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  AMV thread!

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What are you talking about? The Buu saga was after the Saiyaman saga and had even worse powerlevel jerkery once it gets past the admittedly fun tournament part.

Not to mention all the poor writing that was forced on toriyama just so Goku would be the hero to save the day and beat the bad guy.

The epilogue was pretty good though.

I mean since it went back to the silliness and goofiness

  Obligatory. I cannot pimp this anime enough. This AMV is what convinced me to watch a series about magical ballerinas. Kinda spoiler-tastic, but it's all so out of context it probably doesn't matter.

Oh my jesus that was so cute. :3

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> Just finished LoGH
> My Face when Oberstein.

Seriously, my head is full of fuck.

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Mecklinger : Epic moustache

You know I actually thought Mecklinger was going to die, like Joseph Stalin eventually did. His character design just always looked too silly for me to take seriously.

He looked strange overall, like Freddy Mercury with a Hamlet-era haircut.

Kempf was a given, because of the scene with his son.

But I never saw Fahrenheit biting it because he was one of the pretty ones aside from Kircheis.

hide File: 128223739697.jpg-(1.35MB, 2000x1357, 1281835110942.jpg)
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So I finally got around to watching this.


So yeah, Black Lagoon general.

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I don't think that's helping him any...

Yeah, I'm fucking around, I'll probably buy it at some point.

But of all the anime series there are Black Lagoon actually lends itself to Live action Hollywood movie the most. Makes a hell of a lot more sense than making a live action Bleach movie.( Which they are doing btw)

hide File: 126093830968.jpg-(223.16KB, 1456x1098, yankee_kun_094_095.jpg)
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So... why am I just now finding out about this series?

It's pre-death Yusuke Urameshiā€ˇ befriending the entire cast of Azumanga Daioh rolled into a single character.

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File: 128227817395.jpg-(288.56KB, 1400x1096, k060_061.jpg)

File: 128231984932.jpg-(102.12KB, 661x370, who_da_man.jpg)
Best translation or BEST translation?


... They just wanted to protect Anna ; -;

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Any Nana to Kaoru fans on /jam/?

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Looks like a new issue's out.

...And yet nothing happens. DAAAAAAAMN!

>implying Taichi bathing isn't something notable


I wouldn't say that exactly; everything I hoped would happen did happen. That is to say, the air of misunderstanding was cleared.

So, it was fine.

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  post some funny commercials

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File: 128078516936.gif-(1.40MB, 193x135, BERT.gif)

That's some crazy magical gum.


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Please tell me someone else loves Milk Chan

I know people hate it but it makes me crack up.

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File: 128213742591.jpg-(52.16KB, 400x400, 1000627_ADFDMC002DD_A_400.jpg)
Opinions and all that jazz.
I've read reviews which say the same, but I've also read reviews which say the opposite. Luckily all three audio tracks including the sub come with the DVD which I'm ordering so I'll get the best of both worlds.

>Luckily all three audio tracks including the sub come with the DVD

Sweet! Then I have no reservations about buying it.

For those of you who cant find it on you tube
it's on Netflix
instant views
Milk Chan ftw

hide File: 128201354734.jpg-(61.41KB, 860x953, mitsudomoe - ep 7 yoshioka moe.jpg)
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File: 128215253117.jpg-(18.45KB, 480x360, 128011168593.jpg)
Why are big eyebrows considered moe~ anyway? So hideous.


Appearently its considered cute for some things. When Ratchet and Clank was localized to Japan, he was given big eyebrows too.

File: 128215715965.jpg-(52.72KB, 800x529, LeanBack.jpg)
>those R&C boxarts...

hide File: 126321632238.jpg-(75.29KB, 750x1077, 06.jpg)
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The other thread was gettin huge, so here's a new one.

It's official: Gildarts is the coolest mofo of them all. I wish he had been there to bend Luxus over his knee.
Also not every dragon disappeared. Take from that what you will.

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File: 12821711637.jpg-(111.52KB, 564x560, Deal_With_It.jpg)
I had to do it.


hide File: 127434574443.jpg-(28.27KB, 444x413, Noir_group.jpg)
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Any fans here?

