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10137 No. 10137
Posting in a new board because I can.

Also if I wanted to get a laptop for gaming which should I go for.
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>> No. 10138
One with a video card.

Seriously, check the specs. It's not exactly recommended but if you can find one with a solid graphics card then you're set. I'd shy away from AMD's new integrated gpu/cpu units for a year or so. Bleeding edge tech is never hassle-free for non-savvy users, and it looks like there are still some bugs to iron out in the Bulldozer designs.

But you should be able to find one. It might be a little more expensive than normal, say 1000-1500 USD, but it's doable. I don't have a specific req because I haven't been looking myself, but just make sure there's a graphics card that isn't "onboard graphics" and you should be good.
>> No. 10146
You should really start by asking why a laptop is necessary. And decent gaming laptop is going to run you far more $$$ than an equivalent desktop.

If you need something portable, you'd get more bang for your buck and pay only a little more by rolling your own gaming PC and buying a netbook/tablet for portable (non-gaming) computing.
>> No. 10147
A fair point. It is definitely possible to get a gaming laptop, but they are going to pale in comparison to a desktop. Some people don't really want a lot of machines, though. It's your call, really, but you will end up paying more for a gaming laptop and it won't be as upgradable as a desktop.
>> No. 10149
File 134299319438.png - (145.83KB , 209x339 , rtfhjtrdshjtrs.png )
My situation necessitates me not being in a solid location at any given moment. Long story. The gist of it is that if I got a desktop I'd be nowhere near it %90 of the time and it would probably never have internet (So no steam, and no $1000 in video games). Believe me, I know desktops are alot cheaper. I've bought 3 laptops so far and they've eaten through my paychecks like a sweet 16 with daddy's credit card. They're not even any good.

I knew a guy who had an M11x and that thing ran really well, but god damn that pricetag (I giggle inside knowing it's still cheaper than a mac). I need some manufacturers that don't overprice shit and make decent rigs, or just specific laptops from newegg or something. I hear ACER is alright for that.
>> No. 10162
File 134328870272.png - (297.83KB , 1253x661 , Newegg.png )
Alright check this out.

Click through this panel a few times, selecting "Laptops and Notebooks".
>> No. 10163
File 134329033256.png - (225.75KB , 1240x696 , Newegg2.png )
The thing is, you often know more about what you want to spend, how big you want the screen, etc. It's hard to find good consistent reviews on random items, let alone just asking a random forum.

These slider bars can be used to narrow the search results, allowing you to adjust to your preferred specifications. I wouldn't touch the CPU speed or the hard drive one but the screen size and price are important here if that's what you need to consider. Just bouncing around, a fair amount of the newegg gaming laptops are in the 900-1000 dollar mark.
>> No. 10164
File 134329150329.png - (252.64KB , 1239x693 , Newegg3.png )
Even further down are drop menus that allow you to further restrict results. There are more options here, but you want to find the "graphic type" option and select "dedicated card". And actually, looking at this, most of these lowball at like 800 but can go up to 1500, depending on the specs.

Currently, I'd stick with an i5 processor at least. Use the "compare" checkboxes next to the computers to select up to 5 machines (they will appear near the top of the product area in a series of boxes next to a button that says compare). I believe most Intel processors come with NVIDIA cards, I'm not exactly as up on graphical card performance as I should be. Something to consider getting though is an additionally usb cooling pad for lap use if you want it. This thing will run hot when it gets going.
>> No. 10165
>This thing will run hot when it gets going.
And that's not just bad because it'll torch your crotch/desk, it's bad because hot computer parts perform very noticeably worse than when they're cold. Desktops don't have to worry quite as much about that because they're huge, which means they have air to breathe, and a few fans to keep a steady stream of cool air coming in while pushing hot air out. Laptops, on the other hand, have everything crammed into a tiny space with tiny fans and get much hotter, much quicker.
If you've just got to game on a laptop, invest in a laptop cooler.
>> No. 10173
File 134344697712.png - (226.34KB , 302x449 , Help me with this one fag.png )
See, I went and did my Newegg searching back in like 09.
I'm choosing between
Which is a little cheaper but not as good, and
Which is like twice the price but really good.
>> No. 10174
I'd go for the cheaper one tbh.
>> No. 10189
2nding cheaper one. You'd be paying for about twice the memory in the expensive 1 and a same generation slightly better graphics card, same with the chip. Not really worth the price, imo. The extra power is only worth so much and the next jump in hardware you'd have would probably make the difference rather nil. Most of what you're shelling out there extra for is the RAM in any case, seems like (16gb to the Acer's 8gb).

Branding and such can be a little difficult because machines can vary wildly from one model to the next. For what it's worth, my Acer Aspire One Netbook is a solid little trooper. Can't speak to an Aspire V3 but you've got 1 vote for the company.

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