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File 133925621826.png - (293.04KB , 849x466 , ep9.png )
103779 No. 103779
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>> No. 103781
Is Amon a fucking Steampunk Cyborg?

Seriously what the hell?
>> No. 103782
Lin looked pretty boss in that coat gotta say gotta say. Also liked how she cared for her officers.

Still hate seeing the Lieutenant getting tossed around so easily.
>> No. 103784
Oh and Asami it's time for you to dump Mako and hook up with Korra. He deserves neither of you.
>> No. 103785
I nearly lost my shit when I heard Toph finally speak. God I miss her.
>> No. 103786
Asami, you deserve better. Perhaps Lin?

Saw this VA list elsewhere. It's not confirmed yet, so take it with a grain of salt:

Aang -- D.B. Sweeny

Toph -- Kate Higgins

Sokka -- Chris Hardwick

Yakone -- Clancy Brown
>> No. 103787
We still don't know how it's possible to bloodbend during the day.
>> No. 103788
>> No. 103789
The animation was a bit crappy today. I suppose this is the southern raiders syndrome, when the incoming finale gets the priority in the budget department.

He's clearly the solution.

>Still hate seeing the Lieutenant getting tossed around so easily.
I like how he mentioned payback.

Sounded like her old voice actress too.
>> No. 103790

It's like Sokka explained: there are occasionally exceptional, freakish benders. Toph's blindness allowed her to develop metalbending, which was teachable to others. Combustion Man's overdeveloped third eye (according to Bryke) was what allowed to firebend with his mind, but that was an ability rooted in his own body and not teachable.

So what bother have Sokka drop this information about freaks?

Because that's what Amon is. He's a Tarrlok, just with chi-blocking instead of bloodbending.
>> No. 103791
Ocean spirit. The crescent moon symbology gave it away for me two weeks ago. Of course it's not relevant now that Tarrlok is dead, but that was my theory. Some kind of spiritual bounty from La.
>> No. 103792
Wait. "Hard n' Phirm" Chris Hardwick? Cute.
Well, from what little we heard, I think he's a good fit.

Every episode I'm hoping for Bolin to do something awesome. He came thiiiis close.
>> No. 103793
Korra and Mako = Bitches & Whores

Bolin and Asami = Waifus & Maidens
>> No. 103794
If Tarrlok's dead, why would the Equalists bother taking his body?
>> No. 103795
Omg, they're mutants.
>> No. 103796
File 133925704880.jpg - (25.17KB , 328x325 , blargfgrfg.jpg )
>Chris Hardwick
>> No. 103797
De-bent/dead what's the difference?
>> No. 103798
How dare they have that useless Sakura voice our beautiful Toph?
>> No. 103799
>>Omg, they're mutants.

That's actually a good way to put it.

In Amon's case, to put it in Warhammer 40K terms, it's more like he's a blank. He can 1) disable bending, and 2) is resistant to bending.
>> No. 103801
Yakone bloodbending Aang was a pretty fucked up scene for Y7. I seriously thought bones were gonna start snapping for a second.
>> No. 103802

>> No. 103804
I want to know why Aang somehow forgot that Yakone could bloodbend between the courtroom and knocking over his cart.
>> No. 103805
I take it Dude tried to bloodbend him and he pimpslapped the bending right outta his soul?
>> No. 103807
>suit up sequence
Lin really stole the show this episode, but I get a feeling she'll have less of a focus in the following episodes.
>> No. 103808
Umm, what? He's done nothing but try to sort this out, Korra may have been a bitch to him but they are still friends, after seeing her beat up he acted as any person who cared would.

I have no idea, he was just tanking everything.

He's not dead, just de-bent.

Retract Mako off there, he might be fucking up but he's trying not to.
>> No. 103809
Seriously all of our shipping woes would be solved if Mako just fucking DIED.
>> No. 103810
Hmmm Zuko and Katara where the only two Gaang members not at the trial....do you still deny the proof in front of you /a/?
>> No. 103811
Heard some theories floating around that amon is either aang or someone with cybernetic parts. I like those.

but how did amon know where tarrlok's shack would be? Seemed hidden pretty well.
>> No. 103812
Why would Zuko be attending the trial of some gangster and not be in the Fire Nation doing his job?

Also this episode pretty much proved you don't have to be a bender to be on the council. Pro-equalists are starting to run out of support.
>> No. 103813
>He's done nothing but try to sort this out, Korra may have been a bitch to him but they are still friends, after seeing her beat up he acted as any person who cared would.

That not being true was the point of Asami's concern, though. Mako was part of a search party consisting entirely of people who care about Korra. And he behaved more frantically than any of them. So, no, he acted a little differently than "any person who cared" did. You see what I mean?
>> No. 103814
>> No. 103817
Maybe they were simply following him after the attack on the equalists' base.
>> No. 103818
I take it you're all watching this on teevee?
>> No. 103819
Yessir. Have not seen a DL link yet.
>> No. 103820
I feel bad for Asami, but I still ship it. Sorry, hon- the situation's all effed up. Dad AND boyfriend betrayed yah. EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE.
>> No. 103821
He's not trying hard enough. He's solidified himself as an eternal asshole who destroyed Asami Sato's life just by meeting her and getting the Avatar involved. And she tried to be their friend. They have created a powerful enemy this day.
>> No. 103822
>> No. 103823
File 133925990833.jpg - (198.74KB , 440x593 , Meelo1.jpg )
>> No. 103824
[HD] *NEW* Legend of Korra Sea…youtube thumb
So in the finale promo:
people and white lotus guys getting energybended on air temple island
fire nation ships at 0:25?
Korra airbending at 0:27?
what's Amon doing at 0:46?

>> No. 103825
>Asks if Mako likes Korra
>Knows Korra's the fuckin' Avatar, she's just a rich, acrobatic non-bender
>Worries if Mako likes her because she wants to dump Mako for Korra

>> No. 103826
I'm going to be pondering this all day.
>> No. 103827
File 133926220283.jpg - (80.08KB , 780x520 , Best+Characters_6cc1e7_3768736.jpg )
Am I the only one who came buckets when Amon continued to walk through Tarrlock's bloodbending?

Oh, and Bolin, Lin and Tenzin were so boss in that episode too.

