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49265 No.49265
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shit sux

Finally, thanks Talc <3

>sage in the subject field


Quick question: Who's that supposed to be in the initial image? Doesn't look like anyone from HINABN that I know of.

Wank on someone else, man.

No prob, man. Couldn't take that shit no more. :|

S'posed to be Conrad, me thinks.


....It's Conrad. Does the blood, hair and glasses not give it away?

The man purse over there gave it away for me.

I offered to write some insomniac!worth in >>46639 as a bribe, and I finally have it done. For fellow ljfags, also posted to First contribute to /coq/, so excuse any posting mistakes...


It's only hour sixty-four, but everything is already churning—dull colors running into ugly stains, ugly stains dark against the fray. In the mostly indeterminate blur that is his vision, part of the room expands, part of the room contracts. It would be distracting to most, but usually Luce was okay with it. He'd long since memorized his office's measurements—this long x that wide x however high. And even if the hour pushes eighty, he has the numbers carved into the side of his desk: fingers across the ledge will give him the correct dimension of the room. That's all he usually needs to focus... to find the outline of a trashed cabinet across the room, distinguish a wilted plant's shadow from its creator, know that the walls really aren't closing in.

But at the moment, the worn numbers aren't enough. He can't recall them (they're just a haze of symbols in his memory) and none of his fingers can decipher the scratches. There's something like an 8 or a 3 or R... but R doesn't make much sense, now does it? Actually, nothing makes much sense: his office is in shambles but he still gets business; he stinks of day-old cologne, sweat, dust and rubbing alcohol; there's a jagged ache behind his ear and a monotone form is fixed to the middle of the room.

The last of these peculiarities is out of the ordinary, but Luce shrugs it off. New shit comes and goes all the time: this will probably be another passing fancy he forgets about once it's gone; once his sleep-deprived mind finds something else to obsess over. And there will always be something else because nothing is ever still with Luce, and he cackles at a sudden buzzing he hears that tastes like death and nonsense on his tongue. He figures he likes the sensation, and even though he wants to keep to his chair (which is meticulously held together with duct tape and surgical thread), Luce stands, strangely docile and compliant. The buzzing quakes a little when he begins to stumble forward, but fuck it if Luce cares about that.

(His insomniac visual distortion makes it difficult to judge where objects are in relation to him, so several miscellaneous objects snap under his boots as he crosses the room. Whatever. If they were on the floor they couldn't have been that important.)

Some time later, he arrives at what he takes to be his destination. In reality, it had taken only a minute; in Luce's reality, it felt like he had always walked between his chair and the little fridge he keeps tucked into a corner. (The strained way his walls curved as he traveled certainly made it seem like forever...) He hesitates for once in his life: the fridge is meant for medical use only. What's in there is there for a reason. He can't play with that shit. But... he needs to get at the blood. Right, right. Yeah, that's why he got up from his chair. He needs blood. He needs to—Wait. No. That can't be right. Why does he need blood? He ain't no filthy vamp and he certainly won't waste any of his supplies on a random impulse, no matter how fucked up he is at moment.

But... the buzzing chirps at his proximity to the blood, pulsing for it like a slut. Like nothing can be better than a mouthful of red sludge. (Distantly, Luce notices the monotone shadow moving—slow, slow, like movie stills held up one at a time; it's still far away but he knows it's closer.) Luce glares angrily at the fridge door (stained yellow—everything is so yellow) and turns away. He doesn't need the blood... yet the buzzing sharpens. It's confused and angry and for fuck's sake shut up. I'll get you your blood. I'm just saving this batch for someone more deserving. (Buzz—buzz—buzz.) You don't realize how many hemophilic fiends I've got on my ass, depending on me for their fix, do you? (Buzz.) Well. Fuck you, too. Coming in here like you mean something.

The buzzing stops when Luce's inner monologue (his lips moved... but he can't hear himself; he has to be thinking his tirade) does. Luce really should leave it at that, but the monotone patch flickers into a stretched field of gray. Dark, light, gray, gray, coming closer and Luce gets it into his head that he should talk to it. Make it even more upset; make it come to him faster. You mean shit—Luce's hackles raise, exposing a crooked set of nicotine-rotted teeth—and you are shit. Not even good enough to be buried, you scum you corpse you—

Pressure. Tightness in his right arm. He fights against it but it stays, cold and burning. "Numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body": one sign of a heart attack. He's too young for this shit, but he... he can barely feel his fingers, and the buzzing is back but it's no longer buzzing: it still tastes awful but it's loud and grating and right in his ear. At least the gray has returned to its monotone state, a block of white with a black tuff on top, then below the white a black shirt with rolled-up sleeves, and twin white columns stretching out to Luce and...

Luce has a sinking feeling in his stomach as one of these columns comes toward his face in a rush, and a burst of (pleasure) lightening erupts on his jaw. It's sort of like a flash of absolute lucidity, feral and stark like the punch he sends in reply.

Perhaps, this feeling tells him as the buzzing-turned-grating sounds more and more like a voice—accented and fucking annoying. Perhaps... it's not hour sixty-four. Perhaps... he doesn't know what time it is or the time it was when he last slept; and... more importantly, how long he slept (his mind supplies two hours, but then another question: how long was he awake before that?).

Perhaps... he doesn't remember when hour sixty-four started; how long it's been since hour sixty-five was supposed to have begun.

Perhaps he should pay attention to the voice, hear it say ...a doctor! ...tell me to—Luce is pushed against the fridge, the glass stuck in his boots shattering further—wait a few more days, come over when you call me, like a dog (I'm not your dog, I can't stand dogs, but even if I did I wouldn't be yours). ...crawling in my skin, you demented twat, ...barely made it over here without jumping someone. ...have been on you. What kind of twisted

Now it's Luce who interrupts. Slips the side of his wrist between thin lips, and uses his other hand to force the jaw closed—teeth sinking into skin, breaking flesh; blood immediately seeping around sharp edges. The fuc—Conrad (epithets aren't for a man who's got his mouth on you) knows what Luce's poor-quality blood tastes like—like cigarettes, sleeplessness and Vitamin-D deficiency—and yet he still gasps throatily around Luce, chewing down on until his fangs find purchase on something that makes Luce's fingers spasm. If Luce was a well adjusted individual, he would be offended by and/or curious of the unquestioning manner Conrad accepts the offer. But Luce is not well adjusted, so instead he pulls his wrist and, with it, Conrad's head closer to his mouth, sneering:

You're snorting it in like a pig, you cheap...

—you suck like a pro; are you sure I won't have to push a few dollars into your grubby hands when you're done...

...ugly Brit, can't make sense if you—Luce yanks on Conrad's hair, but Conrad steadies himself, putting all his weight on Luce as he clutches to the bleeding wrist.

...piece of...

...and Luce keeps pulling like a—Conrade keeps sucking like a—there's going to be a bruise...

The room is spinning on its own now, Luce's head pounds, and he feels things he knows doesn't exist: heat bringing sweat to his thighs, a ghost of a touch down his side...

…how much of it in your mouth before you choke...

Thrusting shallowly, desperately against a sharp hip: Luce is hard.

—bet you can take it all...

Luce isn't sure whether what he's saying is disjointed or not, if it is more than a string of half-thoughts and ugly teases. He doesn't care at this point because he hears more than sees Conrad's tongue lap at the curve of his wrist, half-assedly cleaning up the mess that he made. It's only making everything worse, of course: grimy saliva of the dead sealing the bite like wet cement, mixing with the stain of red on his sickly, taunt skin. Conrad even has the balls to unravel some of Luce's sodden bandages, tonguing the first scar he finds as if he can taste both the blood from the new bite and the blood from when the old cut was made.

...drooling for it—

—starving for it; got your spit running down my wrist...

He's so fucking hard but Conrad's brain can't handle anything more than its own bloodlust and related interests (namely, Luce's skin). Figures Conrad would be a horrible, inattentive fuck and... and even Luce—in all his insomniac stupor and blood loss and angry desire—jumps a little at this thought. It's proof that he's so bugged out that sex and Conrad can exist in the same figurative breath without destroying all of his mental capacities. It's bordering on intriguing and Luce hisses blasphemous insults to nothing in particular as he gropes his own zipper, deciding that's too much work a second afterwards: instead, he pushes both his pants and briefs down just low enough so he can pull out his dick, hard and hot in his palm. Conrad doesn't even blink at the movement; he continues coating Luce's arm in a sheen of spit as if either of them can actually get off on that shit.

...and, really, Luce doesn't groan a uh yes you filthy fuck when he directs Conrad's licking to his hand. (He's seething, not moaning, and yes you're going to believe him.)

Luce ignores Conrad's ministrations and just tries to jerk himself off without hurting himself. There's just him and the movement, slim hand tight and skin-against-skin slick with a dead man's spit and the friction killing him. His headache dissolves into a numbing calm, and he pumps clumsily. It would be nice to have Conrad doing something sexy, something to push Luce over the edge so he can get back to rooms that make no sense and tables with now-meaningless scratches in their ledges.

He might have said as much aloud because Conrad's teeth are on him again: they push through his skin halfway up his forearm between a melody of scars. The pain is real but the wounds are shallow, and before any significant amount of blood is drawn the pain moves—again and again it moves around Luce's arm and the punctures startle his body into searing heat. Luce detests Conrad for doing this to him and he kicks Conrad hard. Harder than he has any right to be able to do with his mind starved for sleep and his cock starved for release. Conrad finally stumbles away from Luce and just as he notices what the fuck Luce has been doing to himself, Luce bites out Conrad's imbecilic name, orgasm jolting out over the crotch of Conrad's black slacks.

