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File 137004170735.jpg - (492.25KB , 600x922 , The_Avatar_State_by_NorthernBanshee.jpg )
112191 No. 112191
old thread >>103274

Remember if you find awesome stuff on tumblr link back to the source!
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>> No. 112192
File 137004177560.jpg - (468.54KB , 723x1854 , Ultimate_Showdown_by_Kundagi.jpg )
>> No. 112193
File 137004187395.jpg - (340.83KB , 600x776 , Avatar_State_by_Kuroi_Tsuki.jpg )
>> No. 112194
File 137004226193.jpg - (405.91KB , 500x773 , zuko_____o____by_nuriko_kun-d4t3x17.jpg )
>> No. 112234
File 137029076795.jpg - (217.20KB , 600x1078 , k-y-h-u.jpg )
>> No. 112371
File 13713268663.png - (209.88KB , 1158x662 , Fuck Yo BloodBending.png )
This is the best fanart.
>> No. 112379
"The only things running through her veins are dirt and hatr-AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGH"
>> No. 112380
Kyoshi I love you so much.
>> No. 112394
File 137152244511.jpg - (340.14KB , 1280x1695 , tumblr_mohjqvTRVI1rqvohjo1_r1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 112395

why do i get the feeling these arn't actual sketches but actually just decorated vector traces of photos?
>> No. 112398
Because the heads are too small on both
>> No. 112430
and the skin looks flabby.
>> No. 112435
I'm sorry, I thought this thread was for AWESOME fanart?
>> No. 112448
File 137192229336.jpg - (514.23KB , 662x1059 , korra-undress-copy.jpg )
Try this picture.
>> No. 112469
File 137200610764.jpg - (570.73KB , 1280x1693 , ty-lee.jpg )
I fixed up that dude's Ty Lee
>> No. 112470
File 137201264366.jpg - (245.19KB , 1280x1693 , image.jpg )
>> No. 112471
File 137201267515.jpg - (242.10KB , 1280x1693 , image.jpg )
>> No. 112473
I think they are probably referenced from photos for the colours and probably the water, but after looking at his gallery, he seems to be a pretty talented guy, and I can believe he didn't just paint over an existing image. The backgrounds and sketching style match up with the other things he's done, and he has videos on youtube of his process.
>> No. 112474
File 137202793331.jpg - (623.43KB , 1280x1693 , azula-beach.jpg )
I fixed his Azula too
>> No. 112482
Geers is a bro!
Like, he's one of us and shit.
>> No. 112484

If theres a problem with your art it gets commented on, this isn't a circlejerk.
>> No. 112488
File 137208601984.jpg - (577.97KB , 1280x1693 , asami.jpg )
You post your art where I can see it it's getting edited; that's the 4chan way.
>> No. 112491
it's more like the editing part, i mean if you're pretty reasonable about your crit and the artist agrees with it they'd probably be willing to change it themselves.

but it's kind of a smack in the face when, instead of telling the artist what's wrong so they can fix it and improve their technique, you just take their art from them and go, " never mind i can just do it better".
>> No. 112492
He can learn anatomical proportions from my corrections.
>> No. 112493
>> No. 112495

So, have you contacted him in any way, or told him in any way to come here to see the thread? Because it just sounds like you're showing off.

Again, it isn't a matter of whether or not you improved his work (I do agree that the photoshopped results look more in-line with the show's, and on a personal note, I don't think Korra's buff enough in most fanservice people draw of her, here included.)

It's the attitude that it's perfectly acceptable to come along and say, "here, I fixed it," it's just kinda rude to alter another artists work like that without telling them or asking.
>> No. 112497

This. A thousand times... This.
>> No. 112500
File 137212862030.jpg - (109.11KB , 640x960 , Youwereneverevenaplayer.jpg )
Grey Delisle posted this to her tumblr
>> No. 112501
File 137212959214.jpg - (176.09KB , 364x480 , ep40-112.jpg )
I'll see to it immediately.
>> No. 112503

Which begs the question, how far would Azula get in the GoT setting (With/without firebending)
>> No. 112504
Does the Fire Nation exist or is she just an independent operator like Littlefinger?
>> No. 112505
File 13721332339.jpg - (694.51KB , 900x1391 , tumblr_moxj96e9921qhvkspo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 112506
Well, with or without firebending is a pretty massive distinction. Considering that, while there is magic in Westero's, it's pretty far and few between and in no way compares to what a firebender could perform and sustain. With firebending, she would basically be treated as a goddess. Complete with actual worshipers and armies willing to follow her simply because of the kind of "magic" she'd be capable of performing. I'll also assume that lightning could take out dragons pretty easily.

Basically, with firebending, she'd have the Iron Throne in a matter of weeks.

Without (and without the Fire Nation), she'd be mentally on par with folks like Littlefinger, Varys and Tyrion. Though without any of the backing those characters enjoy, she'd have some work cut out for her.

Oh, and I only just started watching season three of GoT, so let's not get this conversation into anything to spoilery.
>> No. 112507

That character you really like?

>> No. 112509

Original source found http://kissyushka.deviantart.com/art/Azula-on-the-Iron-Throne-359672698
>> No. 112510
Raped, then dead
>> No. 112511
If you consider characters like Varys and Littlefinger, they are almost entirely self-made men coming from very low social positions. Even without her bending or the backing of the Fire Nation, Azula would probably do just as well.

That said, there is the inherent disadvantage of being a woman in Westeros, but I think Azula would be able to manage.
>> No. 112514
What about a guy you liked, but then they fucked over his storyline so much and complete with forced shitty OOC that you're praying for him to die a brutal death as a result?
>> No. 112515
I guess you're talking about the way the show changed Stannis?

