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File 13336333588.gif - (908.84KB , 500x281 , 13336325264.gif )
73449 No. 73449
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>> No. 73450
File 133363400723.gif - (0.97MB , 500x278 , tumblr_m1zdci988I1qzqnxxo1_500.gif )
Is this what it means to feel love?
>> No. 73451
File 133363547145.png - (852.46KB , 1280x720 , [sage]_Lupin_III_-_Mine_Fujiko_to_Iu_Onna_-_01_[72.png )
For some reason, the only subs I could find came with a video that looked like this in MPC and VLC


Guessing it's because of that [10bit] part?
>> No. 73452
Yeah, just update the hell out of CCCP and VLC and you should be good to go.

If not, just get the zero-raw and find an .ass for it
>> No. 73453
Huh, guess there was enough interest to merit a thread.

But yeah, this was amazing. Koike's designs suits this series perfectly.
>> No. 73454
It's not hard find an .ass for this show, it has them all over the place.
>> No. 73457
i havent had a chance to watch w/ subs yet, but im not sure darker and edgier is the direction i wanted rupahn to go.
i will begrudgingly accept it...FOR NOW
>> No. 73458
>Koike's designs suits this series perfectly.
YEAH actually i love the art style and the animation. good kickback to the manga series.
>> No. 73459
File 133365163597.png - (923.89KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2012-04-05-14h44m47s72.png )
I kind of like it, but I'm holding off judgment until I get more Zenigata.
>> No. 73460
This is my first time watching Lupin, if you don't include Castle of Cagliostro, and I'm enjoying it so far.
>> No. 73472
File 13336822887.gif - (494.68KB , 320x180 , 1333622084309.gif )
this was glorious and I should probably post in the right threads from now on

I have no problem with darker edgier Lupin. The old series basically ganked a lot of stylish old movies. If this is what it's like when they're given free reign to gank French Expressionist work, then I am down.
>> No. 73473
File 133368274359.jpg - (74.29KB , 450x600 , PANIC!.jpg )




>> No. 73476
Technically this isn't a new direction but rather a return to form. Stuff like the original manga, Mystery of Mamo, and Island of Assassins were all a bit on the dark side. Of course the original manga was so dark in spots it was kind of tacky, to the point where if I remember right, Monkey Punch has disavowed a lot of it in the same way as the Tintin guy disavows the Congo storyline and Land of the Soviets.

This just looks dandy though.
>> No. 73480

> Mystery of Mamo, and Island of Assassins
but these were the worst movies
although i finally watched it with subs and it was a riproaring good time so lets hope it keeps up
>> No. 73482
Hey guys, new Lupin thread? SWEET. Let's see what we have here...interesting designs, looks from the gifs that it goes between grimdark and goofy, good, good...
>Pops looking stylish as fuck
Zenigata HNNNG
>> No. 73483
i like the cut of your jib
>> No. 73487
Fuck yes, this is amazing. I love EVERYTHING in this, style/art/design wise.

Thanks for the link.

So... is Oscar a new character? I honestly didn't watch much of Lupin before this; just Castle of Cagliostro (which really doesn't count at all) and whatever aired on Cartoon Network long ago.
>dat blush
>> No. 73490
>Mystery of Mamo is bad
>> No. 73492
Normally I don't like fanservice in anime.


>> No. 73500
I have to say, the ED was the least inspired thing I have seen like... ever.
>> No. 73502
>Zenigata's voice
Not gonna lie; had a "I'll be in my bunk" moment
So...upon seeing this character, all I wanna do is just draw filthy, FILTHY porn of him, with or without Pops. Is that wrong?
>> No. 73503
Oh god, that art direction... Anyone have a .gif of Lupin doing that thing with the lighter?

The subs were pretty good, but why did the cult leader keep calling them "motionless" as an insult? Is it some sort of idiom or pun?
>> No. 73524
Hey I've been wanting to see the old series but there are apparently two of them with a LOT of episodes and can never find a way to watch them.

