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God damn cats.

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  Don't mind me, just posting a thematically appropriate Bruce Springsteen song.

I wish this game was on PC. Console online communities are boring, especially on this game. "hurrrr spawn kill i pro now!" Nobody ever wants to do anything except deathmatch each other in free roam. Try to start an actual gang match or something and nobody joins. Oh well, at least theyre all terrible and easy to kill so much that they rage quit

Me I just like to stalk prestige players then steal their mounts when they're not looking.

Situations like this make me scared of multiplayer. I never see more than two of the beasts at once in singleplayer mode.


This is a special mission, not a regular thing. It's when you're hunting down Khan the jaguar. You kill a horde of cougars then he appears.

That's not so bad... I think.

Still, what the hell is a jaguar doing in Tall Trees of all places?


No idea, its in Mexico in single player.

Man, the Devil is such a cool character in this game.

Also: I somehow lost my horse and ended up with a new steed. How do I get my Golden Horse back?

You need the deed for the Kentucky Saddler. Once you buy it, you'll be able to spawn one whenever you need it.

I'm pretty sure the Stranger is God.

He's god, devil or death.
Personally, ACDC's Sympathy for the devil plays in my head when I see him, so i go with Devil.

Time, Mister Marston? Is it really that time again? It seems as if you only just arrived. You've done a great deal in a small time span.

Also, my reaction when I first saw Dutch: "HOLY SHIT, IT'S THE COMEDIAN!"

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My reaction when Luisa was shot.

I still say wolves are the worst. With a cougar or a bear you know the fight is gonna be quick no matter who comes out on top, but wolves love to run around underneath your horse so you can't hit them, fight in packs so need to use more ammo and every time you stop to skin one of them another will take it's place so you have to fight wave after wave of the damn things until you either die or run and leave all that potential money behind.

I cannot tell you how many times I died trying to knife five of those fuckers. I learned quickly that the best way to do it was to shoot the entire pack and leave one alive for daggerin'.

So is anyone playing Co-op missions?

They're pretty entertaining and earn you more points than simply dicking around in Free Roam, but herding cattle is unbearable tedious.

You think so? I've seen more clues for 'God' than for any of the others.

Just finished. Loved the ending, though I guessed it 'round the time John asks Jack about the book he's reading under the tree.

Just finished. This is, easily, one of the best games I've played since I bought my 360.

But I think what impressed me the most was how the game used its music. Ever since you stepped off the train at Armadillo, the music is very sparse--stings here and there, the combat guitar track, thematic bits occasionally.

Then you get off the raft, and take your first steps into Mexico.

And that song--you know the one--just blows you the FUCK away.

It just kept getting better after that--more guns, more characters, more story--but I don't think anything ever quite topped the feel of that moment.

I started actually playing this today because I've had it since release and still haven't finished it. I swore I heard John say "You couldn't shoot a fart out of your own ass" while in combat. I laughed.

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