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File 130169576571.jpg - (115.34KB , 800x600 , Ibex.jpg )
20167 No. 20167
I think Rock/Fighting would be a good typing for an ibex.
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>> No. 20168
Do they have to be real animals or can we use cryptids and mythical ones too?
>> No. 20169
Cryptids and mythical monsters are all welcome here.
>> No. 20170
-Domestic Turkey. I'm thinking Fire/Flying, but kinda derpy.
-Toucan. No idea on type.
-Dolphin? There hasn't been a dolphin, has there? Probably Water/Psychic.
>> No. 20171
>> No. 20172
Sure, why not?
>> No. 20173
More dinosaurs.
>> No. 20174

(Also a smilodon)
>> No. 20176

Lanturn is arguably a porpoise. And we also still don't have a squid. What the hell japan.
>> No. 20177
I'm one of those people who wish gen V had a Jersey Devil (flying and either ghost or dark type), even if it was suppose to live in southern New Jersey instead of north New Jersey.
>> No. 20178
File 130171582364.jpg - (165.90KB , 640x473 , horse_fly_MG_205.jpg )
Bug/Dark. I'm surprised we don't have one yet.
>> No. 20179
Level-up move list:
>-Double Team
>-Bug Bite
>> No. 20180
File 130171879436.jpg - (22.29KB , 585x439 , cockroach-3.jpg )

ability: sturdy
>> No. 20181
evolution chain:

>> No. 20184
File 13017236373.png - (124.30KB , 1048x762 , spinosaurus.png )
A Rock/Dragon Spinosaurus.
>> No. 20187
I'm surprised nobody has a wolpertinger, which is a rabbit with fangs, wings, and horns.
>> No. 20188
The Toucan should be a Grass/Flying.
I don't think we have one of those yet.
>> No. 20189
Tropius, Sky Forme Shaymin.
>> No. 20190
>> No. 20191
File 130176887239.jpg - (29.96KB , 500x336 , wolf-color-photo.jpg )
We still don't have a wolf yet.
>> No. 20192
File 130176955999.png - (57.31KB , 226x231 , 262Mightyena.png )
>> No. 20193
File 130177028432.jpg - (65.03KB , 299x982 , Hyaenidae.jpg )
>> No. 20194
I got my Bison this gen, I'm satisfied.
>> No. 20195
Simurgh, a dog-headed bird.
>> No. 20196
ugh, we don't need one
>> No. 20197
What if there was a Pokemon that was actually a bunch of wolves.

Some kind of dog hydra or shadow beast.
>> No. 20198
A water bear pokemon, for the cute little legendary.
>> No. 20199
File 130178969316.jpg - (81.92KB , 390x600 , tiger_3057a.jpg )
A non-legendary tiger.
>> No. 20200
File 130179501673.jpg - (61.62KB , 500x666 , giant-termite-mound.jpg )
a termite that ends up evolving into a big walking termite mound would be so cool
>> No. 20204
File 13018022819.png - (479.91KB , 789x600 , 789px-Quetzfeedingwittonnaish2008.png )
Before anyone says Aerodactyl, I mean Azdharchids specifically.
>> No. 20205
File 130180839495.jpg - (12.18KB , 400x300 , JSC%209911%20Black%20Widow%20belly%202.jpg )
Why the fuck don't we have a Poison/Dark spider. It took us 5 generations to get a spider at all, and it only has 4 legs.
>> No. 20206
File 130180844330.jpg - (46.87KB , 500x332 , NAN2906.jpg )
I want a fire type lion with a flaming mane. Could work as a starter.
>> No. 20207
File 130181004111.png - (338.74KB , 600x550 , Ariados_by_RacieB.png )
We've actually had spiders since Gen II.

But more spiders would be nice.

