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93297 No.93297
Well, the new Devil May Cry looks like a massive disappointment.

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Classic Dante's still in MvC3, though, so it'll just be another DMC2 hiccup.

It looked okay. Disappointing, but okay.

Morrigan May Disapprove

Clearly it's gonna be another Nero setup where Dante just shows up and completely steals the whole damn show.

Well I for one have no opinion on this because I don't play Devil May Cry and never have save for a few boring minutes with the first game.


File: 128456905562.jpg-(21.43KB, 707x400, shamwow.jpg)
Why did I think of this upon seeing this picture.


cole mohr may cry

I'm not a Devil May Cry fan and even I think this is horrible.

Wow, this looks super British...

>made by Brits.


C'mon, you guys can do better than that. C'mon.

>Ninja Theory


File: 128457192628.jpg-(61.91KB, 640x360, MISTERPILGRIM.jpg)

C'mon, guys. I don't think it looks that bad.

File: 128457210828.gif-(14.83KB, 650x450, FADSlap.gif)

File: 128457215159.jpg-(218.35KB, 842x451, atfirstbutthen.jpg)

I have to say, the trailer itself? Looked pretty cool.

But why is this dude supposed to be Dante? Why is this is a Devil May Cry game? Why is DMC getting a reboot at all?

I mean, look what they did with Radd Spencer. They think this will go over any better?


Meh. I have hope. Maybe he'll start out as the standard rpg angsty teenage shitbag who then through the course of the game learns to chill the fuck out and appreciate the world for how inherently ridiculous it is.

Man why are all my videogame faves are getting twisted nonsensically nowadays.

Is Mario gonna turn out to be a mopey drug-addicted (lol shrooms) depressive in the next game who's life as a hero is over and he's become just some washed-up bum after the princess kicked him out and married Bowser/Wario/Luigi?

Edward Cullen's the protagonist now?

File: 128457566164.png-(109.27KB, 268x314, 1284392934888.png)
How the fuck did they go from Brad Pitt in Mexican cowboy clothes, to emo bullshit?

Is this really a reboot for DMC? Or is it just one of those trailers that lie to get people confused and talking about the new installment?

File: 128457806443.jpg-(20.08KB, 318x476, Sid+Vicious.jpg)
So, now he is Sid Vicious instead of Sephiroth and Duke Nukem's illegitimate child?

Fucking lol

Having finally watched the trailer all I can say is shut the fuck up you whiny faggot nerds.
Shit looks awesome, boohoo he has a new haircut, its probably not even the same Dante, or the same timeline.

theres nothing emo about this. just a brazilian version of Dante. Also more hand to hand combat fuck yeah. good soundtrack too.

Looking at what?

It is probably a prequel or a reverse MGS2. They use classic Dant in MvC3 so it wouldn't make sense to completely retcon the past games. Heck maybe it's Nero's Dmc2

Ignoring the design choices, the choreography with the fights was rather lame sans super parkour jump. I agree that we should wait to see how gameplay looks but Fuck it Asura's wrath looks better anyway

Hey brah, go fuck yourself.

Even ignoring the lame design of this guy who gives his name as Dante the action was frankly nothing special.

File: 128458125553.jpg-(361.03KB, 1300x1300, nerdsareafraidofhaircuts.jpg)
cry some more

File: 128458145162.jpg-(39.56KB, 474x300, bcremake07.jpg)

File: 128458149350.jpg-(54.51KB, 468x495, Dante and Trish.jpg)



its probably what >>93331 said. at least thats wht it looks like to me. finally fixing DMC2s place in the timeline. Maybe Braziliante will kill DMC2 fake Dante

OK speaking as a big fan of DMC lemme explain.

Dante's visage is nothing to get in a complete hissy fit over. The new guy is definitely more of grunge/demonpunk (is that a word?) kinda deal but I don't really think it's bad as it is arbitrarily different.

What you people SHOULD be worried about is the developer making this game. I've only played heavenly sword from them and while that game was cinematic it was also more button mashey and QTE ridden than God of War. A game like DMC relies on fast paced combat that should rely on skill, not on arbitrarily testing to see if you're paying attention to a cut-scene.

QTE were bad in Bayonetta. If they're implemented here then it's not gonna fucking work with the kinda game DMC is.

File: 128458173189.jpg-(423.71KB, 944x3546, 1284581489893.jpg)

Enslaved looks pretty damn good though.


i can see where youre coming from, had no idea they were behind that snoozefest game.
its capcoms big earner so im sure theyll be closely involved in production, and will direct the game to something good. Or at least we can hope.

Eh, didn't the same thing happen when Retro was making Metroid Prime?


same thing happens every game that does something new ever because internet is a breeding ground for aspies.

i recall even DMC3 got a lot of shit for being too crazy

You're being kind of a bitch GKE. Being as bad as the 'fanboys' you are so pissed off at is just as annoying for the rest of us.

File: 128458333941.jpg-(160.03KB, 696x398, simon.jpg)
They didn't drastically redesign Samus. Gave her some new armor in the later games, yeah, and there was alot of worries about "oh no, it's gonna be a big dumb FPS!" but for all intents and purposes, it was still Samus. Not rebooted Samus. Not punk goth or roid rage Samus. Not "the baby the baby the baby the baby" Samus.

