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File 133503848140.png - (149.84KB , 800x894 , chibi_legend_of_korra_by_kami_kazen-d4lqzzl.png )
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Okay so not trying to start a new Korra thread but I searched from bottom to top on the last two and I cannot find anymore working HQ Links, especially for episode 3.
Does anyone have any?

It's such a beautifully animated show and it's killing me to watch it with such crappy quality.
I even saw some HQ screencaps so I'm figuring the episode HAS to be available somewhere, right?
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>> No. 106032
Here's a torrent link for the time being http://beta.demonoid.me/files/details/2958336/?hl=korra

I'll keep an eye out. Keep trying the file.it links in the pastebin too. Those worked for me about an hour ago
>> No. 106121
thanks man the torrent worked.
>> No. 112188
Bump to remind everyone this is here for some links to season 2 hopefully sometime in the near future. maybe?

File 136798152299.jpg - (95.18KB , 1000x589 , spirit.jpg )
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"We’ve known since last summer that Book 2 is subtitled “Spirits,” and Nickelodeon's Rich Magallanes noted that in Book 2, the divide between the human world and the spirit world was collapsing and Korra finds, “the dark spirits are seeping into her world.”

The sequence we saw found Korra battling one of these spirits, initially just seen as dark tentacles, surrounded by a purple energy, coming out of the ground on a hillside. Korra asks, “Spirit, why are you so angry? What have we done to offend you?”, only for the tentacles to violently knock her aside, as they do to anyone else who attempts to help her, including Tenzin and an adult, male Water Tribe member I didn't recognize at a glance.

Then, the full octopus-like creature rises out of the ground, and begins moving down the hill, utlimately crashing through a fence into a carnival being held, as Korra pursues it. On the offense, Korra shoots the creature with fireballs and begins to get the upper hand, but she is suddenly grabbed by one of its tentacles, and smashed down into the ground. And... we cut to black, for now."
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>> No. 113936
Way to miss the point. The point I was making is that most series go through numerous rewrites between the initial idea and the final product. Whether the final product is good or not is irrelevant.

Also George Lucas rewrote the original Star Wars many times before he ever had to deal with anyone else. Even the prequels went through several rewrites; for example Qui-Gon Jinn wasn't in the original version and at one time was going to be younger than Obi Wan Kenobi.
>> No. 113945
My point was that the original Star Wars had a lot of outside influence, if you look into the writing process of it, George Lucas was being consulted by a lot of people and had his script edited and even straight out revised by many people.

In comparison, the prequel trilogy George Lucas was mostly alone in the writing process. Sure he did do a lot of revisions on it himself, but the amount of oversight he had was significantly less and it shows.
>> No. 117173
Lucas is such a bloody hack

File 134204081515.png - (545.96KB , 1280x837 , 1336728592040.png )
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>> No. 108327
I imagine that "problem" will be solved with cuts to the mindless action in the pro-bending arena.
>> No. 116394
>No, they'll have a rough patch throughout most of Season 2, culminating in breaking it off for good in the finale, deciding that even though they love each other, they just don't work as a couple.

Nice prediction, we have a winner.
>> No. 116608
Woo and off we go to book 3

File 136767224391.jpg - (333.26KB , 720x902 , Avatar__Mai_by_77Shaya77.jpg )
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You know what this board needs? A new Mai thread.
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>> No. 115703

>tries to hunts them down

You enjoyed Doomstar too then?
>> No. 115704
File 138333925071.jpg - (107.48KB , 720x480 , 126721967963.jpg )
>> No. 117221

File 131614182499.jpg - (160.96KB , 700x487 , poseasateam.jpg )
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Obligatory thread since the only gjr thread on the board is beyond 200 posts. Sure, Korra has officially made their story an AU but dag-gum it I still love these characters to bits. IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMNIT!