Poor Asami.
>> No. 103828
I got some V for Vendetta vibes.
>> No. 103829
>>public execution style be-dendings of blindfolded benders
>>blowing up tons of naval ships, doubtlessly killing many
>>redesigning public monuments to glorify himself

And, of course, the inevitable Equalist fans who defend all this as a regrettable necessity to create an equitable society free from bender privilege.
>> No. 103830
Maaaaaan, can you all stop downloading it so I can download it instead? Kthnx
>> No. 103831
I'm glad you are so understanding of the harsh actions one must take for equality
>> No. 103832
File 13392631688.jpg - (11.33KB , 500x222 , amonaang.jpg )
fuck I am sooo drunk right now hahah
oh my god you guys you know what we should do
guys we should
we should paint my mask on the aang statue's face that would be so hilarious
>> No. 103833
>>I'm glad you are so understanding of the harsh actions one must take for equality

Harsh, comrade? They are only 'harsh' because of their closeness in time. The benders ruled with even greater harshness, but their crimes were spaced out over centuries. Once the body of society has been cleansed of the bender impurities that were the root cause of all previous suffering, we will have peace, equality, and harmony under the just rule of Amon.
>> No. 103834
File 133926373540.jpg - (139.08KB , 647x1000 , dokudoku - Bolin.jpg )
Speaking of which: Bolin has some terrible bladder problems.
>> No. 103835
I don't suppose anyone has a super secret link that no one else is using that actually works? : (
>> No. 103836
Yeah I do see how he acted the same way when it was Bolin.
>> No. 103838
>> No. 103839
Did anyone else notice that, although it likewised lacked the light show from when he used it on Ozai, Aang's spiritbending still had different hand positions than whatever Amon's de-bending it?

Aang may have been trying to show Korra more than one thing.
>> No. 103840
File 133926586431.png - (762.46KB , 1022x568 , YakoneGetsBent.png )
>> No. 103841
Someone who analyzed it on tumblr noted that Aang stands in front of the target and blocks the Light (Forehead) and Love (Heart) chakras.

Amon stands behind the victim and blocks the Light and Sound (Neck) chakras.

If I remember it right, they also noted; Light is the source of chi, Love is blocked by grief and freed by love and Sound is blocked by lies and illusion and freed by the truth.
>> No. 103842
Aang why couldn't you just kill him?
>> No. 103843

Tarrlok -"What ,what are you!!"
Amon - "Beneath this mask there is more than flesh, beneath this mask there is an idea Mr.Tarrlok, and ideas are unbloodbendable."
>> No. 103845
>have no blood to bend
>> No. 103846
File 133926816727.jpg - (27.72KB , 375x420 , Eolch - Tahno.jpg )
Removing one’s bending seems to be worse than death. Just ask Tahno.
>> No. 103847
Uh, no. Try to remember the whole "I don't want to kill because it's so wrong!" conflict in the finale. Debending was Aang's acceptable substitute.
>> No. 103848
>redesigning public monuments to glorify himself
It's really hard to make Amon sound like a gloryhound when he's constantly wearing a mask so that no one can ever recognize him.

Honestly, I think the mask on Aang is more of a statement than anything.

Here is the original Equalist, the man to discover spiritbending and my father.
>> No. 103851
He was also sentenced to life in prison not the death penalty, so it could have been seen as an abuse of his position to just smoke the dude.

There is a dense fog forming over republic city and only (investigation)Team Avatar can unravel the mystery!
>> No. 103852
All of Aang's other children are brown though

Amon's way too pale. I don't think he's Yakone either, since Yakone's probably got the same general skin tone as Tarrlok. It's hard to tell from the flashback since it's so brightly lit it even makes Sokka look really pale.
>> No. 103853
From HIS perspective. Fucking entitled bender asshole.
>> No. 103854
File 133926944795.png - (675.95KB , 1280x604 , tumblr_m5d160xLjD1rwhnico1_1280[1].png )
Was he gonna take a train on his face?
>> No. 103855
What's the penalty for escaping from prison? In some places it's death.
>> No. 103856
I think a non-bender would rather have no bending than be dead, so that post makes no sense in like any context.
>> No. 103857
Aang doesn't actually know what it's like to not have your bending anymore, but he still has his Air Nomad compunction against death, even though for the recipient of his spirit-bending technique it consigns them to a zombie-like half-existence that they'll suffer in for the rest of their lives and probably end up committing suicide if this wasn't a kids' show.
>> No. 103858
>I once bested a man with my trusty boomerang

Oh Sokka, your only dialogue in the entire series and you still manage to work boomerang in there. GG.
>> No. 103860
Considering that more than half the world's population is non-benders and hasn't committed suicide, I'm sure Ozai, Tahno or whoever else can learn to cope.
>> No. 103861
>I once bested a man with my trusty boomerang

Oh Sokka, your only dialogue in the entire series and you still manage to work boomerang in there. GG.
>> No. 103863
Exactly. You have your life as a bender taken away and you’re forced to live as a non-bender. If you were a good bender, people won’t hate you, but if you were like Ozai or Tahno… well, you end up in prison or on the streets.
>> No. 103865
Is the sound all fucked up for anyone else on the episode 9 download?
>> No. 103866
anyone else think there are more to the visions then what Korra thinks and that she just assumed that it was about Tarlokk but whenever she had those visions, Tarlokk was never around?
>> No. 103868

That's exactly why she says" Aang, it wasn't Tarrlok you were warning me about."
>> No. 103869
HD trailer for finale:

Legend of Korra - Season Finale Previewyoutube thumb
>> No. 103870
>That's exactly why she says" Aang, it wasn't Tarrlok you were warning me about."

No, I'm pretty sure she said "Aang, it was Tarrlok you were warning me about."

Regardless, I think there's more to it as well, Korra just hasn't figured it out yet. I think Aang also wanted to show Korra what actual energybending looks like so she can hopefully figure out that what Amon is doing isn't the same thing. With Ozai and Yakone, Aang touches the forehead and chest (which is why he probably didn't take Azula's bending. What with her being his spiritual great grand-daughter and all, that would have been terribly awkward), whereas Amon is touching the forehead and back of the neck.
>> No. 103871
File 133927290792.jpg - (123.74KB , 1000x1234 , Gaia77 - Sokka.jpg )
And why is Sokka on the council in the first place?
>> No. 103872
Why shouldn't he be?
>> No. 103874
Too bad Korra's too massively retarded to perceive that little fact about hand placement.
>> No. 103876
Guess he was a worthless piece of shit after all.
We thought he was going to make something of himself.
For shame, Sokka.
>> No. 103877
That's mostly right except:
*The chakra on the heart is called the Air chakra.
*The sound chakra is on the throat, not the back of the neck, so Amon's other hand probably isn't touching a chakra at all.
*None of the chakras are stated to be the source of chi (in the series I mean)

>but whenever she had those visions, Tarlokk was never around
Tarrlok was around for the third one (it was caused when he bloodbended her unconscious), but you're right about the first two (the first was caused by Amon and the second by the Lieutenant electrocuting her). So Aang may also have been trying to tell her about Tarrlok.

She definitely said "it was Tarrlok".
>> No. 103878
Because xD LOL everyone from the old series need to be seen again and have their gratuitous spotlight moment.

