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49759 No.49759
Since we've autosaged to page three.

Old thread >>45485

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Eh, not porn. Hopefully some porn kicks in soon.

I'll writefag something up. Expect it tomorrow, unless I'm on a roll.


It's like they are commanding me to lick my screen!

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Yeup thats about it for now...

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I'll be honest I didn't think this would get to a second thread.



Same here, but I'm so happy it did.

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File: 127939757974.jpg-(63.28KB, 611x670, SageofSpice - Andy's Favorite Toys.jpg)

File: 127939761165.jpg-(70.53KB, 745x549, SageofSpice - You're My Favorite.jpg)

File: 12793990491.png-(149.03KB, 605x361, xxx.png)

...this podcast is kind of fucking amazingly hilarious, review mostly begins at 5:25ish...

They talk about Sid (accidentally calling him "Spike" lmfao).

Andy: "Let me use my imagination to derp derp"
Sid: "...Let's build a BOMB"

I love Sid. Hooray for defending/debating over the character! He's just as creative as Andy, and some. Haters gonna hate.


oh god i lol'd

The toys discover Google video:

Any good human Woody and Andy stories?

File: 127943385078.jpg-(112.32KB, 868x920, 1278462437061.jpg)

File: 12794341297.png-(163.60KB, 634x355, lolwutlaptoplock.png)
Wonder why Andy needs a laptop lock?

File: 127944920864.jpg-(2.33KB, 84x126, 1277804268863s.jpg)
Writefaggotry time.

All of us could hear Andy's loud moans as that garbage man…well…Sid, jammed his cock inside Andy. Since his mom and sister are gone to visit a family friend, they have the whole house to themselves. So of course, they don’t care about the fact they’re fucking on the kitchen counter.
“God Sid, you’re so fucking good!” Andy exclaimed in pleasure.
“I’m coming…” Sid grunted as he began to thrust faster. As he came inside Andy, he pressed his lips against the younger boy’s, then forcing his tongue inside.
What happened to my favorite, innocent deputy?
I wished we did something about Andy's problem about...being a total slut.
It all started when Andy got that darn laptop. Ever since he got that thing, he started going on that internet for hours, usually past midnight! He’d be looking at pictures of naked men, touching himself in all kinds of places. Sometimes Andy would take me out of the toy box, and tell me his…fantasies.
“Gosh Woody, I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be a girl. That way, I could like guys.”
“Is it bad I think I might be attracted to my Art teacher? He’s really nice to me, and…I think I really do have a crush on him?”
“I tried jacking off to straight porn, but it didn’t work. I even tried going on 4chan and looking at that ‘hentai’ stuff, but I still prefer guys.”
“That garbage man is hot. But I can’t admit it to anyone, except you. Besides, you’re just a toy.”
It got worse.

File: 127944929732.jpg-(3.01KB, 126x102, 1277801825814s.jpg)
He told me that he wanted to dress in his mother’s clothes and seduce the garbage man (who actually turns out to be that evil kid, Sid), and then “reward him for all his hard work”. Obviously, he already did that successfully. And after that, the garbage man made many visits to the Davis residence. I lost count after Sid’s fifth visit. I didn’t think it would get this bad, until he started bringing more fellas into his room. Of course, after the seventh fella, I gave up keeping count.
Andy would tell his mom he’d have a friend over. In reality, Andy was letting them have their way with him. If Andy was really in a “good mood”, he’d bring more and…I don’t like thinking about it. Especially those other freaky toys some of those fellas brought. They were often used on Andy, and one time, as Andy was passed out on his bed after tiring sex, the rest of us…”child-friendly” toys decided to confront these weird toys.
Buzz approached the one that sorta looked like a rocket. It was shiny and when turning on its switch, it would convulse in a seizure. Buzz got worried, shouting “We need to disarm it!”
“Don’t worry, Buzz Lightweirdo,” the rocket-like toy said, “I’m on vibrate mode. Anyway, I am a vibrator!”
“Yeah, you know, I vibrate and pleasure people?”
Then Buzz looked at the large, round beads with a string connecting them all. “What are you guys supposed to be?”
“Anal beads! We’re like a beaded bracelet, but instead of going on your wrist, we go in your butt!” The beads exclaimed.
Buzz remained silent.
There were more toys. One looked like a pink version of the vibrator…but it didn’t vibrate. Another was a little egg that also vibrated when you clicked its controller that was attached to it. One was a feather duster, but I didn’t actually know how it was a toy…and I don’t want to. The fluffy handcuffs were really hostile, and only spoke to its friend, which was a golf ball with holes that was attached to a leather strap.
We didn’t bother trying to socialize with the rest of them, except Rex.
“Can I touch it?” Rex asked.
“No,” Hamm responded, “Besides, you don’t want to know where they’ve been.”


And that's all I have at the moment. I promise an actual sex scene next time.


Lol'ing and demanding more good /co/mrade.

File: 12794736968.jpg-(861.83KB, 1202x1567, OH_MAI_CHANGES__U_by_DreamingOfANightmare.jpg)

File: 127949756449.jpg-(172.12KB, 562x381, 1277306173583.jpg)
You best be trolling

File: 127950103072.jpg-(76.13KB, 765x780, 1277701410996.jpg)

File: 127950174843.png-(283.95KB, 600x360, Look_in_my_eye__s_khuhuhu_by_OrihimeCat.png)
Artist is a yaoi fangirl.

And notice it's only Sid's thoughts, whereas Andy's thoughts thinks Sid is hot.

File: 127950221632.jpg-(80.38KB, 472x600, 1279488332355.jpg)

File: 127950836291.jpg-(470.37KB, 768x1024, OONF.jpg)




File: 127951108759.jpg-(28.68KB, 640x480, Aku.jpg)

File: 127951449029.jpg-(392.09KB, 650x650, 1278187262842.jpg)
Random fact: I prefer writing non-con. Eventually I'll write it once I finish this slut!Andy story.

