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File 135389579523.png - (422.13KB , 720x540 , vlcsnap-2012-11-25-03h04m59s88.png )
198757 No. 198757
What does everyone think of this show?
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>> No. 198758
It could honestly use a less annoying art style. The human characters look uglier than the Dan Vs ones. The animal characters also kind of look too kiddish. The obvious Pony inspired coloring doesn't help. It could have been better in that department.
>> No. 198766
I liked what I've seen so far. Unfortunately, missed yesterday's episode and can't seem to find it online yet.

I liked the Pinkie-like monkey, and it's nice that Zoe there isn't as much of a drama queen as Rarity from MLP. Out of the characters with weirdest character designs, somehow that chameleon grew into me after that scene where he was channeling Michael Jackson.

The uncanny valley eyes still kinda bug me though, and the bobble heads in humans look pretty weird most often.
>> No. 198792
File 135392781371.png?spoiler - (1.38MB , 1628x974 , BisitTwinsHynotised`.png?spoiler )

Littlest Pet Shop - S01E04 - Gailbreak!youtube thumb

Zoe still seems to be the most popular, but I like Sunil the best now.
>> No. 199200
File 135423090077.gif - (206.23KB , 333x187 , Zoe-dlykyc-5-short2.gif )
Littlest Pet Shop (HD) S01E04 - Gailbreak!youtube thumb
>> No. 199201
I forgot to thank, by the way. I was just waiting to comment after I watched it, but still haven't gotten to it.
>> No. 199202
It was ok. The dancing was dumb, but the rest was kinda fun. Liked the mongoose a lot.
>> No. 199221
It's okay.

Hate the actual dog though. Just...eugh. Reminds me of everything I hate about the music industry and marketing to young girls.

...then again, I suppose I have no say in what little girls like. Also eyes.
>> No. 199244
I really like Zoe's dance. Like her sister more, but I don't hate Zoe.

The mongoose was pretty cool (I dunno if I find those cobras adorable or nightmare fuel).

I like the dances and the music, Zoe's and that Monkey's in particular.

The twins are very intresting visually. I really liked Blythe in black.

The style is weird, though. I don't hate it, but I would like some better proportions (also those hues in their eyes can get distracting).

An ok show.
>> No. 199279
It's pretty good for a kid's show, I would probably watch this if I was like 10 years younger.

I don't get why Zoe has almost the exact same colour scheme as the MLP heroine though? They must have known about the similarity...
>> No. 199303
I've seen a LPS toy with the same color scheme as AJ. So... yeah.
>> No. 199334
Just watched last week's episode, thanks >>198792 >>199200.

I gotta take it back about Zoe not being so dramatic, lol... funny episode, good end. That chameleon keeps giving me some good laughs and I think they're making even his character design work.
>> No. 199335
I hope Penny Ling gets to do more in future episodes. So far, she seems to have gotten the least amount of lines, exposure and gags out of all the pets.
>> No. 207375
File 136526106633.gif - (708.97KB , 470x264 , Blythe-puting-lipstick-on-Zoe.gif )
>> No. 207376
File 136526159151.gif - (2.84MB , 465x262 , Zoe_wardrobe-malfunction.gif )
>> No. 207392
today's episode was filled with references to many movies, songs and many more.. it was great.
>> No. 207393
Missed the stream. Wonder if there's mkvs or hips from Hubworld floating out there, or if I gotta get everything from youtube.
>> No. 207394
Oh damn did I just say hips I meant rips
>> No. 207395
File 136527911980.png - (50.71KB , 251x385 , BiskitBritBikini1.png )

Here you go. What most people do is wait until HD version is on youtube, then use a youtube downloader to download it.

>> No. 207453
File 136535037518.gif - (2.87MB , 430x242 , LPS-Wolfified.gif )
>> No. 207454
File 136535050810.gif - (2.06MB , 430x242 , LPS-Wolf-i-fied-2.gif )
>> No. 207455
File 136535061585.gif - (1.14MB , 430x242 , LPS-wolf-i-fied-3.gif )
>> No. 207456
File 136535072485.gif - (1.32MB , 430x242 , LPS_Wolf-i-Fied-4.gif )
>> No. 207469
I see, thanks

Haha cool!
>> No. 207528
File 136544629598.png - (501.99KB , 1024x768 , BiskittyTwins8.png )

HD episodes here.

>> No. 207892
Dammit Sunil, stop stealing the scene. Pretty good episode today.

>> No. 216250
File 13787544812.png - (399.31KB , 555x825 , top_of_the_jelly_by_usappy_barkhaward-d6jb4sr.png )
>> No. 218710
I think you were looking for this thread.

Dammit, I had no clue the new season had already started until I checked the /co/ catalog last saturday or so. Also apparently no streams. :/
>> No. 218922

place to go if you are looking
>> No. 218926
I did, there were no streams after all. But thanks.
>> No. 220437
File 138663234023.png - (1.26MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2013-12-09-00h22m56s78.png )
Their video was kinda funny. People are finding the episode to be a lost less cringeworthy then they thought it was going to be
>> No. 220462

Yeah, it did the references pretty well. The only actual memes I think they referenced was Advice Dog, Obama Poster, and that crappy "Hot Girls Have Problems Too" song.

I think a lot of the LPS fans in regular /co/ say it was the best season 2 episode so far.
>> No. 220464
File 138670715823.jpg - (16.24KB , 179x200 , lps_meme___7_by_mojo1985-d6x2tij.jpg )

Littlest Pet Shop - Two Times As Cute songyoutube thumb

fucking butler stealing the thunder of this song. speaking of "obama poster" , anyone willing to make these posters for other pets , like zoe , pepper or vinnie?
>> No. 220471
This was a pretty damn fun episode.

Both the image and the video!

The song is really catchy, but the butler is just too awesome. His face when he breaks the laptop a bit earlier is great.
>> No. 220474
File 138671631584.png - (861.37KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2013-12-08-20h43m49s188.png )
heh so many "I shouldn't have typed that" expressions.
>> No. 220750
File 138713525255.jpg - (72.63KB , 1280x720 , 1387039869867.jpg )
oh those Brunettes and their Asians. Haven't been able to catch it yet but this is said to be a good one.
>> No. 221142
I must have listened to that dinopet song like a zillion times. The lyrics are nothing special, but that beat is fucking catchy.
>> No. 221222
File 138807106875.png - (0.96MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2013-12-26-10h13m37s230.png )
Such adorable Dinopets, its fun that this being Hasbro gives it a good chance of being made into actual toy stuff.
>> No. 221225
Wait this show had Dinosaurs now?
Okay, may check it out.
>> No. 221230

The pets sometimes do a Muppet Babies sort of thing where they image themselves in various make believe scenarios like dinosaurs, Braveheart movie, or James Bond movie. The dinosaur scene is from the latest episode.


I think with this show, they based the designs off the already existing toys, which is why their heads are so big. I don't think we'll get dinosaur Zoe, Minka, and Penny any sooner then we'll get Big Mac and Cheeselegs. It kind of makes me wish we saw Dinovinnie.

>> No. 221231
Noh but apparently an adolescent gator is being added to the mix.
>> No. 221519
Blythe's dad, how are you so based.
>> No. 221550
Nothing can beat a really awesome dad.
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