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Your opinions about the earthbenders sequence are wrong.

Round three

The role of Toph Bei Fong has not been cast yet, nor have there been announcements for auditions. This is because since a total of 280 millon dollars is needed for M Night Shyamalan to get the OK from Paramount to start the casting for the next movie but currently things are not looking to be in his favor since many groups are boycotting the movie.



Good. With the weird racial casting Toph would probably be black. I'm really into to dark brown and don't want to feel like a pedophile.

File: 128053764951.png-(629.51KB, 900x748, delicious brown fire nation.png)
Then again, I do want to see Mai and Ty lee.


Yeah... the boycotts are why the movie's doing shitty.

Uh huh, riiiiight.

I'm not sure I want to see what they do with them.

Wait, why did we make a new thread?

The old thread hadn't hit 400 posts yet, if somebody posts to it, it would just bump.

I just watched the pirated movie and the only way it could have been worse if it has been longer.

I can understand now why critics said it was confusing, I haven't watched the show in a while and I had to keep reminding myself what was this or that. And it was boring.

And the kowtow thing at the end I found that bit disturbing but don't know why...

Fingers crossed that they won't make enough for a sequel to be greenlit and we can forget this piece of shit movie ever existed. The cynic in me thinks that won't be the case though...


I checked today, even with some international gross revenue, it's only made $152 million, two mil above production budget, possibly not counting the cut theaters take. It'll take a miracle for it to make back that money in any reasonably short timeframe, the chances of the sequel are slim, even form an optimist's (or pessimist's, depending) viewpoint.


I watched it with a freind of mine who's never seen the show. He had not a single fucking clue about what was happening. He hated the movie so much he vowed to never watch the show.


...we're about halfway through the second season. (watching "City of Walls and Secrets" right now).

That picture posted near the end of the last thread makes me wonder why there was no chemistry between the three actors in the movie when in those shots they look like they're having all kinds of fun together, especially Jackson and Noah.

Then I remembered The Last Airbender was SRS BZNZ.

Mind posting his assessment on how the show is an improvement?

How'd you convince him?

Glad you were able to convert him though.


I just did the same thing I've done to get about 6 other people to start watching the series after seeing the movie. I pulled out the DVD's and told him that I didn't want him to watch the show, but that I just wanted him to watch the first 5 minutes of the first episode to show him that there was more character development in that first 5 minutes than there was in the entire movie.

We were still up at 2 am by the time we got through the first DVD.

File: 128059655670.jpg-(62.44KB, 560x448, you're_awesome.jpg)


It's made $126 million in the States and $27 million elsewhere, but it hasn't opened in most markets yet. It opens in the UK next week (I've seen posters for it plastered all over the tube). If it does as well overseas as it did in the US, it could be close to $280 million, but we won't know for sure until September.

Shyamalan movies usually do pretty well outside the US, but TLA seems to be bucking the trend thus far. Thank fuck.

I'm hoping it fails here against summer blockbusters, Twilight and Toy Story are doing pretty well...

Who is he and why do we give a shit what a random person thinks?

Because it does a nice job of actually analyzing what made the series good and how those things got messed up in the movie? Reviews like this are like that Phantom Menace review by RedLetterMedia: we all know Episode I was bad, but often we can't point out specifics except for obvious things like Jar-Jar. In the same way, we sometimes focus on the flailbending or things like that when pondering how the movie was bad. It takes an in-depth review to really understand how fundamentally flawed these movies are.

And as I said before, it's an entertaining read.

"Earthbending Boy" didn't even have a single line, did he?

He did, and it was probably just that. A single line.

iirc "father" or "that's my father" was the only thing he said in the movie.

Well duh! He's Asian. You can't expect them to handle anything more complicated than that.

I was sort of interested until s/he listed "sexual ambiguity" alongside "harmony in nature" as themes of Avatar. With screencaps suggesting Zukaang and Tyzula no less. Whaaaat the fuck.

I think that was more meant as a joke than anything else.


While I get its point, it was pretty silly to use cartoons based on human-like cats and mouses who are invincible, something based on toys and talking fish as examples towards why Avatar just doesn't work well in a Live action environment.

I absolutely disagree with her point there to but I think she was just babbling for the sake of babbling there. Most of it is an intelligent view, part of it though is just fanatic cynicism for things, and she did say some of it was going to be that, so I can't complain. Fun read, though.

So anybody has seen Uwe Boll's "In the Name of the King"?

Equally bad as TLA.

I'm thinking Season 3 was deliberately made as a minefield to avoid possible adaptations. Think about it, Sozin's comet finale was 4 episodes already -TWO hours!

TLA3 would have a lot to trim, including Hama's bloodbending, the eclipse with the failed invasion and Aang learning firebending by visiting secret ruins where dragons dwell. I think that's what Shyamwow was referring to when he said "the third one is ambiguous".


EVERYTHING is ambiguous to M. Night.

the point is, how would you adapt Book 3 into a movie then?

Not that guy, but I'd do it like they're doing Deathly Hallows - as two parts. First half is DoBS, second half is Zuko joining and Sozin's Comet.


Pretty much what >>84439 said.

I've actually worked out how to adapt each season into a movie almost 3 hours long. Even season 3 (it helps that the first half is filler heavy).

Of course, it's just a theory and in practice it might not work out like I think.

actually 3 hours is a much better deal than what we got.


>And when we do see Bending, most of it is completely unrelated to the things the actors are supposedly doing to invoke it, their actions either too out-of-sync with their Element or too overwrought for what they're attempting.


Fucking THIS. The dancerbenders making either the wall or the softball sized rock fly makes no sense.

If they made the wall, why were they still spazing out after they made the wall? If they made the rock fly, why so many for just one rock? It is just plain retarded either way.

Tht's so true! Also, earthbending is based on the deep low stances of Hung Gar, so the whole "dancing" is out of place nonsense...

Why do we still care?

Also, Bryke wants to get into movies someday.

Really? That would be badass! Like, in animation or live action?

They said either an original animated story or one set in the Avatar mythology.


Korra isn't a movie.

File: 128106089236.jpg-(20.44KB, 420x267, m-night-shyamalan-points.jpg)
At least not yet.

File: 128106291681.png-(54.83KB, 474x341, No_-_Neko.png)

If Korra became a movie.

It won't be Shyamalan.


If Korra became a movie, hopefully it would be animated.

Live action can work if well done (consider the various Marvel flicks of the past few years)... problem is M. Night should not be let near it.


She makes some really good points. It really was a convergence of crappiness that occurred with this movie; it was not just the bad casting.

And yes, medium does matter. Take "Dune", for example: Like Avatar, it takes place in a world very different from our own, with its own complex laws, cultures, creatures, etc. It has tons of characters with amazing depth and personality. And, the attempts to adapt it for the big screen have been hilarious failures. What works as a novel or TV series doesn't always translate well into a feature film.

