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File 12856952893.jpg - (91.78KB , 400x500 , 005.jpg )
13792 No. 13792
Guys, I'm having a problem...
My Charmeleon's flame has been diminishing every day for the past week, but it hasn't been raining and I haven't been changing it's feeding.
I don't understand. It was fine a week before, but now it's disobedient and angry and keeps getting weaker and weaker every day... I'm really scared... I don't know if it's serious enough to take it to the Pokemon Central...or if they'll take him away from me. He's my best friend.

What do I do?
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>> No. 13793
How old is he?
>> No. 13798
File 128572007047.jpg - (67.34KB , 500x321 , halolz-dot-com-pokemon-heartgold-soulsilver-haunte.jpg )
>> No. 13810
You need to take him on a nice walk through Viridian Forest. Make sure he feasts liberally on the many Bug Pokemon (there's other things, but mostly bugs) that run loose there.

Once the orgy of bloody and gluttony is complete, he shall be strong enough to take on Onyx with his bare claws.

Unless it's traded or something, in which case I would not suggest doing that, as it might grow too strong and kill you.
>> No. 14021
Hello Jazz. Don't worry, I think the answer is a simple one, but let's cover some basics first before I hit on my theory.

First, how recently evolved is your Charmeleon? Charmeleon are far more hot-headed and irritable than Charmander are. Anger and disobedience are normal in a recently-evolved Charmeleon due to a new, intense interest in territory capture and defense, securing a mate (both males and females with fight their respective genders over mating rights), and asserting dominance. Charmeleon emotions tend to settle down a bit after some time is spent in their new form, though aggression and anger are simply an aspect of the species.

Second, what exactly is your Charmeleon being fed? Charmeleon are strictly carnivorous, and cannot digest non-meats well. This includes berries and berry-based poffin. Though some in moderation are fine, a full diet of berries and berry-poffin is not appropriate for a Charmeleon. This can cause indigestion, moodiness, and malnutrition. While the diet may seem to work for awhile, it will eventually take its toll. If you would like to feed poffin to your Charmeleon as a staple, be sure to include copious amounts of ground meat in the cooking to ease digestion and provide nutrients.

With these things in mind, allow me to offer my theory. Your Charmeleon is probably simply bored and frustrated from not enough or a complete lack of fighting. Charmeleon require combat for their mental and physical well-being. You may have noticed that your Charmeleon's flame blazes blue when excited for a fight. This is because the concept or act of fighting forces serotonin and epinephrine through the Charmeleon's system, both of which stimulate the flame. Serotonin is the "feel good" neurotransmitter, promoting a sense of well-being. (Epinephrine triggers "fight or flight," through Charmeleon will always choose "fight") Serotonin also facilitates digestion, allowing Charmeleon to get the most out of what they eat. To Charmeleon, fighting can be equated to play in its necessity, albeit somewhat viscous and risky play. Though one can live without play (combat for Charmeleon), it would be a dismal and drab existence. The absence of fighting for a Charmeleon can lead to weakened flame as well as physical weakness due to being unable to optimally digest their food optimally, both from the lack of serotonin.

This is just my take on what may be wrong with your Charmeleon, but I cannot claim that this undoubtedly the cause. It is impossible to know anything for sure without an examination. I recommend that you do take your Charmeleon to a Pokemon Center, because when it comes to best friends, better safe than sorry.

Good luck, hope you get this resolved!
>> No. 14112
Oh goodness, so many ghost pokemon. I have no silph scope. Help?
>> No. 14122

Silph Scopes are still technically in beta, so you're not gonna get one for anything less than a king's ransom.

I recommend just keeping away, though there are certain moves that can I.D. ghosts and allow them to be hit without use of a Scope. These are sorta rare, though, and can only be learned naturally.

Look for Foresight, Odor Sleuth, and Miracle Eye.
>> No. 14123

Alternatively, do what I did: pokedolls. There's a Marowak's spirit inside of Lavender Town's tower that seems to collect them like they're her children. She came at me once and I managed to calm her down using it.
>> No. 14133
Guys, I've got a serious problem. My Kadabra has bent every spoon I own, to the point that I can't even eat a bowl of soup anymore. And I can't use chopsticks because I'm not a communist!

