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Fate/zero vs Fate/stay night

Which one is more epic in your opinion?

A: Pretty sure we've already got a Nasu thread brosef.

B: Depends on what you mean by "epic." If you're talking about how over the top and crazy the fights get, obviously Fate Zero wins with its Great Old Ones and F-14 vs Sumerian Airship battles. If you're talking about emotional impact, it's Fate Stay Night that wins outs. Pretty much everyone in Fate Zero is too horrible to invest much emotional interest in for my part. It's cool to get into Kiritsugu's head though.

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I love artistic translations!

The sad thing is, I think I know where this is from.

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Yasuhiro Takeda has just tweeted that Satoshi Kon has, in fact, passed away. This has also been confirmed by Madhouse with whom he was working on Dream Machine with. The cause of death seems to be cancer. He was only 47 years old.

You probably know him by Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers, Perfect Blue, or Paranoia Agent.

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The answer of course is You, youth can't save you from death.

Stan Lee is immortal and Morgan Freeman is god.

Miyazaki probably plans to have his corpse turned into fertilizer or some fruity environmental thing like that, so he's really the only option.

Stan Lee, like most of his career, is only immortal because he stole it from Jack Kirby.

And if he wasn't so damn charismatic and kind, I'd hate him, but he's taken on that old wonderful man quality. So I love him regardless.

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The old thread has long since slid off page 9 I think, so here's a new one.

As with the old thread, both doujins and regular hentai manga are allowed.

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Nice. Fem dom then true love. also timetravel.

The sequel, freshly translated

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How the hell did this guy make it to High school, let alone graduate?

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How did Hiruma manage to not get gunned down in an alleyway?


Well, for one thing, guns are a lot harder to come by in Japan.


He's got bigger guns

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>This year's 39th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine is announcing on Wednesday that Ken Akamatsu's Love Hina romantic comedy manga is returning with a one-shot manga story in the next issue on September 1. The memorial revival special will have six full-color pages and feature the characters Keitarō and Naru. The same 40th issue of the magazine will also run the 300th installment of Akamatsu's Negima! Magister Negi Magi manga and offer an exclusive Negima t-shirt.

>Love Hina ran in the same magazine from 1998 to 2001, and Tokyopop published its 14 volumes in North America. Del Rey published the 27th Negima manga volume in July.

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Calling it right now, Keitaro and Naru miraculously have a child.

File: 128318778114.jpg-(71.51KB, 480x640, 1283058223761.jpg)
There are scans.

hide File: 128298042810.jpg-(179.79KB, 749x870, black god BD vol 3 back.jpg)
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Today, in "The Japanese Company Wrote This Themselves and Forced You to Use It, Didn't They?"

>There is a fact unknown to most people in this world known as the Doppleliner System.
>But the bond carried a price that neither Kuro or Keita was truly aware.
>With mysteries to be answered, Kuro and Keita head to Okinawa to find answers.

hide File: 128123658753.jpg-(177.94KB, 1669x1200, 1281237088528.jpg)
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Can we just have a thread for awesome fanart?

Wakamoto related.

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Obviously, it's his blue hair.

File: 12828510011.jpg-(815.01KB, 1700x1174, 100_fan_slap_by_p3ncilpusher.jpg)

File: 128293774479.jpg-(815.75KB, 1000x979, 11867567.jpg)

hide File: 128285722256.jpg-(121.94KB, 650x405, angel_beats.jpg)
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How did you guys feel about this show?

Was great when it was about shooting guys on rocket chairs into the ceiling. Everything that came after that? Not so much.

File: 12828671848.gif-(236.77KB, 180x240, huzzah.gif)
Ah sir you're indeed awesome!

Yui was my guilty pleasure. Annoying pixie chick with devil accessories instead of cat ones this time but I thought she was especially funny from time to time her and that blue haired guy she kept trolling. He was a bro.

I don't know, as it hasn't come out on R1 DVD yet.

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The US military is to use manga-style comics to teach Japanese children about the two countries' security alliance.

Four comics featuring a Japanese girl and a visiting US boy will be posted online, each exploring how US and Japanese troops work together.

A US spokesman said they were intended as a light-hearted explanation of the history of the alliance.

The comics, marking 50 years of the security pact, come amid strained ties over US bases in Okinawa.

