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If you have the patience for image editors, there's GIMP

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So guys, if you've been following my sporadic posts over the last month or so (because I know you all love me so much) you'll know I finally have a job. Having already bought the things I needed urgently (clothes), I'm looking into getting a new laptop in the future. Problem is, I'm the most indecisive motherfucker in the world. So, rather than agonize over what kind to get, how much to pay, etc. I'm just gonna ask you guys. My budget's rather low (minimum wage, wooo) but I'd like something usable for gaming, if possible. Ideally it'd have a decent-sized hard drive and, after owning a laptop that heated up literally to boiling point if I did anything more strenuous than browse the Web, I want it to have a good cooling system, too. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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>Audiosurf and Ragnarok Online. Maybe TF2

I'm currently running an HP laptop I bought at my local Fry's 3 years ago for 600 bucks. It only goes for about 300 now cause of its age. Anyway this thing is able to run Half Life 1 and Portal turns on with the lowest settings but still runs like shit. I'd say just look into what Dell has and maybe see if you can stick a decent card into one of them and remain in budget.


pick one.

If you're that low on a budget build your own pc. you play stuff like that for less than 700 with monitor included.

Laptop, then. Gaming would be nice, but really, I just need something I can use to faff about on the Internet with when I'm not working.

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  Just watch. If you're that tl;dr minded, just skip to nine minutes in. It'll probably make you WANT to rewatch the whole thing.

Then lets discuss the ethical\philisophical sides of this science. What DOES it mean to 'want' something?

What was the name of that book I refused to read, again?

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Having a problem with your computer? Post here, and see if the wisdom of /tek/ can help you.

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I'll be honest, I was throwing a really wild guess out there, so I doubt you're in safe mode. Generally the screen will show 'safe mode' in each corner.

Youtube loading like molassas. Check what's up.
Notice my RAM seems awful low. available memory is disturbingly low.
Run Microsoft Security Essentials.
Java exploit found.

Feels good man.

When in doubt, format.

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I want to backup my DVD collection, but I don't want to have to pay for an expensive program that would eat into buying more discs. What is a good, reliable free/open-source program ofr DVD ripping? Or, what do you use for DVD ripping?


backup how? converting dvds to .avi, straight up keeping the entire disc contents, copying to a writable dvd?

Preferably to a disc image file, because that way you keep it in it's purest form.

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My computer is cluttered with so much junk, I don't even know where to begin to start deleting.
Are there any programs or methods to help with the process of cleanup?

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You could just.


Bad idea? Yes.

Put a list by your computer. For a month, write down every program you use/set of folders you go into (I don't mean be obsessive; if you go into your pictures folder once, write down "pictures" and then don't bother noting it again).

After a month, go through and delete everything that's not on that list.

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Imaginative troll, I give you that.

Never liked DLC. Generally if you buy DLC you just encourage shit like this to happen.

When they first start producing a chip, chip quality will vary. Some will perform well, some will perform sorta okay, and some will perform poorly. The ones that perform well are packaged as high end chips, the rest have the malfunctioning sections restricted and are sold as mid/low end chips.

After they've been making the chips for a while, they have the bugs worked out of the process and all the chips that come off the production line are high quality. Instead of discontinuing every line of chips but the highest, they keep locking off cores on functional chips and continue to sell them as low-end chips. These cards are the difference in price between the fully functional chips and the locked chips.

And there you go, that's why this happened.

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So I was talking with some people online, and I was using my logitech webcam as a mic. So I started talking and suddenly everyone was laughing, and apparently to them I sounded like Tom Nook from Animal Crossing. I tried recording myself on Audacity and I heard it too. My voice was really fast and squeaky. No clue what the hell happened, but one of the guys recorded me:

So I was wondering, does anyone on here have any clue why this was happening. Anyone have any idea?

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Most wonderful hardware/software fuckup ever.

What model is it? Have you tried updating the drivers?

Thanks for the laugh.

Holy crap..I totally forgot about that show.