Does anyone have a link to see/download them or some recomendations to which series/movies/episodes are better and the most worthy to check out?
>> No. 73528
Lupin III: First Contact is generally a good place to start with Lupin. It's an origin story movie (one of many of the origin stories - canon is flexible in the Lupin-verse). It's slow-ish and a bit lackluster, but it's a quick and easy way to get the feel of the characters and there are some good parts.
>> No. 73529
I don't know how to feel about the shadows and colors in this one.
>> No. 73530
I watched it earier today and I'm totally on board. There was nothing about this that I didn't like. The look is fantastic, everything just feels so fucking cool, and dem titahs are pretty nice. I'm looking forward to the rest of this series.
>> No. 73531
File 13337932778.jpg - (99.03KB , 690x501 , jigen1.jpg )
The more manga-style character designs look amazing.
>> No. 73532
File 133379340673.jpg - (108.12KB , 690x501 , goemon1.jpg )
>> No. 73537
File 133381496237.gif - (449.96KB , 430x239 , happydance.gif )
>dat Jigen
>> No. 73573
We have simulcast

>> No. 73604
So how likely is it adultswim will pick this show up? They used to (still do?) show episodes of an old Lupin III, which is probably a good indicator that they'll get the rights to this one. Plus, this show is probably the most well suited anime for America that has come out in years. I actually think it would do pretty well.

They might have to censor the titties though, which would be a shame. But hey, if they advertise that the DVD shows uncensored Fujiko I bet that'll make quite a few people more likely to buy it.
>> No. 73606

The titties are the real deal-breaker here. IIRC you can't show bear breasts on American television AT ALL.
>> No. 73608
File 133392550511.jpg - (52.97KB , 594x405 , Stephen%2BColbert%2BTakes%2BPart%2BHouse%2BHearing.jpg )
>IIRC you can't show bear breasts on American television AT ALL.
>> No. 73615

I think cabal channels like HBO and such can but no way a public channel like CN could. Even if it was played at midnight or something.
>> No. 73618
It's network TV which has to face FCC indecency and obscenity guidelines.

Cable TV networks are legally free to show nudity and have uncensored profanity, the majority of them just do not because their sponsors will drop their ads and non-governmental censorship groups complain. They self-censored, and even decide on the parental guidelines for their own shows.

Channels like HBO are based around profit entirely from subscription fees with no advertisement. No sponsors to please means they allow anything they think is good television.

CN isn't public, it's just basic cable instead of premium cable. Only very basic networks like NBC, Fox, and local channels are public.

And even though they air on the same channel, Adult Swim and CN are effectively different channels, though owned by the same parent company.
>> No. 73622
The tits are a problem but I'd say the potential profit outweighs the effort it would take to censor them. Though I guess that depends on how often boobs are shown in the rest of the show. This first one was Fujiko centric so I'm guessing tits were on screen for more time than they would normally be, but we'll have to see more episodes to know for sure.
>> No. 73629
File 133393590730.gif - (429.21KB , 200x177 , beardance1.gif )
sounds like a challenge to me
>> No. 73631
The series is Fujiko-centric, dude. All of it. That's why it's called "The Woman called Fujiko Mine."
>> No. 73632
File 133394592518.jpg - (58.55KB , 500x359 , oscar.jpg )
So Oscar is definitely rocking the Rose of Versaille aesthetic. If I hadn't heard his manly voice, I would have suspected him to be at one point revealed as a crossdressing lady.
>> No. 73637
I thought that was just the name of the first episode. I didn't know it was a subtitle to the show.

That would make tits likely harder to censor, but it isn't impossible.
>> No. 73699
File 133417703372.jpg - (120.39KB , 588x320 , ZenigataExplains.jpg )
Small dump (7 pics) of screencaps from the first episode, Zenigata & Oscar centric.

