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File: 128403850967.png-(449.50KB, 1792x1300, FriezasFinalForm.png)
49258 No.49258
ITT: Bleach is bad and we should feel bad for reading it 10 years in a row.

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File: 128403870421.jpg-(116.29KB, 640x480, Sipping_coffee_Aizen.jpg)
Eh. It's not like we pay anyone for it.

Oh geez, is that what's left of his face hanging off the side of his cheeks?

What are you talking about Anon I don't HOLY SHIT

File: 128404195693.jpg-(366.70KB, 1303x1837, DEM WASTED PANELS.jpg)
You know I can't help but notice how many panels Kubo wastes.


File: 128404325765.png-(301.60KB, 911x1300, skin.png)
Wow, and I thought the wing eyes were creepy.

Wait, how many eyes does that mean he has?


File: 128404981269.png-(25.18KB, 334x287, holy crap awesome.png)


It's like Kubo is saying to himself, "Hey, how can I make this character design even worse?" ever couple weeks.

I think this works better if we just consider it an out-and-out monster design.


I'll take Cthulu-nightmare-monster over Azien-butterfly any day.

I still say he looks like a Spawn villain.


Yeah but when your villain just turns into a monster outright, you might as well skip any pretenses and just say, "Yeah, the good guy wins. The End. See you guys in a couple weeks, when the new arc starts."

That way everyone can take some nice time off from the series. Hopefully Kubo won't drag this out beyond another chapter or two.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG past any pretenses of being anything but a fucking monster, he just happened to be pretty. now his outside matches his inside.

Besides, better than some half assed "I'M EVIL CUZ PEOPLE WERE MEAN TO ME, FEEL BAD FOR ME!"


But in video games when a boss goes full out monster the game is over, you know there's nothing left. Like I said, hopefully Ichigo just pulls off his new super move and that's the end of it, no need to drag this out.

Well, that was sort of obvious by the first transformation like 20 chapters ago. At least this one is cool/intimidating looking.


It's his obvious final form, if you count every form change as part of this boss fight it's been going on forever.

Drake, did you really think that the good guy wasn't going to win in a WSJ action series?


No, I just thought Kubo would skip another form change and Ichigo would've just killed him by now but no, that'd be to simple.

File: 128406977766.png-(107.94KB, 871x838, 1284059632343.png)
Bleach, Dante vs Venom


You bastard, I was going to post that. It's such a meta shoop too.

>It's his obvious final form
Actually, as much as I wish it was, Bleach has mostly followed the Bishonen Line; the bad guy who changes get more horrific but then more humanoid, or the most powerful ones among monsters are humanoid.

Look at the regular hollows, then the Menos, then the Adjuchas, and how Vasto Lordes have been described.

Hell, look at the Arrancar and Espada releases: as they go up in rank you go: Cthulhu, squidman, an man in a giant pumpkin eyeball covered in eyeballs, a manther, Shiva, bat-winged humanoid, a woman wearing a battle bikini with a water cannon attached to her arm, a skeleton, and a guy with an eyepatch, a pair of guns, and fur on his clothes.

Yammy's release is really the only thing that goes against this.

You can even look at Ichigo's hollow form: the first time he went Hollow it looked like a salamander man, but his stronger form was a dude with ram horns and exposed teeth.

>Aizen isn't pretty any more

Welp, I'm done! Enjoy reading the rest of Bleach, guys!

Someone needs to draw Dante Fucking up BLEACH and showing everyone how to kill a boss in like than an a minute and being an ass about it....and finish the series in less time XD Dante would fuck shit up

Also...I hope the rumors about a new arc is wrong...because I want this to just end....

You really think that's his final form?
This is not the final fight.
There's too much plotTWIST left to reveal.
AizenKubo Tite cares too much about elegance to end it like this.

Every day is Keikaku Doori Day.

well, then someone call me when he gets pretty again. Until then, I'm gonna go lust after Crocodile or Adachi or Xanxus or some other horrible unattainable villain character.

File: 128408976940.png-(415.31KB, 986x715, Aizens_Handsome_Evolution.png)

Is this better?

Aizen, you.. you.. TRIPLE HOLLOW

I honestly would not be surprised if this shit went on for another 3 or 4 months at this point, easy.

saved for later trolling



No, you shut up, this is it, no more, end, over, done! No more Aizen bullshittery!


