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10478 No. 10478
OK, we all know how to connect your PC to your TV and show what's on it.

But how do you do it in reverse?

Specifically, how to make normal TV channels appear on my computer screen, and watch them whenever I want like youtube videos.
>> No. 10491
I think you need a Tuner card for that
>> No. 10493
Essentially. And I'm not sure if there's anything like TiVO for this, mostly it's just accepting a coaxial cable feed or similar and recording it then manually cutting it. You won't lose commercials or anything without actual work.

There are capture boxes but they suffer from the same problem.
>> No. 10498
There are programs that treat your TV *like* a TiVO, as long as you've got a Tuner card set up. I think DScaler might've had that functionality, but I can't swear to it--it might've just been for watching and recording Live, not for scheduling recordings.

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