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File: 12783726887.jpg-(165.22KB, 800x800, tf2_radigan.jpg)
85608 No.85608
And with this first update the old thread goes critical. Good timing. You all already found this hidden link, right? Right?

Anyway, first new unlock is Frontier Justice.
>50% smaller magazine clip
>No random crits, Stock up on crits:
>>Two crits per sentry kill
>>One crit per assist
>>Destroyed sentry means bonus crits
>>>Can be triggered by self-destruct

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Of note:
>**Also note, wrenches can be found up until the 100th wrench has gone out. There is no per-day limit on the number of wrenches found, and distribution has been designed to be fair to all timezones. Every 25th wrench found will result in the release of more information on the Engineer Update.

So we need to get the entire internet to craft every wrench today, then we'll get the entire engie update at once!

Things I note on the wall-o-stuff:
1) We have the full image of Mann & Family, but Mystery Suit is covered up by what I assume is Dell Conagher's Great Grandfather.
2) Mobile, single-barrel turret. Would be surprised if it's not an unlock. No idea how you're supposed to move it, though.
3) Plans of what seem to be an early version of the Dispenser have "WILL NEVER WORK" written on them.
4) Lincoln Secret Gun Stovepipe Hat. Yes please.
5) Something about a teleporter moving mustaches. Probably some sort of anti-spy unlock.
6) As pointed out in the last thread, we have a map with "Mann's Land", all the other areas are known maps (except Hale River and Thunder Mountain)

File: 127837388099.png-(84.76KB, 196x195, australium.png)
The electron diagram of Australium is actually gold (Au).

Only it has a pair of tiny boxing kangaroos for a nucleus I guess.


See, that's where they differ.

Normal atoms have electrons and neutrons for a center. Australium has battles for kingship in every delicious atomic center.

>delicious atomic center.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a delicious Australium atom?

I've gotten ten kills with a measly level 1 sentry before. That's twenty crits, not counting the assists I got.


Seems pretty obvious Valve wants more offensive front line Engis.

Hence the name.


Such rage cannot be captured within a reaction image.


Yea those stats will get edited fast as soon as spies start bitching

Am I the only person who LOVES that Valve is actually crafting a compelling story explaining why RED and BLU not only exist but are waging a never-ending war?

the engineer better get a hat that gives him his grandfather's mustache


No, thats my fave too.

And holy shit, they're still dropping wrenches? I'd better craft what I've got.

What do you have to craft?


Every once in awhile there's a window of opportunity that you'll earn a Golden Wrench for crafting ANYTHING together, on top of the item that the crafting gives you. You've just got to be crafting at just the right time.


Actually, according to an e-mail from Robin posted on the forums, its a tiny chance to occur anytime you craft period.

Well I'm fucked then. I have nothing to craft, and I don't know how. Fuck.

Yeah, I crafted everything I had, then spent three hours playing without a single drop.


I'm just crafting slowly. There's a chance it'll happen if I draw it out.


So australium is a gold isotope.

Obvious, in hindsight.

Two people got gold wrenches in a fifteen minute period, both of them on the same server. I have to admit, I raged a little.

Idlers are the reason the Golden Wrench doesn't rely on playtime, and that makes me angry.

Every time the golden wrench message pops up I just yell angrily into the microphone.

Nobody seems to question it.

File: 127840164574.png-(71.66KB, 980x504, magicskycastles.png)
>>85658 >>85662
>I have to admit, I raged a little.
>Nobody seems to question it.


So Lincoln is still alive...

He cant be the modern Pyro because the modern Pyro is too short

At first I thought you were full of shit, and that the drawings depict plans to assassinate Lincoln. Then I started looking closer and realized it's all a hat-themed conspiracy. A beautiful, Australian, hat-themed conspiracy.

Lincoln was on the grassy knoll.

Kosh, you always know how to make me laugh.

5 more Wrenches until the next part of the update. Keep it up!


Yaknow. Think about it. The new drop rate has it so that you only get a new chance for items on Thursday, which often results in people only getting items ON Thursday.

And since Valve's plan to clear out all those spare drops before the update, which happens ON Thursday, to craft for golden wrenches ALSO states that we only get an update peek per every 25 wrenches found...

...isn't it likely that TF2 players will run out of craftable materials BEFORE Thursday?

I got a drop yesterday. Just one, though.

I think they'll just mod the drop rate again to increase it if, for some reason, a very large amount of people run out of objects to craft.

I don't see that happening, however. Someone will always be late to the game and start crafting later.


As I mentioned before, I stopped playing to prepare for item drops.

Landed three items yesterday, and fully expect to earn at least one more before Thursday.

File: 127844270627.gif-(15.80KB, 600x450, 125637185149.gif)
yeah, I'm one of these people and I'm not getting shit. I haven't played in weeks where is my shit?!



Creepiest video on youtube. Ever.

Also HNNNNG 3 wrenches left to next update.


Luck? D:

I got two at once, which probably means the last time I played I was on a 1 sec respawn server like Mario Kart. I don't seem to get items when I'm on those kinds of maps.

>>85693 doesn't actually work like that.

You still only get a certain amount of drops per week that maxes out somewhere between 10 and 20. If you haven't played for a few weeks it doesn't just build up over time, you'll still only get 10 to 20 items. Just the excess item "overflow" gets pushed over to the next play period so that you don't have to play as many hours to earn your drops in that period of time.

that still doesn't give me shit.

>The Steam Servers are too busy to handle your request.


One more Wrench to go.
One more.

Its updated!

File: 127845992570.jpg-(318.12KB, 1064x1456, Update 2.jpg)

seems overpowered but could potentially be underpowered as fuck

The Wrangler:
>Replaces Pistol
>Allows the Engineer to take control and aim sentry gun
>While Wrangler is active weapon:
>>Creates shield for sentry that absorbs 66% of incoming fire
>Doubles fire rate and slightly increases missile rate
>Sentry is defenseless and inactive for three seconds after switching from Wrangler

Likely from the "Thunder Mountains" location on the map.

Also, achievements!

That sounds like a very definitive statement.

Great, now we'll have more turtling engies than ever before

Time to bust out them spies

You're likely left completely exposed wherever you are; the shield probably doesn't expand around you, and since the sentry won't auto-target a spy can easily walk up and backstab you before escaping. Then in that three second down time the rest of the team rushes in to destroy the sentry and everything else.

I, personally, love it, but it's not without new problems.

This actually encourages engies to build with a plan; two engies place their sentries such that one non-Wrangler sentry can cover a Wrangler-Engineer while he Wrangles, and you could have a very powerful lineup. Doubly so because you can shift the fire such that the sentry won't waste all that ammo on uber'd opponents, instead picking off non-uber'd OpFor trying to push in with the rush.

How does the shield respond to sapping?

I was eager for somthing more offensive, but a shielded controllable turret is... well its a stationary tank. So yay!

>How does the shield respond to sapping?
Now that is a good question. It would be so broken if the spy has to destroy the shield before they can sap. However if the shield goes when the engie and his gun goes it could be intresting.

Unless you can assume direct control from spawn, I can see this making the engineer even more of a spy bait than he already is.

File: 127846099842.jpg-(50.33KB, 900x494, 1261902201574.jpg)
I just had the best idea ever.


... You're a fucking genius.

Oh man. Use the Wrangler to launch yourself into a fray, destroy the sentry in mid air, and bonus crit the shit out of all those confused BLU bastards.

This has the potential for griefing magic.

Time to guess about the achievements:

Battle Rustler - Teleport 100 players (with one tele?)
Revengineering - Use Frontier Justice to kill an enemy after he has destroyed your sentry
Search Engine - Use the Wrangler to kill a cloaked/disguised spy
Pownd on the Range - Use your sentry to something something something
Building Block - Hell if I know, probably something with protecting the sentry with the Wrangler
Unforgiven - Do something with Frontier Justice
Quick Draw - Kill a spy within 10 seconds of him sapping your building
The Wrench Connection - Use your Wrench to kill a disguised spy
Silent Pardner - Upgrade 50 buildings created by other engineers
Fistful of Sappers - Knock off X Sapper (alternatively, knock off all sappers placed on your Sentry, Dispenser, and Teleporter at the same time)
Doc, Stock and Barrel - Kill X enemies while being healed by a medic
Best Little Slaughterhouse in Texas - Get X Dominations (With one sentry?)
Frontier Justice - Kill an enemy with the Frontier Justice from such a distance
Six-String Stinger - Give an enemy a screenshot of you playing your guitar after killing them?
Uncivil Engineer - Give an enemy a screenshot of your sentry after it kills them?
Texas Two-Step - Finish an enemy off with your shotgun after he takes damage from your sentry (or reverse that)
The Extinguished Gentleman - Heal (X Players)|(A Class) with your dispenser until they are put out
Doc Holiday - Heal a Medic while he heals another player
No Man's Land - Kill 25 Players (with your sentry?) while they are capturing a point or pushing the cart
Trade Secrets - Kill an enemy carrying your intelligence
Death Metal - Build 10,000 buildings
Land Grab - Something with the wrench, obviously
Git Along! - Destroy a building after a friendly spy has sapped it?
How the Pests was Gunned - Kill X Demos/Destroy X Sticky Bombs
Honky Tonk Man - Taunt kill with guitar
Breaking Morant - Kill 10 snipers by something something
Rio Grind - Kill 50 enemies with the Wrangler
Patent Protection - Kill an enemy engineer using the Wrangler?
If You Build It, They Will Die - Kill X people with a lvl3 sentry?
Texas Ranger - Talk about a little later
Deputized - No idea
Drugstore Cowboy - Dispense X metal
Circle the Wagons - Use your wrench to kill an enemy around your sentry?
Built to Last - Maintain a building for X length/entire round
(Not So) Lonely are the Brave - Help a Heavy kill X opponents while being healed by your dispenser

>Texas Ranger - Talk about a little later
Looks like this is the third unlockable. Remember that Polycount picture that was supposed to be about the Engie update? It had the Engie holding the toolbox on his shoulder instead of in front of him, like he does now. Considering the icon, which has the same position, I think this is a quick-build alternative, or perhaps the mobile sentry alluded to on the wall.

