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keep the awesomeness going!

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anyone know who the artist of this pic is?

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0dd, I think?

Dude, I think that's Namor


I think I'll have to agree with you; those ears belong to one person only.

A post Nazi-beating quickie, perhaps.

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D'aaaw, boys.

File: 127731290194.jpg-(906.09KB, 1280x1973, Avengers 01 (Shepherd-Megan-Joan) pg11.jpg)

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Armor bro-punch! Awwww!


.. who is that short blond guy?

The guy talking?
Steve Rodgers

I just noticed how I spelled Rogers

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File: 127733635675.jpg-(331.58KB, 566x662, beefcake.jpg)
Some sexy Tony for your thoughts?




Post-nazi beating? Nahh, they are totally doing it in between.

File: 127734832921.png-(164.28KB, 296x296, no_homo.png)


even better, they do it /on top/ on beaten nazis

Avengers #2. Pick it up~

Did we ever get Movieverse fic? Cause I'm all about that right now. There was some prompt from the last one; Cap does what Tony says because he respects his elders.... Or something. I'm butchering this, but you understand what I'm getting at, right?

File: 127735251445.jpg-(397.05KB, 1200x900, 1277134807931.jpg)

>>46016 Movie fic! From

Nine times out of ten, Tony doesn't have a plan for this sort of thing. It's not that he objects to plans, it's that he's good at winging it. Really good at winging it. So he didn't plan on standing in the middle of his office at ten to ten on a Wednesday night with his tongue in Steve's mouth and Steve's dick digging into his belly, but he is way more than willing to go with it.

When he starts backing them towards the couch, Steve says something that sounds suspiciously like, "You've got a meeting at nine," but obviously can't be because one, no one would ever schedule a meeting they actually thought he'd attend for nine in the fucking morning, and two, why the hell is Steve even trying to talk.

"Okay," Tony says, mostly so Steve won't think he's being ignored. "But keep kissing me."

Steve's laugh is warm and Tony bites playfully at his chin. The swat Steve aims at his ass in retaliation is equally playful, but like a switch tripped Tony's brain flips from light-hearted fun times before they head home to wanting something that'll keep them both working late.

Rising up on his toes, he nuzzles up to put his mouth close to Steve's ear. "Do that again."

Another laugh and another swat, both gently indulgent, and it's a good try but not good enough. Tony locks his arms around Steve's neck, body stretched out long and pressed snugly to Steve's front. "Do it again harder," he clarifies.

Steve's head shifts a fraction, not enough space for him to actually turn, and there's a moment of silence that says he's thinking about it. "How hard?"

That wasn't the question Tony had been expecting. His pulse kicks up a notch. "Just harder."

It's not a great answer and Tony doesn't really figure on Steve going for it, so the noise the slap of Steve's hand to his ass jolts out of him is pretty much all surprise. The angle's awkward, the difference in their heights making it hard for Steve to really reach the meat of his ass. He rocks up high on his toes just in time for the next one to land square on one cheek, loud and only a little stinging.

"C'mon, back up," Tony says, his lips grazing the pulse jumping in Steve's neck. "Put me over the couch so you can really give it to me."

Backing up one step, then two, Steve says, "You're serious."

"You're always saying I can be a brat sometimes." The couch is right there but Steve doesn't move. "So haul down my pants and spank me like one."

The hitch in Steve's breath isn't quite a laugh. As hands settle on his hips and Steve sits down, Tony's still pretty sure the dirty little fantasy playing out in his head isn't going to come true. Almost one hundred percent sure right up until the moment Steve unzips his slacks and pushes both them and his shorts straight down past his knees. He toes off his shoes and wriggles his way out of his socks in a hurry, ready to fling himself right over Steve's knee.

"Not like that," Steve says, sinking lower against the cushions and catching him before he can stretch out. "Straddle my lap so I can touch you."

Tony's insides do a fancy three-point twist as he braces a hand on Steve's chest and settles down. "Sounds good to me," he says, and gathers up his shirt and jacket to tug them up out of the way as he drapes himself over Steve's shoulder. The slight pressure against his ribs and the wide spread of his knees does almost as much for him as a good round of foreplay; the graze of Steve's palm over his bare ass sends it rocketing straight past the bar.

He's so caught up in the anticipation of the smack of Steve's hand that his skin is already tingling long before it lands. It even stings this time and he sucks in a breath that's more of a laugh. "I'm good," he says, before Steve can ask. "Go again."

Steve's mouth brushes his side, light and ticklish. "The same or harder?"

"Little bit harder," Tony says as he tries to scoot closer. He jerks forward as Steve strikes him again, letting loose with a moan when the head of his cock catches on the soft cotton of Steve's shirt. There's no time to tell Steve that's the way he wants it before another crack rings loud in his ears, half a second delay between it and the burn that sparks to life on his skin. Anybody else would be working overtime to get in a swing half as hard as that in a position like this, but of course Steve can pack a wallop either way.

"You'll have to tell me when you've had enough," Steve says, pausing to rub away the sting before another slap brings it roaring back.

Tony nods, wriggling a hand down between them to fist his cock. Pure pleasure shoots through him at exactly the same moment Steve goes again, and it's like the smack knocks his nerves completely out of whack, pleasure going right off the rails. He bites at the meat of his forearm, not trying to stifle his groan but needing some extra way to let everything rattling around inside him out.

He hears Steve asking him something but he hasn't got a clue what. It's the same thing every single time he gets Steve to do something Captain fucking America has no good business doing: he gets so caught up in it the rest of the world just vanishes. "Didn't catch that," he says, squeezing at his cock as fingers skim close to his hole. His body snaps highwire taut. "Fuck, yes. Right there."

Steve's hands circle back to spread the cheeks of his ass, dry fingers skipping over the clench of his hole. His breaths go short, sharp, and then stop entirely as he waits for it. Three seconds in he starts to tremble from the effort of holding so perfectly still, his lungs already aching. "Come on," he says on the tail end of moan, clutching hard at the back of the couch. "Slap me. Give me a really good one."

There's a few second's delay before Steve warns, "It'll hurt," but not in that way where he means he's just not going to do it, end of story, full stop, so Tony's better off saving his breath.

"Yeah, a little, and it's gonna be fucking amazing. Go light and fast, and don't stop until I'm bright fucking pink."

That gets a sugar sweet noise out of Steve. The first one lands off to the side, a goddamn tease and a preview all at once, and Tony leaves off playing with his cock in favour of really paying attention. That lasts about as long as his best intentions usually do when Steve keeps deliberately missing by that fucking much. All he can hear is the high-pitched slap of skin on skin, the flat of Steve's hand sharp and stinging and not slowing down one bit.

He's smack in the middle of telling Steve c'mon, hurry up, do it, trying to goad him into it even though that never fucking works, when a slap dead-centre bullseye sends a thin cry cutting right through his words. Steve's shoulder drives into his gut as he jolts forward but he's scrambling up less than a second later, his chest skidding down the cushions as he twists at an awkward angle to get his ass higher.

The sudden silence settles on Tony's back as heavy and muffling as a stuffy wool blanket. He stays where he is, concentrating on the steady pound of his heart, the reactor pulsing in time with it and the air he drags into his lungs is thick and crackling like the case is cracked and he's bleeding energy into the atmosphere. His ass is burning, feels red-hot and over-sensitive, and the lightest brush of Steve's fingers across one cheek and down over his hole has him squirming.

"Still not enough for you, is it," Steve says, hushed and only a little wondering. The best Tony's got for an answer is a shiver and another moan, but that's all it takes. A flurry of sharp-edged smacks sends Tony spiralling high and he can't keep still, doesn't want to fuck up Steve's aim but he can't help it.

Steve locks an arm around him to hold him in place and that's it, he's done for; nobody in their right fucking mind could keep it together in the face of being held down like that. He fumbles at the zip on Steve's jeans, the image of his come streaked bright white over Steve's dick the only thing that lets him hang on long enough to get in and haul it out.

He loses it about two point five seconds after that, one hand roughly tugging on his cock and the other wrapped probably too tightly around Steve's. Not even bothering to catch his breath, he slithers down off the couch to land in a boneless, half-naked heap between the spread of Steve's legs, his hands clumsy and his mouth sloppy when he gets it on the mess he's made. He licks up what he can between sucking on Steve's cock and nuzzles at his balls, and the brief thought of getting a mouthful of come is overshadowed by the thrill of not giving Steve a chance to back out of shooting on his face.

Maybe Steve still gives it a try, maybe he doesn't, Tony's kind of being an asshole and not listening to anything coming out of Steve's mouth that isn't some form of moan, groan or demand for more. The first shot ends up on his tongue anyway and he pulls back, tilts his face up and a little to the side to let Steve's come spill over his mouth and down his chin, thick smears of it clinging to his goatee and dripping down to spatter on his loosened tie.

He settles into a self-satisfied slump against Steve's thigh, come cooling on his face and his ass still hot and throbbing. So what if he didn't plan on going to that meeting anyway, now he's got the very good excuse of a tanned hide to keep him out of the boardroom. The hem of his jacket brushing it feels like tiny little pins poking him, there's no way he's sitting in a chair for at least seventeen hours.

Steve shifts and there's a quiet rustling noise before a tissue smelling vaguely of aloe rubs against his cheek. Not opening his eyes, he says, "You're going to get fuzzies in my beard."

