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File 13462167002.jpg - (77.46KB , 1280x720 , waver.jpg )
77641 No. 77641
I just finished watching Fate/Zero.

This motherfucker right here is the true winner of the fourth Grail War, god DAMN.
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>> No. 77679
File 134628792264.jpg - (330.77KB , 1200x899 , 1345745410593.jpg )

<---An honest to god official product.
>> No. 77686

I like how Saber's slapped in there for the heck of it.
>> No. 77694
It's the girl's comic anthology. They need one for the sake of the theme, and besides, she's a king.
>> No. 77703
Actually iirc a lot of fujoshi are favorably inclined toward Saber.
>> No. 77705
Yeah remember, Saber already converted one girl (Rin).

Also she made Mordred the old fashion way...
>> No. 77713
Wait....I hadn't heard this part of Saber's backstory. What's the Old Fashioned Way in this situation? Did she somehow still manage to get seduced by and then impregnate her sister?
>> No. 77714
>> No. 77722
That's not old-fashioned at all!
>> No. 77725
It is in Japan!
>> No. 77727
PS Vita【Fate/staynight[Realt…youtube thumb

>Actual Ufotable stuff
Fucking sweet, especially Archer/Lancer.
>That bit at the end.
Uuuuuuh. I guess this is that Fate Zero social game they advertised awhile back?
>> No. 77733
>Getting upset by trailer music
Chill, bro.
>> No. 77736
There's a reason I said nerd rage (song does suck though).
>> No. 78109
File 13476557651.jpg - (160.24KB , 960x540 , 1343854242426.jpg )
>> No. 78165
File 134784325355.gif - (494.24KB , 220x123 , 1322607675457.gif )
but the very original This Illusion blew chunks
the anime cover was a million times better
I heard the three different routes were getting different OP animations though, does this mean it's not true after all?
>> No. 78166
I'm honestly not sure. It'd be weird to have only one since RN went out of the way to give make a third one for HF.

Also yeah the original wasn't that good (I believe even RN switched to Disillusion). Better than this though.
>> No. 78197
>Mahou tsukai no yoru doujin


Forgot this was already out?
>> No. 78198
And still not a single fucking good one. COME ON JAPAN, LOOK AT THOSE SWEATER TITS, YOU CAN DO BETTER!

Well CCC put one out but it's non-h and untranslated so BUTTS TO THAT.
>> No. 78209
File 134804733789.jpg - (86.46KB , 358x500 , fate-zero-ost2-l.jpg )
>> No. 78241
File 134814779588.jpg - (198.45KB , 1590x900 , 1348145966831[1].jpg )
I need this to be subbed yesterday.
>> No. 78245

Outstanding Tracks Collection …youtube thumb

Best track, hands down.
>> No. 78585
File 134941935031.jpg - (352.75KB , 1200x1753 , 0009.jpg )


>> No. 79089
もう何がなんでも今こ…youtube thumb

Partial UBW Vita opening

>> No. 79182
So when is the Type Moon anniversary BD coming out? And is there any date as to when Mirai Fukuin going to be released?
>> No. 79269
File 135229529680.jpg - (915.99KB , 1536x2048 , 1352293123308[1].jpg )
>> No. 79270
File 135229544948.jpg - (0.96MB , 2048x1536 , 1352295025188[1].jpg )
Well Karna and this chick weren't in Extra, and there's apparently ANOTHER new Lancer (though that could just be the class of that devil loli Sakura's hanging out with), so apparently this is going to get fairly expansive.
>> No. 79311
File 13523659455.jpg - (173.50KB , 600x800 , Micaiah_full_1096323.jpg )
>backpack strap caught in tits

is it me or is Aruko Wada a master of trying too hard to make things look sexy only for it to look like total shit because she doesn't know where to stop?
on the other hand Karna looks pretty decent so it looks like she's gotten a little better at drawing dudes, at least
>> No. 79428
Putting aside Karna and chubby ladies, I'm not sure what happened to Mahoyo's other translation but uh...

