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File 131614182499.jpg - (160.96KB , 700x487 , poseasateam.jpg )
94947 No. 94947
Obligatory thread since the only gjr thread on the board is beyond 200 posts. Sure, Korra has officially made their story an AU but dag-gum it I still love these characters to bits. IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMNIT!

Last thread: >>86620
Wiki: http://gaangjr.wikia.com
Story Archive: http://community.livejournal.com/gaang_jr/
Thread Archive: http://www.gaangjr.com/threads/
deviantART Group: http://gaangjr.deviantart.com/
IRC: #plus4chan on irc.rizon.net
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>> No. 94949
File 131614855130.png - (601.63KB , 1000x1300 , ponygoooat.png )
>> No. 94950
File 131615545122.jpg - (38.42KB , 400x400 , freakinawesome.jpg )

Methinks this image is an appropriate response to that sweet comic. I don't watch MLP but I have passing knowledge that Pinkie Pie is like Simpsons!Rodney Dangerfield of her universe. Wherever she goes, a party breaks out (sans liquor coming out of nowhere ala Rodney).
>> No. 94952
I left the sketch layer on, whoops.

...oh well, it adds character
>> No. 94963
Y'all suckas need to invest in some divergent timelines.
>> No. 94964
Damn time benders, rebooting the Avatar all willy nilly.
>> No. 94972
>> No. 96837
File 13267080624.png - (471.56KB , 900x636 , Yikiru Outfits.png )
Bedtime Nik and something she designed for Yi Lin. I imagine outside of princess things she's got quite the interest in garments.
>> No. 96963
Damn son you posting on a thread so old it might be considered necrophilia.
>> No. 97498
File 13299011104.jpg - (319.50KB , 1650x1272 , GaangJrKrew005.jpg )
Doodled this out to test out the copic markers I've been collecting! Still fiddlin' with it and I haven't had much time to myself lately, lots of work/job things, but I might as well post the line-art!

Yeah, it's a little silly to keep a hold like this but damn it these were, like, our babies damn it!

First time I've drawn Mako and Bolin, though. So glad to have all that concept art out in the open.
>> No. 97524
Also, you did well both Mako and Bolin.
>> No. 97706
Could somebody remove my stories from the gaang jr wiki?
They were written in haste, and I've since lost interest in them.
>> No. 97707
For the exact same reason, I wish for my stories to remain on the Gaang Jr wiki forever.

I love coming back to my old stuff, no matter how terrible it is. You should see my Invader Zim fan fiction, it's the most hilariously po-faced un-self-conscious emo shit.
>> No. 97711
In my case I had a FF7 fic based on monty python's holy grail with an author insert and all written in script form.

I'm glad its gone forever.
>> No. 97712
Kind of sad you hear you'd want to do that, but if so, the wiki is editable by all. Just find the pages and blank them out or remove your name or whatever.
>> No. 97715
Since it's never going to get written at this point, I may as well explain what I had planned.

Secrets in the Walls of the City of Walls and Secrets was going to be a Gaang Junior prequel, taking place when Hayoda was 11 and Yue was 6. Sokka is invited to Ba Sing Se for some manner of gathering for scientific minds, and he brings his kids along for the trip. He also arranges for Toph to meet them there, mostly just for babysitting duty. However, Sokka and the conference's other attendees are kidnapped by a mysterious organization that wants them to build a smaller, modified version of The Drill. Hayoda and Yue jump at the chance to uncover the mystery and save their dad (or rather, Hayoda jumps at it and drags Yue along), while Toph cuts to the chase and starts busting heads and smashing through walls.

A lot of it was pretty vague, but the whole point was to create an homage to the Venture Bros. Hayoda was the cocksure Hank, Yue was the studious Dean, the promise of academic recognition brought out Sokka's egoistic Rusty side, and Toph was (of course) the deadpan badass Brock Samson. I even planned an anticlimax fitting for the show, in which the machine immediately fails upon activation and Sokka claims to have sabotaged it, though it is equally likely that his contribution was just faulty to begin with.

It would have been a fun story, but the time for it has passed.
>> No. 97786
Well, nothing against Gaang Jr. It's just the quality of those interludes I wrote and the subject matter reflects a little poorly on me, as an adult and as a writer. The intent was to practice writing in an 'authentic' style, the way somebody might try and capture the characters when tasked with writing scripts for a publisher based on pre-existing personalities. I don't feel those stories accomplished that, and instead they come off looking more like earnest attempts at THUPER THERIAL fanfiction from somebody too old to be writing fanfiction, and highlight all my prior and existing flaws as a writer.

I try to minimize the number of things people can throw back into my face and hold against me at a later date, when possible.
>> No. 97811

But...you still wrote them. I don't think removing it from the wiki will accomplish what you want. The way you feel about the work won't really shift just because it ceases to exist in a rarified corner of the 'net, and in return those of use who like to go over the old stories every now and then will have one less fun thing to read.

If you think it's a mistake, well...alright, but the only thing you'll be erasing is the enjoyment we got out of it. Your feelings aren't going to change.

(And dammit Mari get back to me on that request)
>> No. 98023
File 133203628988.jpg - (30.76KB , 400x400 , farewell_postcard.jpg )
Fear no more the heat of the Sun
Nor the furious Winters rages,
Thou thy worldly task hast don,
Home art gon, and tane thy wages.
>> No. 98332
Wait, Katara said she had other children aside Tenzin, right?
Could that mean...?

>> No. 98336

Yes, but their names were Kya and Bumi, and if leaked/released info can be trusted, they were both Waterbenders.
>> No. 98340
Well... you could make it work. We already have an older girl and a boy a name change in the official records to protect their identities isn't that farfetched, especially if they did end up running away from home and A&K have no idea where they are.

Really, they only things that could majorly mess us up would be if Kya and Bumi show up in TLK, and any information on Zuko and Sokka's children.
>> No. 98341

I think the better course of action is say "fuck it" and go with this as a no-longer-plausible-AU on the course we forged long ago, really. I still have fun with it every once in a while.
>> No. 98364
RIP Gaang Jr
Lost to me
like tears in the rain
>> No. 98368
>any information on Zuko and Sokka's children.
Don't know about Sokka, but I expect we'll find out about Zuko's descendants. There's already some suspicion that's who Dante Basco was called in to play, and even if that's not the case, at least one of his children or grandchildren is probably the current Fire Lord or Fire Lady--may not be vital to the action in Republic City, but there's a good chance we'll hear about them.
>> No. 98387
Since with Korra (which is awesome) Gaang Jr comes to an official end, we need to send word across the internets, to gather all content created, fanfics and fanart, and preserve the memories in downloadable archives.

>> No. 98652
Awe man.
Oh well, you shall be missed. Gaang Jr.

Isn't most of things already gathered on the OP?
>> No. 98663

Well...a few threads are missing from the archive, some of the ones after thread 34, only about two or three threads out of the fourty or so threads of two to three years of content. There was once a time when Gaang Jr. took up 22% of all posts ever made on +/a/...god I miss those days...I know we have Korra now but...damn, you know?

Does anybody else feel like if we tried, we could have made a connection between Junren's Rising Phoenix movement and Amon's Equalists?
>> No. 98775
...Thread... 2? How the fuck, it was on 22 when I left.
>> No. 98778
File 13330021888.jpg - (82.40KB , 677x730 , yue with pet.jpg )

It got up to about...40-ish then plus4chan as a whole had a heart attack in September 2010. Check the Archived Borad link underneath the board title at the top. It's a time capsule!
>> No. 98779

We moved to a new board a long time ago. We were on roughly thread #42 before the move.
>> No. 98782
No, I remember the heart attack thanks to /pco/ and some shit going down with Andrei, but did you really need to start the numbers over from 1?