"Better a few of those on your face when you walk out of here than something else," Steve says, trying for admonishing but only managing fondly exasperated.

"They've seen worse."

"Not from me they haven't," Steve says, tiling his chin up to swipe at a thin trickle that somehow made it as far as his throat.

A slow grin takes over Tony's face as he lazily opens his eyes. "By the way, that was awesome. You know, in case you somehow missed that part where I came like a freight train. Wait, no, of course you didn't. You were on the tracks right behind me."

File: 127754258377.jpg-(146.13KB, 580x384, declarationofposession.jpg)
The front page has gotten a little weird and this is way too far back.

File: 127754740672.png-(603.55KB, 768x1765, 0019y3f4.png)

Fighting over power is sexy.


fffffff now i really need powerplay fic


I think we should talk about this powerplay idea. I think we should talk about it A LOT.


In depth, in detail. Inspire a writefag today!


Like, I can easily imagine Downey and Evans like this, but seeing the actual pictures will make it even hotter

bumpity bump my fav OTP

File: 127839306913.jpg-(438.92KB, 900x880, 1277227414392.jpg)


>oh gosh.


File: 127842709872.png-(261.82KB, 450x1000, 1277083121001.png)
Why you keep on watching porn Tony?
Isn't Steve enough for you? D:

hello old art!
hey, um. any outstanding drawfag prompts? you may yet entice me back into this fandom.

Oh ye mighty insomniac, have you read the Civil
War parody? It was filled with hillarious concepts.
I especially treasure the one about Steve and his

y'know, i've heard of it, but not read it. got a link, by any chance?

Here you go:


Oh my God. Steve having "My Humps" stuck in his head. That alone made me love this.

File: 127846178187.jpg-(58.29KB, 383x624, 1277647723610.jpg)
my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump
my lovely little lump

Erm, ok, not that little. Which is good<3

Of course I would blank out on all my silly ideas when you're actually asking for prompts. Here's one: Steve standing and holding the IM helmet... hands free!


you've killed me. killed. me. i think I'd PAY to SEE THIS.


Eeeehhh I don't know. That ass is saying "Please fuck me" but his face tells a whole different story.

...I would risk it though.

Oh, and I just might try my hand at writefagging to fill your prompt on the Boostle thread. Just saying.


Kind of like 'fuck me and risk my asscheeks of super soldier steel ripping it off' right?


Yeah, something like that.

...I still believe that maybe, just maybe, it would be worth it.

Who am I kidding?

Rough translation: "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING/LOOKING AT". He's...asking something though.

All I'm seeing is Starsky and Hutch meeting the dude in jail.

Dear Drawfags, Writefags or Whateverfags.

I just want to see/read Steve doing this for Tony

Can it be possible?

Can it?

Is crack-fic acceptable? If so, I have this completely covered.

OP here, Crackfic is completely acceptable and appreciated.
I actually have a hard time picturing differently, so yeah...



I don't know about pole dance but...

File: 127872930395.png-(285.70KB, 605x855, 001e35pp.png)

File: 127872939526.png-(464.50KB, 691x922, 001pg21z.png)


In that case, here is what I came up with. It's not much in the way of actual dancing, but I hope you like it.

At first, Tony didn’t bother looking up from his laptop when he heard the elevator announcing Steve’s arrival at the Avengers’ living quarters. People came and went all the time, after all, and he was thoroughly engrossed in his whatever he was doing, a half-empty coffee mug sitting cold and forgotten at his elbow. Really, though, the way his hair was sticking up in random patches said it all, and Steve began to suspect that he hadn’t moved from that spot in several hours. Sure enough, when he walked around the table to sit in the adjacent chair, Steve found a large “Kick Me” sign taped to his lover’s back. He rolled his eyes and peeled it off before he sat down. “Hey, Tony.”

Tony’s head whipped to the side suddenly, his face revealing complete ignorance of Steve’s presence until that moment. “Uh, hi,” he said, his voice slightly distorted from prolonged disuse. “When did you get back?”

“Just now,” Steve responded. “Although I’m pretty sure I could have sat here for hours without you noticing.”

“I choose to ignore that,” said Tony as he shut the laptop and tipped his head back, rubbing his face with his hands. After a moment, he turned towards Steve and peeked at him through his fingers. “Where’d you go, anyway? You were already gone when I got up this morning.”

“Oh, nowhere special,” he lied, suddenly fascinated by the grain of the wood table top. The swirls did make nice patterns, but he could practically feel Tony’s disbelieving expression without looking at it.

“Your ears are pink,” Tony pointed out simply. “You know what a bad liar you are, right?” Steve did know, but that didn’t mean that telling the truth was necessarily the best alternative. He continued to stare at the table, and Tony continued to stare at him. The pressure was far too much.

“I... I went to a class,” he mumbled, refusing to meet Tony’s gaze.

“What, like, a martial arts class or something?”

“Not exactly,” Steve admitted. He was careful to look off to one side and rubbed his neck awkwardly. He could feel his face getting hot.

“Steve,” Tony began slowly, turning towards him. “What kind of class did you go to?”

“It’s a dance class,” he said with somewhat greater confidence. At least he wasn’t making things up anymore.


“A, um...” How was he supposed to say this? He wasn’t even sure if this sort of thing had existed before the war. “It’s a... a pole dancing class.” An uncomfortable silence began to grow then. Slowly, cautiously, he shifted his gaze to Tony’s face, and found something unexpected there.

Tony was staring at him, that much he had anticipated. What he hadn’t anticipated was the way the corner of Tony’s mouth was twitching upwards into a devious sort of grin. The kind of grin he’d only seen on the nuttiest of villains.

“How long have you been taking this class?” he asked.

“A few months? I’m not sure, it--it all started because I lost a bet, but the guys there were really friendly, and, well, I kind of like it.” Steve really wanted to go back to staring at the table, but Tony’s face was far too fascinating at this point. “Tony, what--”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about your new hobby,” Tony said. He probably meant to be reassuring, but the wicked smile plastered to his face severely undermined the effort. “I just, um, remembered something I have to do.” A moment later, he was gone.

After his conversation with Tony, Steve spent most of the day trying not to look anyone in the eye. Whatever Tony had suddenly remembered to do, it had kept him busy until that evening, when he came into the gym to look for Steve. He was still smiling, but in a far less maniacal manner, which Steve found comforting.

“Hey, sexy,” Tony addressed him, tossing Steve’s towel and water bottle in his direction. “Got something to show you.”

“Oh yeah?” he said, starting to towel himself off. “Let me hit the showers, and I’ll come look.”

“No need,” Tony said in an excited tone that meant he had done something he was exceptionally proud of. “Just come with me.” With that, he seized Steve’s arm and dragged him out of the room.

The next thing Steve knew, they were standing in their bedroom with the door closed behind them, and he was attempting to determine what the exciting new thing was. “So... what did you want to show me?” he asked. Then he caught a glimpse of light that shouldn’t have been able to exist in the shadows. Behind him, Tony flicked on the lights to reveal a gleaming metallic pole, newly erected directly in front of the large bed. “Is that what I think it is?”

“You bet it is,” Tony said, beaming. “Had it installed after our little chat this morning. What do you think?”

Steve glanced from the pole, to the bed, to Tony. An idea sprang into his head unbidden, and he impulsively decided to run with it. “I think it’s about time I did a private dance recital.”


Steve will do the weirdest things if the people involved are nice enough.

File: 127875196676.jpg-(546.41KB, 1280x1968, SR-SS_001_019.jpg)
Has anyone read Steve Rogers Super Soldier #1?

Steve is totally rocking that new costume.

File: 127875201481.jpg-(587.52KB, 1280x1991, SR-SS_001_020.jpg)

Aaahhhh I know! Every page had me going "damn he's sexy in that".




Awww, thanks Anon.


my thoughts exactly.

Work Text:Every morning, when Tony shuffled from the kitchen with his coffee cup clasped to his chest, he took a detour to pass Steve's bedroom, just in case. Usually, the door stood open to reveal a neatly made bed and a bright, disappointingly empty room, because Steve was a busy man. On those days, Tony would give the room a mournful look and carry his coffee back to his room to continue the painful waking-up process.

Today being Sunday, when even very busy men had fewer demands on their time, Steve sat cross-legged in the middle of his (neatly made) bed, reading a book. With the sunshine lighting up his hair and the white sheets and pale wood floor, the whole scene looked like an advertising spread out of Better Homes and Gardens. Steve managed to make even sweatpants and t-shirt look devastating; unfair when Tony was wearing the same and looked like a hobo. Probably the book was something improving as well.

Tony smoothed his terry robe in an attempt to look slightly less disreputable before he realised it was hopeless, and just slumped against the doorframe, taking a slurp of his coffee. The rich flavour clashed vilely with the mint of his toothpaste; Steve looked up in time to catch the face he made, and smiled. He had the smugly virtuous air of a man who got up at seven on a Sunday, went for a run, took a shower, and ate a balanced and nutritious breakfast. It made Tony very conscious of the fact he was scruffy and dishevelled and probably looked like the daylight was hurting him; but despite all that Steve looked pleased to see him.