Last thread: >>86620
Wiki: http://gaangjr.wikia.com
Story Archive: http://community.livejournal.com/gaang_jr/
Thread Archive: http://www.gaangjr.com/threads/
deviantART Group: http://gaangjr.deviantart.com/
IRC: #plus4chan on irc.rizon.net
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>> No. 116449
File 138654537540.jpg - (99.26KB , 900x636 , Yi Lin Older.jpg )
A slightly older Yi Lin; early 20s.
>> No. 116450

>I suppose there must be some form of birth control in the AtlA world.

it's called coitus interruptus
>> No. 116451
File 138654898798.jpg - (203.88KB , 760x701 , 4d8ac058ab91c_image.jpg )
I love how slightly-Tseng-y that hair makes her look. Also she should use those hair-danglies as a makeshift mustache.

In other news, TDL and I were chatting about various ideas for advances in the Avatar world, and we somehow got onto the idea of there being some sort of resonant crystal that grew near Omashu or something. Carved to resonate depending on their shape and all that. Largely used for scientific experiments and novelties for the nobility. Perhaps it might make for a good heist story.

I thought it'd be a neat thing for Yue to experiment with, as she grows up and becomes the adorable researcher character at BSS Uni. Maybe determining that the crystals have medical uses like ultrasound, placing them around a patient's body and sensing the reverberations to get a picture of what's in the body, quickly sketching out a diagram with brush on paper while doing so. Low-tech radiologists. Could be a neat way to have earthbenders involved in healing, now that we've seen waterbenders and firebenders both doing something healing-related.

In general I just like the idea of Yue using them to somehow augment her mediocre earth-sense abilities, and picking up good precise drawing skills to be able to depict what she "sees" (no artistic/creative bone in her body though).

I just finished DX:HR so maybe I'm just in an augmentation/technology mood. :)

File 133925621826.png - (293.04KB , 849x466 , ep9.png )
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>> No. 112532
Um... Why?
>> No. 112533

I'm guessing these threads were on page 8, about to be bumped off the board? The Maiko and Korra shipping thread is there, too.
>> No. 112940

What >>112533 said.

File 136381907870.png - (226.86KB , 568x600 , The-Search-Lol-avatar-the-last-airbender-31924904-.png )
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Credit to the hero Maskmane on 4chan for scanning this.
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>> No. 116988
>It makes her a weak
There's nothing wrong with that considering how bad her life had become.

> and immature

>She signed away her responsibilities, her doubts, her regrets and her memories. The things that make people who they are.
Well at that point she had no responsibilities so I don't know what you're talking about her, and regardless she was still under no obligation to anyone to stay miserable. No, not even her children. Ursa is a human being who is not solely defined by the fact that she's a mother.

And I'm not saying Ursa is ultimately a good person incapable of fucking up. She did fuck up, but given her situation I can't fault her and label her a terrible human being for doing so. It's not a clear cut black and white situation, which is probably why the comic didn't go, "SEE?! SEE HOW TERRIBLE OF A HUMAN BEING URSA IS?!"
>> No. 116989
Eh, it seems more like we're supposed to emphasize with her in the comic.
Which is bullshit for two reasons.
1. We barely know Ursa and only cared about her ultimate fate for Azula and Zuko's sake.
2. The fact that she's "gotten over" her kids and lived a pleasant, carefree life all this time, while her son was actively worrying for her and her daughter went mad thanks in no small part to her and everyone went to great trouble to find her. There was no reward in doing so. She might as well be dead. Shoot, Ursa is dead. She killed herself.

Actually, I don't really see how anyone can truly like her, seeing as how things went.
>> No. 116990
>We barely know Ursa and only cared about her ultimate fate for Azula and Zuko's sake.
Which is probably why they spent roughly half of the entire comic on flashbacks about Ursa's past, so she would become a bit more than just a symbol to us.

>The fact that she's "gotten over" her kids and lived a pleasant, carefree life all this time, while her son was actively worrying for her and her daughter went mad thanks in no small part to her and everyone went to great trouble to find her. There was no reward in doing so. She might as well be dead. Shoot, Ursa is dead. She killed herself.
I think the fact that she chose to erase her memories actually meant she COULDN'T get over it but at the same time couldn't live with the fact that her kids were being raised by a sociopath and couldn't do anything to help them. Hell, if Avatar were aimed at an older audience she probably WOULD have actually killed herself.