Is there a way to get him to stop ruining every piece of silverware I own?
>> No. 14134
No. Enjoy your sandwiches.
>> No. 14135
Wow, okay, Bones don't know shit 'bout Psychic Pokemon.
Evolve it, and it will start making its own spoons instead of bending yours. It needs experience with someone else to evolve though, so lend it to a bud for a mock-battle?
>> No. 14147
Hey guys. I just got back from the Pokemon Center with Spitfire (my Charmeleon), well... they told me the same you guys did. He's just bored and aggravated from not being able to fight competitively, they suggested I put up a daily schedule where he gets his needed exercise and combat training. I had no clue! He just recently evolved, so that might've been why I didn't really notice.
Anyway. I am taking all your tips and am feeding him more meat now, (he did get it before, but not enough compared to the berries) and he does seem a little happier, though still annoyed.
I guess I'll just have to shape up my training then! I'll tell you how it's going later.

Thanks for all the helpful advice guys!
>> No. 14162
Come over, kill my ghosts. Use so much fire.
>> No. 14172
How much honey should a Teddiursa have in its diet?
>> No. 14174
All the honey.

But, uh...obviously there isn't much nutritional value in it, so make sure you balance it out. Standard food blocks should cover it. If you want to go the extra mile, look up a few poffin recipes; particularly dry berries should do well to keeping your Teddiursa...uh...'regular', which is important with all the sugar it will be taking in.
>> No. 14177
File 128606353146.jpg - (14.20KB , 220x220 , 401.jpg )
These little shits are all over my lawn and keeping me up all night with their constant chirping. It gets worse when they evolve because the chirping gets louder and they get sharp claws.
I'd use repels, but I have a Growlithe and a Poochyena that use the yard and I don't want it to bother them.
>> No. 14183
Invite Jazz over, kill two birds with one stone.
>> No. 14185

Instead of Repel, you could try tying a Cleanse Tag to the collar of your stronger Pokemon, assuming it is stronger than the majority Kricketot and Kricketune in the area. It will not bother domestic Pokemon, but wild Pokemon will find it annoying. Or, if you are willing to put up with bad smells, the presence of a Grimer or Muk will do the trick. However, this might be a poor choice, as those two Pokemon are both extremely toxic and would undoubtedly destroy any grass or plants in the yard in addition to causing nose bleeds, fainting, fevers if touched, ect. Another Pokemon solution are Stunky and Skuntank, both of which produce vile-smelling fluids that may be applied to plants to drive Pokemon away, and plants and Pokemon will not be harmed by it in small, unconcentrated quantities. The smell will spread up to a mile and a half away, and may cause nausea in some, so this probably will make you unpopular with the neighbors. So, if you can get your hands on one, I recommend the Cleanse Tag.
>> No. 14186

Teddiursa and Munchlax families LOVE larval pokemon, especially Combees. So save some honey for attracting a few bug pokemon, maybe bring them to a nearby forest to forage. Berries and most river water pokemon tend to be good for them during the fall, so be sure to balance their diet before winter. Munchlax tend to evolve during November, and Teddiursa and Ursaring both hibernate.
>> No. 14202
Hey all! I've been battling an awful lot with my Poliwhirl lately, and think it's time for it to evolve. The question is: what's that going to do to his personality?
A close friend of mine is willing to let me use her Water Stone; would Poliwhirl's demeanor change for the worse? Right now, Poliwhirl's more of a jovial and upbeat type.
>> No. 14206
Poliwrath do tend to be a bit aggressive, and sometimes get too willing to pick fights and battles. If you train it right and let it ease into life with its new power, it might be easier, but if you're really worried it might just be best to hold out for a King's Rock. Politoeds may need a trade to come out, but with your friend helping you out, I'm sure it'll be no problem!
>> No. 14277
Thanks for the advice! I read the previous posts in here about Lady Jazz's Charmeleon; last thing I'd want is to turn my Poliwhirl into something as mean-tempered as THAT. :)

So it looks like the two of us are going to venture forth in search of a King's Rock. Where'd be a good place to find one?
>> No. 14278
Okay, uh, guys...my Duskull has gone missing for a few days now, but I keep finding headless puppets around the house. I don't even know where the dolls are from. He hasn't removed the heads from the dolls I actually own yet. Uhh...what should I make of this?
>> No. 14294
Thanks for the advice. I think he's taken a liking to dipping his poffins in honey and not just going all Winnie the Pooh on it.

Something to do with Shuppet or Banette in or around your house, methinks.
>> No. 14300
A wild Electrode got into my basement last night and every time I even look at it it starts glowing like it's going to self destruct. Worst part is it's lying right next to a support beam and shows no signs of wanting to move. Help!
>> No. 14302
Do you have a Gastly, or maybe a Haunter?
Maybe you could get it to sneak up on it and put it to sleep if so, allowing you to move it, or even catch it before it does any real harm.