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I've been rewatching the series again, so I think those of you who haven't seen it, or who maybe watched a few episodes then gave up on it, should give it another chance. Here's the entire series, subtitled and streaming online:

I've been told it goes kind of slow, but I personally enjoy the "filler" episodes because they're still interesting in and of themselves. Just give it a shot. Pun intended. :)

File: 128170216579.jpg-(346.36KB, 1024x768, Noir_cast.jpg)
Well, I finished Noir today. I took a break from it for a while, then decided to resume a little while back. This was about my fifth or sixth time watching the series. I wouldn't say it's the best show ever, but I do like it and it would rank pretty high on my list of favorites. If anyone out there wants to give it a chance, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

I only seen a few episodes of the anime, but I do like the soundtrack. Especially the opening, it's like a hybrid of opera, classical music remixed into a modern music genre I can't remember.

hide File: 128165151516.jpg-(14.50KB, 400x313, kaiji.jpg)
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Fukumoto general
Akagi, Kaiji, Ten, etc

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Which one, Kaiji or Akagi?
Akagi is confusing since nobody knows the rules of Mahjong (although this isn't nearly as bad or detrimental as it sounds), Akagi is a cocky prodigy.

Kaiji has random, slightly over the top games but he's the sort of guy who's destined to hit rock bottom and crawl his way back.

Both are quite introspective and tense as fuck.

File: 128182829928.jpg-(30.97KB, 160x227, i48083.jpg)
Is anyone out there still translating Zero?

File: 128194411449.jpg-(93.99KB, 600x527, 1262081977188.jpg)
It's on hiatus... a cliffhanger hiatus.

hide File: 127977816254.gif-(17.50KB, 567x494, 1279771394825.gif)
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This was over in /a/ and I thought it'd be kinda fun for us. I was listening to the Protomen and... well, /a/ actually helped me out.

>Hope Rides Alone.
>...Crazy strength so long as I am the last man standing? I have no idea.
>Would be a cool one, but easily defeated. Incredible strength, speed, etc. the less people are around.

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It takes the shape of a fat biker lesbian...though I'm not sure anyone gets or knows that part of the song.

Allows user to create a portal leading to an alternate dimension that is nothing but a giant beach and ocean. Any amount of people can pass through this portal. If they are in the beach world when the portal is closed, they are trapped until the user lets them out or is killed.

>Fat Bottom Girls
>fat biker lesbian

I thought it was about overweight prostitutes and "get on your bikes and ride" was just a reference to "Bicycle Race" (which itself reference "Fat Bottom Girls") and the cover of the album they were both from. Where did you get biker lesbians?

>The Battle of Evermore - Led Zeppelin
Summons one army of 13,000 men (though not all at once) and another of 80,000 orcs, 9 Ringwraiths, some trolls, etc.
>You and your opponent(s) are each given one army (you choose which).

hide File: 127480552434.jpg-(159.03KB, 973x1400, hanjuku_joshi-001.jpg)
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This board need more yuri!
Like Hanjuku Joshi!
Its made of DA'WWW and WIN!
And sorry if I miss the NSFW tag on one of the 151 pics...

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Doropanda Tours, Strawberry Shake Sweet, and the stuff done by Zaou Taishi & Eiki Eiki.

No.48003 is a goldmine of yuri.


Close enough.

hide File: 128164105946.jpg-(253.07KB, 1136x1400, Take_on_Me_1_-_001.jpg)
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The hentai recommendation thread appears to have fallen off the board again, so here's a new one.

Pic related, GO READ THAT SHIT.

Are you sure it's entirely off the board? 'Cause I looked it up a day or so ago to find something to download...

hide File: 127851947725.png-(445.17KB, 614x461, Panty Stocking 3.png)
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So hey remember that thing awhile back where Gainax just outright admitted they were out of their fucking minds? Do you want more of that? Of course you do.

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File: 128158065623.jpg-(74.81KB, 400x376, painting what.jpg)
. . .Is it just me, or does everything Gainax makes have this weird way of growing on you over time?

File: 128158413313.jpg-(46.63KB, 300x385, nadia.jpg)

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