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10429 No. 10429
Ok, avast is kind of betraying me (probably by a mistake from me) and would like to hear nice and free alternatives on antivirus.
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>> No. 10430
I use Microsoft Security Essential for regular use and when I have reason to suspect I have something it can't get rid of I use Combofix, Roguekiller, and Malwarebytes.

Also, TDSSkiller, of course specifically for TDSS, although it doesn't update frequently enough to always work.
>> No. 10431
NOD32 is pretty much the best you can get as far as a general antivirus goes, but you'll uh, have to go through some other means if you want "free."
>> No. 10442
A little late but these are basically good. you want 1 frontline always on AV, and stuff like Combofix, Roguekiller and Malwarebytes when you actually get infected.

Frontline AV use changes by the month but I generally recommend MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) as it's free and integrates quite nicely with windows. For paid options, NOD32 is incredibly good, if a little invasive (may cause some issues when installing certain games). Norton is still listed as one of the top performers but I haven't been that enamored of its' UI design and options in dealing with infected files as of late.

Also, Adblock and Noscript are very good ideas on whatever browser you're running, and try not to open too many attachments from weird people you don't know.
>> No. 10465
I use Combofix, Malwarebytes, Dr. Web CureIt, TDSSkiller, and the like when I'm infected or want to check, but I need a new, good free antivirus program. I was using Kaspersky, which I really enjoyed, but, uh, I couldn't keep it. I used a trial version of ESET and it was okay, although it didn't really have an option to remove it afterward, and using an uninstaller I downloaded online fucked up my computer bad. After that disaster, I'm now using Avira, and not sure yet if it's any good or not. I was going to use Avast, but I kept getting a BSOD every time I tried to install the fucker.

Any advice/opinions?
>> No. 10477
I went through several antivirus's before settling on Microsoft Security Essentials.

It's free, small, fast, easy to use and it catches anything and everything thanks to Microsoft's virus database. Doesn't bother you about updates or throw ads at you, or keep features away from you for a premium edition.

It's what /g/ recommends, so there's that too.
>> No. 10479
Agreed. I used AntiVir for a long time, but as a "power user" MSE works great.

Regular users might want/need something more in their face, like Avira, AVG, or Kaspersky. But never Norton or McAfee, those are just overpriced piles of shit.
>> No. 10492
File 137170572910.png - (160.11KB , 231x257 , jOvAKq7.png )
How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirusyoutube thumb

guys this is amazing
>> No. 10496
I Swear by Avast for general use (the free version is quite good) and I keep Malwarebytes and various Kaspersky tools around to wade in when that can't cut the mustard.
>> No. 10497
Avast is kinda pushy these days with their paid stuff. They're way more reasonable than other free software with paid versions but I know that bugs some people, as an acquaintance of mine was vehement on reminding me.

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