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Help us come up with a board title (or just DIY works) and summary of purpose.

What should this board have? What shouldn't it?
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>> No. 10402
A thread for crowdfunding projects, so we can just sit and shill, maybe get some traffic if we don't have many friends or relatives to fund our projects.

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technology, SCIENCE, computer woes
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>> No. 10547
Have you tried using the regular Disc Cleanup tool? Could just be a lot of cached files or something.

Do you happen to use torrents and your torrent program subscribes to something?

And there are always virii.
>> No. 10548
Also: I have three hard drives. Right now my BIOS is configured to IDE, but I might have to wipe my Win 7 installation and re-install, so when I do I'd like to switch to AHCI. I know that my board won't be able to read the MBR of the main drive when I do it, which is fine when I reinstall Windows, but if I disconnect my secondary drives, wipe and re-install the main drive, will I then be able to just plug in the secondary drives and go on? Or will they have to be formatted to work with AHCI as well?
>> No. 10549
I don't use torrents. And now the amount of filled space is going down for reasons beyond my comprehension.

File 137486751544.jpg - (8.09KB , 274x184 , Cranberry.jpg )
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...And it must satisfy the following requirements:

1: It must be fudgy. Really fudgy.

2: It must be made with fresh cranberries

3: It must not use Brownie mix. Anyone who proposes using that will be hunted down and defenestrated.
>> No. 10504
Couldn't you make a fudge instead?
>> No. 10560
1. Find brownie recipe that matches the criteria for fudgy.
2. Add cranberries.
3. Carry on with your baking.

File 140116180214.jpg - (46.82KB , 1000x602 , LazeeEye_hashslush_cover.jpg )
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Hey /diy/, there're any DIY/Opensource solution to build a 3D camera on the principle of the Kinect/PrimeSense? Basically you shoot an infrared pattern, a camera calculate the pattern distortion and create the 3D data in real time, you can 3D scan complex models with it: http://youtu.be/zzb_RQWrt6I
Apple bought PrimeSense (big producer of 3D sensors), blocked sales, pulled down OpenNI website, stopped the development of open source solutions, I hate to be forced to depend on the whims of greedy companies.
So, after long research, the closest I've found is this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/332648737/lazeeeye-turn-your-smartphone-into-a-3d-camera
If it will be funded, developer edition provides full source code/CAD files/B.O.M., IMO that would help understand what's behind it and develop a new 100% open solution, it's literally a low-cost alternative to Project Tango, you can DIY it for 50$ and don't need to buy a specific smartphone model just for having a 3D camera, it's adaptable to all Android and iOS smartphones, it support Raspberry Pi and have ROS drivers to make it work with Robot Operating System middlewares! I really love the idea of using this for SLAM Augmented Reality (and finally live with my waifu :3 : http://youtu.be/9jpWiTVR0GA ), 3D scans look pretty good for such small device: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/332648737/lazeeeye-turn-your-smartphone-into-a-3d-camera/posts/830400
However, if this continues like this I'm afraid they won't make it with the funds, honestly this leave me disappointed, because commercial solutions like the Structure Sensor by Occipital has reached over 1M$ and it's not DIY, no Android support, expensive and resolution doesn't seem better.
So, it's not my intention to spam, but I think this would greatly benefit the DIY/Opensource community, I always wanted
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File 134289670981.png - (142.87KB , 245x309 , bsfdhjsdfjfd.png )
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Posting in a new board because I can.

Also if I wanted to get a laptop for gaming which should I go for.
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>> No. 10173
File 134344697712.png - (226.34KB , 302x449 , Help me with this one fag.png )
See, I went and did my Newegg searching back in like 09.
I'm choosing between
Which is a little cheaper but not as good, and
Which is like twice the price but really good.
>> No. 10174
I'd go for the cheaper one tbh.
>> No. 10189
2nding cheaper one. You'd be paying for about twice the memory in the expensive 1 and a same generation slightly better graphics card, same with the chip. Not really worth the price, imo. The extra power is only worth so much and the next jump in hardware you'd have would probably make the difference rather nil. Most of what you're shelling out there extra for is the RAM in any case, seems like (16gb to the Acer's 8gb).

