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Anyone have a good Sick!Fic?

Sick like "cough, cough" or sick like "oh god what have you done"? If you're looking for the former, our darling Spook wrote a cute one that's over on y!G here:

P.S. #33? Are you fucking kidding me? Now I really am an oldfag.

I'm still upset over our pchat being invaded. Do you think we could find another private room?

<3 Brilliant. Thanks, Magpie!

Oh man. #33

it brings a tear to my eye

Oh, I remember the days of single figure thread numbers... This thing really has some kind of terrifying momentum. Even if you somehow took all of us away from our computers it would find some way to keep going by itself, like some freakish possessed thing.

Hanna is the baobab of /coq/ threads.

Please excuse me. idek my feeble attempt at being a writefag.

"Oh man- you have a shag carpet!" The hyper little man gleefully remarked.

"Yeah, and you would've noticed it before if you had taken YOUR SHOES OFF," snarled the distraught vampire.

The group of misfits had been baited by Hanna into going over to Conrad's place for "Movie Night". None of them could refuse, as usual. Conrad, reluctant, and becoming increasingly more worried about the well-being of his furniture and carpet, couldn't help but fret that evening. The most he could get from the crew was the removal of their shoes.

Veser was the first to point out Conrad's overwhelming lack of food. Of course it would be Veser, Conrad thought to himself. He's the only one in the group save Worth, who hadn't been invited (for Conrad's sake), who would boldly divulge the contents- or lack thereof- of Conrad's refrigerator.

It was then that Hanna eagerly suggested, "We could all walk down to the grocery store down the block, you know."

Toni, Veser, and even Hanna's deceased partner agreed with the notion. Each of them began to suggest foods that they could pick up. "We could get sandwich bread. And stuff like that," Toni suggested.

"TACOS!" the selkie shouted, startling the older man standing next to him.

"Is it possible to get some things to make mixed drinks with? Pina Colada, perhaps?" Ples shyly questioned.

Hanna laughed, "PINA COLADAS. THAT'S AWESOME. And yeah, tacos sound like good idea. We can get hard shells AND tortillas."

"Wait," Conrad held his hand up as if to stop them, "Did you even bring any movies?"

"Uhh...By movies do you mean like- DVD's? Because I've got a flash drive," the small redhead replied with a shrug.

"That's not gonna work," Conrad dismissed.

"Well we could all stop by the movie place on the way back from the grocery store."

"Hanna, do we have the money for all of this?" asked Hanna's zombie friend.

"Sure we do! I think."

"You think?"

Toni had step forward a bit, "I'm sure we could all pitch in together for all of this. You guys don't have to pay for everything."

"I got five dollas," Veser blatantly stated as he dug his hand into his back pocket. Ples handed the zombie a crisp, barely folded twenty dollar bill to which his only response was a nod and an ever-so-slight smirk.

"We can figure all of this out on the way there. We should probably go before the video store closes."

Ples leaned against the counter of the open kitchen, with his hands resting on the edge. He glanced at the door, and then towards the couch. "If you don't mind, Conrad, I'd like to stay here. I'm sure you lot can fend for yourselves."

"Sure, I don't mind. I trust you. Unlike OTHERS," the vampire scornfully remarked as he cast a squinty glare at the hyperactive ginger standing in the middle of his living room. He quietly stepped away into a hallway that contained a few doors, one of which leading to his bedroom.

"I GOTTA PEE." Veser proudly announced to everyone within hearing distance before running off into another short hallway which lead only to a bathroom and a closet. He opened the door of the latter, slammed it shut, and proceeded to enter the correct doorway.

"What time is it?" Hanna questioned.

Had Veser not been preoccupied inside of the restroom, he would have cheerfully replied, "ADVENTURE TIME." But because he was, the quickest reply came from Ples. "Quarter 'til ten," the gentleman stated before returning his shiny silver pocket watch back into his vest pocket.

"Oh jeez, the video store closes at ten!" The small troubled redhead loudly commented. "We should go!"

Toni and the zombie could barely constrain Hanna after he had come to that particular realization, and he bolted towards the door and had already begun to unlock it.

"Aren't we gonna wait for Veser?" the dark-skinned girl questioned as she held firmly onto the loose sleeve of Hanna's sweater.

Hanna shot a look towards his undead partner, then back towards Toni, then at the hallway on the far side of the living room, then at Ples who was still leaning against the marble kitchen counter, then back at the zombie, until finally firmly stating, "He's taking too long on the toilet. We gotta ditch him."

Hanna's seriousness about the issue made Toni laugh loudly, and she ran her fingers through her bangs as if to slick them back.

"The movie store is going to close, and we won't have any movies to watch if we don't make it."

Hanna's stern expression as he gripped the doorway and glanced at his peers was enough to convince the other two of his determination. Reluctantly, the zombie next to him nodded, and Toni's only reply was a tilt of her head and a heavy sigh. The three of them headed out of the door, nearly slamming it behind them.


I forgot to mention that this is Veser/Ples. With a bit of Conrad.

There was a long silence in the apartment, only to be broken by the sound of Ples' chuckle followed by a deep sigh. He calmly reached for his watch, checked the time, and chuckled again as he stood up and returned the watch into his pocket. He turned and grabbed a glass from the counter and smoothly slid it towards himself. The quiet gentleman looked over Conrad's alcohol collection that was lined against the wall on the marble. Ples wondered to himself why Conrad would keep alcohol in his home if he could not drink it, but he did not think long before choosing a bottle and examining it's label.

There was a loud slamming noise followed by the heavy steps of a teenager.

"Hey. Where did everybody go?"

Ples calmly explained, "They went ahead to the grocer's."

"You mean they DITCHED ME?" Veser shouted in disbelief. "Man, that's so lame. How can you ditch the Ves?!" He said as he fumbled around with his belt buckle, attempting to close it. The selkie glanced upwards towards Ples while doing so. "HEY. ARE YOU DRINKING CONRAD'S BOOZE?"

"P-Please don't yell, Veser. There are people living in this complex."

"Does he know?" he asked as an eyebrow rose.

"I'm sure he won't mind. I do not believe he has much use for it any more," the older man remarked.

Veser stepped towards the counter, eyeing over Ples' shoulder. Ples glanced sideways at Veser, then stepped in front of him blocking his view. "H-Hey man, lemme see!" the curious teenager stepped to the other side of Ples, and again the older man stepped to block his view. Veser, becoming impatient with a growing curiosity, tugged on Ples' sleeve and stood on the tips of his toes to try and peer around and over the tall gentleman. He caught a glimpse of Ples' smile while he was once again blocked.

"Ples! Don't hold out on me, man. I wanna see! Give me some!" Veser laughed as he caught onto Ples' game. He leaned against the older man's side, trying to shove him aside, but Ples anchored himself into the floor despite the softness of his socks being slippery on the wooden floor. The teen poked and prodded at Ples' side in attempt to distract him, and began to laugh even more once he realized the pokes would elicit giggles and wiggling from the taller man.

"H-Hey now! S-Stop!" Ples managed to say in between giggles.

Veser forcibly managed to turn Ples around through tickle torture, and once facing each other, Veser pressed himself against the gentleman while simultaneously snatching the glass from his hand. A short slight moan came from Ples as he could feel Veser's hip bones pressing against his thighs.

Giving up after being highly unsuccessful in finding his wallet in his room, Conrad stepped out into his un-illuminated hallway. He glanced over the room one last time as if the wallet would have made it's way into plain sight despite having been missing the entire length of Conrad's search. He released a heavy unneeded sigh before turning toward the opening of the hallway. He could hear faint speech, much too low for Hanna to still be inside. 'Did they leave?' Conrad thought to himself. 'Are they outside waiting?' He walked to the doorway and jerked back as he caught a glimpse of Veser leaning against the tall closed-eyed Ples.

"You know what I just realized?" Veser asked, his eyelids lowering. "We are all alone in here."

"Hnnnn," Ples mumbled. "Veser, that's not really-" He was cut off by another rub from Veser's pelvis.

Conrad, having realized he was completely forgotten, stood at the edge of the hallway's opening while periodically peeking over the edge. 'Ples?' The vampire thought silently. 'And Veser? Does Veser hit on ANYTHING?' As he tried to grasp the concept of Veser doing anything homosexual, he could pick up their entire conversation. He attributed that ability to being a vampire. There's no way he'd be able to hear Veser's mumbles from all the way across the apartment.

"Veser, don't do that. You know we can't," remarked Ples.

"What? Why not?" He inquired while sneaking his hands down Ples' sides until they rested at his hips.

"This is Conrad's home. How could you even think doing such a thing here would be acceptable?" Ples' face slowly turned into a scowl.

"Doing /what/ exactly?" The selkie's eyebrow raised, aiding his growing devious expression. His sharp teeth slowly being exposed.

Ples' face turned a bright red, and he quickly turned his face away from Veser, and to the side.

"Hey, you don't have to be shy. It's not like we haven't done this before," the silver-haired teen cooed while leaning in near the other's neck.

Confusion was one of many emotions Conrad was feeling. Confusion, concern, surprise, curiousity. Mostly surprise. Veser had alway seemed to swing both ways, but he was also into older men? Men almost twice his age? Not that Ples looked bad, because it was quite the opposite. Conrad thought Ples extremely good for almost forty. Was Veser just taking advantage of Ples' interest in men? Does Veser hit on /everything/? 'Wait.' Conrad thought, 'Come to think of it, Veser stopped hitting on people since Ples showed up. Even Toni.' He glanced over the edge again, and decided it'd be better on his feet if he just sat down.

Veser grinned and slid one of his hands off of Ples' hip and swiftly and firmly grabbed hold of Ples' crotch.

"Ah!" Ples gasped, turning back to look Veser in his devilish eyes. "Veser, stop. It isn't right."

"And it's right to steal from Conrad's liquor supply? It's probably not even his!" Veser sneaked his other hand to Ples' backside, and gave a strong squeeze while with his other hand rubbing the front.

"E-Even if I did allow this, we still don't have enough time."

"You're always worried about the goddamn time."

"Ves," the older man placed his hands on the younger's shoulders. "The others will be back soon."

"Have you even seen where the grocery store is? It's like ten blocks away. It'll take them at /least/ thirty minutes to get from here to there, pick out groceries, and come back. Prolly even longer. It's totally fine, man," Veser reassured while attempting to unbutton Ples' pants.

The hidden vampire was becoming more and more concerned with his own actions. It's his apartment, it would be completely reasonable for Conrad to walk out and interrupt. Ples is a well-mannered man, he couldn't be persuaded to do things in such a public place. 'I should just wait,' Conrad thought to himself. He then considered Ples' will, and thought about the fact that he's been with a man half his age. He can't be /that/ straight-laced. And the place isn't /that/ public. Conrad placed a frustrated hand over his face and went again to his conflicted thoughts.


Veser successfully made his way into the front of Ples' pants. His warm hand slid down slowly this time, making it's way lower. He ran his fingers over the hairs that grew there, and eventually to Ples' already partially erect member.

Ples whimpered lightly, and raised his hand to snake through Veser's hair.

The selkie glanced upward into Ples' eyes, smirking. "I knew you'd come around."

Ples' face was flushed once again. "If we do this, we have to do it in haste."

"Baby, I can make it as quick and dirty as you want," the arrogant teen purred as he slid down onto his knees, while still looking up at the other.

The vampire felt his face flush as he listened to the other's foreplay. His disappointment in Ples was quickly washed away by the same sort of fascination one gets from watching a porno. Except these were people he /knew/. It was too weird for Conrad, he tried to cover his ears. It failed however- due to his curiousity outweighing his shame.

With his Ples' arousal growing, Veser took firm hold over it, and held it in place where he wanted it. He licked over the head, and underneath it, letting the saliva in his mouth build up and then moving his hand so he could lick from the base of Ples to the head. He pressed his lips against Ples, and slid along the length of him, letting his lips drag around his tongue.

"Ahh...Ves! So good... Nnngh-" the older man moaned through gritted teeth at the ceiling.

The way Ples bucked toward Veser's face made the younger man's pants seem so much tighter between his legs. He pulled Ples' pants to the floor, exposing his knee-high black cotton socks, then moved his had to his own uncomfortable pants. He struggle for a short while with the buckle, while trying to keep the majority of his attention on Ples and trying to keep any part of Ples from getting in between his teeth.

Ples' knuckles whitened as his grip on the marble counter grew stronger. His head lowered to look at the boy on his knees, his hair falling out of place, and blocking one of his eyes. The sight of Veser with a flushed lustrous face, tongue in between those teeth, licking Ples while touching himself made Ples' erection twitch in Veser's hand.

Veser felt this, and looked directly up at Ples. Seeing the gentleman's expression of adulturous desire, Veser stood and relieved himself of his jeans.

Leaning in towards the older man, Veser pressed his own throbbing erection against Ples'. He made small thrusts, and let them slide against each other while finding Ples' hands with his own and locking their fingers together.