Tony ambled towards the inviting smile, and made the effort to not just fall over into Steve's lap. He sat down next to him instead, and Steve put an arm round his waist and kissed his cheek.

"I haven't shaved," Tony said apologetically; he should shave before trying to see Steve, but shaving before coffee tended to end in blood, and if he went back to his room to shave and then came out again just to walk past Steve's door it would look obvious and rather foolish. He lived with Steve, after all. They were dating. He didn't need to manufacture meetings with him.

Steve kissed him again, rasping against the grain of his stubble, and Tony shivered.

"I think it's kind of sexy," Steve murmured, which was nice of him. A gentle bite on the tender spot under his jaw, and Tony waved his coffee cup in the direction of the nightstand; Steve took it from his hand and Tony lost interest in it, focusing on snuggling closer. He should probably try and say something intelligent or charming, but it was early and Steve smelled distractingly good. A surreptitious glance around offered no conversation starters; he couldn't quite make out the title of the book, there was nothing new to say about the photo of Steve and Bucky that sat on the dresser, Steve's shield was still Steve's shield. There really wasn't much of interest in Steve's bedroom, apart from the man himself, who was trailing kisses down Tony's neck, which was very interesting and made Tony feel slightly liquid in the knee area.

A tiny moan slipped out as Steve nibbled gently. He tipped his head to allow Steve's mouth better access, and stared vaguely at the blank wall and plain white curtains. Featureless, that's what they were. Didn't Steve find it dull? Maybe Tony should buy him a picture to hang.

"Why are you glaring at my curtains like that?" Steve sounded exasperated, and the nibbling had stopped; Tony blinked at him.

"I, uh. I. Bright light?" he tried, and Steve's smile returned, fond.

"You're such a disaster in the mornings." He stood to pull the curtains, and Tony prudently re-belted his robe, which Steve had managed to open without him noticing. Steve knelt in front of him and took his hands. "Better?"

"Much." Tony squeezed his hands. "Do you like your curtains?"

"They're curtains." Steve's eyebrows arched. "I don't really have feelings about them either way."

"Just, if you don't like them we can get you some different ones," he said earnestly. Steve grinned at him as if he were talking nonsense, but really, the curtains were just symptomatic of the fact Steve didn't have enough awesome stuff in his life, and he didn't even seem to mind. Steve shouldn't have to settle for inferior curtains. "Any kind you like."

"Okay, Tony. I'll bear that in mind." He scuffled forward on his knees, fitting himself between Tony's legs, and Tony let go of his hands in favour of wrapping his arms around Steve's shoulders and kissing him.

Steve's kisses always felt happy; a silly way to describe a kiss, but nothing else quite covered the way he made snuffling noises and tried to tug Tony even closer, and the way he didn't just close his eyes, he scrunched them up tight like he was concentrating really hard on the kisses. Steve had other noises, too, when Tony nibbled at his lip or sucked on his tongue, deeper, growly noises that reverberated through Tony's chest and down his spine and made him want to spread his legs wider, urge Steve closer.

Instead of doing those things, Tony broke away and took a deep breath.

"The door's open," he said, and pushed Steve back on to his heels. Steve smiled up at him.

"Close it, then." Tony hesitated for moment, knowing he should refuse, tell Steve he had to be somewhere - at 9am on a Sunday, sure - but it was too early to fight long against that inviting smile, and he got up to shut the door. "And lock it," Steve added, and Tony obeyed.

When he turned back, Steve had settled himself on the bed in a pose that had to be studied; no-one could look quite that enticing without putting some serious effort in. Tony glanced at the little bedside clock, and promised himself five whole minutes of making out; then he had to send Steve off to basketball or whatever it was he did on Sunday mornings.

He sat on the edge of the bed, not wanting to crowd Steve, but Steve apparently had his own views on that and just looped an arm around his waist and lifted Tony right over on top of him. That was nice, very nice, the feel of Steve's body under him, warm hands smoothing over his hair and down his spine. He loved being touched by Steve, the way his hands just seemed to transmit tenderness, and Tony kept his mouth slow and gentle as they kissed.

It was difficult to keep it slow, though, when Steve's tongue traced the wet seam of their lips, slipped past Tony's teeth. Even more difficult when Steve gripped the back of Tony's neck to keep him in place, breathing heavily through his nose. When Steve spread his legs so Tony could slide between them and rub just a little bit - the robe was getting in the way, tangling them, and he didn't object when Steve yanked it free and tossed it on to the floor.

Much easier to get close now, Steve's arms wrapped tight round Tony's waist, hands sneaking under his t-shirt to stroke the dip of his back. Tony was just a tiny bit ticklish there; the gentle touch made him wriggle, which made Steve groan. He broke the kiss, and pulled on Tony's shirt.

"Take this off," he ordered, and Tony scrambled it over his head as Steve pulled his own shirt free. Skin on skin made the whole thing inexpressibly better; Steve was hot and smooth everywhere, muscles shifting under his skin in a way Tony would have killed to be able to duplicate in metal. The noises and the movements, and Steve was just amazing, his whole body writhing under Tony's touches, and Tony slid his hands down over his belly, up his flanks, nuzzled into his neck. He bit Steve's shoulder and licked his nipples and dug his nails into Steve's bowed spine while Steve gasped yes and please and Tony.

Tony pulled back, blinking sweat out of his eyes, and tried to form his thoughts into something coherent; Steve made a displeased noise and dragged him down again, sucked gently at his neck and made him whine. Steve had absolutely no mercy, and he just used the neck thing against Tony. It really made it very difficult to show any restraint. He finally wrenched himself free and flopped over on to his back; Steve just rolled over on top of him and leaned in, and Tony put a hand on his broad chest, between pink nipples still damp from his mouth.

"Hey - don't you play basketball with Luke and Peter on Sundays?" Tony tried for lightness, but his voice came out ragged. He swallowed, and tried again. "You'll be late." He licked his dry lips; Steve's eyes dropped to the movement and he tried for another kiss, but Tony held him back. Steve frowned.

"I told them I couldn't make it today." He took Tony's hand and nuzzled the palm, and Tony scrabbled for an alternative.

"Ah. Well, I told Hank - "

"Hank's taken Jan to see the new ant exhibit at the zoo," Steve interrupted.

"Again?" Tony swallowed a moan as Steve's tongue teased the sensitive skin between his fingers.

"They like it. Hulk's gone with them, apparently he's helping to move the elephants into new quarters?" A broad lick over his palm, a bite at the pad of his thumb. "I didn't ask questions. And Storm and Thor have gone storm-chasing, no pun intended." Steve peeped out from behind Tony's hand, amusement gleaming in his eyes. Tony narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

"Wolverine?" and Steve batted his eyelashes.

"I gave him fifty bucks and told him not to come back before three."

"You planned this?" Steve's smug grin was answer enough. "Okay, uh, what if something - "

"The Fantastic Four say they'll only call us if there's a real emergency." He laid Tony's hand down, and put his own hand flat on Tony's chest, just below the arc reactor. Tony was... well, unless he could induce a medical emergency, he wasn't leaving. Which meant he was at Steve's mercy.

Oh, the hardship.

"So... what did you have planned?"

Steve trailed his fingers downwards. Tony held his breath as Steve traced his navel, and then tucked his fingers in the waistband of Tony's sweats.

"Take these off."

"You know, we don't have to do anything you're not totally comfortable with," Tony said tentatively, and Steve nodded.

"Yes, I know. You've been quite clear on the subject. I am totally comfortable with nudity right now."

"I wouldn't want you to regret anything."

"That's sweet of you." Steve tugged firmly, and Tony lifted his hips and let Steve strip him. He stared up at the ceiling as the mattress shifted under him, hearing what was certainly the sound of Steve's pants joining his on the floor, and then he could feel warm skin sliding over his and Steve's face appeared, which was an improvement on the ceiling.

"Hi," Steve said, and Tony gave him a sheepish grin.

"Hi yourself." Tony kept his hands folded on his belly, and his eyes fixed on Steve's face, as Steve looked him over with interest. Steve's hands traced slow patterns over his ribs, roughening Tony's breath; he tried to force it even, and failed utterly when Steve's mouth followed his fingers with warm open kisses that left Tony's skin damp and tingling. Tongue dipping into the line of Tony's abs, which weren't anything like Steve's but were fine, really, and he didn't have to feel self-conscious because he wasn't meant to be the peak of human perfection, and Tony resolutely did not suck his gut in, just let Steve lick and pet him.

He almost whimpered when Steve's hand closed around his dick.

"You don't have to -" he had to stop as Steve stroked him, slow and careful. He was staring intently at his hand moving on Tony's dick, lips slightly parted, and Tony was suddenly sure if he asked for Steve's mouth, he'd get it, awkward but enthusiastic, and Tony wanted that. Instead, he put up a hand to cup Steve's cheek. "You don't - "

"Tony, I know," Steve said in an irritated tone, and he pushed up the bed and stopped Tony's next attempt at protest with a kiss. Tony groaned helplessly and bucked into his hand, opened his mouth for Steve's tongue, and Steve made an encouraging noise, gripped him harder, forcing more desperate noises out of him. He'd been wanting this so long, and he'd been trying so hard to be patient. He just wanted Steve's first time to be right. He just - Jesus, he was going to come any moment. He grabbed for Steve's hand and pulled it away, lifted it to his mouth and kissed the palm, and then sucked in a finger. Steve growled and pressed against him, blanketing him with all that warm sleek skin, and wow, he was really hard.