What's sad is that the eyes fit where they would be staring down which is the only look Aizen ever gives anyway.


It's weird cause I don't remember the early parts of Bleach being this... lazily done. Maybe it was because I watched the anime instead of reading the manga, but more thought seemed to be in it when it first started.

I seriously doubt Kubo intends to end Bleach.

Why? Because, already admittedly depressed after nothing but rejection and failed pilots leading up to Bleach's surprise success, he has nothing else to fall back on. The series is profitable, he has no assistants or friends within the industry, and he'd be essentially out of a job were he to end it all now. I wouldn't put it past him to simply continue the story after Aizen's defeat.

His panels aren't like that now because he's lazy (it's not like a smaller number of larger objects are easily to draw),they're like that because he's given excessive detail and attention to physical actions for the sake of spectacle. It's a stylistic thing which he's just really overdoing.

It's a trend that was actually pretty popular in Western comic about a decade ago, but started going out of popularity because of a lot of people overdid it resulting in complaints about the inability to tell a story which takes less than a full trade book (pretty much the same thing people complain about Kubo doing).

>I wouldn't put it past him to simply continue the story after Aizen's defeat.

I'd be OK with this. Christ, I would hate Aizen dying to end the whole series, because that just proves Kubo was just using him as a crutch to keep the series from ending (like Naraku).


Bleach has always been fairly decompressed. There's nothing wrong with decompression, it's a perfectly valid storytelling device and it used to work pretty well for it.

For several years now, though, it's changed from being a storytelling choice into an excuse for him to only draw about half as many panels as he should be.

I doubt it will end but when he dies Bleach will have even less direction for a few chapters/months.

It's him being lazy as hell, this is also shown by him having a number of set pieces of dramatic action in terms of layout and composition he reuses.

>>There's nothing wrong with decompression, it's a perfectly valid storytelling device
Wrong! Wrong, you asshole! Wrong! It's the tension between lulls and action in stories that make them good! The proper balance between the two is important and decompression upsets the balance, just like a story comprised entirely of action sequences would!


I didn't say Decompression worked all the time. Decompress everything and you have a Bendis comic or current Bleach and nobody wins.

That doesn't mean it can't be used as a valid storytelling device! Compression and Decompression are both useful in different ways. Some comics lean more heavily towards one than the other, and that's fine, so long as it fits the kind of story that's being told and the writing is good enough to support it. It's not actually synonymous with 'shitty lazy drawn-out pacing', no matter what the impression that reading Bendis comics leaves you with.

you guys are trolling

kubos style is more visual than anything i bet you guys didnt even see ichigos hilt change on the last page

not to mention numeroous other things revolving around previous statements kubo has written about hollows etc

The hilt's been like that since Ichigo levelled up a few chapters ago.

A visually oriented style is no excuse for laggy storytelling, and if you have to read author interviews to know what's going on, the author is doing it wrong, plain and simple.

Fanboy detected.
Sound the alarms.
In before shistorm.

Do you not realize that's a troll, are do you just want to rage against someone that badly?

He already had us in his illusion.

Actually, you're right. I did want to rage a bit. The post QUALITY reminded me of when I used to visit forums.

This is Kubo Tite. it took him two years, two different storyarchs which aren't over yet, and several asnine character deaths to get this far, it he's anything, he's not done milking it.

Honestly, at this point, I just miss when Bleach was funny, in addition to well paced fights.

Like, in between "holy shit fuckin hollows man", we'd get crazy shit like Orihime going on an insane picnic-turned-boxing daydream, or the quirky Shinigami flunkies in the Soul Society arc.
Last time we had anything close to that was, well, Nel and friends. And I get the sneaking suspicion that's not going to happen again for a while.

There's pretty much nothing left to endear me to any of these fuckers now.

File: 128456191571.jpg-(81.52KB, 478x640, 1284534814053.jpg)
Wait, who the hell are you.

alucard, what are you doing in bleach

get out

actually on second thought stick around for a while

Okay what the hell Kubo.
Well we had Don Kanoji, and also Captain Tuberculosis teasing Lilnette.

I.....think that's suppose to be Ichigo.

File: 128456656239.png-(5.46KB, 400x394, what in fuck am i looking at.png)
>I.....think that's suppose to be Ichigo.

