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File 128633051129.png - (9.95KB , 243x169 , pokemon-trainercard.png )
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Thought it might be worthwhile to have an easy way to share Pokemon game codes. Wii codes, gen codes, Ranger codes, etc. Feel free to share general Wii and DS codes as well.
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>> No. 27086
VERSION: X, though I have both.
FC: 4511 0513 2257

File 133028287297.png - (52.55KB , 370x352 , 648Meloetta.png )
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Previous Thread: >>19535

This thread is "Pokémon General". For BW2-specific news, see: >>24543

While everyone is freaking out over BW2, another secret legendary from Generation V has been revealed to the public!


Meloetta (at least its default forme) will be making its debut in the Pikachu short that will air before the fifteenth movie, a la Pikachu's Vacation.
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>> No. 27082
File 140054192772.jpg - (56.48KB , 900x900 , photo.jpg )
>Max Attack, most in HP and a smidge left in Speed to outspeed other tanks.
>Even without points in Defence, top at a frosty 479 Def/352 HP
>Rocky Helmet/Leftovers
>Thunder Wave/Toxic, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Drain Punch.

>The Foe's Bisharp used Iron Head!
>It's super Effective! A critical hit!
>Loses two-thirds of health.
>Babel used Drain Punch!
>Right to the red.
>> No. 27083
Ran into one of those once. So glad I had my Gutscross at the time.

Heracross is such a champ. I got a Moxie one but I'm not really sure what to do with it.
>> No. 27084
File 140089243867.png - (553.31KB , 799x459 , tumblr_n26qunGyWB1rftzelo1_1280.png )
>Match against "Brian"
>"Brian" has a Chansey.
>Toxic, Softboiled, Seismic Toss and Minimize.
>Spams Toxic until Trevenant, Slaking and Arcanine are poisoned.
>Manage to seed and burn the little fucker before it starts minimizing.
>Somehow lucky enough to even hit the thing a few times with Horn Leech, much good that does.
>Piece of shit keeps healing to max health just as he gets into the red.
>Faggot fucking disconnects when he runs out of Softboiled.

File 12951487596.jpg - (2.53MB , 3569x2969 , g5english.jpg )
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Most of these Pokemon are sprite edits of Pokemon that already exist.
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>> No. 26662
Why the hell does this thread keep popping up?
>> No. 26663
For some reason spam bots target it: for instance, this just bumped up top because a post was made this morning, but since all fields were filled out and the post was the word "maths", it was deleted as probably spambot testing. However, deleting said post doesn't make it go back to its original spot (I assume there's a "thread last updated" field that gets updated when a post is added, but not when it's removed.)
>> No. 26724
this is perfect
we have the same thread to talk about the new designs with the last thread that did is

it is fate

File 131419251888.png - (551.88KB , 801x4356 , Fake-Dex.png )
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Let's have a fakemon thread! There are some really cool ones out there, like uh... There's this cute fire bear fake, a water poodle, and a frog fakemon that are just so awesome. Oh! And this cool grass baboon.
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>> No. 26749
File 138161929892.png - (1.34MB , 700x500 , 037___dratlantic_by_pokeluka-d69k3lf.png )
>> No. 27094
File 140357184617.png - (334.63KB , 900x1059 , fakemon_004___candletops_by_rush88-d3eclx0.png )
Note: This was NOT done by me. This was a Fakemon I found on devART that I liked a whole lot. So, I decided to make it's fully evolved form afterwards.

Here is Candletops
>> No. 27095
File 140357199253.jpg - (353.67KB , 1500x629 , triceratorch_small2.jpg )
... and it's fully evolved form...


I was inspired to create Triceratorch after finding Candletops.

I haven't figured what the middle evolution's name would be (though I did have a little concept art for it). The line is Fire Triceratops.

File 129558394870.png - (41.06KB , 552x479 , pkmn.png )
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Show yourselves.
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>> No. 25802
File 13512942925.png - (28.47KB , 276x636 , rgeews.png )

Version 2 is up and I... guess? It's a little better? It has more shit but I think the first one was cleaner.
>> No. 26218
File 136914636687.png - (58.94KB , 293x701 , Screen shot 2011-12-17 at 12_39_42 AM.png )
Thinking I might go with this one.
>> No. 26222
File 136924199698.png - (27.96KB , 218x518 , Capture.png )
I am not a model.

File 129925576320.png - (34.25KB , 700x550 , 129124844152.png )
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Also Bones and whoever else feels like helping out will help you with your team, if you feel like asking!
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>> No. 22645
Having Zoroark make an Espeon Illusion does not work as often as I might like. The people that actually have status and entry hazard moves on their leads typically forget about Magic Bounce, so it just ends up backfiring on me.
>> No. 23503
File 131830474514.png - (151.58KB , 340x475 , krinzatfirstiwaslike.png )
>Half the Smogon UU tier
Things are gonna be intense this gen.
>> No. 23506
Jesus you're not kidding


File 12856952893.jpg - (91.78KB , 400x500 , 005.jpg )
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Guys, I'm having a problem...
My Charmeleon's flame has been diminishing every day for the past week, but it hasn't been raining and I haven't been changing it's feeding.
I don't understand. It was fine a week before, but now it's disobedient and angry and keeps getting weaker and weaker every day... I'm really scared... I don't know if it's serious enough to take it to the Pokemon Central...or if they'll take him away from me. He's my best friend.