“Hey Woody, why don’t we go on Andy’s laptop?” Jessie asked, “Then maybe we could find out why he’s doing all these things?”
Oh man. That darn laptop. While Andy was out with his friends (…uhhh I hope) the rest of the toys and I snuck onto his laptop. Rex usually snuck on it, so we let him go on it.
“See anything suspicious Rex?” I asked.
“Nope,” Rex replied, “Just the usual guy site and-oh hey! xxDino123xx is on!”
“I’m surprised that Rex managed to learn how to use a computer…” Mr. Potatohead whispered to Mrs. Potatohead.
“Rex, this isn’t the time to play around!” Buzz exclaimed, “What’s this guy site you speak of?”
“Well, it’s a board called…I forgot. Andy goes on it and it has pictures with many guys his age.”
“That’s it! Maybe that’s the site that made Andy like this! Quick, take us to that site!”
“But…it says we need to be 18 years old!”
“We’re toys! It doesn’t matter! Now show us!”
Rex took us to the site, and the first thing we see is a picture of Andy. Right before we could even see anything, Rex accidentally closed it. However, we did see another window. This time, it had a picture of Andy and the garbage man’s hand down his shirt. But there was a giant triangle on top of the picture for some reason.
“Why is there a giant triangle on the picture?” I asked.
“Oh, it’s a video file,” Rex replied, “Here, let me click it.”
I seriously wish Rex didn’t click it.
Even though Andy usually loves to invite the garbage man over, sometimes, Andy decided to sneak out. It was understandable, since he’s still in high school. However, as it turns out, they were screwing inside the back seat of Sid’s truck.
“Don’t forget Mr. Garbage man, I’m still in high school!” Andy teased, as Sid began to take off Andy’s clothes. He eventually got too lazy to attempt taking off the rest of Andy’s clothes, so he just ripped it off instead and immediately went on top of Andy.
“But that’s the best part! Now open those legs of yours!” Sid said as he grabbed the other boy’s legs.
“That’s what I’m talking about, now fuck me HARD.” Andy demanded.
Sid inserted his hard member inside Andy, and as it slid in, the other boy began to moan in pleasure. While thrusting inside Andy, Sid looked at his watch.
“Shit, my shift is gonna start soon,” Sid said, “Better make this a quickie!” He began to thrust into Andy faster. As the thrusts got faster, Andy’s moans became even louder and getting Sid even more aroused.
“Definitely gonna come now…”Sid grunted as he finally came. As he withdrew, a lot of come leaked out of the opening.
“That was great!” Andy panted, tired from the sex. He wiped the come off with a piece of his torn-off clothing, and licked off some of the leftovers on his hand.
“Hey Rex, is there more of this? You guys could go back if you don’t wanna watch, but I like it.” Jessie admitted, as she was eating a bag of popcorn.
“Actually…” Rex began to say, “There are.”
“Really?” Jessie excitedly exclaimed.
“See, its ri-“
Right before Rex could show any more, we heard the door open.
“Mom, I’m back!”
“Everyone, back to the toy box, Rex, close everything so Andy doesn’t become suspicious!” I shouted. All of us toys fled back into the toy box.
The door opened, and the first thing Andy did was go on his laptop. He began to inspect it, knowing that his laptop wasn’t on.
“Molly, did you go on my laptop again?” Andy asked across the hall.
“No! Stop making fake accusations!” Molly shouted back.
“Might as well get a laptop lock,” Andy muttered to himself, “I don’t want Molly or anyone else to accidentally see what I have.”
Well, there goes our chance in trying to find out what’s wrong with Andy.

Just wait 'till the next part, and it's not including Sid next time. Instead, it'll be someone else.


I love you. SO MUCH


This is a terrible joke, right?

File: 127952544687.jpg-(293.55KB, 900x658, Toy_Story___Read_comment_first_by_jeremia.jpg)
I'm waiting for new drawfaggotry, so might as well contribute...something rather than complain and bawww and bump with nothing.

Guess it's time for me to go non-con.

>>50627 and shitty writefag here.

I'm in the mood to write regardless, especially after a very special /co/ thread.


lol was it the "If Toy Story were 4chan boards" one?

>go non-con

Eh, what happened?

File: 127953896318.png-(38.52KB, 973x243, BUTTHURTONSLASH.png)


A good thread turned into a giant fucking wankfest because certain butthurt faggots take fandoms seriously, that's what.

File: 127954049049.jpg-(75.45KB, 328x368, 1278354281346.jpg)
I agree with this though... it's just a matter of opinion. I know it doesn't have to made sense, but it just feels too, I dunno FAR. Where will it end, almost?

But hey, opinions

Also a lot of the art is pretty bad... and it makes US look bad. The idea too.

I don't have a problem with this pairing... The biggest problem I have is that suddenly Andy is a slut. Really? Why is that? Did someone mention it once and it spread throughout the internet: Andy is a whore.

What's with people moaning about how illogical Andy/Sid is? It's called FANfiction and FANart for a reason. Who cares if the fan___ itself doesn't make sense, it's to please people.

File: 127955991641.jpg-(78.35KB, 640x360, s640x480.jpg)
Lets get back to the good stuff

I love this one

File: 127957796297.png-(387.42KB, 600x849, woody___doodles_by_arSt.png)
Oh no, not this shit again. So this doesn't turn into another "good thread to shit thread because of slash/LJ wank bawwww":

PWP - Plot? What Plot?/Porno Without Plot
Name says all (and I mentioned that I got just lazy building up to plot to sex, and just headed straight to sex. It should be obvious that I don't take this shit seriously).

came from >>50632
and from there, thread went down the gutter and migrated to /toy/. Usually, I'm the one that makes TS threads go down the drain after summer cries about all the gay. But, I didn't need to even do anything this time.

File: 127957939941.jpg-(14.41KB, 447x301, 435436554654.jpg)

>>I'm the one that makes TS threads go down the drain after summer cries about all the gay

thank you for pissing off the summerfags
thank you

File: 127957981314.jpg-(375.25KB, 850x1350, 1ywzm1.jpg)
Lovely weather we're having here.

File: 127958908275.png-(131.58KB, 750x547, watchit.png)
because on my livestream it was proven to me that Buzz's eyebrows are brown ... XD;;

File: 127959014243.png-(83.38KB, 600x440, buzzbond.png)
Lightyear, Buzz Lightyear

File: 127959133539.jpg-(89.67KB, 600x450, 1267232512643.jpg)
Woah cowboy.

