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How does /jam/ feel about Oh My Goddess?

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How should I feel about it? The only other time I heard of it I followed my gut feeling and ignored the series' existence.

I quite enjoy the vast amount of hentai that's available, but I've never really taken the time to watch the show.

I've seen a grand total of 4 AMG doujins. All of them were boring NTR stuff. I don't know where people keep finding these giant repositories of porn.

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Furry yuri.

>implying that counts as furry

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Oh well phooey, they took it down.

Oh well, anyone who didn't get to see it was a trailer or teaser for a Harlock movie or something

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It turns out that this series is hilarious and I should have watched it sooner.

Koihime Musou thread.

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So they intentionally turned the Romance of the Three Kingdoms into another bad erotica. Is this some kind of elaborate troll on the Chinese?

File: 127781266211.jpg-(563.93KB, 848x2274, 1277547714279.jpg)
The game? Yes and no. Sometimes it's stupid, sometimes it's awesome. Pretty meh overall though.

The anime? It's... a different beast. Pic related

It's one of Kentaro Miura's favorite series apparently.

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anyone know anything about this?

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same characters different universe

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So hey those Drawfag threads on /a/ are getting pretty crazy.

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File: 127743842517.jpg-(253.84KB, 720x699, 1 (205).jpg)
Incidentally, the threads are always headed with archive rars, that's what I'm posting from. Quality varies and and a small amount of the stuff is actually old drawfag material rather than what's made for the threads right now (nothing that I've posted is old though).

File: 127748668233.jpg-(245.59KB, 694x742, 1 (179).jpg)

File: 127760422087.jpg-(14.64KB, 176x182, beatoface.jpg)


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Hell yes Gash Bell.

My very favorite "mon"-type mango.

How did /jam/ like it?

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I mean, his powers are cool, but he's not all that much of a character, is he? He actually sort of reminds me of a Final Fantasy end boss: shows up out of nowhere wanting to return everything to nothingness for some vaguely-defined reason, more powerful than anything else so far, has a barrage of "true ultimate forms" ending in a big demonic thingamabob straight out of H.R. Giger's nightmares.

File: 127743978696.gif-(34.25KB, 420x300, Chapter242C.gif)
Also, Elly, who may be the most adorable character in any mango.

Isn't it interesting how... open this series ended? We've got Gash trying to meet Kiyomaro again, even though there doesn't seem to be a way back to the human world; not even Faudo works anymore. He's also debating whether or not to actually end the battles, having realized how much good comes from them in addition to the bad, and it's arguable whether he'd be able to at all, given that the battles come from a power even higher than the king.

It looks to me that if Raiku wanted to do a sequel, he's well-equipped to do so.

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File: 127741577219.jpg-(8.45KB, 94x108, cockparty.jpg)
>Since when does THAT part of the area have hair on it?

Good to know.

What gets harder the more "H" it gets?

A pencil

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Just finished this. Can we have a Gun x Sword thread?

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File: 127738673534.png-(512.65KB, 853x480, DRAMA.png)

I'll be in my bomb shelter.

I swear, some of those screencaps make the anime really tempting, but I'm fairly sure if I tried to watch a 50 hour JRPG crammed into 8 episodes I'd just come out pissed off. Is it worth it?


Can't really help you there, since that was from an omake...

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ITT: Axis Powers Hetalia.

Because it's the World fucking Cup and that means fanart is being produced in droves. Fuck yeah.

Also seriously where the fuck are my raw/subs for the fucking movie!?

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File: 127736378592.jpg-(690.84KB, 1000x548, 1277316283531.jpg)
Also beating Algeria today has me in such a HUGE "AMERICA-- FUCK YEAH!" mood. It's awesome.

File: 127736385979.jpg-(305.08KB, 826x1169, 1276261699174.jpg)

File: 127736423142.jpg-(533.79KB, 600x1443, ladybird_by_Blue_Fox.jpg)
Ladybirds, man.

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If anyone here has been watching Tatami Galaxy, how do you like it so far?

I've found it's very... interesting method of storytelling satisfies my massive litfag needs

I like it. The dialogue is pretty fast-paced, but it's a very interesting series and the art style is great. It makes me wish there more slice-of-life-ish anime series about college.
Also dat op

Dat Akashi-san. I love Maaya Sakamoto as her, her voice matches the character so well. Also, FUCK YEAR Ozu. Troll of the year, all years.

Just watched the first episode of this.

This is great! Probably never would've heard of it if it weren't for you guys either.

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ITT, post your anime/manga collection.

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When Simon warped space and time to punch Rossiu, it was a great moment. He had it coming, I just wish he had actually been mech-punched.

File: 127700621863.jpg-(866.75KB, 2000x3008, DSC_00112.jpg)
I dont buy anime. Picture is also missing some stuff I can't fit in there. Mainly a large three volume compilation of that one .Hack manga and more 20th century boys.

File: 127703167896.gif-(61.39KB, 367x164, Guts Approves.gif)

hide File: 127363199727.jpg-(100.37KB, 640x480, 1269148583316.jpg)
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The North American manga publisher Tokyopop will be touring the U.S. this summer to promote the company and film a reality show called "America's Greatest Otaku," in which Tokyopop CEO Stu Levy, Associate Producer Daisuke Kinouchi, and six interns will "search America for the #1 otaku."

Does it get any better than this?

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But why would you-

Are these people incapable of feeling shame or something? Because I am getting a serious case of second-hand embarrassment just watching this shit.

File: 127693360372.jpg-(66.17KB, 512x288, zapp naked.jpg)
Hit it, but never tell anyone about it.

>Ramen & Pocky
>Traditional Japanese food

hide File: 127684165548.gif-(1.99MB, 512x288, 1276392299465.gif)
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Go back.....

Fun fact: he was good in Tamers.

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