If not, they're fairly common around churches, perhaps you could find one there.
>> No. 14303

>> No. 14304
Get a grass type like Oddish or Bellsprout and hide it in the garden. Have it learn sleep powder or stun spore, along with leech seed, and megadrain so that it can heal itself from potential attacks. They won't stick out too much and they'll be able to ward of diglett with no problem, just make sure to keep them fed and give them some berries to restore their PP. After about a month or so the problem should go away and if it ever comes back, you'll be ready!
>> No. 14306
Are you in the Greater Vermilion Area? I know an excellent pest removal service around there - they use a team of Parasects to blanket the area with Spore, putting any pesky Pokemon to sleep for easy relocation.
>> No. 14309
If you could hook me up with a number that would be awesome.
>> No. 14314
Those guys are total rip-off artists. Just take a mallet and do some gardening the old fashioned way.
>> No. 14315
File 128623018519.png - (48.54KB , 260x240 , Ponyta.png )
If Ponyta are herbivores, how is that herd in the old mansion on Cinnabar getting by? There's no vegetation in there that I know of. Did they go carnivorous?
>> No. 14316
Look, it's an old, burned-out mansion. Plants are resilient and persistent. They were growing up out of the cracks within the first few weeks.
>> No. 14317
Ponytas would be nightmare fuel if they were carnivorous. Just imagine a Rapidash blazing out of nowhere and mauling your neck while burning everything around you. Holy shit.
>> No. 14318
Even if they HAD been omnivorous, that still means the only thing to eat are the Rattata and Raticate. Everything else is either metallic, pure poison, or on fire.
>> No. 14321
File 128624073836.jpg - (10.80KB , 180x194 , RETURN_of_coolface_by_wulfsige107.jpg )
>Rival picks grass starter
>Pick fire starter

Bitch won't know what hit 'em.
>> No. 14374

>> No. 14375
Pikachu refuses to use a Pokeball.
What do?
>> No. 14376
Maybe go more traditional with a collar and leash?
>> No. 14384
>third guy chooses Water starter
>teaches it Ice Beam/Fang/Punch
>wrecks the shit out of both of you
Yeah good luck with that, buddy.
>> No. 14398
Make sure whatever you do, you get an insulated leash or wear some damn good gloves. Neighbor kid was taking his Pikachu for a walk and the little thing put him in a coma. He got out, but he just hasn't been the same since.
>> No. 14418
So I climbed one of the great mountains in Bergen today and I kinda got sidetracked into a forest...
...and oh my god.
Gibles everywhere.

I didn't know there were Gibles in Norway.
>> No. 14420
File 128647727219.png - (149.82KB , 282x199 , bulbasaur.png )
Guys, for those of you who don't know: My Venusaur passed on a few years back. It wasn't through anyone's fault, really. Just old age, you know. And I was thinking I might finally be ready for a new Bulbasaur. An old friend of mine has offered a few times, but I usually turn him down. This time I'm really debating it, though.

How do you guys know when you're finally ready? (Keep in mind this Venusaur was my starter, and as such holds a very special place in my heart)

I...uh...I don't think their are. Or at least they shouldn't be there. Are you sure they were Gible?
>> No. 14424
It's a pokemon, not a girlfriend. But, whatever, when you can want another one, you're probably ready. Just so long as you don't want it to be your starter.
>> No. 14427
If it's not too dangerous, can you catch one for me? There aren't any around here at all, and I've been wanting one.
>> No. 14430
I am pretty sure they were Gibles. I mean, what other Pokemon looks like a Gible other than a Gible?

I'm going back up again tomorrow, so I'll bring my Pokemon and Pokeballs (hurrr, I forgot today) this time, I'll see what I can do.
>> No. 14456
Guys, I think my Tsutaja is mocking me. What should I do?
>> No. 14457
It does take time to overcome the loss of a dear partner; are you sure that you aren't trying to subconsciously replace your Venusaur with this new Bulbasaur, or think of them as the same Pokemon?

I haven't lost a Pokemon yet - heaven knows I'd be a weepy mess if my Poliwhirl or Victreebel died - but if I were you, I'd consider using a different Grass Pokemon. Maybe a Turtwig?