This is more like....well, taking Bruce Campbell and replacing him with that dude from RocknRolla. It's not the worst thing ever but it's jarring. And in this case, pretty unnecessary because, y'know, Dante isn't an actor. He's not flesh and blood. It doesn't have to be such a radical change.

It got MORE praise for being a return to form and you know it. That was significantly less decisive than this. Yeah it was fucking crazy but it fit the tone of the original DMC Dante.


sorry im just tired of the whiny internet attitude where you have to kick up a fuss at everything before you even have a proper context. the game isnt out yet, nobody knows whats happening in it.


what, no it didnt. i had to deal with people returning DMC3 all the time because "its too cartoony" and whatnot.

File: 12845850016.jpg-(9.39KB, 190x257, Mike Patton.jpg)
"Let's rock baby."

"Nature calls? It's in the back."

I'm not saying that no one complained. That'd be stupid and ignorant to say. But alot of fans didn't care for DMC 2 Dante and liked getting the big cheeseball back.

That said, now that I've gotten a chance to chill out a bit, this is really just bad marketing again. Yeah, it's cool to keep shit hidden up your sleeves and reveal more secrets and tidbits later over it's development cycle but you can't just toss out "hey, this is Dante now BYE" and expect the best reaction. This is like sticking Shamalama's name on "Devil". He's not even directing the thing and no one LIKES his movies anymore. Or y'know, >>93335 making Radd Spencer look exactly like the dude voicing him just cuz.

Also, he was kind of grungy in the short-lived DMC 3 manga so I really shouldn't be this pissed off. I dunno, just that whole "jarring" thing.

Meanwhile, watch me get all excited for Asura's Wrath and Shadows of the Damned because the main characters in both are new creations and have no prior appearances to compare them to....

You're a moron. DMC3 is considered the best game in the series and has been since it came out of the gate. It is that way because it went back to shenanigans and "THIS PARTY'S GETTING CRAZY." The plot was dumb anime bullshit, everyone was insane and over the top, Dante spent the entirety of the game without his shirt on, and the game was balls hard. 2 was none of this. It was srs bsns and boring and drab and easier than your mother and everyone hated it almost instantly. We still do! Imagine that.

File: 128458674089.jpg-(371.72KB, 1680x736, 1284587584497.jpg)
How about you wait until there is some actual gameplay before loosing your shit?

On the internet, reactions tend to be stronger than they actually are. Personally, I'm just worried that this supposed reboot business might be a bad decision. Of course I'm more interested in why Capcom is outsourcing some of their games to other developers.

Fight club was stupid. I like pretending to shout on the internet better and annoying Cry King Faggot.

File: 128458888983.png-(23.61KB, 1110x479, hurp.png)
...Maybe its just me, but except for the haircut and differences in makeup, they pretty much look the same. And the hair is basically just "cover the OTHER eye".

but maybe i just dont get the vidya

>Rebooting the series
...Why? I thought DMC usually sold pretty well.
>Developed by the same people who made Heavenly Sword


This really.

DMC is so episodic it REALLY DOESN'T need a reboot. Let alone at the hands of these guys.

Really, it just seems like Capcom/ninja theory wanted to make a game but they wanted to attach a name to it so it'd sell better and they went with DMC because... well BECAUSE.

Why are you all replying to GKE like he's a serious poster? Just look at what he types and how he types it before you let him drill into your skull for god's sake.

File: 128459374313.jpg-(24.66KB, 390x347, capcom.jpg)
What's the deal with Capcom thinning their internal assets and farming out most of the established franchises to make a quick buck with minimal investment risk? Sounds like they are really strapped for cash.

The haircut is pretty ridiculous, I'll admit, but I couldn't help but like the trailer.

It's alright, I thought it was okay

It's fine if you like the trailer, I thought it was interesting. Though I'm not sure how to feel about this whole thing yet because they are apparently keeping the whole gun and sword gameplay but they're revamping it.


As did I. The premise (city of demons with Dante being some horrible crossbreed/government experiment gone wrong) is pretty bad but then you stop and think "mystical child of great demon warrior with evil brooding brother" is pretty bad as well.

One thing suggested in this thread I kinda like though is that this game could be a Prequel to DMC3 (or if it is a reboot have it be roughly around the same timeframe as pre DMC3) and that Dante gets his more traditional white hair as his demon powers start awakening.

I'll also admit (though it's very petty) that I like that this Dante smoked on camera and was pretty casual about it. With America being as butthurt about drugs and alcohol as they are I have to at least give props to a company willing to show characters doing things that are admittedly bad for your health (I'm looking at you MARVEL). And original Dante, while cool, had some rather questionable pastimes. Like, the most he did outside of shooting demons was eat PIZZA and STRAWBERRY SUNDAYS. I'll admit this is eccentricity might've just added to the character at times, but c'mon. He's a half-demon mercenary with guns and a sword. Let him have a beer once in a while.

Also he kinda looks like the protagonist of Nocturne to me and when you're reminding me of Nocturne you're doing something right.

DMC3 probably had the best plot out of all these action games. Character development some backstory and even a little twist. I'd hardly call it bullshit.