I'm surprised the council wasn't also made up of Ty Lee, Azula in a straitjacket and King Bumi's ghost.
>> No. 103879
Since Tarrlok bloodbended Saikhan too I guess that means he's not a yesman of his but merely easier to control than Lin?
>> No. 103881
No, I'm pretty sure Saikhan was just convinced Tarrlok was the only one who could stop Amon.
>> No. 103882
I mean, did Sokka suddenly become a waterbender?
>> No. 103884
Even if the current council are all benders (we can't be sure, but it's likely how Tarrlok spoke to them about the non-bender curfew), no one ever said you had to be one to get on the council.
>> No. 103885
On a serious note I'm guessing it's because he's Hakoda's son and has some leadership cred.
>> No. 103886
Not to mention "saved the fucking world" cred.
I think it's pretty safe to assume all the original Gaang were set for life after taking down Ozai. Apparently Katara went into the memoir-writing business, so their stories and names were/are fairly popular and hold a lot of power.
>> No. 103887
When was it ever stated that one had to be a bender to be on the council?
>> No. 103888
No, it wasn't. There's also an air acolyte on the council and they're probably not a bender.
>> No. 103890
You don’t?

Huh. Learn something new every day.
>> No. 103891
Speaking of.. What's up with those Air Acolytes?

Like.. how do you even sign up for that? Or why? Clearly they're not real air benders and can never be; it's not something you just learn by becoming some sort of bitter monk. So what are they there for? How could they possibly restore an entire culture of peoples by what little Tenzin may know? Is that just the latest fad sweeping Republic City? "Nah dude, I'ma drop out for a semester and become an air acolyte. I told you I was hardcore."
>> No. 103893
airaboos. basicly
>> No. 103895
... That was it? Did they really just resolve two major subplots (Korra's visions of Aang and Tarlok's rise to power) in one episode before returning everything exactly how t was before? Really?

Color me unimpressed.
>> No. 103896

Did you not see the next episode preview that has bombings, all out war in the streets and Amon bringing benders before him to strip them of their bending like it was some sort of show execution? How is any of that "like it was before?"

A councilman has been proven a criminal and was captured by terrorists, everything he's done and passed in the council is now totally suspect and the other three shitheads now look (and probably feel) like even bigger shitheads for going along with everything the guy had to say.

Shit is about to get real.
>> No. 103897
Well what more did you want? Remember this is a very short series.

My only disappointment is with just how predictable everything was. But even there I have to blame myself for it. When you submerge yourself into the fandom and listen to any and all insane speculation, your chances of being shocked are greatly slimmed down. Wasn't there some tumblrkiddie last week who basically predicted everything that would happen today step by step? So when I see Yakone bloodbending the courtroom and the big reveal that he was Tarrlok's father, I can't help but sit there very unimpressed.

She finally got in contact with her spiritual side/Aang and Tarrlok was taken down. It's not exactly back to zero.
>> No. 103899
I liked that Korra still visibly shat a brick when it seemed Amon was coming after her, like WHOA SHIT WATERBEND GO GO GO

It's better than instantly finding her cool with him like I expected. Plus I guess learning he's immune to the bloodbending that slapped her silly just added to the tally of 'don't fuck with this guy' in her head.
>> No. 103900
Nah, it was definitely a bit too heavily telegraphed. Even I could call it within minutes after watching the episode and without reading anyone else's speculation.
>> No. 103902
I think it wasn't meant to be that unpredictable after episode eight where we were given most pieces of the puzzle, the real revelation was last week, when we learnt the flashback was about Tarrlok instead of Amon

>Wasn't there some tumblrkiddie last week who basically predicted everything that would happen today step by step?
Was that the one were Katara was supposed to bloodbend Yakone while he was aided by some gangsters?
>> No. 103904
>Did you not see the next episode preview that has bombings, all out war in the streets and Amon bringing benders before him to strip them of their bending like it was some sort of show execution? How is any of that "like it was before?"
By it having absolutely nothing to do with the events of this episode.
>> No. 103905
This is so fucking stupid.

Yes, there are going to be some predictable episodes.

So fucking what? Not every episode is going to pack a wallop and surprise you LIKE THE LAST FUCKING EPISODE.

How many people were expecting Tarrlok to be a bloodbender? Much less one that can do it at any time of the day.

You are totally missing the point of watching a TV show, movie, reading a book or otherwise immersing yourself in any fucking form of entertainment if you think predictability is actually important.
>> No. 103906
Tarrlok being able to bloodbend at any time was a surprise and it peaked my interest and made me wonder what was going to happen next. Then they said that his dad could do it for no reason and that's why he can do it but he can't anymore so it really doesn't matter. Weak.
>> No. 103907
No, it didn't have Katara in it. Though I'm sure there were 101 insane predictions, so tracking the one I'm talking about may be a lost cause.

None of that has anything to do with my post or point. Absolutely anything. You also missed your chance to squeeze in a few more "fucking"'s to get your point across.
>> No. 103908
Tarlokk's still going to be around in the next episodes.
>> No. 103912
File 133928220716.jpg - (76.20KB , 640x452 , 854826 - Avatar_the_last_Airbender Pema Tenzin The.jpg )
It’s for airbending groupies who are turned on by older men.
>> No. 103913
>Regular 4chan /co/ right now

Jesus its the old days all over again.
>> No. 103914
Sucks that it took such a polarizing (and lousy) episode to make it happen.
>> No. 103915
Anyone notice now that Aang is 30 years older, his air scooter is 30 times more awesome?
>> No. 103916

>By it having absolutely nothing to do with the events of this episode.

Did you even read the rest of Sharkman's post? Tarrlok by his actions and flat out lying about them, and blaming them on the Equalists, just handed Amon the political football he needed to spark an all out war against Republic City's government.
>> No. 103917
File 133928413367.png - (940.73KB , 1280x800 , HappyCop.png )
>> No. 103918
I thought he said he was 40
>> No. 103919
Yeah, I always thought some aspects of bending were just dumb luck but it was still pretty disappointing since Korra's surprise the previous episode made it seem like there was a secret to it.
>> No. 103920
Techically, he’s 140.
>> No. 103921
There is a secret; we just won't ever get to know what it is because we need to focus on Mako being a foot long knob who now suddenly loves Korra more than anything in the world since she's vulnerable and scarred and needs the healing power of true love's dick.

Fucking male Katara.
>> No. 103922
You know what got me mad.
That line there at the very end.
*shoves Lin and Tenzin aside and grabs her up to caress her*

Fuck. This. Guy.
>> No. 103925
they wanted to replicate the framing of Katara cradling dead Aang in her arms after Crossroads of Destiny and characterization be fucking damned if it's going to prevent it. They threw away everything he's been doing or saying since episode 2 just for this bullshit.
>> No. 103927
Does anyone have a HQ download link without the watermark?
>> No. 103928
>>the previous episode made it seem like there was a secret to it

There was, and Sokka explained it: sometimes people born with rare and unique bending abilities. There are people like Toph, whose blindness allowed her the insight to develop a teachable skill like metalbending, and then there are people like Yakone whose special ability is rooted in their biology somehow and is inheritable by their descendants.
>> No. 103929
I fucking hate that it wasn't Tenzin there who scooped her up.
I fucking hate that Lin didn't tug her in her coat.
I hate that Mako was more concerned than Bolin, who just sorta went along with the whole thing as if they were looking for the neighbor's stray cat(dog).