File: 127959176232.jpg-(270.63KB, 900x1307, The_Real_Toy_Story_by_sean_izaakse.jpg)
Spoiler'd for boobs.

File: 127959179547.jpg-(229.59KB, 900x1391, Buzz_and_Woody_by_glantern133.jpg)

File: 127959193930.jpg-(426.11KB, 900x743, 3264fd55b93e35c78791537aa63b32a7.jpg)

Why is this so awesome?

I hate to ask this but does anyone have that comic where Buzz and Woody hold hands in that ONE SCENE and it all ends ....? I saw it posted on /co/ briefly.

i think U search this fanfic, but this was removed by the author :S --> How About A Date?, a Toy Story fanfic - FanFiction.Net

"How about a date " s end :

The space ranger grinned walking hand and hand with the cowboy out to the doggy door that was for Buster. "I could even show you where my planet is." He told Woody. With the toys still up in their feud to not even notice the toy had left to the outside world.
"Oh yeah?" Woody let out a warm laugh. It was a laugh Buzz hadn't really heard before. It was sweet and liquidly. "I would love to see that then." He said. Buzz grinned at himself knowing he had won the heart of the Sheriff. Lying in the grass, continuing their date, counting the stars.

File: 127965817843.png-(1.35MB, 640x1867, 1277270347201.png)
I do. Spoiler'd because I can.


D: That's too sad to comprehend.

File: 127966987010.png-(6.92KB, 191x234, 1267480798242.png)


Somebody was doing that on a stream last month. This scene came up and he suddenly stopped the stream and we could hear him laughing hysterically at everyone in the chatroom who hadn't seen it yet freak out.

I lol'd more than I rage'd.

Oh god, I was on that stream. It was too good. Maybe I should stream it eventually...who knows.


Bastardtrees on /co/ JUST streamed it an hour ago. That was my 4th time seeing it, haha. You should definitely stream, too, sometime.

File: 127969886530.jpg-(68.57KB, 600x600, FIG-IPN-1242.jpg)
Ugh, damn. That sucks. Then again, I could just watch it whenever I feel like it (though streams are more fun imo). Oh well.

with luck I'll catch the next stream.

There had always been something special about the stars. To stare into that vast, endless sky and feel the starlight falling over the seemingly never-ending plains beneath.

That starry sky blanketed the world and he had always felt secure in that knowledge.

He had stared at them since he was just a boy, learning everything he knew now from his father, the greatest cowboy of all in his childhood's eyes. And later, when growing up, his greatest aspiration became becoming a man worthy enough of pinning a Sheriff's Star upon his breast.

He'd had a lucky life, he knew. He'd had an education and had gone from stable boy to cowboy to the Sheriff's errand boy to deputy and finally, finally, he'd become a Sheriff himself.

He had left his town, his Da and his Ma, to fulfill his duty in a far away little town that needed him most than his own.

He'd fallen in love with the quiet town and its people. He'd made wonderful friends: Noble, simple Rex Matteson, whom looked big and scary, but had a heart of gold; stocky banker Hank Hammond, whose acerbic tongue gained him more guffaws of laughter than angry punches; tall, quiet Simon Link, one of the best handyman's around and a loyal man; gruff Paul "Potato Head" Tate, owner of the general store and married to "Mrs. Potato Head", Paula.

And last, but not least, Bo Peep, the Shepherd's widow. Her quiet beauty, her dignified grace and her lively and wonderful boy, Andy, had been steadily after his own heart ever since he'd gotten off Bullseye's saddle and taken his first step into town.

Woody loved his duty, he loved his life and his people and his quiet town.

It was no wonder, he supposed, the way in which he had reacted to the newcomer.

Bruce "Call Me Buzz" Miles was everything Woody wasn't. He was short where Woody tall, compact and muscular where Woody wiry and lean, blond where Woody brunet, fair skinned where Woody bronzed easily under the southern sun. He was cultured and eccentrically funny and charming and everyone loved him and his tales of distant, exotic lands across the vast seas.

Woody hated him. He hated him and the way Buzz was better than him; the way everyone had forgotten about him when Buzz had shown up. He hated how easy it was for everyone to love him.

Woody hated Buzz. He did. But that night four days ago he'd found out about their shared love for the stars and a little of the burn in his chest had died. Just a little.

He had found him just outside town, quiet and still, looking up into the starlight with a look on his face that could only be called longing. Woody had felt like an intruder and had tried to quietly turn Bullseye around, but a horse had never been well suited for quiet retreat, and Buzz had immediately relinquished his staring at the stars to train bright blue eyes on them.

"Sheriff," he had said, sounding a little puzzled.

Woody had dismounted and they had exchanged greetings, the following silence awkward and heavy, because the former Seaman was not stupid and Woody was sure he knew how Woody felt about him.

This had been the moment of the white flag, the olive branch, because Buzz had felt like an intruder in his home, but having seen his face just now Woody realized Buzz felt far away from his own.

He had been about to open his mouth, hoping for the best he could find the right words to say. The explosion in he middle of town took care of the awkward silence, and the searing pain on his back made sure the only sound leaving his mouth was a scream. He vaguely heard Buzz cursing, before he hauled Woody up on Bullseye's back, mounting behind him and snapping the bridle and taking off in the opposite direction!

"What the blazes are you doing?!" he exclaimed, regretting it the moment he twisted around to see Buzz's face when the pain on his back intensified.

"They'll be fine!" Buzz said, shouting a bit over the sound of Bullseye's galloping. "It's you they're after."

"What? Why?!"

"Because you're the king now, my Liege," Buzz said, and the serious face he said such words with left Woody without knowing what to say.

Aaaand that's all I have. I, uh, decided to share my weird middle-of-the-night whims, since sharing is caring and all. Also, I have no idea what the hell I'm doing, but I hope I'm not doing too bad at it >_>;

OMG Please tell me you're continuing this awesome AU!! Please?

I never knew I wanted this so bad =DDD

I feel like I could break down and emoticon all over this..! (But I do have SOME dignity left.) Please write more?