Voice's too gravelly for his scrawny body. If they're giving us even younger Dante at least give him some muscle mass. I do like the weapons they showed in the trailer but damn did they test meth on him as well as demon blood or did they just trim him down to sell better with the Japanese?

Uh if we're talking about 'young Dante' haven't we already went over that kind of plot with 3?


only dumbass faggots like you who don't read posts feel that way.


because its not that dante

Your posts are all inflammatory and full of grammar/spelling errors. I've seen better stuff on a Bethesda forum.

Why don't you read the thread before being an idiot. That was obviously in response to the prequal young Dante theory.
Though it seems you are either just trollin or need to seriously chill out.

I don't know either way dude really fucking thin. I guess it'd help him do those stupid long jumps if they appear anywhere outside of cut scenes but he still looks like they took him out of a drug din/rehab in the late 80s.

Looks fun, could be different guy with same name.

NOW COLE FROM INFAMOUS, HE'S A CHARACTER WE KNOW Got slaughtered in the redesign.

File: 128460502715.jpg-(1.12MB, 2220x2956, 1284587950679.jpg)
Uh, isn't he just much younger in the new game, not to mentioned he was jailed and tortured?

Also, why is only the top of his head white?

I hear Cole's redesign has gotten so many negative responses that Sucker Punch is redesigning him to keep in tone with the first game. So it's not all bad

So it's a different guy, like a completely different guy right?

And people are throwing a SHIT FIT over him being in the game despite the fact that he is no less outlandish, trendy or derivative than the classic lead?

File: 128460983912.jpg-(105.12KB, 756x234, marias.jpg)
Yeah, I saw the trailer right after the first post in this thread and actually was a bit impressed by it. I think I'd have been more impressed if it wasn't Devil May Cry and/or Dante. The British punk-ass aesthetic is actually pretty awesome. It's just really really fucking weird that they felt the need to reboot DMC already.

No, see, that's what some folks want. As far as facts go, this is Dante, maybe, or something.

Saw the trailer.
Think all the bitching is still pretty retarded.

File: 128461060569.jpg-(89.08KB, 400x312, haruko does want.jpg)
Hairstyle's eh, but other than that I like the design and concept- both for the character and for the setting. A coherent urban fantasy setting with scrappy punk delinquent protagonist? Hells yeah, a world better than DMC's previous nonsensical settings.

Even if Heavenly Sword had its shortcomings, the game's production effectively combined passion, big budgets and a genuine creative spark. For the last half-decade I've seen dev teams with those qualities do a surprisingly good job of compensating for their shortcomings. Hopefully they'll approach DMC's gameplay strengths as students rather than equals. (Note: seriously talking out of my ass at this point, never played either game or had a PS2 or PS3, oh god so poor)

Here's the main thing I want to say to all the criticism: A reboot doesn't have to be a condemnation of the original flavor. It can be an attempt to make something that's good in its own right, by drawing inspiration from & standing on the shoulders of that which came before while adding your own originality and innovation.

If they're going to toss out everything and make something unrelated to the previous series, why slap the name on?
Trying to defend it with those words as if the concept was something inspiring is absurd.

>If they're going to toss out everything and make something unrelated to the previous series, why slap the name on?
Because they need to make money?

File: 128461232393.jpg-(133.97KB, 500x776, 00cb7577f4d7c0628456640829282f8d.jpg)
Oh, one caveat: I don't really give a crap about the main character's hair, but lose the poofy shoulder-thingy on the overshirt and I'll be a serious fan. Especially if they opted to go with a jacket more like the one seen in Kara no Kyoukai.

You really need to get over this Shiki obsession Dagda.

File: 128461323089.png-(53.61KB, 255x291, link uh huh.png)
>Toss everything out and make something unrelated
You're having a knee-jerk They Changed It Now It Sucks reaction. Stop for a moment and pretend that we're talking about the first trailer for Batman Begins. Then go back and read your post again.

What can I say? Her visual design plays to my tastes, so it's what comes to mind when I try to envision a better way of doing things.

Except Batman begins does not change the character or it's designs radically. I assume you don't actually know much about Batman outside popular culture.

Your points are weak and your realiance on reaction images laughable.


>Batman begins does not change the character or it's designs radically

Uhmmm... did you forget about the part where they turned Ras' ah' Ghoul from an immortal masterminds into a not-so immortal mastermind?

Admittedly the differences are petty but so are these.

Okay, here's my biggest point to the people out there defending it: yeah, all right, you say it looks good. That's just, like, your opinion, man.

Here's my issue: If it's not a reboot, then it's another prequel and these faggots are honestly trying to convince me that this hipster cock sucker is not ONLY Dante but is also younger than 19. That's how old he is in 3 and 3 ends with Dante in his DMC1 kicks, so don't try to tell me it was set between 3 and 1. The tone of the trailer is wildly different from the other four games. DMC is supposed to be stupid and off its tits with occasional srs moments, that's just sort of what it does. 2 is considered a misstep because it did not realize this (and it's piss easy).

Devil May Cry games are not difficult to write. Just look at Bayonetta, Sega pulled that shit off marvelously.

"But Nurse," says you. "What if it is a reboot?"