Man, I've forgotten so much... I know Yi Lin obsesses over shipping people she knows and is Aang and Katara's daughter, but shit...
>> No. 98789

Hmm, that'd be difficult, given the Pheonix guys are inherently about Fire Nation supremacy. They seem a little incompatible with Equalist ideas.
>> No. 99548
File 133428383233.jpg - (327.23KB , 1017x720 , irahsketch.jpg )
Its really rough, and I'm not happy with her outfit, but whatever, I was just messing around and this is what came out. Older Irah.
>> No. 99549

>Sozin's royal hairpiece

NICE touch eldest.
>> No. 99742
There was a GJr thread on /co/ earlier today. Short and without much activity but it really got me back into remembering these kids of ours as our characters. I've been spending this evening going through a bunch of the old stories and rereading them for nostalgia's sake. I had forgotten just how compelling some of the stories are (btw TDL? In Synch is really excellent).

I went ahead and threw together a post about GJr on the Avatar subreddit on Reddit, just to show it off as Korra gets started:

But it did get me thinking. Of course GJr has irreconcilable discrepancies from what we now know of the Avatar world, just on account of (at least some of) them not being the "right" children of the Gaang. But I thought it'd be fun to explore what other similarities or differences there about the GJr world being 20 years along towards the 70-years-in-the-future world of Korra. There's probably ways to reconcile some of them at least for the sake of some fun brainstorming.

If the Promise comics end up how I expect, Yu Dao will turn into Republic City very soon, within a few years of the War's end. But I wouldn't expect it to be much of a destination for the GJr quite yet. Maybe a visit or two, but at this point it couldn't be all that developed, probably all the streets planned out (as is traditional Chinese construction tradition), but largely empty, its cultural life more artificial and contrived by the nations trying to build it as a place of unity, whereas it's not yet a "mixed" locale. Would that big Aang statue be there at all yet? I could see young Princess Irah showing up a few times for official ceremonial visits, or Yi Lin and Tseng visiting with their parents. Can't see Sokka or Suki having as much of a reason to go with their kids there, though the Mechanist may have set up shop there.

Hmmm... though come to think of it, would they have set up Air Temple Island at that point? Would Aang and Katara live there with their kids and some Air Acolytes? We were always pretty vague about where Tseng and Yi Lin lived, and I assumed it was in one of the old temples. So that wouldn't be much of a change. And if, as I'd think, Republic City isn't the bustling metropolis it is in Korra yet, that's more reason for them to go travel the world and see some sights. I'm going to go ahead and assume that in this scenario, no more sky bisons had been found yet, otherwise that would be quite an upset to Yi Lin's upbringing and character if she had one! Though maybe not, since Jinora/Ikki/Meelo don't seem to have sky bisons of their own. I think I like the idea of Aang's family (in GJr) living in Republic City.

I wonder if a rudimentary pro-bending would have started yet. If so, I could imagine a Tseng on Republic City being interested in it, maybe playing himself (informally if too young for a real tourney). From this I'd expect him to have stronger friendships with at least one Firebender and Earthbender outside the GJr (neither Irah nor Yue would be in a position to do anything like that with him).

Looking back, I think we were really conservative about the tech level in GJr. Things won't change as much in 20 years as 70, especially because post-War rebuilding is important. But I'd imagine there would be some changes. Railroads in the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. Telegraphs would probably be around, though (assuming ATLA=1850, Korra=1920, GJr=1870) telephones and lightbulbs are still a few years away. Daguerrotypes should be a thing by this point. They'd have gaslights (as I remember at least one GJr fic mentioning). I mentioned paper money in the Fire Nation in one of my stories (the Princess Exchange Program one, gasp! :O), so that probably hold even more true now that Republic City has it in Korra.

A lot of our villains dealt with radical elementalist factions rising up in the post-War world (Junren and Fenghuang, the Dai Li remnants popping up from time to time). I could see those being the big conflicts 20 years down the road, and only once those were put down (by the Gaang or our merry band of Iron Sea Wolves helping out) would the pan-bending unity come about and anti-bending movements start. I thought TDL had a good internal dialogue by Tom-Tom that could easily be interpreted in light of the new conflicts we know happen later on.

>He could see for himself that the violence would only escalate after this point, he’d even written reports on the state of the world before he was assigned to this mission; how more and more young people inherited the last generation’s anger and desires but none of their purpose and none of their traditions...except the ones that shouldn't have been inherited in the first place. It was all snowballing. He didn't want them to be caught in the kind of world he could see coming.

One difference I don't think any of us saw coming was metalbending. It's everywhere in Korra's Republic City, because apparently Toph's been going around telling everyone how to do it. Makes you wonder what our Toph is doing on a boat with Tom-Tom chasing after some kids. Who knows, maybe after a couple decades of training youngins at the Beifong Metalbending Academy for Lilylivers (mascot: The Fightin' Lilylivers!) she's tired enough of it, wants some direction, the second generation of metalbenders is around to continue the schooling, and she can do that sort of thing.
>> No. 99752
Tom Tom confirmed for Lin's father.
>> No. 99769
I made that thread, guys.

I figured enough time had passed so that there wouldn't be much butthurt, specially after the HIBY threads.

I want expecting any responses, so I was surprised even if the thread was small.

I was planning on posting more pictures, but I had to hit the sack.
>> No. 99774
there's some wishfull thinking...
>> No. 99787
File 133467973573.jpg - (79.33KB , 640x619 , prohibition-1_20110513-2315.jpg )

Okay, there I was, thinking about how Republic City is based on '20s prohibition-era New York (and Shanghai and so on), and I honed in on the 'prohibition' part of this equation. I had this crazy idea about Tenzin trying to make his mark on the city following his father's death by taking up a cause of the conservative bending temples and banning the sale of opium. This gets up the goat of a large swathe of the city's hedonistic inhabitants, and a plucky band of moonshiners decide to get into the opium business (like 'Lackadaisy' except, y'know, Asian) before the triads move in, Chief Lin begins a hardcore J Edgar-esque crackdown, and they realise they're in well over their heads.

Then this thread came up and I started thinking about how the Jr Gaang could be slotted into the Korra universe, and I suddenly realised I had the perfect story.

Everyone remembers Sharkman's take on older!Yi Lin? The snarky, wicked-smiling, chain-smoking multiple-divorcee? She's exactly the type of person who'd take her younger brother's initiative extremely personally, and gets the old gang back together to plot her idiosyncratic revenge. Firelord Irah (who looks implausibly stunning well into her 50s) provides plots of land under the nose of her designated heir, First Minister Tom-Tom. Professor Yue of Ba Sing Se University tends to the opium fields. Chancellor Tseng of the Republic City Science and Technical Institute provides cover for the transport of vast amounts of plantstuffs (with supreme reluctance and a lot of fretting). And finally Hayoda, owner of a vast fleet of trading ships, personal captain of a significant chunk of them, and unofficial consort of the Firelord, provides the means for sneaking the opium into Republic City.

Toph, Chief of the City Police, is personally charged with cracking down on this racket, but returns to type by doing so in the most roundabout and hands-off way possible, to the epic frustration of her by-the-book, hard-nosed daughter, who's steadily climbing the rungs of the police hierarchy.

Fun is had, japes and scrapes are committed, And Then It All Goes Horribly Wrong.

Anyone think this might work? Or is this a terrible, terrible, horribly OC suggestion? Thoughts? Ideas?
>> No. 99790
Opium is one of the most horribly addicting and debilitating drugs. You don't want to be smuggling it unless you're a really vile person.