First, Zenigata explaining the plan.
>> No. 73701
File 133417707031.jpg - (119.12KB , 584x321 , ZenigataGrin.jpg )
Next, Zenigata grinning at Oscar
>> No. 73702
File 133417714727.jpg - (114.95KB , 585x325 , OscarWUT.jpg )
Oscar as Zenigata explains his brilliance
>> No. 73703
File 133417727852.jpg - (124.47KB , 583x321 , OscarBlushes.jpg )
Oscar's reaction to Zenigata's grin -BLUSHING-
>> No. 73705
File 133417739412.jpg - (123.45KB , 586x322 , ZenigataFullFaceWUT.jpg )
Later, when Lupin makes an appearance, we finally get a full view of the dear Inspector's face
>> No. 73707
File 133417745155.jpg - (168.47KB , 585x322 , OscarGivingOrders.jpg )
Shit hits the fan, people rushing around, and Oscar is giving orders
>> No. 73709
File 133417797144.jpg - (99.31KB , 584x320 , ZenigataSmoke.jpg )
And finally, Lupin is getting away, and Zenigata has a smoke. I tried getting a pic of the few seconds that Pops is stepping on his cigarette, but they were crap. He's got tiny cuffs on his high-water pants, and you can see his slightly raggedy looking shoes in all their glory.
>> No. 73723
File 133420274330.png - (204.98KB , 430x350 , Lupin the Blade?.png )
Gotta say, not a very big fan of this proposed new direction
>> No. 73724
File 133420289011.jpg - (24.58KB , 399x395 , 1333990478383.jpg )
>> No. 73729
It took me a minute, but goddammit I laughed.
>> No. 73746
File 133425155269.jpg - (124.63KB , 1280x720 , 1334247492852.jpg )
So, new episode.
>> No. 73755
I didn't like 2 as much as 1 but Jigen was badass, and that's what really matters.
>> No. 73756
I thought it was a great episode up until the reveal that she really did care for Jigen. What kind of horrible person gets five men killed just to essentially suicide?

I was getting some seriously strong Cowboy Bebop vibes from this one. Although, in retrospect, it's probably more accurate to say both have strong similarities.
>> No. 73757
Another one to the watch list.
Is been a long time Inspector Zuñiga, I mean, Zenigata.

Well, Game of Thrones and Spartacus don't have any problem with tits.
>> No. 73759
File 133428935271.png - (311.08KB , 750x750 , ne lupin.png )

Not as good, but still good. Felt too rushed to leave any real emotional impact. And the incredibly dissonant whistling soundtrack in the last scene annoyed me.

But damn Jigen was cool.
>> No. 73760
So next episodes probably gonna be about Goemon.

Wonder how that'll pan out.
>> No. 73761
Might be, might not. Goemon being late to the party is kind of his thing.
>> No. 73762
File 13342942554.jpg - (18.31KB , 483x359 , Lupin puppets.jpg )
I don't remember the context of this picture.
>> No. 73763
Bad Horse got caught up with?
>> No. 73764
Lupin wasn't in this episode. I feel let down.

Oh well, it was still entertaining I guess.

>And the incredibly dissonant whistling soundtrack in the last scene annoyed me.

Seriously, what the fuck were they trying to do with that?
>> No. 73766
The title of the next episode is "The Lady and the Samurai", so I'd say it's a pretty safe bet.
>> No. 73767
It's from Seven Days Rhapsody. Lupin was explaining the next heist to Jigen using hand puppets.
>> No. 73768
File 133430369912.png - (219.54KB , 589x314 , 2vw5xs8.png )
what the fuck was this trainwreck episode
>> No. 73769
File 133430386335.png - (315.04KB , 530x288 , 37b40c0dec1e362a174880930984e027.png )
dont tread on me you silly boys
>> No. 73771
>IIRC you can't show bear breasts on American television AT ALL.
Legally speaking, short of hardcore porn you can actually show pretty much whatever the hell you want on cable. The only real regulation of content on those terms is whether or not you can sell advertising considering the content you're running, and most advertisers a broadcaster would want to be associated with in the US are prudish enough to be scared of stuff with nudity or explicitly sexual content. The FCC has no control over cable--only broadcast.
>> No. 73773
Alright, I make a huge exception in realistic anatomy for Lupin, because, DAT STYLE. But the way her ass is positioned makes no damn sense to me. Her torso can't possibly be that long or bend that far.
>> No. 73775
Something you'd see in the manga.
>> No. 73778
Speaking of style, it's so nice to see the minor character's designs sync up to the main ones again. In the recent specials, the main characters all retained their Monkey Punch aesthetic while everyone else was designed more realistically. Now we've got the exaggerated proportions across the board.
>> No. 73811
I lol'd.
>> No. 73825
>this town used to be owned by the Italian family

