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File 13387921683.jpg - (618.94KB , 680x997 , ranma_by_hop2pop-d3334q7.jpg )
75341 No. 75341
What do you think about this show?
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>> No. 75342
The first time I ever posted on the internet was about Ranma 1/2.

Back when Neopets was a thing and I was young enough to be its target audience, I went to the fanclubs board and found a thread about it.

I posted that I thought it was fun and I really liked the theme song.

Then someone came in and told me I was stupid because I watched the series dubbed instead of in the original Japanese.

So I got a crash course on the tenor of anime fandom discussion right off.
>> No. 75343
File 13387943059.jpg - (60.14KB , 700x525 , 525556_3973482495551_1235214778_33924784_146407248.jpg )
As a good latinamerican who watched TV on the 90's, this show was one of the best things I've saw back then.
>> No. 75344
File 133879457267.jpg - (67.48KB , 640x527 , ranma_1.jpg )
>The first time I ever posted on the internet was about Ranma 1/2.

Same here anon.
And back in 1998, I found there my first forum: Ranma 1/2 La Conferencia (first an anime general, later a general forum), there where good times back then there.
>> No. 75345
From what I watched back in the day and what I've read of the manga, it's pretty awesome. One of the funniest anime/manga I've ever seen, and sort of a reference in matter of general anime/manga humor and visuals for me.
>> No. 75347
File 133879615874.jpg - (299.32KB , 900x1206 , So_far_apart__Akane____by_Aleina_chan.jpg )
>> No. 75348
I feel like a bad manga fan for having never read/watched this.

I'm not even that young.
>> No. 75349
File 133879696550.jpg - (56.96KB , 639x671 , terror.jpg )
The English dub was pretty good I remember.
>> No. 75350
File 133879715453.jpg - (286.34KB , 992x1298 , 6.jpg )
>> No. 75352
Very weird and kind of preachy.
>> No. 75353
File 133880648576.gif - (504.87KB , 500x274 , tumblr_lyrnr8cC621r90frqo1_500.gif )
>> No. 75355
Was the anime completely different from the manga or something? Because the manga has Martial Arts French Dining and a man who drowned in the Spring of Drowned Yeti Riding Ox Holding Snake And Crane.
>> No. 75357
Seriously? How so?

I actually remember it more like >>75355 says.
>> No. 75358
>The English dub was pretty good

I don't know, I'm finding the english dub pretty hilarious. Ramna's boy side is voiced by a girl who is trying really hard to do a deep voice.
>> No. 75362
Because Ialready read most of it at the libray and wanted something new?
Yes and fuck me for it...
>> No. 75366
Let's be fair with you, Inuyasha began as a very promising manga/anime.
But it ended being into a terrible rehash of Rumiko's usual character archetypes, plus a repetitive plot that didn't went anywhere and a terrible villain that anyone wanted to see dead yet the fucker always managed to make a moronic asspull to continue trollin' around.
>> No. 75368
At least for as dragged out as Inuyasha was, it ended. Ranma? Ranma never married anyone (though I'm glad Akane didn't get him since I hated the bitch). He also is never cured from his curse either.

Seriously half fucking assed series. Inuyasha at least had actual closure. And Ranma itself was also getting repetitive with the antics of the samey characters. Inuyasha was a step up even if it was still garbage.
>> No. 75369
Ranma didn't need an end. It wasn't about the destination or the journey, it was just good times. Inuyasha simply went nowhere for years and years while pretending to have a narrative.
>> No. 75370
Too bad he's going to marry Akane when they get thier affairs in order, 'bitch'.

Anyway all the characters in Ranma1/2 are horrible people, apart from Kasumi, at least in the this case she isn't an attempted murderer.
>> No. 75371
File 133884092587.png - (50.19KB , 480x640 , 125417856754375.png )
>> No. 75372
File 133884098450.png - (360.50KB , 480x640 , 1259766005980515.png )
>> No. 75373
File 133884121445.png - (347.91KB , 480x640 , 1238214476391232.png )
Still the lack of development was really painful after awhile, it began to get ridiculous. You can only have "They appear to be having a moment together....then something stupid like thier father's acting retarded mucks it up" happen so many times before it gets played out.
>> No. 75374
File 13388413452.png - (127.12KB , 480x640 , 1259322763266536.png )
>> No. 75380
And whenever something mucks up a moment between Ranma and Akane, she takes it out on Ranma. Seriously WTF? Beat up your own stupid childlish father Akane since Ranma has nothing to do with him.

Similarly even when something is not his fault Kagome and the rest of the so called "friends" of Inuyasha blamed him. With friends like that who honestly needed enemies. If Inuyasha went berserk and brutally killed them all, I wouldn't have minded since they were terrible friends.
>> No. 75381
To be fair, Ranma and Inuyasha were both just as bad as the rest of them. They only got more abuse by being connected to more people, they didn't hold themselves up to any higher standard of behavior. If anything, Ranma and Akane DESERVE each other.
>> No. 75382
File 133884886012.png - (193.05KB , 480x640 , 1266396882569399.png )
What's the inverse of calling something phallic
>> No. 75383
File 133884892043.png - (190.43KB , 480x640 , 1259234133957952.png )
Whatever it is meatbuns totally looks like boobs
>> No. 75385
You can always just read it again online.


It might not be the same as owning the volumes but whatchagonnado...
>> No. 75386
To a degree I agree. The lack of self respect and allowing themselves to get abused is their own damn fault. Its why I can't stand many Japanese animes these days.

Is it just me or a requirement for too many animes and mangas is "The protagonist must LACK self respect and must be a punching bag for the universe the majority of the time except in his little bouts where we show how cool he is BUT will instantly go back to being a whipped loser."

Ugh I could not stomach Ganta (Deadman Wonderland) or Sato (Bento) or Touma (Index) because they let everyone come down on them.
>> No. 75387
Ranma has got hella pride man, alot of his problems are self-inflicted.
>> No. 75388
File 133885056168.jpg - (659.83KB , 1098x747 , it_is_team_ranma_by_spelarminlind-d4em6xj.jpg )
>> No. 75389
He's a young teen, I don't see the problem with him not having a particularly gruff voice.
Also wasn't there two different voice actors for male ranma over the course of the anime & movies?
>> No. 75390
Just because he has pride doesn't mean that he does anything about his problems. A lot of his problems would go away if he wasn't such a loser. I mean Kuno, what's his face (glasses guy), Ryoga, Shampoo, Akane, Happosai, Ukyo, etc.