Stick with cactus juice.
>> No. 99792
All right, fine, cactus juice, then. Apologies, it was the first substance I could think of when trying to come up with an Asian prohibition-equivalent.
>> No. 99799

It could also just straight up be alcohol. Pretty sure some certain sects of Buddhism ban that or at least see it as a vice that keeps you from reaching enlightenment.

Besides that, alcohol is one of those things that has tons and tons of money, tradition, history, and family ties to it. There are scarcely any cultures that don't love the stuff so it's easier to see it escalate into a problem like actual Prohibition did.
>> No. 99811
And so Gaang Jr. becomes a soft-boiled Noir.

Personally, I'd be happier sticking within the timezones between here and Korra because a) It gives us more leeway in where they are and what they're doing, and b) We don't really have a grasp on how they might have changed as people if we just teleport them some 45/50 years into the future.

Don't get me wrong, the idea isn't bad, but if Yue's the Dean of Ba Sing Se University or whatever it makes her involvement in this scheme a little difficult.
>> No. 99812
(I actually like the idea of a Gaang Jr. story written as a noir pastiche.)
>> No. 99831
I still follow the alternate timeline headcanon, so personally I saw Gaang Jr=1960's to ATLA=WWII as TLoK=1920's to ATLA=WWI

Our kids just seemed more... "open", I guess is the word.
>> No. 99862
The talk of Alcohol smuggling got me thinking about the characters again in inebriated terms.

I bet Yue's a mean drunk.
>> No. 99863
Looking at that one poster of possible mechs(?) on Amon's wall reminded me of one idea I had for a future Yue. Everyone knows how in love I am with the whole "geometric Earthbending" thing for her, where she overcomes her natural weaknesses in Earthbending by approaching it from the angle (hah!) of math -- lines, arcs, circles, extruded/rotated/transformed geometry, relying on the inherent structure of the stone to give her a Cartesian space to manipulate with a mental "compass and straight-edge." (In my mind's eye I always imagined this as a sort of negative of Toph's white-on-black tremorsense, instead resembling drawing geometric proofs on paper)

After the Iron Sea Wolves adventures I always saw her heading to Ba Sing Se University actively pursuing these studies, designing things like large stonework orreries as research projects and, finding current systems inadequate, being sort of like Newton or Liebniz in developing the Avatar world's equivalent of our calculus along the way. I could see her working with the Earth King to get something like a Royal Society going.

And as silly as it sounds (though maybe not so silly anymore?), I liked the idea of her getting some funding to focus on developing 15-20 foot tall Earthbending "mechs." She wouldn't really have been focusing on all the military applications, but just the interesting challenge in engineering it. There would be some real advantages to such a thing. It's completely portable; an Earthbender would only need to extrude a cube of stone of a certain size from anywhere, work from a memorized design to make all the cuts and extrusions, unfold it and climb on in.

Though there would be a lot of disadvantages that I bet would scrap a project like that in the end. When it comes to mechanized bending, I can't imagine there could be much abstraction. Whereas we can drive cars without knowing how internal combustion engines work, the one building and using an Earthbending mech (and they'd likely be the same person) would need a perfect memory of it down to the "nuts and bolts" to control it. Would require a very high aptitude and lots of training, and the people inclined to do that are probably all pursuing Toph's Metalbending courses.

But even if it doesn't get anywhere, I like it as a precursor to some of the bending supremacy one could argue is in LoK, with Metalbending cops in zeppelins above the streets and skating across the network of wires over everyone's heads. There's no way a non-Earthbender would ever be able to use an Earthbending mech, which changes some dynamics. In wars ancient and modern, the ability of an underdog/insurgency to seize armories and turn an attacker's weapons against them, or to get up to basic competency with found weapons, is important. A more mechanical mech like what the Equalists are seemingly working on is something anyone, regardless of inborn ability, can learn how to use and become competent in it.

On a similar note, considering how common (well, not common, but not incredibly rare) Metalbending is, would Yue be able to and choose to learn it? And if so, what would she use it for?
>> No. 99912
In the new Republic City Flash, it says that Zuko's still around but handed the throne to his daughter three years ago...

So imagining her as Irah
56 year old Irah ;-;
>> No. 99915

I imagined more along the lines of the Gaang Jr. in their 60s or so. I always figured the Gaang Jr. timeline was around 20-25 years later, so an additional 50 or so years would bring everybody to the Korra timeline.

(My version of Old!Yi Lin is 67, by the way.)
>> No. 99916
Oh crap I meant 66. But yeah!
>> No. 99919

Thanks for the spoiler, Mari. You know how much I love them.
>> No. 99922

>Material officially released by the creators
>> No. 99924
>> No. 99926
you tried it
>> No. 99998

Are you implying, inferring, or just out-right stating that creators can't spoil their own work?
>> No. 100014

I think they mean that Zuko being alive is something that was uploaded to the "Welcome to Repuublic City" flash, meaning it's information they're perfectly fine with releasing to kids/people who want background fluff, and are totally new to Korra. I actually doubt they're ever going to address this in the show itself.
>> No. 100106
Obvious request for rendition of Irah's coronation photo goes here.
>> No. 102872
File 133843887872.jpg - (353.81KB , 800x800 , Fighting Yi Lin smaller eyes.jpg )

Have a slightly older Yi Lin instead.
>> No. 104759
File 133981596490.jpg - (129.04KB , 900x806 , some_old_gaangjr_expression_practice_by_katiediazz.jpg )

>Found this a couple of minutes ago in one of my folders in my documets.
>Gosh is this old. And I had to laugh very hard when I saw this! I mean, this is maybe from 2010, It's not really old, but it's funny to see that I changed my style a bit, comparing the tings I draw now to this

>So, even if the Gaang Jr project is not realizable, I will continue drawing them, because they are such great characters
>> No. 104761

Expressive Hair is my anti-drug
>> No. 107534
File 134159499652.jpg - (294.23KB , 750x600 , Gaang Jr.jpg )
So I was thinking recently about all the info Korra's given us in terms of the future and what this might mean for this particular AU.

It's obvious, for one, that Toph wouldn't be hangin' out and chasing around kids if she had the makings of a Republic City police force on her hands- which leads me to believe there isn't one- which made me wonder how that could come to pass.

The explanation that I think fits GJr best is one where 'The Promise' is an event that is resolved before it happens. Here, Zuko and everyone immediately sees and tackles the sticky issue of the colonies and grants them separation. However, that being done and dusted and without actually getting to know the needs of the people throughout the colonies leads to partial neglect of them and, as there is more than one independant city now, places that are perfect breeding grounds for piracy (and for movements like The Pheonix, which would certainly find advocates in the old pro-Fire Nation people within these places.)

Even if we assume Aang settles in Republic City due to its size, he is hardly available to police all of them. It also gives Ching somewhere to come from, and perhaps even threads for a story...if the Gaang stumble into her town when she's going to do a birthday homecoming...in razing it down.

I'd like to hear more thoughts on this and such from the rest've y'all; we've done too much complaining lately and not enough doing- and the doing is what makes the funnest of times on this board.
>> No. 107561
Yeah, it's pretty apparent that there need to be points of deviation early on in order to accommodate those movements in GJr. Though it is sort of fun to imagine Tseng and Yi Lin growing up in a dusty half-built Republic City with an Aang statue partially constructed. We never really were able to nail down where they'd grow up, unlike the others, since where would Aang and Katara live? The SWT? One of the old Air Temples?