From the description, it makes me think that you have to either have a line-of-sight to your sentry or to your intended target from where you currently are. More likely you have to have a LOS to the sentry, hence the radar dish on the Wrangler. So you could run away, hide somewhere, and control it, but even in spawn an enemy would be able to get behind the sentry and shoot you, or shoot you from a different angle, etc.

...I love you.

Considering the fall and the fact that they'll start targeting you, it's complete suicide, but sure as hell a fun one.

Also, I'm disappointed there's no Sentrycide option, but I suppose it would be too easy to just jump in front of your own sentry to rack up the necessary deaths.

Engi's guitar confirmed for best weapon.

Swear to fucking god, his tauntkill better be EL KABONG

You know what would be even better? Engie's taunt plays the Guitar, and EVERYONE in a short radius taunts/dances. Then teammates are able to kill from afar.

File: 127846881359.png-(353.86KB, 800x540, 800px-Colletor_Gen.png)

>Doc Holiday
John Henry "Doc" Holiday is one of the most iconic men of the old west.

>No Man's Land
"No-Man's Land" is a term used for a region so desolate, no man could inhabit it.

>Trade Secrets
Trade secrets are secrets used by a corporation in producing a product that they keep secret from their competitors.

>Death Metal
Death metal is a subgenre of heavy metal, often associated with heavy vocals and dark, threatening lyrics.

>Land Grab
A land grab is an effort by one land-owning entity to forcibly aquire the land own by another entity.

>Git Along!
A misspelling of the phrase "Get along," typically associated with cattle herders moving along their cattle.

>How the Pests was Gunned
How the West was Won is a 1962 epic Western film about

>Honky Tonk Man
Honky Tonk Women is a 1969 hit song by The Rolling Stones.

>Breaking Morant
Harry "Breaker" Harbord Morant was an Australian soldier and poet and a 1980 film about his court martial.

>Rio Grind
The Rio Grande is a river that is used to mark the divide between Texas and Mexico.

>Patent Protection
Patent protection is the act of defending the rights to an item you patented.

>If You Build It, They Will Die
"If you build it, they will come" is a famous line from the 1989 film, Field of Dreams

>Texas Ranger
The Texas Rangers are a law-enforcement agency stationed in Texas. Perhaps most famously portrayed in the TV series Walker, Texas Ranger.

When someone is made a deputy by a scherif, they are said to be deputized.

>Drugstore Cowboy
Drugstore Cowboy is a 1989 crime drama.

>Circle the Wagons
Circling the wagons is a common depiction of how setlers would defend themselves from Indian attacks.

>Built to Last
When something is "build to last," it is built to stay functional for a long time.

>(Not So) Lonely are the Brave
Lonely are the Brave is a 1962 film about a cowboy.

>Battle Rustler
A cattle rustler is a person who steals cattle.

A combination of the words 'revenge' and 'engineering.'

>Search Engine
A search engine is a computer program that finds something, usually websites on the internet.

>Pownd on the Range
Home on the Range is a famous song about life on the open range.

>Building Block
Building blocks are small blocks used to build small constructions.

Unforgiven is a 1992 Western film directed by Clint Eastwood.

>Quick Draw
A quick-draw is the act of drawing your side-arm very fast, before your opponent can draw his.

>The Wrench Connection
The French Connection was a drug-trafficing scheme that named a book and film about the event.

>Silent Pardner
The Silent Partner is the title of a number of films.

>Fistful of Sappers
A Fistful of Dollars is a Spaghetti Western staring Cline Eastwood.

>Doc, Stock and Barrel
The lock, stock and barrel are all parts of a rifle, and the phrase is used to mean "in its entirety."

>Best Little Slaughterhouse in Texas
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is a musical, book and film based on the events on the Chicken Ranch in La Grange, Texas.

>Frontier Justice
Frontier justices is another name for vigilantism, or taking the law into your own hands.

>Six-String Stinger
A 6 String Stinger was a line of electric guitars.

>Uncivil Engineer
Civil Engineering is a branch of Engineering that deals with civil projects and how people behave.

>Texas Two-Step
The Texas Two-Step is a common group dance.

>The Extinguished Gentleman
The The Distinguished Gentleman is a 1992 political comedy starting Eddie Murphy.

>You still only get a certain amount of drops per week that maxes out somewhere between 10 and 20.

According to the new post, they're increasing the limit for this week.

File: 127846994667.jpg-(151.22KB, 800x800, Radigan love shis bear and his joystick.jpg)
Also, cool hidden picture.

Assuming Valve wants to update the Engineer page at roughly the same time every day while still sticking to the "25 wrenches to update!" thing, we're looking at a release for wrench crafting every 57 minutes or so, though there's obviously some variation in that.

So to increase chances, wait until you get the notice that someone found a wrench, then wait about 50 minutes and craft once every 30 or so seconds.

My sincerest and deepest sympathies go out to Mindwipe and any other Mac owner this week, as I've just learned that most of them are having problems with their game crashing the second they're in a server.

I like the flavor text with every item.

This update has no flavor text.

Are you counting the text in the post on the main page?

I think he means the paragraph-ic descriptions. The update style certainly fits the engineer theme, but we don't get, say, this:

>Until now. A high precision version of the standard-issue rocket launcher, the Direct Hit has been engineered from the ground up for Soldiers who have mastered the art of shooting at their targets instead of vaguely near them. Those of you looking to deal splash damage, stop reading now: the Direct Hit has a 70% smaller blast radius than a traditional rocket launcher. But the rockets that come out of this thing move fast and hit hard: 80% faster and with 25% more destructive force. Best of all, for you real sharpshooters, the Direct Hit guarantees mini-crits on airborne targets.

The Engie update thus far is more straight-to-the-point and almost completely lacks the tongue-in-cheek humor Valve is known for; the only saving grace for that is the miscellaneous stuff pinned to the wall.

Engineer is built to last as is, so I'm just fine with Valve tongue-in-check humor.

Yeah, but it's still not going to have helped to not play before :|

Welp, apparently Valve fixed that today.,_2010_Patch

Am I the only one who thinks the engie is getting a gun device for shooting directly behind him?



Even the Heavy and Pyro updates had SOME flavor text.

Though it flared up especically with the Scout update.

>>85776 >>85759

Maybe, but I'm thinking its more due to all the WORLD flavor we're getting.

I think there's a lack of flavor text because the update isn't out yet. This is just a teaser, taunting us with what is to come. Come Thursday, each item will have a nice juicy description for us to sink our teeth into.

People who say the idea of the Wrangler is overpowered need to realize that you can't have the Wrangler and your wrench out at the same time. That shield is there to make up for you not being able to repair your sentry while you control it.

They're saving the best item for last, though, I just know it.

>They're saving the best item for last, though, I just know it.

>3) Plans of what seem to be an early version of the Dispenser have "WILL NEVER WORK" written on them.

Actually, that's probably supposed to be a Repair Node, that proposed new Engineer building that was announced to have been rejected after playtesting a couple months ago.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Yeah, it's the Repair Node.

Kosh joined the shitty server I was on.

I am sorry Kosh I was just achievement whoring the server is very bad D:

Sure is taking a hell of a long time to get to 75.

File: 127854123924.jpg-(92.13KB, 1047x684, enignerr.jpg)
feh, looks like the engineer hasn't built anything original ever

he's just stealin shit from his grandfather


I guess you didn't read the comic that came with this update.

Valve just banned DrunkenF00l after a Valve employee told him that the wrenches were given out at specific times.

The TF2 team continues to be comprised of morons.

Welp, I'm down to just hats and my trusty Flare Gun now.

And no fucking way am I gonna give up my melee, secondary, and primary weapon slot tokens because I always land an extra four or five of the same weapon before I start getting different weapons of the same class.

No, that wasn't enough to ban him. He used a 3rd party script to spam crafting so his odds would go up.

It turns out that it's taking a while to get to 75 wrenches because a lot of the wrenchies have been using the timetables to get them, and have thus been VAC banned for it.