Kurosaki Gamma
Akutabi Ichigo
does he finally get to wear sunglasses while in bankai?

File: 128457001080.png-(35.80KB, 651x449, Who'sThisDoucheBag.png)

Only if its at night

Bleach: now with even more characters

Not exactly. It's out on mango stream.

It's Ichigo after fusing with Zangetsu to "become Getsuga".
Given he said he need to "give up" his shinigami power, I'm expecting he's getting a major power-down after he's done using it.

For those confused by the lack of translation, "Mugetsu" means "no/empty moon".

Captain Ginyu is going to swap bodies. Just you wait.

File: 128459646695.jpg-(34.48KB, 500x333, imnotamused.jpg)
Oh you've got to be kidding me. Kubo's playing that card?

File: 128459950610.png-(126.48KB, 1806x1300, GokuUsesKaioKen.png)

PFFT. Oh man, this is really something. I don't know what to call this after reading up on all the shit Kubo's done to this point but this...this has to be it. It can't get any more ridiculous then where these two have taken it.

Just watch. After Ichigo inevitably regains his powers, he'll get the ability to super Bankai into a giant robot or something, with his new ultra mega Getsuga being a Nanoha style planet buster.

>reading up on all the shit Kubo's done to this point
>reading up

Why is everyone raging so much?

No, he'll accidentally summon the ghost of his mother from Hell and she drags Aizen down with her. This is will start the Arc that finally visits the Underworld as this is once again ALL ACCORDING TO HIS PLAN.

I don't know all of it, I skipped shit here and there.

Don't worry about it, you haven't missed anything important. They're still on Namek

File: 128460521241.jpg-(859.19KB, 2232x953, ss.jpg)

>Aizen on a higher plane of existence then everyone else
Oh shit he really is unbeatab-
>Ichigo goes a couple planes higher

I hate you, Kubo. I don't even know why I read this. It's like a trainwreck and that train was full of feces, and now the feces are everywhere.

File: 128465128118.jpg-(247.39KB, 730x553, 1284649553838.jpg)
Also will Orihime ever truly be relevant?

This is a Shonen series. What do you think?


Speaking of Orihime, can't she just Time-Reverse Ichigo back to having Shinigami powers?

Don't be ridiculous. That wouldn't take twelve chapters and six training montages.

>Really start to like Ichigo's Super Saiyan 2 form! It's simple, but you can tell there's been a real change in power. Ichigo looks mature, but still like Ichigo! Plus, the zanpakuto looks cool as shit with it's more rugged handguard and chains up the arm.

>And then this shit happens.

I... I hate you, Kubo... I hate you so much... It's like every time I start to think "well, I guess this isn't so bad," you make it worse! How do you do that!? A-are you evil or something? Are you the devil? This is like the worst super power ever! All it does is bring me eternal suffering and longing for what should have been! I feel like the ghost bride on the coast, waiting for a sailor who will never return, except the sailor is a QUALITY GODDAMN STORY OR SOME SEMBLANCE OF SANITY.

fuck i hate this manga, why can't i stop reading it

We all waited in line for this ride and we want to see where it's going to end. We just need it to end.

We're all smokers now, this is what it means to be a smoker, it's terrible for us, the pain and suffering just isn't worth it... But damned if we can stop.

File: 128465991729.jpg-(85.09KB, 1100x780, huh.jpg)
So the main character, the sun of a human mother and a non-human father, will defeat the main villain and sacrifice all his great skill and abilities by the end of the story.


You forgot the unusual hair color


Blond hair wasn't that unusual in the Alchiverse, so I didn't really think it qualified.

After peaking my head in here now and then, I'm glad I stepped away from this series when I did. Does anyone else remember when this was just a neat story about kids fighting hollows in their town? I miss that.

Actually, the fact that it's gotten so ridiculous is what brought me back. The more absurd it gets the more I'm enjoying it. It's just so obvious that Kishi doesn't even give a shit anymore.

Speak for yourself, I don't read this stuff. I read the reactions other people have. You and Nurse are like canaries in a coal mine for me.

Same shit. Same day. Different series.

Meant Kubo... But yeah, it's pretty much the same thing. The only reason I actually give Bleach a break is because it honestly doesn't seem that Kubo's taking his work seriously anymore whereas Kishi probably does.