There is no need to reboot Devil May Cry all ready. The games are still a new thing, they are still fresh in the mind of nearly everyone who owned a playstation 2 growing up (IE nearly half the human goddamn race or some insane number like that). If you want to make an action game about a brooding hipster demon faggot in Limbo City, then fine, be my guest. Do whatever the fuck you want.

But, and this is most important: Calling it Devil May Cry (or fucking DmC fuck you Ninja Theory) is the most blatant and obnoxious cash grab on the planet. It is a Bomberman Zero situation. It doesn't look like Bomberman, it PLAYS kinda like Bomberman but shittier, and yet they're still saying "This is Bomberman." Fuck you, no it's not. This is the same situation. Instead of creating a new IP or something, instead, Capcom and Ninja Theory are going off the obnoxiousness of "brand identity" or what the fuck ever and that might be the most stupid thing about this.

If this game turns out to be great, then fine, whatever. But until I am proven otherwise, it's garbage.

And finally:

>Kamiya based his idea of Dante on what he perceived as "Stylish" -- with a long coat to make the character "showy", witty like a "British guy", and a non-smoker since Kamiya sees that as more cool.
>and a non-smoker since Kamiya sees that as more cool

tl;dr? this game can kiss the fattest part of my ass.


wow you played the game already?




File: 128462142553.jpg-(680.51KB, 1000x1000, 1265596542681.jpg)
>mfw i didn't talk about the gameplay at all

No game play huh? Well then we'll just have to judge it on the merits we see in it right now, which is none seeing as I have no idea how "non-smoker British guy" handles or who the fuck is torturing DANte or whatever is going on before the action cut kicks in. Also whats with the wife beater and shark teeth? Is he a surfer as well as a British-Guy American?

File: 128462388942.jpg-(413.37KB, 768x1086, bayonetta-2.jpg)


Kayima also thinks Bayonetta is stylish.

Just think about that for a second.


of course you didnt, you just talked out of your arse

I thought he was going for "sexy" with Bayonetta over "stylish".

File: 128462610910.jpg-(278.56KB, 511x720, 1284626415729.jpg)
The beard rule triumphs once again

File: 128462688516.jpg-(254.00KB, 511x720, gotyay.jpg)

File: 12846274919.png-(671.45KB, 640x480, Me being fancy.png)

Either way my point is that Hideki Kamiya, like all great minds is REALLY GOOD when he is but when he isn't, he REALLY FUCKING ISN'T. For every Alan Moore and his Watchmen there is a Lost Girls. And Kamiya showed that while he can be good with a story (Okami/Viewtiful Joe) he can also be REALLY BAD. My point is more or less that the guy is not infallible and even he can fudge it or just be wrong on occasion.

I mean hell, the fact you're claiming Bayonetta is SEXY might make some people's heads spin.

File: 128462755436.png-(638.95KB, 625x468, No not bitter at all.png)

But onto the point of Devil May Cry, I'm not really phased by this. Yet I'm a huge Devil May Cry fanboy. So why am I not raging over Capcom basically shilling out like Nurse said and giving Dante over to some random third party who's grasp on him seems to be only tenuous as far as we've seen?

Well this has to do with the fact that being a Devil May Cry fan is like being a fan of Star Wars. You have the good, the bad and the shit in between and at this point you don't even really care anymore when something stupid happens in your particular fandom because you're so goddamn use to it that it just does not phase you anymore.

Like getting exposed to an incredibly innovative and cool game like Devil May Cry 1 but also having to subject yourself to an admittedly terrible story. Full of implied incest and Castlevania Cliche's so up the rear end you might as well have had Mundus say "WHAT IS A MAN?" at the end of it. But hey, it's still awesome so who cares right?

Then comes 2. MOTHER FUCKING 2. And suddenly the utterly bad storyline is replaced by an utterly boring one so you can't even distract yourself from the easy as shit combat and the utter genericness of it all. Feeling like any small uttering of interest or personalized style getting ripped out to have a completely void game lacking in anything remotely fun and interesting. And once more, you hear the guys behind the second are making the THIRD ONE AS WELL.

BUT WAIT. The third one is actually BETTER THAN THE FIRST IN SEVERAL REGARDS! Suddenly you get your faith restored as not only do you get a much better (dare I say even GOOD?) story with interesting characters and stupid but entertaining dialogue that takes all the good aspects of DMC1 and gets rid of all the bad parts. Actually having Vergil's utterly void and mute death in Devil May Cry 1 suddenly bring a tear to your eye because you actually know what he was like before Mundus bound his spirit to some armour and you actually empathize with him. Not only making an awesome game but somehow IMPROVING the awesome one that came before it!

Then comes 4... and Nero. And the first memories of Raiden come flying back. Good thing is that his romance wasn't nearly as hammey as it was in MGS2 but it still suffered from that goddamn retarded Raiden syndrome of having the actual main character doing all the work while you're just a casual third party to all of this. SERIOUSLY I DON'T MIND PLAYING AS NERO BUT DON'T JUST REVEAL DANTE IS STILL TECHNICALLY THE FUCKING HERO OF THE STORY! GODDAMNIT THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE NERO'S GAME! THIS WAS WHAT WAS WRONG WITH MGS2 AND IT'S WRONG HERE AS WELL. But still the combat was awesome so we didn't care.