File: 128129391771.jpg-(48.79KB, 300x414, feyd-rautha-harkonnen-stank.jpg)
On the other hand...


God dammit...

Anyway, as other people have said, I feel just awful for the people involved in this. Except M. Night. His insane ego is the primary cause of this clusterfuck. A good director knows when to listen to constructive criticism and when to forge ahead with his or her own vision.


I feel the worst for Dev Patel, myself. Most accomplished and overall best actor of the four leads, and he took the longest to get another role after this one, but to sour the news, it's not a new role, he's reprisng his character from Skins.

Plus, did anybody read his recent interviews here and there? He admitted that he wasn't impressed by the cript, that Shyamalan had to talk him up to be enthused. (Also, he was skeptical about the term "benders" but knew they couldn't change it because it would depart too far from the source that actual irony, or just a coincidence that's amusing? I really wanna just say "...Iorny..." because it sounds classy, but I know it's probablly wrong.)

Also, he's trying to sorta promote the movie, but also not brownnose or lie and say it's good. It's just difficult for him.

You guys heard?
Apparently they guy who butchered Sokka feels like butchering The Riddler now in Nolan's 3rd Batman film.

Poor Riddler, he never gets good actors to portray him.

File: 128134838825.jpg-(170.55KB, 1000x562, black rage.jpg)
I know he seems to be a nice guy and that he's only joking. But the fucking thought of that pisses me off to no end. I've been forced to watch Twilight, he sucks in those too.

Twilight just sucks in general. Inb4 bloodsucking jokes.

File: 128144871736.jpg-(19.44KB, 223x300, Vampires_suck.jpg)
Too late!

TLA has reached its $180,000,000 mark.

File: 12814590628.jpg-(15.37KB, 481x324, ShamaKoh.jpg)
I still think that by not including Koh, M. Night missed out on a perfect opportunity for a cameo.

Still has to make a profit.

File: 128148857475.jpg-(54.55KB, 800x600, bryke_kisu_comicon_lol.jpg)
You know, I actually forgot about that!
This means after a month, the movie has only made like $30 millions when it took 5 times that money to be made... LOL

File: 128152637537.jpg-(20.35KB, 331x400, Zukotroll.jpg)
"Dev Patel attacks Hollywood over lack of roles for Asian actors"

In B4 Shayamalan blames internet piracy for the failure of his turd.

Have not seen the movie. Have not read the fanfiction. To those of you that have: would you have rather they made a movie out of "How I became yours?"

Amazingly, that would still have been more accurate.

And the boobs would be bigger too.

...Just saying.

Not more accurate, but possibly more lulzy. And the writing would be about the same.


I don't know how to feel about that. On the one hand he's completely right, but on the other he contributed to one of the biggest examples in years of what he's complaining about by simply being in the movie. Should he have never accepted or dropped the role once it was known who was cast to play the lead characters, or was he helping Asians get more screen time by being in the film?


Patel has said that he wasn't impressed by the script, and Shyamalan had to talk it up for him to accept. He probably chose the role just because it was something different than the crap he'd been getting. Kinda like how Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa plays villains all the time because thanks to the stuff he was being offered at the time, he'd have likely ended up sexless and emasculated if he'd played heroes. If I remember how he put it during "The Slanted Screen" it more or less went: "If I played villains, at least I'd have balls."

That documentary was awesome, though, it was Mako's last recorded interview.

Where's Ninja?
When M. Night needed him most, he vanished.

Well, we can't all live on the internet.

>>Where's Ninja?
>>When M. Night needed him most, he vanished

Could it be? They're the same person!!

Ninja is a ghost. What a tweeeest!

Obvious in hindsight...

Bit of news from across the pond: Airbender is opening this weekend in cinemas across the UK, which has prompted a raft of new reviews. None are positive, which has pushed the film's Rotten Tomatoes rating down an extra percentage point to 7%.

There's a special reason why it's attracted particularly heavy amounts of ire here, and sent audiences up and down the country into fits of hysterics. There's a quirk of transatlantic mistranslation that Avatar's fallen foul of, and had prompted Nickelodeon UK to release Avatar as 'The Legend of Aang' in the first place:


We seem incapable of listening past it. Every mention of the word reduces even the most sensible critic into a puerile, smirking 8-year-old. To whit:

Expect TLA's UK box office haul to be entertainingly low.

>Airbender is opening this weekend in cinemas across the UK, which has prompted a raft of new reviews. None are positive

It feels like Christmas all over again.

Was the show popular in the UK?
If the movie fails there, the foreign box office gross is pretty much done.


It was on ITV Saturday mornings for a long time, but it's definitely pretty niche compared to other Nick shows like Spongebob. Its impact is next to non-existent in its target demographic.

As far as I know the DVD boxsets are steady sellers, so it has a fanbase. If you've seen Dai Li and Sharkman around,'ve basically met it.


More like if anybody's seen you and Dai Li. I actually live in South Texas.

That said, the movie still has to use it's foreign gross to cover the loss of money from ticket sales, and usually it's up to DVD sales to make back the cost of marketing, right? In terms of all the money spent to...well, exist in any way shape or form, it's burned off about $280 million. That's what this whole movie franchise needs to make to break even, and that's everything from toys (that suck) to video games (that suck) to the movie itself (which sucked.)

>I actually live in South Texas.

Derp. I need to pay better attention.

Weird, I remember this IRC conversation when I was at work...and you were at work...and I thought we were in the same time zone. That's uncanny, that is.


$280 million? You got that figure from...?


See: >>84253

The production budget was $150 million. Studios get, on average, 55% of box office revenue (the rest goes to theatres and distributors). Ergo, TLA needs to make $280 million worldwide to break even.


Actually, I got it from this article by Perri Nemiroff, who apparently wrote it for The LA Times:

$150 million for production, $130 million for marketing and the like.

And a few things I also wanted to clarify and point out:

>That said, the movie still has to use it's foreign gross to cover the loss of money from ticket sales-

I phrased that kinda poorly, I was referring to the cut movie theaters get from the ticket sales, but I wasn't using it in any of my points.

Also, from this site:

Key phrase:
>At the beginning of this month only 56 per cent saw The Last Airbender in 3D

A sizable chunk of change, as much as 56%, came from 3D tickets (I think that figure's from the opening weeks or so,) so the movie isn't as popular as it's revenue makes it seem, but it benefited from the inflated sales price.

Knowing Shyamalan, he'll probably cover the discrepancy with his own money to get the sequel pushed through.




File: 128185727595.jpg-(14.41KB, 480x360, quartzparchmentshears.jpg)

Come quick! Quartz Parchment Shears gone terribly wrong!

File: 128188365658.jpg-(607.52KB, 1200x1772, Storyboard_Lesson_by_rufftoon.jpg)
Wasn't someone fervently defending the direction of this scene earlier?