"We, uh - " Tony tried very hard to think of something to say that wasn't 'take me now'. He shut his eyes tight, and counted off all the excellent reasons that Steve should wait a little while longer for what was really quite an important step, and finally fell back on cliche. "Are you quite sure you're ready for this?"

"Really, really ready," Steve said, Steve growled. "In fact, I'd say I was ready three weeks ago when I tried to get your pants open in the Ferrari."

"It is a very sexy car," Tony opened his eyes and tried a smile. "I just - "

"I felt pretty ready last week, when I caught you just out of the shower and you ran away saying you'd left the oven on?"

"Uh - "

"Or two days ago, when I was so ready I went to sleep naked in your bed and you very considerately slept on the couch." Steve was almost glaring. Tony patted him on the hip, and reached for a soothing, diplomatic tone of voice.

"I just don't want you to feel pressured. I know this is very different from the time you grew up in -"

"And one of the things I love about it is that it's okay to have sex. Which I would like to do." Steve's scowl deepened, and Tony patted him again.

"I just - your first time should be special." He fixed his eyes on the hollow of Steve's throat, the faint sheen of sweat there. "Mine, uh, wasn't really very - I mean, I liked it - she was actually after tech secrets, so I felt pretty stupid. Industrial espionage, you know how it is."

"I love you," Steve said, and Tony looked back up at him. He wasn't scowling any more, at least. "I want to be with you, and I want to have sex with you. A lot."

"Steve," Tony stopped, and then lifted his head; Steve gave him a brief kiss, but then he pulled away and looked expectant. "I, uh, me too, I - want. All that. I just think - "

"Really?" Steve looked - his lip was pouting out, his eyes were creasing up a little, he looked - Tony hadn't seen that expression in months. Steve looked unhappy. Because Tony wouldn't - "Because it's all right if - if this isn't something you want, we can - just - "

"I want to!" said Tony loudly. "I really do. I do, I do, Jesus Steve, I want it more than anything, right now is fine." How had he - Steve was unhappy, Tony had made him unhappy, somehow he'd managed to do the wrong thing despite all his care.

"You can just tell me - " Steve took a deep breath. "Tony, it's okay if you don't want me, you don't have to - " Still with that awful expression, and Tony slung an arm round Steve's neck and kissed him, hard, licking into his mouth when he gasped. He dragged his nails down Steve's back and grabbed his ass and ground their hips together, and then he got a handful of Steve's hair and went after his neck, planting bites all up the thick cord of muscle.

"I want you," he breathed into Steve's ear, and sucked on the lobe, hard. "I want you so much, Steve, please."

"Tony," slow and deep like it was an effort, and Tony rolled his hips, and made the words stutter in his mouth. "I, oh."

"C'mon Steve," and Tony could feel the flutter in his chest like the beginning of a heart attack, uncertain terror because he was actually going to do this with Steve, now, and if he screwed it up, screwed up him and Steve - "Come here, let me touch you, you feel so good." Phrases smooth and worn with overuse, and they tasted stale in his mouth however much he wanted them to be meaningful, this time. Steve was far too good for Tony's second-hand words, but he sighed and smiled as if they were perfect and new; Tony was too selfish to tell him he deserved better. Instead he got a hand to Steve's cock, and stroked him fast to drive his thoughts away, wipe the last traces of doubt from his eyes; surely, if there was one thing he could do, it was convince Steve he was loved.

Steve responded wholly to his touch, no hesitation in the way he pushed into Tony's hands. He tracked clumsy kisses down Tony's throat, palms skimming over his skin fast, like he couldn't slow down long enough to touch properly. His breath sped into hitched gasps, a flush mounting on his throat and chest as he put his face down in the pillow, and Tony turned to kiss his reddened cheek. Close, the way his muscles strained at nothing showed how close he was already, and Tony insinuated his other hand between Steve's thighs, rubbed slow and firm at the tender place behind his balls; Steve stopped breathing, body rigid, one, two seconds - then warmth spilled over Tony's belly, and Steve let out a long groan, muscles slackening and letting his weight down onto Tony.

"That's right, so good," muttered Tony into Steve's ear. "Good, you're so good." Steve opened his eyes and grinned; he was blushing a deep red, but his smile was blinding, and he kissed Tony, soft quick kisses without shutting his eyes, looking at Tony all fond and sweet.

"That is so much better than doing it on my own," he said, and Tony could feel a big stupid grin on his face. He wriggled his hands free, grabbed Steve's head and held him still for a deeper kiss, but Steve pulled away after only a few seconds. He dug under the pillow and came up with a tube of lubricant, and his gaze didn't lift from Tony's fingers while he smeared them slick.

"Want something?" Tony brushed his lips over Steve's cheekbone, and Steve still wouldn't look at him, just pushed Tony's hand back towards his rear. He traced down over Steve's tailbone, down the crease of skin and stroked him, carefully, spreading the slickness around. Nervousness kept his fingers circling and teasing a little longer, but Steve made a soft hopeful noise and arched his back, and Tony had pretty much given up on saying no to him. His body yielded easily to gentle pressure, and he let out his breath in a long sigh, eyes falling shut as Tony worked his finger gently in and out. Tony picked the tube from his lax hand; it was already half used up.

"What have you been using this for?" he said, and Steve's lips curved.

"Practice," and the twist of arousal that sent through Tony's gut was almost painful.

"You mean - "

"My fingers. While I, when I'm - you know." He pinked a little, like talking about jerking off while Tony had a finger up his ass was somehow a step too embarrassing. "I can get them in pretty deep, I'm flexible, but it's not as good as this, as you." And that was reassuring to hear, but, uh.

"You're going to let me watch you do that sometime, right?" Tony's voice was just this side of pleading, and Steve smiled wider.

"Anything you want. I can take two easy, you know." He wriggled his hips encouragingly, and Tony took a careful breath, keeping a tight grip on his self-control.

"No rush," he said, although his dick was making him a liar, twitching against Steve's hot skin. "Oh, Steve."

"It feels great. More, please?" He squirmed again, and Tony took a moment to slick his fingers up again before trying two. He listened for a catch of pain in Steve's breathing, any sign of it in the tension of his body; but Steve just moaned and put messy kisses more or less on Tony's mouth.

Nothing but pleasure and want, even when he added a third finger; Steve arched his back and rode Tony's fingers and Tony tried not to hump his thigh because that would last all of twenty seconds. Steve very clearly wanted to be fucked, and Tony wasn't going to disappoint him. He made sharp noises when Tony rubbed at his prostate, and his cock jerked and his hands fisted in the sheets; he pushed back hard and when Tony dragged his fingers out he made a raw sound of disappointment.

"What - why - " he gave Tony a bewildered look, and Tony squeezed his thigh.

"I want to be inside you," he said, and watched incomprehension fade into anticipation. "Let me get a condom - you do have - "

"Yeah," and Steve reached under the pillow again and pressed a packet into his hand. Tony swallowed, a sudden flutter of nervousness in his throat; this was all so simple, and it shouldn't be this easy, just to want Steve and to have him. Nothing worthwhile was ever easy.

"How do you - like this, or - "

"On my back," Steve said firmly, and rolled them over, settling Tony between those gorgeous muscular thighs. "Come on, I - I really want it." His cheeks were flushed, eyes dark, something out of Tony's fantasies. Somehow he'd never really expected to see it in the flesh. "Please, Tony."

"Just - " his hands were fumbling on the condom packet, lube making it hard to get a hold. He finally managed to get it open, and then slid it carefully over his dick, trying to ignore the insistent nudging of Steve's heel at his thigh. "All right, I'm going to - tell me if it hurts, okay? It should be - " Did they need more lube? No, he'd used plenty, Steve was wet and relaxed, he just needed to - Tony adjusted his grip, hesitated again, suppressed the urge to ask him one last time if he was sure. Gently, carefully - Steve shuddered, and he froze. "All right?"

"Yes, yes." Steve's fingers flexed on Tony's hips. "Please!" He tugged, and Tony eased in, as slowly as he could, felt Steve quiver and tense around him, felt the welcoming heat of him. Lower lip caught in his teeth for a second, and Tony stilled until he released it in a low groan.

"All right?" Tony said again, and he nodded, eyes squeezing shut. "Doesn't hurt?"

"It feels amazing." Steve gave him a dreamy smile and shifted a little, pulled his legs up around Tony's hips, letting him sink in deeper. "I want - " Steve's eyes opened, and he stared up at Tony before reaching up for a kiss, sloppy and deep.

Tony started to roll his hips, just small movements, and Steve dropped back to the pillows, moaning, throwing his arms out to claw at the sheets. The play of his muscles drew Tony's gaze, broad shoulders flowing into the sculpted curves of his chest, then down the ladder of his abs, flexing with each arch of his spine. The fine golden trail of hair to the hard cock that bounced with Tony's thrusts, a swelling droplet at the head, and Tony couldn't keep his hips from moving faster, pushing deeper, but it was all right because Steve was urging him on, rising to meet his thrusts, thighs spreading wider.