Shit, Team Walker. Was "Drop25.per24hr" so hard to code? Did you REALLY need to assign the drops to a strict timetable?

Yeah, that would do it.

If they wanted to update by a specific time each day, yeah. Random drops means that it's likely they'll bunch together--the first ten or so could trickle out in the initial 20 hours, and the last 15 cluster up the last five. Or, worse for them (since they want to keep updates during the day, I suppose), all 25 could be found within the first few hours.

It would be better to "burst" them. Have timetables for set hours, but make them spans so that you do, say, five in the first four hours, five in the next four, etc. That way if they pool it won't be everything at once.

No, as the original post said that would be moronic. If someone from their company leaked the shit and he crafted normally to get it, it wouldn't be enough to ban him and would be the companies fault. At the most he would get a slap on the wrist. Yet, what he did was use another program to spam crafting to get the wrenches.
So far I've only heard of two other people getting banned for the golden wrenches. Both of which probably did the same thing Drunken fool did, find out the times and then use a 3rd party program to spam the servers.

As far as I know Valve got random times set to last through 4 days. Then they copied those times to a list and that got leaked.


Rage when you realize that the first Golden Wrench was deleted. As have three others.

File: 127854780931.jpg-(108.96KB, 800x800, 75_radigan.jpg)
Looks like the end of it takes the payload straight up to the terminus.

Also, who is the Watchmaker?

If you click the tag it links to some user.

File: 127854862253.jpg-(89.18KB, 418x579, saxton hale mailstorm.jpg)
dear god...

he's becoming.... one of THEM

oh, i read the update, thats why i'm saying this. everything the engy builds was built by his grandfather... you'd think he'd update it a little or something but its straight up the same blah im looking into this too much

So our next (final?) unlockable is some sort of Nasty Wrench? This was barely an update. We get a new item with no description and an image of a new map. That's it.

Color me disappointed.

I think that's plr_hightower. Note the large image has two towers with cart signs. pl_upward would be the lower one, I suppose. They could be the same and the hightower/upward just crpytic notes.

It's usually three days for a new weapon and one or two days for a new map/game mode. Also it was a community weapon.

Next weapon is a toolbox to move items. I'm guessing it'll take the place of the detonator seeing as that will be useless with movable items.

Sweet. I wonder what the limits are for it. Time to (un)pack, does it slow you down, can you only move lvl2 and below, etc.

File: 12785503353.jpg-(260.25KB, 800x1600, 75_engy_move.jpg)

Most likely slower movement. Maybe slower re-build times for higher sentries.
Does anyone else think that Engi's Grandfather might be Saxton Hale in one of the weirdest twists ever? Just putting it out there.


Just noticed the scars and blood stains on Radigan's chest. Hardcore.

File: 12785587351.jpg-(126.03KB, 1064x699, bg_04-mid1.jpg)
It's just now occuring to me that Hightower is a Payload Race map. Notice the opposing towers, one with a radar dish, one with a death ray, both with tracks leading up to it. Notice the red bomb on the lower level.


Hopefully it's better than Pipeline. Payload Race is a fine idea but the only map anyone plays is Pipeline, and pipeline suuuuuuuucks.

I'm pretty sure I've played here, and if its the map I'm thinking of then it isn't very good.

I have now played 1000 hours of TF2. D:

Finally managed to connect to the Mario Kart map today. Riding the Cat Bus is fun, until a Pyro spawns inside it. :<

Using a Sniper in the Party Van is also pretty great.

I heard that some guy called Drunken F00l was banned due getting a golden wrench via hacking.
Can anyone confirm me this?


Yep. He was using an outside program to spam crafting messages.

  If I could favorite something more than once, I would mark this about a trillion times.


taunt combo!!!!

The Pyro's Single Ladies dance cracks me up.


I wonder if you can do these kinds of animations with the naked version of Scout's mom.

Wrench crafting seem to have ground to a halt: there's only four left, but no one's made one in like four hours.

Wait, why did the Wrench Meter just say "000" for a couple minute?

It's 97 now.

File: 127862176954.jpg-(137.61KB, 800x800, ENGINEER HANDS.jpg)


This is going to cause a re-surgance of the giant robot hands fetish.


Giant robot hands!?

Where did you find this?


Click on the Kagaroos boxing in the middle of the Australium diagram. (Looks kind of like a dart board)

Also, Blue Streak for official /cog/ beer.





File: 127862496474.jpg-(269.25KB, 447x598, I_AM_SO_EXCITE_by_dust_bite.jpg)
Only 2 wrenches left.

File: 127862585913.jpg-(80.82KB, 398x326, engyDAT.jpg)

Cue day-long wait before the final wrench is finaly droped

Fuck, I wanted to make some shit in Gmod for this, but fucking Gmod is broken as hell.


Yeah, I'm not expecting the last wrench for another three hours.

Ugh, its late and I should go to sleep, but I can't sleep knowing that the next update can show up any minute now.

File: 127862920138.jpg-(25.65KB, 332x318, 34-powerglove.jpg)

File: 127863090616.jpg-(163.53KB, 1280x960, 125696834797.jpg)
Another devilish idea.

Think this Australia nonsense creates the possibility of futuristic maps?

100th Wrench has dropped!

100 wrench get!

File: 127863200686.jpg-(323.19KB, 1064x1158, MiniSentry.jpg)

File: 127863205158.png-(1.10MB, 995x704, Gunslinger.png)
Oh, and thunder mountain is a new level, called it!

My body was not ready

>>85905 >>85904

Unless you can place more than one, or can also build your regular sentry?

This seems pretty useless. Which is a surprising thing to manage to turn a robotic glove into.

And we now know the new map is plr_thundermountain

We still have nothing about Engie carrying sentry on shoulder.

So when are they going to push the update?

If only one, it still serves a purpose. Run into the fray, drop mini sentry around corner, run out and punch someone. It gets destroyed, drop another; you'll easily have picked up 100 metal by then.


Pretty sure you can build multiple, but we'll have to wait for the blog to update for more info.

It says "mini sentries", so yeah. And it doesn't say anywhere that it replaces normal buildings.


"Target acquired. Despencing product."

furthermore, consider Frontier Justice + Gunslinger.

Drop Mini. Mini gets kill. Frontier Justice gets two crits. Use crits to critically wound two players, lead them to sentry, they die. FJ now has four crits. See where I'm going?

Sentry runs out ammo (so you suicide it) or is destroyed. FJ gets bonus crits, and by this time you've racked up 100 metal to drop another mini.



I'd like to point out that there's still a portion of the update's wall that still hasn't been covered with something new. I think they're gonna update with one more new thing later on.

achievements are up too

I wonder if that mallet from the "coming soon" teaser never really was a weapon, and Valve just trolled us again.

>Honky Tonk Man
>Smash an enemy player's head in with your guitar

Guitar confirmed for taunt kill.

What? There is a mallet. It's a Pyro weapon, I think, lets you knock off sappers.

>Texas Ranger
>Haul buildings one kilometer over your career.

Moving sentries confirmed. Also a lot of these are about building/maintaining a friendly engie's stuff.

>If You Build It, They Will Die
>Haul a level 3 sentry gun into a position that achieves a kill shortly after being redeployed.

So hauling works for lvl 3 too...

>And it doesn't say anywhere that it replaces normal buildings.

Yeah, I'm not sure if "instead of" means "can't have both out". But I'm guessing you can't. I'm guessing its a tiny sentry that can be easily destroyed, thus fueling crits for engis on offense using Frontier Justice, like Autonymoose said.

I guess if you're more focused on teleporters, like Blue team on Badwater, that can KINDA help.

Nono, not the homewrecker, the one he's holding here:


It makes him an absolute monster in small maps like Arena or KOTH maps.

>Also a lot of these are about building/maintaining a friendly engie's stuff.
Good. Achievements are supposed to reward you for playing the class right, and maybe now people will repair my stuff.

So when do the achievements get added to the list, and when do we get the actual Engineer update? In a playable form?

Official blogg post is here:


I'm gonna see if plusfour's server's up, otherwise I'll be chilling out on tr_walkway

Mine is downloading update RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT.

That's just a tool, not a teaser.

>Added 4 new maps:
-Thunder Mountain, a 3 stage Payload map.
-Hightower, a Payload Race map.
-Upward, a Payload map.
-ColdFront, a community built Capture Point map.
>Item tuning:
-The Sandvich now uses a cooldown timer, instead of the health pack recharge mechanic.
-The Gunboats now reduce self-damage by 60% (was 75%)
-The Tribalman's Shiv bleed duration reduced to 6 second (was 8), and its damage penalty increased to 50% (was 35%).

Yeah well, Valve has a history of showing weapons in trailers before they're actually announced, like the flaregun in Meet the sniper and the Frontier Justice in the Mac trailer, so I (and about half the internet) guessed that the Mallet would be one.


Great update?

Or Greatest update?

>Added Engineer main menu music.

brb, dissecting game files.

And yet another update without a Meet the Medic or Meet the Pyro.

File: 127863504838.jpg-(194.06KB, 1440x900, engy1.jpg)

Its called "More Gun", and is a lot more awesome than the Meet-the version.