Well there's an Abbot and Costello bit waiting to happen.
>> No. 73826

trainwreck? I liked this episode.
>> No. 73827
I think she's talking QUALITY.
Men in Lupin have large hands, yes, but those are just crazy.
>> No. 73976
Third episode is out. Goemon was indeed the subject of this one, and it was unexpectedly hilarious at the end. Must find time to screencap this weekend!
>> No. 73977
download link
downloading it now. it looks really cute???
>> No. 73978
File 133485862685.png - (151.12KB , 361x320 , spongebobgay.png )
that was moe as hell
>> No. 73980
This episode was leaps and bounds better than the last. I grinned like an idiot the whole way through.
>> No. 73982
>dat swordsmanship
>dat social awkwardness
>dat pantlessness (x2)

I'm calling it now, the next episode will be she meets Zenigata. She's already met the trio of crooks; now she needs to actually meet the lawman (since she never had contact with him in the first episode).
>> No. 73986
This was so much better than episode two. Dark is fine, but darkly entertaining is better. Poor baby, Fujiko's too much for him.

And with that, Fujiko's nipples have made contact with all three other protagonists. Job well done.
>> No. 73992
I have no taste. I didn't really enjoy this episode. Although it is interesting to see what a dork Goemon is.

Did... did Fujiko seriously pretend to be Fraulein Maria?
>> No. 73995

Zenigata next episode then what?

Do we actually have Lupin meet Jigen?
>> No. 73997
No clue (though that would be kinda neat), but from the progression of who Fujiko meets, I'm gonna guess Lupin will be making a reappearance soon. That's probably how she'll meet Pops; he's on Lupin's trail and doesn't recognize her in disguise as a famous thief, so she uses it to her advantage to waylay Lupin long enough with Pops so she gets -insert treasure Lupin wants - first, thereby upping the ante on their thieving duel.

Or the next couple episodes could just be her traveling the world and stealing shit like a total boss. But I'd like for her to meet Zenigata (and play him like she did Goemon) before those episodes.
>> No. 73999

WERE THEY TRYING TO STYLISTICALLY RENDER A HABSBURG JAW ON THIS GUY? Because that would actually spiffy even though it still is really weird in execution.
>> No. 74007
can i drop fanart here or is that frowned upon
how do thread
>> No. 74010
If you're going to be a silly old bear and post NSFW stuff you can get your fat hump right back to hibernation.
>> No. 74013
File 13349311505.png - (13.51KB , 329x495 , capture-7.png )

There's no rule against it, so I'm guessing its alright.
>> No. 74014
I think the unwritten rule is that as long as it is SFW it's okay. I know when Persona 4 got its anime adaption, both myself and others did a SFW fanart dump in-thread and nobody frowned upon it.
>> No. 74015
And so the adventures of Fujiko's tits to burst out into every single episode continues, will they ever truly succeed and escape her body all together? stay tuned.
>> No. 74073
File 133504290871.png - (250.21KB , 500x600 , GOEMON.png )
i drew this
it was split into two in a photoset on tumblr
i have more fan artz not by me coming up
>> No. 74074
File 13350430256.jpg - (67.19KB , 507x600 , 792337.jpg )
i like when fan artists draw more cartoony. it works well for this series
>> No. 74075
File 133504314550.jpg - (154.84KB , 425x600 , 5173467_m.jpg )
>> No. 74076
File 133504317450.jpg - (870.51KB , 900x698 , Lock__Stock_And_Two_Smoking_Ba_by_Dasha_KO.jpg )
>> No. 74077
File 13350432124.png - (388.41KB , 800x639 , Lupin_the_III_cast_by_Alandy.png )
ahh what a cute style
>> No. 74078
File 133504336760.png - (450.35KB , 496x700 , tumblr_ly0x7aH3ov1r0xg5lo1_500.png )
this is by mrs-nessbit.tumblr.com
>> No. 74079
File 133504341595.png - (134.78KB , 500x465 , tumblr_m0n8yvWu5T1r0xg5lo1_500.png )
this one too
>> No. 74080
File 133504343796.png - (152.11KB , 487x750 , tumblr_m0qespAj3b1r3hu6xo1_500.png )
>> No. 74082
has this show dripped in quality for anyone else? I mean i know we're only 1/4th in, but it seems that they've been repeating.