I mean I think the whole point is that Ursa, Zuko and Azula are all tragic characters who have done messed up things as a result of their relationships with Ozai.

File 137004170735.jpg - (492.25KB , 600x922 , The_Avatar_State_by_NorthernBanshee.jpg )
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old thread >>103274

Remember if you find awesome stuff on tumblr link back to the source!
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>> No. 117167
File 139940242528.jpg - (418.55KB , 1092x1092 , Azula Modern Business.jpg )

a stylish modern Azula.
>> No. 117204
Really whoever did this made Asami fat.
>> No. 117205
Is that tattoo supposed to represent Raava (forgive the misspelling)?

File 130025059998.jpg - (392.27KB , 718x900 , avatar_ty_lee_and_azula_by_lisvanpiece-d39oxva.jpg )
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>> No. 117104
File 139875362313.png - (270.01KB , 900x750 , commission_for_bored_wizard__tyzula_by_minuiko.png )
Sometimes I forget that can happen, which is all of the time.
>> No. 117105
File 13987539755.png - (3.93MB , 2850x2480 , ember_island_by_noodlerface.png )
Also, it looks like the nsfw tag wasn't working when this thread was made. Just an observation.
>> No. 117115
speaking of which, here is some recent lewd cosplay:

File 135872287016.png - (247.42KB , 333x372 , Pro-bending_Arena_interior.png )
110975 No. 110975 Locked hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So would you want to see a video game made based on the Pro Bending sport in The Legend of Korra?
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>> No. 117200
Nice comments. I didn't think I was going to get an reply
>> No. 117201
Thanks for the comments.
>> No. 117202
Thanks for the comments.

File 135446389127.jpg - (38.47KB , 640x480 , tumblr_me4ccy5BwD1r0faf6o1_1280.jpg )
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Probably not the finalised date, but if it is then yay we're already half way there. ^^
118 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 116853
That might be some of the back and forth Korra and Asami have while they are sparring.
>> No. 116854
The post to which you are responding is over a year old.
>> No. 116855
Funny how its still relevant

File 133832485189.png - (764.66KB , 600x900 , The_Promise_Part_2_cover.png )
102700 No. 102700 Locked hide quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Comes out tomorrow, who gonna get it? Part 1 was pretty decent, with the exception of a few moments of dialogue that made me cringe. I'll have to go out of my way to get a copy this week if I want my own unless I want to wait longer to download it.
324 posts and 104 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 116869
Wonder how much pressure they can withstand while bending the shaft ceiling so it doesn't kill them.
>> No. 116871
File 139562027198.jpg - (138.54KB , 477x473 , awkward_by_mlegend24-d7b5466.jpg )
Toph will carry out Satoru in her arms and will save the day. Or the other way around. I’m just guessing.
>> No. 117196
What is even supposed to be happening in that picture? It looks like he's sticking his hand into her side.

File 139858330235.png - (677.02KB , 1920x1080 , 1398582295755[1].png )
117070 No. 117070 Locked hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Cross-posting this from /co/.

> Well, since this is the only Korra thread on /co/ right now, may as well post here. I've been wanting to improve my editing skills, so i decided I'd try editing the first season of Korra into a movie while cutting out all the fat and maybe even making it better by excluding or rearranging certain events. It's been pretty fun so far, but I've been thinking of coming on here and asking what others think.

> So far I've
> -Cut out the fight between Korra and Amon on Avatar Island
> -Cut pretty much all of Ep. 5
> -Cut out the part where Korra destroys the ancient Air Bender artifact
> -Cut out anything that makes Bolin look like a bitch (Like when he cries after seeing Korra and Mako together)

> I still have to get in everything from Ep. 6 -12 and I'll probably go back and do more, smaller cuts to some of the earlier episodes.

This guy is editing season one into a movie. Not sure if this could get him called "autistic" or not.
20 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 117184

>Firstly the panels were to teach Korra how to dodge an opponent using airbending, so they were there to teach Korra something.