Branding and such can be a little difficult because machines can vary wildly from one model to the next. For what it's worth, my Acer Aspire One Netbook is a solid little trooper. Can't speak to an Aspire V3 but you've got 1 vote for the company.

File 139562050911.png - (93.91KB , 345x445 , tumblr_n2r0mbheU51tq01kfo1_r2_400.png )
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So, two thousand dollars, what's the best PC I can get?
>> No. 10553
File 139562138723.png - (108.40KB , 348x485 , tumblr_n2r0mbheU51tq01kfo2_r1_400.png )
I'm just looking for something I can get 5-7 years of gaming in on.

Thus far I've been told Alienware Aurora and I've got a couple months to figure this out provided my baby stays with me.
>> No. 10555
Not sure, but for a while I've been putting off getting parts for a computer, and in fact would have ordered them today if I didn't let myself get distracted. Figure I'd use logical Increments to see what kind of price to expect for each part, then PC Part Picker to see what else costs around that much and see what I'd like more. Going for around $800, but I don't usually go for particularly grpahics-intense games anyway. Would probably stick with the graphics card I have too, if its vram wasn't sub-gigabyte. In summary: >buying prebuilt

File 134292189910.png - (475.85KB , 640x480 , 1341369985412.png )
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Recipies and Cooking Tips

Because if you can't cook you can't Live
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>> No. 10503
So, I have a peppermint plant and it's growing rather well. Any ideas on what I could do with the leaves other than putting them in tea?
>> No. 10551
Oils can be used for cooking those can be extracted by cooking the leaves in stuff
>> No. 10554
Cool, I'll have to try that. Ended up drying a bunch last year, then forgetting about it in the garage. Would probably be better to dry it in the house, since if it's right next tot he kitchen I might actually use it.

File 136034386918.jpg - (706.71KB , 1300x873 , DOSH.jpg )
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[OP image by Dust-Bite.]

Got a project you're working on, or want to see funded? Post it here!

http://www.indiegogo.com/veer-nyc I like this project quite a bit-- it's a plan for two women to make a store for more androgynous clothing for women that isn't just "menswear, but refitted for women". They're only asking for $10k, and they have $3k right now.
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>> No. 10526
Not much time left
>> No. 10538
If you're interested in Reactos, a legal reverse-engineering of Windows, you might want to look into this. Just so you know, last time I checked it seemed to focus is more on running simple applications useful to business than on home use. Also pretty unstable, since the developers quite sensibly put getting things done right before getting a large audience for an alpha product.
Main ReactOS website: http://reactos.com/
>> No. 10550
Looks like it could be a good series of science toys.

File 138878505186.jpg - (81.24KB , 1000x806 , 001-laptops.jpg )
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Ok I had this old Dell for about close to 9 years and after slowly falling apart I think it's about time to find another one. I would like to find something different than Dell, because most of the products cause me nothing but grief. Like one of the hinges on the laptop became immobile after 2 years and I haven't been able to close it since. I was thinking about getting an HP, but they don't support Windows 7 anymore and I haven't heard great things about Windows 8.

So do you guys have any ideas about what brand to go for? I'm looking for something basic and simple to use with more memory and storage space than my old one.

Thanks for your time.

File 135373734564.png - (28.85KB , 256x192 , Kirby_and_Cake.png )
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Wondering if it's possible I'm allergic to popcorn-- specifically, theatre popcorn. Any other type of corn or popcorn doesn't bother me, but whenever I come home from the movies after eating popcorn, I have a raging headache.