Luce, of course, doesn't pass out (he actually stays up for another six hours, but does manage to sleep uninterruptedly for ten: a victory in the end), but he is not the first to recover. (If he had been, he would have had something insanely clever to say; he would have made fun of Conrad while disguising the guilt of his own misdeeds all at once.)

Instead, Conrad wipes the back of his hand across his wet mouth, eyes flickering between Luce's arm, cock and cum, before spitting out a simple yet elegant, "This still doesn't mean I'm gay."

I fucking love this, feels like I'm high reading it.

Ditto this. It's weird but makes me feel exactly like I did once when I went 48 hours without sleeping.

That was on the good side of fantastic.
Being wicked sleep deprived is pretty much like being high and I think you captured that perfectly.
On that note, holy shit more please.

>>49291 / >>49300 / >>49336

Pssssh. Y'all inflating this fag's ego. But yeah, I swear that my bursts of insomnia can be on par with a good high (except for the killer headache). I'm totally going to write more soon (busy with, you know, old man loving... tie!smut... the usual...). I just hope you'll forgive me for any conworth I further oversaturate this fandom with in the near future.

There is no such thing as too much conworth

File: 12788193038.jpg-(725.46KB, 1827x1116, 2010-07-10-1840-16_edited.jpg)
Over saturation? Pffft what's that? I'm of the opinion the more fic the better, regardless of pairing! And, you know...kiiiiind of a Conworth fan. ALSO the story? Freakin awesome. I've only been that sleep deprived once, and it really did feel like I was high. I remember I had fruit loops for breakfast and never was a bowl of cereal more glorious. Haha~

And because I hate to post without posting some art or writing, I've promised a fill on he kink meme of Conrad getting hit on by a beefcake German woman in a bar and begging for Worth to help him: And so I did a little teaser art. Ahurrrr. Shall I post the fic when its done as well?

When I'm in the throes of insomnia, I usually get a wicked high sensation a few days in. Crazy shit man. But just like that. Minus vampires.

I love you Davyn. :|
'Nuff said.


Eeeee~ <3 I love you, too! Surprisingly, I'm almost done with the aforementioned fic, so I'll definitely be posting it here. Almost 3,000 words in 2 hours, I've set a new record for myself.

Someone was writing delicious Worth/Abner. Any update on how that's going?

I ask because it is... very relevant to my interests.

Ditto on the Worth/Abner very very relevant to my interests.

>>49398 >>49403

I'm more of an artfag and I've kinda had a lot to do, but it's coming along no less.

I hope you like Abner all tied up oh boy

File: 127884155832.png-(323.17KB, 968x641, forthepronz.png)
hahaha.. this is just silly and poorly drawn.. but I had a little conversation with one of the people I RP with and I had to draw this XD;

File: 127884200879.png-(5.75MB, 1703x2855, hinabnsketchdump.png)
also... totally forgot to mention. That scary woman.. before I read what you wrote about it I thought that was Lamont in drag.. XD;;;

and some stuff for content sake


Ohboy I cannot wait. Wantwantwant.


Ha! That is awesome. Poor Connie. I suggest resizing pictures in the future, though -- there's no reason for it to be that huge and it takes forever to load for people with slow internet connections.

PFFFFT Lamont in drag would also be pretty terrifying.

...and perhaps slightly arousing.
I will definitely keep that in mind in the future. I didn't realize I'd forgotten to resize it! Thanks 8D!

File: 127888151625.jpg-(135.39KB, 800x694, Conworth2_small.jpg)
Sorry, I deleted the old picture because it had a really retarded mistake in it. Fixed now.

Does anyone remember the pictures awhile back with Cas getting captured by Abner and being tortured, and then Finas comming to the rescue?

Can we have a fic of that? Please? With some hurt/comfort thrown in?

My writefag is fail, so PLEASE SOMEONE HELP A FAG OUT.




Yes please.


If someone is willing to write this, I will draw the FUCK out of a picture for them (nothing too porny; I am uncomfortable with drawin' the porns, but something hopefully worth the effort of writing).

Was thinking of it. I'm currently lined up for a Slender Man and two "Teeth" fics, buuuut... Maybe.

i know this is off topic but-
where will you be putting this

It's mainly for a friend. The one who drew the picture of the HINABN cast as the children of that one famous SM photo oh the kids at the park with slender man in the background by a tree with his tentacles out and such.

Where Ples is slenderman. :I I'll just let you dwell on that. The first part won't really have much pron, so I'm not sure if I should post it here or leave a link. If you're interested, I would gladly post it here though.

i am
very interested
either way would work, really

Then I will probably end up posting the first part tonight.


I'm actually horrifically interested.

Oh hi, blatant request.
Does anyone have the Conrad and Worth donation comic and would be willing to share it with me?
I'll... I dunno, I can sorta draw, so I'd take a request in exchange for it?

File: 127891631937.jpg-(410.41KB, 972x602, conves.jpg)
remember how last thread someone requested some conves?
oh. huh.
well have some anyway

This made me giggle.

That may have been me...
Anyways. Love it though.

File: 127892375524.jpg-(214.60KB, 843x511, conworth.jpg)
Quick pchat crap

Oh hey, thought I got everyone before. Guess not. Contact me on dA under the same name and we'll work something out. A warning, though - I'm gonna have very limited Internet access for the next ten days.
Aaaand on a different note, did this site crap out for most of the day for anyone else?

Yeah, it did.
Sage of the polite persuasion.

We're back, yay! So happy!

Sage for lack of content.

i miss you :<


I'm loving all the Veser abuse lately. Still waiting for another part to the 'Clock's broken so what's ticking?' fic

Although I like this direction, anyone up to doing some Veser-as-accomplice? Like Veser actually likes the abuse (fucked up childhood etc..) and hides the bodies of people Ples has killed... in his spare time of course

What say you?


Has it actually been proven that Ples has ACTUALLY killed people? Or is this a theory?

File: 127903831556.jpg-(287.59KB, 900x689, Forever_In_Your_Debt_by_vert_is_ninja.jpg)


HOLY SHITZ, and so it begins.

....kinda bummed at the way this strip was changed from the sketch! i hope this doesn't mean we'll miss out on lamont/cas&finas shenanigans or the talk of catnipped!Conrad

maybe it'll just mean it takes longer to get to them. oh, well, i guess the main plot at least is moving along faster.

nah, just speculation at this point, probably mostly because of that one bit of spoiler art.


Hanna is totally talking to Toni's boobs

Polite sage for not dicks

It's not just me who thinks Hanna looks a lot like Chuck from Boxer Hockey in that last panel, right?

I can see it too.
Sure is slow lately.


Their heads seem HUGE in the 3rd panel.

Polite Sage for no content

But I want Toni's necklace.


I've already started on it for my cosplay *sobsobiamsolame*

File: 127906245840.jpg-(107.48KB, 661x552, smallerwormont.jpg)
Long time lurker, first time poster.

No one seemed to care very much about the explosive sexual tension of the donation strip... Was I the only one?


oh believe me. I NOTICED ALRIGHT *fapfap*


Mine still hasn't turned up... damn you people with you acquisition of things and all that tasty homoerotic tension that I've only heard about.

You most certainly were not.

Oh man, I am in serious need of some ConPles. I AM SORRY MY PAIRING TASTES ARE WEIRD.
Sage for no content

Made some hinabn sims while I was bored.
Conrad had a mild panic attack about some dirty dishes, Hanna is obsessed with a swing I put in the back yard, and Worth keeps yelling at Toni for no real reason.
Sage for no real content.


Moar like this, please.
Polite sage for nothing to contribute.

Bored drawfag. Requests? Nothing too porny, but I can try if you DESPERATELY NEED some penises in there.

Welcome back bored drawfag! We've missed you!

Um, how about Cas/Finas in fancy clothes? Or Finas in something that shows off his chest hair.[spoilers]some bows tied into his chest hair is optional[/spoiler]

Or Cas/Finas in fancy clothes/suit BUT with wrinkles, skewed ties, buttons missing, mussed hair... that sorta thing


It will be yours!


Galahad/Hanna plz.

Fluffy and sweet and adorable and oh god I'm going to hell aren't I.

Spoiler fail, I was just testing you guys anyway...


Thank you! You will be feeding my insatiable appetite for vamps!


cuddly PlesVes? 8D


Done and done!

A bit less than 2/5 of the way done with the Cas/Finas. It is silly. There are nice clothings. And chest hair.

File: 127908167331.jpg-(272.73KB, 1547x1389, PD_0029.jpg)

File: 127908212798.jpg-(173.14KB, 576x729, themanlyplan.jpg)

Casimiro and Finas decided to be douches to Ples and go over to his house to bug him. When they discovered that he wasn't home, they tried on his clothing. All according to Casimiro's plan, of course. He just wanted to witness Finas' MANLINESS in too-tight clothing.

On to some fluffy zombie/Hanna. OhgodIwantsomeflufftoo.

Would you mind if the other drawfag tried?
(Sorry, I don't mean to be impeding on your territory, Drawfag A)

Polite sage for no content



No no that would be fabulous I am joking.


HahaHAHAhaha. Damn this came out awesome. Cas is a genius here and I love the look on Finas's face while he's talking about his MANLINESS.

