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File 138834745637.jpg - (380.22KB , 1080x874 , Toykyo Godfathers.jpg )
86161 No. 86161
I will be starting a weekly Sunday stream of various Anime series and Movies. Feel free to join us bring some snacks and discuss the simpler things in life. This week Tokyo Godfathers. Be There.
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>> No. 86184
If I can comment on that thing, I'm in.

I an comment, can I?
>> No. 86283
Didn't someone get banned from having stream threads on these boards?
Not that I want you to be banned, I just wouldn't want you to get caught out if that is the case.
>> No. 86303
File 138895464554.jpg - (446.23KB , 1200x950 , TTGL Movies.jpg )
I'm not sure about that, however I am sure about another Sunday Night Stream. Tonight we will be enjoying the two TTGL Movies Tonight at 7PM EST. Pre-streaming Pokemon origins at 5 PM EST.
>> No. 86426
File 138955948296.jpg - (240.22KB , 1200x950 , P&S.jpg )
P&S Dub tonight Pre-stream starting at 5 PM EST as always.
>> No. 86434
>Gainax ending
Yeah I don't see another season happening, they just do that.
Thanks for the stream, that was interesting.
>> No. 86869
File 139137441159.jpg - (202.63KB , 1200x950 , Kaiji.jpg )
Where have we been? it's none of your business the important thing is we are back now with a new series. Come join us for manly tears as we watch Kaiji tonight will be the first 13 episodes. Prestream at 5PM EST as always and bring some snacks,
>> No. 87080
File 139198922452.jpg - (200.68KB , 1200x950 , Kaiji.jpg )
More Kaiji tonight
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