I wasn't defending the direction of this particular scene. I was defending the editing of the movie as a whole. The way the scene is framed is awkward but I liked that the battle scenes used long takes and didn't jump around so much. That's all I really meant.


Not fervently defending, but he was ranting and raving at us that this is pretty much what happened, when most of us figured that the six dudes moved the tiny rock.

I mean, I can actually see his point very clearly now, even before reading Rufftoon's comic, but I'd have had an easier time of doing so if he hadn't been a total dick about it.


I remember Mari commenting on the long take thing. It really doesn't come off as impressive because a character would do something, then wait for another character to do something, and the camera pans away from them while they stand around.

Remember when I sorta complained about Light Eco Sage saying Katara "had spunk" for uselessly shoving a Fire Nation soldier? Yeah, that was part of the "long take." She walks up, pointlessly shoving the Fire Nation soldier who does nothing to react, then stands around like a dainty little flower with nothing to do while the camera pans away from her and onto the next person to do something.

If you want an impressive long take, watch that last fight scene from The Protector. It's constantly moving around the main character, changing it's distance, sometimes it takes advantage of the set to obscure what he's doing, while implying it by having badguys get their heads shoved through the walls and stuff. *That* was impressive. This was just kinda boring.

Enough said!

No, it wasn't you. This guy was pure distilled asshat. He had a very specific interpretation of that scene, and anyone who didn't agree with his interpretation 100% was a complete moron who didn't understand anything about how film or storytelling works.

I was actually being a bit of a dick, but Mari even went so far as to entertain the notion that "ok, I can see your point, but I'm still not sure I'm sold on the idea..."


In retrospect, I think it' pretty obvious that it was M. Night Shyamalan.

>the last airbender

Did any jokes happen with Futurama and its robot being gay?

wait wait wait
So if I'm following this correctly,"bender" is british slang for a gay guy?

well that must be really god damn confusing when watching avatar.

>>"bender" is british slang for a gay guy

It is. Knowing this, I couldn't help but chuckle when I first hear the "I could tell at once that you were a bender, and that you would realise your destiny" line. And I'm not British!

...Ong, get out of the closet!


Not really, but Bender's name wasn't portended with great weight and profundity like TLA's benders are. We probably took as much as an in-joke as everything else on the show.

File: 12819449135.jpg-(56.79KB, 720x544, AzulaReaction.jpg)
I just watched the movie (pirated, of course, no way I'm going to contribute to this thing getting a sequel), and I feel hollow and empty and violated. During the movie I had to pause and walk away four times from the screen just so I could work up the gumption to continue watching. Even after having seen all the flaming of this movie from so many sources, I still found it to be so much worse than anything I'd imagined. Literally not a single span of 40 seconds went by without some new idiocy slapping me in the face like the hot wet sweaty ballsack of Shyalaman as he raped my brain through my eye sockets and ear holes.

Does anyone else feel the way I feel? Does anyone else feel the sense of futility and helpless revulsion at the prospect that this movie may yet get a sequel, and that Shyalaman will strip away the arrogance and cold menace of Azula, the charming senility and mad genius of Bumi, and the fierce independance of Toph so that he can turn them into emotionless drones that do nothing but speak in blocks of exposition?


Yes. Yes we do. Kudos for the pirating, though I am sorry for you having to sit through it. I wish there were a proper way to rage quit movies, but boycotts don't tend to work when the masses arrive. Hopefully this movie will be its own death and even if a sequel is made this one's reputation will make it will tank hard properly like this one didn't due to mass ignorance.

Let me put it this way: The movie's been out for over a month and I STILL haven't worked up the nerve to watch the camrip I downloaded. The clips themselves are awful as it is. That, and I need to do it on a day when I'm home alone so no one else will hear me raging and swearing at my computer for the duration of the film.

I just had a rather heartening experience. I'm at work right now, at the end of lunch, and an Avatar discussion came up. Completely spontaneously and without the slightest prompt from me. A co-worker was just wondering aloud about trying to find the time to watch the show, since she'd read up on it a lot now that the movie's out and some friends introduced it to her. Another co-worker, completely spontaneously, related one of her favourite jokes in the finale (Bumi's "Where's Momo!?"), and we all got into a discussion about the casting controversy and how facepalm-worthy Shyamalan's decisions were (including my co-worker griping that Sokka had been drained of meat and sarcasm). And they're looking forward to Legend of Korra.

It seems that the movie's introducing people in the UK to how much better the show is, just like in the US. This is a bit weird since for most of the time I'd worked here I was the only one here who'd even heard of the show (I had a little Aang figure as a mascot until we switched offices). And not one single titter at the word 'bender'. I think...fingers crossed...the movie might, in its roundabout ham-fisted way, be boosting the popularity of the show this side of the pond.

Also, a smart choice to get Dev Patel on-board, since he's pretty well-known here. He seems to be getting a lot of sympathy from us underdog-lovers for trying his best and flying Britain's multiculturally talented flag in such a shitty movie.


Agreed. This one got a big chunk of income from all the die-hard fans who went to see it on opening day or early on (and who felt horribly let down) who will definately not do the same for a sequel. Plus there's always the hope that even if they do make a sequel they'll kick Shame-alan off the project for what a crummy job he did with this one.


Oh lord, the clips have nothing on how horrible the movie actually ends up being, trust me... D:

So... just noticed something. Not sure if anyone pointed this out before, but...

17m50s on the camrip:

Katara Voiceover: "Oong flew us to his home. He told us how he left during a storm on Appa, and got forced into the ocean where they almost drowned. Oong airbended a sphere around them and ice formed and he couldn't remember anything after that."

*Cut to Oong running along a wall*

Oong: "Hajinto! Monet! I'm back! Hey guys! I want you to meet someone!"

Katara: "This is where you live?"

Oong: "They must be playing a trick or something. Monk Gyatso's going to try to jump out and scare me at any moment. He's the teacher responsible for me. He's kinda like my father."

Katara: "Is it okay if you tell me your name?"

Oong: "The monks named me 'Oong.'"

Katara, you just told us his name was Oong in the voice over and that he took you to his home? Why are you asking him for his name now and if this is where he lives???



It was probably because they added the voice overs last minute.

Also, "Monet?"

Please tell me it wasn't pronounced like the painter's name. I watched the ending and haven't found the stomach for the beginning...and I lost the links to the camrip...


It was pronounced "Mow-neigh". Like the painter. I'm not sure if the first name is "Hajinto" or just "Hey, Jinto". Oong kind of slurred the line.

There was no effort put forth into this movie by anyone. None. Ugh.

Maybe Dev Patel and Aasif Mandvi.

Poor Aasif. The guys at the Daily Show are going to give you shit forever now.

File: 128200989233.jpg-(33.25KB, 672x384, ZukosFamilyPicture.jpg)

Okay, Dev Patel tried. His Zuko was somewhat believeable and closest to the actual version. Aasif Mandvi, I honestly couldn't tell if he was doing a good job. I suppose it's not possible to bring life to a character whose role is to do nothing but exposit.