A lot of these problems would go the hell away if he beat them all up to a paralyzing crippling point. You know like literally break their bones into dust and don't say he can't do it. Rule of a show is protagonist is strongest (loose exceptions like Rurouni Kenshin are just a minority).

If he incapacitated them for life in the finale of the series they could no longer ruin his own life. But unfortunately every mangaka is a loser who thinks "tee hee protagonist has problems and he just takes it like a little bitch." My god I'm not looking for some edgy cool guy or anything Loser Protagonists who are abused annoy the everloving fuck out of me.

Its why I couldn't stand US cartoons like CatDog.
>> No. 75391
Wow, you're a fucking psycho.

That is not the way to go about fixing his problems.
>> No. 75392
Come on man more than half the shit we see in anime is illegal. You think people get into fights and that they loser or winner are left alone after the fight concludes? Hell no, in real life Ranma would be drowning in lawsuits from all the beatings he dished out.

Hell even before the series began, Akane had a reputation for beating up any guy that wanted to date her and challenge her (including the ones who weren't even fighters). Bitch would be locked up in a lesbo prison for years if it wasn't a work of fiction, especially with the A rank lawyers that someone like Kuno can hire.

So that's why I don't hesitate in proposing Ranma makes every single person who tarnished his life permanently a resident of a hospital. Just think of it as Dr. Whatever His Name is being set for life and he is glad Ranma helped him make a killing in his career.
>> No. 75393
>A lot of these problems would go the hell away if he beat them all up to a paralyzing crippling point. You know like literally break their bones into dust

I'm not sure you should be reading things like Ranma if you expect that mindset. Or most anything written by a sane person, really.
>> No. 75394
To be fair my friend I didn't start out with this mindset. I have a certain amount of tolerance after a while of Ranma being beaten by Akane or getting wrecked by Happosai, etc you begin to really realize just how awful all these people are. Its kind of like King of the Hill with Hank being surrounded by terrible people. So after you make that kind of connection you honestly cannot help but think "Man these people deserve it."

Another cartoon that had such an abysmal cast was CatDog. The cast was so abusive that it made you go "If Cat went postal on them, I wouldn't blame him." You got to throw a bone to the protagonists every once in a while (or at least don't immediately undermine whatever little piece of a good thing happening to the protagonist), otherwise you got a very unbearable product.
>> No. 75395
Sounds more like you've got issues about being picked on in real life and project it onto the main characters of series you watch, so you want him/you to prove them wrong by CRIPPLING EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN HIS LIFE.

That's stupid.

The true way he could solve his actual problems would be to stop keeping a harem around because it appeals to his manly pride, and instead be honest with his feelings and stop being such a needless dick to cover it up.
Your way is highly out of character for him, you might as well claim he should murder them all.
>> No. 75396
>>Hell even before the series began, Akane had a reputation for beating up any guy that wanted to date her and challenge her (including the ones who weren't even fighters)
Do you actually read the series? She was attacked by a crowd of guys every morning before school because Kuno made an annoucement that only a man who could beat her in a fight could date her. That's called self-defense.
>> No. 75397
File 13388545617.jpg - (31.47KB , 321x500 , ranma1.jpg )
>> No. 75398
Did she ever try to refute this or just went along with it?
>> No. 75399
'refute' how? It's not like the men ever cared about her opinion, they only stopped when Ranma showed up as her fiancee and demonstrated he was even stronger than her or Kuno.
>> No. 75400
Did she ever try to talk them down/correct them or not? It means the difference between she was already okay with beating up guys to being a full victim in the scenario who had to adapt.
>> No. 75401
This is beginning to sound oddly similar to the "She was asking for it" defense, though to be fair the entire situation is kinda fucked up, a gang of young men hounding a single girl and assaulting her day after day?
It still isn't something she should be freakin arrested for, or blamed for beating up 'non-fighters' seeing as they were always the ones charging her and she clearly doesn't enjoy the attention in any fashion.
>> No. 75403
>What's the inverse of calling something phallic
Yonic, but judging by your next post...

>Whatever it is meatbuns totally looks like boobs
...that wasn't what you meant.
>> No. 75404
File 133885911475.png - (258.63KB , 480x640 , 1224902075630279.png )
I'm gonna imagedump some Ranma stuff because why not~
>> No. 75405
File 133885917432.jpg - (129.96KB , 580x729 , 1272241830210.jpg )
>> No. 75406
File 133885922151.png - (225.36KB , 480x640 , 1253965897982898.png )
>> No. 75407
File 133885928560.png - (366.32KB , 480x640 , 1237453803845992.png )
>> No. 75408
File 133885932893.png - (196.10KB , 480x640 , 1235272351040317.png )
>> No. 75409
File 133885949215.png - (161.20KB , 480x640 , 1263213701760363.png )
>> No. 75410
File 133885952737.png - (77.49KB , 480x640 , 1254198525677849.png )
>> No. 75411
File 133885966727.png - (189.86KB , 480x640 , 1237399440483844.png )
>> No. 75412
File 133885977079.png - (175.79KB , 480x640 , 1251366295025320.png )
>> No. 75413
File 133885980062.png - (278.09KB , 480x640 , 1245506587742713.png )
>> No. 75414
File 133885984530.png - (88.48KB , 480x640 , 1266046997356416.png )
>> No. 75415
File 133885991065.png - (187.95KB , 480x640 , 1268572881630234.png )
>> No. 75416
File 133885995919.png - (301.91KB , 480x640 , 1228872090075665.png )
>> No. 75417
File 133885999842.png - (181.17KB , 480x640 , 1260028547485418.png )
>> No. 75418
File 133886003399.png - (235.17KB , 480x640 , 1260200062033212.png )
>> No. 75429
Dude, the reason Ranma never took it to that level was that he took all aspects of the Art seriously, including never hurting those who could not defend themselves. As far as he was concerned, if he beat them, they couldn't defend themselves against him, and shouldn't be hurt any more.