Puppylove is officially more important than your sifu and the woman, with whom she shares a kindred spirit.
>> No. 103930
Someone needs to infiltrate Nick's corporate superstructure and torpedo season 2 like right fucking now.
>> No. 103933
Also, Tarrlok being Yakone's son and still being a bender proves the total irrelevancy of Amon's plot: the de-bent can still have bender children and there's nothing you can do about it; you crazy masked son of a bitch
>> No. 103936
His line in the preview about tonight being the night he removes bending from the world forever suggests to me that he has some kind of spirit fuckery planned or a mass-debending device thingy or something.

Because the alternative is that he plans to round up everyone on the planet who can bend and forehead poke them one by one in front of a live audience, and I think the crowd would get bored of that around the third time a panicky firebender spurts out a flame blast that peters down to nothing.
>> No. 103937
Non-bender parents can have bender children as well though... It just depends on what nation (culture/ethnicity?) that runs in their blood that determines what bending they will possess if they're born a bender. Neither of katara's or toph's parents are benders, for example.

Amons efforts are futile though, like you said, because even if he wipes out all the benders, more will be born with time, from de-bent benders and non-benders alike.
>> No. 103938
It's pretty possible Tarrlok was born or at least conceived before Yakone's debending incident with Aang.
>> No. 103939

The Yakone incident happened 40 years ago. Tarrlok is 35.
It says so on the website.
>> No. 103940
>I fucking hate that Lin didn't tug her in her coat.

That would have been pretty OOC for Lin to do.
>> No. 103941
And it's definitely not possible that Tarrlok lied about his age, now is it.

>> No. 103942
The Nick site says Tarrlok is 37 and Tarrlok himself mentioned Yakone's attacks being 42 years ago.

So either Republic City allows conjugal visits, or Yakone broke out at some point.
>> No. 103943
Here's a (probably wrong) idea: Yakkone was the only Waterbender born while the moon was dead, and that's why he has opposite bloodbending.
>> No. 103945
Uh.. he appears to be older than Aang.
>> No. 103946

Unless proven otherwise, that's how I see the situation. That aside, why does it matter whether or not Yakone had him before or after he lost his bending? Some of you people seem to be forgetting the fact that ANYBODY can give birth to benders. Benders, Non-benders, or de-bented.
>> No. 103947
To who? The (real life) people that made the website?
>> No. 103948

My bad, either way, Tarrlok was born after the Yakone incident, that's my point lol
>> No. 103949
Hence the "Probably wrong."

Makes more sense than "lol, dunno" though, right?
>> No. 103954
>meet superstar athelete by complete chance while out cruising
>set up a date, hit it off with him
>free backstage passes to your favorite sporting event
>convince rich daddy to fund your boy's team at great personal expense
>they lose anyway
>arena housing your favorite sport is destroyed by terrorists
>rich daddy turns out to be one of the terrorists
>get arrested
>find out your superstar athlete boyfriend has cheated on you with the incarnation of nature

Being Asami is suffering
>> No. 103955
Perhaps Amon is going to try to set up an infrastructure where anyone born will be screened for bending potential, only to have it taken away.
>> No. 103956
>Amon ex machina
>Naga ex machina

Pretty flashbacks, but I am not impress.
>> No. 103957
kinda makes me wonder what he was doing during the war
just hanging in the northern tribe chilling and bloodbending, I guess.
>> No. 103958

I can't do anything about who Korra ends up with, but after all the bullshit, Asami had better end up happy. And not in any "Well, I can always fuck his brother" shipping consolation prize bullshit.
>> No. 103959
File 133929750073.png - (422.51KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2012-06-09-23h03m33s85.png )

Also, Lin confirmed for total cougar.
>> No. 103960
She'll be the season 2 mini-boss.
>> No. 103961
HD link of episode 9 http://ifile.it/psrm6f3
>> No. 103963
File 133929848052.gif - (366.94KB , 500x232 , kidsshow.gif )
Also this.

God damn the opening of this episode sent chills down my spine.
>> No. 103964
>Amon ex machina
The Equalists are the most well-connected, informed and organized group in this entire show. They knew Tarrlok had faked everything and kidnapped before anyone else did. Tracking him down would have been a simple matter of following him.

>Naga ex machina
It's a giant. fucking. dog. One of the first things they say in this episode is that Naga had also gone missing. She was presumably tracking down Korra this whole time. Don't forget they used her to smell all over the city for Bolin. Plus it's half polar bear; it lives and operates best on snow.
>> No. 103966
>Tracking him down would have been a simple matter of following him.

Most likely when they found out Tarrlok framed them they sent some spies to hang around the council building.
>> No. 103967
>no boobs

Ah, censors.
>> No. 103973
dat horse nose

dunno about other Asian folks but my family usually wears casual clothes to bed
>> No. 103974
>"The secret as to why Tarlok's can bloodbend is because his father was a bloodbender. The secret to his father's ability to bloodbend is that he can bloodbend for no reason at all."
Thank you, please try again.
>> No. 103975

Why don't you tell us how Combustion Man was able to Firebend explosions from his mind? Using info only in the show.
>> No. 103976
File 13393046259.jpg - (48.35KB , 500x657 , Toph.jpg )
When she's not being drawn from that Crimson Chin angle... Toph aged pretty damn gracefully. Smokin' at 40
>> No. 103977
He used his third eye chakra as a collimator to focus firebending into a beam.
>> No. 103978
Sad to see Toph looking physically "pretty" but otherwise unremarkable.
>> No. 103979
So because one character we know almost nothing about can do something we can't explain, that must mean that you can write off any remarkable power as just something they can do for no reason. I guess if they just up and say Amon can take away bending for no reason, you'd be fine with that because there are, according to Sokka, loads of people with remarkable abilities that we're not even going to bother to explain.
>> No. 103980
See >>103795

They're mutant freaks.
>> No. 103981
Every time he would shoot his "beam", he would concentrate, breathe in, aim with his face and shoot. It's obvious he was a regular firebender who learned how to tweak his flames into a very precise and concentrated shot. The name "combustion" itself also hints at what he does. So while it's not 100% explained, you don't also need to be a rocket scientist to know more or less how it works.

Azula was able to shoot blue fire out of her every hole. It's supposedly the strongest type of fire. Not even Iroh or Ozai were shown having blue fire. Why? This was never explained. Well, the reason, one would have to assume, is that some people are just born stronger benders in their element. Or very specific fields of their element. Maybe Yakone was a sub-par or louse water bender yet very tuned into blood bending to the point where he learned not to even need the moon.

Sometimes the best explanation is the simplest.
>> No. 103982
I still think he was somehow reacting to the Ocean spirit, the only thing that could still waterbend after the moon stopped existing for a while there.
>> No. 103984
She killed Sasori, Fuen, Zetzu, and is a highly skilled medic able to analyze and synthesize antidotes to not one but two deadly poison strains created by master poisoneers and thus saved multiple peoples lives with them, in addition to her healing skills which are second only to the most powerful and respected healer in the series.

