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File 13317961749.jpg - (281.41KB , 1000x675 , 1182089036360.jpg )
72873 No. 72873
Gundam thread's auto-saging so-


If you want a place to dicuss anything about any one of your giant robot animes well here it is.
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>> No. 72877
I really want to get into classic mecha stuff... unfortunately, last time I checked, the English dub of the original Mazinger Z anime (TRANZOR ZEEEEEE!!!) is a) stupidly long and b) only has about half the episodes uploaded anyway, the Go Nagai manga has been scanlated, but the last volume is a mess and wadng through about four different stories all uploaded out of synch was not fun.

Great Mazinger and Grendizer have both had half their content uploaded, which is kinda weird.

I tried Gaiking, but the only episodes to be found are of that weird "remake". That's unfair, I did find the first two episodes on youtube, but that's it.

There is always ioffer.com of course, but the shipping's rather steep for a UK resident like myself...
>> No. 72878
Getter stuff is pretty widely available, so if you're looking to get into Uncle Go's stuff you can check that out too.
>> No. 72888
Is just a fan made cover, right?
>> No. 72889
File 13318394584.jpg - (372.03KB , 561x756 , 1275415215408.jpg )
It can be real, in your heart...
>> No. 72891
File 133184231270.jpg - (46.69KB , 640x480 , [mSubs]_Getter_Robo_-_12_[mSubs](h264)(C614AF90)_m.jpg )
I'm currently watching Getter Robo, and the Dinosaur Empire is more competent and devious than I thought. They always fall back on Mechasaurus shenanigans, but before that they always try to trick the humans into a bad position. In episode 20, they manage to blow up a city, with dozens of on-screen bystander deaths, before Getter Robo can even do anything. Not to mention successfully blowing up two satellites that Saotome wanted to send to space.

On a side note, Saotome is the manliest of the scientist-types.
>> No. 72901
File 133185252657.jpg - (46.28KB , 640x480 , [Caffin]_Getter_Robo_[640x480]_-_22_mkv_snapshot_0.jpg )
Getter Queen... lol.

>> No. 72902
File 133185273752.jpg - (49.85KB , 800x533 , t022.jpg )
>>Getter Queen
A useless feminine Getter, which has a cockpit so small it can only be piloted by a woman or child (actual words of mech's creator)
>> No. 72903
File 133185286430.jpg - (218.09KB , 700x700 , 1283819002798.jpg )
Now a TRUE Lady Getter.
>> No. 72904
File 133185294640.jpg - (136.85KB , 900x750 , 1283819087272.jpg )
source: Getter Robo Daikessen

Getter Robo Daikessenyoutube thumb
>> No. 72905
File 133185300175.jpg - (194.78KB , 600x750 , 1283819127201.jpg )
Heh, and if you want to see the pilots...

Getter Robo Daikessen! - 05 - …youtube thumb
>> No. 72906
The plans for it were stolen from Saotome's lab 5 years prior to the show, sooo... it's obsolete compared to Getter Robo. If it was meant for women pilots specificially, Prof. Saotome probably meant to make it for Michiru. Too bad the pilot didn't want to fight at all, so it didn't actually do anything. A little disappointing. That awesome tomahawk/lance would have been great animated.
>> No. 72907
File 13318536163.jpg - (25.79KB , 202x508 , minervax.jpg )
Lady bots have no luck in the old shows, they are either good and useless, piloted by the hero's girlfriend or something, or evil and get destroyed at the end of the episode they appear in.
>> No. 72908
File 133185373226.jpg - (48.26KB , 283x454 , ap_20090102022550730_jpg.jpg )
But my love for fair Minerva burns like a Breast Fire.
>> No. 72909
File 133185376339.jpg - (35.00KB , 480x640 , P2045548.jpg )
>> No. 72910
File 133185392268.jpg - (44.56KB , 720x320 , 4_ Great Mazinger Vs Getter Robo G - The Great Spa.jpg )
They're so useless, sometimes the main characters literally throw them away so they won't get in the way during battle.

>> No. 72913
Man, I still have a (copied/pirated) disc of that game.
It was pretty cool, but hard as fuck.