Heck, the one time he actually "killed" someone (Saffron, volume 38) he shows remorse that he had to go that far, and only did it to save Akane.
>> No. 75432

Inuyasha never had promise. It was always dull as shit, and it had not a single character who was likeable or interesting until Miroku and Sangl busted onto the scene like eighty chapters in. Until that point literally the only entertainment came from watching Kagome shout 'sit!' at Inuyasha.
>> No. 75434
No it was a single good idea, having a character fly back in time to old japan, be sacrificed on the dull altar of Rumiko Takahashi.
>> No. 75437
File 133891336518.png - (478.67KB , 1000x791 , Typical Ranma.png )
>> No. 75443
So where does her mermaid manga fit into this.
Also what I like the best about Ranma is it lol random wtf what will happen next wackyness.
And the tittys, no Love Hina bs here. Nipples all the way~
Got to volume 19 b4 I stopped buying InuYasha btw...
>> No. 75444
File 133893875824.jpg - (38.26KB , 350x446 , Shirokuro_and_Ryoga.jpg )
>> No. 75445
File 133893882782.jpg - (49.27KB , 542x402 , ANIFANARTRanmaCheckersJessica93.jpg )
>> No. 75457
I find it mostly amusing, but not something I'd ever buy or re-read/watch. Ukyo would have likely been a waifu had I gotten that far in the series much earlier. I think Ranma is what turned me on to futa.
>> No. 75466
I remember my first girlfriend sending me the first few volumes of this series as a present.
>> No. 75475
File 133897006978.jpg - (61.77KB , 393x423 , 4680794akari02a.jpg )
>> No. 75478
I made it to volume 38 of Inu Yasha I think. Maybe would have tried to finish then if I hadn't to spend on other manga.
...And what's the problem with some Love Hina nippleless fanservice, the shapes overall looked pretty good...
>> No. 75481
Nipples just makes it better~
And I got all of Love Hina, not for the story but for the "plot",the lolz and the cute.
Dude getting kick in the head by a delicoious brown girl who then builds a giant turtle mech just because.
Now thats funny.
Ranma is sort of the same but way better.
Better action.
Better storys.
And as I said better tits!
But hey, if slapstick not your thing then more power to yah.
>> No. 75483
File 133898459629.jpg - (48.98KB , 600x841 , 929604-ranma_and_akane_by_diudidi2.jpg )
>> No. 75484
File 133898492461.png - (93.06KB , 480x640 , rainbowranmachan.png )
>> No. 75487
>But hey, if slapstick not your thing then more power to yah.
Actually it is. Love Hina IS one of my top favorites, even because it's got a lot of slapstick (exactly as you mentioned), but I'm pretty sure Ranma is kinda on the same level. Comedy manga at its finest. And as for boobs, I suppose it's hard to match Shampoo.

Dunno about "delicious brown girl" tho, I'm not into kids (I'll admit Shinobu-chan didn't make it easy with all the cute awkwardness). :P

Now that I think of it, I wonder if Kaolla's transformation had a bit of inspiration from Ranma.
>> No. 75502
You could probably link Ranma 1/2 to inspiring a whole buncha things. Along with Urusei Yatsura, which pretty much brought the magical girlfriend trope to Japan.
>> No. 75505
Hmmm I had no clue on where this trope began there, truth. Personally I just linked it to "I Dream of Jeannie".
>> No. 75511

Actually, the origins of the magical girlfriend go back to ur-time. Man-"taming"-magical-woman-into-wife (who then assists him in his adventures) is a fairly common fairy tale trope that is generally presumed to be a facet of the Levi-Straussian-identified female<->nature/the animal male<->culture dichotomy of myth, and like all fairy tales most likely served as a subconscious enforcement of the norms of all society up to pretty much this point (i.e. completely patriarchal.) In a substantial amount of fable and myth, a prevalent theme is that a women without a man (usually a husband) to guide her is both powerful (threatening) and if not explicitly wicked then at least dangerous (uncontrollable). It's only when the male either disposes of her or wins/earns her servitude that her magic becomes beneficial - the really, really obvious metaphor for the cultural ideal what women should be under men, made even more obvious by the fact that fairy tales' magical assistants are almost always animals (to be domesticated, as is "man's right") or women (to be domesticated, as was and still is in many places "man's right") You can always find some, but human male magical assistants are few and far between and generally don't stick around in the story.

The male relationship with the female in stories before the modern era can generally be sorted in to two types - women are frail and must be controlled to save them from the world around them (chivalry) or women are primitive and must be controlled to save them from themselves (hysteria). Magical girlfriends were one of the foremost examples of type 2, which is reflected in modern tropes today - one of the most common plot devices in magical girlfriend stories is that either she won't control her powers (Lum's comedic abuse) or can't control her powers (Jeannie's comedic mishaps). Women who are in complete control of their powers and are not romantically attached to a man in some way are more often than not villains.

(To go on a tangent, my personal theory, though I'd have to do more research to back it up, is that this is why Western female superheroes don't really get Lois Lane-equivalents that are memorable or stick around for long and pretty much exclusively date other male superheroes - after millennia of stories where powerful women always end up tamed, relationships where a woman holds all the power and the man none end up feeling weird to us, and unlike Japanese audiences the Western audience is not so amenable to the whole "it's okay because she devotes her everything to him because she's just so in loooove" thing that generally negates the power imbalance in anime/manga.)

Though that's not to say there are no exceptions to all of these things! Belldandy and pretty-much-all-female-cast anime/manga series come to mind. And while it certainly is based on misogyny, it's becoming less so now that women are getting on on the action and leveling the playing field with their reverse-harem mangas and shiny supernatural boyfriends.

Sorry for the unasked infodump. I wrote a paper about this just recently, so it was on automatic recall.
>> No. 75517
Haha what a coincidence! Not just that you wrote the paper thing, but also I was thinking mainly of Belldandy in anime when I brought up Jeannie, the connection I made was between these two. Love both series.