Toph has never defeated anyone in a fight, or even had a straigt up 1v1.

Try again?
>> No. 103985

Dude, shut the fuck up. Nobody benefits when you start arguing Avatar Vs. Naruto.
>> No. 103986
Hama concluded bloodbending outside of a full moon was impossible just because she couldn't. In retrospect, it wasn't a good idea to assume she was right.
>> No. 103987
File 133930772651.png - (520.11KB , 702x787 , Strong_Toph_by_Ritualist.png )
I can only wonder what Toph looks like without that police uniform on....
>> No. 103990
...The fuck are you going on about?
Or are you just trolling?
Or imitating someone that really is that stupid, sarcastically?

One loses track around here.
>> No. 103992
>Azula was able to shoot blue fire out of her every hole
How is this such a leap of imagination or are you that dumb.

The moon never did more than AMPLIFY waterbending in the series, its presence did not have any significant implications beyond that. The only reason Katara and Hama needed the moon to bloodbend was because they weren't strong enough to do so without the boost in power. People in the fandom (and the series) simply assumed that it would be impossible for anyone to be strong enough to do it without a full moon buff.

The only prerequisite for bloodbending has always simply been strength. Sheer power is all that bloodbending takes.

Yakone and Tarrlok got the power, that's just how the dice roll.
>> No. 103993
Read further on
>> No. 103995
It's probably a combination of power/talent and practice. It's possible Katara could have done it too, but she hated using it enough that she would likely never try. Yakone and Tarrlok may well have been working on it for decades even.
>> No. 103997
Nope, still the most idiotic thing I've read so far this month. And I've been following politics. The guy lucked into being born with something just short of a death-touch, and he used it to do nothing but make the world a worse place for having him in it. And it was too dangerous for him to keep it. He couldn't play well with others, he had his special toy taken away and had to live the rest of his life like... um... the majority of the planet.
>> No. 103999
Apparently you missed the point. I purport that death is a preferable alternative to having your bending taken away.
>> No. 104000
Further, mr. pacificist Aang isn't being half as merciful as he believes; he's just protecting his own sense of morality and fucking over Korra by not removing these problems like Yakone finitely. Just taking his bending away isn't good enough. He's being wishy-washy about delivering justice just like Roku.
>> No. 104002
But bloodbending was never presented as anything more than applied waterbending. Bending the water inside a person's body while fighting their own strength takes such force that even master waterbenders need the strength of the full moon to pull it off. If Yakone and Tarrlok's ability to bloodbend at will was just a matter of them being strong enough to do it, that would mean they were quite possibly the strongest waterbenders in the world. That just doesn't hold up to what we see and know about the story.
>> No. 104004
How does it not?

They're the strongest waterbenders that we have seen to date by far. And the proof?

They bloodbended whole groups of people in the middle of a day.

If you think a full moon was the "key" to bloodbending, you should go back and watch the Puppetmaster again. Hama only ever talks of how it boosts her power.
>> No. 104005
Okay, you're an idiot.

"I was born into a rich family, and used my money to break the law and spread misery."
"You've been caught and your money is now taken away."
"A normal life? I'D RATHER BE DEAD!"

Bitch moar, whiny assed bitch.
>> No. 104008
Say what you will but if you're over 40 and your only useful skill is removed by some self-important asshole, be he masked vigilante or divine apportioner of karma, you're going to be taking a lot of long looks at the sharp objects around you.
>> No. 104009
>Bending the water inside a person's body while fighting their own strength takes such force that even master waterbenders need the strength of the full moon to pull it off.

Who told you this? Did you read the script? Where's the script? Give me the season, episode and minute when this is stated. I'll suck your dick if you can provide this information. I will.

Hama says she "invented" blood bending, but in all probability, this is most likely a faulty claim on her part. She just tapped into a secret or lost side of water bending. The avatar world is far too big and diverse for this to be true. I get more credibility on this claim when you realize Yakone found out about it, too. Perfected it, even -- assuming he has no ties to her, of course. BUT I DIGRESS!

I'm not going to say they were "the strongest in the world", but, like I said in my earlier post, some people are gifted with specific boosts in specific fields of their elements. So what if Yakone and Tarrlok really ARE the strongest blood bender alive? Why does that shatter your mind? Doesn't mean they're the strongest water benders. Remember Iroh's lecture about lightning bending being super srss bsnss and hard to handle? Ozai could shoot lighting out his hands like such a pro that would make Palpatine blush. He was not the strongest fire bender. Same deal applies to Azula.

Point being, whatever side-talent you were gifted with/perfected on has nothing to do with the bulk of it.
>> No. 104011
I'm pretty sure Ozai actually was the strongest firebender alive. (If you don't count combustion man who might not even be able to do regular firebending)
>> No. 104013
>Say what you will but if you're over 40 and your only useful skill

Useful skill? USEFUL SKILL?!?

HE WAS AN INSANE MOBSTER RUINING PEOPLE'S LIVES. "Goddamnit, the only useful skill I had was SHOOTING PEOPLE IN THE FACE AS A MOB HITMAN and now I'm on a 'do not sell guns to this prick' list. I WISH I WAS DEAD AS WELL AS IN PRISON!"

Well fuck you, asshole. You ain't dead, quityer bellyachin' and develop new skills. Maybe write a book about your life. Here's an idea for a title "I'm A Gigantic Crybaby Sad I Lost The Power I Abused Like Fuck".

Next I'm going to cry for Nixon. Politics were his LIFE, man! It's all he knew and then some asshole had to go and ruin his life telling everyone "this guy's a prick breaking the law left and right". God, they should have just killed him! And what about that poor Doctor that went around lying through his teeth and making up data "proving" a link between vaccinations and autism. Then some jerkface had to go and prove that he'd completely pulled the data out of his ass and ruined countless lives (costing more than a few), resulting in him losing his medical license. NOW what's he meant to do with his life? Find something else to do? Maybe realize that he'd been a complete sack of shit for years? That poor poor man.
>> No. 104014
Highly debatable, bub. Straight off the top of my head I can think of Iroh and Jeong Jeong giving him a very good run for his money.

I actually never got "world's strongest firebender" vibe from Ozai at all.
>> No. 104015
In Yakone and Ozai's case it's not like they would be doing anything outside of a prison cell ever again so the point is kind of moot.

Also apparently Yakone didn't think it was too awful because he managed to break out of jail and get a son a few years later.
>> No. 104018
File 133931700694.gif - (0.97MB , 245x180 , 1339314167421.gif )
>> No. 104019
File 133931706380.gif - (669.35KB , 245x180 , 1339314217673.gif )
>> No. 104020
File 133931710460.gif - (659.04KB , 245x180 , 1339314287188.gif )
>> No. 104021
So anyone else pretty miffed at Aang's adult voice?