Then comes the anime and you THINK that'll be good. But NO! In fact it's right up there with the second game in how utterly bland, boring and stupid it is. It's being done by Madhouse so you THINK you'll at least get some good action but LOL NOPE instead you get guns being fired and then cutting to the end of the combat as vague and utterly pointless plot happens around Dante. So a game about crazy over the top action, getting done by a studio known for animating crazy over the top action anime winds up adapting it into an anime that HAS NO CRAZY OVER THE TOP ACTION. What sense is there in the world!?

So am I angry that Capcom is outsourcing one of my favourite games to a random third party who hasn't really done much and seems to be changing the setting and character's to a completely different kind of world, implying that they wanted to make a different game entirely but wound up having to use DMC's name so they could sell it? Well yes I am angry. But it's no different than any of the other shit this series has given me so I really have no point of getting pissed off over this.

Thank you and goodnight.

>I mean hell, the fact you're claiming Bayonetta is SEXY might make some people's heads spin.

It makes the head of Kamiya himself spin.

Or at least porn of her does.

But when isn't their porn of something?


No, that's what everyone WANTS.

If they were just looking to make a quick dollar, there were a million other ways to do it. They could've easily made another DMC that adds nothing and changes nothing. That's a cash-in.

That trailer looked like shit from an action perspective. DMC3's opening was better directed.

The Raiden thing was pretty good from a story perspective though. It paints Snake to be even more badass which helps the whole S3 Simulation thing. Then there's the whole relationship with Solidus. And of course the whole manipulation of media thing with the whole swapping Snake out with Raiden in the previews and actual game. Ah random thought though sorry.

He looks like a 17 year old punk who hangs around doing drugs and stuff. Like Terry McGuiness meets The Crow or something.


>a story perspective though

See this is a major problem with MGS and Kojima. Story and Game should work together with a videogame and not be separate entities. When I play a videogame, especially an action/adventure videogame is it so wrong for me to want to play the Big-Damn-Hero? The guy who's, ya know, actually getting stuff done? Not the patsy for a greater organization who's slowly uncovering it (like both Raiden and Nero, ironically). I'd have no problem with Snake or Dante being side-characters in these games. But that's just what they should be SIDE CHARACTERS. Let them seem as cool as you want but don't have them be completely integral to the plot. Why? Because you're basically saying "Know that character you loved and was playing back in the old day? Well he's going to be the hero of this game. Only you can't really play him. Just watch him do these things. NOW HAVE THIS NEW CHARACTER!"

Like I know the whole "baww it's different now it's bad" thing is overdone but there are definitely ways to soften the blow. The major one being getting us to LIKE the new character and I cannot think of a worse way to do it than to have us constantly comparing him to the old one, which is what all of these games wind up doing.

...Kojima is miles ahead of a lot of developers as far as intergrating story into gameplay goes. Hence all these instances of you being allowed to mess around during cutscenes, or kill bosses a million different ways, or being forced to do scripted deaths personally (see: the ending of 3).

Hell, MGS2, though horrendous for a lot of other reasons, arguably does more with meshing the game with the story than the rest of the series.

>complaining about how a game that doesn't exist yet is the WORST THING EVARRR

Oh /cog/!


Actually, thats pretty much what happens on /v/, too.

File: 128466137598.jpg-(43.76KB, 466x447, oh hi thar.jpg)
>integrates story well
>implying hours of tedious text and unskippable cutscenes are a story integrated well
>implying kojima is anywhere near competent as a writer

File: 128466179958.jpg-(1.36MB, 1200x3500, 1284661727595.jpg)
Continuing on this subject I found this on /v/ and was reminded of this thread.

I think we should make this chart bigger and better.

And maybe make some "Good changes, Bad Changes" t-chart dealie?

There has never been an unskippable cutscene in Metal Gear. But considering this is you I'm talking to you'll probably just make something else up in an attempt to create rage so I don't know why I'm bothering.

Do Leon and Chris count as bad ones?

File: 128466369877.jpg-(50.03KB, 466x447, oh hi thar.jpg)

>a bloo bloo bloo i love kojima-san

>I can't make a post that actually contributes to shit to save my life.

Sam and Max are my faves...heh Vigilantes that just blow the hell out of everyone and enforce their freelance justice.

File: 128466622380.jpg-(1.00MB, 1024x768, 1284397980474.jpg)
Sam & Max


I like the design. In fact I like it BETTER than the classic Dante design, which I have always rolled my eyes at. The guy looks like he's probably going to be 16 or 17, so if he is going to become Dante, eh, no big problem.

If it's a sequel, and this guy pulls a Raiden, well, then he's already heads above where Raiden started, so again that's fine.

And if it IS a reinvention, and they're just using the names and common themes to sell a story that they already wanted to tell, then I really don't have a problem with that either, because if it's good, then it's good. Solid timelines are for pussies and obsessives. And let's face it. If it's a new timeline, then Capcom will return to the old timeline, because they are Capcom.

We haven't seen any real gameplay, and we know nothing about the story except for what basically amounts to a teaser. Making a decision about whether or not a game is good at this stage is retarded.



Not a big fan of the games, but I have always hated that hair style, it's just so...floppy. Also, why are his lips so red?