Also, not that Volcarona isn't awesome, but when I envisioned a Fire/Bug type, a moth wasn't the first insect that came to mind. We need a bombadier beetle.
>> No. 20208
a backswimmer that evolves into a giant water bug

make it happen gamfreak
>> No. 20210
File 13018163928.jpg - (11.31KB , 195x240 , cover.jpg )
I have to ask, can anything from a possible future animal count? Because I want anything from some random book I found in the library. After Man: A Zoology of the Future by Dougal Dixon.
>> No. 20211
File 13018194117.jpg - (67.50KB , 510x364 , Panda.jpg )
An actual Panda pokemon. Spinda will never count.
>> No. 20213
File 130183700794.gif - (1.99MB , 352x263 , Ninja bear.gif )
I agree, a panda pokemon would be awesome.... Maybe as a starter? Grass/Fighting or something
>> No. 20251
File 130185910722.png - (219.22KB , 1120x770 , Panda_Pokemon_2_by_lolkaysea.png )

A Grass Type Panda Pokemon?

Now that's-
>> No. 20252
File 130185912853.jpg - (4.91KB , 150x66 , the_grass_panda_pokemon_by_pkmnzombie77-d34keu2.jpg )
>> No. 20253
File 130185914679.png - (179.09KB , 700x700 , Bamboo_Fakemon_by_mssingno.png )
>> No. 20255
File 130186451761.jpg - (95.32KB , 800x685 , The_Black_Plague_by_darksilvania.jpg )
we need a poison/flying, and this is the design to go with
>> No. 20256
There's always Zubat/Golbat/Crobat.
>> No. 20257
Spinda was a panda, just a red panda rather than a giant panda (which aren't very closely related).
>> No. 20258
by this point I think they're pretty played out

and plus, plague doctor flamingo is just way too cool
>> No. 20260
Ok, now something like that is just awesome, and people would love it. Why can't Game Freak be like Capcom was with Megaman and hold contests for fans to create some of the new pokemon? That is...if they don't already in some way...
>> No. 20263
The closest they ever came to that is letting the American team design a few of the new Pokemon this gen, for the sake of getting a better representation of America.
>> No. 20264
File 13018900906.jpg - (138.69KB , 800x800 , 9aia_chef.jpg )
After the fact, but still.
>> No. 20265
Wasn't that only like one pokemon though? I think it was Golett & Golurk, which might as well be giant robots in the case of the latter.
>> No. 20267
File 130189157796.jpg - (105.32KB , 913x700 , 1283137808300.jpg )
So, they've pretty much exhausted their own gods/mythical beasts (who am I kidding, they'll never run out).
They should move onto the mythical creatures of other cultures. Norse, particularly. Trolls, Jotunn, and maybe a 3rd evolution of Ponyta in the form of Sleipnir? If not, a FLAMING FUCKING PEGASUS would be cool, too.
But really, I would like to see some Norse beasts in Gen VI.

Alternatively, they could do a Lovecraftian-themed gen. Giant squid legendaries and a cultist Team _____. Maybe they want to summon an Elder God or something. I don't know, it could work.
>> No. 20305

It was the golems AND the ice cream pokemon line. I liked both lines, so I wouldn't mind Americans being allowed to make more.
>> No. 20306
I think the American team was also responsible for Trubbish and Garbodor.
>> No. 20314
Isn't that what alot of the legandaries are? But cuter?

Of course there's always the Missingo stuff, but that is only fanon and fanfiction stemming from an amusing glitch
>> No. 20315
Oh, well then. In that case, that's pretty interesting as those designs were all very original as compared to the ones made by the usual guys. Some of those seem to be taking older ones and remodeling them almost.

