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So guys, if you've been following my sporadic posts over the last month or so (because I know you all love me so much) you'll know I finally have a job. Having already bought the things I needed urgently (clothes), I'm looking into getting a new laptop in the future. Problem is, I'm the most indecisive motherfucker in the world. So, rather than agonize over what kind to get, how much to pay, etc. I'm just gonna ask you guys. My budget's rather low (minimum wage, wooo) but I'd like something usable for gaming, if possible. Ideally it'd have a decent-sized hard drive and, after owning a laptop that heated up literally to boiling point if I did anything more strenuous than browse the Web, I want it to have a good cooling system, too. Any suggestions would be welcome.

does it _have_ to be a gaming laptop? :(

Not necessarily, no. I'm not talking high end gaming, I'm talking stuff like Audiosurf and Ragnarok Online. Maybe TF2, I've been wanting to play that for a while.

Oh, and also, I'm looking to get a wireless router. Any ideas for a decent one? Because last time I bought one I spent $50 on it and it died a month later.


Honestly? Alienware is still the good high-end standby for game-specific laptops.

That's, um.... a little out of my price range for now. How about we drop the gaming bit and just focus on good general use laptops?

>Audiosurf and Ragnarok Online. Maybe TF2

I'm currently running an HP laptop I bought at my local Fry's 3 years ago for 600 bucks. It only goes for about 300 now cause of its age. Anyway this thing is able to run Half Life 1 and Portal turns on with the lowest settings but still runs like shit. I'd say just look into what Dell has and maybe see if you can stick a decent card into one of them and remain in budget.


pick one.

If you're that low on a budget build your own pc. you play stuff like that for less than 700 with monitor included.

Laptop, then. Gaming would be nice, but really, I just need something I can use to faff about on the Internet with when I'm not working.

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