The fucking French Quarter. You see I live in New Orleans, and while this is beyond amazing if I had seen this live I would've died on the spot from awesome. TOO. MUCH. WIN.



PG-13 for fapping. Otherwise gen.


Andy's a good kid.

Home from school at three on the dot, car parked in the front. Does his homework from three until dinner and then washes the dishes with mom. An hour of TV after that; on Thursdays he fights for the remote with Molly but usually surrenders it to her unless NBC has a really good lineup on that night. After that it's back upstairs to his computer, and his homework, and then by eleven it's light's out, and Andy falls asleep in fifteen minutes or less.

Sometimes it takes Andy a little longer to fall asleep.

It's ten past eleven right now and Andy's got the blankets thrown over his hips and his hand right down in there, moving fast. Woody can't really see what's going on from this angle up here in the bookshelf (not that he'd want to) and because Buzz is perched next to him and if he's going to play by the rules, he can't move. Not that he wants. To see.

It's just Andy and Andy's heavy breathing filling the room now, all Woody can feel in the dark box of a room. Buzz next to him, knee twitching a little bit from where it's pressed up against Woody's joints. Or maybe that's just an erstwhile ant, scuttling through the woodwork. Woody doesn't move his eyes to look.

Andy finishes soon enough, in a flash of panting that gets louder, faster, and holds—then a great exhale of breath and it's over. The covers still (as far as Woody can see), and then Andy grunts and flips them up, hoisting his legs over the edge and pulling himself up. His shorts are hanging off his ankles and his thighs are a sticky mess, right hand hanging loosely, shiny and slick. He grabs a few tissues and cleans off his hand, wads them up and chucks them in the direction of the trash can (missing by a mile), then bends over to pull up his shorts.

Thank goodness Andy doesn't have any canine toys, or else they'd have something to howl at.

Andy cracks open the door, peeks outside like he's still ten years old and not allowed to be up past lights out. A light flicks on in the hallway and his footsteps pad down, one, two, three, then turn into the bathroom. There's the familiar squeak of the faucet and a running of water, Andy's mindless humming as he washes up.

Something moves next to him and Woody knows it's not the ants. He elbows Buzz in the ribs and gets a miffed chuckle in return.

The water stops rushing and Andy pads back into the room and flops onto the bed, covers be damned. He's out in five minutes.

Another ten minutes pass, just to be sure, just to be quite sure, and then Bo Peep gives Woody a thumb's up from where she's perched on Andy's nightstand, and Woody lets out a low whistle to let everyone know the coast is clear. Hamm peers out at them from under the bed, shaking the dust off himself and clearing his throat.

"Christ. It's like the sky is falling down under there, and I ain't Chicken Little." Woody can hear the grin in his voice.

"Can we not talk about it? Let's not talk about it," Rex is whining from somewhere, probably still under the bed, and Woody can hear the chirps and burbles of the Mr. and Mrs. arguing about the relative morality of teenage sexuality and masturbation and what will Andy do if he ever goes blind one day. The other toys move slowly, shuffling around, stretching their gears in the moonlight.

Slinky peers up from his station on the shelf below Woody and Buzz. "Need a lift, fellas? This one's going down."

"You go ahead," Buzz stands up, cracking his neck side to side. "Cowboy and I will be down in a minute."

Slinky slinks his way down, crystalline sound of metal coiling on metal strangely moving, and Woody's breath catches a little as he looks down from the bookshelf.

"And what's on your mind tonight?"

"The usual," Woody shrugs.

"Oh ho, better police those thoughts, sheriff." Buzz grins his trademark, million-watt grin.

"Better police yourself, partner. Caught you twitching there. Way to break character."

"Can't say that method acting is my strong suit," Buzz retorts, but there's a catch in his voice, and his fingers tap against his thigh, like he's embarrassed; a gentle click-click-click of plastic.

They're both quiet for a minute, looking at the toys milling around on the floor, at the soft glow of Andy's computer, still on. At Andy, a lump of legs and arms tangled on the bed and sleeping away. And Woody almost reaches out to loop an arm around Buzz, because they're both watching— they're both watching and thinking lonely, lonesome thoughts.

"We knew this day would come," Buzz nods in his usual way, all sage and rational Space Ranger again. "The day that Andy would rather play with himself than with us."

Woody doesn't miss a beat. "You know how that sounds, right?"

"Right on, cowboy."

And they both try to keep their faces straight, solemn, and sober, but really, "right on" sounds like "ride on," and Buzz is just terrible, just terrible. He's got his Space Ranger grin pasted on, really pasted on, with glue and ink and a glimmer of soul.

Sometimes Woody thinks it's the cheesiest thing he's ever seen, but he smiles back anyway his own million-watt cheesy cowboy smile, and they're good.

They're good.


File: 12798214936.jpg-(43.39KB, 720x540, 456464564.jpg)

File: 12798314504.jpg-(297.28KB, 950x404, 1277772359065.jpg)
I can't help but think this and all the discussions about the toys watching Andy fap.

that.. is the most disturbing thing i have seen in a long time.

File: 12798411376.jpg-(30.76KB, 578x347, 1277269354472.jpg)
So I should conclude my shitty slut!Andy fic, that way I could actually write something I'd put effort in. Haters gonna hate.