I don't know what to think of this.
>> No. 79523
File 135295070121.png - (479.17KB , 480x640 , 1340902000217275.png )
my opinion of them went up a smidgen after it turned out they were the only good subs for Jojo
>> No. 79982
File 135463339667.jpg - (677.13KB , 1280x820 , 1354631600024[1].jpg )
I wish this game would just come out so I can know more about it besides that it has really terrible designs. Seriously, this is the kind of garbage I expect from BRS.
>> No. 79983
File 135463345359.jpg - (704.48KB , 1280x912 , 1354631656281[1].jpg )
So dumb.
>> No. 79984
That is the most retarded character design I've ver seen.
>> No. 79985
Well I still say Spartacus is the worst, though yes, I rank this below Loli Jack.
>> No. 79986
Show me this Spartacus dude. I can't imagine anything being worse than that unfortunate cancer victim dressed in clown clothes and half an industrial harbor.
>> No. 79987
File 135463447044.jpg - (386.74KB , 769x1024 , 1344131203695.jpg )
Astolpho is the best redesign they've done so far.
>> No. 79990
File 13546432678.jpg - (836.38KB , 1130x1708 , Spartacus.jpg )
Looking it up, it seems basically every character was designed by a different artist. That seems like a questionable decision.
>> No. 79994
The way it typically works is that all characters are designed by Takeuchi Takashi, who while not exactly Kentaro Miura, is a decent enough artist for what they're doing. For Extra/CC, while Takeuchi is a consultant, the primary design is done by Aruko Wada. She is... less good. Not everything she does is terrible, but as a previous anon says, she doesn't understand subtlety at all, and Nasu and co don't seem to restrict her.

Fate Apocrypha, which was going to be an MMO but got recycled into a novel, is where everyone pitched in. This resulted in stuff like Urobuchi doing Spartacus or That Faggot aka (Higashide) making Loli Jack.

Incidentally, the best artist in the group is probably Type Moon's colorist, Koyama Hirokazu, who finally takes the helm in Mahoyo.
>> No. 79995
Only Wada would know how to take things that are hot on their own and make them vomit-worthy.
>> No. 79996
File 135464982447.png - (1.00MB , 764x1080 , 23096063.png )
lel traps so funnay xD
seriously though Fate Apocrypha is pretty much the DeviantArt of Type Moon with a little Queen's Blade/Soul Calibur thrown in
you've got a few good ones in a sea of mediocrity, then the rest are just plain retarded because the designers were too fixated on letting their inner otakus loose
>> No. 80004
Moving on from horrible, terrible designs, two things.

First, the Type Moon Fes 10th Anniversary Bluray is out soon, featuring a new Carnival Phantasm episode and the Tsukihime remake trailer. This is the OP:
TYPE-MOON Festival Event OPening Movieyoutube thumb

Also, this FE thing that came with some old issue of Ace got translated:
Type Moon Ace Omake Theater- L…youtube thumb
>> No. 80051
File 13548369728.png - (18.11KB , 273x275 , 1344146524009.png )
>mmmm traps so hot and sexy
He can blow my horn anytime.
Or I could blow his.
>> No. 80258
Waver and Rider were the only reason anyone would really, really want to stick with the show until the end.
>> No. 80280
File 135545768999.jpg - (106.03KB , 790x601 , 1355397755025[1].jpg )
Tsukihime redesigns got full pictures.

Can't say I like Arc's miniskirt much...
>> No. 80281
File 135545784079.jpg - (109.55KB , 870x601 , 1355397821668[1].jpg )
...however aside of that I like the new designs a lot. Takeuchi's improved massively over the last decade, and Koyama's coloring brings some great life to them.

Of course what I'm really interesting in is seeing all of Nero's chaos beasts brought to horrible, drooling life in CG form.
>> No. 80283
Wow maybe Ciel will stop sucking after this!
>> No. 80284
File 135546432896.gif - (15.52KB , 650x450 , popcorn.gif )
>Playing Fate/Extra
>That last thing Shinji says before he dies
>> No. 80290
File 135547541638.jpg - (247.92KB , 530x1024 , a5e00ddd6c7737febd99e85ae5f008f8.jpg )
Ciel's face is improved but I liked her old hairstyle better with the forelocks
now she just looks like that annoying girl from Chunibyou
>> No. 80300
File 135554561581.png - (121.49KB , 512x512 , 1263028331703.png )
>It's shit right XD
Stop that