Alright, so it's Alucard versus Venom. This is ridiculous.

Is. . .this supposed to be a negative statement?

That statement right there is more awesome than Bleach will ever actually be.

That statement right there could quite possibly counter Walken-Shatner MechaShiva.

File: 128494778076.jpg-(2.48MB, 733x22683, kubo does it from behind.jpg)

File: 128495319053.jpg-(213.98KB, 821x1200, 165-07.jpg)
I dunno about that one- it's more just how Kubo depicts things when a character has trouble following their enemies' movements. It can happen when the opponent is right in front of them, too.


Seriously, dude? Kubo loves the popping-up-behind-them panel.

As I read I keep thinking that the video games will have a field day with all this.

I liked super powered Ichigo. Why's we gotsta do Getsuga?

You know it's going to have the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP bringing him back from the brink of it all right when it's about to become permanent.

He still isn't wearing sunglasses. I'm piss.

>You know it's going to have the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP bringing him back from the brink of it all right when it's about to become permanent.

I don't think it was meant to imply the change to his appearance or personality would be permanent, just the loss of shinigami abilities.

Plus he fused with what were practically split personalities, so I doubt he'd be much different even if they stayed together.

All I got to say is... who the fuck is getsuga...

If he really did EXSIST before hand, I am pretty sure everyone would be after his power instead of some black orb that can bend boundaries. Plot hole is a plot hole.

Oh lawdy, if this shit about Aizen's bankai turns out to be real, I may just drop Bleach. It's probably what's best for my health.

Too many typos. More subtle and you'll get me next time.

If he did exist already, almost no one would know and using his power would only be possible for someone with Zangetsu for a zanpakuto to become.

And it's apparently a power which you use once and then lose most of your power afterward.

File: 128516806820.jpg-(122.28KB, 480x640, 50362photo11122482lo.jpg)
So... I guess that's that then?

So Aizen is alive and back to his old self............Hmm.

Now I want Bleach to end with his punishment to be enrolled in School with Ichigo and co.

Wait... wait I've seen this before. the good guy hits the bad guy so hard he goes down a whole power level? IT'S GOHAN VS CELL ALL OVER AGAIN!





wow THAT transformation was short lived! It's the end of the Future Arc in Reborn all over again!

Is it me, or is the combination of having his hair kind of disheveled while still maintaining his distinctive forelock/spit-curl actually a really good look for Aizen?

It's only a matter of time until all his hair goes back down and the glasses go back to his face because Ichigo hit him near sighted. DORK AIZEN IS COMING BACK. LESSON OF BLEACH, DON’T BE A JERK OR YOU WON’T BE COOL ANYMORE.

Soo... Ichigo punched his face back in?

Nah, his face was always there, it was basically like breaking chocolate coating towards an evil caramel center.


And now reading this post is hilarious.


And guess what else? Urahara is back! And he actually did something important.

No, that entire spoiler (which apparently involved his bankai letting him travel through time) was fake.\

File: 128519309623.gif-(1.00MB, 297x168, back-to-back-to.gif)
Also, I just found this.

I love that the anime staff clearly thinks much the same of Kubo that we do.

Well I guess we know why Aizen bitched so much about the Spirit King now. Guess it's like the Silent King from Planescape.

Ten to one, the reason it dropped him is to go with Ichigo.

That pretty much goes without saying.

>This chapter


Ya'know, Ichigo's new form was retarded for more than just appearance........It didn't really do anything, it just blew up.


>It didn't really do anything, it just blew up.
What? It destroyed most of Aizen's current body (he apparently needed an entirely new one that grew out of the old one) and everything else in a very wide area. Which was exactly what was needed to weaken Aizen enough for the Hogyoku to reject him.

And then it fell apart, hence, it just blew up.

Why does that matter? It accomplished exactly what it was meant to do.

That fact that it did so immediately, in one action, instead making a bunch of meaningless attacks leading up to the only one that mattered, does not make doing so "nothing".

File: 128520836535.png-(227.32KB, 902x1300, 18.png)
Wow that was the most unsatisfying end ever.

But man oh man I would hit this with the force of ten thousand exploding suns.

he is rather pretty, isn't he?


It's narratively unsatisfying.

You're a loser. You lost; all your plans and ambition meant shit. Big surprise.