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Kay so I am not a rich person and computers are expensive so I like to help other people with their builds as a form of catharsis. Let me help you, dawg. Gonna need to know your budget, intended uses, whether you will assemble or want a prebuilt, whether you plan to overclock, and any other specifics.

You can ask me about peripherals, other computer shit, and other electronics too (but other than mp3/mp4 players I don't know all that much).

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Soldering skills ; A;


Thanks. Maybe, run PC Wizard and copy/paste what's under mainboard -> physical memory -> information, please.

Whuf, never mind on the memory thing.

File: 128487252153.png-(78.03KB, 750x600, computer hobo build.png)

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Yeah an Itouch because I don't want to pay $30 extra on my cell phone bill but still could use a portable PC proxy.

So would you guys recommend it and any good aps, do I need to use the bloated and derisive Itunes to properly run the thing.

I'm curious about your opinions plus4, and thank you in advance.

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So I guess calling it a TouchPod is right out?

Just as long as you don't call it the "badtouch"


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Del'd my account and now I can't make a new one without giving them my cell number


And the new layout is completely nonfunctional

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I have no idea how to directly watch a video from my subscriptions. Clicking on a video from the subscriptions just reloads the page. You're supposed to add the videos to your queue but you cant directly access that either. You could watch some random other video and see the queue on a sidebar next to the video but thats stupid.

You used to be able to directly click on a single video but youtube wants you to take the looooong way around.

I just see who updated on my subscriptions page and go directly to the specific poster's youtube channel and open the videos from there.

Seriously Youtube, why?

Some faggot in a board meeting told them they have to keep changing in order to "remain competitive" with other media websites.

Man, what the hell. When I render a video on Vegas in 720 HD, all my cross fades look fine when I watch it back, nothing is choppy, but when I upload it to youtube, it's keeps having artificats and looking shitty and slow when there's a crossfade.

I've experimented with different frame rates and it's still the same thing, is this unavoidable or am I missing something?

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However totally awesome that is, I couldn't unsee it as a bunch of soda cans.

Needs more, WHIRRRRR WHIRRRRRRRR like BigDog to make me terrified of it think it's cool.

fuck yes spycams disguised as retarded snakes

so kawaii

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My latest obsession the Triumph Thruxton. Clip-ons were stock until the 2008 model IIRC. At any rate, it should be fitted with clip-ons. Christ that is some fast, retro-sexy motorcycle.

Post some motorcycles, /tek/.

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File: 128395363135.jpg-(432.38KB, 1600x1200, DSC00034.jpg)
she may not be a "thundering crotch rocket", but she has more than enough grunt and gets me from A to C, usually right up and over the top of B.

once i moved to the city i couldn't renew my motorbike learners permit which means its been rotting away at my parents place for years now...

File: 12839643212.jpg-(159.78KB, 500x438, Lambretta46.jpg)
toot toot i want this so bad

I want a motorbike so fucking bad.

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Hey /tek/ I'm looking for a headset.
My three main purposes for it is Console/PC online experience, Skype, and for my cell.

I wanna go with a small, slick, wireless blue tooth one, at a fair price (say, no more than ~50 bucks)

Is there anything I should know?
As far as cells go, I can use another company's bt earphones no problem, right?

What should I get /tek/?

Cells can take another BT headset easily because Bluetooth is bluetooth, doesn't change for each manufacturer.

Big, loud, and blocks out outside noise.

But wait, you want it with a console? Bluetooth that also can work on console?
Not sure, but I will post more Bluetooth.

Solar-powered, bitches.

Fancy, prime, best rating.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

While we're talking of Blue Tooth. I need a good one on the PC side though.
Should I go for external or internal?

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I've recently purchased a Jtag'd Xbox 360 and I was wondering if it was possible to play anime from the harddrive and if so how?

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Here's a list of devices you can use to jailbreak a PS3. There's a shitload of popular phones there, along with calculators (lol) and other gaming devices.

File: 128388677663.jpg-(250.23KB, 700x572, 1283880958937.jpg)
Can I have a good step-by-step guide on modding a 360?


you can mod a ps2 slim with a hairpin and some blu tak

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