I do like the old hair a bit better, but to be fair they might be changing her battle mode a bit more too. Nasu originally said way back when that the remake would have FSN level visuals, but at this point I imagine it's going to be far more extensive than that.
>> No. 80312
File 135561240772.jpg - (257.06KB , 985x680 , 1355585691420[1].jpg )
Some new CCC info:
>It's recommended to not pick Gilgamesh on your first play. The three other servants will all pursue the mysteries of the game along with the MC, but Gilgamesh who has figured out everything from the start, will constantly be talking about stuff you'll have no clue about.
>Gil's difficulty level is cheat mode, he's stonger than the other playable servants.
>This time around, there is no time limit, and you can explore the arena, level up, do side missions or progress the story at the pace you like. There is no collecting triggers like in the last game, since this game is focused more on the story.
>BB & co are completely different indviduals from Sakura, and their existance is kind of a spoiler in themselves so I don't want to talk to much about them, but they are not as evil as they seem to be.
>Taking the place of last games triggers is the new secret garden, which all depicts a naked girl covered in flowers. As you progress through the barrier of their mind, the petals are removed one by one... You know where this is going. Apparently, there is one for each heroine.
>It seems like there might be a different ending for each servant. The music is being handled by the Type-Moon staff this time, and there will be a lot of easter eggs for old fans of.

I'm increasingly uncertain what this game will be like. I enjoyed the original Extra, but it was a very flawed game and the info on CCC runs the gamut from cool to stupid to fucking batshit insane.
>> No. 80323
Type Moon's releasing the first volume of Apocrypha (along with some novel by Meteor called Fire Girl that I've not heard of til now) at Comiket, and now we have some actually concrete info on it. There's too much to post here so I'll just link the ADTRW post on it:

>> No. 80584
So now that Apocrypha's out in those wild and untamed lands of the East, we have a window into just how completely batshit it is.
Mordred's master is probably the best.

Also this showed up on Nyaa. I think it's the Vita soundtrack? I like it a lot anyway (Rodyle likes a Fate related thing stop the presses).
>> No. 80585
Man I still waiting for fate/ hollow ataraxia let alone all these other games.
>> No. 80595
is this the 2012 remaster that they were rotating the songs for?
someone on /a/ ripped the first few rounds, but I don't know if every rotation got captured before it expired
>> No. 80600

I'm reading Hollow Ataraxia in the Japanese but it's so slow going because my Japanese isn't very good...
>> No. 81395
>Aniplex Twitter says Fate/Zero getting a dub by an "all-star" cast
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHoh wait some of these are actually pretty decent
>> No. 81396
File 136018947041.jpg - (106.30KB , 1920x1043 , 1360181739221.jpg )
oh and here's the cast list
>> No. 81397
Iri, Saber, Waver, and Diarmuid all sound fucking dreadful. The rest I need to hear more of.

I can't give points to them for Crispin Freeman sounding good anymore than I would give a movie points for Sean Connery sounding Scottish. It's simply how reality works.
>> No. 81398
File 136019182196.png - (46.78KB , 180x240 , 2mhgems.png )
you forgot loli Rin, although thank god Sam Riegel isn't back this time around
>> No. 81399
Yeah she sucked too.

I've actually never heard the FSN dub in my life so I can't comment, though I can imagine.

Unless they dubbed Fate Unlimited Codes in which case I've simply forgotten since I hate that game and didn't play much.
>> No. 81400
Fate Stay Night Poop - My Gay Bulgesyoutube thumb
if you've ever heard Phoenix Wright in UMvC3 it's the same guy
his actual ability to emote isn't that bad, it's just that the voice itself is grating as hell
>> No. 81401

Sam Reigel can do two voices I've found!

That one voice he uses for EVERYTHING ELSE BUT THE SECOND VOICE.

And Teddie from Persona 4. He's surprisingly able to pull that off pretty well!
>> No. 81405
Wow that's something alright.

Actual results aside, I'm really not sure this was one where there was ever a chance that the dub would match the sub. In this case it's because Ufotable just love the material waaaaay too much for any dub company to measure up to the casting effort. Everyone in the show sounds pretty much exactly how you'd think they would when you read the novel.
>> No. 81407
what, these were the same VAs from the drama CD which was made years ago, and if Ufotable had any input it was in keeping them rather than throwing them out
>> No. 81408
So any more news on the f/z social game that switched up the master and servants?