Steam servers are too busy to handle my request. And I thought that with this update, the suffering of those that main Engineer would be over... ;~;


Wait a dingdang minute. Now it replaces the wrench instead of the pistol? A lot of awesomeness just disappeared.

So.....any new hats?

Fuck the extra weapons, moving buildings is the real game changer. Restructures the whole game dynamic. Words cant express how much I love this.

What, the Gunslinger? When did it look like it was replacing anything else?


See the above pictures in this thread. It originally said "Replaces the pistol".

  There's video.

File: 127864331622.gif-(2.77MB, 320x240, heaby.gif)
okay, using my awesome achievement gaining skills i have obtained the three engy unlocks (not the community wrench) and here's my input on them

1. frontier justice
great weapon although your sentry needs to be destroyed for the crits to work. that said, its very broken when used in tandem with the other engineer unlocks: i once had twenty crits stored in it... its ridiculous. the three clip magazine is neglectable if you can aim, most enemies go down in 3 anyway. this one gives the banjo tauntkill

2. gunslinger
i love this so much. you punch things to fix them. gives you an additional 25 health, no random crits, and you can perform a "combo" punch to do a crit (which seems a bit glitchy... its been hit and miss for the crits, sometimes i'll punch a heavy five times with no crits then other times i'll crit out of nowhere). the main feature of it is that you can build a babby sentry which gets up fast and deals half damage. even though it deals less damage its still lethal as fuck, at the very least serving as an awesome distraction. the bane of scouts. also, this one has a tauntkill too!

3. wrangler
holy mother of overpowered god this baby is so ahudgasu it hurts, that is if you aren't playing against a team with a skilled spy. doubles the firing rate of your sentry and gives ita little shield that seriously makes it practially invincible. but holy fuck, aiming is amazing. pressing mouse 1 fires main gun, for lvl 3 mouse 2 fires rockets. your sentry basically has no range limit now, you can snipe across goldrush and badwater with a lvl 3 sentry like a motherfucker and the team literally cant' do shit unless they get an uber or a few spies to kamakazie rush you.

overall: easily the most fun update i've played, but everything except for maybe the gunslinger is going to get nerfed within in a week.


>The Sandvich now uses a cooldown timer, instead of the health pack recharge mechanic.
Not sure if want.

>The Gunboats now reduce self-damage by 60% (was 75%)
That's ok. it isn't a real huge difference.

>The Tribalman's Shiv bleed duration reduced to 6 second (was 8), and its damage penalty increased to 50% (was 35%).


Me neither.
Steam is fucking with me.

GABEN: Your appointment to ESRB should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter with the Director.

ROBIN: I take it he was agreeable?

GABEN: He didn't really have a choice.

ROBIN: Has he hit the item limit?

GABEN: Oh, yes, most certainly. When I mentioned that we could put him on the priority list for the Golden Wrench, he was so willing it was almost pathetic.

ROBIN: This item -- the rioting is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to contain it.

GABEN: Why contain it? Let it spill over into the forums and community pages, let the items vanish from the inventories. In the end, they'll beg us to reward them.

>>The Sandvich now uses a cooldown timer, instead of the health pack recharge mechanic.
>>Not sure if want.
Definitely do want. I am tired of being unable to get more Sandvich because this map is missing those big crates and no number of little crates will help me. Cooldown timer gives me my sandvich back eventually.
>>The Tribalman's Shiv bleed duration reduced to 6 second (was 8), and its damage penalty increased to 50% (was 35%).

Sounds fair. EVERYONE uses Tribalman's shiv now.

And it's not like bleeding can be extinguished, either.

It's been hours and no luck of getting to play TF2. I really, REALLY want to mess around with those new items, especially the Southern Hospitality. It looks like it's a blast.

What's the Southern Hospitality do, exactly?

Wrench with Bleed.

Also the servers I play on haven't updated yet. :(

Which to counter doesn't give random crits and gives you 20% extra fire damage.

I feel like if I hadn't been out with previous obligations, I'd have gotten the last golden wrench.

Oh well, the gunslinger is fantastic enough to make up for it.

File: 127865818243.png-(27.38KB, 231x264, suspiciouspoe.png)
>just downloaded TF2 a couple weeks ago (lol mac)
>dicking around in offline practice mode
>still haven't played in a proper server against real people
>"You have picked up a Gunslinger!"

I don't even play Engineer.

I can't see much use for the Gunslinger. As cool as a robotic hand is, since we now have the ability to move a class 3 Sentry, the combat sentry becomes somewhat redundant. Shame.

Frontier Justice is horribly broken.

Wrangler is pretty great.


It's for combat engies. Run along the front lines, deploy a mini-sentry almost instantly, catch a few people by surprise. Your sentry dies, you have a nice stockpile of crits for the Frontier Justice, and because it only costs 100 metal, you can immediately deploy another even if you're in a metal-less area.

File: 127867053672.jpg-(76.16KB, 431x245, problem1.jpg)
Have you had any trouble playing it recently? I keep trying to play but this keeps coming up and then it just won't load TF2.


It just seems more effective to move a regular tier 3 sentry as a "combat engie." Ok so you save a couple of seconds on a build, but you sacrifice a significant amount of stopping power. Metal wont be an issue when youre slaughtering the enemy.

The crit-stacking makes sense I suppose, but thats likely to be nerfed.


Literally the second I got on a server, it was my first weapon.

>No random crits
>+20% damage from fire
>Bleed effect

Basically it encourages being around defensive Pyros on your team.

So excactly how does moving buildings work?


Right click next to the building, you can move one at a time. Setting it up again will cause it to set up at Level One and work its way back to its original state at about (guessing here) 1/2 the speed it would normally take to set up.

blueprint for southern hospitality is ambassador + scrap in case anyone wanted to craft one

It goes back to lvl3 just as fast as the animations will allow. It goes through the full process of setting up to lvl1, you have a microsecond pause (at which point it will lock on to a target if there is one), and then it will immediately go to the animation to upgrade to lvl2. Repeat for lv2->lvl3.

I think the initial setup is faster than if you were putting up a normal sentry.

the engineer has always shaped the flow of the game majorly, these new toys sound like theyll bring impressive variety

I also recommend Demos with medics around.

Not really, while the reduction of the bleed time it's ok(since now the shriv is not the only weapon that makes bleed), the damage penalty is just ridiculous.

Managed to craft one and try it yesterday, and it's pretty nice. Glady, didn't saw pyros around.


I spent most of today standing on a roof as a soldier, that works great on open levels.

Engineers can now rocket jump using the Wrangler and their sentries. On Mario Kart, this has allowed for the ultimate form of spawn camping.

And 2fort has become a race to build a Level 3 on the battlements. It's beautiful.

Found a server that wasn't already choke-full of engineers and tried playing a little myself. Got none of the new toys yet, but moving sentries is wonderful. I love that you can save your sentries from out-of-range fire.
Also Upward is fun and Thunder Mountain is meh until the last stage.

>Fuck the extra weapons, moving buildings is the real game changer.

Seconded. So hard.

Sadly, I keep seeing Engis using the Gunslinger when they're on defense. And honestly? That just doesn't cut it. It's GREAT for pushing when used in tandem with the other items, when you're trying to get a forward teleporter up or just waiting for that first uber to fade.

But otherwise? Don't use it. You can build stuff up in safe areas and move it quickly: So do it.

So I mis-read the description of the FJ and thought we got a crit after every kill, instead of them being stocked up until the sentry goes boom.

Also that we could drop multiple mini-sentries and that they didn't replace the normal sentry.

Oh well, still good. Gunslinger+FJ doesn't seem to be that great of a combination, though.

Everyone has Frontier Justice but meeeee

a bloo bloo bloo, a bloo bloo bloo


Actually, thats only one I haven't gotten from random drops, myself. Be nice if I did before it gets nerfed.

Surprised it took the Shiv this long to get lowered, but its still OP.

File: 127871897299.png-(386.68KB, 377x1400, UPDATE_by_Drexa.png)

>Gunslinger + FJ doesn't seem like that good of a combination

Really? Then you're kind of retarded. SURPRISE assist sentry nabs two or three kills and maybe an assist or two. Two crits for every kill and a crit for the assists. Blow up your own sentry and then instantly rebuild it and use the crits with your cover fire. It is so ridiculously overpowered, you just have to be using it wrong.

Gotten a taunt kill with both weapons so far. The Gunslinger is useful on defense if you aren't the only engineer, imo. Also for those of you who don't know: You can teleport while carrying your stuff. So have someone build a teleporter while the secondary/tertiary engies stay back and upgrade their sentries really fast, and then carry them through the teleport.

Maybe Offense Engie retards me. I tend to play it safe and probably still build my Minis out of the way, so they don't get many kills, and I always seem to die soon after they blow up, if not along with them.


You need to play more Arena, that'll really help learning how to play an Offense Engi.

This. A few hours of Arena will help to turn you into a wrench-wielding samurai. Then when you upgrade to the new items, you'll be able to use your grasp of the basics to kick some ass.

