amy/Ryan. Shauna's family was going to cash in on Des, until Shelly and Amy prevented them from doing such.
>> No. 219403
File 138494114086.png - (528.93KB , 700x1036 , 20131120.png )
That's so like Catbert, too.
>> No. 219438
...I think the fitting point to say she ate humble pie was immediately after the flashback ended. That's not what's happening here.

What's happening here is that she's been telling the truth, but getting hit with backdraft over 1: past lies told (and present attempts to avoid confessing this), and 2: the present truth leading her onto a pair of landmines (Duane's struggling religious convictions and the people that he's lost).

Duane's handling all this very poorly. I can't blame him for that, but neither can I blame Sette for her deceptions. She's just trying to be the good daughter because she wants her father to love her.
>> No. 219446
Yeah I can't exactly cheer right now. I mean, Sette can and has been nasty, but right now she's just a scared little girl getting smacked around by a guy suffering some serious grief induced madness.
>> No. 219450
Yeah i had no idea this was gonna be some physically traumatic, ultimately though I think they'll be better for this and Sette is super tough so I think she can take but even so FUCK is it hard to watch.
>> No. 219454
File 13850686269.jpg - (171.43KB , 650x920 , Haters Gonna Hate.jpg )
>> No. 219456
This is as terrible and hamfisted as that nonsense with Captain Alberta, the one-note super racist/homophobe
>> No. 219467
Which is, from what I've picked up from /co/, the only Spinnerette story ever written.
>> No. 219481
It wasn't very good, but the hate directed toward it is incommensurate with how poorly it was written. As I said, I suspect there's an element of /co/'s generalized loathing for anything that could be seen as "social justice" writing.
>> No. 219487
But at the same time you can't allow the fact that some backwards people disliked it be as a shield to avoid mentioning the fact that the storyline WAS bad on its own though.

That Alberta fellow was more straw than water if you understand what I am putting forth. And nothing about the heroes starting a fight with him in a civilian bar was very smartly written.
>> No. 219488
It was bad. The hatred it gets is disproportionate, and it's frankly irritating that you can't have a Spinneratte thread on /co/ (or post a page here) without "lemme tell ya about Alberta..."
>> No. 219489
Its not like any of the attempts at more dramatic storylines are very good. The only thing the series has going to it is fapbait.
>> No. 219490
This is starting to become extremely frustrating.
>> No. 219491
I find this comment kind funny considering the thread started with a conversation about El Goonish Shive.
>> No. 219493
File 13850962063.jpg - (459.75KB , 900x1325 , 2013-11-21-530-DearSamus[1].jpg )
I will never not like Brawl in the Family.
>> No. 219494
I thought it was cute.
>> No. 219508
I did too.
>> No. 219582
File 13853040488.gif - (165.96KB , 1000x669 , tumblr_mwol68gXen1qizbpto1_1280.gif )
I love you Zac.
>> No. 219642
Things don't bode well for the mystery girls.
>> No. 219655
File 138539115864.png - (592.70KB , 767x1152 , 2013-11-25-chapter-4-page-56.png )
The WORST kind of person.
>> No. 219657
File 138539221540.jpg - (680.36KB , 650x1010 , 1384852379-VIBE125.jpg )
I fucking love them.
>> No. 219659
File 138539774531.jpg - (302.92KB , 600x900 , ch08_39[1].jpg )
God DAMN Unsounded.

Also Uncle Coolguy I'm sorry I thought you were going to be the villain of that flashback, please maintain your Coolguyness for this one.
>> No. 219698
File 138551466671.png - (112.18KB , 880x623 , selkies man.png )

Yeah, I mean, Sacha was a miserable person and extremely dangerous, but she was just following her nature. It's not her fault she got caught out so young.

These boys are just assholes.
>> No. 219721
Ok, can someone explain to me what OP's pic is from and what is up with the surreal style of writing?
>> No. 219722

Well the OP image is from Bad Machinery, but I'm not sure I know what you mean by 'surreal' writing.
>> No. 219723
"Quirky" is the word I meant to use.
>> No. 219726