He's pretty much the Zuko of the series, but he doesn't even get credit for being the underdog.
>> No. 112516
He was my favorite of the kings in the books, but the way the show wrote him was abominable. They clearly either don't don't get him at all or just plain don't like him and want to rub it in the face of the book readers. Robb/Cat also got shafted pretty damn bad so that when the Red Wedding happened I couldn't get upset because they were acting so retarded.
>> No. 112529
I don't think we have an AMV thread, so here

Attack on Avataryoutube thumb

>> No. 112534
It's over here >>102706
>> No. 112563
File 137247755512.jpg - (1.14MB , 1005x1346 , sweeties.jpg )


>> No. 112629
File 137274360987.jpg - (442.35KB , 1035x800 , tumblr_mnxwvpvmCC1rq3p3to1_1280.jpg )

>> No. 112639
File 137276648744.png - (658.95KB , 900x573 , Now_Check_This_Out_by_Marina-Shads.png )
>> No. 112644
File 137281719159.jpg - (427.65KB , 700x1000 , tumblr_mpc3wa93bT1s5sgjao1_1280.jpg )

KYHU draws the most beautiful hairdown!Korra
>> No. 112654
File 13728607593.jpg - (180.17KB , 1024x1465 , 1372728465068.jpg )
>> No. 112793
Every piece of amazing Eva crossover art I see reinforces my gut feeling that I have an unhealthy obsession with Eva crossover art.

Including this one.
>> No. 112919
File 137350754247.jpg - (636.90KB , 662x1000 , zuko__katara__aang___zutara_no__by_tophwei-d6cvspm.jpg )
>> No. 112968
File 137357793773.jpg - (365.22KB , 1024x2484 , lin_x_kya_by_zhuzibeifang-d6878mv.jpg )
>> No. 112969

that's adorable
>> No. 113038
File 137414675461.jpg - (930.67KB , 2550x3300 , Avatar_Jojo_Dio.jpg )
>> No. 113040
File 137415585054.png - (1.36MB , 867x3840 , Cougarsami.png )

>> No. 113092
File 137422611436.png - (279.29KB , 496x592 , Irohsexual.png )
Awesome. Know the artist?

I also think we're going to have to expand the definition of "Irohsexual" to include Iroh II now.
>> No. 113102
File 137424062539.png - (0.98MB , 607x596 , WanState.png )
>How the artist?


This post's source: http://instagram.com/p/b8Soq0yeGd/
>> No. 113141
File 13742892268.jpg - (222.07KB , 730x734 , tumblr_mq7rd9i1Xo1r2dkvco1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 113209
File 137446791662.jpg - (492.52KB , 1270x1920 , Korrasami as Tyzula.jpg )
>> No. 113244
File 137462359814.jpg - (233.03KB , 900x1504 , korra___tmnt___teenage_mutant_ninja_korra__by_davi.jpg )
>> No. 113291
File 137497718526.png - (756.15KB , 800x985 , what_a_flirt_by_naomi_makes_art73-d6fcz76.png )
>> No. 113292
File 137497854516.jpg - (261.52KB , 1024x1365 , baby__you_re_my_forever_girl_by_zhuzibeifang-d6a7h.jpg )
In the thumbnail I thought this was a Katoph pic where Katara was from planet Amazonia
>> No. 113347
That's /pco/ material.
>> No. 113782
File 137858859772.jpg - (680.11KB , 909x838 , relax_by_frostious-d6l0ijp.jpg )
>> No. 113784
File 137858937579.jpg - (88.40KB , 900x511 , home_by_lovelyrugby-d5s18s1.jpg )
>> No. 113791
File 137865417531.jpg - (391.82KB , 700x611 , matching_tees_by_k_y_h_u-d6ju1qo.jpg )
>> No. 113830
File 137877695830.png - (275.40KB , 527x936 , tumblr_msvyrmK2Iz1roa0a7o1_1280.png )
>> No. 113831

>K-Y-H-U has been posting here under an old name the entire time

Welp, color me surprised! Your art style is extremely easy on the eyes.
>> No. 113832
Favoriting something in deviantart puts it in your favorite gallery, which when linked, links to the original artist. So I'm reasonably sure that's not K-Y-H-U. For instance:
>> No. 113833
File 137879322359.png - (147.71KB , 500x282 , cowboybebopathercomputer.png )

Well, fuck me then. I'll show myself out for the night.
>> No. 113846
File 137886512768.png - (486.97KB , 1024x1083 , mai_and_eska_by_kat377-d6gpg6n-1.png )

I forgot, as you pointed out, to link the original version rather than the one in my favorites folder. So I'm me, not K-Y-H-U or whoever.

Also, here's an epic staring contest.

>> No. 113847
File 137887243756.jpg - (405.49KB , 700x976 , tumblr_msxzj5YShA1s5sgjao1_1280.jpg )
speaking of k-y-h-u...

>> No. 113868
File 137903902435.png - (39.69KB , 484x750 , tumblr_mpk5doBavC1srlm69o1_500.png )
>> No. 113875
File 137909916425.jpg - (129.58KB , 490x612 , Legend-of-Korra[1].jpg )
Not really fanart, but damn.
>> No. 114052
File 137943718792.jpg - (167.49KB , 600x1200 , korra_loses_everything_by_neodusk-d6do660.jpg )
>> No. 114056
File 137947435627.jpg - (271.03KB , 1280x1518 , tumblr_mt76jnwRJb1r91o39o1_1280.jpg )

>> No. 114058
She sure looks fascinated by Entertainment Weekly.
>> No. 114090
File 137960147410.png - (248.92KB , 1000x1000 , korra_gorillaz_1379599132836.png )
Well these Spirit Days are so cold inside,
It's so hard to live, and so to survive,
You can't even trust the Air you breath,
'Cause Mother Earth has a soul to leave...
>> No. 114112
File 137972511361.png - (905.73KB , 500x1699 , free korra.png )
>> No. 114215
File 137983402545.png - (352.67KB , 707x1000 , tumblr_mtik1d1SzO1rl1784o1_1280.png )
>> No. 114234
File 137989808285.png - (387.63KB , 800x769 , twin_brofist_by_marina_shads-d6neg1e.png )
The power of water and… water.
>> No. 114297
Man At Arms made....