Another thing I've found useful is playing on all-crit servers. Being able to die from one shot teaches you how to dodge and distract, absolute musts with Combat Engineering.

File: 127873483345.jpg-(194.90KB, 600x922, Deadly_hugs_by_cynthiastiches.jpg)


If it weren't for the fact that I derp essentially every time I play, I'd be proud to have Mesias on my team.

But I derp, so I'm ashamed because I'll never be as much a credit to team. :c

File: 127874542988.jpg-(17.54KB, 249x320, Natalie Wood puzzled look.jpg)
>Join a game of Dustbowl.
>Join Blue team.
>Entire team stuck in the spawn. Half are Engineers.
>One guy berates me for becoming an Engineer.
>Tell him that my main class is Engy, and that I've been playing offensive engineer for years.
>As the team laughs at me, I sneak past Red's defenses and set up a forward base RIGHT ON THE SECOND CAP, single-handedly holding the opposing team in the spawn.

>My team loses anyway.

>They blame the loss on me.

The changes to Engineer really make him a formidable class for once in his life. I remember playing on "pro" servers while I was in Japan where a sentry gun was patently useless. With the new shotgun (I can't find a reason to switch back to the normal one) and the wrangler to protect your sentry you're pretty much the one man defense you were meant to be, and the Gunslinger allows you to keep up with the team instead of staying back and babysitting the homefront. The moveable buildings greatly helps things as well.

Provided there is some nerfing to go around. They need to fix the fact that you can deploy mini level 3 sentries (create a sentry, build it to level 3, haul it to the resupply and switch to the gunslinger), and the frontier justice should really just get one crit for each kill instead of two, and one more for every two assists (I built up 34 kills in one life early , it was ridiculous). Possibly get rid of the cooldown time for the Wrangler, because that honestly manages to make the sentry HARDER to kill than I think it was intended to.

Also, a bonus for the Gunslinger: If you're holding the Lugermorph it makes you look like a goddamned supervillain. Fantastic.


Hey now, Engie was always formidable, just needs cover and distractions to realise his potential which is really hard to organise on PC. I miss console style communications where everyone has mics on private team chat.

If the gauntlet gave you a quick-building dispenser, it'd be the greatest thing ever.

Also, why does switching melee weapons DESTROY ALL YOUR BUILDINGS?

By all buildings, do you mean all your sentries or ALL your buildings?

And you did it pretty well too. Just try to not ran out of ammo, unless you want to get Rationing.

>Join a server
>Rack up the kills as Engineer
>Get Frontier Justice
>Hey, maybe I'm getting good at this game!
>Turns out everyone's not really trying, just dicking around.

All of them.


Everyone on Mario Kart already knows how to do this. The roof is now covered with sentries at all times, most of them along the sides and aimed at the Red spawn with the Wrangler.

Why do all of you play on Mario Kart servers so much.

It is a terrible map.

Some people can have such insane timing as to pick up the sentry that launched them with its missiles as they're flying up...

... or launch themselves across the map with bullets instead of rockets!


Because it is so derptastic when people stop caring about killing people.




It is a very terrible map, full of very terrible Snipers. And it is so very easy to run up behind these snipers and critwrench them. I can't begin to express how satisfying that is.

Another thing I enjoy doing is stopping the Red and Blu catbuses inside of the tunnel and watching as the less intelligent players frantically try to get out. Bonus points if you manage to build a sentry under one of them.

This, too, I guess.

I want to see one of those "I Want To Believe" posters with the UFO replaced with a flying engineer carrying a building. Engineer can be the new Flyclops.

I can't into the servers that Kosh plays on.



Thats cool, neither can I. I only just got registered with the forums after over a year playing with 'em, and it doesn't recognize me as priority yet.

  >sentries next to sentries

The most fun thing about Mario Kart is building a sentry on those movable speakers and taking it with you.

>I can't begin to express how satisfying that is.

But...snipers are like the easiest thing in the game to kill.....

And it's much more invigorating to punch things to death. It works for L4D2, it works for the Engineer.


I can't believe anyone had the time to edit this together. I'd find it more believable if it were actually really.

It's not about playing normally it's just goofy fun.

>career Soldier
>not even bothering to try and get Engy goodies yet
>"Beat this! 48 buildings destroyed as Soldier!"

>Found a Hunstman
>Craft the Tribalman's shiv
>10 minutes later find the Southern Hospitality

>546 out of 1000 buildings sapped
>Was at 300 last week Wednesday
I killed your toys too!

Thunder Mountain is so much fun, you guys.


Can I ask what map is that? I have been seeing it in a lot of videos. Is it some kind of training map? Sorry, I don't play TF2 that much.


tr_walkway. It's a map built specifically for practicing made several months before TF2's tutorial mode. What makes it different is that it's built so that you can practice at your own pace.


It really is. To be honest, I enjoy all the new maps. But it looks like Valve started doing more secret "telling a story without words" stuff in Thunder Mountain.


Thanks a lot, the map is actually very useful.
I really need to work on my aim.....

So, does the Valve time also applies for the Polycount up-
Oh. Nevermind then.

Upward sucks.

Thunder Mountain rules.

DID YOU SEE THAT TESLA MODEL? I practically creamed my jeans. I don't even WEAR jeans, it was that impressive.

I know, right?

I want all of these. And I want them now. And I want Valve to incorporate full support in game for anyone who wants to use these models.

Also one team should have Tesla and the other should have Engineer's grandad. I am torn between the two.


>Also one team should have Tesla and the other should have Eddison.

Also, hightower is payload race done right, agreed?

I have not played hightower, but it'd be difficult to be worse than hoodoo.


Hoodoo's not Payload Race. I think you mean Pipeline.


Hoodoo is the worst map ever. It's the worst at payload, payload race, arena, ctf, prophunt, you name it.

Probably, but also this >>86358


It is pretty bad. The first stage is tolerable but the rest is pureed ass.

It's so bad it makes other promoted community maps look bad by association. Nobody wants to get lumped in with Youme.

File: 127902235259.jpg-(227.35KB, 1024x768, hurp.jpg)
Speaking of maps, you know what map I hope gets turned into the next halloween event map?

Roswell. I love Red team's "We're Alien Egg Babbies" Spawn. Set it at night, add some spooky green lighting affects, put some lighting effects in the cave on B-to-C so people notice it as an alternate path more, and you're golden.

File: 127902937262.jpg-(88.98KB, 500x375, oh-wow.jpg)
There's no such a thing as a bad payload map.

Do you have any Idea how much Texas is between Roswell and Bee cave?
Quite a bit.

The main issue I'm having with the engineer update so far is that the levels weren't designed around infinite range sentry guns. When a sentry can protect the same range as a sniper can without needing to stop and reload as frequently (as well as the fact that the wrangler has a minor lock on ability) it really closes down the choke points on the map. I'm saying this when the server I'm playing on has a class limit for engineer, where this is still a big problem.

All they need to do to nerf the Wrangler is add an overheat meter to the gun. After you shoot for like 3-5 seconds or whatever it's gotta stay deactivated for a second or two. You know, like every minigun in every other game ever. Prevent people from just holding down a point by holding the button down while another engineer repairs it, or by just expending all ammo and healing it up real quick while a sniper watches it for the two seconds that takes.

Also Frontier Justice needs to take one crit from a kill, and one crit from two assists.

And Southern Hospitality is all superior to the wrench. An engineer surviving a pyro assault is situational at best anyways, the extra fire damage isn't going to be a problem if your dispenser survives the attack.

No, Mesias, Hoodoo is very bad.\

Well, I guess that's your opinion Miley.


That's why the Australians invented teleporters.

I sort of agree with everything else you said, except about the Southern Hospitality. It gets no random crits, something which the Engineer has always relied on with his regular wrench (Hell if I know why).

On all-crit servers? Yeah, that thing is an unholy weapon of war.

>The main issue I'm having with the engineer update so far is that the levels weren't designed around infinite range sentry guns. When a sentry can protect the same range as a sniper can without needing to stop and reload as frequently (as well as the fact that the wrangler has a minor lock on ability) it really closes down the choke points on the map.

You're forgetting three very clever facts that counteract this:

1. It only works if the engineer is still alive.
2. It only works if the engineer has line of sight.
3. It can only target one thing at a time, and does not target anything the engineer is not shooting at.

Thus, all the Wrangler has done is made something very clear about TF2 that has been true for awhile but not recognized:

The engineer is more dangerous than his devices. Kill him first, then his toys. If you're having trouble with the Wrangler, its because you've yet to accept this truth and approach with its knowledge.


THANK YOU. I can't tell you how many times I've had to yell at my team to snipe the Engi before unleashing their ubers.


No, I know that about the engineer. The force field doesn't protect him from being sniped. But other engineers can keep his shit alive for him to come back and wrangle again, another sniper to counter snipe whoever is trying to kill the engineer can help to prolong his life, a pyro in the area to spycheck/help remove sappers, and then pretty much any other class to pick off the people who get closer. An engineer by himself with the wrangler is not an issue, but rarely do I come across that, and rarely does a team have just ONE engineer at the moment.

