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Any idea when we're supposed to be seeing more of this series? I've heard the artist stopped due to an injury or something.

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In the original Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider V3's sole motivation for becoming a cyborg was to avenge his family, who had been killed by a Monster of the Week, and he seldom thought about anything else. It's a trope that's been used in subsequent Rider shows, with Accel from Kamen Rider W being the most recent.

Of course, these characters usually mellow out, mature, and move on from their grief as the series goes on, but at the start, their only characterisation is MUST GET REVENGE!! which Katsuhisa is obviously lampshading here.

That does give a bit more detail, though I gathered the general picture of things. It was mostly that he let all those people get killed anyway just so he'd have something to avenge, and even had that little speech like he'd had nothing to do with it. 'Twas rather freaky.

Though if you were referring to my saying I'd missed something, I was talking about Junk's remark.

>>49032 >>49037
Okay I got tired of waiting for my question to get answered, so I got off my butt and employed some basic Google-fu. Gawd.

Junk, the only similarity she has to your character is the stitches. Everything else, I don't see a resemblance.

Now, whether you were serious about the webcomic thing, I still don't know. So if you do in fact have one, point me in its direction 'cause I'd like to see.

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Yotsuba needs her own thread. She's a big girl already.

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Man, why would you even say that if you didn't want us to talk about it? I'm not even a troll and I want to start talking about Yotsuba x Yanda now.

File: 12842361352.jpg-(202.52KB, 900x675, 445eb0dcc9371767f71013940535f856.jpg)
I ship Yotsubox x Yanda.

That's disgu--

--oh, you meant the cardboard box. Carry on.

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I can't remember the last time we had one of these on /jam/, so why the hell not?

Japanese, Dub, whatever, just specify in your post.

Dub: With a keen eye for detail, one truth prevails.

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File: 128404934266.jpg-(66.63KB, 720x544, Isamu.jpg)
Every year that guy waits to see what Christmas decorations I put out and then finds a way to top it. I string lights, he strings better lights. I put out Frosty, he puts out an elf village. I put out Dracula, he does nothing and I look like a jackass!

File: 128416027596.jpg-(30.72KB, 640x480, Suikotsu43.jpg)

File: 128416209470.jpg-(51.81KB, 322x460, Koga8.jpg)
Oh Guile, that color is YOU!

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Read this book; then you will realize that trying to make "intellectual" or "intelligent" anime is a misguided idea since the very medium of television prevents it from being conducive to rational thought.

Anime and television are only effective as entertainment. To try to bring them into other realms of intellectual thought and social commentary is actually dangerous, since they will drive out other mediums which actually can support real thought, like literature and public debate.

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Eh, whatever. I'm gonna go read a book about a wizard that rides zombie t-rexes now.

Sometimes we forget that people of all time periods will use any media available for porn, gossip, and stupid humor. Today that medium is TV, movies, and music, but it used to be text. Being written down does not make a topic holy.

So, Twilight, for example, is intellectual and haute culture because it's... a book?

This line of reasoning does not seem sound to me.

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/jam/ needs a Negima thread

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Dynamis confirmed for best antagonist.

I just find it amusing that not even he seems to be able to stand Tsukiyomi.

File: 128411993659.jpg-(579.20KB, 704x1272, e1_06.jpg)
Ha ha oh wow.

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So as of the new chapter, Isshin has taken Ichigo to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train, since apparently time is physical enough to be 'dense', and they'll be there for an hour, the equivalent of three months. That's leaving Gin and Aizen alone for about an hour, which should give them just about enough time to menace a mailbox in Bleach time.

Meanwhile, Tatsuki and one half of Those Two Guys are reminding us that they exist, except everyone else in the world seems to be asleep at the same time.

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EVIL OVERLORD RULE 34! Do not turn into a snake! It never helps!

He.....sorta looks like a 90's Spawn villain.

File: 128400079285.jpg-(24.56KB, 200x200, Second.jpg)

hide File: 127889761777.jpg-(124.33KB, 680x1024, 1278876857091.jpg)
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ITT: Great anime cosplay

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Any chance of judging and being judged is like catnip to catty bitches.

File: 128373106894.png-(251.48KB, 504x504, 49348-422.png)
Right now it's basically Livejournal.
There's no cosplay on the front page, only lolita, birth control, tampon, acne, pregnancy and dildo threads. Seriously.

I actually go to /cgl/ everyday just for the immense shit-fits that erupt hourly.

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Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer got finally picked up again!! And god damn, so many manly tears in the last chapter.

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NOOOOO! I don't want it to be over!
But it was the best possible ending, so I'm happy.