It's weird how in a second watch-through I'm picking up on even more crap I didn't see the first time. Like this picture of Zuko's family. The man in the picture is light-skinned, has a widow's peak, and a long beard. He looks nothing like the guy that plays Oh-ZAI in the movie!

Yeah, that looks like they pretty much copied the picture from "The Beach" almost exactly, except Ozai's hand is on Azula and Ursa is holding Zuko. Way to ruin the picture too, guys. And they're all light-skinned and look more like their cartoon selves. Lazy, very lazy.

Lets all be honest here. Only a fool would not be able to see the genius that was M. Night Shyamalan in this movie. Look through the film again and tell me that was not art.

I mean, I agree on a few points that you guys are making, such as the great effects and solid performance of Zuko, but everything else you said was just concentrated fanboyism and nerdrage.
The writing was absolutely top notch, and I can't see anything wrong with the direction of the movie. Rage all you like, because it wont change the fact that M. Night has done it again, creating a cinematic masterpiece that will be looked upon as sacred by all future moviegoers. Only problem I see with the film is how he will be able to top this spectacular film in the sequels.
Listen to that? Listen closely.

You can hear the distant shouting of a jubilant audience somewhere off in the horizon, their lives having been changed by viewing this masterpiece of a movie.

Oh yea, and another thing, the movie was a lot better than the series.


This is a perfect summary of every post if you go to an M Night. fan message board.

File: 128204671980.png-(8.50KB, 493x402, LAWL.png)

I want to include a short story of MY moviegoing experience.

So I was watching Transformers 2 when the teaser for the last airbender came up.
When I watched that train wreck of a teaser, two words came up in my head almost instantly.
I mean seriously, who would make a live action movie out of a premise like this?
The movie was just going to tear the series apart.
Nobody, not even Spielberg or Peter Jackson, could make anything worthwhile out of something like this.
Unless the director was…
No it can’t be.
M. Night Shyamalan
For a minute, I was in shock. I didn’t know what to do or say. It was all so fast. First I see a crappy teaser, and suddenly, now, I was looking at the name of: M. Night Shyamalan.
The floodgates let loose and a steady stream of man tears made their way down my face. M. Night Shyamalan… The greatest director in the world… WILL BE WORKING ON AVATAR… COMING SOON…
I could hardly stifle my joy, and gentle sobs escaped from my man hands covering my man mouth. When the guy behind me told me to shut the fuck up, I rushed out of the theatre, hand clasped over my mouth and snot running freely from my nose. I could barely see, and I had to move around quite a bit to avoid the other 100 people in the theatre who had suddenly gone up with their hands over their mouths.
Quickly, heading the swarm of manly men, I rushed to the men’s room.
Before I could close the door behind me, the rest of the men came storming in as well.
All 100 of us crowded around the sink, bawwing our eyes out and wiping the tears from our face.
But no matter how hard anyone wiped, there was one thing that could never be wiped off.
The joy on everyone’s faces.
The restroom lit up like a comet, Sozin’s comet, and a feeling of calm relaxation and serenity washed over the washroom.
The brother next to me turned his head left to face me.
I can still remember the look on his face when he looked me in the eyes and said:
“M. Night…. He’s directing it.”
Behind his mask of mucus and tears, was a face that was genuinely happy. A smiling laughing face. No trouble in the world could touch the calmness that was plastered all over his face.
And in the most manliest way possible, I looked deep into his eyes, brushed back my long hair, and said in the softest voice possible. The most comforting and softest voice possible. So soft that if voices were objects it would be the lightest feather from the lightest bird, or the top of the fluffiest, whitest clouds.
“I know”

And it was then, that I knew, deep in my heart, that The Last Airbender would be a good movie.

File: 128205294543.jpg-(93.87KB, 604x452, cool_story_bro.jpg)

The Last Airbender (2010)
Reviews Counted:141
Fresh:10 Rotten:131

It was a bad movie. I am surprised that fans of the show have actually gone to watch this, when they had over a year of warnings of how badly butchered it would be.

So that was you? I'm still crying... and mucusing. In fact I've been put on an IV because I've been in a constant state of fluid loss ever since I saw that trailer.

Many people are stupid. And have low standards.

File: 128207352257.jpg-(20.50KB, 595x325, euegene.jpg)
This thread has changed for the weirder.

File: 128211241729.jpg-(90.75KB, 600x600, toph_thread.jpg)
From an imdb post about how the this craptacular can be reworked properly (pic unrelated):

>While I know the TV show has more than enough to sustain nine movies, it would be almost impossible to see any studio doing that. A trilogy makes the most sense, but rather than do what Shyamalan did (trying to condense every episode to a ten minute section), you take the most important elements and disregard those that, while fun, aren't essential to the story.

>First, look at what you need to achieve in the first movie. Aang needs to master waterbending, so that's our central plot right there: the three heroes travelling North while the Fire Nation chase after them.

>But Katara and Sokka both grew as characters, too, sometimes in quite important ways. So how do we best allow these characters to develop while not bogging the script down?

>My rough draft for the first movie would probably be like this...

>The Boy In The Ice Berg: the introduction of our protagonists and Prince Zuko. Rather than have Zuko take Aang prisoner this early in the movie, however, I might have a short fight sequence that shows Aang's airbending skills, proving to Zuko that he must be the Avatar. Aang wishes to go home to the Southern Air Temple; Sokka and Katara, eager to see the world and with the blessing of their grandmother, accompany him.

>The Southern Air Temple: Aang discovers the massacre of his people. We see the terrifying power of the Avatar state and Katara pulling him back. Aang's first glimpse of Avatar Roku, who tells him that he must complete his training. Aang must learn waterbending; they decide to travel North.

>The Warriors of Kyoshi: Actually, we don't spend too much time in their home village, but rather introduce them during an action sequence. I feel that this is an important moment for Sokka, when he begins to realise what makes a warrior.

>A band of the Kyoshi Warriors escort the Avatar through their territory, whereupon they come under attack from Zuko. They are captured and taken to Zuko's ship.

>Imprisoned: Zuko docks at the prison on the sea to refuel, where earthbenders are held prisoner. Doing the same is Commander Zhao (we could introduce Commander Zhao earlier, in the meal with Zuko, though time constraints may mean we don't.) Aang and his friends escape and help instigate the earthbender uprising on the prison. The earthbenders and the Kyoshi Warriors travel home; our heroes move North; Zhao takes an interest in the Avatar.

>As they travel, Aang confesses why he ran away 100 years ago while Zuko's uncle Iroh shares the story of his nephew's banishment. Aang also attempts to connect with the Spirit World, with mixed success.

