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Old Thread: >>81560

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The Wachowski Brothers. They love wuxia, orientalist themes, special effects, and can get the basic spirit of an adaptation down with little difficulty.

Avatar in the vein of Speed Racer would be fun for the whole family. And Rain would make a good Zuko, if not a little too old.

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A bit of the old mixed with the new.

Mostly BFF Mai and Ty Lee, but some MaiLee hawtness is fine too.

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File: 128532737679.png-(17.02KB, 500x355, M_and_T_Hugs_by_Tsuka-sama.png)

File: 128532745385.png-(16.46KB, 350x350, Nap_time_Mailee_by_Tsuka-sama.png)

File: 128532748423.jpg-(105.78KB, 900x647, One_small_Problem_by_shaolinfeilong.jpg)

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I have found the obvious use for this thing. Show me yours, /a/.


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File: 128491994172.jpg-(176.36KB, 900x765, Kamen_Rider_Avatar__Forms_by_FlamedramonX20.jpg)
>>86414 It a cool guy!

File: 128532408896.jpg-(144.60KB, 900x1200, Sailor_Ty_Lee_and_Sailor_Mai_by_WereEdFangirl19.jpg)

File: 12853241439.jpg-(385.50KB, 863x712, hark__an_avatard_by_4eyedblonde.jpg)

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Browsing for pics on dA, I noticed that the vast majority of Kataangers are Tokkans. While the vast majority of Zutarians are Sukkas.

It makes me feel weird, as a Kataanger, to have always shipped Sukka.

Never even considered Tokka as anything else than "Aw, Toph's tsundere... how cute".

So, which one do you ship, since when and why?

Also, post Sokka/Suki/Sukka pictures. My folders are lacking.

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well i don't know why you posted that twice, i mean it's an adorable picture and i want to know what episode that's from but it seems rather AAAAH JESUS CHRIST ZUKO WHAT THE FUCK

File: 128532392332.jpg-(107.62KB, 900x804, A3_Shrink_pressure_point_by_Thor66.jpg)
Check out the first pic for the explanation here:

There are others in this series too.

File: 128532394940.jpg-(174.89KB, 900x920, A4_Shrink_pressure_point_by_Thor66.jpg)

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So what, no Mass Effect Avatar Last Airbender? I mean, I have seen you guys combined this show with just about everything else.

Hell, the Normandy crash landing in the Avatar world would be pretty cool. Although, Shepard would probably end up siding with The Fire Nation in order to get ship repaired.

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I see Sokka, on a personality level, more like Church. he's always trying to get them moving on and they're always fucking around.

"OK, we have to get the the rendevo-"
"brb messing around at school."
" I was saying, we have to get to."
"Did I tell you guys about how I'm the painted lady?"
"You know what. Fuck it."

File: 12852672277.jpg-(23.59KB, 459x447, ty_lee.jpg)
So I figure, who wants to be known as the chick that had seven abortions?

File: 128531075940.gif-(163.69KB, 1400x851, 128529929321.gif)
Sci-fi crossover?

hide File: 128451522423.jpg-(248.11KB, 540x876, l_67ac2a475c564053bf83b47c18083a08.jpg)
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Hey, do you guys remember when we did the voice over for the first one? Luke and I were considering doing the second once we get a sizeable amount of pages. Anyone interested in joining us?
We have no real set roles yet since it's just a thought. The only real requirement we have is that you can read out loud at a relatively steady pace.
Let me know on skype. (My account name is Ludelialove)

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But yeah, no one's in? :c Oh well, I'll try and set it up with skypehouse roles, then! I really was kind of sitting waiting to be messaged, but I guess that's not gonna happen, lol.

Oh, just do it the way you did it last time. It was funny.

Sorry! I suck at voices. D: Hopefully someone else here can help you. If not, yeah, see above.


I might have, I like to imagine I can make different voices, but I can't really see having the time for it, sorry.

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HIBY is making me ill and I think some Maitara is the cure.

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is this thread over a year old?

Yes, yes it is. And as the creator of this thread, I'm happy it's been kept alive for so long.

Bless you, sir.

Just... Bless you.

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File: 128516950752.png-(581.61KB, 720x480, ep1-53.png)
ur just jelous, sokka lol

You can't see the content there unless you're registered (which I refuse to do), but -

I dared.

>I believe it because I can't escape it. Memories, nightmares. Its not some walk in the aprk. The first time I saw the second series of Digimon, I stopped, and stared. Something was WRONG. And it was probably with me. I knew what was going to happen, knew all the charcters.

