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Your (hopefully) one stop shop for Pokemon resources. Got a website to share? Questions? Answers for those questions? This is your thread. I'll start off with a few basic ones:

Competitive movesets, techniques, and team building:

Black and White era breeding guide:

Comprehensive On-Line Pokedex:

Lets keep it to the "legit" side of things in here since we have a separate hacking thread.
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>> No. 26602
If anyone wants to make a trainer card:

Also here's an old (2007), but disturbingly comprehensive guide to EVs, IVs, and Natures that is still relevant I believe:
>> No. 26824
A bunch of XY questions answered:
>> No. 26839

So Generation 6 made IV breeding a big fucking joke, really. With friend Safari and Destiny Knot, and other shit introduced in generation 5, with relatively small dedication you can get those semi-perfect mons.

Where to start? Don't bother until you've beaten the E4, for starters.
Here are the most important notes. READ THIS.

1) You can tell what IVs are maxed by talking to the guy in the Pokecenter in Kiolude, the town that unlocks after you beat the E4.
He will describe them as "can't be beat".

2) Friend Fucking Safari. It's a paradise of Pokemon where each wild mon is guaranteed 2 maxed IVs, easiest shit ever.

If your lead Pokemon has this ability, wild Pokemon have a 50% chance of copying his nature.

4) Everstone
Passes the nature of the parent that holds it 100%

5) Destiny Knot
Passes 5 random IVs between the parents to the babby

----Getting yourself set up----

Most important part in my opinion. Remember that you're dependent on friend Safaris and such which might not always be there.
Better start stocking up right now on useful breeding tools.

1) Get the Destiny Knot, it's in Cyllage city, in a hote, a maid gives it to you
2) Get Everstone. In Geosenge town, or wild Roggenrola.
3)The key thing is access to Safari Dittos. Find someone here with Dittos.
What's particular about those Ditto are that they come packed with 2 MAXED IVs as mentioned above.
Stock up on useful ditto. Get yourself some good natured Ditto of all kinds, get as many IV combinations as possible.
Best thing to do is to then rename them to those IVs so you remember it.
Check their maxed IVs checked, then rename them accordingly. [EX: HP ATK SPEED ditto]
-NOTE- Try to get Dittos with 3 maxed stats, best.

So you got your basic shit done...

4)Synchronizers. Check the above linked list and stock up on the useful natures - Bold, Impish, Adamant, Jolly, Timid, Modest, Naive.
It could come very handy in breeding.
Easiest way I found is access to a Psychic type Safari with Xatu and Munna and shit.

Got your shit?
Now let's start breeding.

Step 1: Acquire desired mon Get yourself that desired Pokemon. Just the species is enough at this point. Let's say I want my Froakie. Got it.
Step 2: Get desired nature. Either breed it with ditto or something else that has the nature you want [everstone] or just breed a bunch until you get it.
So I want my Timid Froakie, well, got myself a Timid ditto, gonna breed it.
Step 3: Use that desired nature mon@everstone with a ditto@destiny knot [of desired IVs]
In this case I have my SPATK SPEED ditto and my Timid Froakie.
Step 4: Breed a few until you get a babby with the desired IVs all passed down
Got myself a Timid Froakie with 31 SPATK 31 SPEED now.
Step 4: Now breed that baby with desired IVs@everstone with another ditto with other desired stats@destiny knot
Gonna breed it with my HP DEF SPDEF Ditto now
Step 5: Keep breeding, this part sucks cause it takes a while, but eventually you get a decent balance of stats passed down
Step 6: Got myself a new Froakie, Timid, with HP/DEF/SP.ATK/Speed all maxed out.

1) The key part is getting Dittos with 3 maxed stats, really. Just hunt them in the Safari.
2) Hidden Abilities will pass if one of the parents has them, but at a rate [like 50%? I'd guess]
3) I didn't cover breeding for attacks, the essential idea is to find a male from the same egg group that can learn the move as your female desired Pokemon.
4) What can make your life easier is if your desired mon is found in the Safari, cause that's 2 guaranteed stats.
Hunt a few with Synchronize till you find the 2 stats you want, this cuts the work by a lot.
You then have the nature, 2 IVs from that guy, and 2 IVs [or 3 as you should] from the ditto.

A small note on EV training.

The mini-games are fucking suffering. Fortunately enough there is an easy alternative.


Get Pokerus and do this. You can easily max a stat in 15 minutes, and with EXP share, you can spread the joy on the entire team.
This also gets you levels which are important since you're probably raising them from lv1.

Particularly easy to get Defense EVs [terminus cave] and sp.atk+speed
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File 138378224325.jpg - (1.79MB , 4008x1612 , 1383016171887.jpg )
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File 13837823083.jpg - (394.67KB , 900x1200 , 1382022366899.jpg )
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File 138439282266.jpg - (1.30MB , 4414x2924 , 1382727565819.jpg )
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File 139909835934.png - (2.05MB , 1920x1600 , 1382390508971.png )
This info is already up, I just wanted to post it here for reference.
>> No. 27065
I'm pretty sure EV reducing berries only remove 10 points now.
>> No. 27068
You can also sometimes find a clean slate punching bag that will destroy all of your efforts when you punch it.

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