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85636 No. 85636
aka "The Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Guy." If you don't know what Biscuit Hammer is, it's a crazy seinen action series about a bunch of weirdos being given psychic powers and animal companions to fight a mage's golem army. They mostly use these powers to emulate kung fu movies and magical girl anime for their fighting styles. It's very silly, but good.

On the polar opposite of the spectrum is his newest series, Spirit Circle, which is about a pair of school kids who turn out to have many reincarnations worth of grudges against one another, which the girl there intends to put a decisive end to. It's not very far in at only 15 chapters, but each glimpse into their past lives has been quite melancholy, if not outright violent and destructive. It's FUCKING RAD.

Mizukami actually has quite a few works under his belt, and is known to work on multiple ones at a time. For example, along with Spirit Circle, I think he's still running Sengoku Youko, which I've not read personally but understand to be about Japanese mythology (there was a thread about it awhile ago but I can't find it) and buildings fight each other.
>> No. 85637
Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer just got licensed by Seven Seas, I heard. So that's keen.
>> No. 85647
Spirit Circle 16 is out
>> No. 86902
Spirit Circle 19 is, hilariously, the happiest arc ender yet.

20 is also out, but only on CR.
>> No. 86958
Whatever genre Lucifer & The Biscuit Hammer was halfway subverting, Sengoku Youko's basically the same thing for Inuyasha. I recommend it. Need to check Spirit circle out.
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