The presence of those mechs in LoK just makes me all that more eager to have an older Yue be building Earthbending mechs. :3
>> No. 107567

It's still possible to have Aaang live on Air Temple island and thus have Republic City be the most well-managed of the colonies. However, I thought a good chunk of their childhood was spent travelling due to a lack of place to stay; or perhaps shifting between the SWT where Katara usually stays, and wherever Aang needs to be at the time.

And methinks the Tech wouldn't be far enough along for Mechs...though Yue may well have something to do with how it all develops, and might slightly change the way technology advances by Korra's time.
>> No. 111500
I don't know if it's worth bumping the thread for this, but.

The wikia page has been getting hit with spam recently. If the old admin is still around here, would it be possible to clean up a bit and maybe lock it down. Dunno how wikia actually works, but a lot of those pages seem to be blog posts that only admins can delete.

Also, wow, dead project is dead huh?
>> No. 111501
Wikia doesn't seem to give me very good controls for anti-spam, though I suppose we can protect pages: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Page_protection

I went ahead and gave you admin permissions.
>> No. 111505
Thanks Mari, I did my best to clean up. I'll be checking regularly just in case.
>> No. 111510
Dead project is dead, but we had one helluva ride while it lasted.

We should make an archive for download (my folders are a mess, and I'm sure I lost a lot of pictures over the years).
>> No. 111552

posted some new Gaang Jr stuff last February
>> No. 111594
No offense to Vince, but porn ain't exactly the kind of content I was hoping for. In fact I think it may have been responsible for the loss of interest in the old days.

Also pretty sure those pics are way older than that.
>> No. 111607

We still kept going for a good while longer after the thread 34, I think. A lot of people just kinda moved on, and the core discussion group got smaller and smaller.
>> No. 111608
I'd probably agree with >>111594 to some extent; once you go porn, you...uh...don't...go....backorn.

I'd also finger Korra as a culprit, but, mainly, it was probably a lack of overall business with images and stories toward the end. Personally I've still no objection to coming up with some, but as you can see a little above here I tried that before and no-one bit.
>> No. 116229
Bumping this because the newer Gaang Jr. thread was kidnapped by ninjas.

Is that /co/ thread still active?
>> No. 116232
Just saw a new post there.

For reference: https://boards.4chan.org/co/res/56183817
>> No. 116239
Oh, by the way, I had an archive of the old Gaang Jr threads on my computer. Zipped them up here:


There are a couple missing but it's fun to go back through and see where some of these ideas came from.

the thread called 60774.html was the smut thread #34 since I know you all want that
>> No. 116244

>People still bemoaning a lack of Irah information

No, it's not like I wrote a whole story around her or anything. It's cool. Carry on.
>> No. 116246

Thanks for the upload, but can anyone put this in mediafire?

It's been over a month now that Mega has let me dowload anything.
>> No. 116247

Also hey, I went back and found an (incomplete) collection of pics I had. I'll update it this weekend with the stuff on the thread and whatever else I can find.

>> No. 116256
File 138507962236.jpg - (192.47KB , 636x900 , Tom Tom S3.jpg )
And wow, OC for the first time in a long time.

I picture Tom-Tom going away and learning how to combine his firebending with his swordsmanhip, as he lacks conventional firebending training and his sword-fighting, while very good, isn't top-tier, so he uses it to give him an extra push.

He also very cheekily makes a sister-sword to the space sword to contain the heat. Afterall, they only used a BIT of that meteor.

Originally he trained in northern-mantis style swordsmanship, but he ends up training in more exotic stles and develops his own tacit, to-the-point kind of light swordsmanship. i.e. Western fencing.

Hayoda I picture having learned something like Taijiquan, Kendo and...well, a little bit of everything, plus Sokka-sword style. And fan-stuff from his mother. And chi-blocking from Ty-Lee.
>> No. 116258
Looks like the thread finally expired. Here's an archive link.

>> No. 116259
I like the contrast in the shading
>> No. 116262
Oh hey, I found my old writeup of the half-completed story I had started, about how Po the pangolin-otter had first joined the group. I think I had only ever posted it in one of these +/a/ threads so it may have been lost to the ages. Reposting it here:


OK, here's my little writeup for the Po origin story idea.

Our story starts a week or two after the start of the adventure. The kids are still on the run from their parents, but they've made enough distance between them that they can finally relax and spend a day in the Earth Kingdom coastal town of Neudai. Most of the Gaang Jr have already left the boat, leaving Tseng with a moment of personal thought as he makes sure the ship is in good shape before he disembarks.

Being raised by a Waterbender and an Airbender -- or as his sister would say in an cringingly awkward but lovable attempt at being poetic, "a son of Water and Air" -- meant Tseng knew his clouds and what they meant.

They were long and feathery, letting through enough sun that the day was bright, but not enough to make its rays beat down on the bare, dark skin of this Waterbender's back. Dimly Tseng thought that the clouds meant a storm in the future, but it wasn't enough for him to worry.

Of course, Tseng didn't really care about clouds all that much, especially on a day like this. It was just the sort of thought that would roll around in his mind, occupying his thoughts as he did what was needed to keep the ship working.

The ship (and it was only ever called "the ship"; Hayoda kept rechristening the vessel every few days with a new name, none of which seemed to fit) had an ingenious mechanical contraption at its core, in a series of polished springs and clanking pulleys traveling up the mast. With a single short yank of a rope, large sails shot open in a flash. Over the past couple weeks it had already proved its usefulness, both against their parents and other more nefarious pursuers, but the price of a quick getaway was an extra hour of climbing up and down the mast to fold the canvas sails properly, ever-roughening palms forcing the iron plating down over them, bulging arms trembling to fix an already-taut rope over a hook that was just slightly out of easy range. Tseng didn't mind being the only one who knew the knots to do it right; the extra hour of work alone gave him time to think.

Finally, satisfied with his work, Tseng quickly joins up with Hayoda and Irah.

Hayoda chose this port town to make landfall because he knew it was the closest place with a scroll-shop, and he and Tseng needed to pick up the latest issue of the Wolf-Bat-Man illustrated scroll. The stories came out every month, filled with tales of adventure and mystery (and advertisements) and Hayoda had gotten the last one back home on Kyoshi Island before the adventure started, prompt as always by messenger hawk. Tseng typically got his by actually going to a scroll store when traveling with his dad -- this one in particular, in fact, and Tseng had made a series of scroll-loving friends here during his childhood. Regardless, neither of them were about to miss the illustrated action just because they were being pursued around the world. And Hayoda drags Irah along because he's busy trying to convince the girl that these scrolls are art, and not just something for children.

Irah: The Wolf-Bat...Man?

Hayoda: Yeah!

Irah: Does he turn into a wolf-bat?

Hayoda: No, no, he's a man who jumps across the rooftops of Ba Sing Se, bringing criminals to justice.

Irah: Jumping across rooftops. So does he fly? Did he get the powers of a wolf-bat from a spirit?

Tseng: No, he's just a regular guy who trains a lot. He's not even a bender, that's why it's so interesting. He has to solve all these problems on his own.

Irah: Why would anyone choose to dress up as a wolf-bat? ... Wait, you didn't name us after this guy did you?

Hayoda: Eh?

Irah: "Iron Sea Wolves"... "Wolf-Bat-Man"...

Hayoda: ... I'm not seeing the connection.

Irah: It's just -- "wolf" --

Hayoda: What's a wolf?

Meanwhile, Yue finds herself in a store that sells all sorts of expensive animals. The owner of the shop is gruff and shoos her aside several times, but Yue barely even notices him and his two Earthbending workers, or the questionable conditions the animals are being kept in, so enraptured she is with the menagerie around her. She loses track of time as she gleefully moves from cage to cage, looking and making little replying noises at the assortment of creatures, many of which she had only seen on trips to the zoo outside Ba Sing Se, and others she had only read about.

