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I submit to you that this is the standard for a truly great Japanese series. In this thread, you will suggest series that are as good as, if not better than this.

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Speaking of classical music I can't believe how massive Giant Robo's OST is. Apparently all great anime music comes from the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra.

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  Looks like the old thread is gone.

New Parallel Works is out and as a whole I'm liking it a lot better than the last batch.

Up first: My XXX Is The Best In The Universe

(don't actually know what the order should be, like it matters)

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File: 127682014866.png-(262.86KB, 512x288, vlcsnap-2010-05-27-22h20m08s130.png)

File: 127682017623.png-(241.86KB, 512x288, vlcsnap-2010-05-27-22h20m31s99.png)


I think it's because Kittan Zero is actually relevant to the actual plot of GL and has enough action relevant to show how it's done.

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Kuroshitsuji/Monoshitsuji thread.

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Shota, It' s a wonderful thing? Also welcome to the 21st century. Deprivation is key to survival

File: 127678547759.gif-(439.02KB, 384x216, 126863391842.gif)

Sex imagery? My word.

Yeah, I watched/read the whole thing and there were definitely times when I was going "Should... should I really be looking at this?" Nothing kills my lady-boner faster than shota/loli, but I liked the supporting characters and the FUCK YOU, WE'LL HAVE CHAINSAWS IN VICTORIAN ENGLAND IF WE WANT.

Dat scene. Goddammit Japan. That is not okay.

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Never seen Laverne & Shirley?

I'm tellin' ya.

Not in the past 15 years, no.

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So after much poking and prodding, my friend finally convinced me to sit down and watch this series. It's... actually pretty good.

Sekirei thread?

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Meh, I'm pretty much just trolling. I've never played the virtual novel, or a virtual novel, and I never plan to.

>virtual novel

You don't belong on this board. Go play with your action-figure dolls or whatever.

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I'm pretty sure the kanji here translates to "Haters Gonna Hate."

So more or less, Kubo is the greatest troll ever, I mean, we still haven't been told why the series is called 'Bleach' in the first place. What's up with that?

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File: 12769150187.png-(541.82KB, 831x1668, MISSED_BLEACH_RECENTLY__by_ZeeKayArt.png)

File: 12775869944.gif-(1.00MB, 256x192, bleach_funny.gif)

So talking about the Hougyoku and the fact it let the desires/wishes of those near it to be granted don't you feel that it was also the cause of the quick death of the espadas? I mean SS side wanted to destroy the enemy at all cost, sacrificing themselves if necessary but on the case of the espadas they didn't have any real motivation than "we do it cuz Aizen told us", also Aizen said he was testing it but how could he? then oh all my espadas were defeated except for #3 but since I have seen enough I don't need her anymore.

So any thoughts about it?


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  So how about dem evangelions eh

How are the new movies? I've been really wanting to see them.

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Eva is a piece of shit wrapped in a ton of issues. The Japanese psyche latched right onto those issues because the whole fucking country was basically going through depression on a nation-wide scale.

They still sort of are but it isn’t as bad as their second fall from grace they had in the 90s, or as I think they called it the Lost Decade, a seemingly destined economic and technological dominance of the world in the mid 80s crashing and burning into a deflation they still haven’t fully recovered from and a lot of sleazy business deals that would make banks and housing department of America blush.


Yeah they're still sorta feeling shitty but nothing compared with how they were back when Eva was released.

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What does /jam/ think of Yasuhiro Imagawa (director of Bartender, G Gundam, Giant Robo, Tetsujin 28th, Shin Mazinger)?

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G Gundam is god tier.


Shinichirō Watanabe and Kazuyoshi Katayama

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Does anyone know what show this comes from? It looks oddly familiar and I'm pretty sure it's not a hentai just one of those mindfuck type shows. Thanks

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>In a second statement regarding Nymphet, DeAngelis explained some of the reasoning behind the decision to cancel the series. He stated that, "my primary reason for canceling Nymphet is due to my recent realization that later volumes in the series can not be considered appropriate for the US market by any reasonable standard." He also cited the fact that, "[the vendors] began dropping their orders left and right, so their opinion on this matter became pretty clear cut." Specifically, DeAngelis stated that, during his re-review of later Kodomo no Jikan anthologies, he discovered content that he regarded as highly unsuitable for publication. The pages cited were of a scene of the main characters, Rin Kokonoe and Daisuke Aoki, stuck in a room with freezing temperatures. The two embrace in an effort to stay warm by sharing body heat, and, in the process, Rin inadvertently rubs against Aoki's crotch, causing him to get an erection.

What I want to know is, how the fuck did he think reading volume 1 it'd be a good idea? He didn't get the hint then?

The first couple of issues, a reader could be forgiven for thinking it was going to be a creepily honest look at a young girl's coming of age. As opposed to the softcore porn series it became.

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This was seriously the best site to get scanlations from. What are we going to do now that it's not hosting / linking scanlations anymore? What other websites are there that even come close to mangahelpers?

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As these groups cropped up to pick up the slack of others, so too will more groups come forth.

All this will do is cause a potential slowdown in our scanlation reading.

As someone who buys those big volumes of his favorite manga whenever he gets the chance I feel not guilt or shame or impatience. "Those who wait" and all that.

I'll be amazed if the companies actually do anything except posture. Even if they do start shutting stuff down, though, it won't solve anything. Within days, there'll be new distribution networks set up, and within a month, it'll be like nothing ever happened. We've seen this happen over and over again.

ITT leechfags whining

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Has anyone seen the Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind OVA that came out with the game? It was alright but honestly I expected something more stylized coming from Studio4C

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It was really boring

File: 127648613110.jpg-(19.04KB, 548x313, untitled.jpg)
Yes and it's VERY inferior.

Same VAs from the game.

Also apparently they're also making a series out of this.

Looks pretty meh. It's like they're trying to make it as realistic seeming as possible, which is retarded when you have an ultimate bad guy that looks like this.

The only interesting part was Viper because shes new and hasn't been done to death.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

  Here's the completely different OVA that's gonna come with the Special Edition of the game.

It's by the guy who did Afro Samurai and its about Juri so I'm already sold.

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Miley, you just made my night.

File: 127642946021.jpg-(70.35KB, 720x479, suwa.jpg)

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Light is just some asshole that's been coasting through his entire life on easy street. He doesn't know what it is to truly struggle and lacks compassion for people because he rationalizes superiority over them. People only like faggots like this if they're so out of touch with the world they don't see the value of life. Like this guy.

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This is exactly the case. He stated specifically that he stretched it just so he could have his 108 chapters. WHO CARES ABOUT PACING IF YOU HAVE A NUMEROLOGY REFERENCE?

What's the significance of 108?

...feel like I'm going to feel stupid when it's pointed out to me. :\


when in doubt, tv tropes.

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Post random pages out of manga, laugh and grow fat.

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I accidentally read it from left to right, but it actually made just as much sense that way.

File: 127609104551.jpg-(336.96KB, 828x1200, maybe_i_zuk_ya_dik_1.jpg)
>>44051 it does!
Also, more from the same manga: pt.1

File: 127609108268.jpg-(307.00KB, 815x1200, maybe_i_zuk_ya_dik_2.jpg)
Pt. 2

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