I'm really curious whether Kayneth and Berserker would be as hax as I assume they'd be.
>> No. 81412
I've never listened to the drama CD (I don't speak Japanese so why would I). Of course at least some of them had to be the same, like Jougi Nakata, but I didn't know it was the whole cast.

Still, there was never a chance the dub would measure up.

Anyway, have ya'll seen the CCC OP? Shaft put it out awhile ago and it's... pretty Shaft.
>> No. 81422
File 136021797992.png - (54.25KB , 671x221 , SHAFT.png )
>it's... pretty Shaft.

>> No. 81487
Fate/Zero English Dub on Neon …youtube thumb
Ok, then.
>> No. 81535
File 136097606479.jpg - (631.62KB , 2116x1201 , 1343475926627.jpg )

>> No. 81582
Every time I pass this thread I think the coat hanger in the background of the OP image is something sticking out of his head (like one of those Halloween fake cleaver handle things). I don't know why.
>> No. 81742
File 136452656451.jpg - (77.51KB , 420x420 , 1325108231133.jpg )
so how about that Fate/Extra CCC guys?
>> No. 81743
Keeping myself out of plot spoilers, but someone already showed me the Archer/Gil beefcake pics and what are apparently CG rewards for fingering Red Saber or something

the fuck is going on with that game
>> No. 81744
File 136453369166.jpg - (518.33KB , 1100x513 , 23223943_big_p1.jpg )
Any new Servants besides the ones already revealed or is it just Karna and the horned Lancer?
>> No. 81761
Like I said, I dunno, I'm trying to avoid information. I had Extra's insane ending and all the Servants spoiled for me when it first dropped in Japan, back when we thought we'd never get it.

What I do sadly know is that the Prisma Ilya anime has PVs out
『Fate/kaleid liner プリズ…youtube thumb
>> No. 81773
Well that didn't last long, since now I know a new Lancer: Elizabeth Batheroy
>> No. 81825
File 136495385988.jpg - (1.02MB , 570x2375 , 1364947953147.jpg )
Scratch that I know two, new Caster is Hans Christen Anderson

Also rumor has it that the ending is more batshit than the ending of Extra. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it's not like there's anything that'd stop me from getting it.

Also that Secret Garden thing is not just for the four playable servantsmy friend showed me a Kotomine one
>> No. 81827
File 136496808794.gif - (408.40KB , 540x400 , fap.gif )
you sure about that?
though if it was true it would certainly fulfill my deepest and darkest fantasies ♂
>> No. 83307
Well it's probably fake but on the other hand TM's sense of humor is weird enough that I could see it being an easter egg.

But I bump this thread not for that, but for this:
>(interviewer says something about K-On having female superiority)

>Nasu: No, instead of female superiority, that's just absence of men. It looks like girls are being prioritized, but if men don't appear to begin with, it's like nothing more than building a farm where there can be no antagonism. In that sense, women become more like mascots... it might mean looking down on them. Not by the creators, but by the audience. Speaking of my own works, people often tell me "Nasu-san, you really appreciate women's rights, because you write stories with strong girls in them", and I agreed too, but lately I started thinking that might not be the case. In Tsukihime and in Fate, the heroines Arcueid and Saber are the ones fighting on the front lines and the protagonists are behind them. In Kara no Kyoukai, the fighting is always left to the heroine Ryougi Shiki, and the protagonist Kokutou Mikiya becomes just the man who feeds the heroine. That composition is actually very male chauvinistic. When you think about physical strength and emotional strength, the latter is more difficult to achieve. Anyone can be strong if they pick up a weapon, but you can't become mentally strong just by obtaining a thing. In the works of Nasu Kinoko, strength in battle is possessed by the heroines, and the male characters symbolize emotional strength. When I noticed this, I felt like even I'm stuck in my ways [?] in some respects. For example Arcueid is said to be the strongest in the world of Type-Moon, but at the same time because she's in love with Shiki she tends to give in to what he says. At those times the man is the one put in a superior position. If it were truly even, Arcueid could use her superfluous power to send Shiki flying. Like "you two-timing bastard!" lol

>(interviewer says some stuff about arcueid who cares)