"It's good?" Tony knew the answer, but he wanted to hear Steve's voice, rough and breathless. Steve just blinked at him, wet lips parted, eyes hazy. Tony shifted his weight to one hand, rubbed his thumb over Steve's lower lip, and Steve tried to catch it in his mouth but missed. "Do you like it?"

"I - " Steve's eyes fell shut, and then opened again. "Please," and Tony laughed breathlessly, because this was good, it was working, Steve liked it, and Tony - Tony focused on stroking Steve's cheek, cupping his jaw, because he couldn't think right now about how good Steve's body felt around him, under him, or he'd - he focused on the movement of his thumb over Steve's skin.

"Come on, Steve," he coaxed. "Tell me you like it."

"I do, I do," he said fervently. "More, please, I need - " he clenched, then, inside; the tightness of him was a shock of pleasure and Tony shoved in almost roughly, drove a sharp cry of pleasure out of Steve's mouth, and another, and another. Tony couldn't slow down now, he needed - he needed Steve to come, with him, and he fumbled down towards his cock but Steve had hold of his hand and sucked two of Tony's fingers into his mouth and Jesus -

The sight of him, eyes closed, cheeks hollowed, and Steve just - sucked it out of him, he couldn't hold it off for a second, jerked into Steve's body with a desperate noise, but it was all right, because Steve was coming too, moaning around Tony's fingers, body squeezing down like a fist around Tony's dick.

It seemed like forever before Tony's brain reassembled itself into something willing to function; he felt like he should say something, maybe tell Steve he loved him, but he was pretty sure any attempt at words would end in failure and possibly drooling, so he just slumped down onto Steve - it was fine, he was a super-soldier, he could take it - and thought about passing out. Steve kissed his hair, stroked his back, and altogether everything was perfect.

After a few of the most enjoyable moments of Tony's life to date, he remembered about stickiness, and the myriad disadvantages to letting said stickiness dry while they were pressed together. He disentangled himself, and Steve made a surprised noise, and then blushed, as their bodies came apart.

"Oh, now you learn shame," Tony mumbled, and Steve sniggered, maybe even giggled. He looked happy, so happy, all wide eyes and blazing smile, and Tony had made him look like that.

"I love you," Steve said between giggles, and Tony shook his head and wondered if all the horrible things that had ever happened to him had maybe been to balance out this. "Come here."

"We should clean up." Tony found tissues under the pillow, god knew what else Steve had stashed under there, and he managed to get the worst of the mess swiped up before succumbing to Steve's wiles and letting himself be dragged into a tight embrace.

"Love you," he whispered into the curve of Steve's neck, and Steve let out a deep, satisfied sigh and hugged him tighter.

"Are you going to be this hard to get everytime, or was that just a first time thing?" he said. "Because I want to do that a lot."

"A lot," Tony assured him, because if Tony somehow, in defiance of all logic, was what made Steve happy then he could have all he wanted, as often as he wanted. Steve made another contented noise, and then wriggled about to pull the covers over them. Then he sat up to fiddle with his alarm clock, which Tony didn't like at all.

"You have to be somewhere?" he said a little plaintively, and Steve patted his head.

"We've still got hours." He settled back down, and Tony got an arm around him, then draped a leg over him for good measure. "I want to wake up in time to do it again."

"Oh," said Tony. That was... he could definitely do that. Maybe he'd just sleep in here tonight, in case Steve wanted another go. He was going to spend so much time having sex with Steve. Steve was going to forget his own name by the time Tony was done.

"Me on top," added Steve. "Inside you, I mean."

"Okay." Definitely okay. Tony yawned. "You know, you're like the pushiest virgin ever." He felt Steve's laugh more than he heard it.

"Not any more," he said, and really, he wasn't sure why Steve sounded smug when Tony had gotten so incredibly lucky, but he wasn't going to question it anymore.

Hey you guys! We've a tumblr!

File: 127883211794.jpg-(112.30KB, 580x279, Tony likes Steve's Nomad costume. (and he’s.jpg)


I would totally read Tony/Steve-as-Nomad costume sex.

File: 127883223027.jpg-(117.50KB, 500x620, Tony Stark suck my dick.jpg)

File: 12788420081.jpg-(214.44KB, 400x535, Stevetonycarryfly.jpg)
This one is so cute, I just love how when they go on missions Steve always flies with Tony.

Pffft hahaha

ffffff that is adorable. who drew it?

File: 127891367276.png-(1.02MB, 581x764, steve no one believes you.png)
Cap. Why you gotta be like that.


lol filename

File: 127898968098.jpg-(59.28KB, 456x704, Cap-Iron Man.jpg)
bffs for real.

File: 127911256714.png-(513.36KB, 1107x816, GuhStevetonyguhguh_by_Itsemurhapupu.png)
bump with cute.


Lol Steve's face! He looks so surprised to find Tony in his lap.

Anyone got a link to an active kink meme?

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old school gay


Captain Cross-dresser please?

File: 128043928683.jpg-(212.28KB, 535x728, batman-superman_1copy.jpg)
...Wrong kind of crossdressing?


That would be amazing!

File: 128045199442.jpg-(183.20KB, 725x1000, fuck-yeah-tony.jpg)

File: 128055570824.png-(168.42KB, 700x608, sketch4.png)

>Dat ass

It's amazing how modest Steve can be with such a scantily clad Tony hanging off of him

brb loving you forever

File: 128067389240.jpg-(82.39KB, 546x748, Kyon96 - Hip-hip.jpg)

That's a big old pile of should not want.

Avengers Prime #2 hit the shelves today. I just want to highlight some subtext.

In this issue of Avengers Prime, Tony, Thor, and Steve go off on their own adventures. In Steve's, he makes out with an Empathic Chick Who Reminds Him Of Wanda. Yeah, I know. But before he does, he says:

Steve: I just -- I didn't do enough for [Wanda]. I couldn't help her when she needed help. And now I -- I'm getting a chance at life. A third chance really and I - I think I maybe he making the same mistakes again. I'm fighting with my brothers when I feel nothing but love and respect for them. I stand my ground on principle when all I really want to do is -- Um, why am I pouring myself out like this?

Non!Wanda: That would be my doing, mortal. I am empathic. Don't be ashamed of your true feelings. They are quite beautiful.

So... What does Steve really want to do?