Sokka's Meteor Sword (The Last…youtube thumb

Super Tim Allen Landyoutube thumb
>> No. 114327
>slices Shylamalan-TLA DVD clean in twain
>> No. 114366
Terry Pratchett still tops the list of awesome people with a meteorite sword, though.
>> No. 114380
File 13800841411.png - (309.58KB , 600x1020 , tumblr_mtnxpq0kw71rvozwdo3_1280.png )
Here have a fancy Korra in a sexy red dress

>> No. 114396
File 138012176857.jpg - (249.35KB , 1600x1000 , you_ve_grown_up_korra_by_carishinlove-d6eh1vi.jpg )
>> No. 114575
File 138060056436.jpg - (123.99KB , 1024x853 , commission__sean_and_korra_by_r_legend-d6ojrmq.jpg )
>Korra and SFIII crossover

Well this was unexpected.
>> No. 114610
File 138067191295.png - (542.83KB , 1000x652 , korra___can_t_resist_by_meketaten-d6mzvyd.png )
>> No. 114612
File 138068166276.jpg - (170.65KB , 475x633 , korra_by_naschi-d5vtupw-1.jpg )
>> No. 114664
File 138086162953.png - (965.34KB , 1280x1620 , tumblr_mu4mi6bLK01rj38pwo1_1280.png )

Fire Nation duds...MAKEUP!
>> No. 114725
File 138098404335.png - (756.70KB , 1280x1072 , tumblr_mu6nxb3ckK1rj38pwo1_r2_1280.png )
>> No. 114726
File 138098407920.jpg - (224.65KB , 709x978 , tumblr_mu1g3y2cfI1rddp29o2_1280_png.jpg )
>> No. 114798
File 138109971048.png - (449.93KB , 560x797 , tumblr_mu77mbZziY1qbsleso1_1280.png )
Why is Senna holding a fish?
>> No. 114800
I don't know, but it does look like she's thinking "Why am I holding a fish?"
Also, can I sign for that package Mr. Tonraq sir?
>> No. 114814
File 138115241419.jpg - (135.19KB , 800x800 , tumblr_mu5g0ju1kS1qbsleso1_1280.jpg )
Here’s another picture by the same artist. Senna is still holding a fish.
>> No. 114815
File 138115939560.jpg - (141.57KB , 774x450 , 1381117770334.jpg )
>> No. 114816
File 138115963894.jpg - (197.30KB , 900x986 , 1381118519751.jpg )
>> No. 114823
File 138117314482.jpg - (254.77KB , 900x1664 , Wang Fire.jpg )
Can y'all help me out? I'm looking for a piece of fanart I saw on 4chan ages ago, that was some kind of redrawing of the attached pic in a ridiculously OTT style. The only detail I can remember is that I think Sokka was shooting lightning from his crotch.
>> No. 114951
File 138142442419.jpg - (80.13KB , 499x1105 , TT6jilq.jpg )
>> No. 114952

Five stars, would lol again.
>> No. 115011
File 138153432869.png - (779.78KB , 500x2200 , StoryOfKorra_comp01.png )
Source unknown.

>> No. 115012
File 138153440711.png - (744.14KB , 500x2195 , StoryOfKorra_comp02.png )

>> No. 115013
File 138153450694.png - (816.16KB , 500x2135 , StoryOfKorra_comp03.png )

>> No. 115015
Haha, I like these a lot so far. The humor sort of reminds me of hiimdaisy's.
>> No. 115097

Found sauce: http://wanpisscomics.tumblr.com/tagged/blood-vengeance

>let’s hope these entries get better. Just like Korra didn’t.

>> No. 115119
File 138157269797.jpg - (352.38KB , 700x700 , nuktuk_by_chopstuff-d6p9tk1.jpg )
>> No. 115233
File 138171791118.jpg?nsfw - (107.43KB , 717x720 , korradontstop.jpg?nsfw )

>"K-Korra don't stop, right there. I'm gonna...."
>> No. 115234
File 13817179892.jpg?nsfw - (104.39KB , 717x720 , hhhhnnnnnggggggggg.jpg?nsfw )

>> No. 115237
Hey, somebody over on /co/ brought up something I've never considered before and a visit to paheal reinforced it; has anyone ever drawn Mako and Asami having sex?
>> No. 115238


It's quite the rarity, actually.
>> No. 115274
>> No. 115344
File 138195586547.jpg - (884.82KB , 818x1138 , tumblr_mus3p1Zp4o1s5sgjao1_1280.jpg )

Korra/Atlantis crossover
>> No. 115351
File 138197655062.gif - (309.06KB , 460x351 , 1372378315539.gif )
Korra + Kida?
Brown + Brown??
Chocolate in my Peanut-butter???
Oh yes~
>> No. 115444
File 138220147993.png - (466.73KB , 767x751 , tumblr_muwqhpmNF01qbsleso1_1280.png )
>> No. 115451
A way better design for Raava/Rava(?) than that little loli one going around. Still lacking muscles though. I need a design that takes into consideration the fact she spent 10,000 years wrestling someone else.
>> No. 115462
Maybe she's got a gunshow hiding under those sleeves. I agree.
>> No. 115482
File 13822320187.jpg - (90.24KB , 600x731 , anti_avatar_unalaq_by_schillingart-d6r2p0a.jpg )
Unalaq as the anti-avatar

>> No. 115576
File 138257902157.jpg - (126.28KB , 1024x768 , anti_avatar_mako_by_sharksden-d6rexgp.jpg )
>> No. 115578

This is made by the same guy that made the "Aang is Amon" shoop from last year and caused mass panic.
>> No. 115579
I forgot all about that. I wondered what it was about.
>> No. 115580
I hope he does it for each book.
>> No. 115581
I thought it was just some random Airbender instead of Aang.
>> No. 115592
File 13826801209.jpg - (1.94MB , 1692x2190 , OldKorraInked001.jpg )
I'll make a few more doodles based on this idea in due time, maybe color this one, but I saw some designs for "older Korra" on the net where she's in her 20s or so and was a little unsatisfied because they're mostly "Korra with a new outfit, maybe taller?"

So I told myself "A 4-year time-skip is smalltime. Plenty of people draw 20-something Korra, let's design 50-something or 60-something Korra," dipped into the well that gave me old!Yi Lin, and this popped out.

(Lots of Street Fighter went into this, yes. Why do you ask?)

I was picturing a warrior-shaman kind of look, all together meant to be equal parts spiritual and feral, just as capable at wisdom and guidance as fighting and a Kyoshi-esque giant of a woman. Mako, Bolin, and Asami are probably pretty close to the height they're gonna be be the rest of their lives in the actual series, but Korra just kinda...doesn't stop.