I'll reserve judgment til the 4 hook up and mess shit up. also zenigata.
>> No. 74101
Well, there's more repetition at the moment because they're all basically introduction episodes - the formula for the last three was basically is castmember is introduced, Fujiko rubs herself against them, cool fight happens, they share a few words then part. Presumably when they're all introduced we'll see a change-up.
>> No. 74103

Keep in mind Lupin the Third is an inherently formulaic series.

The whole plot is about a group of 3 silly thieves as they go about stealing shit and getting into wacky escapades. There really isn't an overarching storyline or character arc set in stone for the franchise.

In fact it's inherently suppose to have a weird and wonky canon where origins and explanations for things can change. And not even in the comic book way, more in the "One episode will mention a particular skill or material or item a character has that he cannot live without/do something incredible with but will conveniently forget he even has said item/how valuable it is to him in another episode".
>> No. 74203
wasnt really "feeling" the characterization in this episode, except for lupin
>> No. 74204
File 133546837451.jpg - (104.17KB , 581x324 , OscarBAMF.jpg )
For the record, I totally called it that Fujiko was going to meet Pops.

However, I didn't ever imagine that she was going to start the episode by banging him. Holy shit was I not expecting that. I would give so much money to see Lupin's reaction to finding out Pops banged Fujiko before he could.

Pictured: Assistant Inspector Oscar being a BAMF. He's putting a low ranking officer up against a wall and lifting said officer off of his feet with one outstretched arm, thereby defying the laws of physics for Oscar's body type.
>> No. 74205
File 133546846463.jpg - (105.27KB , 588x332 , OscarBAMF2.jpg )
Second picture: what Oscar says to the officer he puts up against a wall.
>> No. 74207
That's a guy?
>> No. 74211
Maaaaybe? On one hand, manly voice despite girly figure. On the other, name possibly a reference to Oscar from Rose of Versaille, who was a lady dressed as a dude.

So, at this point, it could go either way.
>> No. 74212
I think most of us are agreed that we'd hit it either way.
>> No. 74227
Even though it is incredibly sexist of me to feel this way, I feel like Pops is now a FUCKING BOSS for hitting Fujiko like that. I am betraying my own gender.

I enjoyed the episode. Especially the gag with the blood pack. Felt classic.
>> No. 74231
>It's sexist for law enforcement to use violence against criminals
>> No. 74233

wrong type of "hitting" anon
>> No. 74235
If you're betraying your own gender for thinking that, then I'm right there with you.

I don't give a shit what gender Oscar is, all I know is that Oscar is SUPER into Pops. He gets pissed that Fujiko is trying to get out of jail time by banging Pops. He gets obviously turned on when Pops blew away some ear wax (no really). When Pops palms Fujiko's ass in Oscar's presence, Oscar gets hostile. He slut shames Fujiko, calls her a pig and then a spittoon. Later, when Pops is covered in fake blood and is unconscious, Oscar comments on how good Pops looks before freaking out that Pops is unconscious and unresponsive.

Also, the more I watch episodes one and four, the more I'm convinced that Zenigata knows that Oscar is into him and rolls with it, because he is, as already established, a total boss.
>> No. 74237

holy crap we were actually being too subtle
>> No. 74241
Oh yeah, Oscar's definitely a woman. That little talk with Fujiko made it too obvious. Great episode, although Bea's a bit right in that Zenigata's WAY more... uh, competent? Than he was before.
>> No. 74245

nah i dont know if its "competence", zenigatas always been a good cop, it was the shaky morality where zenigatas always been a mostly incorruptible guy combined with him trying to actively kill lupin
>> No. 74265
>it was the shaky morality where zenigatas always been a mostly incorruptible guy combined with him trying to actively kill lupin

Yeah, to be honest I think I prefer Zenigata as the 'good cop' type. I will admit though that Zenigata being willing to kill Lupin instead of just arrest him might make things more interesting.
>> No. 74271
Oscar is a being of pure butthurt holy hell.
>> No. 74274
I honestly don't care what Oscar is, but he does have a male VA (as somebody in the Lupin thread on /y/ pointed out), so maybe Oscar's just badass fabulous. Also, /y/ has decided that Oscar deserves fanart, and there are some really nice submissions.