Well, they can't have worse luck than poor Musashi, the sacrificial lab of Getter Robo.
>> No. 72923
At least Musashi get to be a pilot who does stuff, even if he's not as respected as his comardes, and when he dies its in a manly kamikaze attack that kills a bunch of enemies (Especially in Neo vs Shin)
>> No. 72926
File 133189303622.jpg - (74.65KB , 640x480 , 1275409936184.jpg )
Actually I'm pretty sure the Boss Borot was more helpful in the fight against evil than all the ladybots combined.
>> No. 72936
File 133190483538.jpg - (276.16KB , 595x842 , buster number 7.jpg )
>> No. 72945
File 133191059157.jpg - (112.77KB , 634x900 , boss_borot_web.jpg )
Hah I finally did it, I found the fan animation trailer this concept art is related to, this is a blast from the past.

On that note I think I'll post some video links.

Ufo King Goldrake - il traileryoutube thumb
>> No. 72946
File 133191068426.jpg - (638.52KB , 1000x1302 , 1226105384007.jpg )
And now a little animated thing that isn't fan-created, but is pretty awesome.

go nagai robots mazingerz gr…youtube thumb
>> No. 72947
True there.
I think his only death that was not a sacrifice was on the Great Mazinger vs Getter Robo G ova.

Pretty much.
I think he even has a very powerful attack on SRW Z.
Super Robot Taisen Z - Boss Borot All Attacksyoutube thumb

Why would a mecha could need high heels?
>> No. 72949
File 133191276629.jpg - (128.42KB , 700x827 , Sexy_Robot.jpg )
I think you know why...
>> No. 72952
File 133191582318.png - (747.46KB , 1024x768 , 1181882269505.png )
I posted the image but I have to admit, I never have any idea what these less-exposed mazinger-styled mechs actually are in these pictures, or even which ones are official and which are fan created or otherwise unofficial.
>> No. 72956
The professor in that vid looks kinda like Ashens.
>> No. 72957
I'm not sure who the flying guy and the guy with a rifle are, but the stone dude is God Mazinger.
>> No. 72961
The flyer is Mazinkaizer. Not sure about the rest though. They look kinda like they may just be fan redesigns of the originals.
>> No. 72962
Err, I meant the weird-looking tubby flying UFO guy who is not Grendizer.
>> No. 72963
File 133195711922.gif - (37.14KB , 489x295 , Groizer X redesign plane.gif )
The flying guy in the picture is Mazinkaiser, the robot that has transformed into a giant plane in the video is Groizer X.
>> No. 72964
File 133195718837.gif - (40.34KB , 263x465 , Groizer X redesign.gif )
>> No. 72965
File 133195730268.jpg - (120.56KB , 1024x768 , groizer-x.jpg )
Have a picture of his actual robot form instead of a fan redesign
>> No. 72966
File 133195811437.jpg - (128.63KB , 492x700 , tumblr_kq5xpuSC2S1qzurbto1_500.jpg )
This looks like the one at the back.
>> No. 72969
And here's rifle dude.

>> No. 72983
Does anyone have a link to the srw manga in-which Jiron from Xabungle pilots the Boss Borot and because of the similar controls managed to kick ass with it?
>> No. 72985
Here ya go anon
>> No. 72995
File 13321317755.jpg - (242.72KB , 1580x2057 , EVA VS GUNDAM.jpg )
Any news on the incoming Eva movie?
>> No. 72996
I'd just like to know when, it's been fucking forever.
>> No. 72997
Next one is this fall, last one is some time next year.
>> No. 72998
File 133213833641.png - (240.05KB , 671x312 , superrobofiesta1knmb7.png )
>> No. 73148
File 133249788795.jpg - (22.80KB , 640x480 , Galactic Cyclone Bryger 19_mkv_snapshot_13_34_[201.jpg )
The best way to shoot a gun.

This show so far (up to ep 19) is a bit different from other old giant robot shows. There's more emphasis on character interaction, and the giant robot battles seem almost like a second thought. Some episodes barely have Bryger swatting down one or two fighter jets to fill its giant robot fight quota.
>> No. 73149
File 133249865161.jpg - (55.42KB , 640x480 , Galactic Cyclone Bryger 12_mkv_snapshot_20_18_[201.jpg )
I don't know if it's common enough to be considered a "mecha cliche", but I find it hilarious when Bryger busts through walls, peeping at people.
>> No. 73150
File 133249870366.jpg - (44.18KB , 640x480 , Galactic Cyclone Bryger 16_mkv_snapshot_20_40_[201.jpg )
One more.
>> No. 73195
File 133267993048.jpg - (143.00KB , 1920x1080 , [Kagura] Top o Nerae! GunBuster - Kaette Kita Kaga.jpg )
Are the Gunbuster blu rays simple upscales? They look amazing to my untrained eyes.