Are we upset that he looks like a British Punker kid?

We're upset that Dante looks like a British punk type, and that we're getting a reboot for a series that doesn't really need one right now.


>We're assuming that Dante looks like a British punk type, and that we're getting a reboot for a series that doesn't really need one right now.


To be fair, what other conclusion can be made at this point?


I played the first game.

It wasn't terribly good. It was actually pretty boring, in fact. Do the other three games give you blowjobs or something? Is that why everyone's so upset about the reboot?


3rd game is definitely an improvement on the first Pym. I understand your emotions. Believe me I do. But DMC3 is a lot more fast paced and (thankfully) tones down on the RE puzzles.

Well Nero was added to "bring in newcomers" and the whole Devil Bringer would be too weird on Dante (that's what the production staff said). Though one would think the giant 4 would be a put off to newcomers but whatever. It did sell more than DMC3 and was the fastest selling DMC. I think it moved 3 million copies.

1 and 3 are great. 4 is good. 2 was meh but still better than most action games out there at the time.

Glad I'm not alone in thinking 1 was meh.

Started up 3 recently, and so far it's delivering all the over the top-ness 1 should have had.

Still wanna play 2 for the Trish unlockable.

Numbers do not scare off people as much as publishers would like to have you believe. Fallout 3 and RE 4 and 5 are proof of this. Hell, you just proved it with the numbers on DMC 4.

Anyways, there IS one thing that actually has me worried from a gameplay it me or was the gun-akimbo stuff kind of slow? The swordplay too, actually. I don't have a PS3 so I never played much Heavenly Sword outside of a demo kiosk at Game Crazy back when it first came out so...yeah?

I'm tired of bashing it, I just want it to not be terrible.

That's one of my main worries about this game; is if they try and slow things down and make it more like a God of War clone.

Also apparently Kamiya doesn't like the new design either.


>1[...][is] great.

Don't lie to me. I played one.

So are people mad because Dante doesn't look like a bull-dyke leather fetishist in chaps anymore?

I'm not seeing why you people cry every time somebody dehomos something out of Japan.

DMC1 was good for the time.

I hope. Honestly, my first was 2, so every other game plays beautifully in comparison. But 1's a solid game, and 3's just incredible. I love 4, but I have to admit it's got some big problems.

Yeah, the prior design wasn't great...but I certainly would not call this an improvement.


Having played it at the time, I can very honestly say that no, it wasn't.

Well, fuck you. 1 is still one of my favorite games.

>Main character looks like a faggot

Sounds like Devil May Cry to me.

File: 128471638050.jpg-(44.15KB, 570x378, 1282706911338.jpg)

File: 128473190882.jpg-(33.94KB, 492x363, whatnowcasuals.jpg)

File: 128473193719.jpg-(83.13KB, 1048x1000, leon.jpg)

what about people who have only played re4 and 5 because the older games are too painfully clunky for them to put up with

I don't know what this picture is supposed to mean, because they both look the same apart from on and off-duty apparel.

That, and Leon's off-duty apparel has an awful lot of artifacts.

...'an hypocryte'?


Then you don't know what a hipster is when you see one. Stupid faggy bomber jacket that is better suited for a woman? Check. Retarded overly girly haircut? Check. Brooding angsty stare and hermaphrodite glitter? You fuckin' got it.

File: 12847477897.png-(422.84KB, 320x256, How about I shoot you in the dick.png)
Does the bomber jacket matter when he loses it anyway?


Well, I mean, at least it isn't a v-neck t-shirt, but it's awful tight, and it doesn't look like athletic wear, like Chris' shirt, so I'm assuming it's still a little hipster-y.

But is that mascara? Because it looks like mascara.

Some people just have dark rings on their eyes. Especially people that don't sleep much for whatever reason. Like, say, consistent nightmares after a particularly traumatizing event.




His haircut is the same, just slightly longer.

Hr loses his jacket quickly and it was cold so he wasn't wearing it without reason.

File: 128475046823.png-(157.26KB, 294x256, pete.png)

And yet he chose to wear a frilly bomber jacket in the first place out of all the jackets in the world. And I'm pretty sure staying awake for days and mascara do not produce the same effect. Bags go on the bottom of your eyes, and your eyes start to sink in from being tired. Instead they gave him a pretty-boy face with makeup on and around his eyelids. Sure is Pete Wentz in here.

Come on now, take off your nostalgia goggles, or go outside and see some hipsters. Because they definitely hipster'd him all kinds of up between the 90's and RE4.

File: 128475141136.gif-(545.15KB, 427x240, 4a1e2c3cfdffdf5f32d06ac93decdd79.gif)
>Nostalgia Goggles
>for a game that came out in 2005

>My name is Anonymous and I'm trying my best to make everyone hate a character in a Resident Evil game.

Oh dear god, we've been invaded by a troll from fashion. Who fucking cares?


I'm not trying to do anything, I'm just letting you all know that you're fucking retarded for throwing out words like hipster, clearly without any idea what you're saying. You can love him all you want, I'm just saying >>93663 >>93665 made a completely valid point, and you're all pretty much hypocrites. But this is /cog/ who am I to assume people will actually know what their talking about instead of just engaging in constant flamboyant fanboyism?


