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File 135446389127.jpg - (38.47KB , 640x480 , tumblr_me4ccy5BwD1r0faf6o1_1280.jpg )
110708 No. 110708
Probably not the finalised date, but if it is then yay we're already half way there. ^^
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>> No. 110709
I thought this was for the first season considering it did start on April 14th.
>> No. 110711
It is, but you'd think by now they would toss us SOME kind of crumb.

>remembers that Nick treats Avatar like it's red-haired step-child
Oh, right...
>> No. 110713
That says “The new SERIES”, not “The new SEASON”.
>> No. 110718
In some places, "series" is the preferred term for a season. Most of the commonwealth, for example.
>> No. 110743
It's from 2012. "Book Air" premiered on Saturday April 14th.
>> No. 110780
File 135513437148.jpg - (85.21KB , 468x262 , iroh-2.jpg )

Old news that slipped through the cracks
>> No. 110783
Oh good lord please don't let Irohsami be a thing, her hooking up with a prince would totally wreck the kind of character she is.
>> No. 110784
What kind of character is that?
>> No. 110787
I second this question. I'm intrigued at what the answer could possibly be.
>> No. 110789
Asami's whole thing is that she looks like she's weak and delicate when in fact she's the opposite of that. Her having a romantic relationship isn't bad at all, but let's face it if she got together with Iroh he would literally take care of all of her problems, and it would just send a message to girls that if bad stuff happens to you, don't worry because eventually a rich handsome guy will come bail you out.

Asami is beautiful and conventionally feminine, but she's also strong and independent. Obviously she's going to need some help since she can't really save Future Industries entirely on her own, but I'm just saying it would be nice if she did it without a royal intervention. Iroh could help her out without any romantic implications but it would still rub me the wrong way.
>> No. 110790
Why would you assume something like that? It would seem really out of character for someone like Asami to just throw her hands up and become Iroh's helpless maiden (or whatever you'd want to call it). It would be a lot more plausible that she'd be conflicted about dating someone in position of power like Iroh because she would want to re-establish not just her father's company, but her own life on her own terms. In fact, I'd love to see Iroh try and date Asami but get continually turned away because she's just not ready for it right now.
>> No. 110791
One part of being in a fandom for a children's show is that there's a constant worry over how things are perceived. It seems like every protagonist has to be a role model, which I get tired of.

Perhaps Asami is the type of person who feels uncomfortable being single, or is only attracted to fire nation men. But I agree that seeing a young single woman succeed in business would be excellent.
>> No. 110795
She can't date the general and have her own agency? Jesus, are you from Disneyland or the 19th century?
>> No. 110796
It sounded more like he was saying that if the General "rescues" her from her problems by throwing the government behind her when she's trying to resurrect the business, it would take away from her importance in the plot. And if he's doing it to win her heart (or, if they started dating first, to keep her love), it makes her something of a trophy.

It's not some diabolical case of sexism or anything, but I agree that it wouldn't be good writing to have someone else come in and solve her problem for her--and that's even ignoring the sexism/political aspect. It just makes her a less interesting character. Let her solve her own damn problems.
>> No. 110799

Well lets be honest here; the trailer has already shown she's going off to get someone else to help solve her problem.

So really it'd be perfectly fine if General Iroh helped save her business because she took initiative in looking for that help. Admittedly it looks like she's going to the Avatar for it, but anywhere would be good.
>> No. 110800
>the trailer

Or are you just referencing the unfinished rough footage we saw at San Diego this past July? If you are, shame on you for getting our hopes up.

But if there's really a Book 2 trailer then LINK PLEASE GODDAMNIT PLEASE!!!
>> No. 110806
I thought she was going to Viddick for it.
>> No. 110807

I meant that unfinished thing.
>> No. 110811
Verick. If that's how you spell his name. Is it just me or are they REALLY going overboard with the "K" sounds in all the Water Tribe names?
Why must you hurt me so? ;_;
>> No. 110831
well, when was the earliest that we started getting official stuff from nick for book one? january?
>> No. 110839

Single Female Lawyer - Futuramayoutube thumb
>> No. 110845
Damn you heteronormative cis scum, Verick's clearly a proud trans furry identifying woc.
>> No. 110984
Voice actors give unofficial airdate of season two as April. Yay, semi-validation!
>> No. 110985
He's so LAME though, total fanbait, can someone stab him in the throat and then once it heals he starts speaking with a completely different voice actor? That would be a good start

(I doubt there's anything that can save poor Bolin though)
>> No. 110986
>march 23rd
yeah i wish
>> No. 110987
Yeah. I like Rufio but it was a bad voice for the character to have.
>> No. 110988
It was a bad character to have period.