I-I bring you a fic. I'd love for you to g ive me concrit.And since english isn't my native language and my grammar is kinda skewed I'd like you to point out any and all mistakes you might find. It's also my first fic ever and I hope you like it.
And with Hill’s report the Avenger’s meeting had officially ended, for which Tony was very very glad. He was still sore from the battle, why had it to be always him the one to get sent through buildings first and the one to end up with the most injuries out of everyone? Oh yeah, his self-destructive nature, okay. Even so, he was supposed to be a heavy hitter not a heavily hit. Or maybe he did. Whatever, he was on the verge of a migraine again. He still had to go work on that electric car Stark Resilient is supposed to show at the 21-Green International Expo in Seattle and he had the most stubborn and hard assed people he could have found to work with him on it. Hopefully they could work without arguing too much today. Oh hell, who was he kidding? Of course they wouldn’t even start working without a fight over the specs for the car’s second matrix they supposedly had already settled on yesterday. Oh, and Pepper wanted Rescue upgraded. Of course she did. She hadn’t even liked the reactor arc the first time he put it on her to save her life! Rhodey had told him so. He’d never understand Pepper. He liked it that way anyway, it was more fun.
Tony was brought back from his thoughts by a hand settling on his left shoulder and, judging by the weight and strength of the grip, it could be only one person.
“Hey. You okay?”
“Steve. Oh, yeah, yeah. I’m--”Tony looked around to find no one besides them both in the room “—okay. I dozed off, didn’t I?”
“You’ve been working too much on too many things lately, Tony; you should take a break.” Steve cradled Tony’s head in his hands and gently lifted his face so they’d look each other in the eye.
Tony snorted. “Hi Pot. I’m kettle.” He waved half heartedly and smiled.
“I’m being serious.” Replied Steve with a frown.
“Me too.” Tony freed himself from Steve’s hands and stood up, suddenly angry and with yes, a full-on migraine. Great. He tried not to shout. He did. “You are the top dog now! Can you tell me that you are not overworking too?! No, right? But I don’t call you on it, do I? Because I understand how it is. You should---” Tony stopped. He really didn’t want to fight with Steve now. Ever since they came back from Hela’s asgardian hell he had been wonderfully, if sometimes a bit unnervingly, nice to him. More comprehending too. Maybe even a bit friendlier than before Extremis. And he did touch him a lot more than he ever remembered him doing. Tony wasn’t sure what to make out of that, though.
He expected Steve to retaliate, shout back at him, to get angry too. It had been a very stressing week, what with that Kang mess and everything else. He didn’t. Steve inhaled and exhaled slowly, as if mentally counting to ten before answering. “I don’t want to fight.” He said evenly.
“I don’t want to, either.” Replied Tony softly, massaging his head trying to lessen his migraine. Steve circled him with those big arms of his and… “Steve? Are you--- You are aware that this isn’t exactly a hug. Right?” embraced him. O-kay. It’s one of those weird, awkward moments again.
“Yes?” was Steve’s answer all the while he rested his head on Tony’s shoulder.
“This is… kind of weird, don’t you think? Did something happen between us after I made my back up memory that I should know about?” Tony didn’t move away but didn’t respond the embrace either. He never responded Steve’s odd touches and wow he sounded like one of those kids in one of those ads about good touch and bad touch. Oh please! This was Steve! Captain America! -never mind Bucky. He shouldn’t be thinking of this as something weird. It was just an innocent… embrace, not hug, embrace. Steve was nice like that. With everyone, surely. He hadn’t seen him embrace or touch the others the way he did to him but---
“We tried to kill each other.” Came the muffled reply. Was Steve nuzzling his hair? God, he was.
“Yeah and yet---” Tony grabbed Steve’s, whoa!, really big and toned arms and pushed him away just enough to look at him. There was a weird look on his face. His eyes were dark and intense on Tony.
“This isn’t normal, Steve.” He really tried to keep his voice level but he was kind of panicking and hoped it didn’t show. Steve’s face scrunched in confusion.
“I thought we talked about what happened in Hell. You said it was okay. That we were good? Remember? After we got out we talked.” He stroked Tony’s back soothingly.
“Humm, yes we did. But I think we are missing something.” Tony squirmed free and Steve let him go looking kind of dejected? Why, yes, Steve looked dejected. What had that talk had to do with anything anyway?
The whole ordeal as Tony remembers:
They got dragged to the Asgardian Hell with Thor in the midst of an argument about that damn Civil War thing. Tony’s armor was out and he was alone in some weird plains where he was captured by ogres and what seemed to be a dragon-man that tortured him and called him a pig -the monster!- until Thor’s impressive lighting gave him enough room to escape. He took most of his armor off so as to move faster until he arrived at a village where Steve greeted him with a big warm smile and open arms. He was half clothed and flushed which was a bit odd but Tony smiled back and waved. There was a woman who kind of reminded Tony of Wanda that gave them some food and drinks and stared at him whenever she thought he wasn’t looking, which was unsettling. From time to time she exchanged looks with Steve. Obviously they had slept together, Tony deduced. Then they were on their way to Thor.
There was a fight, there was lighting, there were some words from Thor and some words from Steve, some shutting up from Tony because he was putting his foot in his mouth and then they were, thank God, back to Earth.
Shortly after arriving at Stark Tower Steve asked to talk to him in private. This be the talk Steve was referring to.
“So about what happened in that hell’s village. Is it really okay with you?” asked Steve, a blush coloring his face as red as Tony’s armor. And well, wasn’t that weird? What problem would Tony have with Steve sleeping with a dead but admittedly very hot asgardian empath? He’d also sleep with her. Verily.
“Yeah? I don’t mind, really. I’m completely fine with it. You can even do a repeat if you find how to and if so you like. I mean, well, I would want to do a repeat too.” Tony was really tired and he still had to meet up with Pepper to figure out what to do about his wrecked and bankrupt life. He wanted for this talk to be over soon. It just didn’t make sense, really, to talk about something so mundane like a one night stand with some hell’s stranger –okay, not so mundane but still pretty inconsequential in Tony’s opinion- yet Steve had looked so serious when dragging him out to the kitchen to talk about it. He was just kind of beaming now, though. Beaming at him. Okay, this was obviously very important for Steve so Tony decided to indulge him.
“I know this is pretty big for you and seriously, whatever you need, whenever you need it, I’ll be here. I’ll help you out.” Said Tony sincerely and Steve looked utterly happy. Tony smiled.
“So we are good. It’s okay to pursue this, right? This relationship. ” Steve blue eyes were so blue, so earnest.
“Yep. Fine with me. See where it goes and all that. We are good.” Nodded Tony in agreement and felt himself blush for some reason he couldn’t figure out. Maybe it was Steve’s elated gaze on him. His big smile. He felt as if it had been years since being the recipient of such an honestly cheerful smile from him. Maybe it had. Tony rubbed his closing eyes and yawned, actually yawned, which surprised him.
“You should go get some sleep Tony, you are still recovering.” Advised Steve caressing his face. “I’ll come over later. Okay?” What? Tony must’ve been really tired because that last thing sounded---whatever. “Sure.” He answered. Maybe he’d sleep a few minutes before Pepper came looking out for him. A hand petted his hair. It felt nice. “Go to sleep. Now.”
“Yeah, yeah. See you later Steve.” Was what Tony finally managed to say before waving a weak goodbye and turning around to walk towards the closest thing to a bed he could find. He ended up sleeping on one of the sofas in the living room until Pepper’s voice calling his name woke him up.

After that Steve smiled at him a lot more and the touching started. Incident in the hall later that day aside, it all seemed normal. Maybe they should have that talk again? It was kind of cryptic now that he thought about it. And o-kay, that hand shouldn’t be doing that there.
“Listen Steve,” Tony removed the offending hand from his ass and gave it back to its owner. “I’m happy we are on good terms again and you’ve been very understanding and supportive towards me, all things considered. But I don’t think I’m quite comfortable with this, uh, closeness. Should we have that talk again? Just to clear out some things that I seem to be missing, really.” Geez, that face Steve was making now sure made him feel like the bad guy of the story. Even so, Tony took a step back to get some breathing space. Steve was too close and it made him feel hot in some inappropriate places.
“I understand. I’m going too fast, isn’t it? It’s okay. I’m sorry.” Steve looked at him sheepishly with a shy smile on his blushing face. “It’s just that I thought, well, given your, ah, reputation, I thought you’d be more open, more aggressive yet I find myself being the pushy one while you are so passive.” He scratched the back of his head. Tony’s eyes widened. He decidedly wasn’t getting it. What was Steve insinuating? He seemed to notice the bewilderment that Tony wasn’t bothering to hide on his face. “Not that I don’t find it endearing,” he added hastily “But, well, you said you’d want a repeat and both of us have been so busy with Avengers and non Avengers stuff that we’ve hardly had time to see each other least spend any time together. So I thought--” and then, right there, something finally clicked in Tony’s head. Of course it all was about spending time together. Steve must be wanting to mend their broken friendship and apparently getting Tony to help him meet that dead chick again too. And here he was having crazy ideas about his old friend. How stupid of him, really.
“I’m so sorry Steve. I misunderstood the whole situation.” Tony opened his arms in a conciliatory gesture. “I get it and I’m sorry. Yes, we’ve been busy but if what you want is for us to spend time together maybe I could clear my day for you tomorrow? Have the whole day for us alone.” He smiled hoping to cheer up his friend. Judging by the dazzling smile Steve rewarded him with, he succeeded.
“That’d be great. I’ll clear my schedule too. Take the day off.” Steve seemed to think of something and then smiled guiltily. “I hope the world can manage without me for one day.”
Tony smirked. “Do you have any idea of how presumptuous you sounded saying that?”
“Why, Tony. Do I remind you of someone?” Steve smirked back.
“A very handsome man indeed. Reckon he’s bankrupt now though, but he’s still hot stuff if you get my drift.” Tony winked feeling more relaxed now that everything had been sorted out.
“He is.” Replied Steve looking weirdly at him and Tony found himself tensing again. This was still beyond awkward.
“Huh. Yeah, well, gotta go. There’s a car I need to start and finish building in less than a few weeks.” And with this, Tony excused himself from the room. He felt Steve’s intense gaze on his back and suppressed a shiver. Something was definitely not right and he had promised to spend all day together tomorrow. Great Tony. What have you gotten yourself into now?

[Dang, I messed up the formatting, I'm sorry :( ]

So they were back at the Tower, knowing Osborn had been living here gave Peter the creeps. He wasn’t sure he wanted to live here again. He was slowly patching-up things with Tony now that he had forgotten all about the Civil War and everything. That bastard! Thinks he gets a free pass just because he deleted his brain, that’s cheating in Peter’s book. No, no, he shouldn’t be thinking that. He’s supposed to be forgiving and move on, to try being friends –or as close as he can get- with Tony again and really, he wasn’t that bad a guy. Peter had always admired the man and maybe that’s why it hurt so much what had happened between them. Even Cap, well, Steve -Bucky was supposed to be Cap now- had made up with Tony, if a bit strangely. He didn’t remember them being so close before. More like Steve being the one who’d gotten closer because Tony just looked a bit spooked sometimes. Like right now. Yep, that kind of spooked.

“What’s up?” greeted Peter.

“Apparently, you.” Replied Tony after jumping slightly in surprise and not quite smiling when looking up at him. He sounded tired.

“Funny.” Deadpanned Peter and jumped down. He had been hanging on the living room ceiling again. So what? He likes it. Makes him feel good. Everyone is just jealous. “You don’t seem well, though.” And against his better judgment, added “Wanna talk about it?”

Fortunately, and Clhor and Negative Zone aside, Tony did have better judgment. “No. I’m okay.”
But Peter felt like prying and well, there was nothing good on TV. “You don’t look okay. C’mon, tell Dr. Spidey what’s troubling you.” He crouched on a couch’s arm.

“It’s silly. I’m sure I’m just making things up.” Dismissed Tony and sat next to Peter on the couch.
“So? Spill the beans.” They needed to air better stuff on Sundays. Seriously.

“Have you ever, well, no, scratch that or not. Err… what do you know about sexual harassment?” And this must’ve been something very embarrassing for Tony because he was blushing furiously and tried to hide it by putting both his hands over his face.