One large cage in particular catches her eye, not just because of its exorbitant price tag but because inside is a pangolin-otter, a majestic animal she had read much about and had had a long fascination with. Reaching inside, she slowly calms the nervous beast, who seems to take kindly to her. Scratching under its chin, she remembers the list of facts about pangolin-otters in her studies, such as its sleek, dense, waterproof fur. And as she remembers a mention of pangolin-otter scales being prized as expensive ingredients for various medicines of dubious efficacy, she runs her fingers across the hard scales, dimly noting how the further back she felt, the more she noticed their irregular shape, how many of them suddenly ended with rough, straight-cut lines, and finally how some scales seemed to be completely missing, exposing skin that made the creature wince when Yue brushed against it, and when she draws her hand back there is blood on her fingertips.

A horrific realization dawning upon her, Yue spies a pair of large, sharp, iron pliers leaning against a nearby wall, and watches the pangolin-otter watching her as she slowly reaches out to them, and as her fingers touch the metal, the beast tenses and pushes itself against the back of the cage.

Yue recoils, looking at all the cages around her with a shocking soberness, and feeling the tears welling up in her eyes she runs out of the store, upset not only at the cruelty around her but also how useless she feels. What can she do? She can't buy all the creatures off him, and even if she could, it would just mean more gold in these monsters' pockets to abuse more animals, harvesting them for superstitious medicines and elixirs that probably do nothing anyway. Her brother can face down pirates and the Fire Navy and she can't do a thing and what's the entire point of her being out here away from home?

Unable to even think straight, Yue runs back to the harbor, running past Yi Lin sitting on the side of the dock, her pant legs rolled up and her bare feet hanging off the side of the dock in the water. The young Airbender has been amusing herself for the past while with one of her odd habits: placing little bits of food in between her toes and enjoying the weird yet amusing feeling from schools of hungry fish gently nibbling on her toes.

"Hey Yue! This is really fun, d'ya wanna-- Yue? Where are you going?"

But Yue doesn't even notice her cousin, and, struggling to keep her composure, hurries and shuts herself in the ship's kitchen. It's pretty obvious to Yi Lin that there's a lot on her mind, and being the concerned cousin she is, Yi Lin goes looking for Yue and eventually hears the whole story in between frustrated sobs. Yi Lin, a deeply empathic person, starts to feel that familiar feeling that so defines her: righteous indignation at some injustice that rivals the person who's telling her about it.

From the sounds on deck, Yue and Yi Lin could tell that Tseng, Hayoda, and Irah had successfully returned from their trip to the scroll shop, the boys with a shared copy of the latest Wolf-Bat-Man story and Irah with a few more mainstream titles with decent artwork. Tseng was busy profusely apologizing to Irah, who had found herself the only female customer in the shop and the subject of much unwanted and uncomfortable attention by Tseng's old childhood acquaintances, about whom Tseng felt horribly embarassed even if Irah seemed to take it in stride.

But at this point, they can hear the muffled sounds of an upset Yue and comforting Yi Lin behind the door, and end up standing somewhat awkwardly outside. What they don't hear is Yi Lin hatching a plan with Yue where, under cover of darkness, the two girls will sneak in and set the animals free.

Yi Lin: All right, we'll meet in the market and start planning this out. But we can't let the others know until after, okay?

Yue: Why?

Yi Lin: Because they'd end up trying to talk us out of it. (waving her fingers in the air in a mocking fashion) With their 'logic' and 'reason' about how this is dangerous and illegal and is going to get us all caught and it's yet another one of Yi Lin's crazy schemes and you should never follow her.

(a long silence fills the room)

Yi Lin: ...But this is something we have to do, right? (rests her hands on Yue's shoulders) This is something _you_ have to do.

Yue: Mm-hm.

Yi Lin: We've been in here a while and I bet they're worried about you. So you need to look like there's nothing wrong. Can you do that?

Yue: (wipes her eyes and takes several deep breaths, letting her pulse settle and her face retreat from its redness) I can do it.

Yi Lin: (hugs Yue tightly) 'Kay, now go out there and I'll catch up in a couple minutes. (starts grabbing tons of ingredients from the shelves)

(Yue exits the kitchen)

Tseng: (getting up, tossing aside a string he had been repeatedly knotting, obviously out of concern) Hey there, Yue, what's up?

Yue: (swallowing, trying to keep her mask of emotion on) Oh hi Tseng I'm not really doing anything right now except I was just heading back into town to wander around, nothing in particular just like before where I was wandering around and not finding or discovering anything in particular but I just wanted to wander there's nothing strange about that is there? (huge grin)

Tseng: I... guess not. (Yue turns to head out) I-- I was just wondering if you wanted to talk.

Yue: Talk? Talk about what? Not that I don't like talking, I'm not brushing you off in some sort of uncharacteristic fashion!

Tseng: Oh... I just thought you might be feeling a little upset about something.

Yue: (knowing that a simple denial would make him probe deeper) Huh? Oh, _that_. I, um, had a splinter in my hand! But Yi Lin took it out for me. Isn't she the best?

Tseng: Your hand, huh? Lemme take a look, the wound probably needs to be cleaned-- (reaching out to take Yue's hands before she suddenly slips them out of his grasp)

Yue: Ahh, no, no, it's really clean, Yi Lin did that too and besides the splinter was so small you probably couldn't even tell where it was, I know I can't! Well anyway I'm off! Bye!

Tseng is not fully convinced, and walks into the kitchen to question his sister, only to see Yi Lin mixing a large bowl of some culinary concoction, and quite obviously doing it wrong. In the ensuing sibling argument about wasting supplies and how if Tseng is such a good cook why doesn't he show how it's done, Tseng grabs the spoon and before he knows it Yi Lin has sneaked out and Tseng's been tricked into busying himself with a complicated cooking project that will keep him distracted and occupied on the ship and far away from where Yi Lin and Yue plan to be.
>> No. 116263

Hayoda: (popping into the kitchen) So, um, ... is Yue OK?

Tseng: Huh? Oh, Yue's fine (completely distracted by both his love of cooking and his job of cleaning up his sister's messes), she just had a splinter.

Hayoda: Oh, phew, I thought it was something, you know, _more_. I wonder what Yi Lin's doing, though; she seemed to scurry off in a hurry.

Tseng: (turning his head away from the cooking to look at Hayoda for the first time) Seriously?

Hayoda: What do you mean?

Tseng: My sister's out of your hair for once and you're worrying yourself about her?

Hayoda: (scratching his head) Heh, good point.

Tseng: (giving a knowing glance) Now, if I were you, I would go over and spend some time with Irah. (gesturing on deck with his head)

Hayoda: (looks blankly, then follows the gesture to Irah, hugging a bundle of scrolls to her chest and giving Hayoda a warm, smiling wave) Oh. (he says, still looking at Irah and waving back)

Tseng: (turning back to cooking) Read some scrolls together, share your interests with her...

Hayoda: (smiles) You sure know a lot about this stuff.

Tseng: What would you do without me. Now out. (pushes Hayoda out with a foot)

With the rest of the Iron Sea Wolves busy with their own affairs, Yi Lin and Yue are free to prepare for their daring animal rescue. Knowing it would be very suspicious to be recognized as having loitered around the place earlier that day, Yue thinks concealment is best, and the two of them purchase some long, tan coats that help make them more nondescript in the town's bustling streets (clothing Yi Lin would later make a habit of using to conceal herself on her various clandestine jaunts as the Masked Shipper).