The character on her back is supposed to be her name (taken from the Avatar wiki, no clue how accurate it is, or what the shoe uses instead.) I wanna change it to say "The Strongest," now. Running idea is that a thug traipsing around the Water Tribes was causing trouble, and Korra beat him in single combat, and gave it to her as a show of honor.

Sorry for blabbing it up, but reaching this idea just led to many more. I'll prolly have some more stuff in the coming days, when I get a bit more time to doodle.
>> No. 115594

Fun Fact: Korra finished off the Watertribe thug with the Shun Raava Satsu
>> No. 115607
File 138274563430.jpg - (1.21MB , 1920x1080 , Honor Gundam.jpg )
>> No. 115608
File 138274574073.jpg - (1.02MB , 1920x1080 , Gundam Meat And Sarcasm.jpg )
>> No. 115609
File 13827458398.jpg - (1.07MB , 1920x1080 , Blindjokes Gundam.jpg )
>> No. 115610
File 138274594964.jpg - (1.13MB , 1920x1080 , Gundam Incurable Prankster.jpg )
>> No. 115611
>> No. 115612
"New," perhaps not, but it is great to see new stuff from Winslow, and perhaps a reborn Mechaverse.
>> No. 115616
File 138277313584.jpg - (1.58MB , 1920x1080 , Leaves on the Vine Gundam.jpg )
>> No. 115620
His expression made him look like Zhao for a sec there.
>> No. 115625
File 138278640545.jpg - (818.75KB , 973x1130 , mv93r1Sx7K1s5sgjao1.jpg )
>> No. 115633
File 138282421248.jpg - (294.22KB , 1084x698 , tumblr_mvafv303FS1rb5e48o1_1280.jpg )
Happy (early) Halloween!
>> No. 115634
File 13828323291.jpg - (534.99KB , 1280x1818 , tumblr_mv9jk1nnhG1sz3adzo1_1280.jpg )
My queen

>> No. 115635
File 138283916462.png - (346.75KB , 714x1000 , 235576.png )

Speaking of Halloween...

>> No. 115638
>> No. 115639
No Katara?
>> No. 115640
File 138285260010.png - (319.14KB , 954x1000 , 235577.png )
No. Enjoy Jin dressing as Zuko.
>> No. 115641
Who is she supposed to be?
>> No. 115645
File 138289074939.png - (497.93KB , 864x612 , tumblr_mvc32555201qbsleso1_1280.png )
Here’s some more Halloween art.
>> No. 115646
File 138289077311.png - (313.93KB , 800x704 , Gagstrip_54_by_Booter_Freak.png )
Katara's already a Transformer.
>> No. 115647
Classic win.
>> No. 115649

That wasn't a Halloween art, just plain ol Mai fanart
>> No. 115650
I like the hair
>> No. 115651
File 138292358255.jpg - (279.21KB , 500x632 , tumblr_mcdvudhMXO1rb5e48o1_r1_500.jpg )
Thankfully, normal people know it’s a shoop.

Anyway, I’m going back to the Halloween theme.
>> No. 115652
>Pabu as Bolin

love it
>> No. 115675
File 138312242741.jpg - (1.26MB , 1920x1080 , Gundam Tearbender.jpg )
>> No. 115685
File 138317709838.jpg - (1.18MB , 2000x1164 , chillin__with_my_peeps_by_akszirules-d6s5cke.jpg )
This makes a good wallpaper.
>> No. 115798
File 138369324829.jpg - (855.46KB , 755x1076 , tumblr_mvtbqtbaW51s5sgjao2_1280.jpg )
>> No. 115804
File 13837858051.gif - (70.77KB , 488x368 , tumblr_mmo38oBiKA1rb5e48o1_500.gif )
>> No. 115809
File 138387915464.jpg - (335.31KB , 688x963 , tumblr_mvxb0b50Ts1s5sgjao1_r1_1280.jpg )

>> No. 115811
File 138392454772.jpg - (874.86KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_mjpwf0PQ4C1qb4zk7o2_1280[1].jpg )
Not really from a fan but still cool.
>> No. 115812
File 138392461396.jpg - (673.86KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_mjpwf0PQ4C1qb4zk7o1_1280[1].jpg )
>> No. 115943
File 138430580212.jpg - (48.49KB , 399x600 , image_by_amiraelizabeth-d6tsiii.jpg )
Does Lin wear a sarashi?
>> No. 115947
File 138430943119.jpg - (231.06KB , 1920x1080 , 0166.jpg )

Doesn't look like it. Either bra or all-natural; her bust ain't huge.
>> No. 115956
File 138435718160.png - (365.86KB , 638x649 , tumblr_mw396gqPWl1qbsleso1_1280.png )
>> No. 116089
File 138466122629.jpg - (1.22MB , 924x1254 , tumblr_mwe22dVBg61s5sgjao1_1280.jpg )

>> No. 116133
File 13847200717.jpg - (87.88KB , 833x958 , asami_sato_by_redblacktac-d6ulvio.jpg )
>> No. 116137
File 138473628399.gif - (4.46MB , 960x540 , korrasami___by_the_fire__slvv__by_sandralvv-d66v8h.gif )
Stupid people making these two adorable. Yea I'll still tow this stupid boat. It's not going anywhere BUT I'LL TOW IT.
>> No. 116162
File 138480832845.gif - (194.86KB , 500x649 , 1343515385405.gif )

Legitimately my only ship in Korra. And I'm usually a dirty multishipper!
>> No. 116164
File 138480965254.png - (493.86KB , 900x900 , mine_by_sunkissed_kaori-d5a36p5.png )
Ohh with the talk that Asami and Korra are spending more time together in Book 3. More will come to share this burden. As long shot as it is, I'm keeping it. Part of it is for me that their colors work so well together.
>> No. 116165

At first glance, that's really cute...at second glance, holy hell, what happened to Korra's arm?!
>> No. 116166
File 138481225281.png - (477.07KB , 732x900 , 8442f345634b18bfbd49122e35c97221-d6ab31p.png )
yea just noticed he poor girl had been deboned..ouch.