Again, this is awesome. Totally made my night!

File: 127908378724.jpg-(182.35KB, 720x651, bwains.jpg)

Awww, bro, any time. I love drawing fancy clothing, so I was so happy with the prompt.

And here is some Hanna/Zombie fluff. HANNA IS AN EXCELLENT ZOMBIE.

Aaalright, now for the VesPles. Anon, you get TWO drawfags doin' your requests! You are special!

File: 127908522255.jpg-(252.59KB, 864x733, gnarrgnarrrevolution.jpg)

Hahaha, anon, you did say 'cuddly.' I thought that since the other drawfag is working on it too, I could afford to be a bit silly.

Coming soon to a toy-store near you: Conbat, Paradox and Adelaide plushies, Finas-brand fake chest hair, Cuddly Worth (like, I'd imagine, Teddy Ruxpin, but says things like "Go an' shoot yerself in the fuckin' foot, ya fairy," in a menacing Australian accent), and a whole assortment of fluffy zombie body parts.

Any other requests?




File: 127908603622.png-(619.72KB, 1067x800, graveyard_by_robbicide.png)

File: 127908738338.jpg-(83.87KB, 768x822, Guardian_by_Demyrie.jpg)
I'm going to take this time to share some of the best fanfics I've read recently


Doctor's Orders by Rae Himura

Bit of Leverage by ScottyFTW

It never changes to stop by Merri Cheri

Lub Dub by anthrop (fics about Conrad's monster form is so awesome yo)

AND these two by Demyrie, who I am quickly falling in love with. The picture is by her, for her Dead of Night series. That series is so freaking awesome. It's unzombie and deadHanna with Doc Achenleck and vampire!Worth.
Dead of Night by Demyrie

Organic by Demyrie

Ohman now I feel bad for taking such heinous amounts of time while you churn your stuff out so fast and it's all so adorable. Aww. Did I mention how cute this is?

File: 127908807010.jpg-(216.37KB, 720x692, you'redrunk.jpg)
For Talc and Noora. Lamont/Conworth noncon.




PS- And take your time. I just sketch super-fast.


brb dying from the cute.

Gallahad's ear is high in protein.

New to the fandom, and am craving some good fic. Any suggestions?

File: 127910064074.jpg-(155.19KB, 834x746, CUDDLY GOD DAMMIT.jpg)
DONE. Finally. I wanted to finish this before bed and that didn't happen so I ended up staying awake and now it's almost 6 AM. I hope this is what you wanted!

File: 12791083336.jpg-(220.40KB, 478x456, HANNA__DESPICABLE_THEM_by_sweetlittlekitty.jpg)


Anything by Spook.


I'm not requester anon, but this is wonderful!


Oh god Conrad. You're such a fucking hipster.


THERE ARE NOT WORDS for how much i love you. seriously buhhhh. too damn cute. <3<3<3<3<3

Aww, thank you! ♥

Hey, does anyone have any good Abner fanfiction?

Sorry to be a creep.
Just wondering.

Only one I've seen so far is
It's pretty good, but short. I guess we're gonna have to wait for him to show up to get more.

File: 127913213747.png-(489.40KB, 500x750, LET__S_HAVE_SOME_FUN_COLORS_by_terra_byte.png)
Read the damn thread, newfag! Seriously, right above you are tons. here, >>49953
yeah spook is really good, but everyone has read everything she has written by this point.
I can also highly reccomend a lot of fics by
try On The Beach for a first taste. Berkana is a bit long, but I enjoyed the HELL out of it, Seriously. Could not put my computer down. I think it's finished by now, too.
The xauthoressx, who co-wrote that epic, has some excellent stories, try this one to start:

File: 127913928347.png-(2.81MB, 720x4700, Hinabn_New_Groove_Meme_BLANK_by_Yasu_Aibu.png)
...Filled out a meme. xD Though you guys'd want to see it.

File: 127914715480.png-(348.80KB, 653x750, queer_tango_by_robbicide.png)

File: 127914753826.png-(290.33KB, 701x378, Needed_to_See_a_Friendly_Face_by_siriuslylostwerew.png)
:O i love thisss..

thanks :3 I love memes, personally, this one has awesome art.

File: 127914999938.png-(223.30KB, 703x659, combo.png)
Haha weird, I drew this in pchat like a week ago. :D


Same deal as last night, folks (summer is very boring). You request, I draw sketches.


injured Worth or Lamont? or injured Worth AND Lamont? :D


Coming up!

Other drawfag checking in. I'm open for (non-sex) requests as well.

File: 127915856660.jpg-(109.48KB, 600x547, mrtoucey.jpg)
Alrighty, so I read this here fic:

And decided it was so good it deserved some fanart. So whilst watching a marathon of Mythbusters, I doodled ;D

Also, does anyone want me to artfag for them? I'm feeling in a doodley mood!


ME PLZ? /endspasticcapslock


Haha, sure thing <3 What would you like?


well since this is a bit of a scarce sight... how's about a Cas/Ples/Finas sandwich? can be fluffy or porny... your choice

File: 127915938470.jpg-(146.61KB, 548x720, dddoctortsundere.jpg)
Lamont had to go out and get some supplies. He got beaten up. For the fifth time that week.


Moar requests?


Howsabout some Abner?

Alright! Doing anything(one?) in particular?


Cas and Finas have somehow trapped him. Draw your own conclusions.


Oh anon, it's like you've reached into my brain and chosen something!

Glee! Getting on it.



First req: COME TO THE IRC.
Second req: Veser and Luce. Like Luce from young!ConWorth. :|
Don't ask why.

File: 127916066122.png-(109.44KB, 595x750, Vesseal.png)
I'll just leave this here.

Shamless self-promotion and fail-art is shameless and fail.
Explanation for fail;[/spoiler]

Ahaha! I'll get right on that mantrain!

Haha! Right-o, captain!

This is a pretty good song for Finas and Casimiro:

(Listening to it right now while filling the Cas/Abner/Finas request.)

Oh Voltaire...

Also. Took down the first part of the Slenderman!Ples (or something) fic, because it has no smut in it. Just building it up I guess. I'll post the link to it once I have a title and second part. (I still can't think of a title. Any suggestions?)

And started working on the requested fic based on the pictured of Cas being tortured by Abner. ...Any title suggestions? Does the artist even agree to this? Haha...

File: 127916527221.png-(609.68KB, 689x1197, Reggae Mortis copy.png)
Speaking of Voltaire....

here's something stupid I did in my free time.


Brains, mon!

God, I love the newest album lol

File: 127916757520.jpg-(120.70KB, 359x720, botherbotherbother.jpg)
Unngh sorry I took forever, anon. I hope it's close to what you wanted.

File: 127917371796.jpg-(148.77KB, 800x640, threesomewut.jpg)

Errrrpf. I hope this pleases 8D Ahahahaaaa why do they all have impossible hair? Pose ref taken from some porn somewhere. PS Ples stop getting your hair cut by Helen Keller.


Man, Casimiro and Finas are getting all SORTS of action tonight. Just banging EVERYTHING.

File: 127917416361.png-(119.36KB, 640x480, Younglahv.png)
Oh hi, I've been lurking and not posting anything but I drew this so yeah.
I'll take requests!


Oooh, I like :D Always approve of some MontWorth!

Hmmm. A request? Uhmmm. Let's seeeee. Veser hitting on Conrad, and Conrad getting all defensive and confused?

File: 12791771845.png-(168.52KB, 640x480, watisIdonteven.png)

Whoa, the last one was huge, forgot to scale.

I still don't even





Ples sex hair...I LOVE IT...

File: 127918223952.jpg-(242.82KB, 800x1000, veserluce.jpg)


I might color this when I get back from this weekend C:


holy shit thank you so much~ it's so preeettyyyy


"Jamaican me crazy."

Oh god that is like the most corniest thing ever, but hearing it in Zombies deadpan voice made me lol forever.

Hey, wasn't there some anon in the previous thread who promised some Abner/Worth with Worth-cleaning?

If you come to the irc channel and it's not busy, just hang around. It'll get busy later, but it'll never warm up if you turn up and immediately walk out. Give it ten minutes and if anyone apparently 'away' is active they'll probably say hello.

File: 127922428170.png-(857.45KB, 750x1000, R_hinabn_abner_kinbaku.png)
long time no see, faggots

have some abner bondage


BOYOOOOOO!!!!!! <3


oh, hello. I see I'm not the only bondage geek. Very nicely done.


Fuck you for being gone so long. I've missed your stuff ♥

Well hello there beautiful, welcome back and how did you know shibari is my favorite? <3


GODDDDD the longer i look the hotter it gets

File: 127923863253.jpg-(52.63KB, 337x432, icame.jpg)

File: 127923870977.jpg-(38.37KB, 298x293, timetofap.jpg)


Suddenly inspired to write some evil evil non-con.

File: 127925113989.png-(902.98KB, 750x1000, R_hinabn_zombie_kinbaku.png)
Now I want to make one for everyone


here's zomboi

If... If you could draw something like Hanna getting blown by Zombie while tied up I'd be jizzing forever.


holy fuck boyo, how many times can i come in one day????

Oh Boyo, take me now.



"Ey, jus' what in th' fuck d'ya think yer doin' here?" Worth rose from his desk, alarmed by the man who looked like he was some sort of space-age soldier with roadkill on his neck. The space-age soldier who was stepping right into his office and snooping through a file cabinet.