>Nasu: I'd want a truly powerful heroine to have the emotional specs to match. Rin and Saber and Arcueid aren't just dumb heroines. But, I can't say that the way the protagonists who only have emotional strength teach something to these perfect heroines doesn't look like a metaphor for how men win out in real society. If we're aiming for an even world, we shouldn't erase men like in K-On! or push the weakness of falling in love solely on the heroines, we should consider an equal relation.
>> No. 83308
Huh. So he's become aware of "Fate//Stay in the Kitchen."
>> No. 83330
File 137082627116.png - (687.63KB , 1280x720 , beautifulshiki.png )
>push the weakness of falling in love solely on the heroines

Jesus christ this cliche pisses me off. I hate how it seems like an obligation in every series for the male protagonist to have at least one recurring female character fall for him for no reason other than because he's the main character. It only comes off as a cheap shill by the author to show that he is a Wonderful And Desirable Noble/Cool Hero, not to mention it often dips into Gary Stu territory.

And it's so ingrained that we're continue to see this crap played dead straight to this day on shows like Tiger and Bunny. At least I think they also pointed out that Karina was just into older guys to begin with and that it was a case of puppy love so Kotetsu didn't come off as so speshul. Even though I can see why a lot of people don't like Shingeki no Kyojin I still have to commend it for having the balls to show that yes, the MC is a total idiot at times, and that Mikasa's clinginess to him a Bad Thing she must learn to outgrow rather than proof of his machismo. It speaks volumes about how hard it is for mainstream writers to move past this trope that even something as simple making the hero NOT a Chick Magnet feels fresh and revolutionary.

At any rate it's good that Nasu is aware of this issue since it's a common one that drags the majority of series that are female heavy or romance-centric down. Not to mention it articulates why a lot of attempts at "strong women" in Western media fail to be properly compelling.
>> No. 83333
That actually is an impressive thing for him to confront in his own stuff. Be interesting to see what sort of material he comes up with in the next few years.
>> No. 83340

Not having seen T&B yet, it was shilled to me as a gay superhero romance anime. There's a female love interest?
>> No. 83341

Not really. She likes him (high school girl crush), but he doesn't even acknowledge it.
>> No. 83342
File 137092228622.jpg - (25.99KB , 300x261 , 1315502246464.jpg )
>gay superhero romance anime
it's really not, even if the rabid shippers and promotional materials like to play it up as one

even within the series there's not a whole lot of stuff that really comes off as anything more than two friends who are concerned for each other going off the deep end, and what little stuff is actually shipper fodder is only mildly gay, aside from one or two odd lines (not that fangirls didn't still cry bloody murder and accuse Viz of a homophobic conspiracy for changing them to something a little less shippy)
>> No. 83368
I guess it depends. If it was meant to be gay and they covered it up, it's homophobic. If it wasn't and people read too far into it, then it's on the viewer.
>> No. 83373
The subtext was always there, enough so that the girl with the crush on Wild Tiger jokingly refers to Barnaby as "her rival," but it's really no worse than any bromance. Honestly, their bromance is probably less gay than, say, Turk & J.D. on Scrubs.
>> No. 83394
I don't think many of the changes were that gay to begin with. Most of them were just changing the catchall "partner"/"aibou" to the slightly more professional "teammate" which people got reeallly mad about. The biggest change I remember was one of Kotetsu's lines in the second last episode going from "Your eyelashes are really long" to "You're holding me too close". But the original was so out-of-place and even OOC that it just sounded dumb, like blatant fangirlbait being shoehorned in. It's not like the English one changed the meaning that much anyway. The point was he was holding him so close he could see his eyelashes.

There was also a brief shitstorm over one of Paolin's lines being changed from "I want people to notice me" to "I want boys to notice me". If the original line meant she was just a shrinking violet who wanted more attention, then yeah I could see why people got mad. That's an actual mistranslation. But most of the fury was from a bunch of SJW, on /a/ even, accusing Viz of "gay erasure" even though nothing in the series itself suggests she's a lesbian. One of the drama CDs made a few jokes about her having a girlcrush on Karina but they were still just jokes. In terms of other non-shipping /a/ wank some people decided Paolin was a transsexual/genderfuck/whatever because of her tomboyishness, but I don't think most people took them seriously. As well as a few posters who are seriously convinced that everyone in the show is LGBT and the show is a landmark of queer progressiveness. I wish I was joking but I've seen it reposted on Tumblr so I guess they really are just that delusional.
>> No. 83395
Tiger and Bunny is my favorite Type Moon series.
>> No. 83396
File 13711593185.jpg - (342.86KB , 864x1208 , Fate TB.jpg )
Mine too.
>> No. 83422
File 137134983067.jpg - (92.97KB , 1280x720 , 1336517836923.jpg )
Happy birthday and Father's Day to the best dad ever.
>> No. 83432
File 137149265653.jpg - (247.07KB , 728x1114 , h003reiex001_008[1].jpg )
>panel 3
Okay Prisma Ilya, I will grant, that is actually funny.