However, the girls barely need to case the joint at all. Displaying an uncanny skill for memory, Yue is able to remember the layout of the building with near-photographic recall, where each of the animals are inside, and from the information that had soaked into her brain from the many books she had read, how each of them would be able to be lured out.

Yi Lin: "Your brain is creepy. Helpful... but creepy."

Finally night falls upon the town of Neudai, and Yue struggles to contain the butterflies in her stomach as she and Yi Lin glide up to the roof of the store. From the rooftop they can see the store owner and one of his guards leaving the building to, as Yue theorizes, arrange some sort of deal with untrustworthy animal poachers. With only one guard remaining, the plan is for Yi Lin to distract him and lead him on fruitless hunts around the building by hiding in the shadows and making suspicious sounds, while Yue uses her chance to free the animals.

All their plans go out the window as the shoddily-maintained terracotta tiles beneath their feat start to slip and slide off the edge of the roof, clattering and smashing loudly on the ground below. The girls can only give each other a look of shock before the weak roof gives out underneath them and they land inside the building's main office, papers flying in a chaotic pile around them. An ink-stained piece of paper sticks onto Yi Lin's face, and she flails blindly for a few moments until an unseen hand pulls it off of her.

Yi Lin: "Oh, thanks Yu-- ...Oh."

Before her stands the huge, burly guard, a scowl on his face. He crumples the paper in his fist.

Yi Lin: (readying her staff) "Yue... run!"

Yi Lin jumps back and swings out her staff, creating a swirling blizzard of papers fluttering around the room. In the commotion, Yue dives through the guard's legs and flees the office, heart pounding in her chest. Thinking fast, Yue runs down the stairs to the main level, grabbing a huge jar of powdered pangolin-otter scales she remembered seeing earlier in the day. She scrambles back into the office to see Yi Lin just barely keeping herself out of reach of the guard's massive arms. Any surprise the guard was feeling at fighting an Airbender was more than offset by his ability to keep himself so firmly rooted to the floor that Yi Lin could not affect him, especially in these close quarters.

Yue quickly climbs on top of the desk and drops the jar on the guard's head, and pieces of ceramic and powder covers their foe. He flinches from the surprise attack, stumbling, hacking, and coughing. Yue tumbles off the desk just before a summoned gust of wind sends the heavy wood flying into the guard's chest, and consequently sending both flying against a wall.

Panting heavily and coming to terms with the seriousness of what they are doing, Yi Lin and Yue grab some nearby rope and, struggling to remember their knots and wishing Tseng were there, they tie up the unconscious guard and with great difficulty push him underneath the desk, then take his keyring and lock him in the office.

The girls quickly make their way downstairs to the animal room, a long hallway lined with caged animals. Taking opposite ends of the hall, Yue uses the keyring and starts frantically opening cages left and right, while Yi Lin breaks the locks with an Airbending slice, or cupping the locks and blowing into the keyhole with Airbending to make the metal devices explode into useless fragments in her hands.

Yue finally gets to the pangolin-otter's cage, the last one, but the lock won't open. She is about to call for Yi Lin to help when a sudden bellowing shout echoes nearby: the guard had finally escaped his bonds, and upstairs the locked door smashes open. As he appears at the bottom of the stairs, they can tell that while he is shaken and lightheaded, he is still a dangerous threat.

A single stomp splits the earth down along the hallway, and Yi Lin and Yue press themselves against the walls just in time. Dozens of birds squawk and lift themselves off the ground breaking beneath them. Yue dives to the floor and grabs a small lizard falling into the fissure, and from this vantage point sees the guard charging toward Yi Lin. Mustering her strength and what little Earthbending ability she has, Yue plunges her hand deep into the crevice and shoots up a series of bumps in his path, making him lose his footing just long enough for Yue's partner to finish the job. Yi Lin runs toward the guard, uses her staff and a healthy amount of bending to vault herself into the air, then flips and slams her staff across the ground, blasting the guard down the hallway in a cloud of dust with an impressive Airbending strike.

Knowing she can't waste any more time, Yue directs Yi Lin to take a couple bags of feed and run, and after a moment's hesitation Yi Lin does so, cutting a hole in each bag and making a trail of crumbs the starving creatures ravenously follow out of the building.

Staring intently at the pangolin-otter, Yue lifts up the nearby pair of sharp pliers, and for a moment the animal recoils in fear until it sees the girl using them to grasp the heavy padlock's shackle, squeezing as hard as she can until finally the cut lock falls to the floor with a heavy thump. Throwing the tool aside, Yue watches the creature slowly take its first few steps of freedom, and giggles as the pangolin-otter licks her with his long tongue.

Seeing the seemingly unvanquishable guard start to stir, the pangolin-otter gestures for Yue to climb on its back. Yue holds onto the pangolin-otter's neck, her heart leaping in her chest as the beast runs through the town, letting out an exultant cry.

Several minutes later, and back on the ship, Hayoda, Tseng, and Irah are completely unaware of all of this -- at least until a pair of screaming cousins and a flock of squawking animals run up the gangplank to the ship. In the distance the crew can see the shopkeeper and his other Earthdending guard chasing after them at full speed, apparently having followed a large and conspicuous trail of food leading straight to the ship.

Yi Lin: Aaaahh! Tseng, start the boat, start the boat! (cuts the rope mooring the ship to the pier with an Airbending slice)

Tseng: (narrowly dodging a pair of feedbags flying past his head, then leaping back as a stream of animals stampedes onto the boat) What did you do?!

Yi Lin: (gesturing back at Yue) It was all her idea!

Yue: Hey!

Hayoda: Yue! Get away from that thing!

Yue: He's not a thing, he's a pangolin-otter and he's my friend!

Tseng: Again -- what did you do?!

Yi Lin: (kicks the gangplank into the water) Talk later!

Yi Lin quickly wrenches on one of the ropes of the ship's sail mechanism and favored getaway plan, unfurling the vessel's impressive sails without realizing that it is in fact a rather windless night. As if to drive the point home even further, the guard raises a huge boulder from the shore and fires it straight at the Iron Sea Wolves. Irah is barely able to cry out a warning before the rock smashes into the mast.

The kids and the animals duck and cover themselves. A burst of quick thinking on Tseng's part and a sphere of water suddenly surrounding the impact site prevent the explosion of metal shards and wooden splinters from turning into lethal shrapnel, but the damage has been done. The mast falls across the deck, slamming and reverberating through the hull; the ship is dead in the water.

In the chaos, the pangolin-otter dives off the ship, grabbing the rope that once held it to the pier in his teeth. Without any apparent regard for the welfare of the animals aboard, the enraged shopkeeper orders the guard to throw another boulder. Spinning through the air, it threatens to sink the ship, but the pangolin-otter is able to pull the boat further from the shore, and the stone glances against the side of the vessel.

While Tseng divides his attention between raising walls of ice to block incoming boulders and yelling at his sister for getting into this mess, the pangolin-otter heads for his attackers and once-tormenters, jumping out of the water and charging down the pier. The guard tries to use Earthbending to wall the beast in, tall earthen cubicles erupting left and right around the animal, but the pangolin-otter dodges the traps and pounces on his foes.

The shopkeeper and his guard pull themselves just out of the way of the pangolin-otter's swipes, just barely avoiding being ripped up by his sharp claws. Rearing up onto his rear limbs, the animal turns and slams his tail into his two enemies, knocking out the guard and leaving the shopkeeper extremely shaken.