"I've gained word that you are a main supplier for vampires in this area."

"Vampires? VampiresssSSS? 'Only feed one vamp, an' ya don' get t' know th' details."

"Sir, can you please speak clearer?"

"Fuck off." the weird man looked pretty enraged at that; he put his gloved hand on the gun handle protruding from his hip, the little furry thing on his shoulder hissing in unison. Worth smiled, almost daring him to draw. He looked pretty touchy, pretty reserved and insecure, another Confag. "Or, if y' really wanna know, y' can work fer yer answer."

"Sir, do not come any closer. I am a certified killer." he flashed a badge at Worth, trying to look like something more intimidating.

"Abnah Voon Sleeeeek"

"Abner VanSlyk, sir, do not mock me. Your name is Luce Worth, am I mistaken?"

"Freaky lil' stalkah. Doctah Worth, tah YOU." he was inching closer, making the masked man visibly squirm. Oh, he was going to have fun with this guy. The thing on his shoulder was really hissing and squeaking now, being louder and all around more obnoxious than Hanna on one of his bad days. Worth really wanted to throw it or eat it or something, locking eyes with it and staring intensely. Worth just glaring at the furball made Abner uneasy, made him grab for his weapon again in case Worth really DID try to eat it.

"I wan' a lil' respect, fer starters." Worth drew out a dirty scalpel and waggled it in front of the plastic man's goggles. The man jolted backwards, sending his pet flailing to the floor.

"Para!" Worth siezed the animal and cradled it as it viciously tore at his arms. "Paradox, I told you not to crawl on the floor, you're filthy!" Paradox hissed and jumped away from Worth, and scurried away from Worth and Abner. He ran into a dark corner of the room, poor thing was trained too well to avoid germs. Abner tried to follow him; but Worth was too fast and too nimble, putting the man in a sleeper hold before he could even draw his weapon.

He woke up in a daze some time later, to what he recognized as the smell of dried blood, something he learned to definitely steer clear of when not hunting vampires. But as far as he knew, he wasn't in a vampire den, just a cavelike apartment where some slimy goon ran the most unsanitary business he'd ever seen. And he was strapped to a chair. Oh, SHIT. He began thrashing, shouting for his trusty ferret, looking for his gun in the dim room. He didn't even have his mask or goggles, oh god. This could get messy, and he could NOT take messy.

"Mornin', love." a grim voice emanated from behind him. Shit, the doctor; the filthy terrible, smelly, disgusting creature... Right. Behind. Abner. He squeezed his eyes shut, willing the time to pass faster or the restraints to suddenly break. This man couldn't possibly tied Abner up because he was a threat; no, he was calm and tactful... Oh god, he'd better not be trying to--

And there he was, right in front of Abner. Striding as casually as ever, clad in his usual grimy, yellowing doctor's coat-- and only that. Nothing else. Abner held his breath and squirmed, trying to recede into a shadow and definitely NOT breathe any of the millions of dead skin cells that must be circling the 'doctor'. He shut his eyes tight and tried to will it all away.

"Couldn' help but notice yer lil' kink, love. Y' like it DIRTY, eh?"

"Wh-WHAT?! ANYTHING BUT!" Abner coughed, trying to breath out more than breathe in. He would be so sick when he got home...

"Ah ah ah. The way y' were squirmin' an' actin' soooo defensive, y' were obviously gettin' a lil' randy, eh?" Worth grinned yellow, the scent of smoky grimy teeth wafting into Abner's air space. He wanted to vomit, or sneeze or try to expell these germs somehow, oh god oh god. Preferrably right on this disgusting cretin. Then it hit him. Paradox! He'd save Abner, he'd smell Abner's fear and bite the damn doctor, chew through Abner's restraints... And then Abner could shower twelve times and use the expensive soap on Paradox. Yeah.

"Paradox!" Abner called desperately into the murky shadows.

"'T ain' gonna work, love." Worth rolled his eyes and pointed lazily toward the corner, where Paradox was running in a circle hissing distantly. The ferret was thankfully unharmed, but unable to leave the corner. Worth had emptied his ashtray around Paradox's space. Of course Para wouldn't walk on such filth, he'd been trained too well. Dammit.

Worth straightened up a little, standing at full height, and reached into his pocket. Abner tensed when he saw the cold metal of a scalpel in Worth's palm. But to his surprise, Worth sliced himself, repeatedly. Chest, arm, thigh, collarbone, chest again... It didn't help that Worth was visibly getting off on the pain. Ugh, that was disgusting, of course that man would get off on something so unpleasant. He was digging his thumb into a cut on his chest when he started to stroke himself. Abner squirmed, trying to get out, trying to leave. He closed his eyes, trying to think of scorching showers and scrubbing tile... And scrubbing... and washing... and oh god was he actually getting hard?! In a situation like this; filthy and homoerotic?! Abner cried out, breaking Worth from the spell and making him smile with an absolutely evil grin.

"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YOU FUCKING FILTHY PERVERT!" Abner was screaming now, thrashing in his restraints, feuled by shame and rage and humiliation. Worth rolled his eyes, grabbing some grimy vial of... something... off of the nearby table and splashed it on Abner. He froze, absolutely still and silent, skin crawling and visibly quivering. Worth laughed, howled.

He walked closer, and bent down to whisper into Abner's ear.

"Listen, love. Yer gonna suck me off and we'll have arselv's a lil' fun. I'll give y' all the damn cleaning supplies y' want an' tell y' 'bout Connie, but this ain' gonna leave the room, 'kay love? Nobody needs ta' know..." He was straddling Abner now, trying to angle his hips and recline the back of Abner's chair. His mind was racing when Worth's dick pointed straight between his eyes. Abner tried not to stare, he really did. He tried to shut his eyes and go away, think about cleaning or something and preferrably not get hard, but his stupid eyes wouldn't shut. Worth drummed impatiently on the back of the chair, then suddenly reached down and started to stroke again.

"'Ll cum in yer eye. Hurry up an' suck." Abner hissed and stuck his tongue out to lick under the head. He'd rather get his mouth messy, toothpaste is easier to apply than eye wash... And there was the keening whine from above that was almost nice. He licked again, not really knowing where to start, he'd never sucked a guy off, never even fucked around with a girl. Too filthy and sweaty...

Worth was hissing out little moans for more, ohgodmore, and those little whines were just too good to ignore, he put his lips around the head of Worth's dick. He swirled his tongue around the surprisingly-seemingly-clean skin, sucking a little. It was hard to tell what he was doing, since the damn smelly coat kept blocking out the light. But Worth was gasping his approval, thrusting shallowly and stroking the base of his dick. Abner kept licking experimentally, then suddenly realized-- Oh god, I'm sucking someone's genitals. In my mouth, oh god oh god. He snapped his head back, thumping it to the back of the chair. Worth yelped-surprisingly loud- at the loss of contact and surprise from the sudden sound of cranium on chair.

At least I pulled away before he came...

Worth went back to standing, palming at his dick and staring. He bent over, undoing Abner's belt and fly. He drew Abner's length out of his pants, already half hard- Worth was almost surprised.

"Havin' fun?" he cackled, taking Abner's cock in his hand. The restrained man bit back a groan and clenched his fists, if only he could punch the bastard; he would beat the shit out of this disgusting-- and suddenly tongue. Lots and lots of yummy friction. On his dick. It didn't feel like millions of germs and cigarette ashes, it felt like holyfuckingshitgooood. Abner melted, the moist heat encasing him was... unlike anything. Ever. More thrilling than scrubbing the remains of a vampire off of the killing room floor, than the smell of a new bottle of solution, hell- more thrilling than the kill itself.

And suddenly it was gone- no more pliant mouth and tongue- and Abner whined, swore. Worth merely laughed, covering his fingers in vaseline and reaching behind himself. He would've kept complaining, he really would've, but that face that Worth was suddenly making, somewhere between a frown and a silent scream; Abner had no words. Watching Worth suddenly fucking himself with his fingers, obviously curling and scissoring them, made the hunter's cock jump, his stomach heat up. Worth was just-- no. He was no hot, far from it, why the hell was Abner thinking that? Worth MUST have drugged him, yeah, he must have some sort of injection in his veins. Totally.

Worth hissed as he pulled his hand away from his ass, and stepped over to Abner, straddling him again, but now guiding Abner's cock to Worth's entrance. Abner started to scream his disapproval, but Worth clapped a hand over Abner's germophobic mouth. It stank of cigarettes and musk, ugh. Abner bit the damn hand, but Worth didn't draw back; He pushed his hand in more, making a keening whine of approval, still sinking onto Abner's cock. Abner was repulsed, soft skin between his teeth and even softer skin on his cock should've made him wretch, should've possibly made him die-- But oh god he'd be lying if he said that felt bad.





Is... is it my birthday and I didn't realize it or something?





Sweet god, you are my hero


Request?....Um....How about Evil!Ples and Conrad with messed up in the head evil romance bondage?...lolz...or something like that?...XD

Please, god, do NOT post a part two.


Ok, no need to be all dramatic about it.


I-I love it <3

Please continue.


I enjoyed that muchly.
Part two yes plez.

hey guuuuuys

pchat is lonely

File: 127930825176.jpg-(30.07KB, 544x518, GHOSTCOCK.jpg)
hey /coq/ I made you some sketchy ples and disembodied cock.