Maybe I should try reading it again, I was in a pretty sour mood the first time, and scans were a mess.
>> No. 83440
File 137150436365.jpg - (125.55KB , 1280x720 , Kirei Kotomine tries the punk lifestyle.jpg )
oh god, are those who I think they are?
also SILVER LINK a shit, the only series I'm even considering touching with a ten foot pole is Watamote
>> No. 83446
File 137153919367.jpg - (120.91KB , 891x1709 , 5rLWmE7.jpg )
>> No. 83453
File 137158582980.jpg - (46.03KB , 306x276 , 1340507488698.jpg )
>Lily not 3DS
>Lion not XBone
>> No. 83955
You know, long before Prisma Ilya was a thing, when Ruby was universally just called "the kaleidostick," I always figured it was a dirty old man (I'd obviously not read HA so I can't speak to how it was identified there). And then when I tried reading PI when that became a thing, I thought Sapphire was its lady counterpart.

Now the anime is out, and it turns out they're literally Kohaku and Hisui. Which I admit, might amuse me enough to keep me going. Also I feel like I should give PI another chance anyway since I was in a horrid mood when I first tried it.
>> No. 83973
File 137393366337.jpg - (15.30KB , 206x197 , 1373334004203.jpg )
>> No. 86099
News here, news there:
First of all, on Commie's Mahoyo patch:
>On somewhat related note, TL for the VN had been completed 100% for a while; I just don’t care to update the folder, which is linked to the status update on the website. I’m on my first cycle of TLC.
Will this be yet another thing to beat FHA to the finish line? Almost certainly!

And then there's this:
Checked it out via a JP proxy. Trailer's not really anything new except for a couple shots. Starts out with some Fate Zero stuff (with the trailer/summon song from FZ), then transitions into some FSN Vita footage, replete with EMIYA in the background. There's a little tiny bit of new stuff at the end. Still doesn't really explain if they're going to do a specific route or try for some completely insane combo.
>> No. 86174
Well the next TM Ace apparently has more solid info on the new FSN anime, but while we wait for that and everything, here's the trailer for Meteor's new.... thing.


I don't know.
>> No. 86414
Zvesda episode one was really fucking dumb.
>> No. 86483
I think Zvesda is okay, character designs aside.

It's got the lines "swear fealty to me and I'll share my snacks and the world with you" and "Lincoln had potential, but he was weak to bullets" if nothing else.

Also there was that comment Meteor made about robo butt that was kind of funny.
>> No. 86484
Wait what is this?
>> No. 86485
A series by Hoshizawara Meteo, late of Liarsoft and creator of Forest (http://vndb.org/v599). He was hired by Type Moon awhile ago after he quit Liarsoft because they forced him to do porn. He's the one in charge of Girl's Work, and the writer of Fire Girl, the book that launched alongside Apocrypha as part of TM Books.

World Conquest Zvesda Plan is this weird show airing this season with him as a screen writer. It's about a bunch of Russaboos trying to conquer the world while wearing dumb costumes.
>> No. 86487
>quit old company because they forced him to do porn
Wow, that's a first. Normally I hear the opposite.
>> No. 86540
I guess I'm starting to warm to Zvesda. It's nothing great, but it's getting a bit funnier and we MUST encourage new IP I suppose.

I'm still confused as to what the deal with the Russian codenames is though. They don't seem to just be random, both minions are just numbered members and the professor is "mind" so I'd assume that there's a reason for the others (well, VEHEPA might be just Kate's narcissism).

It's actually supposed to be a pretty common complaint for VN writers because of the way the Japanese PC market used to be (I'm given to understand that the growing base for regular games and non-porn VNs is changing this though).
>> No. 86685
Holy fuck Zvesda 3.

Also: the new Fate anime is going to have some kind of original content and HA is coming to the Vita.
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