Last from me for the moment just...unf dat Contrast. Though likely the contrast was for her original role of being Korra's foil. But they just look so good together.
>> No. 116174
File 138482783495.jpg - (104.52KB , 500x689 , tumblr_mokannVSTh1rb5e48o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 116209
File 138492446866.jpg - (48.66KB , 599x798 , 1384924193582.jpg )
>> No. 116212
File 138495964181.jpg - (537.30KB , 1535x1180 , first_rock_by_peekabooga-d53of5t.jpg )
>> No. 116241
This is a special kind of awesome.
>> No. 116249
Korra dancing sistar's "Ma Boy" (K-pop)youtube thumb

Korra kicking it on the dance floor.
>> No. 116318
File 13855262992.png - (379.16KB , 709x685 , tumblr_mwo9xpErxd1rxqtsxo1_1280.png )

Toko never fails to give me the diabeetus
>> No. 116325
File 138559624852.jpg - (352.89KB , 500x728 , tumblr_m6jhf3eOgS1qiwxbto1_500.jpg )
Kinda hoping Jinora tags along with the crew in Book 3 since she's got the affinity for Spirits
>> No. 116334
File 138568311764.jpg - (0.96MB , 895x1405 , tumblr_mwzhdpc1xf1s5sgjao1_1280.jpg )
Korra dressed as Chel from Road to El Dorado.

Whoa momma...

>> No. 116337
File 138569127541.jpg - (206.75KB , 900x506 , thankful_pabu_by_artisanpanda-d6vz7zs.jpg )
Happy Thanksgiving!
>> No. 116342
File 138587531033.jpg - (322.64KB , 800x689 , tumblr_mx3u91HOdW1r0c5dxo1_1280.jpg )
by Rufftoon
>> No. 116376
File 138597028014.jpg - (450.26KB , 800x1049 , zhao__by_rufftoon-d6uh9xl.jpg )
I was hoping her reaction would be like this.
>> No. 116399
File 13862331826.png - (937.81KB , 804x921 , tumblr_mx9ex0nEn11s5sgjao1_1280.png )
I want those sweaters.
>> No. 116400
File 138623349938.png - (933.25KB , 720x900 , tumblr_mx8zfmhlfP1r0tjypo1_1280.png )
More sweater goodness, cause its cold around here.
>> No. 116402
File 138625549794.jpg - (604.84KB , 800x2119 , wander_over_yonder_by_rufftoon-d6vjw7n.jpg )
Someone suggested that a fish-out-of-water situation like this would be like those Japanese soldiers stationed in the Pacific for 50 years. Which given the Imperial Japan parallels is kinda neat.
>> No. 116441
Now I just want to see Zhao's continued adventures featuring Tenzin.
>> No. 116452
File 138663016630.jpg - (548.65KB , 990x1400 , Commission _Azula and Saren by Dolmheon.jpg )
>> No. 116453
>> No. 116483
File 138699643060.jpg - (104.56KB , 411x700 , Ursa by nannaia.jpg )
the artist also does really interesting clothing evolution art
>> No. 116495
File 138716497462.png - (250.67KB , 500x497 , tumblr_m7js9tNY2B1rsf12oo1_500.png )
>> No. 116496
File 138717490686.jpg - (424.06KB , 792x612 , korra_kids_fin.jpg )
seem them interact as kids would have been daww
>> No. 116497
>she has two left feet

No wonder her bending is so mediocre.
>> No. 116498
File 138725790469.png - (849.17KB , 741x980 , tumblr_mxw3k9CRkd1s5sgjao1_1280.png )
KYHU did some Ty Lee!

>> No. 116522
File 138751602280.jpg - (155.31KB , 1280x1645 , tumblr_mxao8csIhk1rogcuio1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 116524
File 138752205880.jpg - (249.69KB , 819x1000 , tumblr_my2xghLJt51s5sgjao1_1280_png.jpg )
Korra in a Raava themed Senketsu from Kill la Kill by KYHU!

>> No. 116525
>no Mako as Mako
Lost opportunity there.
>> No. 116527
File 138761134667.png - (2.59MB , 665x3217 , Varrick imports da toe.png )
>> No. 116528

That's pretty awesome.
>> No. 116529
File 138765424387.png - (813.05KB , 804x743 , goddesses__spoilers__by_k_y_h_u-d6uwity.png )
>dem colours
>> No. 116530
File 138774104544.png - (822.85KB , 1200x1057 , 244729.png )
>> No. 116532
Incoming someone running a Tea House and its implied their Zuko's bastard or the child of.
>> No. 116539
File 138783290290.jpg - (310.95KB , 1100x1100 , tumblr_my9yxeWx0n1s5sgjao1_1280_png.jpg )
Kill la Korrasami

>> No. 116540
And still no double Mako.
>> No. 116541
File 138784388797.png - (405.81KB , 609x924 , batcii swap 1.png )
>> No. 116542
Avatar could use more short hair girls
>> No. 116543
File 138787017847.png - (563.19KB , 1000x692 , tumblr_my8obpg6yt1r0tjypo2_1280.png )
>> No. 116544
File 138798476845.png - (223.78KB , 400x398 , tumblr_my8obpg6yt1r0tjypo1_400.png )

>> No. 116546
File 138827042629.jpg - (323.25KB , 1280x1760 , tumblr_myblq54wHn1qzf734o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 116547
File 138827086284.jpg - (246.34KB , 900x927 , tumblr_mycmdjCLZW1rdpf7mo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 116548
File 138827224073.jpg - (165.55KB , 875x1000 , savage_korra_full_dress_by_sunsetriders7-d6zs34k.jpg )
NSFW version in /pco/
>> No. 116549
Hope Book 3 will get some more Bumi art.
>> No. 116648
File 139035869969.jpg - (430.56KB , 1280x819 , tumblr_mlubatQw671rem2e2o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 116649
Mai and Satsuki Kiryuin; Separated at birth?
>> No. 116650