>The Blue Spirit: I would only use the barest elements of this. A storm forces our heroes to find shelter. Aang gets cornered by Zhao on one side and Zuko on the other. The prince and the commander fight over Aang. Zuko threatens to kill the Avatar and makes his retreat but is injured. Aang takes him to safety, his natural compassion meaning he can't leave Zuko behind. We're planting the seeds of Zuko's redemption but they won't blossom until the second film.

>The Waterbending Master. I'd take this almost wholesale into my script, cutting down on any unnecessary scenes. This is an important chapter in Katara's story, proving herself to Master Pakku. I'd probably drop the thing about Pakku's engagement to Katara's grandmother - it's a nice twist but not that important overall. He can just as easily be impressed by her fighting spirit and it gives us a bit more time to develop the burgeoning relationship between Sokka and Yue, which was woefully underdeveloped in Shyamalan's script.

>The Siege of the North: The last 40 minutes of my movie. Let's face it, if we're going for a three hour epic, let's finish with a truly epic battle. let's make Helm's Deep look like a bunch of kids in a treehouse. Again, this would be almost exactly as you saw in the TV show, with a few minor changes for the silver screen (the water monster that Aang conjures while in the Avatar state could certainly look more ferocious.)

>Our heroes prepare to move on so Aang can learn earthbending; Zuko and Iroh make good their escape; Firelord Ozai learns of his son's treachery and looks to his daughter Azula for assistance. Roll credits.

>Anything you guys would add or change?

I am diggin this retelling of book 1.

give the director job to this man.
he clearly knows his shit.


FFffffff... WHY wasn't this what the movie was made into? It's a greentext description and this movie is already so much better than the steaming dumptrucks of crap that were dumped on our heads in the theater.

that's adaptation!

I'm tired of seeing random shyamalamafans defending his crappy film with the "things are to be changed" excuse.


I like his assessment of the Blue Mask episode, but I think the use of the Blue Mask is needed and it would be the best mid-movie epic fight scene. Case in point, is was probably the most well-done portion of the actual movie, due to the lack of most bending outside of some decent airbending and that Shymalan couldn't have ruined too much.

It doesn't need to be a huge thing, but I think it was needed.

GodDAMN this would have been awesome. ;_;

I fully expect to see some fans working on their own versions of a "season 1 movie" script just to show that they could do it better than Shyamalan.

I dislike having the Kyoshi Warriors captured, changes to the Blue Spirit scene (Zhao should NOT know it's Zuko until much later), and dropping Pakku's engagement to Kanna. Other than that, I love this.

"Blue Mask"?

BTW, is anyone else disgusted that the Avatar wikia has a movie theme going on? So many defenders there too, ugh. The show and the movie should be kept entirely separate.


Very much so. After watching it again the failbender movie has officially dethroned Manos: The Hands of Fate as The Worst Movie Ever Made in my reckoning.

At least the guy that made Manos was sincere.


I was just thinking that now that the movie's almost dead in the water, it'd be nice if the Wiki could go back to the show theme, or at least give us the option to switch to it.

File: 128220203326.jpg-(145.93KB, 377x602, M__Knight_by_Fierymonk.jpg)
Oho, look what Giancarlo drew! He made the "Knight" typo too, it seems, I didn't think it was that common.


File: 128220206569.png-(64.70KB, 510x265, fierymonk's_newest_deviations.png)
Coincidence? I think not.

>>85525 It's very "excuse me wtf r u doin"

>>I was just thinking that now that the movie's almost dead in the water

Do we know when will it be out of theaters or how good/bad is the chances of a sequel being produced?

And now there's some wanker (Ether101) defending the movie in the comments on this using the same tired old arguments.

The movie arrived in brazilian theaters last friday. I don't plan to watch it on big screen, but there are endless debates on the msgboards and Orkut. It's scary to observe that most of the fans in these sites are defending the movie with a passion! They don't care about the flaws, the dubbing and the bad acting, they're just happy to see the characters in live action.

Two of the biggest news magazines (IstoÉ and Veja) published different reviews, IstoÉ defending the "talented" Shyamalan and Veja asking him to stop making movies...

Well fuck me but I am going to watch it with my friends. I know I shouldn't give my money to a horrible shitstain of an adaption but few of my friends invited me. And I was lonely past couple of weeks. And I am the only one who watched the original cartoon.
Sad thing is that they will probably think that movie is "not bad" while I will be gorging my eyes out so I can reduce the pain of watching it. Goddammit fuck loneliness.


My condolences, but the obvious two things:

Don't see it in 3D, since it's worthless for this movie and costs extra, and try to pay for a different movie, perhaps one you've already seen, then go to Airbender instead.


I'd made a post on the protest's Livejournal comm, and I got this as a response. Seems rather informed:

>It's opening in two big markets this weekend, China and Mexico.

>Last week TLA's foreign total was 64 Mil, this week it's 94 Mil. That means TLA earned 30 Mil in a week. Assume a 50% drop off, It would make another 26 Mil in 3 weeks. It will more likely be around 60% drop off. That would be an additional 18.7 million in the next three weeks.

>A 60% drop off leaves TLA about 38 million short of 280 Million if you only count existing markets.

>For new markets this week, we have China, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, and Venezuela. To look at the potential of these markets, we can see what other movies made in them. I'm going to compare to Percy Jackson, because that movie is Fantasy and only made 80 million in the US/Canada, 130 foreign.

>Mexico: 6 Million
>Columbia: 869k
>Peru: 966k
>China: No Numbers

>So the next thing is we have to figure how Airbender is going to do compared to Percy Jackson - better or worse? We can compare market by market using Box Office Mojo's data. Note that this is based on last weeks market by market numbers, based on markets open more than one week. Based on these markets:

>Argentina, Belgium, Egypt, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

>TLA total: $60,387,923
>Percy Total: $54,011,204

>So TLA is doing about 1.11 time better than Percy. Take that x the new markets it's opening in, and we can estimate another 8.7 Mil for TLA. That leaves TLA about 29.3 Mil short of 280 Mil.

>TLA will be opening in Panama, South Africa, Austrailia, New Zealand, Finland, Italy, Norway, and Poland in September. In those markets (no numbers for Panama) Percy Jackson made $11 Million. Multiply it by 1.11 and you get 12.21 Million. That leaves AB about 17.1 Million short.

>TLA will be opening in Sweden in October. Percy made 947k there. Multiply by 1.11 and that's about 1.05 Mil for TLA. That leaves AB about 16.05 Mil short for 280 Mil, + Panama and China.

>Keep in mind the Percy Jackson markets are closed, and the Airbender markets aren't finished yet, especially the markets that are only 2 weeks old. I know, for instance, that TLA has made an additional 2 million in Spain since these numbers posted. Also keep in mind that this assumes that performance in markets will be similar. That won't happen either. Box Office Mojo doesn't seem to list China numbers, so that is up in the air too.

>The best way to estimate is to take a bunch of similar movies and compare their market by market performance to TLA's. Based on comparisons with 5 different movies, Airbender's totals could be anywhere from 113 Mil - 191 Mil when the final tally comes in. Personal guess is 125 - 150 Mil.