Andy was bored. Sure, college was enjoyable, but he was just tired of all the girls trying to hit on him. Every day, there’s always some girl that tries to flirt with him. Hell, one girl tried to lure him to her dorm, but stopped the moment she walked in on Andy and her boyfriend making out. Whatever, he didn’t care. At least his professors were friendly, he passed all his classes, and he made new friends that didn’t know about his secret tendencies. But now it doesn’t really matter.
His boredom was about to end, since classes were ending for the summer. Andy was planning to visit home before he left for a road trip he and his friends planned out. But the thing was: What was he going to do back at home? He didn’t want to see Sid (since they already screwed each other enough when he came home for winter break), and didn’t want to stay home all day, or else he’d be forced to drive Molly and her friends around.
Suddenly, Andy thought of something.
“So Bonnie, I’m taking you out to the toy store, and I’m buying you one toy that you choose.”
“Yay, let’s go! The toys need a new friend anyway!”
Okay, Andy wants to take Bonnie out. For some reason, I’m getting a vibe that I should be worried about that girl. No, I won’t worry. Don’t stress about this. Everything will be fine…maybe Andy changed. Maybe in a couple of years when Bonnie is a fine, young woman, Andy will find out she might be his sweetheart.
After Bonnie’s trip to the toy store with Andy, the little girl happily pushed the door open.
“Guys, I got a new toy and the Chicken Man gave it to me for free!” Bonnie gleefully exclaimed, “We gotta have a big tea party for our new friend!”
…And when Bonnie took a little pottybreak, the toy told us a horrifying story…
“Al’s Toy Barn!” Bonnie exclaimed in such happiness, “I hope I get to see the Chicken Man too!”
“Don’t worry, you will. See, he’s right there!” Andy chuckled.
“I wanna meet him! I wanna meet him!” Bonnie ran up to him, fascinated by that guy in the chicken suit. He gave a fake grin, disgusted at all the children in the store, opening boxes and trampling over the toys in the sale bucket.
After all these years, poor Al McWhiggin was still devastated over his lost profits. He still remembers as he got off the plane and went to pick up the luggage of valuable toys, they were all suddenly gone! All that money went down the drain, and he knew he’d be stuck working at that toy store for the rest of his life at this point! He was lucky that his store even got to stay after all these years. If it weren’t for that disgusting chicken suit, then he would’ve been a bum on the street.
Al knew he was a loser. Barely had friends. Never had a girlfriend. Total virgin. There were days where he just thought, “Hey, maybe I should try to hit on one of the single mothers, or a cute girl that happens to come by my store. There might be hope for me to get laid.”
And there was.

File: 12798412449.png-(1.08MB, 1748x1240, 1279768067781.png)

Andy didn’t expect to find himself getting screwed by the Chicken Man. But then again, Al didn’t expect to be fucking a customer. A male customer.
He actually changed his mind and did want to see Sid, but Andy just felt bad the fact the Chicken Man kept getting rejected and was still a virgin after all these years.
“Putting your cock inside me is way better than a vagina, right?” Andy asked as he rode on top of Al’s dick. But the dick wasn’t really big…it was actually quite small. Even if he couldn’t feel a thing, Andy was still aroused by the idea of taking someone’s virginity in the darkest corner of a toy store.
“Yeah, this is great.” Al grunted. He stopped being a lazy ass and finally got on top of Andy, liking the feeling that he was no longer a virgin. He felt confident in himself as he sloppily began to make out with Andy, slobbering all over the boy’s mouth. Andy got a bit grossed out at the Chicken Man’s smelly breath, so he shifted the man’s face toward his neck instead.
“Now what you should do is lightly kiss and nibble on my neck,” Andy instructed, “And then what really gets someone is sucking on their earlobes…”
“But that sounds gross.”
“Trust me, you should try-“ Right before Andy could finish his sentence, Al immediately began to suck on Andy’s earlobes, biting and slobbering it with all his spit. Andy slipped out an unexpected moan.
Al suddenly stopped. Beside him, he noticed a stray toy next to him. Right before Al tried to throw it somewhere else, Andy immediately grabbed it.
“You know what’s hot to use too? Toys.”
That is seriously one traumatized toy.
You know what, forget this, I’m not touching this story with a 5-foot pole anymore. This is getting bad. I think I’ll just enjoy living with Bonnie, totally forgetting all this.
I wish I didn’t forget my laptop lock back at my dorm.
My mom sees my laptop out in my room. Right before she tries to put it away, she decides to look up my name on Google (since all moms do that nowadays for some reason). I thought there were millions of people with my name, but no, apparently the first thing she sees is a picture of me with Sid’s cock in my mouth. So she gets more curious about what I’ve been doing. Mom begins to look at all my files. Okay, she first sees all my files for my homework, but then she just had to find that one folder.
I come home, my mom is pissed. She screams “Andrew Davis, we need to talk!”
She tells me what she saw, pissed off about the fact I was sleeping with the garbage man and that many of our fuck sessions are posted on the internet. She tells me that if I don’t break up with him and take the videos down, I’ll become a total lowlife like him. Then, she makes me input the password for that one folder.
Oh man, she got the shock of her life. She sees all the pictures of me with some of the other guys I screwed around with. She gets even more terrified at the ones with me getting gangbanged, and recognizing many of the other guys being friends I brought home. She didn’t even bother wanting to see the videos (besides, it’s all over the internet now). So my mom got scared, and said, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air." I whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare, but I thought, "Nah, forget it. Yo, holmes to Bel-Air!" I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 and I yelled to the cabbie, "Yo homes smell ya later!" Looked at my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.

There, the terror is over.

File: 127984195574.jpg-(337.41KB, 780x1024, To_Hell_by_Vernydog92.jpg)
This is personally more disturbing. I was gonna post it along with my fic, but decided not since I was feeling nice.

File: 127984210567.jpg-(324.07KB, 780x1024, Drag_Me_by_Vernydog92.jpg)
Other part of the pic. Hopefully there's no more in this fanart series.

File: 12798427292.png-(120.73KB, 213x216, 1267417284419.png)

I love your AU and hope you continue.

File: 127986932872.jpg-(205.68KB, 647x650, 12061136.jpg)

File: 127988246825.jpg-(436.45KB, 800x1139, 1277634004403.jpg)
I'm so sad /coq/. I was banned for a imaginary virus in 4chan...I wanna read some fanfic of Sid/Andy. Please, writefag/drawfag, cheer me up!

I lold

I've never actually been on here before but I was writefagging sid/andy on /y/ the other day and some guys told me to come here... umm...

These are the two stories I wrote if y'all are interested any:

File: 127992202384.jpg-(3.08KB, 104x126, 1251122852547s.jpg)

File: 127994712848.jpg-(465.84KB, 800x1139, pron.jpg)

The original.