The wrangler makes engineers cake to backstab, but when you're having trouble getting close enough to do so that's the issue. Especially when the rest of your team is terrified of moving in for some asinine reason.

>No random crits
>Something the engineer has relied on
>All crit servers

kNOWREDGE, as much as I like you, I am disappoint at how meaningless everything you just said is. All crit servers are worthless wastes of time, and random crits are worthless if you're playing on servers with no crits, and beside that if you're "relying" on random crits in the first place then you have no idea how to play the game.

Also I know I sound like a grumpy old man, but playing the games on this all crit instant respawn low gravity whatever else people throw in shit doesn't make any sense to me and isn't fun. It also has nothing to do with how you're intended to play the game, so it shouldn't come into the conversation when you're talking about new weapons or gameplay mechanics.

I only bring up all-crit servers because that's the only time I can see the Southern Hospitality as being overpowered. To say that it's meaningless to mention all-crit servers is hypocritical when in your own post you mention no-crit servers; random criticals are as much a part of Vanilla TF2 as overheals and respawn times, an element of chance that must be accounted for by the skilled player. You don't know if the enemy's been overhealed, or whether or not your entire team will still be respawning while the enemy has time to rebuild. You don't know if a crocket will make that overheal moot, or if the only surviving player is a demoman who gets two critical stickies in a row against your fledgling setup and proceeds to capture the point.

The Engineer, in the past, has had to rely on the hope of critical wrench swings. I have relied on the hope of critwrenches when I've taken down a Heavy from behind, or when I've taken out a cloaked or disguised Spy and saved myself the time and effort of looking for him the hard way. It doesn't always work out the way I hoped it would, but I rely on crits when there is no alternative, or when the only alternative is inaction, so I have nothing to lose that I wouldn't have lost anyway.

I like you, too.

Melee is risky business. If you can get one shot off and it happens to be a crit, that's all well and good, but if you're relying on it and you can't get a second or third hit in or the other person just pulls out their gun, then you're going to go down pretty easily. The bleedout on the Southern Hospitality can cause them to die from it, as well as serving as a sort of assist for you to pull out your shotgun/pistol and finish them off while they're bleeding. The bleed out is an unavoidable 42 points of additional damage, plus the initial swing damage of ~60. If you pull out and start shooting at them right after that, you're either going to hit them and they'll bleed out, finish them off, or scare them off enough to try to go and heal (possibly causing them to bleed out and die as they run away).

I'll grant that a melee wrench hit is 195 damage, but I personally prefer to rely less on chance than tactic.

I've had the worst luck with melee weapons, both on the PC and the PS3 verison. I either miss or do normal damage, but the other guy always manages to one-hit crit me even if I have a ton of HP.

Well that was until I got the Skullcutter....

Melee weapons have a 15% crit chance if I believe, so it's actually pretty significant. That also means that it happens a lot where if you don't crit, they will. I've gotten like 5 crit swings in a row before. usually as medic, really.

Medic has the highest chance for critical hits with a melee, followed by Sniper and Engie. The reason Engineer has such a high chance is because of all the kills he gets with his sentry.

It's not just a flat "better", it's based off of your kills and assists. Engineer and Medic get assists and kills off of sentries and healing respectively, so their crit rate goes up.

I don't think the Sniper one is any special. If you're getting a lot of headshots then you have a higher crit rate yeah, but if you're a terrible sniper then it's going to stay at the basic rate.

File: 127908276020.jpg-(402.69KB, 830x1280, 096 copy.jpg)
>First time playing on Hightower
>Switch to pyro as enemy team gets the cart to the final section
>Heavy, Medic and Demo are riding elevator upwards, bomb shielding them from enemy fire. Teammates start saying we've lost on voice chat.
>Make a GIANT FLYING LEAP from the tower, set all enemies on fire, and airblast them off so that the cart comes crashing down again.

I guess you could say that you showed the enemy the true gravity of their situation.


File: 127908825663.jpg-(34.61KB, 400x600, 1236650658378.jpg)

New patch released. Seems to be mostly bugfix, but...

>Fixed players picking up buildings before a round has started.


I don't understand why they did this. What's the problem with moving buildings during setup?

Dunno. Its easier for inexperienced engys to put up fully upgraded sentries If they can build them outside the spawn (and replenish metal from the ammo locker), and then carry them in place, but since a lot more experienced engys could get them to level 3 before round start before the update I don't think this is the problem.

My one thought is that there are certain areas on a few maps that allow you to build within the BLU spawn if you know the spots (dustbowl part 1, badwater), so an engie can build up there to lvl3, grab the sentry, stay back out of the line of fire, then rush out and BAM, instant lvl3 in the middle of battle.

I suppose it's easier to just disable moving during setup than it is to fix those areas, but this still seems a very weak argument to turn it off over.

It's less efficient to build right out of the spawn gate and move stuff in, but people will still do it and so Valve removed the temptation. That's my theory.

>No such things as a bad map for the worst mode in the game


Fuck you, Payload is the best.

I doubt Valve would make such a change to stop people from playing the "wrong" way.

Actually, if someone were to build a teleporter to the frontlines, then whichever engineers stayed behind could upgrade their sentry and dispenser lickety split and carry them through the teleporter fully assembled.

In all honesty you could still do this, it's just that you would lose a few seconds to the teleport and moving instead of just building it out there, where it would likely only be up to level 2 stuff that you had to finish off real quick when the round started. So it's a toss up I guess.

  >Finally get gunslinger
>"Cool lets try it out!"
>Suddenly, topping scoreboard

Hell yeah, I'm punching spies and sapper alike!

Yeah, I don't think that would be the reason. Valve does stuff like this only if 1) It's OP or 2) It's being exploited in some fashion.

Bitch please, I got all four buildings up with the sentry fully upgraded, the dispenser at level two with 100 metal upgraded, and the teleporters would be as well if I was allowed another five seconds. And I was the only Engi around. Imagine if you coordinated it with three of them, two of which have Wranglers.

That should never be possible, so I fully understand the removal of moving buildings before setup.

But, still, if Valve made changes because people did it "wrong", a lot of other stuff would be changed as well.

Can you build faster at point? Yeah. Should that mean that you shouldn't be allowed to move during setup? No.

It's a very confusing change.

Also, anyone think it worthwhile to petition Anonex to make a /tf/ board?

Or maybe just a /valve/ board so we can throw HL2 and CS in there as well.

Okay, Engineers, let me tell you something.

If there are multiple engineers on your team, and you are on defense, and NONE of you are using a wrench....switch to the goddamn wrench. The Gunslinger is best used offensively, and your dinky little gun isn't going to defend against the ubered soldier that just rounded the corner. Goddamn.

Goes to show what you know, bro.

>Dustbowl 1, Cap 1.
>Ubered heavy run up to the cap-house.
>Use my FISTS OF FURY to punch him away from the door, preventing him from destroying our sentries.
>OHKO him, a Scout, and his medic when the uber is up.

But....meleeing ubers does nothing......what the hell did you do?

Unless he was kritz ubered, which would be retarded cause crits do nothing against sentries.

Or a heavy.

I blocked him from getting in while buffing the combo effect and getting instant crits as soon as the uber wears off.

That's another thing. Gunslinger WRECKS heavies.

That was just a terrible heavy then.

1. The Sentry wasn't mine.
2. I jumped down and crouched by the door. Between the uber effect, minigun muzzle flash, the distraction of the sentry gun, and my stealthy skills, he didn't notice me.

3. I'm so pro, oh my God.


Yeah, it's been a dog's age since I played TF2 but I seem to remember you critwrenching me like a damn assassin out of alternate passages all the time. You sneaky son of a bitch.

There is no difference between a good and a bad heavy.

Bad Heavies use the Dalokah Bar. Good Heavies don't.

Wow, when did they un-nerf the Pyro? I was just tearing shit up.

File: 127919102226.jpg-(19.56KB, 411x332, 125454042524.jpg)
what if that's all you have?


File: 127919409976.jpg-(32.54KB, 500x375, heavy-weapons-guy1.jpg)
what if the shotgun is made out of bees?

Nah, The TF2 threads aren't THAT big. Bedsides, we have tf2chan.

1. Equip bees.
2. Shoot bees at people.
3. ???
4. BEES!

>Wow, when did they un-nerf the Pyro? I was just tearing shit up.

He's very well balanced now, and the Backburner is a viable alternative if you hate the poof. Which you shouldn't.

Love the poof. Love the minicrits. Love making the captured intel go back to your base by poofing the scout off the side of the bridge on ctf_doublecross. Love extinguishing bros and sending back critrockets to hoes.

...goddamit I wish I could properly deflect stuff. As it is now, I switch between regular and backburner depending on if I go defensive or offensive.

There's also a /tf2/ in Fighting Amphibians.


Today, I deliberately reflected a mid-to-close range critrocket for a kill for the first time.

Felt good, man.


Personally, I like the Poofing ability a lot if I'm hanging around an engineer and his sentry (Spy-checking duty). Being able to reflect Demo and Soldier weapons really makes it hard to crack a sentry.