File: 127931731662.png-(334.95KB, 871x731, pchat_rockyhorrorconrad.png)
result of today's pchat



Wow. Good job, you just made RHPS hot.

File: 127932947355.jpg-(49.26KB, 379x490, bitchesfurter.jpg)
>>implying it wasn't hot before.

File: 12793381035.png-(312.04KB, 800x823, vesmont.png)


File: 127933876020.jpg-(281.11KB, 842x1123, I'monahorse.jpg)

This is so cute I don't even-- awwwww!

Aside from the adorable, things are sorta slow tonight. So have a fail!anatomy sketch of Worth-as-the-Old-Spice guy from the IRC chat last night.


This Picture Is feckin sexy....


File: 12793463519.jpg-(324.55KB, 668x1655, takeoffgotomars.jpg)

"Hello fags. How're you? Don't care. Does yer man look like me? Pro'lly fuckin' not. Can he smell like me? Depends. Does he like faggy shit like followin' ginger weirdos around dark alleys and patchin' them up when they do stupid ghost adventures? How about fixin' you some blood from little baggies in the kitchen that is now an operatin' room?"
Forgot how the rest of it goes, but he is riding Lamont at some point.

PS- Have some sexy mailman Lamont from the same IRC chat. Again, anatomy!fail, but be glad I am not inflicting Ples-as-giant-dong-with-sideburns-and-a-disapproving-pout on you.

File: 127934815178.jpg-(69.93KB, 458x707, Wantonmarmoset - DOYOUFUCKINGMIND.jpg)
(picture is a companion piece to this fic <3 )

OMG does this picture mean the armistice RP isn't dead??

<3333 EEEE



File: 127935209320.jpg-(353.24KB, 800x790, WHATEVACONFAG.jpg)

(also oops failed at sage in last comment %| herp derp)


stalks wrote Bite Me part 3, this was just inspired/spun off/what the fuck ever it's porn.

“Whaddya gonna do, bite me?”

In retrospect, perhaps, not the exact thing he should have said, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Then again, he also didn’t think Conrad would do it; but he certainly did. He grabbed Worth’s blue button shirt, took his sharp fucking fang and his prissy little mouth and bit down on Worth’s thin, scarred neck; and damn did it feel good. Worth froze as he heard, heard, the hole punch sound of that faggot growing a pair and finally biting someone.

The sensation was insane. It was like scorching heat spreading from his neck all the way down to his toes, locking him to the spot. And the pain, Jesus Christ, it was incredible. He had been bitten before, but it was nothing like this: It felt like someone took a speedball and shot it up into his neck, his blood racing while his mind slowed. It all happened in an instant and, before he knew exactly what was happening, he was hard and clawing at Conrad’s arms, desperate for more or less or… Shit. He was hard.

In an act of self-preservation, or at least pride-preservation, he instinctually brought his knee up. Years of fighting with Lamont had instilled in him the ever-winning move: when pinned, slam his knee into the groin area as hard as physically possible. It worked. Conrad released him immediately, looking like he’d been hit by a freight train. Worth shoved him away, to the floor as it were, and grasped at his neck, trying to staunch some of the egregiously profuse flow from getting everywhere.

He didn’t even think about it, he just screamed out the loudest ‘fuck’ he had ever screamed to that date, louder even than the time Lamont broke his collar bone with a baseball bat, on accident of course. He decided to run with anger, I mean, he couldn’t let the little faggot know exactly just how turned on he’d gotten from that half-assed fairy bite.

“Ah! Agh!” Worth scrunched up his face in what he hoped was something similar to furious agony, “Gnh! That fuckin’ hurts!” Which was true, for the most part. The statement was missing a few key words, like, ‘so’, ‘fucking’, and ‘good’ tacked on at the end. At least he had the upper-hand… Kind of. Conrad was in a nearly foetal position on the floor, holding his balls and looking like he would puke, you know, if he still ate stuff.

“Thought you—liked it—“ he heard Conrad whimper from the floor. He wanted to turn around and kick him in the balls again or jam his shoe into his ribs or beg for him to bite- No. He instead stomped his foot and screamed like a fucking five-year-old having a fucking fit.

“Shit don’t work like that!” He spun away from Conrad and walked to his cabinet, rifling around for some bandages or something to keep the blood from trickling down his neck in that most exciting way. Unfortunately, he smacked all the bandage-rolls to the floor in his fucking clumsy, shit-brained, oh goddamn it state. He grabbed one off the floor and jammed it against his neck, which was another bad idea, like pressing on one of those little cuts on his arms or chest, but so much worse or better or what the fuck ever.

“You got no fuckin idea! God. God. What the fuck do you think—agh!” Worth decided to make his exit, stomping off towards the rooms further back, slamming the door behind him. He spun around and knocked over a surgical table, sending all the utensils to the floor. Hanna looked up at him, eyes still kind of hazy, giving him a questioning look. Worth repressed the urge to kick the bucket from in front of Hanna and instead leaned in close to his face and screamed, “You leave him at home next time, you got me kid? You just fuckin’ keep him outta my office! Royal fuck-up he is, god damn it—”

Worth left the dazed little red-head to hang over his bucket and went to the furthest backroom, slamming that door too because why the fuck not. He walked through his bedroom - or whatever the fuck you’d call it - and tossed the bloodied bandage roll to the floor and his jacket on a chair. He dropped his hand to his pants and started to unbutton them, cursing as he fumbled with them because seriously, it should not be this damn difficult to take of your fucking pants, but apparently today he just had to be as much of a fuck up as Confag.

He finally managed to get his pants around his thighs and sat on the bed, grabbing his dick and working his hand up and down like he had done many times before. This time, however, he slapped one hand to his injured neck and used his fingers to prod the already scabbing over bite wound.

“Ahn… Shit… Fuckin‘… Faggot…” he jerked up into his hand, digging his fingers into the wound on his neck. His breath hitched as blood drops welled and fell down his collarbone, staining his wrinkled, white shirt; but who gave a quarter of a fuck, it was already stained and dirty and he really couldn’t care less. He let out a string of curses, twisting his hand over his dick and nearly finger-fucking the hole on his neck.

Worth came harder and faster than he’d care to brag about with the blokes at the bar; but, fucking shit christ, Connie had taken him by surprise and he hadn’t done anything in… A couple days or maybe hours or maybe it didn’t fucking matter because he wasn’t telling anyone about this. He wiped his hand off carelessly on his bedding, brushing the rest of his come off his stomach with his other hand.

He bandaged up his neck, a little bactine and it was fine, possibly okay for later examination, and exited his back room. When he opened the door he was questioned by Hanna, looking up at him from the same spot he had left him in, raising a fucking eyebrow at him.

“Wot?” He asked, glaring at the little, ‘accident’ prone red-head. Hanna just shrugged, turning to look back into his bucket, a distinctly blank look on his face.

“Don‘t even start, yeh necrophiliac.”

File: 12793863556.jpg-(41.69KB, 640x512, turtles1.jpg)




I sort of want to marry this.


I've been trying to find this fic for a friend, but I CAN'T. FIND IT.

It was onesided Veser/Lee with Veser jerking off to Lee, and thinking about how Lee would react if he told him he liked guys. There was a line somewhere in there like "I wanna suck of guys but woe these teeth get in the way."


>>50456 Seconded. Polite sage for no content.

Is this the one you are talking about?

It wasn't like he was a sexpot, he was old. Maybe you could swing 'distinguished' past the gray in the blond, but Lee wouldn't set the masses swooning. He didn't even have the kind of wrinkles that somehow looked hot, only ones that made him look tired - not like George Clooney or whatever, where you'd think, oh hey, I bet those give you a real interesting sex-face.

But when it happened that, say, Dad was in the yard and Mom was in the kitchen, both busy and out of the way, like now - what Veser liked to do was think about what Lee would look like if he saw this.

He snickered against the back of his left hand, his right hand getting occupied between his legs. If Lee saw this...

Big blue eyes and pure surprise, because no one could look caught off-guard like Lee. Mouth dropping open because he'd never ever thought of seeing this kid he'd known forever with gaping jeans stretched across the thighs, shorts in a knot above that, and Veser's hand pumping. No way to mistake what was happening but Lee would stare anyway, a split second too long just because of being stunned.

Long enough to remember, to think about it later, and Veser made his hand a stationary fist around his dick and dug his heels into the duvet, lifting his hips for a couple of slow fucks upwards at the thought of theoretical Lee's wide eyes and ability to sabotage himself. He laughed again - okay, he kind of giggled. Lee would deserve it.

Any kind of sex probably looked good if you almost definitely didn't bother to get laid. Even the sight of a solo session would stay with Lee, and Veser put a twist in his wrist as he moved his hand - slow, and squeezed too hard so he could prolong this and ... put on a show. Make an impression. Wouldn't it be nice to stick in Lee's mind for a while? For a change. The guy deserved better, and anything would be better than what he had at the moment.

Mom paid attention to Lee for a week out of her life, tops. It was once when she'd noticed how Veser looked at her (he just couldn't fucking help it, that one time) when Lee jumped to attention when she spoke, sang, blinked. She'd seen him glare and practically smiled, which just about gave Lee a heart attack, he couldn't stop smiling himself for the rest of the visit. And for the next few days Mom was sweet as fucking hell - a little petty trick, and it made her look frustrated with herself as much as it made her sneer his way - until Lee forced himself to stop coming over. Saturday he phoned to cancel coming over to watch the game with Dad, just barely, because his voice was muffled from chewing his hangnails. Getting tense sent Lee to a really gross place, so it was just as well he normally dealt with things by standing around looming sadly.