Love, Drawfag

File: 127995113515.png-(40.17KB, 146x182, 1279442120795.png)


8( I'm dissapoint


*licks your tears*

File: 128000869143.jpg-(370.07KB, 885x590, ummm.jpg)
Does anyone have that picture of small, naked, anatomically correct Woody being molested in someone's (Andy's?) hand? I failed to right-click-save and now I can't find it any where.

Something you guys should be interested in:


2) NEW

3) THIS STORY IS ((en Español)) !!! far as I can tell, no Sid yet.


...and I kept promising and promising I'd write something. So, stay tuned I guess. I'm a horrid perfectionist that makes stories really, really long.

File: 128001795193.png-(433.52KB, 720x600, Excelente_by_jmania.png)

File: 128001863615.jpg-(67.45KB, 600x650, trololololololol.jpg)

File: 128001872390.jpg-(563.23KB, 664x1271, Toy_Story_by_harveyjames.jpg)

File: 12800284153.png-(300.79KB, 753x696, wtf.png)


I don't understand. What is that? An incoming ghost cock?

File: 12801037081.png-(370.32KB, 700x574, Untitled-4.png)

its ohkee ah fergeev ye for killin ye motha durin childbeth

File: 128013508613.jpg-(221.40KB, 700x630, Come_to_Mama__Woody_by_lizbomb.jpg)
Scan your computer.
Clear cookies, cache, history, etc.
Then appeal ban POLITELY, and mention you were banned during the massive banning.

Spoiler for wominz

Needs more toy!sex.

File: 128019495525.jpg-(739.97KB, 1187x1134, 12122597.jpg)

File: 128022624958.png-(343.28KB, 498x333, DAWWWW.png)
very relevant

What is going on in that picture?

But yes, more Toy!sex

File: 128027793196.jpg-(75.00KB, 566x722, Lunasumerin - need some help.png.jpg)

File: 128027801328.jpg-(72.58KB, 788x519, ZombehLuvin - Ride Him Cowboy.jpg)

File: 128027814339.jpg-(50.20KB, 376x588, blade - Woody the dominatrix.jpg)
Because this wasn't posted here in this thread yet.

One day while Andy was masturbating, Woody got wood. He could no longer help himself! He watched as Andy stroked his juicy kawaii cock. He approached Andy which startled him and made him pee everywhere on the floor and all over Woody too. Being drenched in his urine made him harder than ever!

Woody : " Andy Senpai! I'm alive and I want to be INSIDE OF YOU. "

Andy: " Oh Woody Chan! I always knew you were alive! I want to stuff you up in my kawaii ass!"

Woody grabbed a bunch of flavored lube and rubbed it all over his head.

Woody: " Oh my! It's cherry flavored lube! Cherry is my favorite!"

Woody then stuffed his head up into Andy's tight ass! The other toys around the room watched intently as Woody shoved his head back and forth into Andy's nice ass, continuously making a squishy wet noise. The other toys also became aroused and they all gathered around Woody and Andy and started to urinate all over them, and then they started to masturbate.
Andy: " Oh my goodness, Woody Chan! You are churning my insides up so well! Your nose is stimulating my prostate! OH YES!

All of the other toys became so aroused by this, that they could not help themselves anymore! They pushed Woody completely inside , and they all went inside. All of them wanted to be inside Andy's nice round ass.

Andy: " No wait! guys! My ass cannot hold this much! im getting so full!"

All the toys went inside of poor squirming Andy and pretty much, he was beyond full, and died from having his insides completely damaged. The mother came inside and found Andy, dead with a huge ass hemorrhage on his anus, with a HUGE belly full of toys!

File: 128030130774.jpg-(715.53KB, 900x1212, workbench .jpg)

File: 128030250386.png-(35.46KB, 299x242, fuckyea.png)
brb fapping

File: 128035382653.jpg-(75.83KB, 360x360, WoodyWat.jpg)
Oh dear god what


The Sheriff had gone silent for a long time. It had surely shocked him, Buzz supposed; such great responsibility so suddenly falling on his shoulders. Buzz had known he was the bearer of bad news to the Sheriff; who would feel happy to know things had gotten bad enough to merit to a Space Ranger as protector and watcher?

It wasn't personal, Buzz told himself, no matter how unsettled he felt whenever he caught a sullen glare thrown his way. He was only doing his job, he always found himself silently replying; the Heir couldn't possibly fault him for it.

It had taken a while to get used to this primitive place, but he had to acclimate to it and its people to better ensure the Sheriff's security.

The Sheriff's entourage had seemed adequate, loyal and capable, and Buzz had grown complacent. He cursed his foolishness, and grimly made a mental note to include a severe reprimand for himself in his final report.

The sound of another explosion was heard, the ground trembling beneath them despite the distance gained; it snapped the Sheriff from his quiet spell, and he began struggling anew, a grimace of pain distorting the Heir's pleasant features when twisting and pulling too hard.

Buzz pulled on the reins mostly in reflex, trying to keep the sheriff from falling off the saddle, and snaked an arm around him, pulling him back against him, the Sheriff's back tightly pressed against his own chest.

A sudden flare of searing pain licked across Buzz's skin, burning in the center of his solar plexus, and his involuntary scream mixed with the Sheriff's. His grip tightened and he held onto the man inside his embrace with both arms, trying to ride the pain through. A small eternity later the burn lessened and the pain dulled to a throb; Buzz panted a sigh of relief against the neck of the strangely pliant figure in his arms.

"What was that?" he croaked, but received no reply. "Sheriff?"

No reply again; the Sheriff had passed out.

With a tired sigh Buzz took the reins again, taking a few moments to calm the nervous horse and galloping once again. Thank the stars he already had a nice place where they could hide for a while. His ship had enough supplies and it would be better to call for reinforcements as soon as possible.

Hopefully they had enough time.

Woody came back to consciousness with a giggle, caused by Bullseye’s insistent nuzzling on his face and neck. “What s’it?” he slurred, yawning and affectionately patting the horse’s muzzle. “Did I fall asleep outside again?” he asked himself, rubbing the grimy feeling of tiredness from his eyes and lifting a hand to his head to asses the mess his hair had surely become.

He froze when a spike of pain from his back seemed to slice through him, an inescapable reminder of events prior to his awakening; the explosions in town, the pain and the impromptu escape. Shame and anger burned bitterly in the pit of his stomach.