>I'll have a better estimate after Box Office Mojo updates their market by market foreign numbers for the week. I'll be able to add in Argentina, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom, since they'll all have been open more than one week, and it looks like AB has about 5.2 Million in the UK through last weekend according to

Still no report on a sequel or not.

It almost surprises me that there are so many people still going to see this after all the reviews from critics and fans a like tearing it to shreds. Then I remember all the movie defenders out there and die a little inside.

Well I know people who never check reviews. They are all just: "Hey, another fantasy movie, looks cool, lets go watch it!"

Haul them home to take a look at the DVD for the first season, then have a group compare/contrast.

I'm expecting this movie not to flop that badly.
Its the first movie of a series, and it still has the M.Night name attached to it.
But once the audience finishes watching this, they'll be a LOT more suspicious about the second movie.


>Its the first movie of a series

So was Percy Jackson, and Golden Compass.

>and it still has the M.Night name attached to it.

Which has fast become a kiss of death, thanks to this movie.

Inside Nickelodeon (the east coast parts of it anyway) they're talking about starting production on the second movie, and spinning the first as a success.

Too early to tell if this is the standard bullshit or not.

Just watched it.
Jesus fuck everyone are so soulless. That is the biggest thing that bothered me.

File: 128277627597.jpg-(36.73KB, 640x480, KataraANGRY.jpg)

This news makes me want to strangle small bunnies.


So, can we start predicting how they'll screw up the pronounciation of Toph and Azula.

Toph will be like tofu without the ew. So Toeph.

Azula's a little tougher to screw up, but he'll find a way. Probably something like As-You-luh.

It was like watching the worst mix of the worst episode of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" with "In the Name of the King" by Uwe Boll.

And don't get me wrong, Hercules was a fun show.


Probably "AH-z'ra." Just like how they changed the enunciation on "Ozai" to "Oh-ZAI" to make it sound more Japanese. D:


Just like to mention that as a Mojo-lurker, I broadly agree with this analysis. Percy Jackson is a comparable movie to compare to, TLA hasn't opened in all markets yet, and it's not like its current box office take is all it's going to make. Worldwide, it's north of $200 million and around $55 million short of its target.

Also agree that it's going to suffer some precipitous fall-offs and will probably fall substantially short of $280 million. But here's the thing...I didn't know until now that it's opening in China, and that analysis doesn't take it into account.

China could be the key here. It only allows 5 foreign films a year, which is why Percy Jackson has China listed as N/A, it didn't open over there. But China is a colossal up-and-coming movie market that's exploded in revenue in the last few years and it eats up every Hollywood movie that's thrown its way (Transformers and 2012 were stupendous hits in China, and the other Avatar earned over $100 million there). I didn't think Hollywood would waste one of its five lucrative slots on this dud, but if it can make up the $17 million shortfall that analysis mentions, it could...and feel free to let this piece of news chill your bones...justify a sequel.

Now, this is dependent on whether China warms to TLA in a way that every other market pointedly hasn't. The Great Firewall will make international negative reviews hard to access, but on the other hand the movie's 'orientalism' could either chime with Chinese audiences or be construed as a massive condescending insult to their entire culture (with good reason). It's intangibles like these that will make TLA's success or failure in China hard to predict.

Pretty much the entire fandom forgot about the movie and so did everyone else.

>China only allows 5 foreign films a year
>They picked TLA as one of them


Well, they were ashamed when they saw Kung Fu Panda because Chinese filmmakers haven't been able to make a Chinese film as good as American filmmakers. Maybe this is how they're trying to build their confidence back up.


Oops. I made a boo boo. China allows 20 foreign films each year, not 5. None were allowed prior to 1980, and up to 10 were permitted before 2001.

Still, that's a limited number in Hollywood terms and each spot is highly coveted. To get TLA a place must have required a lot of negotiation from Paramount.

What's going on now?

China loves The Last Airbender as much as they loved Dragonball Evolution?

File: 12828287966.jpg-(68.34KB, 402x600, Aftershock.jpg)

No one has the slightest clue except the Chinese themselves. TLA only opened in China on August 23rd, and I haven't tracked down any details of its opening yet.

So far, the Chinese box office is roaring with a home-grown domestic hit called 'Aftershock' (a dramatisation of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake that killed 240,000 people) that's made 532 million yuan ($79 million). Nothing from the US has come close this summer, Shrek 4 and Toy Story 3 have earned 100 million yuan and 64 million yuan respectively (the other Avatar made 1.3 billion yuan back in January, by contrast). In dollar numbers these are paltry, which is reassuring since TLA's travelled nowhere near as well as these two movies.

Fun fact for the day: China has no rating system. Films are either rubber-stamped or they're not. 'Aftershock' has proved so harrowing for "think of the children!" Chinese moviegoers that commentators have started to push for a proper parental guidance system such as that operated by Hong Kong.

File: 128297591082.jpg-(26.83KB, 598x405, noah_and_jade.jpg)
Noah Ringer and his stunt double Jade Quon

Ember island players ember island players ember island players...



Bit of news on the box office front. On the one hand, its opening in China has been a comparatively tepid $2.6 million, which can come as a relief.

...on the other hand, worldwide, it's bumping shoulders with The Expendables for the number one spot this weekend:

Number one in Mexico, bringing it to $120 million in total from outside the US. Overall box office for TLA is $252 million.

It's getting awkwardly close...

File: 12833091183.png-(8.97KB, 216x216, Freedom_Party_flag.png)
>Number one in Mexico

You have some 'splainin to do...

Nickelodeon plans to develop a new CGI-animated TMNT television series and will partner with fellow Viacom company Paramount Pictures to bring a new TMNT movie to theaters. Both are expected for 2012.
Michael Bay will be executive producer for it.

/co/ is over there.

Gross revenue: $252,938,445

Granted, it might not be as much as what it took to produce and market the damn thing, but that's a lot of money for any movie. I'm not even really sure how they managed to get that much money.

Personally, I think that they won't make it to the $280,000,000 goal to produce another film. Its already been launched in most, if not all, major markets and is still 28 million off required amount. There is no way that they can possibly come up with 28 million through pure DVD sales, because nobody will buy the damn thing after reading all the reviews and watching the movie.
Then again, people chose to watch the movie in theaters even after knowing how crap it was.

If Paramount of really thinking of producing a sequel, then we need to get the people in charge to sit down and watch TLA. They'll come around.


Bear in mind that it won't just stop making money after this week. It made $20 million last weekend worldwide, and while that must be down to a series of simultaneous openers, holdovers are going to nudge it upward. Multipliers are less precipitous outside the United States, and there's no guarantee that other audiences will treat the movie as plague-ridden a monstrosity as the Americans have.

It still might not make it, but it's going to be closer than most of us thought.

>I'm not even really sure how they managed to get that much money.