“Whoa. I think I don’t want to hear about it after all.” Replied Peter sincerely. But he had already started it so he may as well see it through. And hey, Tony and him had had a moment when the Kang incident so maybe he could do it after all. “Are you being, uh, suh-suh-sexually harassed? Is it Maria Hill?”

“What? God, no! And no. No! I’m just being paranoid. That’s all.” Tony was so flustered Peter would’ve laughed at the image if his mind wasn’t being invaded by other kind of unpleasant imagery about Tony and Sexual and Harassment.

“It’s Logan, isn’t it? Don’t let him get to you. He makes everyone feel sexually harassed but that’s just how he is. I thought you’d be used to him by now considering he was with us before. I sure had to get used to it.” Peter was babbling now and didn’t seem to be able to stop. But really, Logan made anyone around him feel uncomfortable like that. He was willing to bet even Magneto felt sexually harassed by Logan when they fought. “I’m willing to bet even Magneto feels sexually harassed by Logan when they fight.” Okay, he had said it now and there was no taking it back. Tony just looked at him amusedly and maybe that was an improvement but it made Peter feel like an idiot.

“I bet I missed you a lot.” Said Tony fondly.

“Well, you didn’t show it.” Snapped Peter before he could stop himself. Then backtracked. “I’m sorry. I-”

“It’s okay. What do you say we forget this whole conversation and see what’s on TV.” Asked Tony grabbing the control remote from under a cushion.
“There’s nothing good on TV. I checked.” Peter sat on the couch too and watched Tony channel surf.

“Maybe you should try some working out? It’s a perfect day for a ball game.” Steve’s voice came from the stairs. He sounded cheerful and was dressed casually but still had a perfectly brushed hair and the clothes seemed carefully chosen. He had even put on some strong wood scented lotion. Next to Peter, Tony tensed ever so slightly. If it wasn’t for his spider-sense Peter wouldn’t even have noticed. Steve sat on a chair next to them.

“You going on a date, Steve?” asked Peter and Tony’s breath hitched.

“I’m spending the day with Tony. We are going out for lunch.” Answered Steve with a big warm smile looking at Tony who once again looked kind of spooked.

“Tony?” Peter shook the man and he seemed to come back to his senses.

“I didn’t know we were going out.” He rasped. “I’m not dressed properly.” Said more evenly looking at his grease stained undershirt and worn out jeans. Thanks to his super-hearing Peter could notice the slight panic in his voice.

“Maybe you should stay at home? I know it doesn’t concerns me but Tony seems to be having some sort of problem.” Put in Peter. He really wanted to help Tony out and maybe Steve could help too. He didn’t like seeing Tony so distressed. Not even back at the war and surely not now.

“It’s okay Peter, I’m okay. I-I’ll go get changed.” Said Tony and stood up. Steve caught his hand.
“You look good Tony. You always look good.” Replied Steve affectionately. Had Steve ever been so nice to him? Why can’t Steve tell Peter that he looks good too? No one ever compliments Peter. Aunt May doesn’t count.

“Someone is sexually harassing Tony.” Blurted out Peter because it was now or never. Tony looked dismayed and Steve frowned slitting his eyes.

“Is that true Tony? Who is it? I’ll have some words with that person.” He sounded pissed and not at all like having words. More like having fists. Cap could be so protective of everyone sometimes, it made Peter feel safe when he was around.

“I’m not being sexually harassed, dammit!” cried Tony. Jessica, Logan, Bucky and the others were just coming in. Tony didn’t take notice. “And certainly not by Logan! Geez!” They all stared at him. Logan just made a face.

“Logan?” Steve looked murderous.

“Yeah?” answered the hairy man. This was going to get ugly and Peter would be, as always, in the middle of it all. Life hated him.

“NO, damn damn damn! You are an idiot Peter!” Tony’s voice was rising in pitch. His face was all red.

“I’d like to talk to you, Logan.” Said Steve.

“I ain’t molesting Stark if that’s what ya think, bub.” Logan’s voice was terse.

“Of course you are not!” Tony shouted almost in hysterics.

Everyone was petrified. They just looked at each other and then looked between Steve and Logan.

“It’s Peter.” Said Logan. All the eyes in the room were upon him now. Why, thank you very much Logan!

Now Steve was more than pissed off and Peter’s spider sense was tingling.

“WHAT?! What the hell is wrong with you people? Why isn’t anyone listening to me!?” Tony was truly frantic now.

“Peter.” Steve’s voice was calm yet threatening
“I’m not! Tony just told me!” Peter whimpered.

“It’s Peter the one who’s been spreadin’ filthy rumors ’bout me.” Logan was dangerously close now. Oh sweet Jesus. Peter was done for.

“I’m not spreading--” Snikt. “Why me? Why do I always get into these messes!? It’s all your fault, Tony!” Peter was going to faint anytime now. And by the looks of it, Tony too.

“I’m not being molested goddammit, listen to me!” Tony’s high pitched whine made everyone focus their attention on him and Peter took a strategic retreat. He still felt sorry for Tony but right now he had to save his own hide.


“I was just trying to –sigh- listen Steve, I’m not entirely comfortable with you touching me the way you do, okay? That’s all.” Tony sagged his shoulders. Everyone had gone away after Logan jumped out the window to chase Peter. Jessica had given him some weird looks and excused herself out while Buckycap had looked at him suspicious. Thor had offered his help if Tony ever felt like talking about “it” and Maria Hill had snorted at that just shooting him daggers with her eyes. Steve was now sitting next to him on the couch and had abruptly stopped rubbing Tony’s neck.

“You told Peter I’m sexually harassing you?!” He didn’t hide the hurt in his voice. Steve was noticeably crestfallen.

“No. Not like that. He misunderstood. I didn’t quite explain myself.” Steve was now standing and looking at him like a kicked puppy.

“I don’t understand, Tony. I don’t get you!” Steve started pacing. Tony followed him with his gaze, astonished. “You said you were okay with it but--” Steve paused and looked at him strangely. “Are you one of those, how do they say, closeted cases?”

“What?” No, seriously, what?

“You don’t want me to touch you, you don’t want to go out with me, you don’t want to share a room, you don’t even let me kiss you in private!” Steve stopped pacing and gave him an imploring look that twisted something inside him. “What are you playing at with me, Tony?”

“K-K-Kiss me!?” Tony spluttered. “What the hell are you talking about?!” And, yes, he was blushing furiously now. Kiss him? Steve wanted to kiss him?!

To be continued... hopefully, if you like it. Thanks for reading.

It definitely doesn't suck, but it does kinda show that it's your first fic - you should try hitting up the cap-ironman beta list. You have potential for a great funny fic here - the bit with Wolverine and Peter could be totally hilarious with a bit of polishing, and Steve and Tony mixing their signals is good stuff. Keep writing!

I also bring fic! My job is clearly not challenging enough.
He slumped forward in his chair and let his forehead thunk against the wood of his desk when he saw it. Unaffected by any theatrics, it simply stayed put, glowering angrily at him from the screen of his desktop computer, taunting him with its refusal to disappear. Tilting his head to the side, he peeked up through one eye, then groaned and rolled his head back the other way. He knew he had people who handled this kind of thing, but no one from IT had spoken to him in months, not since he had insisted that Internet Explorer was an unacceptable browser for his company to use. They had agreed at first, but when he had disappeared into his office, and resurfaced a few hours later with something called StarkWeb that needed to be installed on every computer in the building, they became somewhat annoyed.

“There’s a reason I don’t make printers,” Tony grumbled to no one in particular. The only answer was the continued beeping of the printer in his office as the error message on his monitor remained unmoved, proudly declaring that the offending device was out of red ink.

“I’m not even using red, you piece of shit,” he told the printer as he replaced the cartridge. Nobody from Maintenance was allowed in his office either, due to an unfortunate incident when he had forgotten they were supposed to fix his chair, and had been caught in a compromising situation involving a certain super soldier. His Spanish was kind of rusty anyway.

He smacked the top of the printer and resumed printing the 20-page document. Settling back into his chair, Tony returned to what he had been doing, which was simply checking the status of a few important files. Not five minutes later, the printer made an unpleasant crunching sound, and a new error message appeared.

“A paper jam,” Tony said, unbelieving. A quick check under the printer’s hood confirmed that the paper was, in fact, jammed, and would have to be removed. There was simply no getting around it. Tony sighed heavily and shrugged off his jacket.

“There’s also a reason I don’t have cats,” he said to the machine, “and it’s the same reason I don’t mess with you if I don’t have to.” He rolled up his sleeves as fiercely as he could manage. “You’re just too much damn work.” Reaching into a desk drawer, Tony grabbed a small screwdriver and waved it at the printer in what he assumed was a threatening fashion. “Now let’s see what ails ya.”


Pepper was naturally the first person to discover him elbow-deep in crumpled paper and bits of machinery, but it required Steve’s efforts to literally drag him out of the wreckage. “I’m Tony fucking Stark!” he shouted at Steve’s back, which was all he could see at the moment, being slung over the larger man’s shoulder. “Why can’t I fix a goddamn paper jam?”

“Could you stop squirming?” Steve asked, ignoring Tony’s tirade. “It kind of hurts my shoulder, and I’m not putting you down until you’re calm anyway.”