He slowly stood up, taking in his surroundings and staring at the cave they were inside of; the high, cathedral like ceiling, the pillars of stone, stalagmites and stalactites; breathing in the damp feeling of the air and clearly hearing the faint sound of water running.

“What--?” he breathed.

[ì]What is this place?[/i], he had wanted to ask, Where are we?

He looked around for Buzz, a little panicky at the thought of being left alone inside this cave, not knowing the way out, not knowing where they were. His fear was short lived, however, for he quickly discerned the man’s short figure a short distance away. His back was towards Woody, his head bowed down, as if inspecting his hands while doing up his shirt buttons.

“Buzz?” Woody called, his voice sounding a tad faint in the cavernous chamber, dissipated with a faint echo.

The alluded man jumped and partially turned around, hands methodically doing up the rest of the shirt buttons, what Woody had suspected he’d been doing. “Something wrong Sheriff?” Buzz asked, and Woody looked up from the hands hurriedly buttoning up to see into the man’s blue eyes.

“Where are we?” Woody asked.

“Somewhere safe,” Buzz replied.

Woody squinted in annoyance, crossing his arms, cocking an eyebrow and huffing a: “That’s not a valid answer.”

“I apologize, but it’s the only one you will get, Sire,” Buzz said.

Woody made a face again. “Don’t call me that.”

“As you wish, Sheriff,” Buzz acquiesced, “It’ll be better if we wait here awhile until we know it’s safe to venture out. They’ll still be looking for you.”

Why? Why me

It was Buzz’s turn to look annoyed; he sighed and said, overly enunciating his next words: “Because you are the King now.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense!” Woody exclaimed. What was this wacko saying? “What kind of a gullible fool do you figure me for?”

“I understand why you wouldn’t want to acknowledge the fact, Sheriff, but it is so,” Buzz paused, softly speaking his next words, “I know it must be painful, but we must honor the late King’s, your Father’s last wishes.”

Woody felt his face pale, Buzz’s words sinking in, “My father…?” he whispered, eyes wide, “My father is dead?”

Buzz looked at him with soft blue eyes, dark looking in the darkness of the cave, and nodded solemnly. “The Mark of the True King burned onto your back is the proof.”

Woody once again was left without knowing what to say.

Seems I finally have a small inkling of where I'm going with this. Wish me luck!

No offense anon, but this is going into shitty generic fandom fic very fast.

None taken. It's a cliché galore and it amuses me to no end to write it. I'm using elements from the first two movies and I'm sorry if I'm not mixing them well enough, but I'm not trying to win an award or anything.

I'll keep writing it for myself, but I can not subject you to my amusement if you don't want me to.


Well, I like cliche genfic. >.> It's a big, wide internet, complaining anon. If it makes you bitchy, skip it. Stop harshing my mellow.


Reposts never hurt these days.

File: 128055642417.jpg-(205.87KB, 800x1107, Get_your_bell_rung_by_lily_fox.jpg)
oh god oh man

>>51944 HNNNNG



Dear sweet god, more like this.


More like this plz. Damn we need more.


There's a watermark on the pic. It gives a link (which I put below), that takes you straight to the artist's DA account. She has some great stuff in there (not all of it slash or as hot as this, but still, great stuff).


File: 128073213753.jpg-(752.66KB, 460x4800, 1280688528139.jpg)

File: 128073224651.jpg-(180.83KB, 350x474, 1280675241363.jpg)

File: 128073231358.jpg-(155.20KB, 600x493, 12194646_m.jpg)

File: 128073242781.png-(1.07MB, 607x902, pixivtscomic.png)

File: 128073259380.jpg-(112.04KB, 600x425, 11582592_m.jpg)
Pics I just posted were from pixiv/4chan thread.

Just search "トイストーリー" or "ウッディ".


Sentient sex toys. xD Oh god. Well, I guess they DO fall under the toy catagory.

File: 128081532988.jpg-(40.13KB, 600x500, 1280783779356.jpg)
Woody...what are you doing with those?


File: 128081705079.jpg-(38.08KB, 500x400, 1280784484479.jpg)
52270 least Woody and Andy probably played a lot?


Oh god...



I don't know what more can be said.



File: 128087704961.png-(1.50MB, 1616x1125, 1280877035277.png)

OMG fancy seeing my picture here! Feels good, man.

I love you drawfag. You should stay here instead. ;-;

Aww, that's really sweet of you!
I would stay, except this place is much quieter than /y/. That might not be such a bad thing, though... If I ever drawfag more of these two, I'll post it here too, ok? :-D

File: 128089955537.jpg-(206.48KB, 938x1404, 1280897805065.jpg)

I'll miss you. ;-;

Oh, don't worry, I'll be back often! I may even use my /y/ tripcode... In fact, I will. :-)

File: 128096078327.jpg-(119.19KB, 600x502, 1280814708484.jpg)
You're my favorite tripfag!

File: 128096084259.jpg-(360.29KB, 1169x1653, 1280960190862.jpg)

This is pretty much the best thing Rule 34 has ever ruined for me.
So much so that I'm glad it happened.


So uh... Where did the tiny dildos come from?

File: 128098546831.png-(1.15MB, 1158x1294, handsupandy_lkg.png)
Bringing you some more Sid/Andy...
Don't ask me what's going on here. One of my friends requested this, and her prompt was kinda odd. I'm not 100% sure if I understood it right.

I don't know whether to be very flattered, or scared shitless.

File: 128099645360.jpg-(178.14KB, 900x839, TS__OOH_MISTER_LIGHTYEAR_by_Loralit.jpg)
Found this somewhere on DA...

File: 128100518379.jpg-(295.54KB, 700x805, 000ptra4.jpg)


File: 128110759674.jpg-(264.60KB, 750x790, 000pw72k.jpg)

Why is this so hot?

File: 128111585712.jpg-(255.56KB, 600x2486, how_to____by_coffeebandit.jpg)
UNF! So hot!