I've been having the same thoughts as Kill al Kill progresses. Satsuki is basically Mai's body with Azula's personality turned up to 11.
>> No. 116664
Season 2 Azula at least. Season 3 was all family drama and no conquering.
>> No. 116686
File 139131915315.jpg - (400.62KB , 700x647 , tumblr_n0415lgXLX1srphoao1_r1_1280.jpg )
Only thing missing is Batgirl Jinora
>> No. 116687
File 139141276469.jpg - (412.75KB , 910x1920 , tumblr_mzgzjcCTrW1s5506no1_r2_1280.jpg )
those Asami screenshots started it all back up again.
>> No. 116688
File 139146988841.jpg - (327.15KB , 1280x989 , tumblr_n0fbwj1MMX1s5sgjao4_r1_1280.jpg )

stupid sexy Korra
>> No. 116689
File 139147157613.jpg - (220.61KB , 1000x750 , huntress_korra_on_watch_by_sunsetriders7-d74uqz9.jpg )
NSFW version in /pco/.
>> No. 116690

>Huntress Korra
>Not Huntress Asami
>> No. 116691
Damn, Sunsetriders is quickly becoming my favorite when it comes to nsfw of Korra.
>> No. 116693
File 139158040377.jpg - (160.03KB , 900x1143 , tumblr_n0i92yJEi71qf1s11o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 116694
Now I wonder what Asami would look like with Short Hair.
>> No. 116708
File 139189144219.gif - (2.08MB , 960x540 , korrasami___on_the_gym__slvv__by_sandralvv-d6fcti1.gif )
>> No. 116739
File 139243637768.jpg - (820.87KB , 681x1000 , tumblr_n10nxkjibJ1qazp1xo1_1280.jpg )

Queenofthecute drew some kataang for the first time in eons
>> No. 116741
Given recent revelations in KLK I think the best Ryuuko and Satsuki analogues would be Amon and Tarrlok
>> No. 116752
File 139258985366.jpg - (265.45KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_n0hyz1uEzU1qeq3g6o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 116759
File 13926268779.jpg - (147.38KB , 900x2024 , better korra.jpg )
Seriously though, I don't think Mako is anyone's favorite character.
>> No. 116760
File 139265040986.jpg - (127.19KB , 900x675 , watercolor_side_practice___yue_iroh_and_korra_by_j.jpg )
Technically this Frozen line should be said by Mako to Asami.

And regrettably you'll find quite a lot of people who like, fav, and/or subscribe to makorra shipper tumblrs, facebooks, and instagrams.

How many of them actually watch the show or buy the product is debatable, but these are not people you should be catering towards. Not that Bryke do what they do because they want the shipping crowd, the writing just fell that way.
>> No. 116761
I don't know, some of the more sane people I've encountered in the fandom are Makorra fans. You can like the ship and still dislike how it was handled.
>> No. 116762
File 139268397512.png - (395.68KB , 800x618 , CallMePo - You have a little something on your fa.png )
>> No. 116764
Personally, I actually quite like Mako - it's just Makorra I take issue with.
>> No. 116765
personally I think that bit being over makes them better, they move on Mako learns a bit maybe keeps to his Career attached to whatever Lin is up to. I mean I really don't want them back together (and its not my long shot Korrasmai bias) But it can be a good growth point. and he can find someone in the earth kingdom. Like say the daughter of Zuko's illegitimate son or something.
>> No. 116766
Yeah. While I never cared much for Mako from the getgo and he still isn't an amazing character I think he's doing a lot better as of late. If anybody still loathes him as passionately as they did at the end of Season 1 (and even that was often overblown) then they're seriously putting way too much effort into sustaining that grudge. Just let bygones be bygones, sheesh.

I am glad Makorra is over, but I don't care much for Kolin or Korrasami either. I do kind of want Korra to end up with someone eventually (because I hate like the dumb "hurr dykes are too scary to be desirable" stereotype) but really Korra is the kind of character who doesn't need a love interest to make her more interesting.
>> No. 116767
Yea she's good enough on her own that she really doesn't need a romantic interest to add to her story.
>> No. 116768
Yeah, I can't really hate Mako anymore; he's just kind of annoying. The guy's got a lot of potential, but it looks like nothing's going to come from it. Well, maybe except for another arc where we can be told how brilliant and powerful he is. With just 2 books left, I'd rather they focus on other characters rather than the guy they've failed to make interesting in the first two despite his prominent role in both.

I also agree that Korra's an interesting enough character on her own. The best parts of her story had nothing to do with romance while the worst parts did. I wouldn't be adverse to Makorra getting back together (or some other Korra pairing happening) at the end of book 4 as long as they drop the drama and let her do her own thing until then.
>> No. 116769
File 139276206161.jpg - (623.65KB , 1700x1448 , A_Very_Avatar_Valentine__s_Day_by_Kundagi.jpg )
I suppose this is a mostly a general thread, so here's some valentines day fanservice from Dante, and from Grey
>> No. 116770
File 139277951242.jpg - (99.18KB , 985x811 , avatar_aang_by_hanjihye-d6etbko.jpg )
>> No. 116771
>another arc where we can be told how brilliant and powerful he is
I don't get why people say this, I'm not saying you're one of them but I see it really often among the guys who continue to hate him really rabidly, I don't think he's shilled hardly as much as they claim him to be. He was the hero of his plot arc in Book 2 but I didn't see it as anything more than the standard "lawful vs good" conflict, and being the most logical character to be put in such a position.
>> No. 116772
People are still bitter than Amon "complimented" him.
>> No. 116774

His plot in book 2 relied on Asami doing pretty much nothing, Bolin becoming an absolute idiot and a caricature of himself, and Lin being incompetent. Almost all the conflict in it relied on no one listening to him or unfairly bullying him (the idiot cops Lin trusted). It could have pretty easily been reworked so that Mako could be insightful and clever (good character points) without making everyone else complete idiots in the meantime. They could have had Lin running an undercover op on Varrick and Mako's snooping messes it up but also gives her some important intel, or have the idiot cops instead be on Varrick's payroll and purposely blocking Mako from getting info to Lin which makes him desperate. Lin can still be stubborn and have bad channels of communication in the office, and Mako can be clever and good detective material without it all being eye-roll worthy. Keep Bolin as a little dim (but not ridiculously so) and having the fame go to his head and idk about Asami.


