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File 138185451612.jpg - (2.78MB , 1920x3431 , 1381849056275.jpg )
85138 No. 85138
Winter looks kinda meh. Didn't know Inari Konkon was getting an anime, though. Looking forward to that! Other than that, I'm probably only really gonna watch Space Dandy.
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>> No. 85139
Woops, meant to post that in the General. But I guess we now have a thread for winter season.
>> No. 85144
Definitely gonna be watching Space Dandy.
I'll probably also watch Sakura Trick, because I'm a gigantic yurifag.

>Lupin III vs Detective Conan
>> No. 85145
Last time there was a Conan/Lupin cross it was boring.

Might watch Sailor Moon and Seki-kun, definitely watching Space Dandy.
>> No. 85147
Kinda meh, indeed, but I think this lists os kinda incompelte.
I mean, the number of shows is a bit low, and also there's no 2014 Precure series yet.
But there's still some few god things, like the Sailor Moon remake, Space Dandy, Tonari no Seki-kin and the Second Season of Silver Spoon.
>> No. 85155
>Silver Spoon
>Sailor Moon
> Space Motherfucking Dandy
>> No. 85157
So is Sakura Trick going to be a legit yuri series? It's been a while since we've gotten one of those.
>> No. 85158
Is there any reason to check out Fate/Kaleid Liner if you like all of Type Moon's series but aren't a diehard fan or care for magical girl/fanservice series in general?
>> No. 85159
>> No. 85160
Space Dandy is our lord and savior.
>> No. 85161
>Look down at the movies section

Oh boy, can't wait to see the utter retardation that is the end of the Chimera Ants arc animated.
>> No. 85162

Hey, I actually LIKED the end of the arc. I thought the whole Meryem/Komugi thing was one of the most beautiful relationships in all of manga; so shaddup.

(The movie is apprently about Netero, anyway.)
>> No. 85163

Well that part wasn't bad. It was everything else (except Netero, so I guess if the movie's about him then it might not be terrible?) and that part was not halfway strong enough to carry it.
>> No. 85167
So is it actually that bad or is it just really niche and not for anybody other than hardcore fans and lolicons?
>> No. 85168

It demands either being into lolicon or, failing that, having a hefty tolerance for lolicon fanservice. Like, almost Dance In The Vampire Bund-level. And although it makes fun of it a little, it is most definitely a Magical Girls series.

If that's all your bag or you can overlook it, great, it's not a bad little series. But it's not great either so if either of those things bother you, you aren't missing much.
>> No. 85184
File 138196086330.png - (51.32KB , 454x545 , 1333928045869.png )
Looks like all I have to look forward is SPAAAAAACE DAAAAAANDY! and I'm o.k. with this.
>> No. 85186
File 138196339125.png - (285.87KB , 898x1300 , img000033.png )
Guys, I know the description sounds super generic, but you should all give Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha a try at least. It's super sweet and lovely and handles those godly powers in a really great way. Though I can't speak of the quality of the anime, of course. Also the budding romance between the big brother and the goddess is so goddamn adorkable.
>> No. 85188
Prisma is not for hardcore TM fans. /I'm/ a hardcore TM fan. I mean, there's jokes and references too that stuff so if you are one you might get something from that, but Prisma is really for the people that like Nanoha and shit like that.
>> No. 85196
Aside from Space Dandy and Sailor Moon, I might watch Nisekoi's adaptation. But if they don't do the cute reactions well, what's even the point? At least, since it's being done by SHAFT, chances are it will print money.

Good thing Kill la Kill is two-cour.
>> No. 85997
File 138740387280.jpg - (2.29MB , 1600x3658 , 1387391181926.jpg )
Here's the full list now.
>> No. 86152
It sure is!
>> No. 86153
File 138831538845.gif - (2.58MB , 400x226 , 1385879684505.gif )
>The story follows Zvesda, a secret society bent on glorious world conquest--
>and led by a little girl.
>> No. 86155
File 138831997340.jpg - (112.51KB , 500x281 , 1306400199219.jpg )
>> No. 86156
So here's the perplexing catch to that one that I just recently learned from my friend:
>Series Composition: Hoshizora Meteor
>> No. 86274
Japan's obsession with making everything little girls... and too often scantily clad little girls... is really disturbing.
>> No. 86277
Children are becoming something of a rare specimen in Japan. It's no wonder they're obsessed with them.
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