Veser had been the one to pick up the phone, and he'd called him out on the hangnail thing and Lee had kinda laughed and made a bad joke about bad habits, and it seemed like it didn't even matter that his big forbidden love was obvious. They both knew, and it was a thing that sucked and was kind of okay. Call that progress.

But even if it had made Veser's mouth taste bitter for days, it didn't go anywhere, and Lee faded back to background for Mom with almost equal parts regret and relief. The thing was, Lee was nice. That wasn't Mom's thing.

Not that Dad made her ecstatic, HA - really, HAHAHA - but she didn't care if she was wanted by a nice guy. She didn't like being wanted anymore. If it was inoffensive she didn't give a damn, and otherwise it had to be from Dad or somebody would get stabbed. Mom didn't bother to think about trying to have some fun because Lee would be nice even if you fucked him and didn't like him - he'd smile like it was okay and he'd expected it. Lee'd be nice if you fucked him and you did like him, he'd ignore the hell out of it real sweetly and pretend like nothing had changed and nothing was wrong. He would be too goddamn good at that but he'd be so fucking nice, still putting hands on your shoulders even if both of you kept thinking about what those hands did before, maybe pushing down, maybe wrapping around, maybe spreading legs.

Veser imagined hands on his thighs sliding up slowly, just a little more eager than hesitant, clamping onto Lee so he didn't find the space to back off and apologise and get out. But at some point you had to stop running, right. That would probably be the point when you're moving in--

--And that was a seriously embarrassing sound to make, wow, if anyone had heard that Veser would need to die. Then again ... say Lee liked it. What if he didn't know what he was doing, unimaginative straight guy that he is - but he'd really like to get a performance out of Veser and maybe then he'd be inspired to draw Veser's legs up and further apart so it ached a little and really put his back into it. Fuck, oh fuck, and Veser rolled onto his side as his hand worked and couldn't help curling up around the roiling in his gut, Lee would be so ... so worried. Did that hurt? Did you like...?

Then again, it could be hard to tell, maybe Lee did know. Sometimes he entertained the idea of telling Lee he was planning to come out - oh woe I'd totally suck some cock if these teeth weren't getting in the way - and maybe there'd be awkward bonding time, stories about college experimentation you have to swear not to tell your dad about, he'd flip - yeah right, like I tell Dad anything, now get back to the good stuff. Lee would talk too much and freak himself out and stop, giving Veser sardonic looks, because he knew Veser was encouraging him too much.

And then if he could just - it was so easy to imagine the strength and tiny creases of Lee's hand, taking the place of Veser's right now, and he felt like an irredeemable dumbass when it actually hurt, hitching something in his chest and out of his mouth. It'd feel steady, so warm.

He imagined Lee stepping in right then, and a few seconds later the door slamming shut: Lee's face pale on the other side except - maybe - oh shit - if he went and blushed-- The heat and tightness snapped out of Veser's body and his dick jumped in his hand and he came laughing, gasping.

Lee'd totally blush. For like a week. And apologise about walking in on him while trying not to acknowledge that he'd seen anything, and wouldn't tell anyone anything, and just be - wait for it - nice.

Whatever that amounted to.

Veser couldn't convince the mood of that thought to stick. He reached for the wipes in his bedside chest of drawers and wiped himself down, and then got up to wash his hands too. Dad had said Lee was coming over for dinner.

It occurred to him that, on having to look the man in the eye in a few minutes, he could feel guilty about this fantasising. But hell, there was enough guilt to go around in this family, never mind just the two of them. Why bother adding more? If nobody had really bothered to bust him so far, his stupid crush was clearly the least of anyone's problems.

Anyway, guilt couldn't get a look in, because, well. The whole point was that soon he'd be downstairs hanging around for some interpersonal pocket change - that relaxed slope in Lee's shoulders as he walked through the door after a long day's work, the smile, the eyes meeting his. And that was probably not progress. Maybe he could think of this as getting practice in not minding too much whenever Lee looked at him or looked away. Veser headed for the stairs fast, anyway, when he heard the downstairs door open.

You've probably seen this on ygal already, but I blanked on posting it here last week. I suggest reading it there because you get actual links to real artwork and who doesn't like clicking loosely related links?

"Dada Is Not The -ism Of Hipster Pussyfangfags"
( )

He says he doesn't want to be reminded that he lowered his standards to an artsy queer like me.

That the plastic rim irritates his nose.

That my eyes move more, blink more, dilate more; that it's more like pounding a human than a corpse when I'm not wearing my glasses.

And, since my vision is so poor, that my eyes start lolling around aimlessly like I'm totally strung out, and only when they're spasming left and right do they match the "fucking ridiculous sex face" I got going on.

He says that he's concerned a stray punch/kick/whatever-he's-hitting-me-with to the face might crack the frame, shatter the lens, and then I'll be legally blind for however long it takes me to replace it... which would suck because Hanna would somehow find out and through whatever powers he's got over the doctor, he will make Worth take care of me. And then Worth would have to kill himself, obviously, because death is far more appealing than playing nursemaid to me.

Once, he even said that the glasses obscure the romanticism of the act: that he wants to see me as me and only me, without the filter of a quarter-inch of glass between us, so that even if the world is churning and revolting around us, the only things we can bother with are our eyes locked together in succient harmony.

He's told me a lot of reasons... and yeah, they all ring a little true. (Well, I would like to believe the last one has some semblance of truth in it, but judging from the harsh coughing fit he landed himself in after laughing at his own "joke," I doubt it.) But out of every comment he's made on the subject, I know I'll never hear his real motivation for tossing my glasses aside every time we fuck. He likes to believe that I don't know what the hell he's up to, because the alternative—me, understanding the way his tweaked mind works; him, having a logic to his thoughts—freaks him out too much to consider; but... I do know. I know about his fucking games and I know about his desperate need to humiliate me and I know that this kink of his isn't about that.

It can't be.

Because the second the glasses are off, I am the first to moan as the world around me melts into a symphony of colors and wistful mists of dulled light. I am the one who babbles "LuceLuceWorthLuce" into his mouth like the slut he claims—proves—I am when my glasses are so far from my reach that to get them would mean to leave Worth's dry breath warming my teeth. He always responds to his name with a push hard enough to unsettle me, and I always fall back, the warm tones of my apartment streaking around me like the vibrant strikes of a particularly sloppy fauve. Or like a futurist's idea of a perfect circle jerk.

Or a... well, it doesn't matter what it's like because I fall down and am bound to hurt myself just the same. (Worth never aims for the bed—the edge of a table, the floor, or the bed frame, maybe, but never the mattress.) Then there's bursts of white amidst the oranges and yellows, and my body automatically spasms from the impact. It wouldn't be so bad if Worth wasn't so far away: over a distance of a foot from my face and he fades into a mass of pale forms. White coat then off-white shirt then waxen, slightly-jaundice skin: this is what I see as he strips. What I can't make out are the visible hollows between each of his ribs, or the coarse dusting of hair along his chest, or the grooves of a multitude of scars littering his skin that I know are there. It's downright disorienting but the familiar confusion counter-intuitively helps me focus on something, and I'm able to chaotically reach for and pull myself onto the bed, cursing him for every wrong he's ever done to me. I call him an asshole and I hiss that I'm only in "this" for the blood and then I start to ramble: why the fuck do I even deal with you, I know four gay guys in this building who want to sleep with me and they're fucking Apollos next to you.

He cuts me off by splitting open a half-healed wound (he always has one somewhere). And then I'm back to wanting him and it's back to why my glasses are halfway across the room. It all goes back to it—the reason I stay, the reason he stays, the reason I can force myself to drink from him like it's a normal thing for guy to do to the guy he's fucking.

Everything: back to the simple act of artificially blinding me.

Everything: because he knows I can get any number of hotter, nicer guys to suck me off, but there's no one else who will do this for me. Risk himself for a moment like this for... for me. And fuck...

I can see the red. Everywhere and anywhere and inside me. I literally see it: the slow swell of blood blanketing the air... and the soft swirls of my room are infected by it. The red.

The red and the scent of bitterness akin to lust and wanton heat seeps into everything.

And fuck, if I don't know what to do with myself. I can't even do anything but stare and shake as the colors burn bright and fuck he always keeps the light on because he knows how overwhelming it is for me to absorb so much brightness, so much drama, so so much—

Jesus, I would have forgotten what fucking daylight is like if it wasn't for him.

And I swear the redness in the air even trebles in his voice as he growls, "Calm yerself." God—mock-synesthesia never felt so damn good. "Only just begun, Connie-boy. Can't have ye finishin' on me juss yet."

He's already naked when he saunters over—his movement temporarily dragging everything into fields of pink-yellow and pink-orange—and drapes his thin form over me like the skeleton of a tent (we don't do it under sheets any more for precisely this reason; apparently, my laughing at this obviously hilarious mental image for the nth time had finally gotten to him). He's got my legs between his, and for once I had managed to push my pants and boxer briefs to around my ankles so I feel his cock heavy against my thighs. And I really wish I had the strength or humanity to care but with his pulse so close I hungrily seek whatever's bleeding. It's his neck this time so I drag him close and suck on the mess he's already made, making it messier by the second.