Conrad, sitting on the floor of his own hallway in the dark, could not deny his own growing erection. He pondered Veser's teeth, and what kind of damage they could do. The image of blood flowing snuck it's way into Conrad's mind, making him shudder in disgust, and again in pleasure. It has gotten too bad for Conrad to stop this now. What would he do? Hop out with a hard-on and wave his finger at the two half-naked men in his kitchen? He figured the least he could do was make /one/ uncomfort go away.

The eager teen stood on his tiptoes and planted a passionate and slightly salty kiss on Ples, who let his tongue snake over the ridges of Veser's teeth. Soon Veser's feet began to ache, and he let the kiss break. "C'mon. Let's go over there," the young man gestured toward the high quality couch.

"Mmm, no. Not there. Not on his furniture," Ples warned.

"...How's the floor then? There's a soft carpet over here," he turned and began to walk, leading the taller man by the hand.

"The floor is acceptable. Do you have any-" he paused, blushing a bit deeper.

"Any...? OH! Kinda," Veser let go of Ples' hands and trotted back to the kitchen where both of their pants were lying. He reached down and grabbed them both, bringing them over to the middle of the living room and digging in the pocket of his jeans.

"I have this," Veser beamed, holding up a packaged condom. "It's lubricated."

Ples glanced down at it, running his hand through his hair, and unbuttoning the bottom of his shirt and vest slowly. "Only one?"

"For you," Veser grinned while placing it in Ples' hand and throwing the pairs of pants to the floor. "Now lay down."

Conrad had half taken off his pants, one leg exposed, and the other clothed in the bunched up designer pants. He would have removed them entirely had he not been so paranoid. He had already gone to work pumping his own erection, letting his fingers roll around the head as they made their way to the top. Slicked with pre-cum and his own saliva, he could feel the blood (If you want to call it that) rushing through his erection. He leaned heavily against the wall with his knees bent and his hand swiftly working on himself. The sounds made him a little more paranoid, a little more on edge, but he knew they wouldn't notice over their own noises. He bit down on the collar of his shirt, pulling it upwards to muffle out any sound that may come out. Conrad fueled his shame by letting his perversion get the better of him. He shouldn't even be there, he thought. This is an invasion of privacy.

"Ahhhhhn!" Veser moaned as he pressed the tip of Ples' condom-covered cock into himself. His own erection twitched at it, and Veser very slowly pushed himself downward. Ples was lying on the floor, his upper half propped up on his forearms.

"Don't hurt yourself. We still have time," Ples commented as he watch Veser's body react.

"I-It's okay. I got this," Veser managed to whisper. He pressed himself down further, nearly taking the entirety of Ples, with one hand on the ticking gentleman's shoulder and the other at the base of his cock.

Ples leaned forward and kissed Veser, kissed his loudly moaning mouth. He could feel Veser's insides jerk and tighten, and he couldn't help but let out soft, low grunts.Veser pressed the last of Ples inside of him, letting his own erection press against Ples' stomach. His straddling position was a bold move, and would require more of his own efforts to finish what he had started. Veser wishes they had more time, so that this could have more care- ast longer- feel better. He had thought a quickie would be adventurous.

"Ves, are you alright?"

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine, man. Don't worry! Just let me adjust a little..."

"A-Are you sur-nnnngh!" His voice was transformed into a deep growl as Veser began to move, slow and shallow.

"Gah, fuck," Veser gasped as he lifted his hips, and pushed them back down.

His pace began to pick up, his eyes narrowed into slits, his expression grew needy, pre-cum dripped from his cock, and onto Ples' torso.

Ples let out a moan, and tossed his head back as Veser's pace became erratic and quick, he could feel Veser tighten around him as the teen lustily moaned. Veser had a knack for being quite loud in bed- and Ples loved it.

"Ahh, aahhh, nnnngh, so good...Pl-Ples! Fuck- ahhn," he panted.

Veser pressed one hand against Ples' chest and pushed him back into the round plush shag carpet. His nails dug into the fibers, his fingers slithering their way into it as if it was someone's hair. He tugged at it as he thrust himself on Ples, using it an his anchor. He could feel his erection becoming harder- closer.

The unfamiliar sounds of Veser while being fucked were becoming melded into Conrad's mind. He would never be able to think of Ples nor Veser without remembering that instant- remembering what he was hearing and seeing right then. The erotic moans of the two men made the vampire's face hot. His forehead was sweaty already, and his second hand has joined the other in his masturbation. He made quiet, muffled gasps into his shirt. His eyes closed, and he no longer peeked around the corner at the other two. All he could think about was the deed- the lust, desire, warmth. He thought of a man that he couldn't bring himself to say that he missed- one wished was there. He also listened- listened to the moaning of ecstacy coming from the two men in his living room. Conrad gripped tighter and pumped faster, feeling the pressure rise. His glasses slid down his nose, his eyes shut tight, his mouth fell open silently, and finally he came. The vampire felt some get on his face, and he sort of giggled, but his mind came back down to reality, and he shuffled around to get his pants back onto his legs.

"Oh god... Ples. It feels so fucking good. Mmmmnn," His head dropped, and he could feel sweat drip down his back underneath his shirt. It was so hot, so much heat in all the right places. The loving burn that Ples gave him, the good kind of pain that made him scream. Veser felt himself tighten, he bit his lip and slowed his pace, but fucked deeper and harder, riding Ples as he came. The warm sticky substance landing itself on Ples' chest. The clenching of Veser's muscles around him soon drove Ples over the edge as well. Panting and gasping, Veser lifted himself up and immediately fell onto Ples.

The two laid there for a short while, before the overwhelming sexual high had worn off. Once they sobered however, the both of them re-clothed themselves and took turns cleaning up in the bathroom.

They could hear the chatter of their friends in front of the door before the door had been beaten. Veser let them in, and the two helped them with their bags. After waiting a good while, Conrad slinked out from the hallway unnoticed. Or, he had hoped he had gone unnoticed until Hanna gave him an expectant smile.

"So Conrad, did you miss us?"


Please don't bite me.


Ffffffff- I came

File: 127734036491.png-(222.27KB, 829x610, 126558957919.png)
This is one of my favourite HINABN pictures. I love the way Hanna is drawn.

File: 127734072119.png-(622.72KB, 1274x773, Pick_me_up_for_Ples_by_Poe_Raven.png)
everything old is new again

File: 127734075699.png-(703.09KB, 687x1923, Tiny_Hanna__Giant_Sweatshirt_by_CrystallizedTwilig.png)

I writed a thing. It has Ples spoilers.


It started as a trickle, a slow dripdrip of distractions. His eye snagged on nothing, an inscrutable blank stare flickering for a few moments before he found himself once again freed. It was innocuous enough. Exhaustion, maybe. He had been under unusual strain of late. A stricken stare, a moment of hesitation where before there had only been bluster and bravado, these were all he showed of the aching abyssal longing that screamed through his veins.

I didn't notice it then. It took me a much longer time than it took him. So subtle were these changes that it was nearly a full three months before I registered them as anything more than a momentary failing,  diagnosed them as something more chronic. By that point the trickle had become a flood and Veser was drowning in his own thoughts.

It began to spread insidiously, his attention splintered. My concerned probing was met with only scoffs and rebuffs. He was fine. I was imagining things, I was being paranoid. I was thoroughly ousted from his inner mind after seeing it so carefully open to me over the months we were together. The easy comfort we had meticulously cultivated evaporated until it was as if it had never been there. In my darkest moments, I would wonder if  he had ever been mine, whether it all been some sickening delusion on my part, desperately trying to find some solace in my loveless love affair.

Then his temperament itself changed and I realized the source -- at least in part -- of Veser's failing awareness. It is hard to think on, even now, but he began to grow less human. Somehow the reality that it wasn't a physical change only heightened my sense of dread further. Sometimes I could hear him when he thought I wasn't listening: strange scraping and scuffling noises from the next room. When he was with me, he was very nearly lethargic, his magnetism and charisma long since escaped and only their cocoon left behind. It was difficult to watch the boy dribble from being one of the most vivacious people I have ever known to being less lively than my friend the zombie. Veser was corroding away. Luckily, my other half didn't show his face once during the entire ordeal. Desolate, I realized that I might have found Him a welcome distraction for once. Once, just once, I caught Veser with a dead rat. In my mind, he didn't kill it himself. I don't care if that isn't true. 

It was the hottest day of the year and all he could smell was the ocean. Veser whispered that small insight to me as if it were some illicit daydream. It was during the last time we made love. That was a night so vitally rending I can't describe it as anything less than physically painful. Fingers that once eagerly scrabbled at my back in desperation now fluttered listlessly at my sides. His once familiar voice yowled with bestial cries. His eyes were glazed not in lust but in fantasy,  dreaming of some far off place outside the dark warmth of our bedroom. There were no whispers, any care for me or for the act was gone. Before me was an animal fulfilling an urge, nothing more. I felt ill. I cleaved him to myself with convulsing arms even as I felt us being cleft apart. 

The next morning he was gone. A scribbled note in almost illegible writing that only barely resembled Veser's was all that was left of the boy who had been a central fixture in my life. He longed for greater depths than those he found in my eyes.


Unfortunately, it's got all sorts of crazy formatting bullshit so I'm just going to post the first chunk here and then link you to the rest of it:

That's incredibly sweet, why have I never seen that before? And who was drawfag? <3

I'm gonna make us a Hanna-only paintchat room in case this really is that big of a problem, just give me a few days. I have kinda really grown to like the new people there, though.

File: 127734329118.png-(35.08KB, 724x464, Toocoolforschool.png)
Pft, not enough art. Fuck porn, we need some SMUT AND FUCKING PICTURES.

File: 127734341848.png-(303.89KB, 972x584, AreyouokayWorth.png)
I also like Niko's P-chat. More creative juices when everyone isn't drawing the same thing. ><

This is an amazing thing that you have writed.
I love how some of our porn is mutating into brilliant genfic. I love how creative everyone is. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST, YOU GUYS.

File: 127734546838.png-(199.45KB, 833x609, 126558951540.png)
aw it was by tour. toouuurrr come baaack :<

also aw bb thanks for the rec :> <3 that one with worth having a migraine was sorta kinda sickfic, too... never uploaded it to ygal, though. maybe tonight.

That pituuuure, D'aaaaw~

File: 127734850472.png-(164.79KB, 500x500, HINABN__NOMNOM_by_terra_byte.png)

So cute! Come back, Tour! Come back!

Also SPOOK! I missed you darling, where have all the oldfags goooonnnneeee, long time faaaaapping...

File: 127734861786.jpg-(144.58KB, 900x637, Under_My_Umbrella_by_heartbroken_girl.jpg)

Just thought it was cute.

Newfag delivering angsty Ples/Ca$h, because I'm a failure. BUT WHATEVER I'm kind of past caring.


The house is quiet, and all he can hear is his tick tocking gears. There’s a sudden scrambling noise outside his window, and he turns to find the boy there, peering in with his dark hazel eyes.

Being the gentleman he was, he simply cannot leave someone in the cold night outside his window even if they should use the front door out of courtesy, so he unlocks it, sliding it up and allowing the young man to climb inside past him. Tibenoch strolls to the other side of the room, seating himself in a plush antique chair. Everything about his house is antique, even the man himself. “You know, you shouldn’t be out this late.”

The boy rolls his eyes, doesn’t say anything. He’s past the age for not being out late. But his parents will worry and Ples feels like he should watch the boy, protect him. The lad has a rebellious streak a mile wide. He’s stumbling over to Tibenoch now, hovering over him in his chair and pressing warm lips to the man’s. Ples dares to run his long, thin fingers down the blonde’s sides, and feels him shudder and flinch like a wounded animal. The boy is desperate, needy, wants to be away from his personal demons and finds his saviour in the tick tocking Tibenoch.

Ples isn’t quite sure how they make it from the study to his bedroom, but he attempts to rationalize with himself (he’s so young, he should be out with his friends, Ples should send him home, not give in, not let him keep company with an old geezer like him). It’s a futile attempt, he’s already pressed the lad into the silken covers, gingerly pulling his shirt up and kissing his thin stomach with light, fluttering touches. He’s so gentle, careful, meticulous; he isn’t sure if this angers or saddens the boy more. Inbetween his musings the clever kid has moved; Ples is on his back, clutching at the pillow and sheets, the blonde unzipping his slacks and pressing rough and hurried kisses to him while Tibenoch moans and arches, helpless.

It takes a while for the man to regain control, even though he thinks that’s a silly notion, the lad obviously is the one pulling the strings, making things move. He’s flush against Ples, gasping and moaning and hoping his tears are mistaken for sweat, but Tibenoch is very observant but doesn’t say anything. His stomach is light but his heart is heavy, and he presses the boy closer, whispering his name into his ear, willing him to know he is safe and secure and welcomed.

The boy is quiet afterwards, staring at Ples with his doe eyes, contemplating if it’s safe to move closer, and Tibenoch saddens as he beckons him to his side. The blonde is thin, small, even for Ples, and curls into his side, hand draped across Ples’s chest. Tibenoch runs a hand softly up and down his back, his chin buried in the lad’s thick hair.