It sounded nothing like I would have imagined really... More like an Adult Zuko actually.
>> No. 104022
I liked Maang's voice.

Heck I liked all the adult characters voices. And I love that sokka took the time to refer to his trusty boomeraang while presiding over court/
>> No. 104023
File 133931813122.gif - (0.97MB , 500x257 , 1339314460713.gif )
Hahaohman bloodbending is haaaaaaax, its good to see bb's getting put in thier place though
>> No. 104024
I see you understand my argument for death before disgrace.
>> No. 104025
How do you know he broke out?
>> No. 104026
None of them sounded right to me but that's a foolish complaint because ultimately I can't make that call.
>> No. 104027
they wouldn't just let him fucking walk free after he bloodbent the council AFTER they handed him a life sentence in prison.

he might not be able to do any more damage with his bending gone but he's still got to pay his dues, you know.
>> No. 104028
I know the Gaang apparently got really fucking stupid later in life but stupid enough to let him escape from prison?

Why did Aang let himself get bloodbent again?
>> No. 104029
We knew Naga was looking for Korra from Tenzin's line, while Amon simply followed Tarrlok.
No DEM here sir.
>> No. 104030
Why are people assuming Tarrlok had to be conceived by Yakone after Yakone was sent to prison? Tarrlok could just be extremely good at looking younger than he is. There's people like that out there.

They're assholes and I hate them, but they totally exist.
>> No. 104031
Who's to say that the bitch Yakone knocked up wasn't also a waterbender?
>> No. 104032
>The Yakone incident happened 40 years ago. Tarrlok is 35.

He even lied about his age to the official website! Does his perfidy know no bounds?
>> No. 104033
File 13393231962.jpg - (164.42KB , 823x951 , 1339307989908.jpg )
Seriously though screw Mako.
>> No. 104035
He was giving him another chance, he had already decided he was going to take away his bending if he didn't give up. Dudes all about giving 2nd 2nd chances. You have to be half a second away from killing him to get him to act.
>> No. 104036
That short moment between Bei Fong and her men was more genuine and moving than all the relationship drama combined.

This show has such fucked up priorities.
>> No. 104039
So most people are assuming there's not gonna be an episode next week.
Good job nickelodeon.
>> No. 104040
I think we should all just take a minute and honor the fucking hero of the episode.

Tarrlock's secretary, who is now a fucking legendary hero.
>> No. 104041
Bolin and Yosuke, pee buddies.
>> No. 104044
File 133933789916.jpg - (82.66KB , 400x300 , douchebending.jpg )
>> No. 104047
File 133934142445.jpg - (297.67KB , 764x1154 , tumblr_m5e5rc3pIg1rptk5lo1_1280[1].jpg )
So what's up with this guy? Why would they call a man in his seventies to voice a nameless thug with barely any lines?
>> No. 104048
He's got a good agent?
>> No. 104049
>>So what's up with this guy?

He's Lieutenant Worf, the bone the writers throw the viewers so they can see Korra actually beat someone in a fight every few episodes.
>> No. 104050
Maybe he's just preping for a bigger role later on?
>> No. 104051
I'm fine with anything as long as we hear more of his sexy voice.
>> No. 104052
File 133934374889.jpg - (34.20KB , 388x441 , Clamps.jpg )
God I hope not. This guy's got about as many moves as that mafioso robot from Futurama; Clamps.
>> No. 104053
File 133934413183.png - (504.88KB , 720x480 , 122303713080.png )
He's basically a Ty Lee with electrified sticks, except her opponents were mostly taken by surprise or incompetent.
>> No. 104055
I'm disappointed he has so few lines. Seems like such a waste of an awesome voice actor.
>> No. 104058
>Who told you this? Did you read the script? Where's the script? Give me the season, episode and minute when this is stated.
Season 3, episode 8, 15 minutes in.

Hama: Tonight I'll teach you the ultimate technique of waterbending. It can only be done during the full moon, when your bending is at its peak.

>So what if Yakone and Tarrlok really ARE the strongest blood bender alive? Why does that shatter your mind?
I'm not complaining that it doesn't make sense. I'm complaining that the reasoning behind the revelation is poorly written. "They were born with it for no reason" is a terrible way to explain where somebody got their power.
>> No. 104061
At least Ty Lee had a bubbly personality and a cute rack
>> No. 104063
File 133934585987.jpg - (329.49KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_m5daw45ifY1rw8i1jo1_1280[1].jpg )
I find his moustache sexier.
>> No. 104065
You can only do it during the full moon as far as Hama knew. She was a pretty average bender in the end.
>> No. 104068
No one seriously thinks there's a deeper rationalization behind them specifically NOT being able to do it on the full moon? If the full moon is meaningless; why the exception? THINK
>> No. 104070
>specifically NOT being able to do it on the full moon

I'm sure they can do it during the full moon. Yakone just didn't because he it would be easier to prove he didn't, and Tarrlok didn't because it never happened to be a full moon when we saw him.
>> No. 104085
Hope we can go back to ignoring the romance subplots with the second season and the finale. The romance stuff was always the weakest point with the Avatar shows IMO.
>> No. 104096
I've come to find that romance is always the weakest point with everything ever. It's near impossible to find a show that isn't worsened by the presence of romantic elements so I really wish other movies/shows/books would stop shoehorning them in to draw in the tweengirls crowd. The Spirit of Competition was fine because the romance was mostly a punchline, but when it gets more serious than that it usually turns into a chore and Korra's no exception.
>> No. 104099
>He's basically a Ty Lee with electrified sticks, except her opponents were mostly taken by surprise or incompetent.

So... we should ship him with Amon?
>> No. 104101
Yeah, no; you're still not getting that dick sucking. I specifically asked you to bring me the line where she talks about "even master waterbenders needing the moon." Where does she say that? Please bring me this line of dialogue that you apparently heard.

Like I just got done telling you, Hama puts a great deal of pride into the technique she claims to have come up with, but it's obvious she really knows jack shit. She got beaten by a teenage girl, after all.. so there go any claims of making Hama anything close to a master.

>"They were born with it for no reason" is a terrible way to explain where somebody got their power.

You do realize this would mean about 85% of every Avatar character ever would be poorly written.. right? Every Avatar is the strongest bender in the world, and they're literally "just born with it." Why do you want Yakone to have a tragic past to be able to be strong? Orphan from a dying alien planet? You want his parents to have been killed in front of him so he takes up bloodbending to save Republic City? He was an old man; one would have to naturally assume he's spent his whole life perfecting this technique -- which is the same thing everyone in this show has done with everything related to bending ever.
>> No. 104102
... Yes.
>> No. 104113
You should visit /coq/ more often. They’re already shipping Amon×Lieutenant.
>> No. 104120
Guys, guysguysguysguysguys. I've got it.

Okay, so whether or not someone is a bender is based on the spirituality of the individual, right?

You remember Guru Pathik, right? The guy who helped Aang open his chakras? How in the hell was he not a bender? He was arguably the most spiritual character shown in either series.