And for the precious few moments while my body adjusts to the shock of unadulterated relief of the intake of sustenance, I don't see anything.


Just me.

And him.

And blood and red.

And nothing else.

And I suck and suck and suck—suck more devotedly than I could ever blow him, not that he minds (he won't admit it, but he likes to get on his knees for me, hissing "cockslut" to me and himself until we're both riding on our orgasms).

And I feel his pulse wane a bit and I realize his hands have been doing something all along: fisting the linens at my elbows; running fingers through my hair as he grinds into me; gripping my hips as he clandestinely brushes his lips against my temple, grunting inconsequential things like "ugh" and "Conrad" and "fairy." I... I know I should pay more attention but...

The blood and the red and him...

I taste his lust in the chemicals streaming through him...

Fuck, I'm so distracted.

But... he doesn't mind and he's pleased by being ignored (his masochism... his backwards process of submission...); another way he's better... the best...


"Fuck, Luce."

His sweat slicks his jutting ministrations.

"Tha's it. Tha's it. Com'ere. Tha's it, Connie. Com'ere."

I see his face again, although it's still not completely clear, not utterly right. There's the distant halo of earthly golden hues around framing him, and the splotches of red remain... but he's... he's so close that I can make some sense of the world I live in without my glasses. And it's not the most beautiful sight I could possibly see: Worth is still Worth, and he's got gaunt avian features and his mouth systematically shutters between a crooked smirk and a crooked grimace, but that's all I will ever need. God... if only he could hear my thoughts; I'll never hear the end of it...

He stares and I kiss him occasionally and he finds the lube in the top drawer and he preps hastily, always keeping his face close enough that I can identify cheek from nose.

I moan and he wraps my legs around his waist and I bite through the apex of his lower lip (accidentally! I swear) and I don't keel as he fucks me into the mattress—red and white and off-white and fuck and oh god and LuceLuceWorth flooding my vision. I don't press my dry palms against his wrists, don't blink more no matter what he claims I do. I certainly don't want it to end...

But it does and all I can see is white. Bright, light white.

And I'm blind but it's okay because it's okay to be blind with Worth because he, the most selfish fuck in the whole fucking world, once paid attention long enough to hear me say that as a graphic designer I usually have to make my lines clean, but without my glasses the world is wild and unrestrained and kind of freaking awesome in a psychedelic color explosion kind of way.

He'd nodded then and left with a "yer one loopy homo"; but he never did allow me to wear my glasses to bed again.

File: 127942502463.png-(15.01KB, 736x597, orangutan limbs.png)
My derp contribution to this thread. (Haven't made one in a while)

I always draw Worth with giant monkey arms, and only realise it when I draw everything else.

Also, ugh I keep forgetting how to draw Conrad.


File: 127943125661.jpg-(105.15KB, 576x643, abeautifulanimal.jpg)
Do you want some more IRC crack? No? HAVE SOME ANYWAY.

This had something to do with typing one handed, and so the request came out garbled, but it looked like 'Conrad crabwalking in a Dracula cape and a Speedo.' SO.


Heehee, I just realized that both of these have guys in almost the same position, but yours is better (I did the one with the derpy face and the thong). Just saying. It is probably a conspiracy.

New writefag will be posting Worth/Hanna later.

Feel free to laugh at and tell the fag to gtfo.

This is so fucking awesome. You're fast becoming my favourite, faor.

Writefag from the comment about the Worth/Hanna.

Here you go:

Touch Me
Worth/Hanna: R

It started with touches, fleeting as they were on the gingers part. Slow swipes of his hands against warm, strangly alluring fingers that could do amazing things with needles and other things, quick brushes of his body to get passed the blond and almost chaste, barely there (and rarely attempted) nuzzles that seemed to make the mock-doctor smirk and pat his head even more. It wasn't until Hanna kissed him that Worth even seemed to realize what exactly everything meant.

He obviously thought the smaller just wanted affection, like that abused and abandoned puppy that everyone seemed to leave behind after a few scritches behind the ear. Hanna's hackles raised at that thought, knowing that he probably found it cute that he was the first choice for something, that Cross actually thought enough of him to get the affection that the young man obviously craved.

Worth hadn't even been shocked when the ginger had quickly moved to give him a kiss sticky kiss from candy tasting lips, nor was he objective to the idea of the slimmer body pressed into him, rolling and clumsy hands trying to pull the taller closer.

Infact, Worth, knowing the bastard, probably just thought it was funny, damn funny that Hanna was projecting all this pent up need on him. Hell, that Hanna had a fucking crush on him and actually managed to get the stones up for even kissing him was probably all the more hilarious to him. Hanna figured it just had to be, judging by the low rumbling laughs that kept coming from the blond as the smaller was picked up (why was he so goddamned light) and set on a higher surface. The yellowed teeth felt far to good on his neck, even forcing him to rock his head back, giving quiet groans that made more low laughs pour from the would-be doctor.

“Worth,” Hanna finally gasped, nails digging into strong shoulders. “More--” He could tell the words were appreciated as hands were quickly skimming over his belt, undoing it and then Hanna arched up and squeaked as nimble digits started stroking. Eyes were fluttering and he couldn't stop himself from making a louder noise of pleasure.

“Eager aren'tcha?” The husky words were poured into his ear (and that laugh fucking cocky bastard-- Thought he knew everything about him and ohgodyes those hands were amazing, he better keep going or else Hanna swore he was going to explode and try and fuck him, ohgodyes--), “M'belt, get it off too, kiddo, this ain't a one way street no matter whatcha think it may be.” It only took that for Hanna to quickly go for his belt, undoing it clumsily and Hanna didn't even care-- Ohgod, as long as he got that hand so perfect around him-- “Good, now touch me ya silly li'l ginger, fuck, yer makin' me think yer a bloody kid, brat. Ya keep tellin' everyone yer not a virgin, now put yer money where yer mouth is.” Fucking bastard, teasing him like he knew Hanna was still a goddamned virgin, unexperienced in everything, even kissing (hell, that first kiss was enough to drive him crazy with thinking about, those doctor hands rubbing just under his shirt and down the lines of bone that came from not eating properly, fuck, his cock twitched just thinking about it) and took pride in knowing that the ginger was going to be screaming his name every night from then on while touching himself, after the man was finished with the red head.

It took a moment before Hanna was aware of the affectionate snuffling that came so clearly to his ears, but he was suddenly too distracted by the erection pressing against his hand, his breathing hitched and he nuzzled in closer. “Hot--” He gasped, bucking up and finally wrapping a warm palm around the shaft. “--Worth, goddamnit-- First time--” He yelped as he was given a firmer squeeze. The thought left his mind and he begain pumping, stroking him hard, fast, needily, he was sure that he was doing it well by the moans dropping into the shell of an ear. “S-so, oh fuck, Worth-- SO CLOSE, more, please, oh fuck, more.” Fingers dug into the length, getting a sharp bite for squeezing slightly too hard on the man's shaft, before Hanna began releasing the pressure and rocked up. “Please-- Just let me-- OH!” Coming with a louder and more keening noise, Hanna slumped, stroking the other with a set of lazy motions.

“Aw, now, now Kitten, yer not done yet,” lips lowered closer to his ear and a warm hand closed around the one stroking at Worth's dick, making Hanna shiver and nod almost numbly, his head still reeling with the need to touch and feel and even though Hanna was sure he was done for the moment, his breath still caught in his throat as he was guided into a firm pace, after a few more quick jerks of his hand, white spilled against his hand and his ear was caught between two teeth, the man's moan vibrating the younger's lobe and making him rather confused as to what he wanted more at that moment (a cheeseburger or some sleep, those were the choices, by the way. What the hell was wrong with him), but after a few moments. Hanna raised his dirtied hand to his mouth and gave a testing lick and Worth simply gave a low laugh, lightly whapping the paranormal investigator on the head before guiding him to bed with a quiet, “C'mon, y'need yet sleep and I need mine.”




Yes, yes it was, thank you kindly. <3

Sorry, i guess I'm just used to spooks quality, but that fic wasn't really that great....


Damn it, you're slooowly converting me to this pairing.


I love your style. Please draw more ♥

File: 127950071873.jpg-(131.50KB, 900x739, HANNA__1000_PAPER_CRANES_by_sweetlittlekitty.jpg)


VesCon is the best crack pairing of all time. You can't deny it.

You are very welcome<3


I suppose it is. But apparently something about Veser makes me never want him to be happy EVER. So I usually pair him with angstful you-look-so-much-like-your-mother Lee, or split personality!Ples.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on in this picture but it looks so sad. D':
(I really like the way you did Hanna's hair, and the shading.)





I'm not gonna lie, seeing my fic recced with all these other amazing fics here is kind of amazing in like, every way I can think of. <3

File: 127953681571.jpg-(30.88KB, 300x300, 61w3FsnheoL._SL500_AA300_.jpg)
"Deep in The Land of Broodsarrow, just outside the village of Gneirwil, and high on a cliff overlooking the Everbleed Sea, there stands the faggiest gothic castle that any mortal being has ever seen. Living in this ancient faggy castle is none other than the well-renowned vampire, Dargoth Van Gloomfang. The citizenry of Broodsarrow sure has its share of faggy vampires, but old Dargoth has always been by far the faggiest of them all. That is, until a new vampire came to town. A younger, hippper vampire. One that emits such a grand amount of fagginess that one cannot help but be completely overwhelmed by his presence. Now Dargoth Van Gloomfang must figure out a way to out-shine this young newcomer if he wishes to ever reclaim his throne as... the faggiest vampire."


