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File 134309080011.jpg - (42.37KB , 800x186 , 800px-M1903Mannlicher.jpg )
10153 No. 10153
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>> No. 10167
I'd post but I only like guns, I don't actually own any.
>> No. 10175
Cousins always bring over some venison sometime after they go hunting usually in September or for Thanksgiving its usually pretty good. Anyone ever made "natural casing" sausage? Saw it on History Channel a while back.
>> No. 10212
In my 18th birthday, my gramps gave me an brand new AR15.

I've spent a susbtantial amount of cash and time making it as tacticool as an AR15 can be, buying it a shitton of stupid crap like a bipod and custom receivers with engraved shit and whatnot. I don't even know why I do this, I don't hunt and certainly would not go hunting carrying that stupid looking thing. I guess I just love torturing the poor thing.

Wish i could post a pic, but the poor rifle is several hundred miles from where I am.
>> No. 10213
I'm planning on becoming a video game concept artist. How much should I know about firearms irl beforehand?
>> No. 10214
Is it possible to ring in some experts?
>> No. 10216
an introduction to basic firearm anatomy and safe operation would be in order. Trigger discipline, differences between magazines and clips, the difference between full-auto, semi-auto, and single shot, as well as proper grip positions and what makes a weapon a "bullpup" would cover most of what you need to know. Hyper-realism isn't really necessary; in most games all you really encounter is pseudo-realism anyway. VG weapons don't jam, they don't break, they tend to always hit the same spot regardless of use, age, or rust, and they don't require any kind of maintenance. You really only need the most superficial of things to design and implement guns in a game. Doing otherwise can lead to obsessively complex games, see the ARMA games.
>> No. 10222
im Australian and what is this
>> No. 10231
File 134536964221.gif - (1.49MB , 563x373 , trigger-discipline-poster.gif )
Giving the fact that many Amhurricans are gun nuts and have fired a gun at least once in their lives...
Why do most movies forget trigger discipline?
>> No. 10232
...because not everyone is trained in proper gun handling procedures? Seriously, why wasn't the safety on?
>> No. 10235
You'd think that the company providing the replicas would at least be kind enough to mention this to the directors. It even happens in big budget hollywood movies
>> No. 10243
Well in that particular movie, the script called for Vincent to be kinda dumb and for Marvin to get shot in the face so they could have the Bonnie Situation vignette. Gun safety would not fit the needs of the story.
>> No. 10246
I was trying to get gun bluing to rustproof my tools but gunsmiths in my city said it's been hard to get a hold of lately? Why are you hoarding the gun blue, America? Do you plan to slowly own all the guns by letting everyone else's rust away over a century or two?
>> No. 10248
I used to be a bigger gun nut, but not so much anymore. Still, I have the collection.

-Mosin Nagant M91/30
-Taurus Raging Bull Model 444
Firearms I got from my uncle's estate
-Smith & Wesson 586
-Colt M1911A1 (unsure of year
-Luger P08

The latter two I never fire and possibly never will. They were the crowning jewels in my uncle's collection and I don't intend to muck 'em up through use. Display case for them.
>> No. 10266
Does anyone know the drag coefficient for some of the lead balls they used around 1600? Probably around 12mm diameter. I'm doing some planning for a game, and want to have some idea of how much their velocity falls off going through air.
>> No. 10267
Uh, don't know that, but do you know their maximum effective range? Usually beyond that range is when they start to fall off.
>> No. 10270
File 134774246539.png - (18.65KB , 499x583 , Muzzle falloff.png )
Effective range can meant a lot of things. More importantly, I need something that will make penetration through plate armor only likely at relatively close ranges.

I think I'll just try the "rough sphere" number (.48) as a high mark and go down from there.

Here's the results using that for a 1600s musket (on the high end or slightly beyond the game's firearm power scale) that's roughly .50 caliber musket and has a 438 m/s muzzle velocity. The first one is for velocity (m/s) over distance (m), the second is for kinetic energy (J) over distance (m), which is what I'm using for base damage (as in before subtracting protection from armor).

This assumes sea level air density (1.23kg/m^3) and .48 drag coefficient. I'm also using straight line distance, because calculating exact arc length would make thing ridiculously more complicated (maybe I'll multiply all distance by some number to approximate it).
>> No. 10399
Are there really people who can't tell real guns from NERF guns?

I went to a con a little while back, and there was a guy in a Warhammer cosplay with a very obviously prop gun, with the little rubber nub on the end and a ribbon on it indicating he promised not to hurt anyone with it, and he was eating lunch outside the con to save money. The woman next to him shot him an incredibly dirty look like he was some kind of psychopath.
>> No. 10400
Was the woman attending the convention or some passerby on the streets?
>> No. 10401
They were both outside the con eating lunch at separate tables. She wasn't an attendee, I don't think she had any idea what was going on.
>> No. 10405
there are just some poeple that hink anything with a trigger is meant to kill babies and theres nothing you can do to avoid that
>> No. 10408
It's a shame. I don't assume someone owning a NERF or paintball gun automatically means they own a real gun, or that it makes any statement on how they feel about real guns, but I guess that's part of growing up with my generation and seeing a ton of commercials for foam dart guns and squirt guns and stuff.
>> No. 10409
If you dress up for a con, especially in Warhammer, you're gonna get looks from non-con goers, guns or no.
>> No. 10413
I just don't understand why people get treated like freaks as a result. Sure, it's weird and unexpected to a non-geek, and even as a person who's cosplayed in the past, I sure as hell don't know a good 50% of what I see people cosplaying as, but I respect the time and energy that goes into making a costume regardless.
>> No. 10414
I just don't understand why people get treated like freaks as a result. Sure, it's weird and unexpected to a non-geek, and even as a person who's cosplayed in the past, I sure as hell don't know a good 50% of what I see people cosplaying as, but I respect the time and energy that goes into making a costume regardless.
>> No. 10508
File 137864691638.jpg - (17.68KB , 489x290 , Gerasimenko_VAG-73.jpg )
I never come across a gun more difficult to obtain that works so well.

There is absolute zero recoil here.
>> No. 10509
What does the side switch do?
>> No. 10510

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