File: 128111595754.png-(2.26MB, 955x1316, feelthegroove2_lkg.png)

File: 128114636565.jpg-(279.69KB, 800x743, 000px5re.jpg)

File: 128115096482.jpg-(417.03KB, 1080x720, 1281088570612.jpg)
From /y/ thread.

File: 128118802485.jpg-(614.86KB, 1280x1024, 1281134468693.jpg)

I've got to ask.

Excepting that one...uh, story, does Andy/Woody exist?

File: 128120699571.jpg-(34.65KB, 425x980, In_nobody__s_eyes_but_MINE_by_sewerMonstar.jpg)
Good timing. There's an audio version out now!

One day while Andy was masturbating, Woody got wood. He could no longer help himself! He watched as Andy stroked his juicy kawaii cock. He approached Andy which startled him and made him pee everywhere on the floor and all over Woody too. Being drenched in his urine made him harder than ever!

Woody : " Andy Senpai! I'm alive and I want to be INSIDE OF YOU. "

Andy: " Oh Woody Chan! I always knew you were alive! I want to stuff you up in my kawaii ass!"

Woody grabbed a bunch of flavored lube and rubbed it all over his head.

Woody: " Oh my! It's cherry flavored lube! Cherry is my favorite!"

Woody then stuffed his head up into Andy's tight ass! The other toys around the room watched intently as Woody shoved his head back and forth into Andy's nice ass, continuously making a squishy wet noise. The other toys also became aroused and they all gathered around Woody and Andy and started to urinate all over them, and then they started to masturbate.
Andy: " Oh my goodness, Woody Chan! You are churning my insides up so well! Your nose is stimulating my prostate! OH YES!

All of the other toys became so aroused by this, that they could not help themselves anymore! They pushed Woody completely inside , and they all went inside. All of them wanted to be inside Andy's nice round ass.

Andy: " No wait! guys! My ass cannot hold this much! im getting so full!"

All the toys went inside of poor squirming Andy and pretty much, he was beyond full, and died from having his insides completely damaged. The mother came inside and found Andy, dead with a huge ass hemorrhage on his anus, with a HUGE belly full of toys!

As a matter of fact...

Well, Woody isn't a toy in but there are Andy/Woody nevertheless.

File: 128120787657.gif-(117.47KB, 360x300, vrv81j.gif)

Oh, no, it's this again.


Hot as hell, and well-written to boot. Bless you, sir.

File: 128125596572.jpg-(279.62KB, 866x605, 000py2h8.jpg)

File: 128130869514.jpg-(146.25KB, 800x800, Thousand_flowers_by_lily_fox.jpg)
Pull-string as a sexual avatar, eh.

File: 128145793989.jpg-(433.21KB, 1048x877, 000q3s4t.jpg)
Good god.

File: 128153904992.jpg-(156.25KB, 716x800, buzzwoodycopia.jpg)
Buzz gettin' some.

For being just toys, this is surprisingly hot.

File: 128159473285.jpg-(325.57KB, 1024x865, 000q8crh.jpg)

File: 128162555796.jpg-(291.96KB, 883x545, 000q5703.jpg)

I think it's the expressions.

File: 128162563190.jpg-(489.37KB, 794x909, 000q9fzc.jpg)

More than likely. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

Writefag here; anyone have anything they want written?

File: 128174868899.jpg-(141.80KB, 900x726, woodys_payback_by_psycholiki.jpg)

I wouldn't mind Buzz/Woody, but I dunno.
Feel like doing anything in particular?

>>53568 Buzz/Woody, pullstring bondage. Do et.

File: 128179785273.jpg-(297.58KB, 1024x753, 4889815041_6a534f3fa1_b.jpg)


Ooooh, I love Lily-fox. The expressions. Oh gawd!


...God, I love the internet.

File: 128187697469.jpg-(541.71KB, 1024x900, 000qd3wt.jpg)

File: 128188827388.jpg-(52.88KB, 500x458, itsbaru - Um jammed pullstring.jpg)


File: 128193555793.jpg-(536.25KB, 1024x768, JereduLevenin - Say It Woody x Buzz Lightyear.jpg)

I never imagined that there'd be so much porn (?) of this.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Not at all.

You're not the only one. I never thought that this would get a second thread.

I hope it keeps on rolling until we need a third.

File: 128204225859.jpg-(570.20KB, 813x1225, 000qbat0.jpg)
moar writefags out there?

File: 12821169988.jpg-(121.58KB, 810x633, OHFUCKMENOTAGAIN.jpg)
Site where the artist 021 posted this? It isn't in her deviantART gallery.

File: 128214169919.jpg-(414.81KB, 1024x856, 000qehxk.jpg)

File: 128214795615.jpg-(497.67KB, 600x800, 1280738989317.jpg)


Fuck, I love this.

File: 128231252536.jpg-(282.24KB, 1024x768, 000qr0bx.jpg)

File: 128232052312.jpg-(390.60KB, 1024x965, 000qqtbx.jpg)
fuck yeah

File: 12825080592.jpg-(394.96KB, 1024x768, 00008d1g.jpg)


you are a fucking goddess. their expressions are PERFECT. for the last few weeks i've thought that these drawings are some of the sexiest ones on /coq/ despite there being no cock involved. :D


I didn't draw them, but thanks anyways lol

It was jeredulevenin from the Toy Story slash community. (

File: 128299898575.png-(148.79KB, 1000x676, 12857543.png)

File: 128301800863.jpg-(181.52KB, 800x994, let_me_look_at_you_by_lily_fox-d2xg94i.jpg)
Not exactly porn, but lord almighty, that face.

Wow. Erm... Wow.

The only picture in the entire thread that hasn't freaked me right the fuck out. That and that comic about Sid being a creative little kid.

Also, this is a great picture, god damn.


I love how Lily-fox does the expressions. Always so realistic. Makes me happy. :D

God damn, that's awesome.


If somebody looked at me like that, hot damn, I would not be able to rip my clothes off fast enough for the sexyfuntimes that would surely ensue directly afterwards.

Lily-fox does some oh god hot with her expressions, and I appreciate it muchly. I am so glad she is in this fandom.

File: 128455874448.jpg-(283.17KB, 1024x768, 000r4s1s.jpg)

New thread: >>57906

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