But strangely short for Kubo. Like he just gave up or someone got his shit together.

I get that, but not how "it didn't really do anything" isn't objectively false.

In hind sight the change in appearance wasn't even leading up to a "super mode" thing, just part of using that one attack.
I mean, Ichigo seemed pretty different when he first used it, but from this chapter it seemed all he did was get a cloak and something in his hair. Kind of like how Renji's bankai gives him that fur thing.

I'm honestly OK with it , since I really can't imagine anything else to do that wouldn't just be padding. And who am I kidding, this probably isn't the end of the battle, and definitely isn't the end of Aizen.

Now I know its been 400 chapters since the beginning... but didn't Ichigo get his powers from Rukia giving him her powers?
I'm sure another good stab to the chest by a shinigami will give his powers back

Well, it gave him the power he had then. Once he lost Rukia's power Urahara had to force him to get his own.

It may very well have made him incapable of getting soul reaper power in any manner.

So, spirit king confirmed for final boss then?

Though I'm saddened by a lot of what Aizen's been doing and acting for the past while, I at least still admire his last words. I'm hoping that once we get some backstory, he'll be the stand-up guy I always knew him to be.

Or something like that anyway.

You can take those leather pants and choke to death on them.

>It may very well have made him incapable of getting soul reaper power in any manner.

...of course he never said anything about loosing his hollow powers.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Kind of like Chad.

Wait, wait, wait...

Ichigo and Chad team up and become the Super Hollow Duo?

I'm pretty sure it's implied strongly that hollow and shinigami powers are two sides of the same coin, but Kubo can do whatever he wants. He's the goddamn master retard writer of this world.

File: 128526777594.gif-(213.87KB, 450x250, NO.gif)
Yeah, his last words were pretty badass, I'll admi--
> I'm hoping that once we get some backstory, he'll be the stand-up guy I always knew him to be.

> I'm hoping that once we get some backstory, he'll be the stand-up guy I always knew him to be.

..Have...have you even been reading this series?


Of course I have! I just don't think Aizen's a bad a guy as everyone's making him out to be. He obviously wants to change things in Soul Society; perhaps, I suspect, for the better. Maybe even for the Hollows.

So I'm putting a bet down that he'll have some good-guyish backstory. And I won't BAWW or whine over it like it seems a lot of you are going to. The only thing I'm disappointed in was that he didn't stay cool and suave right to the end, like the classy man I wanted him to be.

Soo.. the whole god complex, secretly experimenting on innocents, manipulating people all over the goddamn place, straight up declairing he was going to eat Ichigo, killing Soul society's government as part of his plan to kill Rukia and take the pebble of doom inside her, and assorted other things were just a reflection of his inner nobility as he heroically tried to change soul society for the better?
.....Goddamn. That "absolute hypnosis" bullshit works even better than advertised.

Fuckin fanboys/girls


Pretty much, yeah. Are you going to deny that the status quo in Soul Society sucks? That the Central 46 were assholes of the highest calibre? And lets not ignore all those times where Aizen just flat-out didn't kill people when it would have been his benefit to do so (or at least no more trouble than it would have been to do so).

Obviously, he's a bad guy. But does that mean his intentions, or his end-game, wasn't some brutal Bolshevik revolution type-deal, where the ends justify the means? No it doesn't.

So shut yer mouf and SIDDOWN, ya know-nuthin' PUNK! And we'll just see how it goes, shall we?

Or it could be that he really is the megalomaniac he presents himself as, and really does just want to be more powerful than everyone. Just because he's pretty doesn't mean he's secretly a good guy, even if you really want him to be. Now let's just let it go and see how badly Kubo fucks things up, ok?


Tiki's right, his deathrant suggests pretty strongly that Kubo's going to go for a FOR THE GREATER GOOD thing.

That doesn't mean it won't be retarded - it probably will. And it doesn't mean that I care. Maybe I would if this wasn't the very first time we heard that the Spirit King was secretly a douche. Probably not, though.

Even if the Soul King turns out to be evil and Aizen wanted to destroy him, I still doubt Aizen's intentions were at all altruistic.

Fuck you, I'm a fangirl and I want Aizen to stay his evil douche self. Though I wished he had kept his cool to the end, that would have been way more fun and sinister.

> I still doubt Aizen's intentions were at all altruistic.