Anyway, i had been thinking on modern culture, mostly, as in 20th century. First examples that came to mind were Bewitched and Jeannie... anyone before those?

(Eh sorry for the derail folks, go on with the Ranma discussion)
>> No. 75532
File 133907107821.png - (287.48KB , 480x640 , 1223304943930921.png )
Came across more pics (I really need to get around to sorting my anime imagefolder one day)
>> No. 75533
File 133907114768.png - (113.57KB , 480x640 , 1251449488381213.png )
>> No. 75534
File 133907125364.png - (237.90KB , 479x821 , 1255712524364495.png )
>> No. 75535
File 133907132549.png - (50.67KB , 480x640 , 1258812923848615.png )
>> No. 75586
File 133923843811.jpg - (216.73KB , 800x400 , ranma_manga_end_by_ilovemiroku-d3aysd0.jpg )
>> No. 75587
File 133924002069.jpg - (154.93KB , 1024x768 , ranma122.jpg )
>> No. 75589
File 133924013021.jpg - (144.04KB , 1024x768 , Ranma-1-2-ranma-1-2-5254673-1024-768.jpg )
>> No. 75590
File 133924020063.png - (320.76KB , 480x640 , ranma merry xmas 09.png )
>> No. 75602
File 133927898464.png - (371.13KB , 710x533 , 710px-Extreme_tension.png )
>> No. 75631
File 133935744112.png - (335.26KB , 705x535 , 705px-Akane_shows_Tsubasa.png )
>> No. 75633
I kind of wish the story in the recent OVA had been something original rather than closely adapted from the manga
>> No. 75644
File 133937553436.gif - (495.28KB , 450x246 , tumblr_lw67td6CaB1r6aka1o1_500.gif )
>> No. 75669
File 133944697966.png - (0.96MB , 1238x481 , ova13.png )
>> No. 75670
Is it true ranma/sailormoon crossovers are a 'thing'?

I mean, not just seeing random fanfics which happens, but something that is almost codified(?) within the fandom?
>> No. 75677
Dared to lurk around TV Tropes (since they tend to manage this kind of info), and this crossovers apparently created a whole trend of fics.
>> No. 75681
The TV series was kind of shitty and never got around to animating some of the best scenes from the manga.

Man you have NO IDEA. The strangest part was probably the folks who learned English just so they could write these fanfics.
>> No. 75683
File 133950505713.jpg - (249.47KB , 700x962 , Sailor_Ranko_CH004PAGE001_by_burgerbecky.jpg )
Some of it kinda wierds me out almost but not quite as much as the people who salivate about Ranma becoming pregnant.
Wasn't there some fan group on youtube trying to put together a fan animation episode where that happens...
That a whole bunch of people were working towards that was freaky, that is the kind of stuff people make fun of Bronies for
>> No. 75684
Oh hey found the thing I was talking about.
Linking to it instead of posting the picture because even censored its pretty not work safe...
>> No. 75686
Except that at least make some kinda sense in the context of the show, far out and weird as it is
>> No. 75688
Creepy fetish work is creepy regardless.
>> No. 75691
Well in this case I don't know if it's out of fetish, maybe they thought it was legitimately a good idea for a story.
I'm probably wrong anyway.
>> No. 75692

If it wasn't a fetish thing, he/she probably wouldn't be naked.
>> No. 75693
File 133952587918.jpg - (77.15KB , 600x470 , Ryouga__s_kerchief_by_ka_mainari.jpg )
Looking for Ranma series pics on Deviantart is not the best idea since so much of it is wierd stuff. Have something cute and innocent.
>> No. 75770
File 133976214048.jpg - (53.94KB , 640x463 , ranma435.jpg )
>> No. 75791
File 133986108250.jpg - (141.27KB , 900x720 , ranma_y_akane_by_jpmolinac.jpg )
>> No. 75800
Random question- How do people feel about Akane's hairstyle, as in Long /vs/ Short?
>> No. 75801
Neither, Ukyo is superior.
>> No. 75809
>> No. 75810
At long last, my people!
>> No. 75812
I'm with ya, people.
>> No. 75821
File 133993758691.jpg - (97.49KB , 613x800 , ranma_by_sho_n_d-d3jmdaa.jpg )
>> No. 75822
File 133993766240.jpg - (299.64KB , 780x1170 , Miroku_meets_Ranma_by_Agent_Elrond.jpg )
>> No. 75823
File 133993773615.jpg - (130.10KB , 600x776 , Ranma__Out_for_a_Walk_by_gem2niki.jpg )
>> No. 75824
File 13399402125.jpg - (645.54KB , 686x2000 , What_if____by_AngelinaCullen.jpg )
>> No. 75825
File 133994027645.jpg - (38.35KB , 455x376 , 68088880_MAAUDMYOEHWIXKH.jpg )
>> No. 75827
File 133994384477.gif - (5.01KB , 144x104 , happianimated.gif )
>> No. 75828
File 133994388169.jpg - (182.37KB , 486x486 , total drama ranma.jpg )
>> No. 75842
File 133998024395.jpg - (181.47KB , 850x1169 , Ranma_Season_3.jpg )
>> No. 75843
File 133998068779.jpg - (90.59KB , 800x766 , Crossover TenTen and Mousse.jpg )
>> No. 75861
File 134003350471.jpg - (375.38KB , 514x782 , Eternal_Lost_Boy_by_Nadiezda.jpg )
>> No. 75862
File 134003359366.jpg - (241.06KB , 800x691 , Snowy_by_irishgirl982.jpg )
>> No. 75869
File 134004826955.jpg - (493.06KB , 1500x1200 , Ranma_as_Sailor_Moon_by_HitokiriSakura2012.jpg )
>> No. 76109
File 134049541269.jpg - (536.04KB , 843x962 , kitty_kitty_ranma_by_smeadows-d2yfkpl.jpg )
>> No. 76713
File 134207211979.jpg - (102.50KB , 454x640 , Ranma_1-2_279308.jpg )
>> No. 76980
File 134319219010.png - (406.58KB , 500x477 , Nabiki-Kuno-ranma-1-2-27899188-500-477.png )
>> No. 76981
File 134319224346.png - (195.24KB , 800x514 , It-s-a-rumic-world-inuyasha-ranma-1-2-urusei-yatsu.png )
>> No. 77000
File 134319604158.jpg - (128.44KB , 500x611 , Group-ranma-1-2-27372145-500-611.jpg )
>> No. 77041
File 134327727466.jpg - (22.88KB , 476x355 , aloha!.jpg )
>> No. 77858
File 134691097368.jpg - (196.77KB , 900x638 , poor_ranma_by_abbadon82-d4sblrr.jpg )
>> No. 79144
File 135168403258.jpg - (33.51KB , 379x453 , Ranmasocute-ranma-1-2-1480172-379-453.jpg )
>> No. 79145
I read the manga up to a certain point in high school, and my friend gave me a disk with the entire manga saved on it, but I couldn't get the files to open, so I've never gotten to see how it ended.