pic unrelated, new science lessons
>> No. 73207
>> No. 73367
File 133345065333.jpg - (427.48KB , 1950x700 , 1330720814496.jpg )
Anyone looking forward to the new SRWZ game?
>> No. 73385

Only way I could look forward to it more would be if they added G Gundam so that the ULTIMATE HOT BLOOD TEAM could be assembled.
>> No. 73432
Currently playing through Z2-1. Chirico is appropriately amazing.
>> No. 74696
File 133672913740.png - (431.98KB , 600x800 , 1275794131992.png )
>> No. 75006
Chirico is freakin awesome.
>> No. 75058
File 133801727866.jpg - (70.92KB , 640x480 , tumblr_m385emOgl21rrytkpo1_1280.jpg )
So I'm watching through Gundam Zeta for the first time and HOLY SHIT THESE TITAN GUYS ARE MAXIMUM DOUCHEBAGS! Just right out the gate! Goddamn they're like schoolyard bullies to Bright Noa for no goddamn reason. He's on your team, guys! What the fuck?

Also Char's outfit is so hilariously 80s I love it.
>> No. 75092
Zeta gundam like all of tomino's shit was garbage. The only reason to watch it is Amuro and Char.
>> No. 75093
>all of tomino's shit was garbage

Somebody's never read Crossbone Gundam
>> No. 75097
Or watched King Gainer.
>> No. 75100

Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta seem fine so far. Far more entertaining than SEED at least (which was my only experience with the Gundam Universe proper before hand, as Wing and G Gundam were kind of their own things).
>> No. 75103
what, SEED is its own thing too
>> No. 75104
Yeah, Turn A was the last Gundam work Tomino directed.
>> No. 75105
Yeah, like >>75103 said, SEED is its own universe. In a lot of ways it was sort of like a remake of the original though.
>> No. 75106

Oh... I apologize. I thought it was in the same universe due to the uniforms and some of the other visual similarities.
>> No. 75107
The Cosmic Era is horrible, thats all that needs to be said of it
>> No. 75108
The only good thing that came out of the Cosmic Era was Lowe and the Astray Red Frame. Beam spam is boring, ridiculous battleship-sized katana is not.
>> No. 75109
Lol, don't fucking speak for me. King Gainer is just as shitty 0079 and Zeta.
>> No. 75115
File 133818790947.gif - (1.95MB , 225x156 , It's Not Jackie Chan.gif )
Yeah, I haven't read much of Astray, but I've been told that it's was better than SEED and SEED Destiny.

And about both of those, SEED began good, but but after the first half of the series it went down right to mediocrity.
And SEED Destiny is one of the few series that I can say I HATE AND DESPISE WITH A BURNING RAGE.
>> No. 75116
File 133818828717.gif - (454.76KB , 160x120 , tomino.gif )
I never said King Gainer sucks.
At contrary, is one of the best series Tomino has done, along with Xabungle other series I can't remember right now.
>> No. 75234
File 133857904183.png - (376.33KB , 640x480 , ZetaGundam-SLAP44.png )

There is a LOT of slapping in Zeta Gundam
>> No. 75264
Gundam Zeta's subtitle should be "Kamille is a palm magnet"
>> No. 75707
I'm thinking of buying the 2006 DVD set of Votoms. Anyone have any experience with that?
>> No. 75709
Yeah the Titans are huge asshole but that what makes it so much fun kicking their ass in Super Robot Wars.(and others)
Oh you think your the baddest boys around Titans? Well suck on my GETTER BEEEEEEEAM!
>> No. 75712
That never gets old.
>> No. 75723
So how about that YUREKA SEVEN EYYY YO show guys?
Do you like it so far or not? Pretty fucking detached from the plot and feel of the first E7 if you ask me.
>> No. 75725
I've only just watched episode one. Based on that, it's got a lot of the feel of Eureka Seven, but it definitely feels like a totally separate story. I'd even say it was an AU if it weren't so very hard to look at Ao without saying "That guy's Eureka and Renton's kid."
>> No. 75738
I've only watched the first seven episodes so far, but I like it well enough. It's not as awesome as the original, but I like that it's doing it's own thing.
>> No. 75870
File 134004838763.jpg - (190.47KB , 1280x960 , rl Gundam Statue.jpg )
>> No. 75872
Mobile Suits are teeny tiny in comparison to skyscrapers...
>> No. 75877
File 134005858895.jpg - (441.02KB , 1629x705 , 1181946919622.jpg )
They are meant to be at least somwhat semi-plausible afterall, if you squint and don't know any science.