Tibenoch is an early riser, but by the time dawn shines into his window the bed is cold, and he hears nothing but his tick tocking gears. He leaves the bed, showers, dresses, reads from a book until it’s time, and departs from the ancient house.

He’s a regular where the boy works, the liquor store’s neon sign welcoming him. The shop has just opened, and over the months of knowing the kid he’s memorized his schedule, when he works and his days off and when he’s free for Ples to take to grab a coffee or walk the park. Ples immediately picks up his preferred poison, approaching the counter. Something feels wrong, and he hesitates. The boy should, would be behind the counter, bright eyed and chirpy, making small talk as he rang up the merchandise. But an older, sour faced woman walks out of the back.

“Will tha’ be all?”

He stutters, confused.

“I said, tha’ be all?” She speaks slower, taking him for a simpleton. He ignores her question.

“What happened to the young man who works this shift?” He’s becoming worried, it’s not like the boy to call in sick without calling and telling Tibenoch first. It was something that always delighted the man, and he would wish him well and tell him he’d see him another day at the store, and usually bring him a small gift of a card or soda or something, anything to cheer up the boy.

“Who? Oh, you mean that skinny kid with tha’ blonde mop? Quit yes’erday. Somethin’ about college. Movin’ away. You wan’ me to bag these up?”

Tibenoch says no thank you, he’s made a mistake, he doesn’t really feel like scotch today, he’ll purchase something another day, but he probably won’t. He quietly leaves, walks to his house, and walks inside, shutting the door behind him.

The house is quiet, and all he can hear is his tick tocking gears.

For the Ples spoiler about how he might be secretly all double-personality and everything, this song fits perfectly-ish: (ignore the douchey song intro in the beginning)

Christ, Confag.
You're such a.. fag.

This picture is a coupon for insta-smile.

File: 12773553248.png-(118.38KB, 655x606, CATRAD.png)

Okay wow. And I mean WOW. That was amazing. Most of the stuff in this fandom is just brainless porn and then here's something that's thoughtful and well written and just plain fantastic. I hope this is the start of a new stage in our fandom.

File: 127735831326.png-(189.59KB, 800x1000, WHEN DID YOU GET THERE.png)

I think I just got diabetes.

File: 127735933246.png-(197.86KB, 800x1000, 127735831326.png)

This is adorable.


Oh wow, I laughed..... now add Worth behind Lamont? Surprise threesome


i am torn between lulz and unf, it's a very confusing emotion

This is the most adorable thing. Ever. Period. Oh my god.

File: 127736016821.png-(371.11KB, 450x1143, ilutessa.png)

File: 127736031276.jpg-(285.34KB, 800x1000, rainbows.jpg)

File: 12773609967.png-(475.34KB, 1017x1000, SURPRIIIISE.png)
>>46051 >>46055

This just keeps getting better and better.

File: 127736158099.jpg-(397.23KB, 1017x1000, 1277360996sdfsdf76ryrtysd.jpg)

File: 127736209461.jpg-(272.25KB, 720x708, kawaii.jpg)




It has magical healing properties.

This is rapidly approaching faggotry event horizon, guys. KEEP PUSHIN' IT

ILU people, seriously, this thread is making me smile. <3

File: 127736724536.jpg-(844.56KB, 1152x1728, UM.jpg)
Newfag! Been lurking for a while, felt like I should contribute something. This is the first dick I've drawn. Ever. Like Ever.

Oh, exploitable.

Yes, please.


I love you as much as I could ever possibly love a stranger on the internet

Can I bribe/ coerce/ persuade any of you into giving me a hand with Midsummer 3?

I know where I'm going with it now, I've even written an outline which is totally not like me, but I really need someone more experienced with non-con to help me write the vicious, nasty bits.

I'd sage for making personal requests instead of contributing, but my email field is full of main contact. Sorry.

File: 127738841694.jpg-(101.11KB, 900x726, 1277381406185.jpg)
When did Veser an Ples have a kid?

:'C This is so sad and amazing


This is marvelous, keep going. :D love the sketchyness

File: 127739593175.jpg-(24.93KB, 455x379, deerop.jpg)
You know what we still havent seen yet?

<-- this

(spoiler'd for obvious spoiler and shitty request drawing...if you can even call it that)

:3c Desu?


Idea yes. Picture no


When I get home I'll post the like, two I did. Also desuples is adorable


picture was for the fact that i'm a n00b and don't know how to do 'super-special-black-box-spoiler'

sage for stopping the beginnings of wank


Hnngh Dresden Dolls. I agree though, I the beginning and end bits totally ruin the mood.

File: 127740369717.jpg-(286.76KB, 1500x1200, Hanna_is_Not_a_Contest_Prize_by_Cacodaemonia.jpg)
We're being inundated with awesome lately. It's pretty cool.

I think they meant that we already talked about the idea of good!Ples/evil!Ples but we haven't seen art of it yet, bro.

Also to do spoilertext do this [ spoiler ] wordswordswords [ /spoiler ], just rid of the spaces.

We need some evil!Ples/Worth like burning.
And don't tell me it doesn't make sense.


Tell me I'm not the only one who's insanely excited about this. Whyyy is this fandom so fucking talented? <3


Holy shit. Consider my mind blown.

I'll be waiting for this and stalking it like a hawk


That has the potential to be fucking AWESOME.

I want to offer to help with sprites, if any help is needed, but I don't want to cause offense, so fuck it. Haha.

File: 12774154505.jpg-(314.13KB, 616x960, 24-06-10_1825.jpg)
HiNaBN has reached Argentina!!!
My Hanna is so GNEE~!

Ahahah oh my god I did not expect to see this when I came here today. At all. Thank you? ♥

Oh wow, if you know how to make sprites, I would seriously love to hear from you about this. There'd be no offense taken whatsoever! Feel free to hit me up wherever!

I'd like to be a beta tester if possible. But i wasn't sure how to properly contact you haha

I was going to set up a post on the LJ community when the demo was finished, with my email and other contact info up for people without accounts there. Probably won't be until about this time next week, though.

alrighty, i'll be sure to look for it when its up!

File: 127741954973.jpg-(545.54KB, 834x1077, nom.jpg)



We must expand this collection..


Do want moar please.

File: 127742401745.jpg-(105.49KB, 625x532, Under_The_Waves_by_vert_is_ninja.jpg)
Poor Lee. It seems to be his fate to be depressed/depressing.

(Also, holy crap the fandom has exploded even more. I've just about given up sorting through all the new content in the DA club.)


~somewhere...beyond the sea

>Nnnrg. Why do I get the bad feeling Mr. Hatch is saying, "CHECK IT OUT, CAN I TIE A NOOSE LIKE A PRO OR WHAT?"

THAT COMMENT. Jesus I lol'd.

... Okay, sage for stupid question, but even though I now know how spoiler tags work yep, this seems to work, I am lost as to how to make that green text. Is it as simple as [quote]something[/quote]? Or even [green]something[/green]?


Nope, neither. All you need is a '>'
in front of your text.

The usual procedure? Like how it used to be?

>Testing, testing
Thank you.

File: 127743115029.jpg-(39.89KB, 425x600, tumblr_ksyhgqdXA31qzxy8ho1_500.jpg)

What is the sound of one anon coming?
The one I just made. HNNNNGGGGH.


Is it just me, or does he look a bit like Alan Tudyk/Wash from Firefly?

File: 12774317175.jpg-(91.68KB, 700x657, canikeepit.jpg)
there were a bunch of drawings of princess!Hanna, but none of prince!Hanna, but i'm slow and this is old now
and Vesseal is there, idk man


Oh man...sudden idea...

Someone draw Wash and Hanna fighting with toy dinosaurs?

Drawfag out of the closet here, willing to take a request.

>>46191 Fapping Hanna, please? I have no imaginations.

Dude, SOMEONE has to draw Hanna and Conrad from Magpie's amazing Hanna/Conrad fic last thread!

Preety please with Hanna on top... er... Teehee.


requestin some moar Evil!ples x Ples please

File: 127743338330.png-(296.15KB, 500x426, everywhere.png)

Awww gee, thank you, man I would be so flattered! <3 I might even illustrate it myself since I haven't contributed any drawfag stuff in a while, but I would love love love to see someone else's take on it so feel free.

Oh, Wash, you are also dead but of a slightly more cheery disposition?

File: 127743443795.jpg-(36.56KB, 700x700, hannafap.jpg)

Drawfag delivers


Sauce please, reqfag. Prolly read it, can't find it atm.


Oh, I wish I could write porns. I'd be all over this.
Requesting such a thing from any write!fags out there.


second this too


Oh god, yes.


....AND I somehow erased part of Hanna's leg on accident. DISREGARD AND ENJOY. I'll fix it later.....

/r/ing Zombie/a zombie. Not kidding. Either that or .../Hanna where Zombie is vicious and rabid and, well, zombie-like.

You looking for writefag or drawfag? Because Lascaux did some amazing art that fits the bill I think.


Either, and I've seen some of Lascaux's art, it's freaking amazing but I want moar. I'll probably write it myself eventually if nothing shows up.

File: 127743823073.jpg-(92.62KB, 700x700, plesples.jpg)

Drawfag once again delivers. Don't forget to feed your drawfag's ego, or it will wither!

File: 127743881528.png-(136.79KB, 630x826, Snapshot_20100619_1 copy.png)
I made this. I don't know if I like it though, man.

Based on a RP where we went camping. Hanna fell asleep on Zombie's shoulder in front of the fire.

>>46234 I may be loking at this on my phone, but I love the look on nice!Ples' face, even through the grainy pixels. I wish someone would write a fic. P.S. It's realy hard to type this on a phone.


/r/ing this, even if it's not porn

File: 127743982984.jpg-(204.58KB, 550x400, robot-unicorn-attack-copy.jpg)



Dear drawfag.
Always. I want to be with you. And make believe with you. And live in harmony, harmony.


I'm on it, nobody move!

File: 127744024755.jpg-(16.88KB, 400x400, ALWAYS.jpg)


Look at the cute little troll <3


you love it don't lie.

File: 127744496114.jpg-(124.25KB, 576x461, zoom!.jpg)
Done! Maybe I'll do a colorful version and put it on the DevianTart.

Having some resizing issues. Grr.



Go on, reward yourself! Reqfag. You know you want to.


Hanna: And then Mr. Velociraptor went ZOOOOOOM through the air because he fights all of the crime, and--
Wash: I think Mr. Stegosauraus, PhD, would like to contest that velociraptors did not fly.
Hanna: And that is why velociraptors were carnivores. NOM NOM NOM.
Wash: Ahhh!
(Both fall into a giggling fit. Conrad, sitting in a nice chair a few feet away, rolls his eyes, and then goes back to his iPhone.)

If you're serious, I'm kinda partial to ZomHan blowjobs.


I love you


oh god someone fic it


Why can I see Worth playing amateur surgeon on the iPhone?


That is a very good reason to Derp....Now...We need a fanfiction about this...Something about Hanna and runes and magic gone horribly wrong...ripping good and bad from the whole...then sexy time ensues...

File: 127744907546.jpg-(59.22KB, 700x700, THEY SEE ME FAGGIN.jpg)

This drawfag motherfuckin delivers.

except with backgrounds, they can go to hell.

I love you <3
brb bunk




This little drawfag then went to bed. All other req's can be stated, but might not be gotten to. Gnight!

File: 127745660456.gif-(27.97KB, 480x320, likechristmas.gif)
>>46166 Someone tell me why I want to ship these two because I want it like burning PLEASE HALP
>>46063 (This thread... bestfuckingthing in the universe X infinity devided by zero )
>>45959 OHGOD that's the kind of stuff that makes me feel dirty because I LOVE THIS :I <33333



:U Awesome. Yeah, I used to make fairly good money off of pixel work. I'll keep an eye out for your post on the LJ community.

Hanna and Wash playing dinosaurs:
>>(Both fall into a giggling fit. Conrad, sitting in a nice chair a few feet away, rolls his eyes, and then goes back to his iPhone.)
You mean "Conrad AND ZOE roll their eyes, Conrad going back to his iPhone and Zoe returning to the cleaning of her guns"? Because that's what I think you meant.

I don't really like your zombie (blushing? psh!) but hrrfffnrg excitedbjgiving!Hanna is my favorite ever. Ever since Lascaux's thing, makin me wish I had a dick so I could find over excited 24yo redheads to suck it.


Perfect. Both facial expressions are so hnnngh.

File: 127747011522.png-(108.43KB, 397x329, BABY_GIMME_YOUR_LOVE_by_ZethRina.png)
You should totally do a whipped cream dancing animation.




(same drawfag)




har har har. Yeah, never actually drawn him before so i'll chalk it up to that. Is it just the blushing that's the issue, or...? IMPROVEFAG?

i think it's the blushing, the (mentioned by someone else) elf ears, and the nose. the nose is wrong. Zombie's is longer and straighter. Also, his eyebrows are really thin and for the most part get lost in the dark area around his eyes.

BUT HEY you're well on your way to awesomeness. you've already given this board more porn than this anon, so KEEP THAT SHIT UP.
(and I like their arms and skinny excited Hanna and the hair.)