Glancing back to the ship and the five stunned children on board, including his rescuer, the pangolin-otter picks up each of his defeated opponents by their clothes with his teeth, and drops them into one of the Earthbent cages on the shore before hurrying back to the vessel and towing the Iron Sea Wolves further out to sea. His former master, a non-bender, will need to wait until his assistant comes around or someone finds them before he can be freed.

One would think that after rescuing dozens of animals (which are now littering the deck, both with their presence and with their droppings, to the mild but growing annoyance of the rest of the crew), Yi Lin and Yue would call it a day. Damaging the ship and almost getting everyone killed in a harebrained scheme of animal liberation would have definitely warranted many severe tongue-lashings -- if Yi Lin had been the one doing it. As fair or unfair as it may be, Hayoda and Tseng cannot help but go easy on Yue, for both her noble intentions and her accounts of bravery and cunning during the heist itself. Yi Lin is all too happy to take advantage of the rest of the crew's leniency, and makes a personal note to involve Yue in any future ideas.

And if anything, having boulders thrown at them makes the crew more than frustrated. Yue in particular is driven with a strange compulsion to see this through to its end, and with the help of the other kids, figures out which nearby areas can safely support each kind of animals, and over the next couple weeks they release their cargo into the wild -- each time with a bit of paper attached to them saying just where these animals came from and how abusive their owner was. Yue and Yi Lin take to this part with a surprising fierceness, wanting to ensure above all else that spreading the word will ruin this abusing animal keeper's reputation to the point that very few people would want to do business with him.

As the ship's mast has been utterly smashed, the pangolin-otter, whom Yue named "Po" (波, "bō", meaning "wave" or "storm") has been happily helping to pull the ship during this time, and has proven even more effective at it than the night of his escape, after several full meals of fish and a Waterbender's healing abilities repairing the damage Po had taken during its captivity.

A few prominent nobles in a nearby city, having heard about the Iron Sea Wolves' deeds and wanting to increase their prestige by associating themselves with a popular and charitible cause, offer to adopt and properly care for some of the more exotic and foreign animals, and after a few convincing speeches by Hayoda about "donating to the cause," the kids are able to collect enough money to get the ship's mast repaired better than before.

All that really remains is Po himself. Neither Yue nor the others know where his family is, or even if he has one. As Yi Lin works on writing one last paper denouncing the abusive animal-keeper to attach to the pangolin-otter upon its release, she watches Yue and Po playing together on the waves, and she knows what is going through everyone's minds, much as Yue and her scaly-furry friend can sense from each other.

Yue: I guess... we're your family now, Po. I mean, if you want us to be--

(Po interrupts her with a quick lick to the face)

Yue: Hee! That settles that then!

Watching this scene from the ship, Yi Lin nods to herself and folds up the bit of paper she was writing, the still-wet ink smearing into a black-on-white double image. Opening it, she smiles, amused at the image the blotted ink had made.

Yi Lin: Looks like a pretty butterfly.

>> No. 116264

>Yi Lin: "Your brain is creepy. Helpful... but creepy."

Pot. Kettle.
>> No. 116267
Here's the updated image collection. Everything from the last one and whatever I could sprung up from older threads, DA and the wiki


I had set aside the rule 34 pics, but since I screwed up the links on /co/ I took it down. It can still be found on this page but if anyone needs a rar I'll put it back up
>> No. 116273

Any reasoning behind your question about a comic or a novel over on /co/, Sev?

Have the fires of ambition rekindled within ye?
>> No. 116298
The second thread died, but there was a good story there by an anon.


Let's not spam /co/ too much with this guys, it doesn't seem they're that interested and we don't want to overstay our welcome lest we gather haters.
>> No. 116305
I vote that we appeal for a place in the /co/ creations threads.

And yes, but I have exams so I'm not starting anything for a while.
>> No. 116313

Entirely unrelated, but, you're The Dai Li from deviantart, right?

What happened to your account? Do you have another, or have you moved to a different site? Are you still making art?
>> No. 116314

Rocks fell, everyone died.


Keep us posted. I'm in the mood for doing something too.
>> No. 116315

So, it's all ogre?

Or are you not you?
>> No. 116316

Oh I'm me alright.
>> No. 116317
Posting my edited story from /co/. Thanks for the feedback to all who commented.


The wall of azure fire cast a ghostly hue upon the otherwise dimly lit throne room. Azula sat behind the dancing flame, her cheek resting lightly on her fist. She glanced at the imperial firebenders that flanked her. Had their masks always been so goofily macabre? Had Fire Lord armor always been so uncomfortable? She fidgeted once more but it was no use. The leather was insufferable.

It had been over twenty years since the last time she sat on the throne. Although she doubted her own memories during that blurry period of her youth, she had been sure that the experience was supposed to be more enjoyable. It was, after all, her end goal for so many years, the only thing that kept her remotely focused while wrapped up and drugged for who knows how long. What had changed?

Even the gleaming crown, forged into the shape of a single flame, seemed gaudy as it rested atop her prematurely graying top knot. This all must have been Zuko's doing. She couldn't help blaming her brother, even as he was surely in mortal peril, his only hope a plucky band of obnoxious teenagers.

She might've worried had her niece not been among them. She had no doubt that Irah would one day become the greatest firebender in the world and was confident that her pupil could handle a task as simple as saving her parents from certain death.

And of course there was the military assistance that she ordered for them. That at least had felt natural. She smirked, amused that she was still able to command the Fire Nation navy more efficiently than her brother. Zuko really had let himself go. Regardless, she had done everything she could possibly do to help. All she could do was wait.

She looked down through the curtain of fire at Ty Lee who was resting on an ottoman that the guards had awkwardly dragged in for her. She hugged a knee to her chest and couldn't mask the look of worry on her face when their eyes met. Azula sighed, refusing offer a word or look of assurance. Ty Lee was silly to waste her energy fretting over Irah and her friends, simply because they were children. Age hadn't stopped the two of them and Mai from conquering Ba Sing Se. Still, she appreciated that her... friend... was adamant about not leaving the interim Fire Lord's side.

Ty Lee opened her mouth to talk, but the rumbling creak of the throne room's massive iron doors cut her off as they began to open. She spun around as sunlight flooded into the chamber. In its wake walked Zuko, Mai and Irah, seemingly unharmed.

"Oh my goodness! You're alive! You're okay! You're alive and okay!"

Ty Lee leapt up and sprinted to the royal family, tears of joy trailing behind her.

"I was so worried!"

Ty Lee's shrill voice echoed throughout the throne room as she tackled them in a group hug.

Azula couldn't hear the rest of the conversation once the volume got under control, but she could see that they were all smiles. However, no amount of proving that they were alive would make Ty Lee stop crying. Completely typical. One little national crisis and she was a mess.

With a wave of her hand, the wall of blue flame extinguished for what she knew would be the last time. She felt nothing.

Silently, she glided across the polished floor toward the happy reunion. She stopped just shy of the group and for a moment stood and observed. They may have been grinning like idiots (well, except for Mai) but they did look happy.

When Ty Lee finally released the trio from her grasp, Irah's face peeked around her back.

"Aunt Azula!"

Before Azula could even react, she was locked in a tight embrace by her niece.

"Thank you so much! We would have been done for if it wasn't for you! I knew you'd make a great Fire Lord!"

Irah spoke more into her aunt than at her as she buried her face into the ornate armor. For the first time since she begrudgingly took the throne at Irah's request, Azula smiled.

"Please. You're the one who did the hard work. I just yelled at a few incompetent generals. That's easy. Compared to the Fire Lord that you'll become, I couldn't even hope to compare. I have no doubt that you will bring the Fire Nation such glory that you'll put every single Fire Lord before you to shame... No offense Zuzu."