Well, I've figured it out. He was an energybender. Among the last or the absolute last of his kind. Either that or he started it by learning from lion turtles, like how the other bending disciplines were learned from the creatures that originally possessed them, and just never passed it on to anybody. Because of his extremely high spirituality, though, this is one of the only feasible explanations for why he doesn't have any visible elemental bending powers.

Guru Pathik seemed to have spent probably all of his time away from people, but he didn't mind company, as seen when he readily helped the Avatar unblock his chakras (even if they didn't actually succeed (until a conveniently placed rock accidentally Aang's back wound)). If a traveler chose to visit the Eastern Air Temple, or really any place where Pathik was present, he most likely would have offered them his knowledge. It's plausible that he knew of and/or was able to teach energybending, even if its power stretches far beyond any traditional elemental bending.

Now, there's an extremely high chance that at least someone would stumble upon him and be willing to learn about spiritual stuff. Depending on how responsible a person the traveler presented themselves to be, Pathik could have taught the traveler to energybend. If this is true, then it's possible that that energybender passed on the art to someone. Maybe they thought a close acquaintance could make good use of the power, or they had a child that inherited it. Whichever way, it's possible that it is known by someone who is alive during the events of LOK.

Who is this someone? Amon.

Amon's abilities are not some sort of hyper-chiblocking. Chiblocking is what the Equalists do with their gloves and what Ty Lee did with her fists. What Amon is doing is energybending. The exact same kind of energybending Aang used to take Ozai's and Yakone's bending away. Amon is a bender, but because he is not a bender of any division of the four elements, either he managed to convince everyone he is a nonbender or he himself is unaware that energybending is a valid bending discipline.

Alternatively, Pathik was an Air Nomad and Amon is Combustion Man.
>> No. 104123
Would earthbenders be able to bonebend? I think it would be much different from bloodbending, less "forced muscle movement" and more "ripping bones right out of the body".
>> No. 104127
If Guru Pathik was a nonbender but learned chakras much later in life he would still be a nonbender, no matter how spiritual he was when Aang met him. Just like how Pema is deeply entrenched in the air acolyte lifestyle, along with a bunch of other people on the island, but none of them are airbenders.
>> No. 104131
File 133936129034.png - (228.33KB , 501x329 , Sunday morning.png )
The picture is from tumblr, the text is from /co/

>Asami Sato, Ladies and Gentlemen.

>Others may simply tumble to the ground when bloodbent.

>But Asami Sato gracefully keels over like an ironing board,

>planting her face square into the ground.
>> No. 104132
So we're actually at the point where we look at Katara, quite possibly the most accomplished waterbender in the entire first series, and say, "Yeah, even though she wasn't that great." She was going toe-to-toe with Paku in the first season, and her skills only improved after that. She was a master waterbender.

Hama spent decades practicing waterbending, was strong enough to break out of prison after years of captivity, and continued to show great skill even in her old age. She was a master waterbender.

Neither Hama or Katara could bloodbend without the full moon. Ergo, master waterbenders need the full moon to bloodbend.

>You do realize this would mean about 85% of every Avatar character ever would be poorly written.. right?

Wrong. Bending is an established thing. It doesn't need to be explained any more than the existence of wizards needs to be explained in Harry Potter, or the existence of mutants in X-Men. The Avatars have an established reason for their powers: they're the spiritual incarnation of the world. Their ability to bend all four elements is because they represent the balance of the world.

All of these things can be explained. How a seemingly random man can be born with the inherent ability to bend the water inside another person's body with greater ease and strength than any character we've seen has not been explained.
>> No. 104136
The inherent ability is the ability to bloodbend, the inherent ability is to bend really fucking well and even then they probably trained like fucking crazy.

And that's the case for pretty much all the benders with names in either series.
>> No. 104137
The inherent ability is not the ability to bloodbend, the inherent ability is to bend really fucking well and even then they probably trained like fucking crazy.

And that's the case for pretty much all the benders with names in either series.
>> No. 104141
>Wrong. Bending is an established thing. It doesn't need to be explained any more than the existence of wizards needs to be explained in Harry Potter, or the existence of mutants in X-Men.

Oh good, so we finally agree and you see my point.

Ergo, Yakone and Tarrlok were born good bloodbenders and mastered it over time. Ain't gotta explain shit cause it's an established thing. Good. Moving on.
>> No. 104144
Hollow and retarded and smacks of the tv show Lost. Why all the crescent moon symbology? Why would Yakone worry about subterfuge and not bloodbend on full moons if he can subdue the entire city at will and escape any time he wants?
>> No. 104146
I dunno. You should write him a letter and ask.
>> No. 104161
File 133937251144.jpg - (44.61KB , 435x301 , image003.jpg )
This is totally why they cast DB Sweeney as Aang, I'm sure of it.
>> No. 104164

"Most likely followed him" "well-connected" - Those are nothing more than rationalizations. Without any warning, Amon and his lackeys just SHOW UP in order for the story to shove Tarrlok out of the way and set the stage for Korra's freedom. Where was the setup scene for his arrival?
>> No. 104169
Left on the storyboard wall?
>> No. 104179
You're right. I was really looking forward to Amon getting in the car with his cronies and driving up to Tarrlok's shack. I think it would have given him a lot of fleshing out. They would get over little fights switching the radio station, having to stop for traffic, the goon's terribly driving making Amon almost throw up inside his mask. Ten minutes of this.

I tell ya, this show's just awful. No setups whatsoever.
>> No. 104180
>Oh good, so we finally agree and you see my point.


Saying Yakone and Tarrlok were "born good bloodbenders" is like saying an airbender was born a good air-scooter rider and can ride an air-scooter better than any other aribender to the point where he defies established boundaries of air-scooter-riding ability. Bloodbenders don't bend blood, they bend water, just like every other waterbender. Until the show says otherwise, that's the canon. So unless Yakone and Tarrlok have some other unnamed reason for their abilities, the idea that they could be amazingly good at it while not being amazingly good at all other forms of waterbending is inconsistent.
>> No. 104183


Oh and Toph didn't invent metal bending, since Bumi clearly knew how to do it long before her. Was he trained by badger moles? Hax.
>> No. 104184

>Extensive network of underground bases.
>Connections and close ties to cutting edge tech, industrial machines, vehicles and high explosives.
>Able to stage an outright assault on a sports stadium in the face of elevated security during a finals match of the most popular sport in the city/country and the leaders, along with most of the members manage to escape.
>"Most likely followed him" "well-connected" - Those are nothing more than rationalizations.

Cool story, bro.

Fuck you for making me resort to greentext.


Tarrlok was kicking Korra's ass before she started destroying the building with Earthbending, and we saw a preview of his abilities in the raid on the Equalist training camp, he seems to be pretty damn good at Waterbending. The only thing we never saw him do was heal, which is kinda like being a Waterbender among Waterbenders in that it's something only a fraction of them can do at all.
>> No. 104188
We do see other earthbenders dive into the ground (one of the fighters at Earth Rumble Six did this), and Azula's fire being blue doesn't break any established rules for what color flames have to be. Bumi and Azula are highly skilled in all areas of their respective elements. Neither one does anything unbelievable. Surprisingly powerful perhaps, but nothing that defied what we know about the discipline.