File: 127748017359.png-(210.17KB, 664x607, nibnib.png)
Generic Zombie/Hanna

I am excited for this, although I think it's unnecessary. Rephrase- I am excited that this will bring Hanna fans back to pchat.

File: 127748460981.png-(67.97KB, 399x306, walking vesser.png)
Still drawfagging


-love, your neighborhood drawfag

Tried filling any prompts from the kinkmeme yet?

moar blowjobs
handcuffs and punk AU is always a great idea.


Nah, no prompts. Personal requests are so much better!

What I would like to know is how many Hannafags at cons around the world are going to make a Whipped Cream live tribute video?

Hinabn cosplay + Ludo. You know it makes sense.

>>46314 I got one for you: Worth giving Ples a prostate exam. The creepier Worth looks, the better.

As much as I want it, and I want it A LOT, it's already hard enough to look at Ludo and not have dirty thoughts... A crossover will probably end up awesomely but some of us would be dying.

Unrelated note;

This anon desires a fic in which, after 10 years of abstinence, {...} is REALLY "enthusiastic" about sex.
Idk maybe sharing a bed or Hanna is bent over the tub doing some house-cleaning, and {...} pops a wicked boner. Que "I can't help myself!" frottage, followed by accidental face-fucking of amateur bj!hanna.

That's what I want.


I agree with this anon; requesting as well help with procrastination of a certain ples/ples picture i'm drawing...dohoho

File: 127749143524.jpg-(44.09KB, 700x700, tied.jpg)

Perhaps next time, Hanna would take more time to plan out "how to deal with a succubus problem"

DELIVERED-- albeit shitty color and LACK OF BACKGROUND ohwellyoudontpaymeHA

Haha, sometimes you frighten me /coq/.
Ooh don't stop.

>>46318 I, too, request this. This may keep me in my bunk for a while.

File: 127749223891.jpg-(8.33KB, 240x383, dress.jpg)
Response to, but I'm posting it here too because I'm a filthy attention whore. Picture is the dress I had in mind whilst writing.

Tl;dr: Conrad wears a dress, Worth fucks him.

It hadn't been so bad a birthday. Lamont had paid for his beers all night, but had refused to waive his latest bill. (Asshole.) Hanna had presented him with a brand new set of scalpels and his yearly failed attempt at hugging him - Worth'd only asked for a top-up of runes, but Hanna had gotten very indignant about the fact that those wouldn't have been a real present because they wouldn't have been special and presents were supposed to be special and he'd started to feel guilty for upsetting the kid so he'd had to accept them even though he knew how much they must have set him back. Plus that zombie friend of his had started to look murderous. Mum and dad said Hi Hope You're Still Alive in the same little card they sent him every year.

Lil' sis had sent him a couple new shirts, some swishy overpriced designer crap, all different colours. He'd liked them a lot right up until he'd found all the fifties she'd hidden in the fucking pockets. Fucking hell. The checks had been insulting enough, but at least he could just 'forget' to cash those. Who did she even think she was, anyway? His little sister was what she was. Rnn. Five hours spent in the bar had forced his annoyance to recede somewhat, but the walk home had left his brain to itself again so by the time he'd gotten back to the surgery it was almost 5AM and he was pretty much ready to call it a night. Day. Whatever. Still dark anyways. He tried to turn his key in the lock and couldn't do it because he'd forgotten to actually lock his front door yet again. Eh. Maybe someone'd stolen the shirts and gotten rid of the problem for him. Fat chance. He shoved the door open, and nearly fell over with surprise.

Conrad was sat on his desk, legs stretched out and barefoot. Presumably this was because even he didn't have any shoes faggy enough to go with the froufy, glittery, pale pink fucking dress he had on.

"Hi," he smiled.

It should have looked completely ridiculous. Worth's brain was trying very hard to make this point clear to him, in spite of the amount of beer it'd been assaulted with during the hours previous. The dress was one of those ones that stopped just over where the tits would be on a woman, revealing Conrad's previously-unseen collarbones. There were all bits of glitter and stuff on the top part, jewels and things. There was a tiara nestled in Conrad's hair as well, which he hadn't noticed the first time he'd looked on account of it probably being too confusing to take in all at once. In spite of all the girly shit, though, Conrad hadn't bothered to shave his legs, and the wiry black hairs stood out starkly against his too-pale skin. Worth /should/ have been doubled over with laughter. Instead, the phrase 'silver platter' was flashing in his mind like a neon sign. He'd fucked this kid a few times before, but Connie being the insecure little fag he was about everything, the clothes had stayed on every single damn time. Now he was sat right there on Worth's desk, legs exposed to the world - not even wearing stockings, the little slut - and Worth had never really taken collarbones into account until right about now but damn those looked tasty. He was getting hard. This was ridiculous. Maybe he'd already passed out & this was just a weird sex dream. Yeah, probably. Fuck it. Conrad slid off the desk - was that his imagination or was that a tattoo of a fucking dinosaur on his shoulderblade Worth just saw? - and was probably about to say something stupid when Worth shoved his mouth onto his.

Conrad always went floppy whenever Worth kissed him; normally it was laughably pathetic but now he had the dress on it seemed delicate, flower-like even. Christ, how drunk was he? Hands were suddenly in Worth's hair, making little chickeny half-attempts at pulling it that actually felt kinda good now that he wasn't preoccupied with how much of a pussy the guy was for not tugging properly. Those crappy plastic glasses of his were getting in the way so he hooked a finger through them and tugged them off, surprisingly without any resistance whatsoever. Maybe the dress was getting to Conrad, too - making everything all passive and romantic and whatever. Meeting up on a moonlit night, Conrad was the locked up princess and he was the dashing stranger with a sword and - what on Earth was he even going on about? Man up, honestly. Worth had to assert control over the situation, drunk as balls or no. He reached around to grab his ass through the taffeta as he slipped his tongue in further, Connie moaned sort of desperately and that was it; the spell was broken and he was shoving Conrad back up against the desk, one arm around his waist & the other planted on the desk for leverage, forcing himself between his legs. Conrad tried to buck away when the desk's edge started to press into the backs of his thighs, but Worth wasn't letting him get anywhere, and he used his free arm to pin Conrad's behind his back for good measure.

Having Connie moan and whine like this was fun no matter what crap he was wearing. Worth dipped his head to lap at his neck - paying special attention to the bite-scar, seeing as it always got the most hilarious noises out of him - before turning his attention to those collarbones of his. They looked even better close-up. He bit one of them, eliciting an extra special squeal from the little fag that made his cock twitch like it'd been hooked up to jump leads. Speaking of which, Conrad's own member'd gotten pretty insistent itself, pushing up through the taffeta. Good.

"Stay there," Worth growled, then dropped onto his knees, lifting the fluffy skirt over his head. He saw the boring boxer briefs Conrad had on underneath and felt a tiny pang of disappointment that they weren't lace panties or anything like that. Worth tugged them down anyway. He knew exactly what he wanted to do, but Connie was going to need a little more encouragement before he'd actually let him do it.

No fucking around here, he wanted Conrad needy and pliant as quickly as possible. Placing one hand on the back of his thigh and wrapping the other around the base of his cock, Worth sucked right down until his lips were flush with his fingers, doing his best not to grin as Conrad bucked into his throat almost immediately. Poor puppy needed love, aw. He moved his tongue slowly against the base of it and tried to build up a rhythm, which was a fucking task and a half seeing as Conrad kept trying to join in, and his fingers were slicked up with enough spit he slowly shifted them down toward Conrad's balls, letting him slip deeper into his mouth bit by bit. Easy, now. Too much too fast and he'd only freak out over it. Still, Worth couldn't resist the urge to squeeze a little; provoke a tiny mewl.

Which gave him an idea. Pulling back (the moan of disappointment Connie made when his cock completely left Worth's mouth was noted and grinned at), he tugged the briefs that had been hanging round Conrad's knees all the way down - eventually Conrad got the hint and picked his feet up enough for them to come completely off - and hauled himself to standing, underwear in hand. Conrad's face was an absolute picture when he got there; pupils of his teeny eyes all dilated, mouth hanging open like an idiot, expression like a tiny puppy who'd just had his favourite chew toy pulled away. Absolutely exquisite. Now to make it better. He took Conrad's chin between his thumb and forefinger, and then with enough force to to do it before he could try and close his mouth but enough kindness to prevent him from thinking that he was going to get hit in the face and ducking, he stuffed the (white, incidentally) briefs into Conrad's mouth. His shock was actually palpable, but Worth must've been doing something right down there because he didn't move an inch during or afterward, despite all the little huffs of protest he was making through the dirty cotton. Worth put a finger to Conrad's parted lips and told the little pansy to hush down.

"Won't get a treat otherwise," he smirked, before hunkering back down underneath the skirts again.

He returned more or less to where he'd left off, cock deep in his throat - well, maybe he was pushing his luck a little bit, spreading his fingers outward after every squeeze of Conrad's balls to stroke along his taint, inching toward his asshole a little more every time. Perfect, tight little asshole - nngh. It took an unbearably long time to get a fingertip there, brush over its edges until Conrad's legs were trembling & then press himself in -

The noises that Conrad was making were absolutely magical by this point; muffled little pleas for either more or help amongst the mewls & whimpers. His hands were pushing against his skirts & resting limply against the back of Worth's head, too overloaded to manage anything further. It was time to make the move, and the thought of that made Worth's trousers too uncomfortable to keep on any longer. He pushed them down around his thighs with his free hand, barely even noticing the friction of the done-up zipper against his erection, and oh-so-slowly pulled himself off of Conrad's for the second time.

"Turn around," he gasped, trying to pull himself together a little more and failing, which was kind of disturbing, given that it was Count Fagula in a little pink dress he was dealing with. Conrad's only response was to twitch a little, fingers of one hand curling inward in an attempt to grab hair that couldn't be reached through the taffetta anyways. Worth tried again. "Turn around," he growled, this time actually managing a growl, and after a few seconds' shaky hesitation, Conrad complied, moaning deliciously as Worth refused to budge his finger and he was forced to feel the twist of it inside him.

"Put yer hands on the desk n' keep 'em there," Worth ordered, although there wasn't really anywhere else that Conrad could feasibly put them. Whatever. It was the command that mattered. He tugged at his thighs to make him bend over a little more, removing his finger as slowly as he could bear it, & then finally, fucking finally, he was dipping head toward Connie's ass, pushing him apart with both hands, pushing his tongue against the entrance he'd already stretched, pressing and lapping and making him moan like the desperate little whore he was. Fuck. Yes.

He was jerking off somewhat desperately himself now, though, if he were honest about things. He made up for his brief lapse into pansydom by wrapping around Conrad with the other hand and stroking as firmly as he could without ripping the poor kid's cock off entirely, which was kind of tough because he'd been waiting for so long now that he was getting far too into every little sensation and the taste and the smell of Conrad were just a little too much - he knew the extent of Conrad's obsessive cleanliness, but no amount of soap and hot water, no girly patchouli aftershave or fancy little suit jacket could stop him entirely from smelling like a man where it mattered most, even as he was keening and whining at the feel of it like a little schoolgirl, all dolled up in his prom dress. Pretty little princess...

He was going to come. He could feel it in Connie, too - how tense he always got before it happened. He could have finished himself off with just a few more pumps of his wrist, but Conrad's thighs were shaking so much now. He had to. "Get on the floor," he just about managed, and although Conrad was eager to do exactly as he said he needed to lean against Worth's shoulders on the way down, flop back against his chest as his knees finally gave way altogether. Worth tipped him onto the floor, ass in the air, and gathered up the fluffy skirts into a bunch before pushing them up as ar as they would go, exposing Conrad completely for a brief moment before the head of his cock pushed up against his asshole and there was only the slightest of pushes before he slid right inside and they were fucking; not just pissy end-of-the-argument sex but real, hard, involved fucking, the kind you forgot your own name during. With Conrad. In a dress. Shit he needed to stop drinking. Or maybe not something quite so drastic as that, but still. The panties were still in Conrad's mouth and Worth could see his lips straining around them with every thrust he made, trying to gasp out words, making stifled little 'oh' sounds as Worth pushed into that tight wet coldness; maybe that was what made it so good, the fact that it was cold rather than hot, made it feel tighter around his cock, made every move Conrad made underneath him more apparent. He was coming; long, hot spurts that warmed everything up around him and made Conrad groan at the sensation. Conrad was coming too, though - muscles tightening around Worth's cock, squeezing the last tiny bit of energy from him before he finally flopped onto Conrad's back, face buried in shimmery pink flounce and gasping for breath.

It took a few minutes for either of them to regain their composure - Worth rolling away from Conrad & onto the cool conrete of his office floor, Conrad pulling his underwear from his mouth and making a face at how soaked with spit they had become. They lay beside each other for a while, entirely silent.

"I thought you'd laugh," Conrad finally sighed.

"Eh, so did I," Worth replied, scrabbling for a cigarette from his coat pocket and lighting up a particularly bent one. Suited the occasion. "How d'ye even make it here like that?"