Ah. That's just how the girls (and other characters, to a lesser extent, but ESPECIALLY the girls) talk. They're energetic, very British, early-teen girls, who mangle and toss the English language about as they use it.
>> No. 219727
Especially Charlotte, though. Lottie's notorious even in-universe for talking weird, as is her spiritual predecessor Shelley.
>> No. 219779
File 138564614626.png - (334.79KB , 599x457 , 0615.png )
We're back in track!
>> No. 219858
File 13857782747.png - (906.42KB , 1125x1650 , 1385768464201.png )
Awww Poppy is such a cutie, even after she's squashed a lizard man's head into a flattish object.
>> No. 219865
/co/'s losing their minds over it, and not in the good way. I guess there could be worse ways to end it, but doesn't she weigh, like, over 250 pounds/units? Doctor Sheep was pretty shocked by it so she's got to be pretty heavy/dense. Guy's going to be hospitalized.
>> No. 219866
ruddy trolls and fetishists. Things will be back to Norman hopefully by next update.
>> No. 219873
He apparently said he had no intention to draw more of the Giraffe lady as he stated before but then we've got trolls all too eager to blow this up to some kinda rage against the 'fans" or some crap. Tiresome really.
>> No. 219886
File 138584203021.png - (11.28KB , 511x241 , Capture.png )
>> No. 220020
File 138599303041.jpg - (275.66KB , 600x900 , ch08_42.jpg )
I think I can see where this is going and I don't like it.
>> No. 220055
>Or a banker

Sette appreciates a good grift, even if it's legal.
>> No. 220088
File 138605079673.png - (1.07MB , 1125x1650 , 2013-12-02-page15.png )
I love all this silly faces, specially on the last panel.
>> No. 220096
File 138605623388.jpg - (1.57MB , 1141x1194 , 1386038011641.jpg )
People started pairing Crock dude with Poppy (PoppyCrock) and making adorable art all of them together.
>> No. 220114
File 138609057136.jpg - (154.15KB , 650x1011 , image.jpg )
Tsun tsun tsun tsun TSUN TSUN TSUN TSUN ツン ツン ツン ツン
>> No. 220121
Peridot's rivalry with Almond is entirely too adorable.
>> No. 220126
File 138610722187.jpg - (314.08KB , 792x1152 , 2013-12-01-26p73.jpg )
Fuck you, Radical.
>> No. 220147
File 138612427861.jpg - (491.46KB , 1000x708 , mp12page15.jpg )
Bean you are radical.
>> No. 220158
This is why I hate time travel.
>> No. 220159
looks weird in color
>> No. 220160
On the other hand, cupcakes.
>> No. 220267
File 138629732080.jpg?spoiler - (338.45KB , 792x1152 , 2013-12-05-26p75.jpg?spoiler )
Guys. What does this mean? What does it mean???
>> No. 220273



>> No. 220276
File 138630631074.png - (156.75KB , 880x1245 , 20131203.png )
I've seen this before.
Is one of the best Astro City stories I've ever read, alongside Tarnished Angel and so many others.

Read the title of this thread.
That may help.
>> No. 220280
File 138632053714.jpg - (18.15KB , 524x411 , Dulmur_and_Lucsly.jpg )
>Predestination Paradox


Possibly literally.
Possibly literally a grandmother-fucker, for that matter.
Doin' the nasty in the past-y.
>> No. 220315
File 138640353420.png - (1.24MB , 1125x1650 , 2013-12-06-page16.png )
Ohh suspense, intrigue and neat little talking plush toys.

It'll only be updating on Monday for a bit since Morbi is planning for a gallery thing. Says he'll try to get guest artists to draw things for the Friday slot.

>people complaining about once a week updates already

Likes of GC spoils people I tells ya.
>> No. 220316
>> No. 220407
File 13865555973.jpg - (371.89KB , 650x964 , tumblr_mhomwv1UgR1s4nh4ho1_1280.jpg )
I'm pretty fond of Bikini Cowboy, at least so far.
>> No. 220408
Delicious /ss/: The Comic.
>> No. 220409
File 138656211351.jpg - (312.39KB , 650x964 , tumblr_mhon9aE8Iv1s4nh4ho1_1280.jpg )
Pretty much, digging the art.
>> No. 220445
So we're looking at parallel universe shenanigans.
>> No. 220446
File 138664544932.png - (307.66KB , 726x351 , Clipboard01.png )
How did I not see this coming, in retrospect?
>> No. 220450
File 138665706359.png - (549.67KB , 800x1035 , 1386649762232.png )
>> No. 220455
File 13866844774.jpg - (638.09KB , 850x1100 , nim164_2.jpg )
Nimona is ending soon.
>> No. 220512
File 138679601150.png - (162.90KB , 880x1245 , 20131211.png )
Good, the boys are back to normal, or whatever normal is for brit teens on this days.
>> No. 220513
Soon as in 5-6 months.
>> No. 220514
File 138679636886.png - (143.29KB , 880x1245 , 20131209.png )
Also, yay!
>> No. 220525
File 13868106245.jpg - (271.20KB , 600x900 , ch08_46.jpg )
Black face has never been this cute!

Disclaimer: don't do black face it's bad.
>> No. 220528
...I'm not quite sure you understand what blackface is.
>> No. 220531
It was a joke, Spike. Do the Right Thing and lighten up.
>> No. 220539
So The Beetles are all women now.