Come to think of it, I never got to see how any of the animes running on Adult Swim at the time ended, either. Trigun, Lupin, Wolf's Rain, etc. I wonder about that.
>> No. 79146
> my friend gave me a disk with the entire manga saved on it,

Funny, I have one of those too.
>> No. 79148
Nowadays you can just find it all online, thats how I read through it all awhile back.
>> No. 79149
>I've never gotten to see how it ended.
It didn't, basically.
>> No. 79175
File 135186139078.gif - (845.34KB , 500x284 , tumblr_mchpo07uDO1rdtx1ho1_500.gif )
>> No. 79179
File 135190479586.jpg - (195.35KB , 485x750 , tumblr_mcfqew4iFH1rw950co1_500.jpg )
>> No. 79221
File 135214559820.jpg - (179.02KB , 420x448 , Kodachi-ranma-1-2-24174069-420-448.jpg )
>> No. 79222
File 135214594148.jpg - (77.29KB , 593x430 , Ranma-1-2-Fanart-lolly4me2-16626015-593-430.jpg )
>> No. 79223
File 13521460234.jpg - (65.23KB , 444x513 , Ranma-1-2-Cake-4-My-Love-lolly4me2-17298783-444-51.jpg )
>> No. 79224
File 135214663779.jpg - (357.92KB , 931x1300 , 305585.jpg )
>> No. 79225
File 135214676160.jpg - (30.90KB , 375x568 , 5442307_700b.jpg )
This seems like it might be a real problem for his manly pride, what with all the beach episodes they have
>> No. 79234
File 135217015916.jpg - (296.41KB , 900x637 , oh_my_goddess__x_ranma_1_2____men_swap_by_abbadon8.jpg )
>> No. 79243

I loved it. The only thing I hated was that broadcasters censored the boobies.

My first contact with the series was comic I had bought back in the days from a comics store in my country. It was imported from the US, from VIZ and obviously in english.

One year later a public station started to broadcast the anime in the 4pm slot and I became a fan.

My favorite episodes of the anime were those where Atsuko Nakajima was in charge.

Akane was one of my first waifus along with Ami Mizuno.
>> No. 79245
File 135221803112.png - (436.87KB , 616x800 , -ranma-x-akane-ranma-1-2-anime-32244187-616-800.png )
>> No. 79246
File 135221826265.jpg - (133.53KB , 460x619 , Ryoga-ryoga-hibiki-13293149-460-619.jpg )
>> No. 79247
I like hentai where girl-Ranma is turned into a huge slut.
>> No. 79249
I cannot agree with you, but then I don't have the common fetish for rape and NTR like the Otaku.
I think happy sex is my fetish, because its so uncommon in doujins
>> No. 79250
File 135222935054.gif - (20.83KB , 285x415 , mousseshampoo.gif )
>> No. 79251
File 135222943369.jpg - (59.80KB , 480x724 , shampoo.jpg )
>> No. 79254
File 135223446981.jpg - (199.06KB , 1400x1050 , Ranma_wallpapers_92.jpg )
>> No. 79256
File 135223553821.jpg - (256.95KB , 610x899 , 75b83a83f718d22a1b9ea01582438d831321329799_full.jpg )
So hey

Has anyone here actually seen the Live-action TV Special?
>> No. 79259
That is the worst panda.
>> No. 79260
No, but now that I know about it, I want to.
>> No. 79275
File 135230680886.jpg - (195.38KB , 500x675 , tumblr_lkk1p1SEuk1qjrv7xo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 79276
File 13523068581.jpg - (135.19KB , 600x800 , -ranma-1-2-ranma-and-akane-ranma-and-akane-3238562.jpg )
>> No. 79277
File 135230696488.jpg - (155.24KB , 777x940 , -1-2-ranma-1-2-31219790-777-940.jpg )
>> No. 79278
File 135230707182.jpg - (400.78KB , 850x786 , a0018452_4dd641d8a1277.jpg )
>> No. 79279
File 135230730620.jpg - (288.93KB , 1000x1384 , 6773877806_8df7241806_o.jpg )
>> No. 79280
File 135230739435.jpg - (102.47KB , 1000x835 , g_fullxfull_15475.jpg )
>> No. 79281
File 135230751373.jpg - (97.74KB , 800x618 , c21dce9a8a4580af488374f.jpg )
>> No. 79289
File 135231751737.jpg - (105.62KB , 800x1144 , Kaioken_Ranma___Crossover___by_ilovemiroku.jpg )
This amuses me
You see so much sailor moon crossover stuff but no db/z?
>> No. 79290
File 135231757518.jpg - (172.10KB , 700x560 , -Shampoo-Mousse-ranma-1-2-32385588-700-560.jpg )
>> No. 79294
File 135232176166.jpg - (168.07KB , 900x900 , wrong and bad this is badong but still its pretty .jpg )
>> No. 79482
File 135288988697.jpg - (214.73KB , 814x619 , BH_Style___Ukyo_and_Shampoo_by_JaviDLuffy.jpg )
>> No. 79487
File 135289717730.jpg - (68.49KB , 800x450 , U_chan_aka___ukyo____Ranma_by_angryangryasian.jpg )
>> No. 79507
She has only one breast
>> No. 79511
Yes, it is the legendary superboob!
>> No. 79532
She's an Amazon from Y: The Last Man.
>> No. 79537
It's a good thing the Chinese Amazons are not those sort of Amazons
>> No. 79872
File 13541124016.gif - (1.96MB , 320x240 , 130456796254.gif )
>> No. 79874
I want to fuck his tits