Have a size chart
>> No. 75878
File 13400587169.jpg - (96.17KB , 529x1002 , 1337770884045.jpg )
Infavt I might as well post ALL the size charts
>> No. 75879
File 134005879538.jpg - (489.71KB , 1270x1230 , 1331462092246.jpg )
>> No. 75880
File 134005887355.jpg - (543.75KB , 1270x990 , 1331653005639.jpg )
Can't talk. Getting HUGE.
>> No. 75881
What the fuck is that 500 meter tall one?
>> No. 75882
Smalltime next to the SDF-1 Macross

Or more helpfully, Bokurano...its story kind of reminds me of Madoka in a slight fashion... but more dark and depressing.
>> No. 75889
The anime/manga is Bokurano, but the mech's name is actually Zearth.
>> No. 75890
Spectreman Openingyoutube thumb
>> No. 75892
File 134009587327.jpg - (123.54KB , 500x275 , tengentoppagurrenlagann_2.jpg )
>> No. 75893
File 134009836473.jpg - (683.08KB , 1530x1100 , getteremperor.jpg )
It's been done earlier than that.
>> No. 75910
Yeah, but I didn't have a picture handy for that. That size chart does need to be updated to include extreme sizes though.
>> No. 75911
File 134014386844.png - (17.67KB , 640x480 , ultra cosmic size chart.png )
Sure, here you go
>> No. 76479
File 134142662796.jpg - (106.04KB , 960x720 , 1341426471963.jpg )
>>ZZ is watching you hump a chair
>> No. 76484
File 134143974421.jpg - (177.57KB , 700x962 , Zeta_Plus__A1_by_sandrum.jpg )
Sentinel needs to get adapted into an anime, just so we can get more of this magnificent fucker.
>> No. 76618
I like how this intro of the Ghost in the Shell PS1 game Ghost In The Shell - Intro PSOneyoutube thumb
sums up what most pepole (like me) finds "cool" about anime.
Its like a AMV before youtube.
I watch it on a demo disc back in the day. (and got a 2D "thing" out if it...)
>> No. 76727
>Gundam Zeta
God, I regret watching that show.

They had such potential for something absolutely amazing what with the dynamic between Haman Khan, Scirocco and Char, but then they kept focusing the show on "Kamille does nothing and whines like a jackass a lot". The character who is supposed to be Kamille's primary antagonist keeps popping up only to be totally inconsequential, nobody on the entire White Base 2 knows what the hell they're doing at any point, the only remotely competent pilots are Char, possibly Emma some of the time, and Amuro (who manages to be both interesting and jaw-droppingly awesome for his fifteen minutes of screentime god why can't this show be about Amuro), the entire plot is just a Lensman Arms Race that goes pretty much fucking nowhere, NOTHING important is established or explained (the anti-beam coating on the Shiki, the design of the experimental NewType models, the thing Kamille installed to make Zeta work better), and they pointlessly recycled the Kamille Falls In Love With Four plot three fucking times in a row, always to the same completely unsatisfying conclusion.

And people call this THE BEST GUNDAM SERIES OF ALL. What.
>> No. 76728

I am now to the part in the series where Four died and Camille threw a gimp Jerrid off a cliff.

It's definitely not as good as the original it follows. There are constant references to the original ("The AUG is like the White Base" and "Boy that Kamille reminds me of Amuro") that seem like it's riding its coat tails rather than fan service references. The plot meanders around, and Jerrid is a poor substitute for Char (particularly given that we have the ACTUAL Char running around in Sunglasses, but he does make for a hilarious Team Rocket style villain). I do find it interesting that you think Amuro was good in it, as he's been kind of a whiny bitch who makes Kamille look better since he joined up with the heroes. Still, despite being really flawed, I still look forward to seeing the next episode. It manages to keep my interest, and I do enjoy how 80s it is at times.
>> No. 76830
Honestly, Zeta dropped the ball when the writing reluctantly stuck to following Kamille. Instead of just going straight to The Adventures of Char Aznable and his awesome 80s hair and coolshades and BRIGHT GOLD HYAKU SHIKI.

