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File 137243849830.png - (88.47KB , 400x182 , PKMN-TCG-Online-400x182 (1).png )
26311 No. 26311
With the latest update being pretty sweet, I think this needs a thread of its own!
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>> No. 26363
The ingame shop has opened.
>> No. 26375
I apparently have 29 unused boosterpack and promo codes as given to me by a friend. How is TCG: online and how has it evolved since the second Neo set these days?
>> No. 26376
Wonder if when fairy types finally hit if they'll put them in with Dragon, Colorless, or just give them their own unique type.
>> No. 26377
Its no Duals of the Planewalkers but its good for what it is.
Better then this classic I guess, Let's Play "Pokemon Trading Ca…youtube thumb
Also with the tokken shop open you can now unlock theme decks before you buy them.
But they dont have the deck I really want, Nightfall...
Oh and its free.
>> No. 26379
I'll pick up a cheaoo theme deck or something so I can actually build a deck and then give it a try I suppose.
Maybe I can get a game or two in to see how things are now then maybe I can play with you guys if you're interested.
>> No. 26414
Bought the Plasma Leafeon deck and while the Leafeon rare wasen't that great, the Espeon uncomons it came with are godlike.
For one energy I get a draw engine AND a sniping tool! (and the retreat cost is only 1 to boot)

Friend came over last night and he lent me a few cards for a match. I built a deck using basic MtG principles and ended up using my Fossil set Aerodactyles and Movie Mewtwos in conjunction with his Mewtwo Level X things to lock the board down early and easily and started mopping the floors with him.

Got old quick though so I switched back to my old younger selfs view on variety more than consistency and had a ton of fun.
>> No. 26417
Yeah I unlocked that deck too and it pretty badass.
Will try out is sibling when I get the tokkens.
Also my username is T4_was_here in this game.
>> No. 26453
File 137673120226.jpg - (42.32KB , 271x480 , fairy-type-tcg.jpg )
The question now remains: Will it be a regular type, a "special type" like old Dark and Steel, or a mixed type like the new Dragon and will the Pokemon XY set be a worldwide synced TCG release like the game?
>> No. 26454
So Plasma Blast finally released this week... I find it funny that there's yet ANOTHER psychic/ grass theme deck and also a theme deck with fire as one of the main types, despite there only being two fire cards in the entire set.
Also Master Ball is now apparently worthy of being an Ace Spec card...
>> No. 26462
Finally got the game to launch.
Can't say that navigating around is easy and makes sense, but it is what it is.
Entered in all my boosters and claimed by promos and theme deck. Opened a few boosters, not sure if I want to open more since it looks like I can trade them (well the plasma blast ones anyway) and have no idea what the marketplace/ economy in this place is.

Oh also my name is: GMaple
>> No. 26463
So the fact that the in-game boosters don't give me the same stuff my friend got from the packs is a bit annoying. As is not being able to see my full collection or really properly sort it unless I'm deck building... and the fact that "boosters" bought in game are just 5 cards and cost a shitload of these token things and aren't guaranteed to have rares, and that there's like 3 kinds of currency systems with tokens and gems and keys or whatever and the game wants to lecture me whenever I quit... all that ASIDE it's not half bad. Maybe even fun.