I'm thinking of cutting out a lot of food recently, to be honest. I can't eat a lot of things because it goes through me like water, and I'm sick of feeling like shit.
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>> No. 10514
Join me in the Linux Mint masterrace, Tiki.
>> No. 10519
Nevermind that, by sheer luck checked some of the compliments and now it runs even better than before. The shockwave director was the culprit supposedly.
>> No. 10520
Surprising no one 8.1 continues to be huge, massive pounds of dogshit.


File 138200090376.png - (1.09MB , 560x780 , cereal_boxes.png )
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Random thread time. What's up with with so many cereal mascots and stealing cereal/having their cereal stolen? Does anyone even remember that Cookie Crisp used to have a cookie cop, crook and dog before the dog was turned into a wolf and became the only mascot? Did anyone else vote for the Trix rabbit to finally get to have a bowl of his own cereal? Then there's the Hamburglar, a rare case of a crook wanting fast food instead of cereal.

Were the companies trying to imply their food was so good, it was worth stealing? Or is it just a marketing gimmick that caught on, so everyone else jumped on the bandwagon? Is it just completely random? Does this happen in other countries or is it only an American thing? This is something I've wondered about since I was a kid.
>> No. 10517
Were the companies trying to imply their food was so good, it was worth stealing?
I'd presume it at least started like that.
Looking up Cookie Crisp, it apparently started out with a wizard who turned bowls into cookie jars, and Chip was added added around the time Ralston Purina spun it off. Also, apparently Nestle sells some cereals outside the US, but I'm pretty sure that within it, it's mostly just General Mills and Post. Not really enough participants for bandwagonging to be a thing, but they did probably just go with whatever trend seemed to work.
>> No. 10518
>Were the companies trying to imply their food was so good, it was worth stealing?
I'd presume it at least started like that.
Looking up Cookie Crisp, it apparently started out with a wizard who turned bowls into cookie jars, and Chip was added added around the time Ralston Purina spun it off. Also, apparently Nestle sells some cereals outside the US, but I'm pretty sure that within it, it's mostly just General Mills and Post. Not really enough participants for bandwagonging to be a thing, but they did probably just go with whatever trend seemed to work.

File 134309080011.jpg - (42.37KB , 800x186 , 800px-M1903Mannlicher.jpg )
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>> No. 10508
File 137864691638.jpg - (17.68KB , 489x290 , Gerasimenko_VAG-73.jpg )
I never come across a gun more difficult to obtain that works so well.

There is absolute zero recoil here.
>> No. 10509
What does the side switch do?
>> No. 10510

File 136951743623.jpg - (384.64KB , 1551x1141 , john-berkey-spaceship-illustration-09.jpg )
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OK, we all know how to connect your PC to your TV and show what's on it.

But how do you do it in reverse?

Specifically, how to make normal TV channels appear on my computer screen, and watch them whenever I want like youtube videos.
>> No. 10491
I think you need a Tuner card for that
>> No. 10493
Essentially. And I'm not sure if there's anything like TiVO for this, mostly it's just accepting a coaxial cable feed or similar and recording it then manually cutting it. You won't lose commercials or anything without actual work.

There are capture boxes but they suffer from the same problem.
>> No. 10498
There are programs that treat your TV *like* a TiVO, as long as you've got a Tuner card set up. I think DScaler might've had that functionality, but I can't swear to it--it might've just been for watching and recording Live, not for scheduling recordings.

File 136370200251.jpg - (26.46KB , 400x280 , antivirus.jpg )
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Ok, avast is kind of betraying me (probably by a mistake from me) and would like to hear nice and free alternatives on antivirus.
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>> No. 10492
File 137170572910.png - (160.11KB , 231x257 , jOvAKq7.png )
How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirusyoutube thumb

guys this is amazing
>> No. 10496
I Swear by Avast for general use (the free version is quite good) and I keep Malwarebytes and various Kaspersky tools around to wade in when that can't cut the mustard.
>> No. 10497
Avast is kinda pushy these days with their paid stuff. They're way more reasonable than other free software with paid versions but I know that bugs some people, as an acquaintance of mine was vehement on reminding me.

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