What do I do?
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>> No. 25209
Lots of repel. Like, buy out the mart if you can.
>> No. 25210

I have a similar but very different problem: My friend recently traded me his Arceus and I've only now discovered I don't have the proper badges to get it to obey me. Now normally I wouldn't be too concerned with this, but Arceus is basically God and "Disobeying me" in this case means "Playing with the very fabric of space and time".

I guess the short version is: How do I deal with a miniature black hole in my backyard?
>> No. 25232


File 139948372723.jpg - (37.82KB , 500x352 , tumblr_n57kl61HMd1r4o7zbo1_500.jpg )
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Time to get this party Started.
>> No. 27072
I guess I know what to get my nephews and niece next christmas.
>> No. 27077

File 13805796322.png - (64.70KB , 180x336 , 180px-FireRed_LeafGreen_Professor_Oak.png )
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Your (hopefully) one stop shop for Pokemon resources. Got a website to share? Questions? Answers for those questions? This is your thread. I'll start off with a few basic ones:

Competitive movesets, techniques, and team building:

Black and White era breeding guide:

Comprehensive On-Line Pokedex:

Lets keep it to the "legit" side of things in here since we have a separate hacking thread.
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>> No. 27064
File 139909835934.png - (2.05MB , 1920x1600 , 1382390508971.png )
This info is already up, I just wanted to post it here for reference.
>> No. 27065
I'm pretty sure EV reducing berries only remove 10 points now.
>> No. 27068
You can also sometimes find a clean slate punching bag that will destroy all of your efforts when you punch it.

File 130169576571.jpg - (115.34KB , 800x600 , Ibex.jpg )
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I think Rock/Fighting would be a good typing for an ibex.
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>> No. 26464
File 137688029990.jpg - (117.50KB , 768x518 , Tuatara on forest floor three quarters.jpg )
It might not be the most exciting looking animal, but with third eyes and all dat immortality I could see them going some really cool places.
>> No. 27057
File 139632965486.jpg - (289.15KB , 800x531 , piasa_bird.jpg )
The Piasa, a chimeric beast from Native American mythology.
>> No. 27058
File 13968296909.jpg - (422.56KB , 648x486 , linares-fish-large.jpg )
They got hawlucha and the flying Nazca monsters, why not some other Latin American beasts, like Alebrijes or feathered serpents (looking at you Dunsparce).

File 137243849830.png - (88.47KB , 400x182 , PKMN-TCG-Online-400x182 (1).png )
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With the latest update being pretty sweet, I think this needs a thread of its own!
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>> No. 27038
>One more XY pack for giggles and grins
>Foil and non-foil firemonkey for my rares
It's just like the early days of Wonder Trade!

Seriously though, the elemental apes have shit cards and they keep putting them at rare.
>> No. 27051
>Buy two tins
>Zerkrom EX
>Skarmory EX
>Full art Iris
I'm sort of OK with this
>> No. 27056
>Get another booster
>Full art Victini EX
>Full art Mew EX
>Same pack
Dear god... I don't even know.

File 133701875580.jpg - (37.17KB , 522x532 , ariados-man.jpg )
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Gentlemen, how do Superheroes work in the Pokémon world?
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>> No. 26282
File 137116170128.jpg - (191.98KB , 500x740 , westaboo does pokefanart.jpg )
>> No. 26283
File 13711617753.png - (443.58KB , 623x623 , Phoenix moltres.png )
>> No. 27052
File 139537099869.jpg - (225.31KB , 900x1000 , 1395294800175.jpg )

File 138714042086.jpg - (571.79KB , 1062x1142 , pokemon_x_box_art.jpg )
26953 No. 26953 Locked hide expand quickreply [Reply]
How was X and Y?
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>> No. 27048
File 139470116387.gif - (925.42KB , 500x262 , nextgenpokemongraphics.gif )
>Complicated designs, 3D, low-res screen.

Pick two, never three, or else this is what you'll see.
>> No. 27049
Finally pickup the game again and beat the 3rd gym.
Decided to just say FUCK IT to team building and dumped my entire team except my starter, Farfetched, and my ghost sword. I'll pick up bros along the way.

Also mega evolution was hype as shit. I love the music in this game.
>> No. 27050
Weirdly enough, the game lags the most when the pokes are idling.

File 139322396263.jpg - (128.88KB , 1280x720 , bootleg pokemon.jpg )
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Bootleg Pokémon Games - JonTronyoutube thumb

Encountered any of them? Played any of them? Survived any of them?
>> No. 27043
File 139414660629.jpg - (1.55MB , 3264x2448 , 1394077703701.jpg )

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