Yes, because nobody in this thread previous to me was calling shit hipster and comparing the fashion of two characters. And because you realise I am right, I'm trolling, well fucking played, kid, sit down.


PS, weren't most of you fucking like 13-14 when that game came out? Yeah, I know you have your goggles on, smart-guy.


you don't know a hipster when you see one at all. There is nothing even vaguely hipster about bomber jackets and bowl cuts.

I bet you're one of those neckbeards in a metallica tee and surf shorts who goes around calling everyone hipster faggot and then wonders why you have no friends.

File: 128475370222.jpg-(99.51KB, 348x350, Michael+Jordon.jpg)

this failtroll butt isnt /fa/ at all


>my face when samefags quote themselves
>my face when you dont know how to noko


PS, no. No samefag. You should really get better at reading. I don't know who that Anonymous is, but I can see you're butthurt, if it makes you feel better, I don't have any investment in this, but if objectivity offends you, you could always just cry.

Just too lazy to type my name.


a bunch of pics that have no bomber jackets, and no leon haircuts.
good going

and yes, i am correct. i am also better than you in every conceivable way.


Leon wasn't dressed like any of these guys. The fur coat maybe comes a little bit close maybe if you're willing to stretch the lines, but I don't remember him wearing gaudy sunglasses or a graphic tee at any point during that game.

File: 128475423984.jpg-(18.52KB, 422x317, applause-2.jpg)

toxie everyone


Haha, so funny how I mistyped they're. Boy, was that silly of me.

Mascara. And Leon pretty much looks identical to Pete Wentz. Would you like me to photoshop his hair to make it blond so that it's easier on your eyes? Because his hair in 2 is a bowl cut, but it's a farrrrr cry from a bowl cut in 4. As if that crazy emo swoop wasn't enough, it's also cut higher in the back.

Come on now, I know you people are fans, and I'm not trying to take that away from you, but you're blind if you don't see it, and you apparently think this goofball British version of Dante somehow is a hipster. If you don't think this Dante is, fine, I don't care, that means I'm not talking to you, smarty-pants.

ive never played much dmc, but the dante character has always seemed kind of funloving and easygoing, even in bad situations, so seeing him all srs bsns, even in a mugshot, is probably the biggest departure than the outward appearance differences

Oh my god, I'm getting so fucking tired of seeing the word "hipster".

I don't even give a shit about Dante's design anymore. He's always looked pretty ridiculous anyway.

He doesn't look like Pete Wentz, though.


I am very sorry about your lack of taste, life must be very difficult for you.

File: 128475511654.gif-(2.08KB, 225x193, letsgoin.gif)


Did you watch the trailer? I don't think anything has changed except that he is no longer wearing assless chaps.


Totally agreed.

So what are you saying, that you're blind?


Aside from his clothes, wtf has really changed? The animation looks the same, the gameplay looks the same, it's literally his clothes and that's it.

We all made bad choices as teenagers.


Somewhat amusingly, I was discussing the spectacle shooter genre (we're calling them that now, right?) with my brother and brought up Dante as being a sort of counterpoint to Kratos; the goofy wiseass to the bitter asshole.

Having never played any of the DMC games, he was surprised that Dante was anything but a brooding, tortured, GRIMDARK antihero based on the series' title and premise, leading to me bringing up the intro to DMC3 on Youtube to riotous laughter.

Long story short, his perceived image of the franchise was the same thing you guys are bitching about here.

File: 128475994774.png-(68.12KB, 705x280, tv.png)
I still don't see the "hipster" thing. "British asshole teenage punk" is different enough from "hipster douchebag" I thought.

Maybe this is DMC X like MegaMan X

As for DMC1 the game is still good and the granddaddy of the super character action adventure games. Give credit where credit is due ya bloody kids!

Leon does kinda have a emo styled haircut but it looks like a modernization of his RE2 hair, which was a popular look in the 90s. IIRC kids on shows like Home Improvment and Roseanne and Step by Step used to rock them. alot of kids back in my school days did as well. His bomber jacket was pimpin though. But yeah he was super pale and fairly grim so I could see why people call him emo

Maybe this is DMC X like MegaMan X

As for DMC1 the game is still good and the granddaddy of the super character action adventure games. Give credit where credit is due ya bloody kids!

Leon does kinda have a emo styled haircut but it looks like a modernization of his RE2 hair, which was a popular look in the 90s. IIRC kids on shows like Home Improvment and Roseanne and Step by Step used to rock them. alot of kids back in my school days did as well. His bomber jacket was pimpin though. But yeah he was super pale and fairly grim so I could see why people call him emo

>As for DMC1 the game is still good and the granddaddy of the super character action adventure games.

No it isn't.

Yes, that title clearly belongs to Godhand.


My name is Sneaky Tiki and I don't understand numbers.


Or the numerous titles that came out BEFORE DMC that are in the same vein.

Dynasty Warriors 2, for example. Or pretty much any third-person 3D beat 'em up that came out before 2001.

File: 128484589848.jpg-(26.82KB, 500x363, 796ffece-7cab-4283-91a0-5621f91d911b.jpg)


The first good one then. You can say "blah blah Dynasty Warriors Blah Blah Oni" or whatever the fuck point you're trying to make all you want but DMC was a game changer for better or worse. Whatever you think of God of War-esque games, they are the way they are now because of Devil May Cry.