It says something when the final battle of the series is Char in a three-way v Haman and Scirocco, instead of focusing on the supposed protagonist. And it's possibly the most enjoyable episode.

Well...besides Kamille's introduction. "THAT kid looks like a BOY"
>> No. 76970
File 134315727836.png - (261.01KB , 500x375 , tumblr_lxdtbuxk2V1r3fstc.png )
>Fucking Katz

Oh my god, kill this kid please

Kamile's "MUDERER! MURDERER! MURDERERRRR!" scene was pretty hilarious, though. I wish I had a gif of that.
>> No. 76972
The scene I always remember from Zeta (and also a friend of mine who watched it with me) is in one of the later episodes, near the end, when Kamille meets Four v3.0 and she goes crazy in a colony full of gas. Kamille, Whatsherface and Fa walk into a store, and then Fa suddenly starts ranting at NotFour....while bouncing a yoyo up and down as a freaky clown dummy behind her extends its neck upwards in the most disturbingly hilarious manner. And then this is NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN.

I felt like...the first time I saw that, I felt as if David Lynch had just walked into the middle of the scene and punched me in the brain and left.
>> No. 76975
Your wish is granted
>> No. 76978
File 134319174172.jpg - (742.56KB , 3500x1000 , 1194711678357.jpg )
>> No. 77003
Do you know what would be great? If there was a website that was nothing but a giant robot size chart, except all the robots were vectored so it's infinitely scalable, so you can zoom in and out as much as you want. And you can add robots as new anime are produced.
>> No. 77149
File 134378243275.gif - (0.98MB , 500x360 , alien warrior babes are not the best mothers.gif )
Oh yeah, Marcross was a fun watch.
>> No. 77153
Good lord, that show. The QUALITY animations. The entirety of the Milia/Max wedding episode.

I swear, the whole episode is "surely the art can't get worse than THAT?" I haven't laughed so hard in years.
>> No. 77159
Okay, I know robots whether real or Super don't exactly care about physics, but these legs are getting ridiculously longer than the rest of the body. Like they would snap in half if they actually walked for extended lengths.
>> No. 77162
Forget the QUALITY, their "romance" itself is ridiculous.

Max: Hey I'ma beat you in a valk? ok
Millia: ffff
Max: Hey I'ma beat you in a vidya gaem? ok
Millia: ffff
Max: Hey I'ma beat you in a knife fight? ok
Millia: ffffuck me silly!
>> No. 77171

It's simultaneously depressing and hilarious that what is arguably the most important plot point of the entire franchise had to be stuffed into a single episode at high speed because the writers couldn't make time for it. It's like with all the Hikaru-mopes-about-Minmay scenes they forgot to fit in Max's subplot.
>> No. 77195
Overall, Macross had a very strange pacing. Not necessarily bad, just weird. During the third (fourth?) act when the Zentraedi and humans are trying to co-exist, I was thinking "Hey... this denouement is really long. How many more episodes are left? Woah nelly!"
>> No. 77198
The pacing is all over the place because, IIRC, they were planning a forty-something-episode show, got given twenty because BUDGET CUTS, and then earned an extra ten episodes later on due to holy shit guys this is good shit.

I'm a little depresses they spent far too much of their screentime budget on Hikaru's love triangle, though. As nice as the drama is, it just isn't interesting enough to be the ENTIRE show.
>> No. 77203
File 134405818899.jpg - (464.87KB , 1024x768 , SAM_0194.jpg )
I'm gonna put this on a black hat.
>> No. 77302
The black hat I bought is too small... or this patch is too big.

Need to buy a bigger black hat.
>> No. 77386
GUNDAM STYLE ! M/V (Gangnam Style Parody)youtube thumb
>> No. 77387
Nice. Now recreate it with actual Gundam cosplayers.
>> No. 77821
「コン・バトラーVの…youtube thumb
>> No. 78097
File 134760503680.png - (434.43KB , 788x1097 , 1347604009946.png )
>> No. 80026
File 135480488442.png - (577.38KB , 700x539 , 1277219326350.png )
>> No. 81107
File 135940245529.jpg - (465.55KB , 1024x768 , Alpha3.jpg )
Mecha bamp!
>> No. 81376
File 13601626369.png - (167.22KB , 673x2289 , 1269131232279.png )
>> No. 81540
Is it just me, or have there been relatively few mecha series in the last three or so years? Or at least ones that have actually been popular.
>> No. 81543
File 136106794854.jpg - (25.42KB , 321x276 , gundamfans.jpg )
Mazinkaiser SKL, the last few Break Blade movies, Star Driver, Aquarion EVOL, Eureka AO... I don't know how you rate popularity though, mecha series tend not be popular in the general anime fandom anyway.