And Bumi didn't ever bend metal, just the rocks around his cage.

He's a good bender, yes, but nothing near the caliber of being powerful enough to bloodbend through raw strength alone.
>> No. 104189
I love how you keep going on and on about what blood benders can and can't do when jack shit has been established about them. You even know less than jack shit when it comes to Yakone or Tarrlok or what they did to get to that level of strength. This whole argument is just going around in circles; I don't see what your hangup with this is. Just let it go, dude.
>> No. 104192

Even more to the point: how did Amon know Korra was in a box in the basement?
>> No. 104193

They just had to follow him to the shack, really. They knew he was lying about Amon/The Equalists kidnapping Korra, we don't know if the city put out anything like a notice saying Tarrlok was on the run, but the Equalists had to figure he was up to something. Getting Korra was probably just a bonus.
>> No. 104196

Sorry, let me be more specific.

How did Amon know that Korra was in a metal box in the basement of the building before he had never set foot in said basement?
>> No. 104198
>I love how you keep going on and on about what blood benders can and can't do when jack shit has been established about them. You even know less than jack shit when it comes to Yakone or Tarrlok or what they did to get to that level of strength.
You know, I'll agree with this. The only explanation given for their power is that they just have it. But this does not distract from my original point: this is horrible writing.

Giving someone amazing powers that defy established rules in ridiculous ways for no reason is not good story telling. If they gave some sort of a reason (interactions with a spirit, something off about their physiology, something), I wouldn't be complaining. The same goes for if there's something we don't know about bloodbending. Unless it's supposed to be a mystery to which we learn the answer later (doesn't seem that way), it's bad writing to expect your viewers to assume ignorance just because something doesn't match up. That's not a mystery, that's a plot hole.
>> No. 104206
They're relying on fans filling in the gaps with fanwankery on a lot of shit.
>> No. 104210
Or common sense if you've paid any attention. But whatever.

I forgot audiences now a days need everything spoon-fed to them otherwise they're plot holes.

You people are complaining even about that. That!
>> No. 104211

>>104179 was being sarcastic.
>> No. 104213
Yeah, I know that was sarcasm.. It was me.
>> No. 104217
File 133939869686.jpg - (107.93KB , 504x585 , attentionhorse.jpg )

>Look at me I fail to connect the dots in a clearly defined setting with the villain holding a lot of the cards everyone pay attention to me!

Do you eat nuts and gum at the same time, too?
>> No. 104224
Fuck the Mets.
What I'm talking about is things like the provenance of Tarrlok's abilities, or why Bolin is supposed to be a stud, or why Mako isn't an asshole right now.
>> No. 104227

...as opposed to? I'm not even sure what kind of boiled fucking nonsense you're spouting (seriously, "fuck the Mets?") but speculation is part and parcel of plenty of stuff, leaving aside your shitty examples. Tarrlok/Yakone's unnatural abilities are up in the air, all we have is "he seems to be a uniquely powered bender," but we've seen bits of Bolin's fangirls, heard their cheers pretty early on, even if he fell for Korra harder than anybody else did, and what does whether or not Mako's fucking up have to do with anything at all?
>> No. 104238
Speculation is only a good part of something when it looks like there will be an answer given at some point. The show gave every indication that "Yakone and Tarrlok were born with the ability to bloodbend at all times period" is all the answer we're going to get. Nothing was given to hint that there's something we don't yet know, either about bloodbending or Yakone's ability.
>> No. 104239
>Been waiting for Nick.com to upload episode 9
>blah blaugh
>Manually type in the url for episode 9
>it works

Well, that's good then.
>> No. 104243
And why couldn't they be born with the ability to blood bend? Why is them being born with a little extra boost such a shocker? Didn't they say only certain waterbenders are able to heal? As in, some are born with the ability and some aren't? Why aren't you going off on Katara for being able to heal like it's nothing? Is that also bad writing?
>> No. 104296
Being able to heal, shoot lighting, and bend metal are all established branches of their respective elements. Sayint that some people are able to do them while others cannot is a reasonable claim to make. But everything we know about bloodbending says that it's just applied waterbending: you're bending the water in another body to control it. Saying that some people can be born with the extraordinary ability to bend the water in another person's body extremely well is not the same. As I've said before, it's like saying that someone could be born with the extraordinary ability to ride an air-scooter really well.
>> No. 104300
Bloodbending is technically a branch of waterbending, bro. Just cause you say it isn't doesn't make it true. Same way "plantbending" works: controlling the water in another's body.
>> No. 104302
Nothing that we know about either of those applications of waterbending tells us that a bender needs a special gift to be able to perform it. Again: air-scooter.
>> No. 104325

Well, Hama was able to just up and teach it to Katara. It's not like healing where it seems only a few people can do it at all, it seems more like a question of power.

I remember once making some headcanon that having the full moon allows you to overcome the natural chi in a person's body/bloodflow but nothing in either series said a word about how Bloodbending works. I know there was a dude in the card-games that would bend the water in people's stomachs. No word on how that was supposed to work vis-a-vis the moon.
>> No. 104358
Possible interpretation of what might happen in the following episodes, considering what we know so far.

- the Fire Nation navy comes to Republic City to help quell the uprising, but they come into conflict with the Equalists' planes, which can outfly their slow moving ships and lighter-than-air-craft.

- Zuko shows up, and explains what Amon's deal is, maybe. Kind of getting the impression that they're connected somehow, especially as the episode Zuko reappears in is called Skeletons in the Cupboard.

- The Equalists attempt to make a statement of invading Air Temple Island and equalising the inhabitants, as their island could also serve as a official base of operations as it's surrounded by water on all sides etc.

- It's during the mass debendings on Air Temple Island (kind of weird if this is the case, as there can't really be that many benders on the island beside Korra, Tenzin and his brood and the rest of Team Avatar), Korra is captured.

- Somehow it turns out that through attempting to debend her, Amon instead causes a deep enough sense of fear and desperation that he instead causes her to entire the Avatar State for the first time. Or something. She goes all glowly either way.
>> No. 104758
I have to say I saw the whole amon showing up thing coming but I was expect a bit more of a fight between he and tarrlok almost the whole episode felt pushy. i also think they over did it a bit on the whole mako b.s. it felt more like he was worried about a baby sister than a secret crush. and wtf were those arm bands made of to support her like that? I promise you can't buy that quality at wm.
>> No. 112531
bumping another episode discussion thread for future use
>> No. 112532
Um... Why?
>> No. 112533

I'm guessing these threads were on page 8, about to be bumped off the board? The Maiko and Korra shipping thread is there, too.
>> No. 112940

What >>112533 said.
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