Also holy shit my dick gets cut off amazingly quick in PvP...
>> No. 26465
File 137690519435.jpg - (135.25KB , 452x635 , 110-bouffalant.jpg )
My only tips for PvP is getting a good EX killer like this guy.
And/or play Theme matches to skip out on the custom super decks.
>> No. 26467
Thanks for the tip. So far I've stuck to the Theme Deck playlist since it looks like that may be the only way I can actually play on a level field at the moment.
I have no idea if you can see my cardpool or not, but what I've got to work with isn't too much since the boosters seem all over the place, unlike my friend who tends to pull just grass and psychic types it seems.
>> No. 26473
Played another paper game with my friend. He used his new Mewtwo EX thing and hit my old Rocket's Hitmonchan for 120, which turned to 240 with weakness. I had Cross Counter active... and flipped the coin. Heads. My Hitmonchan returned that 240 twofold... to 480... Because fuck you Mewtwo, you get no chicken nuggets.
>> No. 26485
Man, Frost Ray is weak next to its sister deck!
Hope that the next deck I unlock is better.
Also is there anymore basic decks too unlock?
>> No. 26486
But I will say it has some good Ex-killer.
>> No. 26523
I really enjoy playing the NPCs in the league campaign. Yes their AI is a bit questionable at times; but the decks aren't stuffed with overpowered death sentences and neither are your decks. It has a far more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to it than having to constantly worry how many Deoxy EX's are going to plop down on the field and how many dozens of cards and searches your opponent will make.
>> No. 26660
Neats update.
Even if sleves and boxes are eh...
Hope they make the deck wizard not shit later.
Also any good deck lists?
>> No. 26688
And on my 100'ed day of freebe I get my 100'ed win.
>> No. 26912
The new cards are nice and all, but did the update have to come with so many bugs?
>> No. 26920
Exactly what I thought would happen is happening and I hate it.

>Mega Evolution Pokemon will evolve from Pokemon-EX. Evolving into a Mega Evolution ends your turn immediately, but Mega Evolution cards will have even harder-hitting attacks and higher HP than Pokemon-EX.

Source is Pokebeach
>> No. 26926
It's okay though, because Megas still have the EX Rule applied to them.
>> No. 26927
>Collect all powerful super rare EX cards!
>Power up those EX cards with super duper rare Mega EX cards you can play on your super rare ex cards to double plus power them up!
>> No. 26928
File 138429820423.jpg - (89.41KB , 472x356 , Ho-oh Legend.jpg )
Is that better or worse than super powerful cards that come in two halves and thus can't be used until you collect both.
>> No. 26929
slightly less annoying since if you crack a regular EX you can still use it; but way worse for the game due to the stupid crazy power jump the megas provide (yes, this is well beyond power creep).
>> No. 26931
File 138453908220.jpg - (125.58KB , 200x279 , 2-mega-venusaur-ex.jpg )
And they've got the move name in Japanese on them, how exotic.
>> No. 26932
>at least 100% guaranteed kill if it attacks once

... ... ...
>> No. 26933
Well, they could balans this by having more EX blocking cards.
>> No. 26934
File 138456470373.jpg - (202.67KB , 452x635 , 20-suicune.jpg )
Forgot to add this to my post.
But this is how you give EX only players the bird.
>> No. 26935
File 13845653033.jpg - (138.17KB , 452x635 , 52-sigilyph.jpg )
>> No. 26940
And what I have seen of the XY decks, green is the way to go.
Two heavy hitters and fairy cards.
But know that they are all noob decks for the kids that just started playing XY.
>> No. 26941
Care to expand on where you're getting the decklists? But holy shit this new gen is going WELL beyond power creed. It's a fucking power sprint.
>> No. 26942
Oh I just go the Fire/Dark deck in TCG Online and then played against the Grass/fairy one.
Have get to see the frog.
>> No. 26944
File 138535687046.jpg - (56.65KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20131125.jpg )
Opened a legendary treasures pack and found these inside. Sweet jesus.
>> No. 26946
>> No. 27001
>At local card shop for MTG
>See XY finally came out
>Buy two packs
>First one is Mega Venasaur
Well fuck me sideways. Shame I don't have any Venasaur ex's so I could actually use it.
>> No. 27038
>One more XY pack for giggles and grins
>Foil and non-foil firemonkey for my rares
It's just like the early days of Wonder Trade!

Seriously though, the elemental apes have shit cards and they keep putting them at rare.
>> No. 27051
>Buy two tins
>Zerkrom EX
>Skarmory EX
>Full art Iris
I'm sort of OK with this
>> No. 27056
>Get another booster
>Full art Victini EX
>Full art Mew EX
>Same pack
Dear god... I don't even know.
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