Why not showcase the talents or reveal more to your characters to have them face the bad guys rather than bring in the fanservice character in the first place? Yes it's easier and doesn't require focus that way you can write the script and quit procrastinating work on your art, but to show that Asami is the 'idea guy' or that Mako can be a leader or that Korra has a heart of gold and mind of steel or that Bolin is more than a background tree.
>> No. 110989
Because then the Unpleasable Fanbase would be whining about how the other nations didn't give a shit about stopping a guy that would end up causing problems for them down the line, and that Republic City had no system in place to fight off threats that require a militia rather than just a police force. Iroh II and his forces made it so they had all those things.

It always amuses me how the ideas people come up with for how to fix Korra's writing are always so much worse than what was actually in the series. It really makes it clear how many of these complaints are coming from amateur writers who don't understand story structure or plot.
>> No. 110990
Are you being a douchebag on purpose or is it coming through unintentionally?
You seem to have a kneejerk urge to defend the writers of a series which really should have been better than it was, there's a reason so many people suggest changes.
>> No. 110991
I'm not defending the writers, I'm pointing out that all the ideas people come up with to fix it are even worse than what we got.
>> No. 110992
There is no way to retroactively fix season 1. Its flaws are eternally unalterable. It could be possible to salvage Korra herself, and maybe Asami. The airbenders got through the first season without doing anything permanently damning them in the face of the audience; Mako and Bolin are beyond reclamation. One is a ridiculous author avatar and empty fanservice character who has already made too many mistakes for the thinking audience to wish for further exposure to him and the other is absolutely nothing; you can't even build on him.
>> No. 110993
i just really hope you aren't watching season 2 because i'm getting tired of people basically saying they hate the show but are going to keep watching. you're ruining it for the rest of us.
>> No. 110994
If we actually watch it on television and have a nielsen box then we are doing more than someone downloading it for free from somewhere.

If we bitch/praise about it enough other people watch it i.e. Dredd, The Room, etc...

How dead would this place be if not for people saying what could have been done better? Actual /co/ might be able to have Batman rehash 90210 discussions on page 0. Remember Dinobot? Tell my tale to those who ask it. Tell it truly, the good and the bad, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest... is silence. Would you just have it be ALL silence until Nick releases an airdate?

Yes it is tiresome to have such a highly anticipated show receive so much negativity, but that's what you get when stuff is hyped.
>> No. 110995
talking about how korra could have been better is not a bad thing at all, what i'm talking about is people who are saying it's beyond redemption but then go and say they're going to keep watching it. you just sound like you're going to go into the second season intentionally looking for flaws -- which no doubt there will be, and discussing them is never a bad thing. but you're basically giving off a huge vibe that says "no matter what is going to happen i am going to hate it and i am going to bitch about it."

korra threads on /co/ are absolute shit because the people who hate it seemed to have magically forgotten what actually happened in the show and have replaced it with their skewed interpretations. newsflash: korra did train in airbending, bending wasn't nerfed they're in a fucking city where pulling off big displays of bending would be dangerous (korra did that in the first episode AND GOT IN TROUBLE FOR IT), probending was the actual genuine focus for two episodes, romance was the actual focus for one, korra is generally a nice girl and wants to do her job as an avatar, and amon and the equalists were full of shit and terrorists.

that last paragraph wasn't directed at you in particular but i am just so tired of the haters at this point. there are perfectly valid critiques of lok out there but for some reason people who have some sort of intense hate-boner for it choose to leap on nonexistent problems instead of the real ones, and when fans defend it we're called delusional morons.
>> No. 110996
I agree with your points and sympathize with your frustration. I don't want to nitpick either but in the General Iroh case their is really no reason to have another character whom we haven't met swoop in and give them leverage to fight.

Have the characters we already have step up and become more because, as so many people love to parrot, this was all we were going to get of Korra. These 12 episodes. Just them originally. Why sell them short? I want to see IF Asami is more than just a pretty face and badass at CQC, can she cook up ideas - does she have her father's ingenuit?. Can Mako be a leader? Can his plans work on a larger scale when the odds are against them? Can Bolin step out of his brother's shadow? Can Korra show that she isn't just brawn and courage and a nice girl trying to live up to Aang but make every attempt to actually be her own person and say: "I'm the Avatar, and here's what we are going to do to save this city!"

