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Ya know what Black Rock Shooter reminds me of? Scott Pilgrim.

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The show sounds ass, but this is hilarious.

No, though that's a bonus.

Other than that, this looks awesome.

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I liked the manga for kawaii school girl better than the anime.

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it's the tale of a girl that is cute, but for some reason isn't well accepted, but has a tight knit group of friends, and they have humorous adventures.

Sounds like it has great potential!
I'll import the whole series!

File: 128037947972.png-(21.34KB, 621x548, sdomg.png)
I prefer my 80s mangas over this new stuff.

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  Is there a name for these kinds of videos?

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This video just isn't working for me.

I remember for awhile I thought [MAD] was the nickname of whoever made the videos. "Damn, this group puts out a lot of material!"

I just call them Daily Doses

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  All right, ladies and gentlemen, it's time.

I'm tired of all this flippity floppity, PROFESSIONALLY MADE anime.

It's time to get our hands dirty and go underground.

Underground, you'll find the REAL MOTHERFUCKING SHIT, yo.

You feel me?

Let's watch.

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"My body is ready."

I've given this serious thought (no, really). I'm thinking sharklike mermaids, scaly, glassy-eyed and rough-looking but attractive; at least until they smile and expose an assload of daggery teeth. They are intelligent and xenophobic, and have been attacking the WWII subs that move through their territory. At some point a few get captured, meet the Strike Witches, and some of them decide they'd love to be fitted out with some magical technology. Will they use it for good, evil, or just their own barbaric devices? (Note: I only watched a bit of SW, so I have no idea if this fits into that world or what.)


Onomatopoeia of a cat's meow.

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What does /jam/ think of Rance?

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Oh, that must be what I was thinking of, then.

Carry on.

Mad lady-boners for Spider all around.

File: 128021338733.png-(4.25KB, 64x64, 1280213646888.png)
Hey guys, mind if I pop in?

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  Soulja Boy's new song, Anime.

Yes, Anime.

He made a song named Anime.

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I'm pretty sure he's only watched Dragon Ball, Cowboy Bebop, and Case Closed.

So at least he has good taste.

>Good taste
but if that were true this song wouldn't exist.


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Continued from >>39008

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File: 128009270090.jpg-(188.80KB, 800x700, 9605986.jpg)

File: 128009274298.jpg-(155.99KB, 600x763, 11948791.jpg)
...and I'm spent.

Aaaaand, there's autosage.

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You will never get this song out of your head.

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Also if you remove her halo she gets explosive diarrhea.

File: 127987021482.jpg-(165.91KB, 600x811, weebaloo.jpg)

I like this.
Especially since the new teaser vid for Alice: Madness Returns came out, and I've been on a Wonderland bent.

hide File: 127984793642.jpg-(227.05KB, 1488x816, 1279841110995.jpg)
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Blah blah nobody but myself and maybe Dagda give a shit BUT I'M REPOSTING THE INFO ANYWAY:

Official rundown of new Servants to date. All of these have been confirmed, no more guessing or rumors.

Red Saber: Emperor Nero Claudius (genderswapped and moe as heck for your pleasure)
NP: Aestus Domus Aurea (Golden House of Heat (that weird ass sword), Rosa Ikthus, Scatter the Floral Forces)
Master: MC, male/female

Classic Archer: Counter Guardian EMIYA
NP: Same as F/SN, includes UBW
Master: MC, male/female

Kitsune Caster: Tamamo-no-Mae (died in Nasu province even in the ancient legend you know, see what they did thar)
NP: Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu Yanoshi Suishi
Master: MC, male/female
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Adventure awaits on the high seas.

You'd have to put up with Shinji.

Oh god it's everything I hoped for and more.

The powerlevel bullshit must have skyrocketed with Arc being in there though.

hide File: 127965979269.jpg-(19.24KB, 275x275, planetes.jpg)
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I have been out of the loop for a while, so has anything come out recently, animu or mango-wise, that has the same level of writing as Planetes, Monster, or Makoto Shinkai films?

I've heard Pluto is pretty great so I should probably try that out, right?