No Homo
>> No. 79876
Pretty sure female Ranma is the cause of my redhead fetish.
>> No. 79887
>> No. 79957
File 135453622365.png - (314.42KB , 462x692 , RANMA-1-2_-ranma-akane-urusei-yatsura-crossover-ra.png )
>> No. 79958
File 135453628661.jpg - (62.87KB , 400x580 , Ranma-1-2-ranma-1-2-1514048-400-580.jpg )
>> No. 80052
File 135483784692.jpg - (72.61KB , 640x480 , tumblr_m9xivaKJlg1r5j4apo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 80053
File 135483876846.jpg - (156.70KB , 500x490 , tumblr_lzmbzvcelJ1qjnwrpo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 80054
File 135483915115.gif - (0.98MB , 500x386 , tumblr_meh5olLUT01ru36xzo1_500.gif )
>> No. 80055
File 135483928147.gif - (1.00MB , 500x357 , She wants to fuck.gif )
>> No. 80056
File 13548397322.png - (187.84KB , 500x377 , tumblr_mcort3l93T1r7hp56o1_r6_500.png )
>> No. 80057
I... Uh. I've never wanted to bone female Ranma until just now.
>> No. 80058
With the dead eyes and magically unfurling hair its prolly an evil ghost clone or something.
>> No. 80059
Even better.
>> No. 80061
Wait, does this mean that male Ranma's hair is that long when untied?
I... Uh. I've never wanted to bone male Ranma until just now.
>> No. 80062
Specifically it's like a demon/ghost that took female Ranma's form and tried to seduce male Ranma to drain the life out of him.

Its length seems to be whatever the story necessitates.
>> No. 80063
Actually, there's a very specific reason why Ranma wears his hair in a pigtail, and it has to do with a bit more than length.
>> No. 80064
Though even before then it was in a short ponytail.
>> No. 80077
File 135489184147.gif - (46.04KB , 493x600 , 509289698.gif )
>> No. 80079
File 135489251541.jpg - (110.59KB , 600x455 , 18268965_m.jpg )
>> No. 80080
File 135489265996.gif - (499.46KB , 500x190 , Are you upset because my body is better than yours.gif )
>> No. 80081
File 135489280352.gif - (647.43KB , 500x283 , magic trick swap.gif )
>> No. 80084
File 135489638733.jpg - (347.43KB , 500x538 , Makane and Ranko.jpg )
>> No. 80089
>Specifically it's like a demon/ghost that took female Ranma's form and tried to seduce male Ranma to drain the life out of him.
>boner status: acceptable
>> No. 80090
File 135491200989.jpg - (346.66KB , 500x549 , dotdotranmachan.jpg )
>> No. 80091
File 135491216626.jpg - (634.11KB , 713x908 , tumblr_m6kxac18E41qfb9v0o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 80092
File 135491225511.jpg - (375.19KB , 583x800 , tumblr_m6kxqzlHY71qfb9v0o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 80093
File 135491236122.jpg - (261.48KB , 493x740 , Ranmagirl cosplay.jpg )
>> No. 80095
File 13549127214.gif - (580.97KB , 200x150 , chsernma.gif )
>> No. 80096
Well yes, I just thought it was funny that he mentioned Ranma's hair being merely "long" when untied... though the Whisker power wore off at the end of that arc.
>> No. 80097
File 135491654627.gif - (949.11KB , 500x440 , tumblr_m9quft7kQd1r1n5pqo1_500.gif )
>> No. 80256
Ranma was actually pretty fun for about 3 seasons or so.
>> No. 80327
File 135575094630.jpg - (70.08KB , 640x480 , Ranma_S1-08.jpg )
>> No. 80395
>> No. 80812
File 13582464591.png - (915.92KB , 724x1050 , ranma___summer_vacation_by_ghostfire-d3e0pey.png )
>> No. 80963
This thread needs more Nabiki.
>> No. 80966
She was a gold digging bitch. Even Cologne was better than her.
>> No. 80968
I don't understand all the hate for girls who like money. Especially girls like Nabiki, who is more entrepreneurial than greedy, not to mention being witty and having a charming haircut.
In fact, I wish I had a girlfriend like Nabiki. Maybe then I'd actually have some reason to work and life wouldn't seem so pointless.
>> No. 80969
.....wow you're a sap (and girls like Nabiki would never give a chance since you don't have cash to begin with). Do you know why I complimented Cologne? Cause she obviously has use for money, but get this she WORKS for it. She has a business based on the food industry and gets her income there. Kudos to her and Ukyo who also has her stand.

Nabiki on the other hand is a black mailing cunt who would probably sell you out for a couple of cents ala Mr. Krabs from Spongebob. That makes her a real bitch. The only kind of people I don't feel sorry for getting ripped off by her are morons like Kuno since the faggot pays her buckets of cash for some of the most idiotic and worthless things. As the saying goes "A fool and his money are soon parted."
>> No. 80971
File 135891388033.png - (16.89KB , 250x197 , urouge smile.png )
>calling a woman a cunt
>calling a man a faggot