"I didn't, I changed here," Conrad said, and sure enough when Worth craned his head he spied a neatly-folded little pile of Conrad's regular hipster attire in the corner, along with a rather large and expensive-looking bottle of single malt. "Kind of got you a present, too. But I mean it's not much, you don't have to be like -"

"Ah, bloody shut up before y'give me a headache," Worth cut in. "Gonna take that dress back, I guess?"

"I was; then you happened to it," he retorted. "Come-stains aren't gonna go down well at the costume hire place."

"Don't go on at me, takes two to tango," Worth smirked. "Anyways, maybe y'should start wearing gowns more often. Make a nice change from time t'time. Plus it'd be pretty low-maint'nce fer you - jus' the one thing to put on." He was given a jab in the ribs by way of reply. Well, OK.

"Right, I'm leaving now," he said, clambering from the floor and making for his folded-up clothes. His little post-coital catchphrase - always those exact words. Cute, really.

"Ah, don't," Worth called, propping himself up on his elbows and taking one last drag on his dying cigarette before putting the new one between his lips and sparking. "S'almost dawn now, y'd hafta run. N' anyway, I don't want ya gettin' beaten up round 'ere n' me havin t'fix yer on my day off."

Conrad sort-of relented, still picking up his clothes but not actually making for the door yet.

"C'mon," said Worth, picking himself up and going toward his little bedroom. "You grab that whiskey. I'll drink it, you can drink me. Spend the day in style."

"Oh, whatever," he finally sighed, picking up the bottle. Worth supposed that must've been Conrad for "I'm going to get absolutely shitfaced in the space of about twenty minutes, giggle a lot and then pass out in your bed," seeing as that was what he did almost immediately afterward, but at least it meant that Worth got a second go at those collarbones.

want this like buuurrrning




this was even better the second time around ilu

HAHAHAHAHAHA oh, I came. <3 That was amazing. Thank you for that. Also, that dress.

>>46316 That sounds kinda hot for some reason...o_o

File: 127750683838.jpg-(283.32KB, 900x685, Don__t_You_Get_It_by_vert_is_ninja.jpg)
Veser, man, you gotta get off the juice, bro. I know you're excited about your new role as a cast member on The Jersey Shore, but you're startin' to get the roid rage. Snooki wont love you anymore like that!

(I kid, I kid. Veser looks awesome. Poor guy.)

True dat. Also whats this Ples spoiler I've been hearing so much about?

Go back through the last couple threads and look for posts with black spoiler bars. I think it was...two threads back that we discussed it?


Now we need some Veser/Hanna


Here's the exact post hun. Beware.

I have a prompt, but it's gonna take one hell of a writefag:
A while ago, back in the early days of coq's Hannafagging, there was a wonderful ConWorth-fic, where Conrad mentioned wanting to take advantage of everything he had learned about Worth, about his body and his weaknesses, to truly earn the upper hand. This - Connie being lovingly manipulative, Worth being forced to beg, anything, from pain to mere taunting. Can it be done, /coq/?

If it can be done, I vote Spook does it, because nobody writes ConWorth like her (and that was her fic you're referencing). <3 Also I WANT THIS, badly. But seriously no pressure bb, the writefag muse is a fickle lover.


Thanks Anon...thats gonna be awesome, cant wait to see it





File: 127751792679.jpg-(419.38KB, 720x523, zoom!.jpg)

Colored the Wash and Hanna thing from last night.

Holee shit, gays. 'Member me?

... No?

Didn't figure so...

Good news though! I'll post that mystical young!ConWorth tonight! Hurr hurr...

But, you'll probably all be asleep. Oh well. :B

-saaaaaage for no content-



Thirded. Writefags of the world, PLEASE DO.

File: 127752256538.jpg-(76.31KB, 700x700, HEH HEH HEH.jpg)





Wash. ;__;

>>46396 Cas, Finas, Confag. Naked twister. Can you make it so? I will also be taking requests, if anyone is interested.


Oh please do angry veser/hanna sex? i will give you as many loves as you can handle

<3 <3 young!ConWorth OMG, thank you

>>46406 Should they be equally angry or should someone be putting a ho in their place?


equally angry because angry sex is awesome


Oh you do?! C:
I've been visiting a friend and now family and urrrrgh.
But now I have some free time and I'm getting to the good bits... AWWWYEEEAAAH.
I'm finishing it tonight, slowly but surely; But the television is on and I'm in the chain-smoking mood tonight...


B'AWW AND ASSPATS. Anyways I'll do it.


-sage sage I can't shut up and post some content-



Or an evil!Ples/good!Ples thing om nom nom nom.

File: 127752884432.jpg-(59.15KB, 700x700, twi st.jpg)

JUST SO YOU KNOW this was absurdly hard. I know the anatomy is off, fuck it.

>>46419 Fine with me. Now, I'll be off to finish what I need to do.


I AIN'T GOT NO SATISFACTION. FROM. YOUR. LOVEEEEEEEEE. should totes trade me back with some Worth AWWWWYIS

This may sound stupid but I'm going to throw this out there anyway. I think Hannatown needs some reaction images. This is a chan board after all. There have been several instances where an ever popular "what's going on in here guys?..." was needed. (Seriously, you guys are awesome like that)

Sage for nothing of value being posted




I do want me some delicious twinks.



The first thing that went through Luce’s head was, “I‘M GONNA GODDAMNIT KILL YEH LAMONT.” The next was, “Who ‘n the FUCKING HELL is knockin’ at my door when I FINALLY GOT TO SLEEP?!”

He had been awake for a few days, working on something or another for some professor that probably wasn’t going to get done, but who gave a shit. Not him. He threw a book at the door and pulled himself off the couch, not bothering to put on a shirt. He was going to murder whoever was behind that door, for serious.

Luce flung the door open to see a slowly retreating figure headed down the stairs.

“If this is a ding-dong-ditch, I‘m NOT FUCKIN‘ AMUSED.” The figure turned around; it was Conrad.

“Oh, hello, princess,” Luce tried not to smile, getting more of a smug grin, “Wotcha doin‘ around here at-” he looked at the clock behind him, “Two-thirty.”

Conrad shrugged, “I thought you‘d be awake… And… I couldn‘t really think of anywhere else to go…”

Luce frowned, “To go for wot? I‘m not dealin‘ drugs to any of yer li’l kiddie friends.” Conrad scoffed and walked back towards the door. As soon as he was in range, Luce could smell various alcohols and mixers just rolling off the kid. He gave him a hard stare, “Wot‘re you? Drunk?”

“No,” Conrad said bluntly, fixing Luce with a blank stare, “My mom… spilled some on me.” Luce stared at him some more.

“So? Are yeh gonna tell me wot ya wanted?” Conrad glanced at Luce’s face and sighed heavily, running a hand through his hair.

“I was wondering… If I could, like… Crash here tonight.” Conrad finished the sentence, sighing again. Luce just loved mashing the kid’s buttons. He figured teasing him would still be pretty fun, even though it looked like he had had a rough night already.

“Yeh gonna ask nicely?” Conrad looked like he might protest for a moment, but apparently decided not to [spoil sport].

“Please?” Luce stared at him, making a questioning noise in his throat. Conrad tried again, rolling his eyes, “Please, Luce, may I stay here tonight?”

Luce smiled, he probably shouldn’t be getting totally hot to this, but what the hell, the kid would be legal soon enough. Besides, Connie loved it, so it wasn’t like he was in any worry of getting found out. He considered briefly making him beg for it, but decided he could probably get him to beg for something else if he didn’t aggravate him too much. He stood aside, letting the boy walk in.

“Yeh seriously need a shower,” Luce teased, closing the door and leaning on it, “Yeh smell like an alcoholic.”

“You‘re one to talk,” Conrad growled, at a bit more ease now that he was inside the house, “When was the last time you took a shower?” Luce shrugged, still smirking, waiting for Conrad to give in, get naked, and get in the shower. Which he did, with a disgruntled mumble.

“Fine, I hate being sticky anyways,” he pulled off his hoodie and stood there expectantly, “Well? Where‘s the bathroom?” Luce walked down the hall, past his room and Lamont’s room and the linen closet that didn’t hold linens. He opened the door to the slightly grimy room.

“Go ahead,” Luce grinned, “I‘ll get ya a towel.” Conrad reluctantly pulled his shirt over his head, staring at Luce once he realized he was still standing there. Luce smiled right on back. Conrad defiantly turned around and dropped his pants, looking at Luce again once he was in his unders.

“Are you seriously just going to stand there until I‘m in the shower?” Luce shrugged, unmoving. Conrad sighed for the millionth time tonight and continued undressing. He stepped into the shower and Luce turned to get a towel. He froze and cursed to himself, rifling through some shit to pull out a towel that looked vaguely clean from Lamont’s pile of laundry and some boxers that may be clean out of his.

Luce walked back into the bathroom, kicking Conrad’s dirty clothes into his room with a smirk, and threw the towel and boxers on to the floor. He walked into his room and threw some stuff around for a new pack of cigarettes. He found one with twelve missing and shrugged, pulling one out and lighting up. He shed his pants, laid down on his bed and got comfortable.

A few minutes later, Luce heard the water being turned off, some shuffling and a muffled curse. He grinned to himself, imagining his little fag staring forlornly at the boxers and finally deciding they were good enough or, at least, better than a towel or nothing.

“Luce?” he heard Conrad calling, presumably poking his head out the bathroom door, or around the corner.

After a moment, he answered with a quiet, “In here.” He listened to the soft padding of feet and finally saw his door slowly opening. Conrad stepped into the doorway, looking around, perhaps in disgust or terror, at the degree of filth around Luce’s room; over-flowing ashtrays, glass bottles, magazines, clothes, dirty dishes, and trash were all just strewn about, matching the smoky and distinctly unclean smell of the room.

Luce smirked at him, patting the space in his bed that wasn’t occupied by him and tapping some ash into the closest ashtray that wasn’t filled to the brim. Conrad walked over to the bed, looking rather embarrassed, and laid down beside Luce, putting his hands behind his head and trying with all his might to look chill. Luce, obviously saw right through that.

“So, yeh gonna tell me why the hell yer at my house at this hour?” Luce rolled to his side, invading Conrad’s personal space even more so, causing Conrad to put his arms down and pull closer into himself.

“I guess…” he said with a huff, “See my mom got real drunk, started throwing stuff, called me my dad, and told me to get out. So… I figured I‘d come here.”

He knew he shouldn’t dig on the kid’s problems, but that had never stopped him before and he couldn’t really help it, “Because you don‘t have any friends, right?” He smirked and Conrad shrugged.

“I guess not. Not really anyways.”

“Probably ‘cause you‘re a wussy faggot.” Luce mused, nudging Conrad in the ribs.

“Yeah. Probably,” Conrad laughed back. Luce pressed his face close to Conrad’s ear, predatory smile plastered on his face.

“But tha‘s why I like yeh: yer easy at pick on.” He licked Conrad’s ear, relishing in the soft hitch in his breathing. He quickly rolled over to his other side, facing away from Conrad to put out his half-finished cigarette.

He flipped back over with one fluid motion, straddling Conrad and placing his face inches in front of the other‘s. Conrad held his breath as Luce edged closer, a daring look in his eyes.

“Yeh wanna fuck?”

Conrad stared at him, baffled. He was already hard, quickly losing his breath and Luce was pretty sure he knew the answer, but really, really wanted Conrad to say it.

“Y-yeah…” Conrad muttered, his face flushed, “Yeah.”

Luce ground down on him and leaned in to lick his neck from jaw to ear, biting down and getting a pleasing whimper, “Are ya sure?”

Conrad groaned and pressed himself into Luce, “Yeah. Yeah, I‘m sure.”

“I want you to beg for it.”

Conrad stared up at him, breathing heavy and biting his lip, “Really?” Luce cocked an eyebrow at the almost obviously rhetorical question. Conrad forged on, “Please?”

Luce pulled down the boxers he lent Conrad with one hand; he lightly bushed Conrad’s cock with the tips of his fingers, “I‘m still waiting…”

Conrad panted a moment, tightly closing his eyes, “Please? Please, can we fuck?”

Luce moved his hand up to grab Conrad’s chin. Conrad opened his eyes, looking perfectly desperate, “I want yeh at look at me when yeh beg.”

Conrad glanced away and back again, moaning when Luce suddenly rotated his hips, rubbing them together, “Please! C‘mon, please… Just do it! Please… Please, fuck me.” Luce decided that would be well enough, rising to his knees and reaching to the shelf above his bed for some lube. He wrangled his and Conrad’s boxers off and drizzled the liquid into his palm.

Without any warning, Luce slid two fingers into Conrad, twisting and scissoring them to find that sweet spot. Conrad squirmed, gripping the sheet beneath him and whimpering at the burn from the stretching. Luce pressed in deeper and knew he found it when Conrad pushed himself onto his fingers and moaned.

“Yeah… Nnh…Oh god, Luce… C‘mon, do it. Please, just- Aah! Just do it!” Conrad groaned, trying desperately to writhe closer.