3D ticket markup. Still, even movies that do well overall, worldwide, can be shelved in the face of lackluster returns domestically. At the same time, a movie that has to make it's original investment back via DVDs, rather than the DVDs making back their own costs and not having to worry about the money the movie requires tend to look pretty bad. I'm holding onto hope that underwhelming returns and poor reviews keep the sequel off the screens.

first you all said 150 million then you said 200 million then 250 and now 280 million, make up your minds

The actors aren't getting any younger.

"I guess it will get into an area where it becomes a discussion"

"They already told me I fucked it up so I'll just try to evade further questions about it."

If there was any sign pointing to a sequel, Shaymalan would be the first one to rub it on everyone's faces so we all know how succesful he thinks he is.


Hey, I've been entirely consistent on it. $280 million is the bare minimum it needs to make a profit on its $150 million production costs, and that's assuming the studio gets 55% of the box office cut across the globe. Which it won't, so it's an arbitrary figure anyway.

I think you might be mixing up US domestic and international box office. The former's $131 million and is basically tapped out, while the latter's $253 million and might go up depending on future markets.

You know, I don't think I've advanced any commentary or opinion on this movie beyond numbers analysis for this entire thread. I think I might be turning into a pod person...

File: 128371605840.jpg-(507.87KB, 1280x548, tlafjtt20162layer13.jpg)
A few screenshots of the intro for the movie, which was originally going to be a live action version of the cartoon's intro, but were cut have surfaced.

Here's a picture of the map of the world.

File: 128371613035.jpg-(605.29KB, 1920x817, 1tlaop.jpg)
Here's a shot of the Fire Nation Army starting their attacks.

File: 128371622953.jpg-(547.13KB, 1920x817, 0tlaop.jpg)
And lastly, here's a shot of Avatar Roky showing off his mastery of the elements.

Apparently, this intro is gonna be included as a deleted scene in the Blu Ray.

Looking at those pictures makes me sad because of how close they are to the cartoon, and then I remember how completely and horribly different the movie actually is.

Then I just smile at that Avatar Roku picture because I know it would have him flailing around for 5 minutes before any of the elements started moving.

File: 128372376351.jpg-(143.86KB, 486x750, 909f04ca43087d4893734509cc756290-d2xvj0g.jpg)

Why is Aang nude and why are there several other nude men attacking him?

Gang rape.

File: 128373412595.jpg-(36.43KB, 321x489, 12186913x.jpg)
Have some Blu Ray cover.

I hate not being able to unsee this.


Did they actually cat someone to play Roku, or is that just some random guy they dressed up?


If IMDB is accurate, it's Ben Cooke, their fight coordinator, known for doing the fights for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and I think the Jason Bourne movies.

That's right folks! The only unquestionable, constant-ally, Fire Nation protagonist was played by a white guy!

File: 128378439920.jpg-(508.09KB, 588x6989, the_last_head_bender_by_izra-d2y4wfv.jpg)

I can't stop laughing.

So good, LOLs were had.

dude lol wtf haha

File: 12839020646.jpg-(36.91KB, 691x430, The_Last_Earbender.jpg)
Any Daily Show fans catch this? I just saw the rerun last night.

About 12:56 in. No Airbender jokes other than this visual, though.

Much lulz ensued, that was great.

Okay, so, stop me if this has been covered before.

If, like that one interview said, Shyamalan believes Zuko is the real hero of the story, then does that mean that by making him Indian the casting was not racism but self insertion?

That was one of my theories. It would explain why he doesn't see anything wrong with casting the "bad guys" as Indian and various other brown-skinned ethnicities.


Shyamalan's intentions aside, the casting still created a FUBAR racial situation.

As well, Shyamalan always (probably willingly) forgets he had Jessie McCartney signed up, ready to go, and attending his training camps before Jessie dropped, meaning McCartney's agent is a genius to react that way after the little blurb ran about the race controversy in what I think was something like US Weekly or some other magazine that mentioned Jessie McCartney, or his agent's a total idiot for not scheduling it around his singing schedule.

(Edit and Repost: I brought that up because all of Shyamalan's wonderful "diversity" and this thought of his on Zuko would have all been irrelevant had it not been for circumstances that were presumably beyond his control. Patel was still his second choice. His fallback. His afterthought.)

It just falls back to not requiring intent to perpetuate racism, or a racial glass ceiling in Hollywood.

You don't have to be the devil to do his work.

Also, Shyamalan's an idiot. Zuko's an antagonist until the last, what, six episodes of the entire show? It's called "Avatar: The Last Airbender" not "Avatar: The Trial of Prince Zuko" for a reason. All I was reminded of when he said that was George Lucas saying that the prequel trilogies and the subsequent, but older, original trilogy were all about the rise and fall of Darth Vader.

File: 128421510140.png-(1.65MB, 1600x1050, the_last_wallbanger_collab_by_isaia-d2yh0z6.png)

The best thing about this movie is all the parodies and hateart.


I think I just had a flashback to a good MAD magazine parody of a film.

Hey does anyone have that Viacom brochure that laid out the Avatar business plan about the third season and the four animated movies in production back in 2007?

The Last Airbender has grossed $270 million.
Its only a matter of time before a sequel is released.

I can almost hear the screams of a thousand AtLA fans as the movie draws closer to its $280 million mark.

Rest easy tonight.

It's not. It wasn't even announced, and I'm almost sure they won't make it. The first movie dropped like a rock after the first week at the BO, that happened almost everywhere. It means people didn't like it and won't be there for a sequel.


Shhh! Shhh! You're just asking for the Irony God to come down and smite us!

*stands on a hilltop in a thunderstorm wearing wet copper armour and shouts* All gods are bastards! Smite me, oh mighty Smiter!

How about that? Two references for the price of one!


Ohhhhhh, now you've done it. Now a sequel is assured.


>Domestic: $131,396,888 46.7%
>Foreign: $149,800,000 53.3%
>Worldwide: $281,196,888


File: 12844596662.png-(2.96KB, 184x172, 128158496137.png)

On the bright side, it took months and all of it's major markets to get here. The movie's broken even, finally matching the cost of it's marketing and production, but sequels have been denied for better returns, not to mention the terrible reviews and the efforts of the protest.

Just hold onto hope that we don't have to bear this all over again.

Oh hey, I came across a press release on TLA's upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD combo:

>HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Director M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs) brings to life the extraordinary journey of an unlikely hero called upon to save his world in THE LAST AIRBENDER, arriving in a DVD/Blu-ray Combo pack, single disc DVD and single disc Blu-ray on November 16, 2010 from Paramount Home Entertainment. Based on the hugely successful animated TV series "Avatar: The Last Airbender," the exciting live-action film from Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies tells the story of four nations, Air, Water, Earth and Fire, locked in an age-old conflict that can only be ended by the Avatar—a single boy with the power to manipulate all four elements. Earning more than $280 million at the global box office to become one of the top 10 family films of the year worldwide, this inspirational adventure features newcomer Noah Ringer (Cowboys & Aliens) as Aang, the lone Avatar, with Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire), Jackson Rathbone (Twilight saga) and Nicola Peltz (Deck The Halls). From the producers of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jurassic Park, THE LAST AIRBENDER delivers spectacular visual effects, exotic lands and magical creatures with the uplifting message that anyone can be a hero.