>>80968 may be a sap but you sure aren't winning yourself any prizes.
>> No. 80972
That's a lot of assumptions you've made there, buddy, (and a lot of periods, too...) All personal attacks and dubious financial insights aside, however, I'd like to propose that your hatred of Nabiki has less to do with the character and more to do with your deep-seated mistrust of women in general.
Let's break this down:
Saying someone is better than a "gold digging bitch" is hardly a compliment. Not many people will take it as such.
Cologne is old as sin. If she didn't have her own source of income by now, that really would be a problem. Nabiki, however, is not an adult, so I won't hold not having her own cafe against her. Don't you think it's a bit hypocritical of you to assign worth to women based on how much money they can earn you?
As for Ukyo, well, she does have the benefit of inheriting the family business. Unfortunately, not everyone works during high school, but that's hardly an unforgivable sin.
Mr. Krabs' avarice is exaggerated for comedic purposes. Nabiki's money-grubbing is the same. However, this doesn't make either character "a real bitch." Being able to make distinctions based on genre is a useful skill, but you'll never master it if you go out of your way to find something to hate.
It's good that you don't feel sorry for Kuno, but maybe you should cool it with the invectives. Once again, he's a comedic archetype. Also, using the word "faggot" will hardly endear you to most. It certainly won't help convince anyone that you're not some misogynistic cretin.
>> No. 80975
Why do people keep responding to the woman-hating nutjob, he always posts the same and is either here to vent or troll.
>> No. 80985
Actually, I don't think that's him. It seems too mild. I mean, he didn't even mention any graphic fantasies about how he'd like to dismember Nabiki for not knowing her place as an inferior.
>> No. 81034
I just wanted pictures of Nabiki. ._.;
>> No. 81035
File 135912394890.jpg - (255.37KB , 442x750 , tumblr_m08ni3mzcB1qahplio1_500.jpg )
>> No. 81036
File 135912397276.jpg - (40.73KB , 640x755 , 3323491_640px.jpg )
>> No. 81046
File 135918343772.png - (653.63KB , 1024x768 , ranma22012072618281168.png )
Unity 3D Ranma 1/2 RPG 3D Gameplayyoutube thumb
>> No. 81047
Wow, looks neat!
>> No. 81079
File 135934465231.png - (413.60KB , 900x636 , crowded_pool_by_terminaitor-d5sn1zk.png )
>> No. 81130

Is there anything worse than fanfiction OC's who are direct relations to canon main character's?

Yes actually there is something worse than that which springs readily to mind...
Self-insert OC's which make the canon main characters into their love interests
>> No. 81199
File 135962223323.jpg - (362.01KB , 796x584 , Stop_you_Art_Thief_ARGH_by_TechnoRanma.jpg )
>> No. 81253
File 135974678935.jpg - (114.19KB , 743x800 , Ranko___Hiryu_Shoten_Ha_by_leeyiankun.jpg )
>> No. 81306
File 13599649276.gif - (3.28MB , 320x240 , ranma-1-2-epi-9_o_GIFSoup_com.gif )
>> No. 81311
God nobody cares SHUT UP
>> No. 81312
>Bitchame wouldn't be such a bitch if Ramna beat the stuffing out of her. Same goes to Kaoru form Rurouni Kenshin. Same goes to every single thing with a vagina in To Aru Majutsu no Index. Same goes to the girls of Fagto (Bento).

So much anger. So you want to see females beaten?
>> No. 81313
Yes, that is always what he is after. Why do you people keep talking to him like he's sincere or legitimate
>> No. 81314
Ryona dude is getting desperate, it seems.
>> No. 81319
More like end female privilege.
>> No. 81370
File 136016015580.png - (217.73KB , 836x900 , Ranma__Panda_by_Oehr.png )
>> No. 81371
File 136016016177.jpg - (124.41KB , 900x660 , ranma___trio_by_h2o_kun-d3158h1.jpg )
>> No. 81372
File 136016060835.jpg - (66.27KB , 800x566 , ranma_adventure_time_style__by_sscindyss-d5dzffz.jpg )
>> No. 81374
File 136016175183.jpg - (210.22KB , 1024x768 , E72.jpg )
>> No. 81375
>Dat Mousse
>> No. 81377
File 136016302159.jpg - (362.51KB , 1016x1456 , ranma_08.jpg )
>> No. 81378
File 136016335514.gif - (11.71KB , 162x150 , Laaaaadies.gif )
Moose is sexy Mamazon~
>> No. 81387
File 136017778543.jpg - (376.25KB , 624x594 , RANMA_chan_v__JUBEI_chan_by_AdamWarren.jpg )
Warren is such a weeb.
>> No. 81390
This reminds me I need to watch Jubei-chan, I have both 2 seasons and I've been told is fun as fuck.
>> No. 81486
File 136061721850.jpg - (164.00KB , 1024x664 , ranma_1_2_by_jayjayrey-d5tc31z.jpg )
>> No. 81572
File 136336309427.jpg - (485.11KB , 1600x1109 , ranma_1_2_by_pharos_e-d5vy4ei.jpg )
>> No. 81759
File 136464867153.gif - (1.71MB , 352x288 , ranma_mujer_by_cl91-d55038u.gif )
>> No. 81771
File 136474475059.jpg - (282.79KB , 1777x971 , Why-you-don-t-tease-Ryoga-ranma-1-2-32745216-1777-.jpg )
>> No. 81786
File 136479452036.jpg - (152.07KB , 540x700 , shampoo__s_beach_delivery_by_teben_the_every-d2zhu.jpg )
Even after all these years, I'm still find Shampoo my favourite, even if she's cray cray.
>> No. 81787
Atsuko Nakajima was the best character designer this show ever had. She's the main reason to follow it for.
>> No. 81845
Shampoo was Chinese so she would always be hated in Japan and prevented from winning. There a reason Japan hates her and all different Asians hate each other? And don't skip on the cray cray.
>> No. 81846
Its less her being Chinese and more her being an attempted-murderer who would gladly force him into marriage (or other things...) with her through a dirty trick.

Even with how the anime whitewashed her a tad compared to the original story she certainly doesn't deserve to 'win'.
>> No. 81856
All the female characters in Ranma should have been thrown behind bars besides Kasumi. Then again I only like Shampoo because she's hot and as many would, fuck her stupid if given the chance.
>> No. 81858
Maybe so but Shampoo tops them all in terms of attempted murder, and likely in dirty tricks to force Ranma into legally binding marriage.

Kodachi would likely be right there with her if she showed up as much, though with even more counts of attempted rape.
>> No. 81861
File 136503063226.jpg - (81.11KB , 500x500 , Ukyo%20Kunoji[1].jpg )
Aye, but I've always preferred Ukyo to Shampoo. Less crazy, and dem bangs.
>> No. 81862
She was still kinda crazy, what with the dishonest ways she tried to force Ranma into legally-binding marriage.
You can understand it a little because Ranma's dad pulling a dine-and-dash on her family messed her up but still thats not cool.