>I have nightmares of sins that weren't commited in this life, and miss friends that I'll probably enver see again. But I can't shut out who I was, and who I am, much as I'd like to. It just keeps coming back. And maybe shouting about how I'm proud of who I am, to people who hate me and thinking I'm crazy, will make me feel just a little bit better.

Well, I have learned something new today.

I loved the response:

>Maybe because children's anime is predictable?

hide File: 128323131678.png-(94.23KB, 250x188, 250px-Aang_looking_innocent.png)
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I will just leave this here...

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Zuko as Fraiser? I guess that'd make Azula Niles...
...and now I'm thinking about Ty Lee working as Ozai's Physical Therapist, thanks.

this must be drawn.

File: 12851806671.jpg-(17.59KB, 320x292, dickisarivers.jpg)
bumping this because we lost the fanfic archive thread

>Title: Multiplication
>Rating: Pg-13
>Summary: Producing more Airbenders is not a problem. At least, it's not Aang's problem.
>Pairings: Mentioned canon ones
>Notes: Crackfic

>mfw I read this zany shit

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So +/a/, I thought in your infinite wisdom you could answer me this question: what are the naming conventions for folks from the Fire Nation? I've noticed that they like to use Z's and O's, but other than that the difference between, say, an Earth Kingdom and a Fire Nation name seems pretty minute.

Any ideas? Thanks!
Picture unrelated. Your answer would please the Termite King, but he makes no demands today

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Alright that makes sense.

The Termite King is pleased.

Most of the fire nation names are chinese, but for some reason the royal family has non-chinese names. Ozai, Azula, Iroh, and Zuko are all japanese, and Ursa is latin.

I don't think those are all authentic Japanese names. For one, "Azula" certainly isn't, it's based on the Spanish word for "blue", "azul".

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post some cosplay people!

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wow, my thread still hasnt died yet, it must be immortal or something.

Well, movie cosplay must have helped.

File: 128496520829.jpg-(128.00KB, 334x500, creepytoph.jpg)
Who's Creepy?

You're creepy.

File: 128504784589.jpg-(1.34MB, 3872x2592, AWA2 029_1.jpg)
One of my friends just photo-dumped their Avatar cosplay.
I didn't know he had an Iroh.

hide File: 12849994824.png-(436.33KB, 720x480, sokkaslasersword.png)
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"ENGLISH fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett says he was so excited after being knighted by the Queen that he decided to make his own sword to equip himself for his new status.

It was not enough, however, simply to find some metal and get a blacksmith to bash it into shape...

Pratchett, who has Alzheimer's disease, also said he had thrown in "several pieces of meteorites — thunderbolt iron, you see — highly magical, you’ve got to chuck that stuff in whether you believe in it or not".

Full article here:

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So Sir Terry Pratchett is the reincarnation of Sokka, or vice versa?

I might be able to accept that.

Imma make a thread about the current state of the British monarchy, 'cause Avatar had kings and queens an shit.

Allow yourself to feel the mild tingly sensation known as amusement. Let it flow through you, and know a kind of peace.

hide File: 124614985271.jpg-(36.55KB, 370x474, that sounds really shallow, and stupid.jpg)
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Anyone got any good Avatar macros? New, old, whatever. I just realized that I have a whole directory filled with reaction shots, but very few with captions.

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File: 127672680918.jpg-(131.30KB, 800x495, vuvuzelaseverywhere.jpg)
They were everywhere.

File: 128496094052.png-(285.82KB, 452x473, Kataang_haters.png)

File: 128496284163.jpg-(194.54KB, 938x704, WTF-ARE-YOU-DOING.jpg)

hide File: 126885213913.jpg-(130.33KB, 751x998, Smellerbee_doodlesheet_by_TheInkgirl.jpg)
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New awesome Avatar fanart thread!

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File: 128487831739.jpg-(32.62KB, 331x319, laughingtears.jpg)
>Momo- :3

>5,618 people like this.

File: 128488036940.jpg-(27.36KB, 375x500, humerus.jpg)


Very awesome, but lacks Mai.

hide File: 127994518756.png-(652.60KB, 1098x1188, 000112w8.png)
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I get the feeling we'll be having a fair number of these...
Old thread: >>82729

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File: 128491941851.png-(231.28KB, 1024x765, korra_learns_fartbending_by_queen_latifaa-d2z1dd0.png)
why D:

File: 128492465786.jpg-(411.11KB, 1024x968, korra___decision_by_helkaril-d2z210b.jpg)



Because airbending. Get it?

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