In 2013 alone, we're getting Majestic Prince, Gargantia and Valvrave. Urobuchi is on the Gargantia staff, so I expect that to be popular.

Does anyone have the rest of this picture? Last I saw it had several different mecha fandoms raging about different things.
>> No. 81544
Tiger & Bunny was very vaguely mecha?
>> No. 81545
Gyrozetter, Danball Senki, Gundam AGE and Gundam Unicorn too. Not to mention "remaster" of Gundam SEED.

Plenty of mecha, just very few good ones.
>> No. 81546
I remembered or looked up most of those but Aquarion, Break Blade, and Gyrozetter.

> I don't know how you rate popularity though, mecha series tend not be popular in the general anime fandom anyway.

I guess just because I hadn't heard much about them (good or bad) compared to a lot of mecha series from '07-'09, but now that I think of it that was almost entirely just three show (Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, and Gundam 00). I guess that much of one genre being "the thing" almost concurrently is more of a peak than the last couple years being a slump.
>> No. 81854
File 136502457768.jpg - (263.25KB , 800x1096 , 1245621037390.jpg )
>> No. 86292
File 138892286762.jpg - (73.33KB , 442x656 , 1274454994535.jpg )
Is there any good mecha shows currently?
>> No. 86294
Kind of hard to answer that since we're in between seasons at the moment.

The mecha shows in the next batch are Nobunaga the Fool and Buddy Complex. I plan to give them a try, although their premises don't really stand out.
>> No. 86363
Buddy Complex: Sunrise Mecha Anime; Revenge of the Cliches. The characters are piss boring and the time travel plot seems similar to Terminator, but I'll give it two more episodes.

Nobunaga the Fool: Modern-Kawamori-style anime of haphazardly putting together disparate elements (Nobunaga, feudal Japan, Jean D'arc, feudal Europe, space opera, mecha) and trying to see what sticks.

Kawamori and the director, Hidekazu Sato, previously worked on Basquash. If that show's any indication, Nobunaga will start off with an interesting premise and peter out halfway. Hopefully they learned from their previous mistakes. Some scenes made me think of Escaflowne, which is a good thing.
>> No. 86379
Z-2 makes me want to see a lot more new series show up in SRW just so they can do dumb shit with dumb shit. Like, Star Driver for example. Just take out Takuto, the only truly great part of that show, and have him run around with, I dunno, Lelouch.
>> No. 86384
If you want funny dumb shit, then we need Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo. Every interaction between Lelouche and Leopard would be Jun Fukuyama trying to out-ham himself.
>> No. 86387
Oh man I forgot about Soaring Cake Girl. I think Leopard is the only reason anyone watched that show (I don't think I saw more than 3-4 episodes).
>> No. 86390
Pretty much only four reasons why I watched it:

1) Sexy quadraped mechs
2) Leopard
3) Baked bro-tato
4) Sentient space colonies fighting each other with city-sized chainsaws, whips and energy cannons
>> No. 86420
第3次スーパーロボッ…youtube thumb

I do believe this is the first time we've see Votoms and Full Metal Panic on a console, which is nice.
>> No. 86421
You don't count handheld console SRWs?
And Votoms has had a bunch of non-SRW/crossover games of its own, while FMP has been in other crossover games not counting its SRW appearances.
>> No. 86422
Yea, I was just talking about home console SRW games.
>> No. 86693
File 139091649849.jpg - (252.66KB , 810x1123 , MADOX01.jpg )
>> No. 86723
File 139099878665.jpg - (94.03KB , 689x600 , 1341357626639.jpg )
>> No. 86801
>> No. 86806
>> No. 86811
File 139121977331.jpg - (67.89KB , 1280x720 , [sage] Gundam Build Fighters - 16 [720p][10bit][F4.jpg )

>> No. 86812
Too bad actual G Gundam stuff seems to get jobbed horribly.
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