Gotta say, "one of the top ten family movies of the year worldwide" must rival the Juche Press Office in terms of disingenuous qualifiers...

But still, god forgive me, I found my interest piqued by a few of these special documentary features:

>Discovering The Last Airbender (nine-part documentary in HD)
>* Inspirations – Co-creators of the show and M. Night Shyamalan give insight into the inner journey the characters take

>Origins of the Avatar (HD) – Birth of the mythology from the original co-creators of the animated show, Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Concept art from the popular series provides further perspective into how the story would eventually reincarnate into an epic feature film

I'd been given the impression that the creators were decidedly cool on the whole movie. I mean, months after its release and they've been conspicuous by their inconspicuousness.

It must be a ploy to hook fans of the show. They haven't done anything especially despicable like stick a preview of Legend of Korra in the the special features. But these feel worth the while for someone to rip and distribute for free, out of morbid curiosity if no other reason...

I look forward to spreading links to ripped versions of those videos far and wide as soon as my sources acquire them. :3


>spectacular visual effects, exotic lands and magical creatures with the uplifting message that anyone can be a hero.

I want to choke the life out of whomever wrote this.

Yeah, and it's not even like the movie (or the show, for that matter) pushes that message in particular. The entire premise of the Avatar is that he's someone inherently special.

>Sword and Sorcery 1

By what criteria is a film considered Sword and Sorcery? Does this movie qualify? Why doesn't the Lord of the Rings qualify? I'm so confused!

File: 12845201532.gif-(0.99MB, 200x200, conflicted_booker_t.gif)
(beginning of .gif)
>my face when I read about the blueray release and the bullshit "special features"
(ending of .gif)
>my face when I read that the rifftrax guys are gonna make a rifftrax for TLA

>>the exciting live-action film from Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies...

exciting [ɪkˈsaɪtɪŋ]
Lacking vitality or animation; dull: an exciting adventure story.

>I'd been given the impression that the creators were decidedly cool on the whole movie. I mean, months after its release and they've been conspicuous by their inconspicuousness.

NDA's a hell of a thing. Didn't you think it was weird that they never had any interviews with them on the set, or hyping up the movie? Nah, they went Alan Moore on it as soon as possible.

Don't blame me, you brought this upon yourselves!

Finally, an unbiased description of TLA. Even the creators thought it was good.

"Director M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs) brings to life"

Cant wait to see how m.night butchers "The tale of Iroh"

"Happy birthday, my son. I am sorry that you couldn't come to your birthday in front of this tree because you are dead. In case you forgot, you died trying to tear this city down, which led me to a series of events that made me join the White Lotus Society. I think that's how it went. I don't know, I'm old and stuff. I've tried to treat Zuko like I should have treated you, even though we have been on the run from Azula and the Fire Nation. Allow me to explain it while I eat this lunch."
*Munch Munch*
"Anyway, we'd just gotten back from the Siege on the North, and Zhao had been..."



No mention yet for a sequel, and in general sequel announcements tail the closing of a films run almost immediately. Good sign number 1.

>>Do you know what your next movie will be?
>>I don’t know right now. I’m still trying to figure it all out, excited about a little bit not knowing. Just seeing how the world lays out for the next couple of years. There'll be a lot of exciting things, I’m sure.

No mention of a sequel as a follow up project. Good sign number 2.

So far, all's quiet on the western front.

File: 128494818088.jpg-(26.84KB, 300x363, joss_whedon.jpg)
I admit that this is just me contemplating my navel here, but I just wanted to get your guys' opinion... what if Joss Whedon had directed The Last Airbender?

The man is obviously gifted with humor and characters. Then again, knowing him he'd probably kill off Sokka for shock value... Still, I think it would be pure win.

Also, who would you pick as director and why?

File: 128494945597.jpg-(98.47KB, 639x359, 3931098423_5a23efcde4_o.jpg)
Koichi Sakamoto. He has experience directing large scale kung-fu movies that are FUN.

He seems like a good choice, actually. It matches perfectly with his strengths.

>Also, who would you pick as director and why?
After Scott Pilgrim, I'm going with Edgar Wright.


Taking plot and artistic ideas from anime and making them into your own production? It's perfect for him!

File: 128501933353.jpg-(34.53KB, 300x444, devil_300.jpg)
Oh for fuck's sake...

Australian Dollars, by the way, so shave about a hundred thousand off that number to get the US amount. Hollywood Reporter says that TLA's got $158.6 million outside the US now, which gives it a $290 million box office worldwide. Italy will be its last major market, opening next week. General momentum should nudge it over the $300 million mark.

"Devil", incidentally, has made $12 million on its opening weekend. It's a low budget film, and Shyamalan's only contribution is its hokey Rod-Serling-wannabe concept, so I've no idea whether that's "success" or "failure" in movie terms.

File: 128502800488.jpg-(125.85KB, 540x675, 122273050593.jpg)

>Italy will be its last major market, opening next week
Italian here, I'll give you details about TLA's box office here as soon as they come out.
Honestly I'm almost sure it will flop, for a lot of reasons.

- Almost nobody knows about the cartoon, nickelodeon here is a satellite channel that very few people own, and anyway the show used to air around 11 pm or 2 am, lol.
- Shyamalan is not very popular here. His movies do ok sometimes, but he's only remembered for the Sixth Sense .
- It's opening alongside Inception. Italian moviegoers REALLY love Di Caprio.
- They are really pushing TLA with the marketing, tv spots constantly air and stuff like that, yet people still don't seem to be interested, at least on most of the italian websites.

Even if it does good, we are a small market. The top grossing movie was Cameron's Avatar with something like €65 million, but hyped movies like the Dark Knight and Revenge of the Sith both made 8 million. Every Harry potter movies ends up with a 15-20 million box office and it's considered a very successful result. Luckily, we won't be enough to guarantee a sequel.


Quite a few suggestions.
But they might turn out to be vastly different in tone:

>a darker take on A:TLA: Guillermo del Toro

>a character-driven action-movie: Kathryn Bigelow

>a tongue-in-cheek fantasy romp: Sam Raimi

>a true adventure: Spielberg in his glory days

>just to see what the hell they would do with the material: Werner Herzog, Park Chan Wook, Ben Affleck

The Wachowski Brothers. They love wuxia, orientalist themes, special effects, and can get the basic spirit of an adaptation down with little difficulty.

Avatar in the vein of Speed Racer would be fun for the whole family. And Rain would make a good Zuko, if not a little too old.

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