Amon is a self-loathing bender who hates bending so much he made it his mission to debend everyone. Having him compliment any character on their bending and mention it's almost a shame to debend them is ridiculous, and it's definitely questionable when that character is the tribute character.

Mako's got an interesting backstory, and he does have good character traits to work with, but they seem to be trying way too hard to show us how great he is when that should just come naturally. I thought that short they released with Mako and Bolin was good, and I really liked him in that (and in the first 4 eps of book 1). I also enjoyed The Sting when it aired. The best part of the short was Mako being forced to do some morally questionable stuff to survive, but being pulled back by Bolin's sense of right and wrong. That's a great dynamic to work with, and I'd like to see more of that and get into their past with the triads. At this point, I don't know if they can fit that in with all the world-changing stuff going down.
>> No. 116775
I'd point that Asami and Bolin not "doing anything" had little with them being shoved aside and made stupid so Mako could hog the spotlight and more to do with how they had no reason to believe him, because Varrick had personally helped them both out. He saved Asami's company, the only thing she had left of her family and he gave Bolin a career and purpose. They DID have an opportunity to focus on Asami after Mako was arrested which they sadly passed by, though.

As for Lin, I don't know myself. Mako did technically break protocol by barging in like that, but for some reason afterward he never tried to talk to her again or she didn't bring it back up. And as jerkish as those detectives were, they were on the force longer than Mako and Lin has probably seen dozens of other rookies like him who screwed up a lot.
>> No. 116776

>loads /a/
>Awesome Avatar Fanart Thread!
>sees this hunk of shit called a post in a FANART THREAD

>> No. 116777
Lin being stupid has more to do with her, as the police chief, being railroaded into the Stubborn Bureaucratic Boss role that's a core element of this type of stock plot than trying to make Mako look good.
>> No. 116779
Seriously, people are getting waaaaaaaaay too hung up on this one line.
>> No. 116786

Wow so sorry I continued a discussion that was going on before I even joined in?
>> No. 116808
File 139360520599.jpg - (15.36KB , 336x305 , 1393605055089.jpg )
>> No. 116809
Okay, I am 95% sure this is an edit, but that is a really, good edit.
>> No. 116810
File 139363480282.jpg - (35.87KB , 720x653 , 7a3.jpg )
someone tweaked the center girls skin tone. expression and added the fire ferret
>> No. 116811
I feel like Bolin might've gotten one or two changes too many that defeats the purpose of the joke for the joke but wow that Mako.
>> No. 116842
File 139441843656.png - (325.36KB , 451x594 , thats cold ursa.png )
less funny version
>> No. 116843
Ohhh Now I want to see the rewrite with Kill la Kill style Azula and her Mother replacing the Firelord. Enduring her mothers "affection" and then bam! Backstabbing and Secret Rebellion. Though be damned if I don't hear Blumenkranz Kill la Killキルラキル OS…youtube thumb when this shit starts up from now on.
>> No. 116848
File 139506247960.jpg - (45.34KB , 1280x720 , 1393370982191.jpg )
Say what you will about Ragyo, but at least Satsuki could never complain about lack of attention
>> No. 116857
File 139524835533.jpg - (340.27KB , 915x739 , tumblr_n2e623DVcP1s5sgjao1_1280.jpg )
Azula in chains and Ursa fondling her, now that is a scene. Also this has been popping up a lot lately as a theme, what is the original?
>> No. 116858
File 139526734998.jpg - (552.52KB , 771x488 , tumblr_n15rs8Y5951qe7z14o2_r2_1280.jpg )
If I remember correctly, it's based off some news report where a guy says being with someone you like in the snow gives a "special feeling" and the girl is hiding her face because they're not openly in a relationship. Led to all sorts of parodies after being tweeted.
>> No. 116870
File 139558309780.jpg - (88.28KB , 1280x720 , 1395523438872.jpg )
If you replaced Ursa's personality with Ragyo's, Azula would have to step up and become the hero.
Ozai would be dead or in hiding for daring to interfere with her plans and Zuko... Oh my god, Zuko. He'd be wrapped around her little finger.
>> No. 116872
So would he take Nui's place? He gets scarred fucking around the same way Nui.
>> No. 116873
>If you replaced Ursa's personality with Ragyo's

You'd have roughly the same character, just one less driven and molesty than the other. They both gave basically little to no shit's about their children.

>"No matter how things may seem to change, never forget who you are."
>...Because I sure as fuck will. As soon as I possibly can. Won't even think twice about it. Damn, can't wait to get some of that Ikem dick in me. Zuko who?

At least Ragyo doesn't put on a fucking act like she gives a shit about her kids when she really doesn't. Bitch is terrible but at least she's genuine.
>> No. 116874
>Zuko turns jaunty and psycho
>Azula actively tries to isolate herself from her family because in contrast to Ursa, Ragyo shows an active interest in her that just creeps her out
>instead of life fibres, Ragyo is obsessed with spirits
>"Humans exist for the sake of spirits!"
>she purposefully gave herself to Ozai, so that she may bare children with a strong affinity to the Spiritworld
>when they were infants, she took both of them there and tried to make spirits bond with them, believing that a child may survive the encounter and come out stronger
>she goes along with Ozai's attempt at regicide, but stabs him in the back immediately afterwards
>instead of having the FN take over the world, she wants to combine both (similar to Unalaq but one step further)
>that's why she wants the Avatar so badly
>also she has devoted brown handmaid and surrounds herself with mystics and sages
There's a good fic idea in here. Maybe we should consider starting a thread.