Why have Iroh swim in and be what starts them up? Why not have Lin show that she isn't about to lose what her mother and her friends fought for and try to rally the depressed and lost - echo back what the protestor said: "Non-benders of Republic City, take back your city!"
>> No. 110997
Any contrived excuses for why the bending was inferior to the original series are irrelevant. It happened because of how tiny the staff was on this series compared to the original. It was done to keep the series cheap, like every other cut corner, like the horrifyingly bad CGI outsourced to India of all places.
>> No. 110998

lol @ LoK having cheap animation. That shit was gorgeous, and I'm one of those negative nancys who didn't like the first season.
>> No. 110999
It was cheap. There was a lot more CG this time around and a lot less actual action in the "action" scenes. Between the equalists and the psychic bloodbending the actual animation in the fight scenes gets very, very, slim. Even in the finale there was never ANYTHING on the scale of the three-way battle from The Chase or the massive four-way fights seen in The Earth King and Crossroads of Destiny. There was a shitload of CG and very litle else; don't bring up the arena; outside of episode six they didn't do anything impressive there either.
>> No. 111000

No shit there was more CG, there were more vehicles, which were CG in the original series (and most other modern action cartoons/anime).

What you seem to have issue with is the choreography, which I agree was far less interesting than in ATLA, but the animation itself is above and beyond anything else I've seen on a TV budget besides something like GITS:Sac.
>> No. 111001
see what i mean? i give a perfectly valid reason explaining why bending was different and he just shits all over it. it just can't be "bryke wanted to tell a story that took place in one setting that was different from the previous series so the characters have to use their bending in a different way" it's "bryke are a bunch of shit-eating hacks who are out to ruin the original series."
>> No. 111002
Look, buddy, there's no valid reason for intentionally playing down the bending except to save money. It can't be a stylistic choice.
>> No. 111003
Except now they're relying on the CG to spare them from having to do actual work; like those superfluous car chase scenes; 9/10ths of everything in the finale; the Mecha-Tanks; and even the airbender training device is CG. This was a cheap show done in a cheap way. They made choices that minimzed the amount of animation that would have to be done at every turn and it suffered gravely.
>> No. 111005
>It can't be a stylistic choice.
except it totally was, because we still got some impressive displays of bending during the series. were they as impressive as a:tla's? no, but not everyone in the main cast this time around is a child prodigy. korra's water spouts easily trumped aang's and katara's, she threw a goddamn wall at tarrlok and completely wrecked city hall's floor in one move, tarrlok's waterbending during his fight with korra was pretty damn impressive and lin nearly took down a fucking airship single handedly. correct me if i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure toph didn't do that.
>> No. 111006

Dude, just make like the rest of us and give up on this board. It's not worth the arguing.
>> No. 111007
You're still just making convenient excuses. There is no reason, not one, they could not have kept the bending at the level we saw in the original series; except for their lack of ability to articulate it with only two directors and the baffling focus on the purposefully mundane pro-bending arena.
>> No. 111008
File 135910468199.gif - (1.38MB , 200x150 , i61AnOjweTjPG.gif )
>come to +/a/
>oh look there's some activity!
>this shit again part 69473059

>> No. 111009
People complaining about the animation must have skipped episode 6 and 8, and many other gorgeus parts.
The Legend of Korra : Voice In…youtube thumb
Seriously, you're full of shit.

>Even in the finale there was never ANYTHING on the scale of the three-way battle from The Chase
The chase is one of the episodes with the cheapest animation where characters are barely more than off model scribbles.
>or the massive four-way fights seen in The Earth King and Crossroads of Destiny.
I'll give you the first one, but season two has the worst animated finale of both series.
>> No. 111010
My point is that we should have been getting this level of competence the entire time.
>> No. 111011

While telling us all how wrong we are for liking or defending the show as it was, of course.

Again, not a perfect season, but you're being an ass about this.
>> No. 111012
They had FIVE YEARS to work on getting this right. Five years. It should have been second nature to them to deliver high quality action and bending at all times. I find their laziness totally unacceptable.
>> No. 111013
I find the repetitive and insistent whining butthurt of this goddamn fandom unacceptable.
>> No. 111014
>They had FIVE YEARS
atla ended in 2008, production of lok didn't start until 2010. bryke were all but ready to move on from avatar until nick asked them for more. get your facts straight if you're going to bitch.
>> No. 111015
I mean between the start of Avatar the Last Airbender and the start of Legend of Korra's production, 2005-2010. It's the same damn show under the hood. This should not have presented a challenge greater than Book 3: Fire.
>> No. 111016

>the start of Avatar the Last Airbender and the start of Legend of Korra's production, 2005-2010

ATLA started production in 2002, it first aired in 2005. The production wrapped up in early 2008 and then lots of people moved on to new projects. Joaquim dos Santos' new baby is the Green Lantern series, Aaron Ehasz went on to the abortion of a show called Thundercats 2011, even Rufftoon moved on to Rise of the Guardians.