Also, the reason I always loved Pops is because he's tenacious and he doesn't give up on chasing Lupin, no matter what. This incarnation of Zenigata is a little bit more grimdark, a little more crafty, but he's still as tenacious, even moreso now that we know he isn't afraid to shoot for center mass to stop Lupin. So it's not so much that Pops seems more competent, it's that we finally get to see more of him planning his moves and using the people around him instead of being a lone wolf figure chasing Lupin on his own.
>> No. 74298
I'm as surprised as everyone else with Zenigata's characterization; moreso with the womanizing than actually trying to kill Lupin. Was he more like that in the manga?

I too prefer "good cop" Pops, but I'm not exactly upset with this.
>> No. 74302
iirc in the manga he was so obsessed with catching lupin that his wife left him, so i'm thinking no.
>> No. 74498
Well, since Episode 5 was Lupin meeting Jigen thanks in part to Fujiko, I'm going out on a limb and predicting next episode Lupin will meet Goemon (also thanks in part to Fujiko). I'm also kinda happy that the old standard of Fujiko tricking Lupin into stealing something for her, only to get ahead of him and/or use him as bait so she can steal it first has come into play.
>> No. 74502
I love that Lupin is incredibly aware of what kind of woman Fujiko is, still wants to pursue her, and still gets duped by her. That interaction between them in the beginning was GOLD. He just exudes so much swagger.

Oh and goddammit why do they make smoking look so cool fffffffff
>> No. 74582
Actually the next episode is going to have Fujiko as a teacher at an all girls' school trying to steal some necklace or something from a student Or something along those lines, there were some summaries after the first episode that have been right so far
>> No. 74590
...I wonder if they're planning on getting David Hayter to do the dub.


...I think they should, he's cool.
>> No. 74681
File 133668430728.jpg - (211.93KB , 1280x720 , [sage]_Lupin_the_Third_-_Mine_Fujiko_to_Iu_Onna_-_.jpg )
>> No. 74695
That whole sequence was pretty trippy, I'm not sure what's up with the owl motif in the series so far.

And man, that just might have been my favorite episode so far, although I'm sure many would disagree.
>> No. 74707
God, I love how Fujiko uses all of her traits and skills to their full advantage.

Also, I'm really hoping we're not going to find out she was abused as a kid or something, because I think that is incredibly cliche. But given the end credits and that trippy alien/robot/owl scene... ugh.
>> No. 74742
Week has been hectic, finally saw the 6th ep. I'm now more than slightly concerned about Oscar's mental health. That obsession over Zenigata is now at a stage that I'd categorize as unhealthy, and the jealousy and overall hatred of Fujiko is borderline sociopathic.

So now I'm curious; is Fujiko going to kiss/make-out/bang everybody on the show except for Lupin? Because I'm seeing the trend, and it just kinda makes if funnier every episode, especially after seeing how jealous Lupin got of Jigen.
>> No. 74807
Well, THAT was a trip.

>Also, I'm really hoping we're not going to find out she was abused as a kid or something, because I think that is incredibly cliche.
My brother.
>> No. 75070
The Fujiko/Goemon reunite episode was cute; the fact that her nickname for him is "Mr. Boyfriend" made me giggle every time.

Dat fortune teller episode, though...so much drama!
I liked how Lupin saved Jigen; like Lupin is ready to bromance Jigen to his side, whether Jigen digs it or not. Including taking Jigen home, cooking him dinner paired with a nice wine, lol. Jigen looked so confused at the beginning of that scene.

>Fujiko flat out tells Lupin that if he wants to know what banging her is like, he should ask Zenigata
>Lupin's face

>Fujiko's crazy hallucination/dream whilst at the school
That is kinda freaky; why the owl?
>Fortune Teller episode
Well, at least we know why there was an owl before.
Why is there a dude with an OWL for a HEAD?

Sorry your wishes couldn't come true.
There is definitely something nasty that went down in Fujiko's past.
>> No. 75071
File 133807195852.png - (487.18KB , 853x480 , stagefright.png )
Maybe she's Italian.
>> No. 75077
Wow, thanks for the added nightmare fuel.
>> No. 75078
>looks at filename

Don't you mean, StageFlight?
>> No. 75091
File 133811368374.jpg - (36.41KB , 530x352 , owl-head-deadly-movies.jpg )


OWL HEAD LIVE featuring Marilyn Monroe on saxyoutube thumb
>> No. 75099
...And yet still not as surreal as the new Lupin's opening.
>> No. 75133
Calling it now. Oscar for final antagonist.