Maybe not defeat an opponent, but to show the basic footwork and movements of Airbending, yes.

>Secondly by failing to figure out how to get past these panels, other by destroying them, Korra showed that she's isn't able to learn even after being shown what she was meant to be doing.

Yeah, because she wasn't in the right mindset. Tenzin didn't know how to deal with Korra and he himself lost his patience as well. Seriously, that was the reason they apologized to each other later. He might as well have written a letter to Princess Celestia, it was that obvious.

>Thirdly Korra's impatience had had already been shown when she left the South Pole because she wanted to learn airbending and was unable to concentrate while meditating. So even if this scene was cut the viewer would still know that Korra is impatient.

But then we don't get to see Tenzin losing his cool.

>Fourthly what was the result of Korra's failure? Since Tenzin didn't punish Korra and Korra didn't resolve to try harder then end result is that it had no influence on the plot or any of the characters.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 117185
Holy shit this is a clusterfuck.

First of all, I again say, Korra DESTROYING. THE. PANELS. is the important part and no, you can't take them out because she expressed impatience earlier and she's only allowed to have one act of impatience per episode. It DOES show something new about her, compared to all of the other times when she showed a lack of patience.

Her outburst was the culmination of days of training with no results and her frustration with that. It was meant to show how BADLY Korra was taking it all and how she really struggled with the idea of 'taking it slowly'. Compared to her leaving the South Pole and helping the merchant, this was a whole other level of impatience. It also, as Sharkman pointed out, also showed how frustrating this was for Tenzin.

The "result" of Korra's failure is that she finally said screw it to Tenzin's curfew and went to the pro-bending arena and finally had her big epiphany where airbending started clicking for her and Tenzin realized that she was right about the style helping her. And then later, when they meet up back on the island, she says, "I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for airbending practice!" so no, your argument about how she doesn't learn anything falls apart here. Never mind in episodes 3 and 4 you see Korra airbending training.

Her realization was not thrown in at the last second for "convenience", either, it makes perfect sense that a style that emphasizes speed would work more for Korra than traditional techniques would. I don't know where you're getting this from, you think Bryke wrote themselves into a corner when it's already been established that Korra is the type of character who prefers action over inaction and quick results? Shit, go back and rewatch her firebending training.

If you think the only way Korra could have learned a lesson was from having her punished, you're either watching this show wrong or you have some sort of issue with Korra
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 117193
>She masters the panel training later, though, after approaching it from a different mindset and Tenzin learning how to accommodate that. That was the whole point, you can't say she didn't learn anything from what she was being shown when it's actually in the damn show.

Korra suddenly going from inept to master simply because she needed to use this skill was an asspull.

>Point is, this was the first time Korra got the chance to have some humble pie, realize her mistakes, and apologize to Tenzin, as well as Tenzin being shown to have his own flaws, it's not as simple as "Korra broke things therefore Korra dumb, cut scene."

The problem is that Korra never realised her mistakes, ate humble pie, or apologized to Tenzin so it doesn't do any of those things. Also Tenzin's flaws are shown in other scenes.

>One, why wouldn't she consider the basics of Airbending, as taught by its' last living master, son of Avatar Aang, useful?

I'm saying she wouldn't consider dodging useful because it's not a combat skill.

>Two, didn't she already do that, by yelling at Tenzin that she needed to learn modern styles of fighting?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 138094397252.jpg - (46.70KB , 917x514 , hullo.jpg )
114691 No. 114691 Locked hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
aka "Tension - The Episode"

117 posts and 24 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 115117
"no woman wants BOLIN" lol
>> No. 115121
At this point, I'd say it's a mixture of the two. Bolin gives Varric leverage against Mako, who until they're break up, would have been a kind of leverage against Korra. Bolin just so happens to be relatively easy to string along, since he's not one to look at a gift with suspicion.
>> No. 115164
File 138163005363.jpg - (15.53KB , 200x200 , eska-is-angry.jpg )
Except for one.

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