I want to see a multinational team design some pokemon, that way we are guaranteed something different from the usual.
>> No. 20318
Am I the only one who didn't like Vanillite then? Golurk was a GREAT addition and Garbodor is very cool but Vanilluxe seemed sort of... boring. Just having it straight up be an ice cream cone made it look a little uncreative to me, which is weird since I'm okay with that for most other Pokemon.
>> No. 20319
>> No. 20324
No, I know what you mean. The golems are probably my favorite evolution line of gen 5, and while I'm not a fan of Garbodor, I admit he's at least a cool concept, but I'm just not a fan of the ice cream line past Vanillite. Typically, I like simple Pokemon, but having simple Pokemon based off of non-living things just seems...kind of lazy, somehow, while simple designs based on plants/animals doesn't.
>> No. 20352
I think it would be cool to see a pokemon based off of something like a poodle or something.
>> No. 20353

James Turner of Pokemon of America designed the following.

- Vullaby and Madibuzz
- Vanillite line
- Golette and Golurk
>> No. 20354
>Remember Me Eddie? When I Killed Your Brother I Talked JUST..LIKE..THIIIISSSS!!!
>> No. 20356
File 130219173461.jpg - (109.95KB , 605x853 , Qilin.jpg )
>> No. 20360

I've been asking /vp/ forever about this but....

Is there any way to know who designed a specific pokemon? Or is there a list that groups pokemon by their designer?

I wanted to see who designed my favorite pokemon and see if maybe I could sort out the best and worst designers.

For the American designers, I like ice cream-mon the best and vulture the least.

No offense to Mandibuzz fans, but Wargle is just hard to compete with in terms of coolness.
>> No. 20361

Ken Sugimori, the guy who ends up drawing every pokemon's final image since.day one, is responsible for nearly 90% of all designs.
>> No. 20363
Sugimori is the head of a group of people who come up with the designs.

>> No. 20523
File 130250436368.jpg - (29.51KB , 400x300 , chess-pieces.jpg )
Chess piece Pokemon would be so cool.
>> No. 20524
File 130250449163.png - (5.67KB , 267x110 , PAWNiard and BISHarp.png )
>> No. 20528
I thought that they were supposed to be based off of power rager villians or something like that.... Plus they don't look very chess-like.
>> No. 20546
Pawniard has a large head and a thin neck that slowly gets wider as it nears his base.
Bisharp has a large, notched head, an even wider point immediately beneath that, and then a thin body that, like Pawniard, gets wider as it goes down.
It's stylized, but they definitely resemble the pieces they're supposed to.
>> No. 20590

Where is this? I want to make a note never to go there.
>> No. 20633
Do I have a thing for you.

>> No. 20751
Think they'll get evolutions based on other chess pieces?
>> No. 20752
The poison lands known as the southern hemisphere.
>> No. 20754
>> No. 21027
File 130384102428.jpg - (42.82KB , 366x546 , 1080_Resplendent-Quetzal.jpg )
One of the most revered animals in the world, it's a shame it's not recognized outside of Latin America.
>> No. 21028
File 130384113021.png - (627.55KB , 1023x334 , 1266410140856.png )
superior panda
>> No. 21029
a anglerfish pokemon is sorely needed

lanturn doesn't count
>> No. 21052
resplendent quetzal FTW!!
it would have to be a legendary pokemon for sure!
>> No. 21053
Speaking of Legendaries, we need a poison one
>> No. 21055
File 130400275716.gif - (5.96KB , 300x323 , basilisk.gif )
something like a classical basilisk would be cool
>> No. 21060
File 130402631465.jpg - (53.62KB , 600x600 , Basilosaurus.jpg )
Basilisk or cockatrice? Is there really a difference though?

And I've been thinking of some other things that would make interesting pokemon, both real and not as real:
Tasmanian Devils
Jersey Devil
One of any winged snake (Kukulkan, Quetzalcoatl, etc.)
Banana Slugs
Various worms
And that's all I've got for now
>> No. 21063
For a Dark/Plant I was thinking the Dedaim Tree, which grows severed heads as fruits
>> No. 21123
You mean Exeggutor?
>> No. 21153
Like a GRIMDARK Exeggutor
>> No. 21154
Shit, I dunno about a Pokemon concept but that's awesome. What's it from?
>> No. 21156

What about the Man-eating tree (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man-eating_tree)?