Especially since, even you're an "ends justify the means" type person. That still doesn't mean you go completely out of your way to be the biggest douche you can possibly be to achieve those ends.

Such as luring a young girl to fall in love with you to help out with your plans then stabbing her while wearing a big douche-tastic smile just to rub in how much you destroyed every aspect of her world.
...then later creating an illusion in which you make the other people who care about her stab her damn near to death again!

No, sorry, there really is no justifying Aziens actions. Maybe if he'd gone about it differently, then yeah, I could maybe see all this as him striving for the "greater good". But with everything we've seen of Aizen, I think it's pretty obvious that his plan to replace the Spirit King (if that was what he was planning, I'm not even sure anymore) was completely motivated by his own lust for power and had nothing to do with trying to help Soul Society.

psst. nurse. come over here to the side of the thread for a second.

you're not a retard. i don't think anon is talking about you.

I'm pretty sure that Aizen actually did have good intentions... like two hundred years ago.
However, he was too willing to compromise, too in love with his own perfection and power that he lost his way.
I do believe that the fact that not a single shinigami (besides Tousen) has been confirmed to be dead is deliberate on his part. Aizen probably believes he's doing the soul society a favor, and that they'll see things his way.
...The Arrancar, however, were nothing but scapegoats, something for the shinigami to rally against. Aizen probably saw it as his duty as a shinigami to arrange their demise, especially if he only saw them as hollows, abominations to be purified.
...His biggest mistake was relying on the Hougyouku instead of Kyouka Suigetsu. It turned him into a monster instead of a god, and then it just went and turned on him. Aizen ended up being so deluded that he believed that his Zanpaktou dissolving meant he was becoming more powerful, instead of it meaning he was as near death as the Hougyouku would allow him to be.
...Maybe when he's sealed he'll have a chance to reexamine his life and ask 'where did I go wrong?' but I doubt his arrogance will allow him to do so.

No. It'll just turn out that Aizen basically cast this grand illusion on himself of being this Machiavellian architect for greater change, losing his need for his glasses or other physical and mental imperfections and becoming essentially a transcended god of brilliance and perfect reason in his head and his actions. The more he believed in this the darker and more sadistic he became. When he lost all that confidence folds and he becomes a scared little boy who needs to cast small shades of his better world to not kill himself in the seal.


I think he just...really lost it when he finally got 'dat Hoogykoo. Drunk on power; THAT close to doing what he wanted to do. I know the feeling well. You make mistakes. You go a bit crazy.

Not to say that he isn't a cunt or anything. But just because he is doesn't mean that he couldn't have ideals. Way back until recently, I'd even pondered on whether all of his actions were just to make everyone hate him and that all the actions they took to stop him were the actual actions he wanted to achieve. Would've been nice if that were the case, but alas...

Did you also kill people without any remorse before that? Why do you want Aizen to be redeemed by some greater cause he didn't give a shit about ever explaining or putting into place before?


I think you're stretching my motives here a bit. I simply believe it'd be a better story for it. Besides, in his own dickish, warped way, Aizen has shown 'compassion', if not remorse. LOSERS feel remorse for not winning, afterall. Compassion, however, is revealed when he argues with Yamamoto over his treatment of Wonderweiss, and indeed, the reason given for him stabbing his VC was also compassion-based (though I'm more certain he was saying and doing most of that to piss Hitsu off).

Before I make any final judgements on the matter though, I want to see if Halibel is still alive. That'll get me one way or the other on the matter.

One thing I have yet to fathom though is his reaction when Ichigo comes out super-strong, when that's exactly what Aizen intended happen when destroying the soul-train. Shit's illogical, even in the event Aizen didn't think he'd get THAT strong.

File: 128532736956.jpg-(132.77KB, 480x272, Raoh.jpg)
In my head I wanna compare Aizen to Roah, someone evil to the core and willing to do whatever it takes to get his way, however not without good intentions and even the occasional kind act to see justice done and even a hero to some ignorant of his ways........but the more I think about it, the more I realize Aizen is just a weenie.

File: 128532756759.gif-(1.89MB, 300x225, 1205690924576.gif)

File: 128532761190.jpg-(59.94KB, 487x800, ffc17d3df209acbd6a2283211d148f44.jpg)

Is that laundry detergent?

It says BLEACH right on the box.

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