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The thing was: The Atom story was a story about Atom. It was a story about Atom coming to grips with the idea of "being the strongest" and coming to terms about how war doesn't solve anything and being the strongest isn't important.

Pluto isn't a story about Atom. Atom is a character in it. But he's not the pivotal character. It's a story about a futuristic world where robots are trying to fight for their own rights as individuals. If it were just a direct port of the entire story it'd have just been a wankfest of Tetsuwa Atom. But it wasn't. It was basically taking the world of Atom and making it shockingly realistic, pointing out just how deep the story of a cartoon robot was.

The only way it's more serious is that instead of having the 8 strongest robots be random side-characters who're killed off. They actually explore their backgrounds and motivations. If you consider exploring the depth and consequences of the world around Atom as he goes through his adventures "needlessly grimdark" then maybe you should consider not thinking too hard about any story you read for fear of the rather terrible subtext a lot of stories have, even with a bright face. It's dark, yes, but it's not grim. There's plenty of hope and happiness in the book, it's just hard to attain is all.

And what the hell are you talking about "Atom doesn't smile"? He smiles plenty in Pluto.

Gankutsuo was awesome, but it wasn't a good adaptation. Once you get past the fact that it's not Monte Cristo, it gets good.

No offense to Rodyle, but it looks like he was expecting a faithful adaptation and he really shouldn't have expected that at all. It's fucking GONZO.

It's the best thing that GONZO has ever done, but I'm sure that's not really saying much when you realize that it's GONZO.

Besides, it could have been something like the Starship Troopers anime, and that would have been WORSE.


>greatest novel of all time

Yeah, no. It's a great novel, but nowhere even close to the greatest. You seem to be edging a bit on fanboyism here, so I'll just back off.

No 20th Century Boys? Thread, I am disappoint

It's also by Urasawa. You know what, just go and read everything by Urasawa. He's done quite a few series. 20CB also has a movie trilogy, which is cool. I haven't seen it, but I hear good things.

hide File: 127752971853.jpg-(41.05KB, 640x480, gene30.jpg)
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I'm feeling nostalgic /jam/sters! Can I call you /jam/sters?

What are some good 90's anime?

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File: 127969971651.jpg-(79.38KB, 444x700, DPF4.jpg)


File: 127970266055.jpg-(253.54KB, 530x793, Ushio to Tora.jpg)
All those pics of huge hair reminded me of this

hide File: 12794222899.jpg-(129.42KB, 1280x800, 1268116301282.jpg)
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How does /jam/ feel about Spice and Wolf?

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So loot her corpse after you've killed her.

you are all imagining krugman slash mankiw

I am a pretty big fan of the anime, and I've been meaning to read the light novels.

hide File: 127890566888.jpg-(581.61KB, 2270x1600, Pluto - color spread.jpg)
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ITT: Colored manga pages you liked (by that I mean which were colored in the actual publication, not fan colorings or anything).

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File: 127923147515.jpg-(2.47MB, 2028x3046, SJ2000-01_inside01.jpg)

How about the entire Marvel colouring of Akira

File: 127966167385.jpg-(471.36KB, 2067x1486, Akira_4_p001-p002.jpg)
idk about that but I would pay so much money if Otomo colored the entire manga like he did the first few pages of each volume

hide File: 127959807932.jpg-(121.10KB, 840x480, ME1.jpg)
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I love murderous computers with beautiful holographic personifications.

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...Oh, I guess we're not doing a Boom-De-Yada thread.

...That's good, that's a really difficult rhyme scheme that's set up.

File: 127963514539.png-(326.20KB, 1280x1024, 9d122d4e39cef1d5b4675a67d2f35c173f38d002.png)
U don't liek Miku?

File: 127966006059.gif-(51.77KB, 320x240, 41186-25487.gif)
You're all going to die down here!

hide File: 127951283185.jpg-(170.33KB, 920x1144, nb_pinacoteca_kramskoy_portrait_of_the_philosopher.jpg)
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Is it just me, or is this the same melody as an anime, like Clannad or something, or Touhou song:

I can't quite place it, and it's haunting me.

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