I'm not sure, Google isn't giving me any sources...
>> No. 21157
Oh god it's like some sort of horrific Tangela or something.
>> No. 21158
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinmenju And is this what we're looking for maybe? Trees and heads.
>> No. 21160
It's from The Temptations of St. Anthony by Gustave Flaubert. There's also the Sadhuzag, a deer with hollow horns. If it was facing the south wind, the horns produced beautiful music and hideous cacophony if it faced the north wind.
>> No. 21164
File 130435170680.jpg - (62.03KB , 622x599 , Macaw.jpg )
I wish there was a decent parrot-based Pokemon...

And no, Chatot doesn't count.
>> No. 21167
File 130436868287.jpg - (132.79KB , 800x600 , Koala.jpg )
What about koalas?
>> No. 21168
File 130438412946.jpg - (33.02KB , 355x366 , dropbears1.jpg )
Hope they're like this.
>> No. 21170
I can only hope they know Explosion.
>> No. 21171
My life has taken on new meaning.
>> No. 21172
Dark-Fire exploading Koala bears. It must be drawn.
>> No. 25660
There should ba an oviraptor Pokemon
>> No. 25663
I didn't like Vanillite either until I realized how useful it was against certain Pokemon (and that I could one-hit KO a lot of Pokes with Ice Beam). And I admit, it is pretty cute.

Quetzal are pretty kick-ass. I've always liked the bright green feathers and super-long tail.

I too desire a plague doctor flamingo.
>> No. 25667
File 134773785636.jpg - (3.19MB , 3008x1960 , 1212607940317.jpg )
Dammit Gamefreak, where is my Cuttlefish pokemon?
>> No. 25668
Also a fire/grass pokemon based on a hot pepper
>> No. 25669
Off the top of my head; cockroach, mosquito, any species of 'fly' or worm, panda, koala, platypus, squid, nautilus, quail, and most of the insect kingdom.

Then of corse you have mythological creatures like the centaur, werewolf, minotaur, and the feathered serpent.
>> No. 25670
File 134782990214.jpg - (51.63KB , 720x480 , lotww_shot6l.jpg )
White Worm.
>> No. 25671
File 134795062557.jpg - (44.14KB , 600x501 , version_exclusives.jpg )
>> No. 25672
Oh god damnit why can't I remember the name, it's like a lobster or a shrimp that's all purple and amazing looking god damnit
>> No. 25674
It's not this is it?


I'd love to see a Pokémon based on this anyway.
>> No. 25675
Yes, yes it is that lovely thing, and they should totally do a pokemon based on it (And it should be girly because that thing looks like it's wearing a dress and jewlery to me)
>> No. 25676

Also they need a pistol shrimp Pokemon with a GIANT GUN FOR A CLAW!!!!!
>> No. 25677
Shrimp Pokemon with a pearl necklace and giant gun claw? Cut out the middleman, perhaps.
>> No. 25678
>> No. 25693
File 134963004066.jpg - (197.28KB , 1839x721 , 283329-Dunkleosteus.jpg )
Dunkleosteus would make such a perfect fossil Pokemon, I'm befuddled that it hasn't already been done.
>> No. 25700
Stuff based on the Fearsome Critters of lumberjack folklore if future games are continuing to be set in Pokemerica. A Hodag would be pretty boss
>> No. 25834
isn't Relicanth the hybrid child of a coelacanth and a dunkleosteus?
>> No. 25835
Could be out first rock/dragon...