Luce had no objections, pouring a bit more lube into his hand and rubbing it on his dick. He pushed into Conrad more slowly than before, teasing a whine out of him.

“Yer such a… Uhn… fuckin‘ faggot.” Luce moaned, pressing his stomach onto Conrad’s cock as he gasped and rocked into it.

Luce rolled to his back and pulled Conrad on top of him, pulling his knees up and planting his feet for some leverage. Conrad nearly screamed with the new pressure on his prostate, grinding down on Luce with an abandon. Luce thrust back with matching force, holding onto Conrad's hips hard enough to leave bruises.

"Oh my god... Ahn... I- oh god..." Conrad groaned, placing his hands on Luce's shoulders. Luce moved his hands to the small of Conrad's back, pulling him down as hard as he could and biting his lip, smug grin still half plastered on his face.

He could tell Conrad was getting close, his breath coming in ragged gasping bursts, on of his hands going towards his dick. Luce pushed his hand away with one of his own and grabbed him. The leftover lube on his fingers mixed with the pre-come dripping off Conrad's tip, making his hand slide easily up and down the teen's cock; even easier to roll the head in his palm and gently press the slit with his thumb. He pressed the wrist of his unoccupied hand into Conrad’s mouth, still thrusting wildly.

“Bite me.” Conrad opened his mouth deliriously, barely comprehending the command. Luce gritted his teeth, “I said, bite me damnit!”

Conrad bit down and Luce hissed, “Harder, yeh fuckin’ faggot. Do it like yeh mean it!” The dazed look on Conrad's face dimmed a bit and, when his eyes focused, he bit down with all his might, feeling Luce move faster, slamming into his sweet spot over and over.

Conrad came in Luce's hand first, moaning loudly, clawing at Luce’s shoulders and absolutely tearing into his wrist. The mix of Conrad’s rhythmic clenching and the sharp pain on this wrist and shoulders pushed Luce over quickly after. He shut his eyes, pushing into him a few more times.

He panted under Conrad for a moment before reaching over to his half-empty cigarette pack and lighting one up, "Well, yeh gonna get off, or you wanna go again?"

Conrad lifted himself up slowly and settled down beside Luce, laying there in awkward silence.

“Here,” Luce grabbed something cloth-like from the floor and passed it to Conrad, who cleaned himself up and looked at Luce. Luce took it from him, realizing it was the boxers he had been wearing, and wiped himself off too. He tossed the boxers off somewhere to the side of the bed and blew a thin stream of smoke up into the air.

Luce barely refrained from jumping when Conrad rolled over and placed his head on his chest, flinging an arm over him. Luce ignored the awkward, one-sided gesture and continued puffing on his cigarette, tapping ash onto the floor or bed or whatever. He stared down when he felt a soft shaking.

“What‘re y-” he was cut off by Conrad laughing, whole-heartedly. He stared in mild confusion.

“Aheh… haha… hah… I am so fucked up…” Conrad piped up, the giggles still in his throat with only a hint of sadness.

Luce ignored the potentially unintended pun and ruffled his little Connie’s hair.

“You an‘ me both, kid.”

So that's that. This is what you waited for.


Yeah... I'm going to sleep


I'm not one for AU's, but I gotta say this was pretty damn hot. And adorable.

Ahahahaha 'eep'. Poor Ples; how undignified.

File: 127756914826.jpg-(29.40KB, 500x338, worths room.jpg)
Worth's natural habitat. Somebody needs to draw some filthy skeezy Conworth on the fucking disgusting rusting exam table c:

Talc, baby, you know what I like. <33 UNFFF.


why does that picture seem familiar (other then being worth's workspace)

oh my...oh my god.
i'm not usually into underage!conrad but...
that was fantastic. shitfuck. Fuck.


Gunna throw out another request here, because I'm too faggy for the kinkmeme;

Hanna is secretly a cockslut, and wants everyone; Worth, {...}, Conrad, Ves, Lamont, everyone. At the same time.
So, either he gets himself in the middle of an epic, bukkake-style circle-jerk and sucks SO MUCH COCK, or he gets himself some consensual gangbang; one in each hand, a couple in the mouth, and a couple working on his ass.
And he loves it.

I'll give you presents in return later.


o-oh my god.... yes second this

personally, i think this ought to be a drawing.
cuz. come on. i wanna see it.
also, it has great collaboration potential (;


You are SO correct. But alas, I have no prowess with a pencil; My skills are limited in the art department.

Ok, uh, if this is ok- SPOILER FIC, for that bigass Ples spoiler. So evil!ples / Veser fic. Because I can.

Just, ah, if I need to take this down- well, I sure can, so! Onwards to porn!


They were in the biggest stall of a bathroom in some bar, a classy one that suited Ples. Not that what they were doing was anywhere near classy.

“Unh, Ples, please-” Veser shivered, curled his fingers into the wall as he pushed back into the older man.

“Silly boy,” Ples said, silent for a moment as he sucked a kiss onto the back of Veser’s neck, wrapped his hands around his hips to pull him further onto his dick. “I’m not Ples.”

Not Ples- and Veser knew, knew that sometimes Ples was someone else, but he didn’t know what to call the other man, this guy with Ples’ face and Ples’ body and Ples’ hands-

“Stop thinking,” Ples- Not Ples- whispered in his ear, grinding into his ass- he could feel the thick hair against the sensitive skin around his hole and it made him arch and shiver, made him bite his lip as Not Ples pulled out and pushed in, agonizingly slow, nothing how Veser liked it.

“Focus.” Not Ples said, biting his ear lightly as he pushed in hard.

There was hardly any lube, the little being from a small packet the older man had gotten from somewhere. It was just enough, hardly enough, Veser could hardly decide but there was that edge of pain as Not Ples pushed in that made him arch and gasp embarrassingly, whimper at every thrust. This man had flipped a switch, something that- just something, making him a moaning mess against the bathroom wall.

The bathroom door opened and closed and there were sounds, a man breathing heavy, the sound of him unzipping. This didn’t deter Not Ples, made him thrust so sharply that a choked little gasp fell out of Veser’s mouth.

All sounds stopped, the sound evident and loud since there was really no loud music, no screaming, no anything from the bar outside. Ples- whatever his name is- thrust in sharply again with the same result, the same little gasp.

“Who’z there?” The man sounded gruff, drunk as all hell- maybe the bartender or someone, and Veser hoped to god that wasn’t true because in the next second Ples pulled all the way out and slid back in slowly- this time he bit his lip to keep anything from coming out, and of course- of course it ended up with blood on his lip, but at least he didn’t make any noise.

He could practically feel the smugness of the man behind him, who licked his neck and finally, aloud and in Ples’ polite voice, said. “Are you talking to me, sir?”

There was silence on the other side, in which time Not Ples bit at his ear and lavished it with little licks and sucks, his hips moving in slow circles to torture him with not enough.

“What are ya doin’ in there than, huh?”

“Just making a phone call, sir.” Not Ples grinned against the side of his head, one hand slowly sliding up Veser’s shirt, over the taut skin of his stomach, soft touches that made him shiver.

“Awright than.” The man said, and without speaking anymore left, the bathroom door swinging closed.

“Veser.” Ples- damn it, Not Ples- whispered into his ear, and the hand under his shirt finally rubbed hard over his nipple, made him make a `hng` sound because fuck, that felt good. `Did you like it when someone could hear you?”

Here Not Ples gave a sharp twist of his nipple and bit his neck, making him hiss and try to pull away- or, really, his body couldn’t make up his mind, tugging this way and that, because at the same time he felt himself pressing closer, pushing back onto Ples’ dick.

“N-no, fuck no.” Veser said between clenched teeth as Not Ples licked the wound, hummed against his shoulder at was probably blood. “That was- was disgusting, shit, fuck- Don’t-”

Another sharp bite pressed into the same spot; Veser could only imagine the brilliant red mark tomorrow, a reminder of tonight, the ring of teeth that would tell him what he did and who he did it with.

“What if I told you-” Not Ples straightened up, both hands going to his hips. And Veser could tell the movement coming, the way Not Ples pulled out so slowly and gripped him hard, bruising, another fucking reminder.

“What if I told you-” Not Ples repeated again, and Veser could picture the sharp grin- so unlike- “That Ples could hear you?”

That- that surprised a gasp out of him, made a shiver go down his spine and at that exact same moment Not Ples pushed forward, hard, pressed in just the right way and the thought that Ples could hear this- see this, maybe, oh fuck- made him rock up onto his toes, made them curl inside his shoes as he let out a guttural moan, arching his back at the thought- oh god-

“Oh?” Not Ples said, sounding amused. “It’s erotic for you, isn’t it now? Ples listening?”

“Shut up!” Veser said; he pressed his forehead against the wall, revelled in the coolness of the tile against his sweaty skin. “Don’t- don’t let him-”

“Don’t let him listen?” Not Ples gave little, sharp shoves into him, right in that sweet spot and it made him shiver again, push back and bite his lip. “Oh, but Veser- he can see you too, you know.”

“Ngh-” And Veser couldn’t help himself, the way he shuddered and the way he could feel his dick grow a little harder but oh God, no, this was sick, Ples- this was against Ples’ will than, and even though Veser- Veser had wanted it for so long, wanted Ples for so long, this was so so wrong-

“Oh yes.” Not Ples murmured, and Veser couldn’t tell if that was just words or if Not Ples was turned on by his reactions but he snarled, went to turn around but a hand, lightning fast, came out and pushed his head back sharply into the tile. The force of it stung a little, made him curl his lip in anger before Not Ples shoved forward again, sudden and just right, melting the anger into a little whimper.

“He can see you, Veser-” Not Ples whispered against his ear- out of the corner of his eye he could see the fringe of the man’s hair, the white streak hardly visible. How the other man didn’t wear Ples’ glass but instead had them in his pocket, or somewhere, and this- he could almost feel himself believing it was Ples. Until the older man spoke again, voice soft and honey sweet but so, so different. “And hear you, every little moan-”

And he thrust inside again and just the thought of Ples- hearing all this, seeing all it.

“Hear the way you whimper-”

Veser clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, tried not to imagine Ples looking at him, all messed up and being fucked, sweaty and slutty-

“See the way you push back onto my cock-”

“Uuuun-” Veser said, and he couldn’t help but doing what the man said- pushing back onto Not Ples at the same time he pushed in and that was sosogood, fuck, Ples-

“And he can feel it too, you know. He’s getting off on this-”

This made him jerk sharply, made a little thrill of arousal run down his back, straight to his cock and Veser couldn’t help but bring one of his hands to his cock and fist it, hard, a loud moan making its way out of his mouth and fuck, Ples- all he could think about was Ples, maybe fucking him like this, so delicious and so good-

He was brought back to reality when Not Ples growled in his ear, grabbing his hair and pulling back to bounce his head off the tile wall. It made him dizzy, a gasp of pain sounding as the pain passed over him like fire.

“No.” And Not Ples sounded furious, angry- for one second Veser feared for his life, but then the man hissed into his ear. “You don’t get to touch yourself. You only get to come from my dick.”

Not Ples punctuated his sentences by thrusting into Veser, each word making his knees buckle from the force of his dick hitting his prostate every single time. The pleasure mixed with the dizziness still there but Veser nodded, let his mouth hang open on the very last word to let a groan escape.

Veser couldn’t see it, but Not Ples smiled, a soft, loving one that would have reminded him of Ples.

“Such a good boy.” Not Ples murmured, the thumb helping hold his hair captive in the older man’s grip stroking just right above his ear. “Should I tell you more? What Ples wants?”

This made him open his eyes, look as far back as he could to see the man. He desperately wanted to know, to finally now what Ples felt- and hadn’t the other man said that Ples was being turned on by this? That he was watching and enjoying it? But- maybe-

Veser couldn’t, though. That would just be cruel to Ples.

“No.” Veser choked out, closing his eyes again. “Just- No-”

He could feel Not Ples’ smile, the curl of lips too cruel for his Ples, the one that might have cared for him.

“Too bad.” Not Ples murmured, fingers drumming a little on his hip. “I think I might tell you, anyway.”

“He wants-” And slowly, the other man starting pumping his hips except this time he wasn’t stopping every few thrusts, he wasn’t teasing Veser anymore- he was fucking him in earnest now, every thrust aimed towards the spot that made his toes curl and the edges of his vision white. “He wants to hold you, Veser. He wants to make love to you.”

This- this, surprisingly, made his breath hitch and his hands clench tight against the wall.

“He feels so, so terrible up in his little room-” Not Ples was actually panting now, breaths timed with his thrusts and for a second each word sounded exactly like it would be with Ples and he moaned at that, too, but felt so sick at the same time because of Ples. “Doing what he is- what I am doing to you. He feels so, so terrible, Veser- because he can’t do this to you himself. That would be bad.”

Veser wanted to ask why- he wanted to, he wanted to have sex with Ples, make love, whatever, but he couldn’t seem to find the words, too focused on Not Ples’ voice and the way his cock was hanging, unattended, between his legs and how he was about to come, anyway.