“Fine,” Tony huffed in defeat, going limp. “I’ll stop squirming, but it doesn’t mean I’m calm.”

“That’s fine,” Steve said placidly. “I can do this all day.”

“Damn serum,” Tony grumbled. “Still, it’s an excellent view from here.” He used his one free hand to grope Steve’s rear appreciatively.

“Hey!” Steve exclaimed, chuckling. “I never said you could touch.”

“But you never said I couldn’t either,” Tony pointed out as Steve began climbing the stairs to the Avengers’ living space. “And how do you expect me to resist when it’s doing that?”

“Fair enough, I guess,” said Steve, pushing open a door. “But I bet I know a way for you to relieve all that tension.” He then unceremoniously flopped Tony over his shoulder, onto what appeared to be Tony’s bed. How had he missed where this was going? Steve was really disturbingly good at hiding his intentions.

“Why, Mister Rogers, I do believe you’re trying to seduce me,” he teased as he grinned and tugged Steve down with him.

“And I do believe I’m succeeding, Mister Stark,” he replied, kneeling on the mattress between Tony’s legs.

“I believe you are.” In retrospect, printers were really wonderful things.

I liked this quite a lot, hope you'll continue.

File: 128167026221.jpg-(178.43KB, 800x604, Cap_vs_Iron_Man_by_ReillyBrown.jpg)


Any chance to see this continued?

Also, does anyone knows what happened to the Jealous!Steve fic??

Hello thread.

Hey whatever happened to that powerplay fic?

You mean the one with Steve thinking Tony was fucking Iron Man? I'd love to see more of that.


Oh, that was hot.

File: 128322733282.jpg-(417.18KB, 1023x795, amatemixD photoshop CW PIC.jpg)
what really happened in the Mansion during the Civil War.

Anyone wanna rec thier fav fics set during the CW?

Author here. Yes, I do intend to continue but I'm without internet for the time being (and have been for about three weeks) , prolly next week I'll have internet again and then I'm going to look for a beta reader at cap_ironman and post a revised full version there.
I'm glad you liked it. Thank you.



File: 128480773380.jpg-(100.27KB, 607x1277, tumblr_l87avuwnLN1qa4q3po1_1280.jpg)

Avengers Kink meme fill. You're all working hard, right?

>Shower sex.
Tony loves fucking Steve in hotel rooms. Making a mess of the sheets, ordering room service, watching bad porn. He pretends Steve's a pretty boy he picked up in the bar, or maybe his expensive kept man, and they have rough, dirty sex that Tony feels a little weird and guilty having with Captain America, or even just Steve, because Steve is perfect and noble and maybe even a bit innocent - though he'd glare at Tony for suggesting it - and sometimes he needs to get away from it for a little while and concentrate on his thick cock and his tight hot ass and the way his belly shivers when Tony drives his fingers in hard.

Right now, Tony's kneeling on the floor between Steve's thighs, working the fantasy that he picked Steve up on the street somewhere, and brought him here for some fun; that he can be rough and careless with him, and it won't matter. Because Steve's a shameless slut who loves to be used.

He does love it, he's gasping with every thrust and his cock's dripping, and when Tony hesitates, stills his fingers for a second, he reaches down to grab Tony's wrist and urge him on again.

Tony drops a hand to his own cock, which is still reluctant to co-operate; he's already fucked Steve once, and he wants to do it again, but the flesh is weak. He wishes he had Steve's refractory period.

Steve whines and hooks his knee up to his chest, spreading himself wider. Tony adds a fourth finger, pushing in almost up to the third knuckle, and Steve makes a choked noise and clamps down almost painfully, the pulsing tightness inside as clear a sign as his throaty moan.

Tony's fingers make a wet noise when he pulls them out; Steve's smeared from his navel almost to his knees with lube and sweat and come.

"Get up," Tony says a little hoarsely, and slaps Steve on the hip when he makes a disgruntled noise. "Shower, you. You look like the last scene of a porn movie."

Steve snickers at that, and wobbles to his feet; Tony grabs his hand and pulls himself upright. He's kissed as soon as he's in reach, a sweet soft brush of lips that's way too tender for how Tony feels right now.

Tony waits until Steve pulls back, a dopey smile on his face, and gives him a firm shove towards the bathroom.

The shower's nice and roomy, plenty of space for what Tony wants; he leans against the wall and watches Steve wash, watches him slide soapy hands over his belly and thighs. He comes when Steve beckons, and lets Steve stroke and pet him under the guise of getting him clean.

Steve closes a hand round Tony's half-hard cock, and squeezes gently; Tony puts a hand on his shoulder and pushes down.

"Get me hard," he mutters, and Steve drops to one knee and puts his hands on Tony's hips and his mouth over Tony's cock, sucks it in all the way. "Yeah, that's right, nice and slow," Tony breathes. Steve's eyes are shut, his blond lashes clumped together in the streams of water running over his face. Tony rocks his hips as he hardens, pushes into Steve's throat just a little, and Steve makes a small noise and takes one hand off Tony to grab his own dick.

Tony's hands slip through Steve's hair; he grabs an ear instead and tugs him upwards. Steve gives him a reproachful look, releases Tony's cock somewhat reluctantly, but he turns towards the back wall of the shower at Tony's urging. He lays his forearms against the wall and arches his back, presenting his ass - that is the greatest ass Tony has ever seen, and he's seen a lot. Tony's gaze travels up the curve of his spine, from the dimples at the base to the spread of his shoulders, and okay, the fabulous expanse of his back may be even better than his ass. Steve's perfect, and despite the need to get inside him, Tony has to take a little time just to touch. The spray of the shower hits at the nape of Steve's neck, pouring down the valley of his spine and into the crack of his ass; Tony follows the course with his fingers, watching the streams split and rejoin around his fingertips.

"Come on," Steve says, and wiggles invitingly. Tony digs his fingers in, and Steve pushes back to meet him, still slick and open. "Come on." He sounds almost desperate for it; Tony loves him when he's needy and wanting, so much so he works him with teasing fingers for a few moments longer, listening to the choked whines that escape Steve's throat as he tries to get more.

"Do you think you could take the whole thing?" Tony says idly, and Steve's still for a second; when he figures out what Tony means, he whimpers, bows his back and raises his ass in invitation. For a moment, Tony considers it, but the tile is slippery and even with Steve's body, there's too high a risk of injury. "Not here," and Steve sighs. "Maybe later."

Tony pulls out his fingers and replaces them with his cock, one smooth fast movement that has Steve rising onto his toes with a sharp cry.

"You like that?" Tony gets a grip on Steve's hips, pulls him down hard. "You love getting fucked, don't you?"

"Yeaaaaah," Steve's head hangs down between his arms, back heaving as he pants. "Oh, God."

Tony's hands slide over Steve's slick belly, avoiding his cock though Steve wriggles hopefully; he wraps his arms tight around Steve's body and grinds into him with as much force as he can as his feet slide on the tile.

"Slut," he mumbles against Steve's back before he can stop himself, but Steve chuckles breathlessly and arches back into Tony, struggling to spread himself a little more, get Tony's cock a little deeper.

"More," Steve whispers. "Harder. Fuck me, come on - "

"You do it," Tony bites his shoulder. "Fuck yourself on my dick."

Steve groans, and then starts to work his hips, no slow buildup, just sharp hard jerks. He makes the most fantastic noises, throaty ecstatic groans as he rolls his hips to rub Tony's cock against his prostate.

In only a minute or so, Tony can feel Steve's thighs shaking, see the quiver in his broad wet shoulders; Steve's so very easy with a cock in his ass. Tony can't help but push forward to match his rhythm, driving out a cry.

"Tony! Please," he pants. "Please, please - "

He doesn't need to beg, Tony's thrusting in hard and fast, resting his forehead against Steve's spine. He can feel the spray of the shower pounding against his skull to match the pounding of blood in his ears. Steve makes dry harsh noises like he needs to scream but can't gather breath, and it's only the shudder of his muscles that betrays his orgasm.

Tony's not done yet; he doesn't feel the need to stop or even slow down as Steve's muscles slacken and he wobbles on his feet. He can feel the familiar heat building in his gut, he just needs a little longer, and Steve just needs to stand there and take it.

He does; he rouses enough to clench his ass, tighten around Tony, and that's the perfect end, Tony groans and scratches his nails across Steve's chest and rams in deep and stays there, shaking.

He finally pulls out, and puts a hand on Steve's back for balance as he steps out onto the slick tile. They've flooded the bathroom; never mind. He grabs a towel, and looks back at Steve, who hasn't moved except to look back over his shoulder at Tony. Eyes are half shut, lower lip swollen where he's been biting it, he could have stepped right out of a porn shoot.

"Come on," Tony throws the towel, and Steve's hand snaps out to catch it. "You can't stay there all night."

"I guess." Steve straightens, turns, rubs vaguely at his belly with the towel. He's already almost fully erect. Tony's jealous.

"Not if you want to try taking my whole hand." Tony smiles, and Steve shivers.

Tony turns and walks out of the bathroom, back to the rumpled bed.

He loves fucking Steve in hotels.


But where is the fisting. >:|


Sadly there's no fisting. There's a prompt, but it hasn't been answered.


I've seen fic where Tony gets fisted, but not Steve. Want!


Tony fisting? I need this in my Bank.

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