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Posts requests for content here, because the first /r/ thread is about to reach critical mass.

If some mod could sticky this, that'd be great.

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Found this:
It does have medical kink in it, but if you can get over that, it's pretty good. The writing isn't the best though.

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/coq/ is a board for gay content relating to WESTERN fandoms.

Now, “western” is a difficult word to define when it comes to things like this, so basically, use your best judgment if you’re honest-to-god not sure if something is “Western” or not. I honestly don’t really care as long as people are having a good time in whatever thread they’re in.

So, here are some rules.
1.) Posts relating to anime, manga, J-RPGs, etc. are not allowed. Go to /y/ for that stuff.
2.) If you just want to know if content for something exists, or only have 1 or 2 images, use the /r/ thread.
3.) Shota, furry, and any other controversial fetish content should be NSFW’d and appropriately marked.
4.) If you don’t like a particular thread, hide it instead of causing unnecessary shit, or risk being banned.

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>>55242 = last thread.

Let's show this board how gay Homestuck can get!

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I just ran out of pages. I mean, I'm up to date with this crazy amazing thing and I can't believe there's no more. You've kinda ruined me guys. Because of these threads I kinda imprinted on Sollux/Karkat as my trolltastic OTP.

Also, why is there no delicious Double Penetration occurring yet, given how popular the fanon of Sollux double-endowment seems to be? I call more talented drawfags/writefags to please get on it, please please please? before I am obligued to subject you to my own dithering attempts.

P.S. I love you all so fucking much I kinda hate you. Sorry about that.


Are you implying you could be our...

kismesis? :o

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Dead Threads: >>55006 >>49265 >>47743 >>46639 >>45916 >>45069 >>44414 >>43727 >>42807 >>41900 >>41426 >>40879 >>40156

Tessa's DA:
Character Q&A:
LJ Comm:
Kink Meme:
Current PChat (if it's working):

How to IRC like a Hannafag:
1. go to
2. namefag
3. ???

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It's TIME to fap!

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So is it Ples Day or what?



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the game, Mrs. Hudson, is on.

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Thank you for the lovely reccomendation, but it appears I've already read that fic!

... about five times.
and bookmarked it.
But the effort is wonderfully appreciated! Now, I'm off to read this again.

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>>58107 Not at all.

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>>2729 Old thread autosaged.

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Oh wow, I adore this. Is that Chris Sprouse's work? It really looks like it is.

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Last thread: >>49759

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You're welcome!

I just finished watching Toy Story & TS2. There is some sort of thing going on between Woody/Bo/Buzz at the beginning of TS2, and you can't convince me otherwise.

BP: "You're cute when you care."
W (flustered and slightly whiny/sheepish): "Bo, not in front of Buzz."
BP: "Eh, let him look."*leans in for kiss, only to be distracted by her sheep calling for her*

BP: "This is for Woody, when you find him" *kisses BL on the cheek*
BL (obviously flustered): "Alright, but, but I don't think it'll mean the same coming from me."

I'm gonna see TS3 again at the cheap theater this weekend, with my slash relationship goggles firmly on. And then there will be porn; delicious, scrumptious writefag porn.

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Fufilling Request with Spy vs Spy Content

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File: 128508774939.jpg-(62.88KB, 588x700, Say my name.jpg)
This Pic was made from this fanfiction

File: 128529816651.jpg-(70.74KB, 600x700, Yes give it to me!.jpg)

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keep the awesomeness going!

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Sadly there's no fisting. There's a prompt, but it hasn't been answered.


I've seen fic where Tony gets fisted, but not Steve. Want!


Tony fisting? I need this in my Bank.

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last post

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File: 128527372245.png-(651.56KB, 800x480, damn son..png)

File: 128528550347.jpg-(86.39KB, 617x500, EamesxArthur001.jpg)

File: 128528564182.jpg-(54.87KB, 617x404, EamesxArthur002.jpg)

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Oh that Wallace.


File: 12852856051.jpg-(124.75KB, 738x743, wallacestephen_by_021.jpg)

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Do it, /coq/. Do it for me.

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Hnnghghhhh Cody. Good work /coq/

If you did write that I'd be thrilled to read it. And I agree, some Dan would be awesome, I love that dumb bastard.


Well, you'll be pleased to know I jumped right on and got started. I'll probably be dropping more bits of this into the thread through the course of the evening if I don't get drunk/distracted.


Cody lies on his side at one end of the cell, propping himself up on the elbow of his good arm and breathes, as slowly and quietly as he can. His head low, his jaw hangs as he eyes the half a dozen men at the other end of the cell. Sitting on the floor, some of them leaning against the wall, they look straight back at him. Between them, a standoff is taking place.