Enh... There were anime games all over the Dreamcast who laid the foundation for games like Devil May Cry. Giving it all the credit is giving it too much credit, but dismissing it wholly isn't giving it enough credit.

I prefer a 3D action-adventure-beatemup to be more like Dynasty Warriors 2-5 than God of War or Devil May Cry, but we'll see in the long run how this all turns out.

I really dig the art direction in the trailer though, and I think, aside from the Mugshot, most of Dante's personality has remained intact, but maybe I'm being optimistic.

You're right actually, I forgot about the Berserk games (I own the Dreamcast one too, dammit). Looking at gameplay of the PS2 game, it almost feels like some sort of strange and influential sideways timeline of where character action could've gone.

there was nothing like devil may cry before devil may cry

>There were anime games all over the Dreamcast who laid the foundation for games like Devil May Cry

not really, no.

foundation sir, foundation. Not full-blown...whatever. Berserk is about it though. I can't think of anything else even close to what Toxie is talking about that was on Dreamcast.


There was Zombie Revenge. The gameplay was similar, not so much the over-the-top-anime-gun-nonsense, but the rest of the over-the-top-anime-nonsense. But yeah, mostly Berserk.

But both Dynamite Cop and Zombie Revenge had guns in beatemups which was uncommon, etc. I'm not saying it's the same game, I'm just saying... it can't be a grandfather of a genre that's almost as old as videogames. Because it essentially boils down to being a beatemup.

>there was nothing like devil may cry before devil may cry

Before DMC there was Vampire Hunter D (PSX) and Sword Of Berserk (Dreamcast). If you mix the two, you get DMC.

Oh god. Vampire Hunter D.

The first game I ever just flat out hated.

It was Resident Evil with swords and that's just as clunky as it sounds like. I can sort of see where you're coming from but uuuugh.

All these games come from the same heritage but this is like comparing, I dunno, Half-Life to Quake.

Let's talk about Sword of the Berserk and how fucking crazy it was that Eidos published AND dubbed it.


I totally forgot about Vampire Hunter D.


we should also talk about how Sony blocked the PS2 Berserk game in Western territories because they didnt want it to clash with their own titles like Genji.

As funny as it was to hear Raziel for Guts the guy playing this level is absolutely terrible.

People compare Dynasty Warriors and Sengoku Basara to DMC and the others but the only thing they have in common is over the top action and what not.

DMC and GOW are action adventure hybrid games. There's exploration, platforming, even little puzzles here and there. The vertical game is 10X stronger than any hack and slash game and this can be seen by watching plenty of combo videos if you're not into the games themselves. The regular enemies are also alot smarter and aggressive then Dynasty Warrior cannon fodder. And the weapon systems are deeper in DMC and its cohorts

And Godhand is a traditional beat em up in 3d. There's barely any vertical game to speak of. There's no real emphasis on weapons. And Gene isn't as agile as Dante, Kratos,etc

Zombie Revenge looks like a fun game but still schewing more on the side of a beat em up.

The Berserk Game is the closest I've seen to looking like DMC with the whole real time integration of bare hand combat, melee, and gun combat.

>It was Resident Evil with swords and that's just as clunky as it sounds like.

Onimusha was this and was pretty solid. Actually IIRC DMC started out as RE and changed into something else since the protag was a guy who was infected like Wesker with a super virus. Some of the guys who worked on Onimusha also worked on it and talked about how there was a glitch in Onimusha where you could launch an enemy in the air and keep him there.

The PS2 Berserk game looks like a deeper version of Dynasty Warriors

Obviously there are elements and pieces of it in other games. But it put things together in a way that outclasses all the previous examples stated (a big part of it being technology available and the other part of course being the devs). Looking at the mechanics from an objective perspective one can see that the game is indeed fluid and plays very differently from say Final Fight or Zombie Revenge. I mean look at Michael Jordan, people constantly cite him as the best to ever play the game. But it's not like there weren't other players before him who didn't have beautiful jump shots, like Bird or crazy ass dunks like Wilkins. But Jordan packaged those elements all in one and puts his own spin on it.

That's what I mean by DMC being the "Grand dad" of these character action games. It took past elements, refined them all together and gave it to us in a way where we can see the whole picture and not just glimpses of it.


Interview about the inspiration. Watching it kind of made me not hate the look anymore and I'm more accepting of it. I'm still waiting for them to show the gameplay off though before making judgement on it.

To be honest, I'd say he'd look a lot better if his hair were a tad shaggier, and he had a slightly stronger jawline.

Who's got photoshop on hand?

File: 12853227376.jpg-(42.60KB, 499x375, 13403069.jpg)
Some of the stuff being posted on Pixiv is hilarious

File: 128532275553.png-(38.16KB, 489x422, 13310948.png)

File: 128532277720.png-(218.08KB, 800x600, 13283872.png)

File: 128532280011.jpg-(304.22KB, 450x800, 13368772.jpg)

File: 128532282959.jpg-(61.17KB, 680x550, 13309640.jpg)

File: 128532284685.jpg-(92.09KB, 400x1178, 13277868.jpg)

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