Don't know how they fucked with that but oh well.
>> No. 220543
Fuckin' time travel shenanigans!
I tell ya.
>> No. 220546
File 138683287185.png - (168.01KB , 880x1245 , 20131212.png )
Yep, that and their parents drinking either more or less I forget which.

Regardless I'd go for Georgina I like them strong jawlines.
>> No. 220547
But the Future Totally Acquiesced to Change
>> No. 220550
Yes, but that's the Beetles, not the Beatles. Entirely different band.
>> No. 220553
File 138684848848.jpg - (444.84KB , 500x495 , didn't mean to turn you open.jpg )
I THINK that Kata is a girl. Then again, that doesn't really matter.
>> No. 220559
File 138685402285.jpg?nsfw - (269.86KB , 500x750 , tumblr_mxocauKtaG1snqcsvo1_500.jpg?nsfw )
Goddamn, even though it's a porn comic Love Gun's art is too good to resist.
>> No. 220571

It looks like the work of the artist behind Vibe. Is it? Got a link?
>> No. 220572
File 138687814375.jpg?nsfw - (251.44KB , 500x750 , tumblr_mwdi0fs6mT1qjctido1_500.jpg?nsfw )
It is and unfortunately it's behind a paywall on slipshine, but he occasionally posts pages on his NSFW tumblr so here ya go, best I can do.

>> No. 220575
It's more a new thing from Slipshine.
>> No. 220604
You know, there are some comics on slip shine I'd actually like to read, but there's no way I could ever justify dropping money for the whole package.

Especially when some of that money will be ending up in the pockets of the Moon Over June 'artist' and Josh "Petulant Manchild" Lesnick.
>> No. 220608
You will never be River City Ransomed.
>> No. 220609
I'm in the exact same boat, for the exact same reasons. Every artist that's actually worth a damn on that site would be better off going independent.
>> No. 220622
Who is this Josh "Petulant Manchild" Lesnick?
I only know about the guy who spawned that atrocity called Moon Over June.
>> No. 220629
Here is the thing

Josh has made a working business that supports these artists

The chances of them "making it" on their own without him are slim to none, most artists aren't able to hack it. Oh sure they'd be making commissions and other stuff. But long form quality porn comics? Nope.

So yeah Josh may be a bit of a tool but you're just using that as a justification not to give money to artists you like, because on internets that is the path of least resistance.
>> No. 220630

The guy who created Slipshine. Douche extraordinaire.


Sorry, but wanting to support artists I like is counterbalanced by NOT wanting to support douchebags and hacks. Especially since let's be real, Lesnick probably sees a bigger cut than any individual artist.
>> No. 220636
>The guy who created Slipshine. Douche extraordinaire.
Yeah, but could you be a bit more specific?
He also has some webcomics, I presume.
>> No. 220638
I'd also be interested in sordid details. The only thing I know about the guy is the time he tried to defend Moon Over June on Something Awful; it devolved into "bloo bloo you guys are all being mean".
>> No. 220639
File 138695847328.gif - (275.32KB , 375x2250 , girly_0368.gif )
He had a couple of now-concluded webcomics called Cutewendy and Girly. At the moment he's also involved with You Suck and "Princess Panic" (a game).
>> No. 220652
>Sorry, but wanting to support artists I like is counterbalanced by NOT wanting to support douchebags and hacks.
Only in the mind of someone who has more pride than he has respect for artists.
>> No. 220653
File 138696748096.jpg - (272.32KB , 792x1152 , 2013-12-13-26p78.jpg )
So, you won, yet you lost Radical?
>> No. 220654
Pride isn't always a bad thing, you know. Especially not in the "I'm not going to pay to eat earth off the ground" way.
>> No. 220656
This isn't "I'm not going to pay to eat dirt earth off the ground." It's "I'm not going to support an artist I like because an artist I don't like would also benefit from it."
>> No. 220657
how is it entitled to not want to give money to an artist you dislike
>> No. 220658
Yeah, I mean we all earn our money so it's up to us what it gets spent on.

Personally I don't get a slipshine subscription because it would only be for two comics by Skulloar and Cheezyweapon (yes I know but his insanity is something to behold) and both are people who often post pieces of their art on their blogs.
>> No. 220667

It's called 'voting with your wallet', and most people do this. Because of how Slipshine is set up, I can't use my wallet to vote for the artists I want without also voting for artists I would much rather vote against.