File: 128372868390.jpg-(205.54KB, 817x1200, [otakami]Hoshi_no_Samidare_ch_65_40.jpg)
I didn't cry, but damn was my heart hurting so bad at this.

hide File: 128117731741.gif-(112.83KB, 265x375, Not So Above it All.gif)
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Does /jam/ like The World God Only Knows?

Well anyway, new capture target seems to be a mad scientist type. Should be interesting.

File: 128120863582.jpg-(52.49KB, 427x548, 1281201145086.jpg)
It's pretty funny. Cautiously optimistic for the anime. One of those really rare cases where the protagonist is already interesting on his own.
Also, Mom is the best girl.

File: 128121197991.jpg-(48.41KB, 411x489, 1266938304467.jpg)

Keima is.

This Robot storyline gets weirder and weirder.

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What does /jam/ think of Bakuman?

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It certainly has its slow points, but it's easily one of my favorite manga currently.

Guys, uh...Can someone confirm that it wasn't just me who was giggling like a little girl all the way through 99?

File: 128355631292.jpg-(28.70KB, 300x387, Doctor Hal - OOH! OOH! MR. KOTTER!.jpg)

hide File: 126774509780.jpg-(228.68KB, 700x872, 1267696949228.jpg)
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The other one has maxed out so carry on here

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File: 128334285468.jpg-(463.90KB, 885x1400, sbr_v17_090.jpg)

I didn't have the chance to thank you for this links before.
And I need to get me updated with SBR. Since One Manga closed, I've been pretty disconected from it.

File: 128344820697.jpg-(63.14KB, 300x300, 1190571401710.jpg)
Speaking of links, a kind person created an Araki Collection mediafire. Much easier to use than megaupload!
Isn't it so awesome?! Also, Jojo Project seems to have a new editor, so releases SHOULD be faster!

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Hello folks

Recently finished Canaan and was kinda wondering what the **** was the point? What were all these organizations trying to achieve? Everything just got weird around episode 5

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Oh yeah my bad then. I didn't like the character designs too much but the animation is indeed good like you said. Even Canaan had good animation here and there.

Yeah I guess so adapation decay

Don't get me wrong I've seen all of them.

Takeuchi's best designs are monsters as a general rule. I love Nero Chaos and Wallachia from Tsukihime and Melty Blood.

Wasn't aimed at you.

hide File: 128332086657.jpg-(246.21KB, 1456x1098, swot.jpg)
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Have you ever tried to work on some important errand or duty, only to be interrupted and delayed by some thoughtless person who doesn't get that you're busy, and wished that you could just punch the motherfucker in the face and get back to work?

SWOT is that feeling made into a Shonen series.

Basically, an obsessive study freak goes to the school of his dreams to work towards towards getting into university, only to find out too late that the school is now a shithole where every other student is a violent thug straight out of 'Shonen Bad Guys cliche list', all aiming to be the strongest fighter in school. Naturally they turn on our hero, who wastes no time in kicking everyone's ass, aided by a delinquent girl who wants to be a teacher.

It's early days, but I'm quite enjoying this series so far. The fight scenes are great, the plot is nicely over the top, and I love the main character. It's a refreshing change to see a hero whose reason for fighting isn't love or justice (mostly) but because everyone around him is a complete asshat who deserves to be punched.

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Yeah, but while Chromartie focused on turning everyone into a good comedy group this seems to have absorbed the joke it tried to make and become another school brawler. I'm also not sure I like how he changed the characters after the one shot. They're all a little more bland than their first incarnation, not to mention more drama prone.

File: 128339751235.jpg-(144.36KB, 728x1097, img1283414935.6857_pos43.jpg)
hey thats rare a stundere male character

hide File: 128321669262.jpg-(35.83KB, 600x575, george.jpg)
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I submit to you: the greatest character in the history of eastern animation.

...or at least the most amusing thing to come out of the current anime season.

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That's not Kintaro Oe.



hide File: 12826233111.jpg-(79.85KB, 676x1079, Akira 37 52.jpg)
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So, while poking around some ol' issues of Epic's translation of Akira, I came across this tribute which filled the back pages of the last two issues. I found it interesting enough to bring to your attention, and on account of it basically being fanart by Americans of something /jam/ related I decided to post it here.


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Japanese people that actually look Japanese?



As opposed to looking like cartoon characters? Also have you ever actually seen Katsushiro Otomo's art?


I have, it's just...interesting to see the faces of Yamagata and Kai in such a realistic style that still manages to look like them. (Although Kai without his anime hair looks a bit odd. At least we still have his polo shirts and shortness for identification).

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