And then- because Not Ples was a terrible man, because he seemed to know everything about Veser even though Veser never told him a single goddamned thing-

Not Ples whispered. “He loves you, Veser, but he wants to make you happy.”

A little choked off moan escaped him because fuck, fuck- fuck, that is all he wanted to hear and it made him so happy but-

“Call out Ples, little Veser.” Not Ples said, smirking. “You can make him happy.”

And fuck-

Veser did, saying Ples, Ples, Ples as he came.


I-it's beautiful!




Drawfagging this sometime this evening. Hell yes.


I came buckets



File: 127759132125.jpg-(54.71KB, 500x551, Veseragain_small.jpg)



I-I was gonna draw fanart for the fic but then it sorta morphed into Connie fapping. Yeah, IDK either. So I'll be posting that once it's done.

Have this thing meanwhile.

that....that was fucking glorious.

fffsdsf yes SIR.

File: 12775961988.png-(163.82KB, 790x573, VesHan.png)
>>46528 That was amazing.

>>46412 Also, I have your porns. Sorry for the lateness and the overall shittery. Figure drawing classes did nothing for me... .__.



repostin' something I fucking loved from deviant art

by ~RaeHimura
The first time Conrad fed from Worth, it was totally Hanna's fault.

They'd been investigating some suspicious animal attacks in a local neighborhood and things, completely unsurprisingly, didn't go as planned. When they'd finally stumbled through Worth's door, Conrad's arms were plastered over a wound in his side and the zombie was cradling an unconscious and freely bleeding Hanna.

"I fuckin' swear, if ya tell me he's been fuckin' with ghosts again --"

Hanna's partner cut off Worth's tirade with a look (and Conrad was reminded again that he never wanted to be in between him and a hurt Hanna). "Actually, this time it was a werewolf."

Worth took a long drag on his cigarette and flicked it into a corner, leaning over to prod at Hanna's limp form. "Seriously? A werewolf? How th' fuck did ya piss off one'a those?"

"Hanna said it was probably injured and freaked out," Conrad explained, when the zombie just stared silently. "And, uh … apparently a lot of them aren't all that fond of vampires."

Worth waved the zombie in the direction of the back room, sparing a glance at Conrad over his shoulder as he followed. "Oh yeah? An' wha' were you even doin' there, Connie?"

"You think I know? This is Hanna we're talking about!"Conrad honestly had no idea how he kept getting involved in these things. What freaking superpower did Hanna possess that made people get caught up in his doomed little adventures?

"Well, y'sure caused yer fair share a damage, didn' ya?" Worth sniped, bringing a pile of bandages over to the table as Zombie laid Hanna down.

"Are you saying this is my fault?" Conrad shouted back incredulously. "How the hell was I supposed to know that we'd run into a pissed off werewolf!?"

Worth just snorted, not looking up from his work. That scared Conrad even more than the pallor of Hanna's skin or the still bleeding cuts on his chest. It must be serious if Worth wouldn't even fight back.

Conrad watched him work on Hanna for a few minutes, but he couldn't take the constant reek of blood and the weirdly subtle sadness in the zombie's eyes. He drifted over to the far wall and sat against it, occupying himself with the two thick gashes on his side. They were clean cuts, two neat slices from the thing's canine teeth. But they burned like they'd been doused in alcohol, and they looked like they might be getting worse. Weren't they supposed to be healing themselves?

"Looks like th' pup really did a number on ya."

Worth's voice was suddenly right in his ear. When the hell had he crouched down next to him? Conrad glanced over at the table. Hanna was covered in fresh bandages, but didn't seem to be conscious. His partner was sitting next to him, one large green palm covering Hanna's too tiny (suddenly too frail) hand. Worth shrugged, lighting another cigarette with an almost graceful flick of his lighter.

"He's all fixed up, 's far as I can. Now we jus' wait fer him to wake up," he explained in a muted voice, like he didn't want to disturb the solemn atmosphere created by the zombie's unwavering orange gaze. The thought of which just made Conrad's head hurt, so he didn't dwell on it.

Worth gestured to the vamp's side, eyebrow raised expectantly. Conrad flinched away, protectively covering the injury. Worth may technically be a doctor, but Conrad wasn't thrilled about those filthy hands getting anywhere near his open wound. At least not until he was sure that vampires couldn't get infections.

"Jus' lemme see it, Connie." Worth's lowered voice almost sounded normal, maybe even gentle. Seriously, what was that? And since when did Connie sound more like a pet name than an insult?

"Fine, but be careful." Conrad gave in with frown, gingerly uncovering his side and wrinkling his nose at the blood drying on his skin. Worth peered down at the wound for a minute, prodding the skin around the sensitive area. Then, with a scarily doctor-sounding "hmm," jabbed a finger right into the gash.

Conrad might have shrieked, just a little bit, and fell away from the offending digit.

"Ah, quit bein' such a fag," Worth drawled dismissively, "'S just a scratch."

"Then get the fuck away from it." Conrad growled back acidly.

"Heh. Gladly, peaches." Worth's smirk practically dripped smugness. "But s'gonna get a lot worse if ya don' do somethin' 'bout it."

"What do you mean? I'm a vampire," Conrad said slowly, hunching his shoulders defensively. The last thing he wanted was to show Worth just how little he knew about his … condition. "Shouldn't it just heal?"

"Yeah, 'cept it's a bite from a werewolf," Worth explained, leaning back against the wall."S'like poison fer yer kind. An' that pathetic blood bag diet yer on ain't gonna fix it."

"So … what do I do?"

Worth took another long drag on his cigarette, exhaling the hot white plume in Hanna's direction. "Ya gotta eat somethin' fresh."

Conrad stared. And it didn't even matter that his mouth was probably hanging open, or that his horror definitely showed in his eyes. Because they'd been over this. A lot. He absolutely was not going to hurt another person to feed himself, particularly not some innocent stranger who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So what if that made him a fag, or a vampiric failure? Worth knew how he felt about this. Worth knew he'd never – and Worth was still staring at him blankly, like he'd just prescribed fucking aspirin and bed rest.

Conrad just stared back. So Worth slapped his hands on his thighs, muttered something like "alrigh' then" and stood up. Ignoring the curses as he dragged Conrad up with him, he pointed to Hanna's partner.

"Keep an eye on th' lil spaz. If he wakes up, don' let him run off 'til I have a word with 'im."

The zombie barely looked up from Hanna's side, but Worth seemed satisfied with his slow nod. He pulled the bitching vamp into the main room and kicked the door shut behind them.

Conrad yanked his arm out of the doctor's grip and stalked away, hand clasped protectively over his side. "What the fuck, you absolute dick! What are you – "

He cut off as he turned and noticed Worth watching him with an intent, lascivious, frankly terrifying grin. When he spoke again, his voice was embarrassingly strangled. "What – "

"Ya need ta eat, and yer too much of a fag ta go hunt fer yerself. So 'ere." He gestured grandly to himself.

"You want me to feed from you?" Conrad stared at the doctor like he might just be an escaped mental patient after all.

"Nah shit," Worth barked, eyes narrowed impatiently. "What'd'ya think 'm saying?"

"But – I mean ..." There were so many things wrong with this scenario that it was hard for Conrad to pick just one. First of all: gross. Like he wanted to drink from someone who looked like he never bathed. And second: gross. Like he wanted to feed on anyone, ever. The whole idea of sticking his fangs – er, fang –  into anyone, not to mention getting his mouth in someone's personal space like that, was pretty much the least appealing thing ever. But all of this was just going to get him laughed at, so he settled on the one least likely to get him called a fag.

"Not that I care," Conrad assured the doctor stiffly, glaring and trying not to fidget. "But isn't that, like – dangerous? With the whole … biting thing, and the blood loss and the pain … "

He'd mostly pieced together what Hanna had been trying so hard not to tell him about Worth and his whole pain thing. But this, this would mean open confirmation. Up until now, he'd been able to tacitly pretend not to know the extent of Worth's depravity – well, maybe he'd never know the full extent, but he was pretty sure he didn't want to.

Worth just shrugged. "'M offerin', ain't I?"

Conrad hated himself just a little bit for standing there gaping.

"'Sides," Worth drawled, sliding the matted fur collar of his coat over his shoulders, "I've always wanted ta try this."

Conrad managed to stop staring awkwardly at his neck long enough to blink up at him. "You mean, you've never ..."

"Heh. Yer kind ain't exactly known fer self-control," Worth said offhandedly, putting out his cigarette on the pitted wood of his desk. "An' 'm not so keen on suicide."

"So, what," Conrad asked in disbelief, "you trust me?"

The laugh was immediate and derisive. "Yeah, trust ya not ta 'ave the bollocks ta off me."

Conrad's hands were knotted into fists before he'd even worked through what he'd said. It was like a damned Pavlovian response with Worth. But then he thought about it, realized it wasn't really an insult and settled on glaring petulantly.

"Well so-rry for not being a cold-blooded predator."

Worth's laugh actually sounded more amused than mocking. "Shut up an' eat, princess."

Conrad frowned (no, not pouted). He was probably going to have to do this eventually, and the burning in his side was just getting worse. Worth might have been one of the least hygienic options, but he was offering. It was a far cry from cornering some stranger in an alley.

"Ok," Conrad agreed hesitantly and uncrossed his arms, but otherwise didn't move.

When Worth noticed him rooted to the spot and shifting his weight uncomfortably, he rolled his eyes and huffed a long-suffering sigh. Grumbling under his breath about "pathetic fags" and "failpires," he settled himself on the edge of his desk and brandished his upturned wrist.

"C'mon, luv. Doctor's orders."

The husky edge to Worth's gritty voice so was not tempting. Or sexy. At all. And the come-hither tilt of his head just made Conrad reconsider bolting for the door.

"I don' have all nigh' to wait fer ya to grow a fuckin' pair," Worth growled at his silence, low and unimpressed. "Or do I need ta bleed into a fuckin' coffee cup fer ya, ya lil' yuppie fag?"

Conrad's eyes narrowed into another glare, barely swallowing the snotty "No." that sprang to his lips. He gathered enough righteous indignation from his pricked ego to take two strong steps towards Worth. Until their knees touched and he deflated numbly, trying to leave as much space between them as possible as he reached out for the offered limb.

He cradled Worth's wrist self-consciously and let out an unnecessary breath. Now that it came down to it, he had to face the fact that he had absolutely no idea what he was doing. Or what he was getting himself into.

When he'd gotten the courage to ask Casimiro (during that card game a while back) what it was like to drink blood straight from the source, Cas had laughed for a full minute. But when Finas finally shut him up, he'd explained. He'd said it was like the best orgasm you've ever had combined with the joy of a starving man getting his first taste of food. Then add in the thrill of an addict getting a hit after long days of withdrawal, multiply it about 20 times, and you might come close to what it feels like to feed.

None of this was much help to Conrad: he'd never been addicted to anything (except maybe caffeine), he'd never been starving and he seriously doubted that those shame-filled moments in the bathroom as a teenager compared to most people's experience of an orgasm.

So he was going into this totally blind, with nothing but some half-formed expectations and the impressions he'd gotten from glittery teeny-bopper blockbusters. He glanced up at Worth, giving himself a second to actually take in the man from this perspective – and absolutely not stalling for time. It wasn't the first time he'd seen the scars and bandages that criss-crossed the doctor's arms, but it was entirely different to trace each one while he was close enough to reach out and touch them. Close enough to see each feathery, abused blue line spread close to the surface. Close enough to hear the dub-dub-dub-dub of his pulse, and see the little flutter of so soft skin at the base of his neck –


Conrad snapped his eyes back down to the wrist in his hands. God, he was hungry. Had been already even before the attack, and was painfully aware of every drop of sustenance still leaking out of the gash on his side. And he should really just get this over with before he lost control and did something embarrassing, or dangerous. But staring at the thin nicotine-stained skin of Worth's wrist still didn't give him a clue as to what he was doing.

He tried to focus on his breathing like his therapist had taught him, but it was a little less effective now that breathing was optional. He thought briefly about making up some excuse and running out the door, but he knew Worth would never let him hear the end of it – and he did have to get blood from somewhere.

And then there was Worth, making an impatient noise and opening his mouth to no doubt mock Conrad incessantly for his cowardice. Anything was better than hearing what Worth was about to say.

So he just picked a spot and bit down.

Conrad had been expecting tension and salt and gnawing, like the few times when he'd been younger and managed to fight back with his teeth (which always got him grounded, even though the other kids had hit first). But instead, his fang slid easily into the flesh of Worth's wrist, warm liquid flowing fast and sweet.

And, of course, the first thing he noticed was his own awkwardness, painfully aware of his inexperience. He didn't know how to hold his lips, or what to do with his tongue. He could feel a trickle of blood escaping down Worth's arm. And for the hundredth time in the last five minutes, he thought about running. But then he swallowed, and the first taste of copper sent a thrill through his entire body. Another swallow, and the thrill became a burning. Like he could feel every individual nerve in his body, and each was submerged in it's own jacuzzi.

