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110975 No. 110975
So would you want to see a video game made based on the Pro Bending sport in The Legend of Korra?
>> No. 110976
There already is one, and it really, really, sucks.
>> No. 110977
Are you talking about the one in the 'Welcome to Republic City' game on the Nick website? The one where you just move the mouse a certain way and win? Cause yeah that is uninspired and doesn't accomplish anything.

As for OP, so long as it allowed you to interact with other cities or teams and if the bending gangs were involved. You could choose HONOR or money and help progress the games in their favor and get a cut plus other underhanded things and live to bend another day. Or go the honor route and win games that you were supposed to lose and make them angry enough to put severed heads in your bed and burn/wet/crush your toast.

If you play as someone other Create your own Character other than Korra, Mako, or Bolin perhaps go the dating sim route and have your character be able to win their heart or even your sponsor - Asami now in charge of Future Industries (if the events of Book 1 went differently and the trio was still in the game off and on) you could even go for Asami by running tests on inventions made by her working team or sabotage other up and coming companies...

Fuck it just make it like a good Elder Scrolls game and have you explore the world but not as a chosen one - you can do probending if you want to explore paths with gangs, companies, and travel for free if you didn't go the "I Helped to Save the World with the Avatar and All I Got is a Boot to the Head route and have access to sky bison, etc...

Fuck it just give me the game and I'll know what to play till I die.

But being realistic I'll settle for the OSTs, official on-model figmas, and on-model plushies.
>> No. 110978
The three video games from the Avatar series were between bad and okay.
>> No. 110979
since THQ ceased to exist the Avatar license has gone to someone else, not that anything good will come of it at this point
>> No. 110980
In terms of the actual game mechanics of pro-bending, I'd say use a model similar to a MOBA/ARTS/DOTA-clone. Top-down, a character is controlled through mouse clicks and attacks are controlled through key presses, each player controls one bender, 3 players make a team. Bending is carried out in a similar vein as Invoker from DOTA 2. Chain together Q-W-E-R-D-F buttons within a combo timer to pull off bending moves.

For example, Q-W-E would consist of 3 separate skillshot attacks by your character. The direction of your attack whether it be left, front, right, or from above would be determined by the Q-W-E-R keys. A combo like Q-W-E would 2 standard attacks from the left and front and then a charged attack from the right that prevents your character from moving or doing anything else like dodging enemy attacks. A player would have the option to just do the Q-W part of the attack and let his combo timer reset so he can follow up with an entirely different series of attacks. A combo timer would reset if a player does not use any more attacks for let's say 1.5 seconds. This allows for a more mobile, if weaker, style of attacks as they are not burdened with any sort of channels that would prevent them from moving. The trade-off is of course for "damage" as the finisher E attack would do more than the the Q-W attack would combined.

I put "damage" in quotation marks because I think that since pro-bending is not a game about killing your opponent but pushing them back then attacks should not actually hurt your enemy, but just push them back bit by bit or in huge leaps if you're using power attacks.

"Damage" could even be approached in the sense of Super Smash Bros. where consecutive attacks make a character more and more vulnerable to being knocked off. Kind of like tiring a boxer before you could knock them down or in this case knock them back. To tie to this, even the act of attacking could be part of what ups a person's vulnerability to being knocked off. Of course, at a reasonable trade-off.

For defense, the D-F buttons would be used to create defensive shields or dodge rolls or whatever. Primarily, defense would be the act of dodging through basic movement that your mouse clicks control.

Sorry if I made this too confusing, I just went off with my thoughts and didn't bother organizing them that much.
>> No. 110981
Ninja Theory presents: The Legend of Korra
>> No. 117198
Nice comments. I didn't think I was going to get an reply
>> No. 117199
Nice comments. I didn't think I was going to get an reply
>> No. 117200
Nice comments. I didn't think I was going to get an reply
>> No. 117201
Thanks for the comments.
>> No. 117202
Thanks for the comments.
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