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10140 No. 10140
Recipies and Cooking Tips

Because if you can't cook you can't Live
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>> No. 10141
how2make eggs
1-100 eggs

crack open eggs into bowl of appropriate size
heat skillet
grease skillet (preferably butter)
dicide how you want your eggs cooked
you picked scrambled
mix eggs in bowl until they are yellow all the way through
add egg mix to heated pan
take spatula or wooden spoon and slowly move eggs in the heated pan.
once eggs become firm the are ready to eat.
remove eggs from heated skillet
move to clean plate or bowl
proceed to eat

>> No. 10160
File 134325107269.jpg - (84.85KB , 520x347 , beef-kebabs-a1.jpg )
>The last thing you had for the first time
The other day I made beef kebabs and they were really good, like a nice combination of sweet and spicy and savory. Why haven't I had these beforeeee
>> No. 10188
There's a recipe on no-kneading bread on the old board. I was going to try it, but it specifies self-raising flour and I haven't found any. Will regular flour work?
>> No. 10190
you can jury rig self-rising flour, but it doesn't work quite as well, and i'm too fucking tired to remember how anyway.
it's common stuff tbh dude, where do you live?
>> No. 10192
Yo, if any of you Otakon jerks were curious, these were the cookies handed out:

>> No. 10252
I made meatballs a few weeks ago, they were delicious.
- Meatball recipe
>Package ground sirloin
>4 Mild Italian sausages, casings removed
>1 minced/grated clove garlic
>3-4 tbsp chopped parsley
>2 tbsp basil
>Pinch of salt and pepper
>Dash of Worcestershire sauce
>1 egg
>1 cup panko breadcrumbs
>Mix all that shit together be it with your hands or the lazy way with a food processor
>Pan sear on medium-high heat with a bit of oil
- The sauce
>1 can diced tomatoes
>Pinch of salt and pepper
>Diced half onion
>Red or white wine, eyeball it
>Pinch of sugar to balance out the wine if you think you added too much
>1 tsp oregano
>1 tsp basil
>Immersion blend that bitch and let simmer while the balls finish
- Final product
>Drain grease from your balls
>Pour sauce into the pan and toss together
>Replace the lid and let simmer for a bit longer
They make for amazing subs, I recommend wheat rolls and fresh sliced mozzarella.
>> No. 10253
Any advice on what to check out if you're new to alcohol? Here's what I've had so far:

-Sangria (alright)
-Blueberry mojito (REALLY good, but more than a shot or so of rum and it's too much)

My tolerance isn't too good right now, and I want to avoid anything with hot sauce, because I had a really bad acid reflux reaction to spicy food awhile back, and I don't want to risk it again. Anon is babby, sorry.
>> No. 10501
This is such a simple food thing, but I might as well post it just to get this thread going again: Bananas fit very well on hot dog buns, so if you have excess of the latter you can use them for peanut butter banana sandwiches easily.
Also, I apparently don't have as many uses for mint leaves as I thought I would?
>> No. 10503
So, I have a peppermint plant and it's growing rather well. Any ideas on what I could do with the leaves other than putting them in tea?
>> No. 10551
Oils can be used for cooking those can be extracted by cooking the leaves in stuff
>> No. 10554
Cool, I'll have to try that. Ended up drying a bunch last year, then forgetting about it in the garage. Would probably be better to dry it in the house, since if it's right next tot he kitchen I might actually use it.

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