His vision was clouded with red, so he closed his eyes. He felt himself shiver from the sensation, knew he was leaning in closer to the body heat in front of him, vaguely heard the hiss of breath from somewhere above him. And then there was nothing but pale flesh and a steady stream of blood, and everything was easy and he cupped his lips just right to catch every drop of life Worth was providing. It was fucking amazing. Like nothing he'd ever come close to in his short, admittedly rather pathetic life.

Like he'd always imagined the better designer drugs must feel like, a high that blasted through your upper brain functions and left your mind a blissed out shell. Like his atoms were fucking humming.

And it didn't even matter that he was totally, completely, rapturously out of control, standing in a filthy hole of an office and drinking blood from an asshole back-alley "doctor" who may or may not have been enjoying it. It didn't matter that most of the time he couldn't stand Worth, or that his every trait made Conrad's skin crawl. It didn't matter because, for once in his life, he wasn't thinking about all the things he was supposed to be thinking, worrying about. He was thinking fuck. yes. and maybe even a little ohgodmore.

Slowly, he started to realize that the blood flow was thinning. He'd been a coward and aimed his fang for a shallow bite at the edge of Worth's wrists. That would have to be corrected.

With a slow swipe of his tongue to get at the last few drops, Conrad released his hold and pulled back. Somewhere in the dissipating haze of scarlet filling his senses, he heard an impatient growl. Then there was the heavy weight of a hand on his shoulder, keeping him from getting farther away. Like he was going anywhere yet.

Conrad grinned from some dark, feral part of himself he never knew existed, a horrible predatory twist of blood-stained lips that would disgust him later, and repositioned his mouth over the fat, jumping vein in the center of Worth's wrist. He bit down, slowly this time, marveling at the slick slide of easily punctured flesh.

And then – could a better angle really make that much of a difference? Because he could swear the blood tasted different, sweeter. With a sharp tang, more powerful than the other chemical tinges he had no wish to identify. Conrad gulped at the new flow, letting loose a low hum of approval because jesus nobody that disgusting should taste that delicious.

He almost missed it through the burst of sweetness, but Worth's pulse was picking up. It was subtle, but it echoed through all of Conrad's senses like a bassline. And it wasn't the only change. He was just tearing his attention away from the fascinating amounts of body heat pouring off the doctor, when he heard it.

Worth moaned.

Ok, so it wasn't a long, guttural, porn-star sound by any means. But it definitely wasn't a complaint. For just a second, it didn't matter that a sound like that shouldn't ever be coming out of Worth, much less while Conrad was anywhere in a hundred foot radius. For a second, he was content to think, guess Hanna was right about the pain thing, and keep drinking. Because God, he'd never wanted anything more in his life than he wanted to just keep drinking at that moment.

But then he was very abruptly reminded that he'd been drifting closer to the heat source that was Worth. And when he found himself plastered against a solid wall of grimy doctor, it was pretty impossible to ignore the evidence that said doctor was enjoying this whole experience a bit much.

That, finally, was enough to have him pulling away from Worth's wrist and stumbling back a step. He looked up and got a half-second glance of Worth leaning back on his desk, flushed, eyes glazed and smirking, before he whirled around and stuttered at the wall.

"U-um, th-thanks. I feel – better. I-I'll just ... go … now."

Conrad managed not to run as he fled from the office, but barely. As it was, he barely spared a glance as he escaped to notice that Hanna was sitting up and watching him with furrowed brows – and wouldn't that be a joy to deal with later. Worth's dry, manic laughter followed him for blocks.

It wasn't until he stopped a few streets away to straighten his clothes and check for stray blood that Conrad noticed a surprising and utterly horrifying tightness in his trousers.

Well, fuck.

>>46551 >>46548 >>46547 >>46544 >>46543 >>46541 >>46532

Hhnnng, ok, writefag of that evil!ples /Veser thing up there and I just wanna say you fags are amazing and thank you. You're making me cry tears of aaawesome and if their was fanart for this fic I'd hump you or love you lavishly, I don't know which one yet.

As for >>46554, hhhnnnnnggggg oh god that was good.


I think I might have literally stopped breathing reading that.

That was... unimaginably hot. I will draw something for you, writer!anon. Name something, I will draw it. You need a reward for this.

FFFF. AWWWYEAH. I love ConFap. I wait with bated breath.

Man, I love asspats. And young!ConWorth. It's like a sick addiction. :C

You, me, and Luce should go to Pedos Anonymous.
... Sorry.
What should I have Luce do to Connie next? Huh, Darky? You're totally my muuuuuse. <3
[totally fapped to your drawfags while writefagging this :B]

Thank you! I fucking love asspats.

Oh hey, what should I do next? I think someone told me what to do, but I forget.

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File: 127761034651.jpg-(61.50KB, 700x700, raeeep.jpg)


that took much longer than expected. still kinda shitty, but ill tweak forever if i dont walk away.

buttpat tip jar for my aching wrist.

Even though Ves/Ples is kinda 'eh' for me...
This was pretty okay. Then again, bathroom sex, ftw.
I think I might know what to do next...
... heh heh heh ...

-sage for lurker chatting cause I'm boooored-

Dude. Oreo Klondike bar. Fucking....unf.


I can't tell you how much this fic hit every button for me. I would love to read more stories about evil!Ples and Veser.

I've grown fond of them as a pairing, but it seems like every fic I've read has been Veser taking advantage of Ples.

I really like it like this.

Fffffuck. I was going to make an account on y!Gal so I can see all the good shit, but talc is taken...


What to do, anon? I'm not creative enough to think of another screenname!

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Hell yeah.

Or, I'm on the hinabn IRC.

“Come on, puppy. You gotta bark for it!” Worth taunted, waving the bag of blood back and forth with his right hand. Conrad's glare worsened, and Worth smirked when he saw his fists tighten. Conrad saw his grin and knew that he was just dogging him to speak, but his anger was starting to take over.

“I'm not a dog!” he insisted stubbornly. Worth gave him a look which said Are you sure about that? Worth took a drag of his cigarette and held it in his free hand. Conrad coughed at the smell.

“Would you put that out?!” Worth's only reaction was to blow the smoke he'd been holding into Conrad's face, who reeled away at the stench. Worth's face looked like it was going to split in two with the grin he was bearing.

“Thought that vampires couldn't fucking breath...” Worth commented idly. Conrad glowered, but he couldn't think of a response right away.

“It doesn't mean it doesn't stink like hell!” he shot back, finally. It only seemed to make Worth happier, though, much to Conrad's frustration.

“Dogs aren't supposed to speak like that. Now,” he said, holding the bag out again insistently, “bark.” He stared at Conrad, who was more than a little unnerved by his gaze. He tried to hold it, but found his eyes wandering to the bag. He was so hungry....he didn't have that much dignity left to bruise, right? No! He wouldn't give that asshole the satisfaction!

“You're looking pretty hungry there, Confag,” Worth prodded again. Conrad stiffened at the insult, but he felt his hunger pulling at his insides.

“Bark,” he said lamely. Worth raised an eyebrow incredulously. Oh no...

“That's the lamest ass bark I've ever heard in my fucking life,” Worth said. Conrad narrowed his eyes.

“I barked just like you said! Give me my damn dinner!” Conrad snapped. Worth pulled the bag back when Conrad reached out to grab it. Conrad fumed, and considered punching Worth. He could get some blood that way. Ugh, but it was his blood....and it tasted nasty...not really. There was no way he would accept blood from Worth!

“Give me a real bark, and I'll give you your dinner, puppy,” Worth insisted. Conrad pulled back to punch Worth, but surprisingly, he dodged just in time.

“Fuck you!” Conrad yelled. He hoped he didn't hiss. That would be lame. Worth looked Conrad over at hearing the vampire swear. His lip curled upward slightly in an odd smile. Conrad felt his groin grow hot when he saw the look Worth was giving him.

“...Now tha's not a half bad idea...” he mumbled, and took a step towards Conrad. Conrad instinctively took a step back. Worth kept walking forward until he had him backed up against the wall. Conrad glared as he looked up at Worth, hating the fact that the other was taller than him. Worth put a hand on either side of Conrad, destroying any chance he had of escaping. Worth grinned down at him.

“Uh....” Conrad started. He really wished he had just barked and left, but it was too late for that...he shifted a bit, testing to see if he could move past Worth. Worth just smirked and moved his hands closer to Conrad's hips.

“You're gonna loike it, mate...” he told him. Conrad bit his lip in surprise when he felt Worth undo his belt and zipper.

“What the fuck do you think you're doing?!” he screeched. It was a manly screech, mind you. Worth just ignored him, though, and hooking his fingers in the belt loops and pulled Conrad's pants down. He got down on his knees as he pulled his pants down. He gave Conrad a sly grin, and licked his lips as he tugged down Conrad's silk boxers.

“That's fucking fancy underwear you got there, Confag,” Worth teased. Conrad tried to protest, but the words died in his throat when he saw Worth lick his lips. Worth wrapped his hand around Conrad's length, and snickered when Conrad jumped at the touch.

“You're pretty jumpy, eh, puppy?” Worth taunted. Conrad recovered quickly and shot him a pissed look.

“Just shut up and suck,” he retorted. Worth gave Conrad's cock a squeeze as he rubbed it, silencing Conrad. He looked at what he was doing, glancing up at Conrad every now and then to see if he was watching. He was.

“You're the one who needs to suck more than I do,” he told Conrad. Conrad was grateful he didn't have to breathe, because he knew that he would have more than a little trouble with the attention Worth was giving him. He tried not to bite his tongue, but he was having trouble keeping quiet.

Worth brought up his free hand to massage Conrad's balls, and grinned devilishly at the whimper that escaped from Conrad's throat.

“Well, puppy, sounds loike you enjoyed that, now didn't you?” Worth mocked. Conrad glared down at him, but he could only watch helplessly as Worth stuck his tongue out and licked the tip. Conrad's hips bucked forward all on their own, and he silently cursed himself for letting it show that he was enjoying this as much as Worth apparently was.

Worth stared up at Conrad before taking the head into his mouth and sucking gently. Conrad rested his head against the wall, and gave up in trying to hide his groans. He could swear that he felt Worth's lips smiling around his cock, but he was a little to distracted to see if he was right.

Worth began to bob his head, keeping the rhythm slow so that they could enjoy it for a little longer.

He licked up the entire length of Conrad's cock slowly and carefully. Conrad moaned loudly. He honestly didn't care what Worth thought anymore. Worth smirked as Conrad moved his hips in time with his mouth. He moved his head a bit faster to catch Conrad off guard. Worth heard him try to hide a grunt of pleasure. Of course, he was failing miserably. Worth pulled his head away, licking at the tip as he moved back to watch Conrad's face. He rubbed Conrad's cock with his hand while he grinned up at him.

“Sounds loike you're gettin' close,” he chuckled. Conrad gave him a dark look, but he wasn't able to hold it for very long. Worth's laughter grew louder. “Oi'll take tha' as a yes...” He went back to sucking Conrad diligently, occasionally laughing at Conrad's moans. His laughter stopped, though, when Conrad grabbed the back of his head and started controlling his speed. He tried to give Conrad an angry look, but he had difficulty with Conrad guiding his head almost forcefully.

Suddenly, Conrad's hips stiffened and his grip on Worth's head let up. Worth tried to pull his head away, but he was too slow when Conrad came in his mouth. Conrad's hand slipped from his hair, and slumped to rest against Worth's shoulder. He could feel Conrad shaking slightly at the waves of pleasure that were washing over him. Worth finally pulled his head away when Conrad had finished. Conrad felt like he should take a deep breath, but he realized he didn't need to. He risked a glance at Worth, just in time to see Worth turn his head and spit on the floor. Conrad winced.

“You're disgusting,” he said. Worth wiped at his mouth as he stared up at Conrad. Conrad immediately reached down to pull up his pants, but Worth grabbed his wrist to stop him.

“And you seem to loike it, don't you?” Worth jested.


"loike" makes me think of "sploicers". HURR HURR HURR. ILU ATLAS.


I think it's perfect for Worth to spit. I don't see him doing something as "loving" as swallowing. This is amazing. Keep up the good work.

pchat has NO Hanna art in it. WHAT THE FUCK GUYS.



File: 127761526270.png-(133.76KB, 900x564, Connieohoho.png)
Uhhhhh here is fapping Connie. This is my first time drawing anything even remotely NSFW so I am super nervous posting this. HOPE YOU ENJOY.



Bee tee dubs, there are a few of us in IRC if you fags wanna join.

who wants some crazy ples and Worth?

Baby, you don't have to ask.

Baww I would love to come but I am no longer home (replying via phone) 8( perhaps another time?


You tell me when. Usually I'm on at nighttimes.

Till laters /coq/.

We're off the front page...

I guess I'll make a new thread?


go for it

Or not, because I can't find an image we haven't seen that is delightfully porny.

Ugh. i just got banned from 4-chan. Ive just reread hanna...and now im bored. entertain me plzkthnx

you know what I'd reeeaaaally like to see? Some Conrad/Hanna fluff that ends in sexiness

Also with ... getting jealous

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