These guys, they’re nobodies, they shouldn’t be a problem for him. But one of them caught Cody by surprise and shanked him in the back of his right shoulder before the rest of them jumped him. Cody’s been successful in fending them off so far but while the wound is far from a fatal one, now, the blood loss has exhausted him, and that’s what they’ve been waiting for.

And Cody knows what they want.

His clothes and the floor, and the wall he’s been slumped against for the last ten minutes, are soaked and smeared with his blood, but if they think Cody’s going to give himself up this easily, they’ve got another thing coming. Cody huffs, and glares at the men at the other side of the cell. They don’t react. They just keep watching him.

Every now and then they glance at each other, as if wondering between them if they can take him yet. It’s almost like a long, slow, drawn out chess game as everyone reasons each move, and occasionally repositions himself. Cody’s keeping a very close eye on the dark-haired guy who’s just shifted a little less than a metre towards him. They’re getting ready to have another go, he knows it, but they won’t risk it without all six of them coming at him together.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

As he twists with the pain, Cody feels the weight of someone straddling him, sitting on his stomach. They grab his jaw and turn him to face them, and Cody writhes as they force their mouth against his. It takes a moment for him to react, biting the guy’s lower lip as hard as he can and not letting go. He’s not going down without a fight, they’ll have to kill him first.

Someone shouts a warning before their boot contacts harshly with Cody’s cheek. The blow knocks what’s left of his sense out of him; his vision blurs, suddenly everything sounds muffled as though he’s underwater. He can make out the sound of mocking laughter and tastes blood in his mouth, although whether it’s his, the guy whose lip he just bit or a mixture of both he can’t tell. His head spins. His body won’t do what he wants it to, either because of the people holding him down or his rapidly diminishing consciousness. But he’s still not willing to give in.

He can feel hands all over him, on his arms, his chest, his legs, creeping towards his inner thigh. The moment someone releases his arm to pull at his clothes he swings clumsily at the person he can still feel sat on him and hits something soft, probably their belly. He’s immediately grabbed and pinned down again but the man straddling him sounds winded. He wheezes something about teaching Cody a lesson and moments later he’s kicked in the face again, harder this time.

Blood fills Cody’s mouth. He splutters, coughing it up, but nearly chokes on it when he gasps as his trousers are torn off. He tries to turn, to reach, but between the guy sat on his stomach and the numerous hands holding him still, he can’t. It doesn’t stop him from resisting. At least, until someone takes off Cody’s underwear and, laughing, stamps on his balls.

Cody winces, the pain making his stomach lurch. He wants to throw up. Suddenly it sounds as though everyone is laughing as that hard shoe sole grinds into his crotch. He grits his teeth, his back fighting to arch against the weight on his belly until someone hits him in the head with something hard, and his muscles instantly go limp.

The others, seeing their opportunity at Cody’s weaknes
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Old one here >>42360

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(Who is it?)

File: 128526974947.gif-(143.73KB, 229x325, hahawhat.gif)
If Superman were a pretty petunia, he'd obviously be bright pink.

(I think it's Dick, but I'm not sure)

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sexy threesomes with bea/max/other beetles/??? are also very acceptable.

last thread:

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>Something with birthdays?

>Sex toys.

Two for one! Booster just kept pulling out more props. Also, sorry this took me so long - happy belated birthday, idiosyn!

* * *

Ted hadn’t wanted to be reminded about his birthday. Booster had woken him up at 6 am with a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday,” followed by 45 birthday punches, “and one to grow on.”

Ted hadn’t wanted any presents. Booster had gotten him Geritol, Polident, a pack of adult diapers, and a square of sod, “so you can put kids on it, and then yell at them to get off.”

Most of all, Ted hadn’t wanted a fuss made. Booster had shown up at the office with balloons, taken out a full-page ad in the Daily Planet wishing him a happy birthday (Clark hadn’t warned Ted. Clark was on Ted’s list.) and thrown him a surprise party, which Ted had to fake-smile his way through when all he wanted was for everyone to leave so there wouldn’t be any witnesses when he murdered Booster.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

HNGH. Oh, yes.


It's like my birthday all over again and if I hadn't been up at 6 in the morning and then running around the Academy of Science all day, 'eeeeee'ing like an idiot over all the animal displays and thus barely capable of of keeping my eyes open, I could say something more coherent than 'oh boys, never stop being stupid and sexy'!

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Can we have some House/Wilson stuff please?

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File: 128320268378.jpg-(245.62KB, 801x588, couch.jpg)

oh god i lol'd so hard

File: 128337082132.jpg-(99.83KB, 602x612, mischouseforlou.jpg)

File: 128523129284.jpg-(190.12KB, 1203x822, nyaar - Leaning.jpg)

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