(BTW, it's a real book)

You guys, if you're missing the stream right now, I feel so sorry for you. We're talking about Worth masturbating and wearing speedos at the pool. "I'm not even sure Worth is someone I'd want to see topless." God, Tessa, we love you.

I am trying so hard not to giggle every two minutes, I swear, most difficult self-imposed task ever.
Sage for nothing useful!


GRAAHHH, I don't even know where the livestream is!


FUck I missed it! At least I got to see all theBBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

File: 12795607922.jpg-(265.00KB, 900x703, Not_Quite_The_Usual_Archetype_by_vert_is_ninja.jpg)

Puppy Toni is adorable, I must say.



Ffff so adorable. She even has a tiny mohawk, d'aww.

I ship these two, I am a bad slasher.

File: 127957206596.png-(123.04KB, 900x546, Chin_Up_by_dark__romance.png)
Someone needs to draw Puppy!Toni humping Conrad.
Like, his leg.
Or maybe his face.
Yeah, his face.

Fag request here for something that might not even exist.

I really need to see Zombie with someone other than Hanna. Cuz this green man is my favorite character and I, like the horrible fan, want to see him whored out all over the place. I mean, even Hanna gets it from Worth from time to time.

So come on /coq/, make my day.

the old armistice LJ community had some .../Adelaide going on. which was hilarious, by the way.
and the problem with it is, let's face it. He doesn't really fit with anyone else without it going to crack.
I would also lovelovelove to see someone else make it work, though.


wasnt there sthing with .../ca$h that was really popular?


Assuming that Zombie only has the faintest of sensation left, perhaps he can only experience pleasure when things get really really intense as well.

Thus Zombie needs vicious BDSM (in a sub/bottoming role) if he's going to experience any kind of pleasure.

Hanna turns to (Worth?), having no idea how to do this after Zombie makes the politely awkward request in response to Hanna's enthusiastic "whatever it takes, I want you to get off as well!"

Result? Worth as a proxy for Hanna, introducing Zombie to the joys of painkink and how to translate it into something everyone can enjoy.

Sure, it doesn't give you a completely Hanna-free environment, but at least you have some kind of chance of getting someone not-Hanna in there.



Sounds. SO. Amazing.

File: 127958968236.jpg-(74.47KB, 511x682, Kiss.jpg)
So, de-lurking with a pic. Its just a quick sketch and coloring I did today and my friend really wants me to post it.
Sorry for the really crappy quality and skills.

ConVes pairing just becasue.



But seriously this hnnnnnng I love you <3

File: 127959395022.png-(1.17MB, 1086x871, blood magic.png)
Lascaux is so cool for thinking this up, and Ziggy's awesome for making fic of it too ; ; <3 I just had to make fanart for it.


FFFFF saw this on IRC.
Made my niiiight.

DSFKLJSDFJL bb <3333333 hottttt

oh god.
if no one writes this I will die. I will just. Die.
If no one else writes this, I will try, do badly, and then die as a result of my failure.
Excuse me, must go fap to the very idea of this.

Ages ago, somebody started a fic that had Zombie accidentally cutting off some fingers while making dinner, and having to go to Worth in the middle of the night to get them sewn back on. There was some witty banter and it was totally gearing up to sex, and I (even being a diehard Z/H shipper) was so ready for it. Never got finished. This Zombie/Worth suggestion sounds fantabulous so somebody please run with this. <3

Fanart of fanart? We are one incestuous community. <3 I... kind of love that about us though. Also the arms thing is still so hnnng I just don't even, and I still can't figure out why.


Oh Godrad, do you have a link??? I want to read that so bad, even if it just teases!


So is there any kind of story behind the arms thing or just awesome lookin'?

ooooh delicious.

Also we're autosaging now, aren't we? So we no longer need to use sage if we're just chatting.


Lascaux, who specialises in the strange and horrific, put up a series of pictures of Hanna with strange arms growing out of his back, starting from one quite elegant and disquieting pic where Hanna's in full control and the movement of the hands appears to reference Hindu paintings. But then it moved on to sketchier pics, with more and more hands, and the things steadily out of control.

And then ages later ZiggyStardust wrote a fic based on the images.

And now ages later we have a fresh creepyhands image- but this time in full colour!


I see, thanks!

File: 12796290161.jpg-(65.69KB, 900x448, zombie_plush.jpg)
Not porn, but Tess posted this in her livestream yesterday.
I'd buy one.


Damn! This woman is gonna drain me of all my savings.

Reposted "Lucidity" on and the LJ community.

I was actually thinking "Oneirophobia" would have been a good title too, but... Oh well!

File: 127965060726.jpg-(143.81KB, 827x827, unzombie01.jpg)
>>49265 Pchat Detective Unzombie from the other night.

What's the story behind this?

File: 127967265551.jpg-(70.96KB, 900x448, hanna_plush.jpg)
So much want.

...What have I done.

I want to draw some runes on ya,
Ringo, gimme, gimme, gimme that pen.
They should give ya enough life to make love
To me, and it should be time enough.

Hanna, I, I'm thinkin'; I know you got your reasons
For wanting to do this now...
But we've got an apartment, I don't think that Lamont
Wants to watch us, topless, fuck on a desk...
Although Worth might not mind.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion
And I don't mind what goes on behind locked doors, but
I really don't think that fucking a zombie
Could be all that good for your health, mmn...

I wanna know what the fuck is
Going on 'cause this is just nuts, you guys....
Fuck this shit, man; girls, oh, you know what matters,
You can't beat the teeth that run in my blood.

Well, isn't this sweet lovin' just fresh from the graveyard...
I will admit that it's men I desire.
But I'll just tick-tock-tick-tock my way back out the door
Because it's simply not my cup of brandy
I think it just scarred my mind.

I don't know what everyone's problem is, this is just
Two kids havin' fun with their newfound fag-ness.
And ya know, I think my breath and behavior
Have been keepin' that one freak away.

I want to snipe this scene, because it's
Just unsafe, unsafe, UNSAFE throughout.
I want to rid the world of it
It's just unsafe, unsafe, unsafe,
Unsafe, unsafe, UNSAFE OH FUCK...
(I must cleanse it.)

I think I'm entitled to go scrub my eyes out.
This is something I wish I had never witnessed.
Thanks for undoing the years of therapy
I've gone through, now they've wasted away.

Poundin' the zombie, Hanna's gone and done it
He's gonna lose his dick to decay.

Good golly Miss Molly, please forgive me. XD

File: 127967569774.png-(258.61KB, 700x833, GRIMM 2.png)
Make a Conrad and I would be all over that shit.


What song is this from?

Fuck. Yes.

Oh, yeah, sorry. It's a parody of Whipped Cream by Ludo.

File: 127968420712.jpg-(678.00KB, 800x1807, disneyohno.jpg)
I have been told to post this. True story.

I went to the mall on Saturday with my cosplay group. Before our Worth and Young!Conrad showed up, Hanna and Veser dragged a very unwilling Conrad into the Disney store. The events documented in this comic strip are almost 100% accurate.

I apologize for the lack of porn. I hope the lulz will suffice? I will post some porns later when I have some to post!


So the salesperson was okay with Veser!teeth but Conrad!babyfang scares him? Yup, very lulzy. Made me laugh though


HOLY FUCK. do want.

guys we're autosaging now.


Have been for ages. Wait till Page 3, then we get a shiny new thread to fill.

File: 127969743228.jpg-(71.25KB, 356x328, abnerretarded.jpg)
I am glad the lulz were good 8D Also our Veser doesn't have her shark-like teeth yet, just her own kinda messed up teeth, so he only noticed mine. But he may have just been distracted by their overwhelming glee. They're kinda like that.

Hahaha. Yeppp. Quite so. Although that happens to me a lot when I get into a character, it's hard to get out. That and I just really hate the Disney store D:<

ALSO! I have included this doodle of Abner, inspired by the wonderful PLES X ABNER ACTION on the IRC last night. HOLY HELL YOU GUYS. Bade on the wonderful NotPles-ism "I'm going to fuck you retarded." or something to that effect.

oh god what for I need to edit the hell out of that thing

But uh. Thank you for your interest.

Is anyone else having trouble connecting to the IRC?

Everyone is.
It's the fucking server.


We have reverted to

We cannot guarantee that this server is stable, but it's holding four of us without collapsing just yet. We hope to have a proper server as soon as possible.

Hey guys! Fic search in progress.

I'm scanning through the community but I'm starting to think it was only ever posted here.. even though I could have sworn I had this one bookmarked.

Its a Worth/Conrad in which Worth is painkinking off of some runes he gets from Hanna. Conrad shows up and gets the rune(s?) used on him. And then there's noncon... and then suddenly its consensual. I totally realize that the last part could be describing any number of other fics similar to this one

Anyone know where to find this one? Or at least where I should start looking?


that one with the antler-carved runes? I'm pretty sure its on y!gall


It says I was banned due to limit being exceeded?
I don't remember being banned. D:
Did I seriously mess up, or is everyone getting that message?


Thanks, ill poke around there then

New thread?



Yeah. We finally have a working IRC, so we may as well make a new thread for our new channel and whatever new content we all generate. We're well into the saged threads now anyway.


Sure, I wouldn't mind. That might be a good idea.

Yes please. <3


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