She looked up at her brother who had been watching the exchange. He still appeared tired, but more at ease than she had seen him in a long time.

"None taken. After what I've seen, I agree with you."

Were they both smiling at each other?

"It's not like you really have a choice. She did just save your life."

"Don't look too disappointed, Azula."

"Quite the contrary. If you had met your demise, who would continuously make me look better by comparison?"

Although Zuko laughed, his eyes quickly darted up to the crown and back. Azula sighed and bowed her head, reaching for the golden hair piece, musing how naked Zuko must have felt without it.

"I suppose you'll be wanting this back..."

"If you don't mind."

As soon as her fingertips touched the cold metal, she hesitated. This was it. This had been all she ever wanted for so long and she finally had it. It was her last chance.

"Actually, I do mind."

A darkness overcame her face and a vicious gleam came to her eye. Everyone else in the room looked on in horror except for Irah, who was simply confused. She had never seen her aunt in such a state.

"Aunt Azula? What's wrong?"

"Get back, Irah!"

Zuko darted in between his sister and his daughter and dropped into a firebending stance. He clearly hadn't let himself go entirely.

"Azula, what are-"

"You lost the right to rule the Fire Nation! You are unworthy of-Bahahahahahaha!"

She firmly gripped the crown and pulled it out of her hair, casually tossing it to a dumbstruck Zuko.

"You should see the look on your face, Dum-Dum."

She was still laughing as Ty Lee let out a breath of relief and joined in. After fumbling to catch the crown, even examining it to ensure its authenticity, Zuko allowed himself some levity and began to chuckle.

"You know, the whole time I was gone, I actually was expecting you to try to usurp me."

"I can't say I blame you. However, quite honestly, being Fire Lord isn't all it's cracked up to be. I think I'd die of boredom after a week. Besides, my fashion sense has evolved past tacky orange hairpieces."

"I never thought I'd see the day..."

Zuko swiftly fashioned the crown atop his head, pausing to take in the moment. He didn't hide that he was glad to be home.

"Welcome back, Fire Lord."

"Thank you, Azula, for everything. I probably wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for you, and you've done so much for Irah. I can never fully repay you, but I can end your banishment. Come home, and I'll even appoint you to any position you want: General, Admiral, Military Advisor, you name it. You've proven that you deserve it."

Gasps of surprise escaped from Mai, Irah, and especially Ty Lee. Azula, however remained unmoved.

"I appreciate the offer, but I'm afraid I must decline. I have previous engagements and simply don't have the time."

Zuko's jaw dropped.

"Previous engagements?"

Azula still enjoyed repeatedly befuddling her brother.

"As a matter of fact, yes. There's a garden that needs tending, a ponygoat that needs obliterating, a pupil who needs training, and a certain someone to whom I made the promise that I would learn how to cook."

She glanced over to Ty Lee whose eyes were once again brimming with tears. She was ridiculous, crying over the tiniest things. Still, Azula had to admit that she was particularly beautiful when she was happy. Ty Lee threw out her arms and passed Zuko to sling them around her... friend.

"I'm so proud of you."

"Don't be so melodramatic. They're just cooking lessons."


Azula's forced stern look crumbled away and she couldn't help but return Ty Lee's grin as hint of red crept to her cheeks. Zuko and Mai shared sidelong glances before the Fire Lord cleared his throat, snapping them back to the present.

"Are you sure you don't want anything?"

Azula looked between the warm faces of the people who never gave up on her, even through the many instances where they should have.  This was far better than global politics and uncomfortable regalia. How could anyone want anything else? It was in that moment that Azula realized that the only thing that had changed was her.

Azula nodded firmly to Zuko, who could still not believe the woman standing before him was his sister. Their golden eyes locked and finally, an unspoken understanding passed between them.

"Absolutely certain. I already have everything I'll ever need."

"I'm glad. Very well. Just know that you're welcome here anytime."

 "I'll keep that in mind... Thank you, Zuko."

Azula and Zuko bid farewell as siblings for the first time since either of them could remember. Perhaps it was the first time ever. Irah had volunteered to see her aunt and Ty Lee off so her parents could get some much needed rest. However, there was one last question she couldn't let go as the trio made their way down the sunlit corridor.

“Aunt Azula... I know you were joking, but what was all that with the crazy eyes and shouting back there? My dad looked like he saw a ghost!”

“He did.”

She didn't elaborate and Irah decided it was best not to press the issue. The three simply enjoyed each others' company in comfortable silence until Azula suddenly halted.

“I've had enough! How does anyone wear this?!”

With the tearing of a few leather straps, Azula's mantle, breastplate, and boots were ripped off and chucked to the side of the hallway.

“Much better. Let's go home.”
>> No. 116333

I love the way the edit flows. Great job, my friend.
>> No. 116345
Thanks! I'll remember to actually edit my stories before I post them anywhere, even if it's /co/.

I have some questions for some Gaang Jr experts for my writing purposes, if someone wouldn't mind answering.

What is everyone's canon age?
Is it canon that Tom-Tom can firebend, or was that just an idea tossed around?
Is Aang worried about his kids, or is he more or less fine with them being on adventure since you would think he could easily hop on Appa and bring them all home fairly quickly.
Is there any larger story featuring Nikiru? I've only read a collection of very short ficlets.
Is there an already chosen big bad for the "finale"?
Does Yi Lin always wear hair loopies?

I think that's it.
>> No. 116346
I'd think Aang would be fine with adventures. It ties into his free-spirit, be the leaf airbending philosophy, and it's how he turned out so well.
>> No. 116348

>What is everyone's canon age?

Hayoda - 17
Irah - 16
Yi Lin - 15
Tseng - 13
Yue - 12

>Is it canon that Tom-Tom can firebend, or was that just an idea tossed around?

He is able to firebend, but prefers the ways of the blade.

>Is Aang worried about his kids, or is he more or less fine with them being on adventure since you would think he could easily hop on Appa and bring them all home fairly quickly.

This one is left open to interpretation. I personally believe Aang has a wink-wink-nudge-nudge stance with the Kids' escapade seeing how he traveled the world as an Air Nomad and post-iceburg as the Avatar. I wrote a story that had Aang drop in on his kids to share the news that Katara is preggers with twins

>Is there any larger story featuring Nikiru? I've only read a collection of very short ficlets.

Nikiru and Jing are like the Haru and Jet of Gaang Jr. Just cool little minor characters that when they show up when the story calls for them. Nikiru has a big role in Such Wonders as the NWT liaison If you have any bigger arcs in mind for Nikiru feel free to share though!

>Is there an already chosen big bad for the "finale"?

http://gaangjr.wikia.com/wiki/Junren and http://gaangjr.wikia.com/wiki/Fenghuang

The "finale" story never got the details hammered out though.

>Does Yi Lin always wear hair loopies?

Like her mother, she lets her hair down for bed. Loopies represent.
>> No. 116351
What about Jing and Nikiru? How old are they? And is Tom-Tom like 21-23ish?
>> No. 116352

Nikiru is 14, Jing's age seems to range from mid to late teens depending how /ss/ a contributor seemed to feel at the time. Personally, I have her pegged as 17, putting her and Hayoda at similar ages for prime Yi Lin shipping bait. Jing/Hayoda is one of her OTPs.
>> No. 116353
I had pegged her at 18. A nice 5 year difference seems like just the right amount of /ss/.

I'm struggling to find a story to write that can incorporate all my favorite characters since there are so many of them. I finished In Synch the other day and Tom-Tom quickly became the character I like the most. I certainly did not see that coming.
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