Learn it. Feel it. Poof back rockets at soldiers that think their safe because your flames can't reach them. Poof away ubered heavy/medics from each other or in some out of the way corner when they try getting near the payload/control point. Poof that asshole sniper off his vantage point after lighting him on fire for the lulz.

Oh believe me, I'm trying. Starting to get the hang on rawkets now, demopills are still a mystery to me. All the other uses, I got nailed down, although they're not particularly difficult to execute.

yeah, I suck at poofing grenades as well. The only time I ever seem to do it right is when they've already started bouncing around on the ground. Good way to get sticky bombs out of the way though.

1) be Pyro
2) Have Friend be Pyro
3) Get friend to uber around behind them, but not too far
4) Wait for them to uber
5) Play keep away with the heavy

>Electronica Gerudo Valley
I came.
Also Polypack winner's announced. Website's not working though.

>>Learn it. Feel it. Poof back rockets at soldiers that think their safe because your flames can't reach them. Poof away ubered heavy/medics from each other or in some out of the way corner when they try getting near the payload/control point
I can't count the number of times stupid pyros trying to be too skilled for their own good set me on fire then poof me...out of their range and at a better distance to shoot them.

Soldier: Tank Buster
Scout: Special Delivery
Spy: Saharan Spy
Pyro: Gas Man
Sniper: Croc



This one time, I was beset by two Heavies so I poofed them in the air and kept poofing them like a juggler. Eventually one of their team mates killed me but one died upon landing and the other shortly thereafter.

I don't think I've laughed so hard playing TF2.

Also they hinted that these aren't the only weapons to be released from the contest.

I'm getting confused by all these new weapons. I want to jump back in in but I don't know what's what.

File: 12792309705.jpg-(358.97KB, 960x720, sollyYES.jpg)
Wait, delivery boy pack, doesn't that mean...

>Holy Mackerel
>My face

See that is brilliant, and also the most pro pyro I've ever heard.

Most pyros push me back just far enough to gun them down easily.
It slaps me on de knee.

Eh, its not that hard. These are the most game changing ones:
The rest... you'll learn as you go.

I usually only poof them when they're ubered, otherwise I just try to kill/do as much damage as I can to them.

Also, that corner before the slope on Hightower was made specifically because Valve loves the Airblast Pyros, agreed? Them poofkills man, them poofkills.

File: 12792322388.jpg-(1.05MB, 1239x1752, Hot_Pyro_Spy_check_by_DeadXCross.jpg)
What with all the poofing stories going on today, I decided to play around with the Pyro again. A Heavy had paused to eat sandvich, and a Soldier from the other side saw his opportunity. He let loose four rockets in quick succession (talk about overkill!) but I leapt in and reflected all four of them. It bought the heavy enough time to finish eating and start up Sasha, which he then used to kill the frantically reloading Soldier.

"Thanks Pyro. You are credit to team."

Oh hey, the polycount page is working now, for those who hasn't already found the info on other sites.

It isn't loading for me.
I blame the TF2 blog.

File: 127923954716.jpg-(25.29KB, 210x189, 1zxl7q9.jpg)
>The Spy's stuff is somewhat themed around "The Stranger" by Camus


Alia said herself she had Mustafa from Austin Powers in mind.

That's funny, while playing spy I listen to "The Stranger" by Billy Joel.

It doesn't matter what class I'm playing, I always play Chu Chu Lovely. Usually via micspam.

File: 127924796236.jpg-(15.72KB, 196x244, Greenstreet6_thumb.jpg)
That heavy's a spy!

File: 127925022574.jpg-(446.01KB, 800x800, 10069104.jpg)
Oh if only I played Spy, that's the perfect hat.

Taking lag and the fact that I usually don't play against thick people into account, I let the other pyros have their puffers and get to burning some backs. If there's something out of my reach that needs taking care of I go for a class with more reliable long range abilities.

And I truly believe the pyro's new ability to extinguish people led to a decrease in medics.

File: 127925039089.jpg-(231.91KB, 700x713, 9256961.jpg)
And yes, I do keep with the Backburner mostly out of pride. I remember the days of the vanilla Pyro.

I do love when I'm Pyro and an enemy Pyro tries to beat me with airblasts.

File: 127925050448.jpg-(729.88KB, 800x1879, tankbuster.jpg)
Because it's an image board and they deserve it.

Dr. Worm by They Might Be Giants. It was one of the last of their Nickelodeon music videos, featured on Kablam! along with Why Does The Sun Shine? before they moved onto Cartoon Network and Disney. And I love everything about it. And I play it every chance I got.

File: 127925057740.jpg-(349.22KB, 820x1672, specialdelivery.jpg)
The Scout's items have fallen into disuse, and he has very few "knobs" that can be adjusted, unlike other classes. I'm interested in seeing what they do with these.

File: 127925065178.jpg-(666.28KB, 872x2081, gasman.jpg)
The Pyro has NO BAD HATS.

File: 127925070247.jpg-(617.90KB, 880x3300, saharanspy.jpg)
Best community hat ever?

File: 127925076056.jpg-(1.98MB, 1242x4378, crocostyle.jpg)
Medic still has no extra items. :(

On the subject of the Pyro, my guess is that even after the mask is removed in Meet the Pyro and we find out his/her real name, it'll still look pretty androgynous and have a name like Alex or Drew or some other gender-neutral name. Just to screw with us.

File: 127925293181.jpg-(37.68KB, 284x412, will-ferrell-20080228034343749.jpg)

That'd be a yes.


Oh yes, we must constantly be in a state about him/her since that is a running gag now.

I only play Sniper and Engineer for the most part. Sometimes Demoman. I have no unlocks for anything except Natasha. I just don't play very much.

My computer's now no longer able to safely play TF2.


I love that too, because it tends to work.

Of course I airblast and then switch to the flare gun, which is the proro's weapon of choice.

Also: Milkman Scout might become my new favorite class.

File: 127927274653.jpg-(266.79KB, 450x600, solid_snake_croc_cosplay.jpg)
oh yeah

>My team is pressing hard to control the final point
>About to win
>Everyone goes wat

On other note, I had a really good Spying season today. Default watch is still superior at most cases.


Each watch has a different role. C&D is best for defensive spying, where you lie in wait for them to come to you. Standard watch is for offensive spying, where you break into their base as quickly as possible.

Dead Ringer is for assholes.

> I do keep with the Backburner mostly out of pride

Well, its damage output is finally enough to make it a viable alternative. I honestly more frequently tactically use it to ruin Ubers and get people out of my way when I'm targeting the medic, most of all.

>Default watch is still superior at most cases.

Really? I've been using the C&D without ever looking back. Just can't seem to embrace the Dead Ringer's style.

I've been using C&D for a long while when I first got it. I like it but it is very slow paced and fits well for a stalking defensive spy like Dude said.

Dead Ringer is nice for aggressive play when you need to break choke points.

I usually use it while I'm disguised as an offensive class from my team. Charge, "die" get behind the defense.


Yeah, this is true. By and large, though, it finds its way into the hands of assholes who use it for harassment.

Also I am terribad at switching disguises quickly while at the same time making my way past them.

File: 127928500111.png-(210.51KB, 837x537, hurp.png)

Kosh, I need to know something. How many pictures named hurp do you have?

Thank goodness somebody else asked, because it was driving me nuts.

>Out of the 70 or so entries that Valve received, Robin tells me that nearly half of the entries are of a high enough quality to be shipped in future updates without much work needed on Valve side. So, if you did not win this time around you can be confident that your items will one day find there way in to Team Fortress 2.
Don't worry, Medic would get one eventually.


>Eternal Reward

This is the best knife.

New blogg update, with comic!


Oh damn this looks fun, and I was looking for an excuse to start learning Hammer.

File: 127932724650.jpg-(76.42KB, 478x257, Happy_Heavy.jpg)
>There's a payload map for 2Fort!

File: 127932762689.jpg-(52.87KB, 511x755, predators.jpg)
Did anyone else enjoy TF2 vs Predator: The Movie?

File: 127933332789.png-(97.59KB, 400x483, hurp.png)

Actually, I just save images over that to keep my desktop from being a cluttered mess of uploaded images. Which it becomes anyway. Just slower, now.


I use it most frequently. It's great for capping points or pushing carts. Especially carts, because you whip it out, get shot, uncloak, and it refills instantly. You can just keep nudging it if nothing else. Same on the point, you can sit there shooting at people and then just pop it out to take a crit rocket or whatnot and then uncloak and finish capturing the point.

Dead Ringer is good for playing aggressively and frontline. It makes the spy a combat class.

Also where is my milkman hat!

Since Valve is just taking the models and not any functionality, let's make random guesses about what each weapon can do.

>Black Box
Slower movement
Speed and power of Direct Hit
Even faster firing rate, but half the clip

>Battalion's Back-up
Basically portable dispenser, needs to be refilled with ammo packs, 300 metal max.

>Mad Milk!
Speed increases 50% and lose double jump for brief amount of time.