God Ranma's Dad was such a bastard.
>> No. 81863
Eh, all this is pointless. Crazy murderous bitch or not, Shampoo is still the best.
>> No. 81864
To be fair it makes sense for why Ranma's dad is such a jackass. Even the women from HIS generation when he was young were crazy bitches. In one scene his reward for acting like an honest truthful guy to an ex was getting horribly beaten. He learned from that experience evidently and started to become the cheating jackass liar we all know him as. Quite frankly you kind of can't fault him in the way he suckered and used the families of some of the girls including his supposed best friend Akane's father.
>> No. 81865
Dude we don't care about your ladder theory or whatever, deal with your issues yourself and move on.
>> No. 81922
Of the "brides" of Ranma who would you fuck stupid and who did you never like.

Would Tap - Shampoo. Crazy bitch, but that body. Helps that she's the only one they show naked when appropriate like in the bath house episodes.

Would Not Tap - Kodachi. Nothing attractive about her, crazy as well and just plain old horribly irrelevant and no reason to exist to even give a passable impression.
>> No. 81936
Hence "Less crazy" instead of "Not crazy".

Agreed, Kodachi is shit tier.
>> No. 81945
I honestly can't remember an arc where Kodachi was funny.
>> No. 81946
She was like Kuno... but more rapey and underhanded.
>> No. 81956
And her laugh was really annoying.
>> No. 82085
File 136576705181.png - (1.47MB , 1600x900 , where_am_i_now__by_shebra_evilver-d5y144k.png )
>> No. 82214
The faince├ęs? No, I would try getting myself a little red head pie from Ranma herself.
>> No. 82267
I like outgoing women, but even permanently female Ranko would be too aggressive for me.
>> No. 82614
File 13678527177.gif - (43.52KB , 800x1184 , ranma00.gif )
>> No. 82615
File 136785277245.jpg - (128.34KB , 764x1200 , ranma01.jpg )
>> No. 82616
File 136785283334.jpg - (133.23KB , 794x1199 , ranma02.jpg )
>> No. 82617
File 136785289392.gif - (88.61KB , 800x1133 , ranma03.gif )
>> No. 82618
File 136785299673.jpg - (130.28KB , 779x1200 , ranma04.jpg )
>> No. 82619
File 136785303092.gif - (94.10KB , 800x1162 , ranma05.gif )
>> No. 82620
File 136785310240.gif - (103.65KB , 800x1121 , ranma06.gif )
>> No. 82621
File 136785315793.gif - (118.73KB , 800x1198 , ranma07.gif )
>> No. 82622
File 13678532778.gif - (115.35KB , 800x1187 , ranma08.gif )
>> No. 82623
File 13678533633.gif - (105.69KB , 800x1197 , ranma09.gif )
>> No. 82624
File 136785345746.jpg - (112.62KB , 788x1200 , ranma10.jpg )
>> No. 82625
File 136785353914.gif - (85.42KB , 800x1165 , ranma11.gif )
>> No. 82626
File 136785363214.jpg - (128.29KB , 768x1200 , ranma12.jpg )
>> No. 82627
File 13678537674.jpg - (141.58KB , 786x1199 , ranma13.jpg )
>> No. 82628
File 136785399119.gif - (92.84KB , 800x1188 , ranma14.gif )
>> No. 82629
File 136785408239.gif - (118.30KB , 800x1162 , ranma15.gif )
>> No. 82666
File 136802438264.jpg - (343.50KB , 752x986 , Ranma_Collage_by_HitokiriSakura2012.jpg )
>> No. 83416
Many good memories. It and Sailor Moon were basically my introduction to anime.
>> No. 84217
I think the first anime thing I saw might have been the Street Fighter 2 Animated movie my mum hired from the video sho, though it didn't really "get me into anime" in general it was just something they had.
>> No. 84415

Huh, I honestly didn't ever expect that.
>> No. 84881
I had feeling this was uploaded.
Hope this comes to EU or atleast sweden.
Lots of fans over here.
>> No. 85126
File 138178551220.gif - (1.35MB , 200x152 , Ranma_Girl_Animated_Gif.gif )
>> No. 85958
>/a/ has me on Ranma kick
>Decide to see what it looks like animated for the first time ever (well I might have seen the movies at some point I don't remember)
>Oh hey Viz has it on that weird Neon Alley thing

>that dub quality
>budget saving shots on level of that Inari Walk and Talk in Kyousagiga 9
>whatever this is
Ranma 1/2 - Opening #1youtube thumb

This was a dark trip outside my safe realm of manga.
>> No. 85959
Did you start at the beginning? Because the animation quality after the first season gets way worse.
>> No. 85962

It does improve in the later seasons, though.

And the movies are fucking gorgeous compared to the series.
>> No. 85969
They didn't let me start at the beginning (that Neon Alley thing is awful by the way don't use it), I just watched an episode with Tofu's mom and Shampoo's intro.
>> No. 86092
File 138810105467.png - (2.89MB , 1380x2000 , 1388086439493.png )
>> No. 86093
I always thought Ranma and Akane always suited each other the best because they're both kind of colossal dicks.

But yeah, Ukyo for best girl.
>> No. 86094
Everyone is a dick in the series except for Kasumi... maybe Dr Tofu but then he gets forgotten like Launch in DBZ.

Akane might 'deserve' it compared to the other girls because she's the only one who never tries to force Ranma into a legally binding marriage or sex through either magic, drugs or manipulating his Japanese sense of honour.
>> No. 86593
>> No. 86699
This thread is still bumping?
>> No. 86770
Threads last for infinity on +4. Topics with moderate interest will dip below Page 0 and then get bumped up when something of interest comes along (or a spambot gets into them.) I'm sure we have threads that go all the way back to when we had to restart the board a few years ago somewhere...
>> No. 86771
>Threads last for infinity
I mean time wise; at 300 posts they'll autosage.
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