Lupin's gnocchi looked disgusting.
Also at this point I should know better given the tone of this show, but I was surprised Fujiko outright murdered those guards at the beginning. It's one thing to do so in defense but this just seemed cold.

And I guess having a rich owl mask wearing count molest you as a child is reason to play sexy murderous thief. But is it wrong of me to think she'd be a better character if she was complex, dangerous and interested in thievery simply because that's who she is, not because she's running away from the past?
>> No. 75136
File 13382899664.png - (581.77KB , 1023x576 , Judex.png )
When people do things in masks, especially animal-themed ones, it fucks up the minds of all involved.

This is one of the lessons Giallo teaches up.
>> No. 75137
Fujiko has always been running from her past in some form, really. The only difference is usually what that past is (and how often it comes up.) She still steals because she's a killer queen, there's just some backstory for it. Jigen can't have ALL the tragic backstory.
>> No. 75143
Doesn't Goemon have some kind of drama in his past as well, hence working for hire now?
>> No. 75144
Sometimes his origin is tragic, sometimes it's not. Depends on how he gets Zantetsuken.

All of them have multiple choice pasts, but while the particulars of the story may change every time Jigen's origins always end up uniformly dismal for everyone involved.
>> No. 75145
You know sometimes I feel like Monkey Punch didn't put any thought or care into his creation outside of the broadest image.

Then when it got popular and people kept putting their own ideas with it he just watched the money roll in and was like "Fuck you give me more of these bills and I'll let you say Lupin is an alien from another dimension!"
>> No. 75171
>better character

ehhh. Difficult slope. Good character has a logical path they follow. It may not seem logical, but the experiences of a person up to the point of decision should influence that decision. Having their choices come out of absolutely nowhere eases malleability, but doesn't necessarily make them god or convincing characters
>> No. 75204
I'm pretty sure the best Lupin is the one who pulls magic circus signs out of his back pocket and puts them in hot springs just to troll his adversaries.

>> No. 75543
File 133909385597.jpg - (47.37KB , 323x282 , 12486609249.jpg )
>Episode 10
This show just took the flying leap off the deep end it's been threatening to the whole time.
>> No. 75554
Watching the first episode now. Tits and ass and stylized animation everywhere. I watched some of the older Lupin III stuff, it was amusing. So far this's interesting, though the proportions are extremely off. I'd love to see the VAs return and keep the same voices, it would be hilarious.

Defiantly something I will keep watching. Fujiko's recurring tits don't hurt at all, either. Love to see [AS] try to get this and make it work to whatever their current standards are...

Exactly. The FCC was set up to split the spectrum and avoid all-out broadcasting and interference; then the whole "decency" shit came into place. But they're still about over-the-airwaves, and can't control cable. Cable (or, more, the shows on there) adheres, more or less, to FCC guidelines for two reasons:
1) Once a show is syndicated, it's incredibly likely to be picked up by over-the-air channels. They can't go too far over standards because then it would be a pain-in-the-ass to edit to meet OTA requirements.
2) The FCC/various batshit politicians have talked for years about applying the same standards to cable. The more shows go over the standards, the more squawking (and perhaps eventual enforcing) there will be.

I'm sure that "normal" channels would love to get all the hit HBO shows like Game of Thrones, that Roman one a few years back (Alexander?), and others, and the producers would probably like the extra money. They did this once or twice with things like Sex and the City, but that can only go so far.
>> No. 75591
So yeah, episode 10. I feel like someone pulled my brain out through the nose, spun it around for a bit and put it back in. I have no idea what the fuck, though I get the basic gist.
>> No. 75647
Is it so wrong to just want sexy Fujiko fun times and stupid Lupin and Zenigata antics? Fuck this dramatic past shit.
>> No. 75648
Yeah, fuck this INTERESTING material, let's do just the same old shit!

Anyway, this person is doing some interesting writeups about the show and how it relates to feminism and gothic storytelling.
>> No. 75758
What can I say, I'm just not interested in super serious drama from Lupin.