When it mocks you, it's because it wants your attention; that's why Tsutajas given as starters are more well-mannered than ones caught later. Try spending an hour a day having fun with it; it'll stop being such a Smugleaf.
>> No. 14461
So I've a bit of a conundrum..

...My own Poliwrath has heard of P1, hell my buddy showed him an old tape I had lying around...

Now I catch him these days attempting to learn Sumo by training with Hariyama...

...Is P-1 sanctioned by the league or no?
>> No. 14467
It's not actually sanctioned, but the League doesn't discourage participation. Hell some officials even encourage it as a way of getting competition experience. If you think he can make it then see if he can qualify and get a registration form.
>> No. 14468
What Pokemon do Kangaskhan prefer to mate with?
>> No. 14469
>> No. 14470
Wow, you need the answer to that question too? What an odd coincidence.
>> No. 14471
Alright, thanks for clarifying. I found a website that had a registration form and everything.

Next thing I know, my Poliwrath now fashions himself as the next Yokozuna of the P-1 Circuit. If anything this will do WONDERS for physical training...

Now for an in ring name....Rikishi Joe sound good?
>> No. 14472

All Pokemon prefer to mate with others that have similar body types as their own, though they can often mate with Pokemon with body types that are drastically different. Obviously, there are more in Kangaskhan's egg group then this, but these are the ones it will find most attractive. For Kangaskan, the Pokemon it is most attracted to are the following:

Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise, Nidoking, Slowbro, Cubone, Marowak, Lickitung, Rhydon, Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr, Ampharos, Slowking, Larvitar, Tyranitar, Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile, Marshtomp, Swampert, Aggron, Cranidos, Rampardos, Gible, Gabite, Garchomp, Snover, Abomasnow, and Ryperior.
>> No. 14477
Whoa whoa whoa, hold up. That's a hell of a lot of babies you've suggested. Let's try to have a shred of goddamn decency here, shall we? Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
>> No. 14482
He doesn't mean you should breed your Kangaskhan with ALL of those Pokemon (good heavens, it's not a Ditto!), just that it has the choice of all of those.
>> No. 14484

Not if the breeder cares about their welfare. Many of the ones listed aren't of proper breeding age. Technically they could help produce offspring, yes, but it would be psychologically damaging (unless their evolution had simply been stunted by an everstone, of course), not to mention potentially dangerous regardless of any such unusual circumstances.
>> No. 14485
Yeah, that works well, though if you've already nicknamed him you may want to refer to him by his usual nickname.
>> No. 14488
A friend of mine double-dog-dared me to get my Jigglypuff to hold an Everstone, then tap it with a Moon Stone.

...Will my Jigglypuff explode?
>> No. 14489
everstones only negate naturally occurring evolutions i think

so the jigglypuff should be fine

as a random stranger on the internet you should definitely take my word on this
>> No. 14490
oh yeah and by fine i mean a wigglytuff

whoops oh well
>> No. 14514
Gibles have disappeared...
I might just have been subjected to an illusion instead.
Gay :(
>> No. 14524
Don't blame illusions so quickly.
I keep hearing about this thing on TV and the radio. Have you heard about these weird swarm things? I guess sometimes certain Pokemon move from one place to another, like a mass migration or something, and it causes them to show up in an area for about a day in crazy numbers.

Although, we probably shouldn't rule out illusions, I guess.
>> No. 14526
I..I think there's something wrong with my Quagsire.

I'll be taking for a stroll (me on the shore, him in the lake), and he'll hit a rock and just...stop.
Not because there's a rock in the way. But because no matter how hard he kicks he can't get through it.

Is there something wrong with him? Is he sick? Is his vision going? I've had him for about 10 years, if that helps...

:( I hope he's okay, Wooper was my first real capture. I never got as attached to Cyndaquil, but I'm really worried there's something seriously wrong. I don't wanna lose Filmy!
>> No. 14528
Sometimes small Pokemon like Paras will gather up objects dropped by humans and stash them under a rock. Quagsires have a rather powerful sense of smell; wanting to get at the items he is attempting to destroy the rock to get to the "treasure" underneath, most likely because the human scent attached to them reminds him of you and he wants to give you the items. If you have the Rock Smash HM I suggest teaching him the move and seeing that happens next time you go for a walk.
>> No. 14548
File 128690787446.jpg - (72.16KB , 350x516 , 12b98bedaf0dd972ad568cef8175d686.jpg )
Guys, my Meowth trained himself to sing and play the guitar.
>> No. 14551
Get him some nice boots and a feather cap.
>> No. 14554
Then rename him Puss. And tell him you want to marry a princess and live in a dead ogre's castle.
>> No. 14555
File 128691841927.png - (204.83KB , 320x240 , Tyson_Meowth.png )
Or at the very least win you the Hoenn League.
>> No. 14556
Is it okay if I give him an old wool jacket instead. He just seems to want to be the meowth Nick Drake, minus the mental problems.
>> No. 14563
I'm trying to teach my Meowth some Fighting moves.
It's really hard work, since it doesn't learn it naturally at alll.
>> No. 14588
Just keep at it. If I can teach a Haunter to steal a car, you can do this.
>> No. 14591
I want to get a Gastly, but this asshole I know says I need to buy this incredibly expensive doohickey to bond with him at all, otherwise he'll just look like a black blob and tell me to go away.