>Short Stop
Insane firing rate
Small clip

>Holy Mackarel
-25% damage
Crit hit forces target to taunt

>Power Jack
Slower firing rate
+25% damage
Bleed effect/Removes sappers

>The Degreaser
I don't know how a fire extinguisher helps to make fire, but okay. Maybe alt fire goes from "poof" to "chill"? Anyway:
Capacity +50
Damage -10%
Alt-Fire creates medium-distance fire ball

>Eternal Reward
I honestly can't think of anything aside from a reskin.

Firing Rate +25%
Damage +10%
Clip -10%

>Darwin's Danger Shield
Backstabs just bring you to half health, reusable

Slower firing rate
Damage +25%
alt-fire throws the knife, has a recharge like the Scout's ball

>Drop Dead Gorgeous
No crit-hit
Damage -25%
Firing rate +25%
Bleed effect

Why is this picture so poignant?

That's exactly how I use it, although Pyros have gotten wise to the cart thing and actually check for it now.

You noticed how well it synced up too, huh?

German machinegunner (Heavy)
Black Guy (Demoman)
Evil Doctor (Medic)
Attention-loving guy who's tenatious, but physically weaker than everyone else (Scout)
Sneaky guy with a blade (Spy)
Eccentric soldier (Soldier)
Woman (Pyro)
The tiny predator and Black Charlie Brooker can share Engineer, since they're both pretty handy.

File: 127934162356.jpg-(31.52KB, 443x315, PLEASE NO.jpg)

That picture is really sad..... it's a great relief to know it's not canon.....


The only thing I can think of for Eternal Reward is a knife that doesn't instant kill on a backstab, but in exchange doesn't break disguise.


>Eternal Reward
+25% damage
-Crits from the front instead of the back (slices neck instead of backstab)

>Drop Dead Gorgeous
-50% damage
-On hit, slows enemy like Natasha for five seconds.


You wouldn't have hung out with a smelly Australian bushman what pisses in a jar on a regular basis for very long anyhow, not sure why this'd add to that.

File: 127934260130.jpg-(17.14KB, 850x188, oh dear.jpg)

File: 127934298991.jpg-(4.25KB, 200x189, hwg.jpg)
Since we're posting the only redeaming content of TF2chan

Look at your teammate. Now back to me. Now back at your teammate. Now back to me. Sadly, is not me. But if he stopped being tiny baby man and pooshed leetle cart, he could be credit to team like me. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You're on point with the heavy your teammate could be credit to team like. What's in your hand? Back at me, I have it. Is sandvich, with two tickets to that thing you love. Look again, the tickets are now vintage tyroleans. Anything is possible when your teammate is credit to team and not a baby. I am giant.

Actually, the medic-defending Minigunner was Russian and even had a daughter named Sasha.

I think the girl was the Sniper, anyway, given that... you know, she was carrying around a sniper rifle. Main dude was the Pyro what with setting the Predator camp on fire and beating one to death with an axe.

It was a Freudian slip.

Also, does this make Black Charlie Brooker the Soldier?


>-Crits from the front instead of the back (slices neck instead of backstab)
>implying this would be a good idea

So you've never played TF2 before?

:( Heavy can't eat his sandwich more than once now. No more endless nomming or sandwich parties.
Sad Ram.

Also, I wish I had talent with this make'em'up polygon stuff. I'd like to replace the Sentry with a mechanical bee hive.
The Bee Caveneer. The Engie's sentry now lobs tiny robotic BEEES at enemies instead of bullets and rockets. Additionally, the bee hive makes the radius around it sticky. Running past it will slow you down momentarily and leave honey prints that remain for ten seconds. It also serves as a health dispenser, but not a metal or ammo dispenser. As it's a mechanical structure, it can be sapped.

This alternative to a dispenser and a sentry is meant to be used as a barrier or in conjunction with other classes, somewhere between the little group of mini-sentries and the big stationary one.

Eternal Reward can be a knife that doesn't break disguise but prevents cloaking.

There's a formation I like to call the "Russian Wagon."

Team is half Heavy, half Medic, with one Pyro and one extra (likely Spy or Engie). Heavies circle around the objective (point/intel) facing outward, a medic each on the inside. Every Heavy throws their sandwich in the middle for the medics if they get seriously hurt. Either Engie builds dispenser in the middle or the Heavies rotate out to retrieve ammo.

Almost assured victory, so long as the Pyro is also kept alive to blow away uber demos.

Eternal Reward + Dead Ringer = RAEP

Unless the DR just drops a ragdoll and you move on and die a foot later.

This is good for those who are Master of Disguise, though.

> :( Heavy can't eat his sandwich more than once now.


it has a cooldown timer now, like the scouts colas

But I thought the cooldown timer was only for when you drop it?

Is it just me, or has the game gotten a lot more intense (and fun) since the Engi update?

No, it's for any use now.

Actually, yes. I expected a few stale weeks of too many sentries and stalemates until the update craze went down, but thankfully I was wrong.

Possible explanation: As the servers flood with new and inexperienced engineers, the good ones decide to try other classes instead. These new engineers are, of course not as good at keeping a sentry standing under fire, and therefore sentry nests have been easier to take down, with fewer Sentry-related deadzones and stalemates as a result.

To clarify, I mean "Yes, the the game has gotten a lot more intense (and fun) since the Engi update", not that it was just you.

I'm having fun helping out newbie engineers. When I'm not battle-engineering, I'm playing support. I hardly ever play defensive engineer anymore.

I'm having a miserable time with these new Engineers. We'll have six Engies and not one of them on defense. Teleporter entrances with no teleporters. Our base? A ghost town. Luckily the enemy team appears to be all engineers, too, because we have nobody checking for spies either!

Although the Gunslingers on defense are worse. I wish new players were forced to wear shock collars so I could somehow hurt them over the internet. USE A BIG PERSON'S SENTRY! And for the love of all that is buildable, put a dispenser up.



New players testing the new weapons, have some patience with them, mate. They eventually will get the idea later, rather than never.

I've had amazing success with gunslingers on defense in Dustbowl. You know those spots near the caves were NOBODY ever builds because it's so easy to destroy sentries there?

They never see it coming.

And you can ALWAYS rebuild them in another spot if they're destroyed.

Roommate had an idea for the knife. Have it not backstab insta kill, but does regular melee damage (including doling out crits) and do double damage from behind.

Except I'm now realizing that double damage would be about ~120 so....hmm....

Yes, that's great for a couple kills, but as soon as they know its there they can grab a medic and a pyro/soldier and just clear you out.

The nuisance gunslinger engie is good, but there needs to be a real engineer at the base for when they break through. If you are the only engineer on the team and you're just dicking around with your tiny guns, switch to a wrench.

Getting hit with the fish makes you stink and it applies the Jarate effect. Every hit after that his a crit but the fish itself does half damage. Basically its to give the scout more teamwork ability rather than just being a zone capper. A demo or soldier can push the cart using the paintrain so the scout's usefulness has diminished somewhat. I'm not saying he's bad, just outdated a bit


This. A gunslinger engie can be incredibly effective on defense...BUT ONLY WITH AT LEAST ONE NORMAL ENGIE TO COVER THE POINT. PREFERABLY TWO.

>Yes, that's great for a couple kills, but as soon as they know its there they can grab a medic and a pyro/soldier and just clear you out.

That's the point. They cost 100 metal to make and build in no time at all.

>The nuisance gunslinger engie is good, but there needs to be a real engineer at the base for when they break through. If you are the only engineer on the team and you're just dicking around with your tiny guns, switch to a wrench.

Several points:

1. Ever since the update, almost every team I've been on has had 4 engineers.
2. I always help those Engys set up first.
3. Being the only engineer guarding a base is the most boring thing in the entire game.

>3. Being the only engineer guarding a base is the most boring thing in the entire game.

Yes, it is. Which is why I don't play engineer primarily.

And unless I'm farming achievements, the only servers I'm playing on lately have class limits so we aren't overrun with engineers.

I'm not saying your method isn't effective, I'm just saying the engineer is still needed on defense, especially considering how many people just flat out don't defend.

Loving the Frontier Justice

Silly Spies! Don't you know destroying my sentry just makes me stronger!?


Wagon? More like Caravan.

  so I hear you like Sentries

In slightly old but related news:

  oh neat

File: 127970788999.png-(0.97MB, 1024x768, same universe.png)
look what I just found!


>In slightly old but related news

Actually, they've decided to close that project and move on to development of a seperate automated sentry project as of 2010.

At least they're helping children.


Oh man.

I'm tempted to slap down 100 bucks just to be a slightly rich douchebag.


MINECRAFT ON MY TF2??!!!!!!!!!!!!??


Doh ho ho. I still haven't tried Dwarf Fortress, much less this.

Manaki let slip that theres actual multiple finish scripts for Meet the Medic, they just haven't settled on which to use.

See, this is why we need a real TF2 cartoon/comic.

Minecraft is a lot easier to actually play, unlike Dwarf Fortress.

File: 128102305832.jpg-(60.11KB, 600x450, 140839441-9e68df49a4aa88a0665856c0dd9c8f5b.4c5ae00.jpg)
>Sigh. Gonna have to climb this thing and tag BLU on it. MISSION STARTS IN 30 SECONDS!

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