I did enjoy the latest episode. Seeing Ishikawa slice all those trees down was pretty hilarious. And oatmeal plus tuna, wow. Quite possibly the nastiest breakfast combo I've ever heard of.
>> No. 75760
Lupin's a series that can do serious. Even the silliest show was capable of that.
>> No. 75761
Yeah, and Castle of Cagliostro was pretty serious, too, so it's not like this is the first time we've seen Serious Lupin Anime.

And even this isn't All Seriousness All The Time. It's got a lot of silliness and goofiness. Even the sexuality that shows up seems to be about being funny half the time.
>> No. 75782
What I find interesting is that the sexuality will do its fanservice then act nonchalant.

Consider the first episode, where Fujiko uses her top to slide down the zip line. You know she's topless, they draw her topless and cover nothing up, yet the artists made no effort to really focus on her breasts, they just happen to be hanging out.

Of course, by then she's flashed them so often that maybe they thought it was played out.
>> No. 75783
Yeah, it's part of why I don't feel dirty watching this the way I do when I'm tricked into watching "panty anime." There's nothing wrong with sexuality and nudity, even when used mostly for titillation. But there's something just ugly about the way most anime handles it. This avoids that, and I appreciate it.
>> No. 75797
agreed it just comes off as awkward and super creepy when most anime does stuff like this
>> No. 75798
File 133989056630.jpg - (67.17KB , 604x396 , frank-mller-jim-lee-all-star-batman-ass-shot.jpg )
Is there a reason why? I mean, I agree with you guys, but I can't identify what causes such a double standard.

I mean, it's not like it's any less leering.
>> No. 75799
I guess it's mostly about honesty and execution. They leer, but there's absolutely no shame in what's shown or being seen, and the nudity can just be present as much as it can be leering. To say it sort of innacurately, it treats the subject as an adult (accepting and able to deal with the imagery) rather than as an adolescent creeper.
>> No. 75803

The way most fanservice anime does it:


How Lupin does it:



Nobody cares??


Oh, okay then, moving on..."

Seriously with how blase the show is with sex....
>> No. 75807
This pretty much nails it, imo. Usually when something is called "mature" they actually mean "SPURTING GORE AND BIG OL' TITTIES HEYOOOO!", while here the mature content is handled, well, maturely.
>> No. 76130
Lookit what I found!
Vol. 1, 6 & 7 of the Lupin manga!
>> No. 76447
File 134127595029.png - (756.74KB , 1280x720 , is zenigata gonna have to smack a bitch.png )
The ending was pretty fantastic! I was pleasantly surprised with the subversion of the cliched, tragic past storyline.

Except for Oscar only being dredged up to keep pops busy. Seriously, he could have been used for much better purposes than chasing after his cray-cray protege.
>> No. 76767
Finally watched the rest of the series. RL kept me from watching the eps as they came out after the fortune teller ep, but I mainlined 9 thru 13 last night.

Oscar's backstory gave me a sad for both Oscar and Pops once I put it in context with everything Oscar's done so far this season. He should have stayed dead after sacrificing himself; bringing him back for Pops to agonize over was just cruel.

I agree that finding out Fujiko's tragic backstory was fake for her but real for somebody else was pleasantly surprising, even though a little sad still. Seeing how Fujiko treated this information by kidnapping the invalid woman who had the true tragic backstory, only to rub it in the woman's face that she (Fujiko) could do whatever the fuck she wanted because her body worked, and that was the last thing the invalid woman witnessed before dying was cruel. Lupin called her on it, which was nice, but only after Fujiko had done everything she intended to do.

My love forever to Goemon, who not only decides that Fujiko should be his girlfriend for reals, and then duels with Jigen while drugged, but rocks that femme fatale look too. He looked pretty snazzy in 1960s mod clothing.
>> No. 76768
She was showing the girl her world as a gift, not out of cruelty. She was giving her freedom in her last moments.
>> No. 76776
Perhaps both? Cruel and kind? Perfectly Fujiko.
>> No. 76781
and not once using the lupin theme song...
>> No. 76792
I can see how it could be seen both ways, but the way Fujiko talked to her sounded too spiteful for her to be completely kind. She kinda sounds almost condescending, really.
>> No. 85759
It was a gift, but Fujiko IS still a bitch.
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