Korra was not the same production "under the hood" at all aside from Kisu and Bryan's video referencing for the animators.
>> No. 111017
>It's the same damn show under the hood.
dude no it really isn't, most of the original team had moved on by the time lok started production.
>> No. 111018
For the love of god please SHUT THE FUCK UP!
>> No. 111019
>people saying things I disagree with on the internet
>nooooo stoopppp!!
>> No. 111020
File 135919017146.gif - (382.66KB , 200x116 , 1358879032176.gif )

The constant drilling of "[x] sucks because [y] [y] [y] and [y]" over and over and over again is what ground this board to a fucking halt. Stop this shit!
>> No. 111021
For the fat fucking nothing it's worth, I agree with many criticisms regarding LoK or even AtLA. I don't need to read them a million fucking times, especially not with the vitriol that covers the internet because it's cool and edgy.
>> No. 111022
I think you are wrong in claiming people mention the flaws only because its 'cool and edgy'

For a large number I see it as much more likely as feelings of... betrayal? Fans of ATLA who were really excited about LOK and when the reality was less than pleasing to put it lightly it caused alot of resentment.
>> No. 111023

>to put it lightly

My fucking dick. All that happened was their waifus and husbandos turned out to have flaws of character and the ending was rushed...and because of this, somehow, we've had to put up with what feels like a year's worth of bitching about things that are either grossly misinterpreted or just flat out aren't true (like the whole animation thing above) and subsequently had every positive or sensible discussion thread tarnished by said bitching.

Now it's just too much effort to make a new thread because you know assholes will descend on it like vultures just to give some cunty, glib response like 'I like this because Mako isn't such a tool like he is in the show' or something.

FML. I don't even know why you bother when no-one wants to hear it.
>> No. 111024
discussing the flaws of the show (and there are a lot) isn't the problem, it's when you go into a board dedicated to the shows and your attitude is absolute shit about the show, the characters and towards the fans. 'brykes are incompetent assholes out to ruin everything the first series stood for' is not a valid critique. how hard is it to say something like 'bryke obviously aren't fit to run to a show all by themselves'? because i would agree with that.

and the whole betrayal thing makes me roll my eyes. not saying you can't be disappointed about lok -- it did fall short on several levels, but it was so over-hyped by the FANS (nickelodeon didn't even acknowledge the show existed until about a month before it was set to air) that there was no way it was going to live up to expectations. NO, hype does not excuse its flaws, but people were expecting way too much from a 12 episode series that was heavy on plot and was only 22 minutes long and written by two guys, one of which had little to no experience in writing.
>> No. 111025

>people were expecting way too much from a 12 episode series that was heavy on plot and was only 22 minutes long and written by two guys, one of which had little to no experience in writing.

Ok, I'm with you guys against the one dude online who thinks LoK had shitty animation or whatever, but this is the goddamn stupidest thing in this entire thread. How is it the fault of us fans that they didn't hire professional writers to help out? How is it our fault that they didn't pace the show properly or tighten up unnecessary stuff when they knew they only had 12 episodes? And how on earth is it our fault that they couldn't live up to the standards they themselves set with AtLA. Looking at what we got, I can see a goddamn incredible show in there. All it needed was several more editings and some trimming up of unnecessary, but cool, crap they didn't have time for in a 12 episode show.
>> No. 111026
okay, looking back at my comment i realize i did place too much blame on the fandom for having certain expectations. that wasn't really my intention, i was more trying to say how hype can skew one's perspective on things, and the fact that for months at a time we literally got NOTHING from nick about the show probably made things worse.

all i'm trying to say is, we were told beforehand things were going to be very different -- only two directors, only two writers who only wrote a handful of episodes in the first series, no filler episodes, and halfway through the season we found out the equalist plot would be wrapped up by the last episode (they really should have mentioned that earlier).

so i apologize that i placed too much blame on the fans, but i do think to an extent that hype was part of what lead to such heavy backlash against the show.
>> No. 111027
and i'll just add i don't think the fans should have gone into the series being apprehensive of lok or anything, but to just be aware that it was going to be different and might not measure up to their expectations. i will agree that lok fell short on a few important and basic ones, like having good pacing and bolin being more than background fodder, just to name a few.
>> No. 111040
File 13595208652.jpg - (37.28KB , 500x244 , republiccityrun.jpg )
Oh look a new Korra flash game on Nick's website! Chibis!