Kinda agree, though I think this manifests in opposite ways. Ursa booked it as soon as she could and never looked back, while Ragyo actively tries to mold her daughters into becoming little copies of her, since she's so in love with herself.
>> No. 116909
File 139587198881.png - (251.81KB , 767x659 , tumblr_n32cczkaL51ttvc8do1_1280.png )
little crossover sketch
>> No. 116918
Quite Fascinated how the KLK and LoK has intersected
>> No. 116920
File 139590320550.jpg - (636.56KB , 1141x1380 , tumblr_n2p5tuhHDu1s5sgjao1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 116921
Why are Mako and Bolin on the wrong sides of Korra?
>> No. 116932
File 139597093111.jpg - (534.40KB , 600x880 , tumblr_n34glk9TM51s5sgjao1_1280.jpg )

>> No. 116934
File 13959851268.jpg - (151.41KB , 772x1036 , korra__tattoos_wip_by_roots_love-d53arjy.jpg )
She really should have that as a tattoo, back or maybe arm like this one.
>> No. 116940
Why? Would it symbolize she is the first of a new cycle?
>> No. 116943
That could be one reason I was thinking more about maybe showing a renewal with the connection to the Spirit of light and her connection. Similar to the Air bending Tats. Give the Avatar a symbol of office kinda.
>> No. 116945
Took me a second to realize that's supposed to be Korra. People take some real liberties with her design.
>> No. 116951
Yea, I thought it was an Asami response pic or something before I saw the comments.
>> No. 116954
>And then Ursa rips her own heart out rather than letting Azula or Aang have the satisfaction of besting her.

That'd be pretty metal.

I'd support that this version of Ursa be an albino, like Ragyo. But no rainbow.
>> No. 116958
I guess you could tie Ursa being descended from Avatar Roku to her love for the Spirits.
>> No. 116960
Yeah, that was my thought as well.
She thinks very highly of her heritage and believes she is directly linked to the spiritworld because of it. In fact she'd be the one who'd come to Ozai with the proposal to knock her up to make some really powerful, spiritual benders.
But when he considers murdering their son to get the throne, their interests are diagonally opposed, so she disposes of him.

Also interesting parallel: In some Arthurian Tales (TS Elliot's The Once and Future King) Mordred is described as having albinism. So yeah, this has tradition with the evil offspring of shinning heroes.
>> No. 116961
She keeps her body clothed and final conflict reveal that she's been doing that freaky spirit possession mutation stuff to herself. Gotta break out the blades that can cut spirits.
>> No. 116962
Yeah, and in the flashbacks you see her walking around normally, but in the present she glides around, her movements inhumanly smooth.
>> No. 116963
Am getting a Kick out of how some want to praise KLK on /co/ but keep running into the problem that Korra hits many of the same character points as Ryuko did. Heaven forbid they actually start liking Korra.
>> No. 116964
Liking her doesn't mean you have to start liking Korra.

I have no fondness for that character though, the secondary character were far superior.
>> No. 116965
God, imagine the confrontation where Ursa reveals her true form to Azula and the world, following her betrayal.
>What daughter dares raise her hand against her own mother?
Ursa smirks while she pulls the blade out of her gut. The wound closes up immediately.
>What mother abandons her children in the Spiritworld, pits them against each other and discards them like broken toys? You brought this on yourself!
Azula stands her ground, but she can't mask the shakiness in her voice. Ursa drops the dagger, offhandedly.
>I was simply trying to nurture your gift, my dear. But I see now that you will never live up to your true potential. Thus it falls to me alone, to fulfil this family's great legacy.
>Your legacy! The delusions of a madwoman!
Azula readies herself, blue fire at her fingertips. Ursa's smile becomes a mad slash of a grin.
>That is where you are mistaken! Feast your eyes, daughter.
She slips out of her robes revealing a body covered in pulsating markings of light.
>What have you-
Ursa closes the distance between them in an instant an lifts Azula up by the throat, with one claw-like hand.
>I have become enlightened.

Or something like that.
>> No. 116966
Yea though topic they attempt of "KLK has a superior protagonist" in the threads that just shit talk Korra anyway and then get mad then its pointed out they are quite similar individuals is funny.

I kinda wish it had switched and stayed on Satsuki since her motivation and extent she was willing to go was crazy. Maybe Asami will pull that move. I mean with Varrick a criminal and on the lamb I wonder where all the controls to his business now go.

And then we would know why Asami had that "Just as planned" smile in that one still from Book 3.
>> No. 116967
It would be all kinds of different colored spirits maybe even sport a similar rainbow effect, corrupting some ancient spirit bending technique to fuse them into different parts of her body.
>> No. 116968
>its pointed out they are quite similar individuals is funny.

Not to get into that whole quagmire of a conversation, just because two characters are very similar doesn't mean one can't be written more or less poorly than the other. I could write out a very detailed character bio (history, personality, psychology, motivation... everything), hand it to two different writers and come away with a completely different feel for each one.
>> No. 116969
Of course I know this as a writer that archetypes are akways a thing. Its just the amount of anger that comes from the comparison on /co/ is kinda funny sad. I find it interesting how both groups cross in fan art and outside of 4chan the mix is a bit more tolerant.
>> No. 116970
Yeah, I was thinking off some sort of bioluminescent deep sea creature crossed with a woman.
The markings under her skin would pulse in different colours and according to her mood.
Also, while she was dressed conservatively like the firelady before, she'd spend most of her time naked after the reveal. Maybe wear a loose, flowing, transparent robe to make her seem even more like a jellyfish.

As for powers I think she should be incredibly durable and strong as well as have and almost instant healing factor. I wouldn't give her any form of bending besides energy though.
>> No. 116971
Interesting idea being so much more Spirit than human she would no longer have a capacity for a "lesser" form of bending. I keep thinking something like that might actually come up since they've talked about the two new forms showing up after Korra has decided to leave the portals open.
>> No. 116997
File 139673358878.jpg - (486.80KB , 672x900 , Avatar1.jpg )
So, how 'bout them arts?

>> No. 117066
File 139852991141.png - (560.90KB , 800x1055 , master_of_all_four_elements_by_friedchicken365-d65.png )
>> No. 117067
File 139853555863.png - (0.99MB , 900x1200 , general_beifong_by_wodu_madchen-d62nfx8.png )
More here: http://mslvt.deviantart.com/
>> No. 117137
File 139899531428.jpg - (1.56MB , 1061x1162 , tumblr_n4wypaOwtu1s5sgjao1_1280.jpg )

Enjoy some tasteful nudity.
>> No. 117167
File 139940242528.jpg - (418.55KB , 1092x1092 , Azula Modern Business.jpg )

a stylish modern Azula.
>> No. 117204
Really whoever did this made Asami fat.
>> No. 117205
Is that tattoo supposed to represent Raava (forgive the misspelling)?
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