As a result, where normally there would be two considerations in whether I whip out my credit card - 'do I want to support this artist' and 'is this good value for my money' - there's only one. And if you're like me and only care even slightly about a few of the comics involved, Slipshine is not good value for money.
>> No. 220669
File 138698077112.jpg - (303.45KB , 600x900 , ch08_47.jpg )
>> No. 220672
File 138698975338.png - (1.16MB , 1125x1650 , 1386981427844.png )
Money means nothing when it comes to a good brawl.
>> No. 220678
I like this princess, she has the smarts and the cutes as well.
>> No. 220717
File 138706846430.jpg - (584.28KB , 850x1100 , nim165_0.jpg )
Goddamn it all my favorite father and adoptive daughter bros are mad at each other.
>> No. 220820
File 138725221879.png - (403.50KB , 1029x1920 , 1387219239720.png )
Guest Poppy comic
>> No. 220829
>> No. 220831
File 138726301790.jpg - (148.58KB , 800x535 , nimonabanner.jpg )
>> No. 220858
File 138731919893.jpg - (264.71KB , 600x900 , ch08_48.jpg )
the most passive aggressive.
>> No. 220859
Where'd he get that round scar on his chest? It's been a while since I read through Unsounded and I can't remember if it happened to him during the story or if it's still unexplained. It's too conspicuous to not be at least tangentially important in some way...
>> No. 220871

It's not come up in the comic yet, but that's what remains of his wedding brand. In Alderode, when you get married, you get tied together through their weirdass khert, so that you can feel their heartbeat and the general direction they're in from you. The wedding brand goes out if one of the partners dies or leaves the country.

It hadn't been brought up yet, but it probably will in the future.
>> No. 220883
File 138735300247.png - (47.66KB , 880x302 , 20131218.png )
Boycey? Who's this nerd supposed to.... EUSTACE?
>> No. 220959
File 138748240878.png - (108.04KB , 900x1850 , tomoyo395.png )
I was reminded Dan Kim exists.
Why was I reminded Dan Kim exists?
>> No. 220965
Say what you will about his writing and/or interests, but he does some of the best monochrome work in the webcomics world.
>> No. 220975

excuse you, thats a bold claim to make when jerkcity exists
>> No. 220992
File 138753797295.jpg - (113.65KB , 600x1150 , 001.jpg )
He said some of the best, not THE best. And I agree. He's pretty good.
>> No. 221019
File 138760214082.png - (37.55KB , 542x338 , sample1.png )
im doing a new thing where if you donate any amount (literally anything) you can get this wallpaper!! my tablet kinda...died. and ill need a new one before school starts.
so, if youre feeling it. id appreciate it.
>> No. 221021
File 138760267810.png - (1.08MB , 1125x1650 , 2013-12-20-page18SMACKDOWN.png )
will the dimensions fit my nexus tabby? Regardless I'm kicking a couple bucks your way.

And so not to Derail lets have some Poppy.
>> No. 221022
File 138760286067.jpg - (645.69KB , 800x1280 , 132-copy.jpg )
if not chuck me an email w/ your resolution and ill whip one up for you!

anyone here but me reading judecca?

its very strange but very compelling
>> No. 221023
actually this works pretty well and looks nice transitioning between the panels. I keep it locked anything since I only use landscape for vids.
>> No. 221165
File 138785693350.jpg - (292.38KB , 792x1152 , 2013-12-23-26p81.jpg )
Ms. President!
>> No. 221170
Morbi is pretty lucky to get fans... like this
>> No. 221171
Yea the threads seem to go rather well on /co/ as threads following web comics go.
>> No. 221206
File 13879855695.png - (781.68KB , 1125x1650 , 2013-12-25-CHRIMBUS.png )
Oh its going to be a Merry Christmas to the Poppy Bros over on /co/. And since George does it so much better than anyone.

George Takei Oh Myyoutube thumb
>> No. 221208
I like her, she's nice and she DIGS GIANT ROBOTS, would vote for

Chicks Dig Giant Robotsyoutube thumb
>> No. 221226
She has epaulets and an eyepatch.

Of course she digs giant robots.
>> No. 221240
File 138813748625.jpg - (157.37KB , 700x1060 , ggmain20131227a.jpg )
Hang on, what-

>> No. 221241
Parental Possession: not just for Hetrodynes anymore!
>> No. 221245
File 138817574527.png - (49.82KB , 151x272 , traumatized.png )
Wulfenbach what have you done.
>> No. 221253

You do realize Jerkcity uses Jim Woodring art created for an old MS chat app?
>> No. 221255

yeah jokes are hard for me to understand too
>> No. 221256
Are you saying Jim Woodring's contribution to Jerkcity, even if unintended, isn't the greatest monochrome work in webcomics?
>> No. 221258
File 138820172858.png - (1.18MB , 1125x1650 , tmp_1388190547289742736745.png )
Aww shit son, she got recket!!!
>> No. 221260
Is it wrong to be overwhelmingly attracted to him?
>> No. 221261
course not everyone has a thing for Boris.
>> No. 221262
File 138822155539.jpg - (240.62KB , 650x1011 , 444.jpg )
This is the most important lesson.
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