>> No. 111041
perhaps a sign of things to come?
>> No. 111044
That's right! Book 2 will be ALL CHIBIS ALL THE TIME!
I can't wait to watch the fandom lose their collective shit over that!
>> No. 111045
If it had improved character interaction, dialogue, pacing, developed the setting, didn't stretch lore to tearing points, and allowed for >fun I wouldn't mind it.

We already know what they SHOULD look like so the porn can still be excellent.
>> No. 111046
File 135961365342.gif - (2.18MB , 320x180 , frustration-pigeon.gif )

>> No. 111047

>Voicing “Opal” in Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra

hmm opal... that's an interesting name.

>inb4 white people living on the other side of the planet
>> No. 111048
File 135961626137.jpg - (22.47KB , 500x182 , smackdown_hotel.jpg )
>> No. 111049
i know it's frustrating but i wish people wouldn't be so snippy towards nick.

also that tweet does not sound good.
>> No. 111050
File 135961857546.jpg - (42.08KB , 845x478 , 1359524611626.jpg )
This is you. This is what your posts sound like.

Adventure Time - Nope!youtube thumb
>> No. 111051
There was a baby named "Hope". I'm sure "Opal" is just named after the jewel. The show is still a pan-Asian fantasy world.
>> No. 111052
that was a joke, i seriously doubt anyone still thinks there are white people hiding somewhere except for the 12 year olds.
>> No. 111053
Are you new to this fandom?
Did you see the dream casting post on the Korra Nation Tumblr that had nothing but white actors? Or the comments that still had people not seeing the problem with that?
>> No. 111054
File 135968300964.jpg - (144.13KB , 800x518 , tumblr_mhioleoqbz1rptk5lo1_1280.jpg )
Nick's plan for season 3 & 4 writers?
>> No. 111055
Season 3 is already written and being recorded as of two months ago. Animation, as you may guess, will not occur until we actually have 2 as a finished product and then take while.

I would suggest Weisman for Season 4 since his curse won't affect the ending as LoK is for only 4 seasons.
>> No. 111056
no? but seriously, only morons and kids think there are white people in avatar.
>> No. 111057
Which makes it that much more disappointing when that stuff turns up over and over again.
>> No. 111060
Animation-wise LOK is superior. Story-wise ATLA was superior.
>> No. 111067
File 135985787458.png - (28.95KB , 516x136 , tumblr_mhkstkEGqj1r892d5o1_1280.png )
>> No. 111176
File 136086787815.jpg - (221.98KB , 764x430 , tumblr_mi823l9g3f1rptk5lo2_1280.jpg )
>> No. 111177
File 136086824642.jpg - (224.83KB , 764x430 , tumblr_mi823l9g3f1rptk5lo3_1280.jpg )
>> No. 111181
The sooner we leave Air Temple Island the better.
>> No. 111182
Bitching about two tiny generic pics, must be a record.
>> No. 111191
Bitching about the continuing reliance on Bolin and Meelo for comedy when it's entirely evident they're not load-bearing structures.
>> No. 111192
Hey. Losing Meelo would be no big loss, but Bolin is easily in the top three best characters in the show. I'm not sure of his ranking within that top three, but he's definitely there.
>> No. 111193
File 136098729620.jpg - (1.14MB , 1280x960 , tumblr_miaobiKz0W1rptk5lo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 111194
>color correction

Oh God, I don't even wanna know what tumblr is doing with that phrasing.
>> No. 111195
I hope that anyone who objects to it gets hounded by Tumblr's assembled animators for being an idiot.
>> No. 111196
>an idiot

Just say idiots. Even without diving into that place you know there's going to be loads of them.
Even the animators should know it's a lost cause to bring sense to those people, unless input from them has caused said idiots to apologize and take back their statements.
>> No. 111197
>More pro-bending
>more shipping
>Korra misusing her powers even more now that she's been handed the Avatar State on a silver platter

>> No. 111198
>forgetting the avatar state is supposed to come naturally to an avatar
>still using the "korra got everything handed to her on a silver platter" argument nearly 8 months after the season ended
>> No. 111199
When referring to collective nouns, like "anyone," you use the singular tense. "Anyone who does (X) is an idiot," rather than "Anyone who does (X) are idiots," for example.
>> No. 111200
>> No. 111201
The Avatar state isn't the point of contention: do you know what is?
Airbending and spiritbending being awarded out of absolutely no effort whatsoever.
>> No. 111202
You can't really complain about Spiritbending, Aang learned it through a mind-meld with a giant turtle, for god's sake! And as for Airbending, Korra knew all of the physical moves and spiritual philosophy behind it, she'd just never been able to summon the ability before, so is it really so hard to believe that she could have broken through her mental block in a moment of intense stress and emotion?
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