Or is rock the secondary typing for fossil-mon?
>> No. 25843
Eh... kinda, I guess. It's got the same rocky head, but Relicanth doesn't remotely capture the obvious predatory menace of a dunkelosteus. I'd love to see a dunkelosteus-themed evolution for Relicanth though.
>> No. 25860
File 135373635846.jpg - (101.05KB , 640x471 , hummingmoth.jpg )
It's a type of moth that looks like a hummingbird. I need it
>> No. 25861
File 135373675593.jpg - (29.00KB , 400x300 , hummingmoth2.jpg )
Seriously these things are awesome
>> No. 25868
File 135396875460.jpg - (14.65KB , 342x321 , dodo.jpg )
>> No. 25943
There needs to be a legitimate dolphin Pokemon. Mainly because I am tired of explaining to people that lanturn is not a dolphin
>> No. 25944
It's final form could have it turning into a narwhal
>> No. 25945
File 135805728386.jpg - (16.28KB , 259x194 , image.jpg )
This could have some potential
>> No. 25947
File 135805888625.jpg - (14.85KB , 259x194 , image.jpg )
I demand a decent steel/ dark type. Bisharp was cool looking, but stats wise was bad. Pic somewhat related
>> No. 26012
File 135920647893.jpg - (8.52KB , 183x267 , Tasmanian_tiger.jpg )
>> No. 26025
>> No. 26026
>> No. 26057

Fleas then.
>> No. 26073
File 136414236236.jpg - (50.09KB , 600x375 , Elysia chlorotica.jpg )
look, a water-grass type!
>> No. 26125
File 136563413641.jpg - (41.70KB , 800x531 , bumblebat.jpg )
the newly discovered bumblebat

>> No. 26247
Is the new ridable goat 'mon close enough to say "OP called it"?
>> No. 26339
File 13736629299.jpg - (203.73KB , 725x483 , Huskies_Porcupine.jpg )
That's cute as fuck.

The porcupine.
>> No. 26342
Pancham/Pangoro are based on Japanese delinquents right? Weren't Croagunk and Scraggy already supposed to be that?
>> No. 26347

The Scraggy family is supposed to be street punks. They're sort of similar, but very different in a way that's hard to explain.
>> No. 26353

I saw this great picture of a cuttlefish. Do you know its source? I would like to use it.
>> No. 26361
File 137490802737.jpg - (169.19KB , 916x726 , Tardigrada.jpg )
Can't believe the lack of waterbear legendaries. Or griffins, or genuine wolf 'mons. Not dogs, hyenas, or maned wolves, actual Canis lupus ones.
>> No. 26362
I thought either Manaphy or Phione were waterbears.
>> No. 26364
File 137498418384.jpg - (21.29KB , 400x305 , sea_angel-11.jpg )
They're actually slugs.
>> No. 26365
I would argue that reuniclus is a waterbear in a sense, given it's little ears and what not.
>> No. 26369
File 137532372465.gif - (651.55KB , 360x202 , tumblr_mqr7rjj6LF1qhgo13o2_400.gif )
>> No. 26370
File 137534275052.png - (118.52KB , 425x257 , Sukuagiru.png )
You mean a quadrupedal shark or a one that uses its fins as feet as pictured?
>> No. 26371
Like the walking shark? Yes.
>> No. 26373
File 137542756947.jpg - (263.00KB , 850x930 , sharkbro_hug.jpg )
It's more of a waddling shark, though I suppose that's the appeal.
>> No. 26374
File 137556892555.jpg - (146.13KB , 600x488 , scaly-foot gastropod.jpg )
A deep sea snail covered in scales made from actual iron (well, iron sulfite), whose armor is so though its being studied for potential use in body armor and armored vehicles? I think we have a water/steel on our hands.
>> No. 26464
File 137688029990.jpg - (117.50KB , 768x518 , Tuatara on forest floor three quarters.jpg )
It might not be the most exciting looking animal, but with third eyes and all dat immortality I could see them going some really cool places.
>> No. 27057
File 139632965486.jpg - (289.15KB , 800x531 , piasa_bird.jpg )
The Piasa, a chimeric beast from Native American mythology.
>> No. 27058
File 13968296909.jpg - (422.56KB , 648x486 , linares-fish-large.jpg )
They got hawlucha and the flying Nazca monsters, why not some other Latin American beasts, like Alebrijes or feathered serpents (looking at you Dunsparce).
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