The first Japanese-language manga comic, entitled Our Alliance - A Lasting Partnership, will be posted online on Wednesday.

In it the young girl, Arai Anzu - which sounds like alliance when pronounced by a Japanese person - asks the boy, Usa-kun - a play on USA - why he is protecting her house.

"Because we have an alliance," he says. "We are 'Important Friends'."

"It's good to have a friend you can rely on to go with you," the little girl concludes.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I see what you did there. And I approve.

File: 128272097142.jpg-(123.79KB, 420x375, ArmoeSoldier.jpg)


hide File: 128283915517.jpg-(50.26KB, 854x480, uraboku-01-23.jpg)
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Why does it seem that shows with:

1. Bishounen character designs, or BL themes, AND
2. No mecha.

Always have horrible sakuga? I think it's because female anime fans and fujoshi just aren't as big "animation nerds" as otaku are.

Alternately, show me a counter-example of a pretty boy-bait show that actually has high quality sakuga. And that means not just well-drawn still frames, but stuff that actually looks good and dynamic in motion.

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I don't know what that means

Key animation.

>Honestly, I think it's because of the low budget most shows have
I agree; it would be shorter to list shows that don't have mediocre key animation.
It also seems that when something is made to appeal to a preexisting market segment, the creators half-ass it more often than not. "They're just here to see pretty boys/gory murders/special effects/sex scenes/their favorite characters, they'll buy any old crap with that in it." Examples usually include video games based on movies, movies based on video games, tie-in novels based on TV series or games, etc. And I guess they must be right often enough to avoid losing loads of money all the time.

hide File: 126959207834.jpg-(127.21KB, 750x1108, 63 soul eater.jpg)
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Nice tits, Black Star.

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I must correct DudeWithMoney.
Not that he missed much,except with the Clown who may very well be the final boss of the series.(Skip links if you don't want to check them)
When the Dutchman was gathering souls to free Ashura,To free him for 'That persons' sake-
The one who invites people into insanity, 'The Clown-
Not an entity, but a psychomagnetheric manifestation of insanity on a global scale-
Everyone has madness and he is born of that madness, he has no body,he is the madness of the world and all people in that world.Witches,Ashura all Kishin and everyone Else's madness is what he is.He is the existence that surpasses Ashura, Insanity Incarnate-
The outbreak has started, This is not a battle to eliminate enemy's.It a war of attrition, the longer the battle rage's, the more terror spreads, the greater his strength is!His birth changed things, his existence is proof of how much madness exists in the world.Their fear will drown them, their anger will burn them and their insanity will corrupt them from the inside out.
That is what the Clown is, he give's a whole new meaning to mind break, here's some fanfic fuel for you-
Clown/Maka-"Don't worry Soul, it's just Masturbation"


Noooot entirely certain what you're correcting me on here.

I might be in the minority, but I like the way Giricco went out. I wouldn't have bought it if Soul and Maka had killed him; they've progressed in skill but not that much. But he's such a waste-case, so undisciplined, that blowing up (literally) at the finish line is exactly the sort of thing he'd do.
I really doubt he's dead, though.

hide File: 128276772272.jpg-(154.16KB, 1170x850, britney spears, fanart by 桂森 由弥.jpg)
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>Otaku culture is becoming more mainstream all around the world, including in North America

I'd be inclined to believe you if that weren’t a Japanese magazine.

But...Britney Spears!

hide File: 128250958664.jpg-(333.75KB, 640x918, Save my bag, Superman!.jpg)
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File: 128255344712.jpg-(217.39KB, 596x670, superman loevs mochi.jpg)
These are so cool! The melange of cultural references and even religious icons is amazing. It's like pop art.

I think The Seat Monopolizer is my favorite but I love the Superman ones, too. They reminded me of this advertisement.

File: 128260174421.png-(118.57KB, 252x216, Picture 9.png)
Way to be an ass, Asshii.

They definitely do what an ad's supposed to: they make you do a double-take and think "What the hell?" Particularly the one with Jesus and the pile of umbrellas.

hide File: 128256221131.jpg-(107.10KB, 469x1060, 127849716885.jpg)
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>durr, weaboos are a bunch of fat pasty nerds who cant get laid.

You see that half naked Asian girl? YOUR BOY FUCKED HER! Skeeted all up on her face. True story.

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Dear person reporting this thread:

Stop being a faggot.

Wait, what?

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