Is he just being a douche or do I really have to do that?
>> No. 14593
It only matters if you're from Kanto. Those Pokemon Tower specimens are pretty oddly hardcore.
>> No. 14653
Well, I am in some serious trouble. My dumb-as-a-brick Elekid just punted a tree full of Kakunas over, and my house is now being swarmed by about eleventy billion very angry Beedrills. I can't send Poliwhirl or Victreebel out there without getting Poison Stung to death.

Anyone in the Greater Vermilion Area willing to give me a hand? Preferably someone with a Flying or Psychic Pokemon? (No Fire-types please; I'd rather not burn my house down)
>> No. 14684
You could always just have a fire type use smoke screen until the house is full of smoke. The Beedrill will get fed up with not being able to see anything and leave.
>> No. 14688
We could always just throw rocks. How much do you value your windows?
>> No. 14707
Teaching Haunters to steal is easy. Try teaching them not to.
>> No. 14711
True - I still own a gas mask from that time when my Koffing wouldn't stop using Smog inside the house. Boxing it might have been the smartest thing I've done in weeks.

If you've got one, get here as fast as you can - I don't think dem bees giving up anytime soon.

If they're Pokemon-throwing rocks, they'll break more than my windows.
>> No. 14712
File 128716692383.jpg - (12.66KB , 347x193 , Togekisssugimori.jpg )

I'll give it a shot. I live over at Celadon, and I just got my Togetic to evolve. He needs to practice with his new body.

Speaking of which, are there any tricks to help him master Aura Sphere? Whenever my Togekiss tries to use it, the sphere drops straight down, and not across, where the target would be.
>> No. 14713
If you personally murder a Pokemon, can you control which ghost Pokemon it turns into?
>> No. 14714
No, and I don't think "ghost-types" are actually ghost of other Pokemon (though that's a topic for another thread).
>> No. 14715
Just use that to your advantage. Use it like an air strike.
>> No. 14720
Thanks for stopping by and letting me out! That was a scary 24 hours, to say the least. Any ideas on how I should educate/punish my Elekid so this kind of stupidity doesn't happen again?
>> No. 14724
Evolve it?
>> No. 14725
So, there's been a rash of domestic pokemon disappearances around my neighborhood. When I checked my Trapinch's pits this morning, I found a dead Growlithe.

What do I do? Do I come clean to my neighbors? Do I try to hide it? What do I do to keep her from doing this again?
>> No. 14726
In order:
>>14724, yes, no, >>14724
Vibrava's not as into the sand pits as Trapinch is, and I'm sure if you come clean to the neighbors, they'll be a hell of a lot more lenient than though would be if they saw their beloved Persian in a pit in your yard for themselves.
>> No. 14730
So, in /pkmn/'s opinion...

...do Legendaries exist? Because I watched that TV special last night, and was VERY surprised when Professor Oak himself came on at the end and made the call that the overwhelming body of evidence suggests they do exist. I've always been a skeptic, myself. And while I can see things like that bird those mountain accident survivors keep seeing just being an undiscovered species of animal, when that hot chick who was Sinnoh champ a while back came on and said she had indisputable proof those three dragon's from Sinnoh's creation myth were real, I just cocked my head and went "guh?"
>> No. 14731
I think they do, kind of. I mean, there probably are reclusive pokemon that resemble ones from myth, but I don't think they're as powerful as people like to say they are.
>> No. 14732
Some of them are more likely to be real than others. There've been lots of Kyogre by fishermen, and there's so much we don't know about the ocean that there's no reason to believe Kyogre couldn't exist.

But I don't think anyone has any serious reason to believe in silly legends like Mew. May as well believe in fairies if you're going to believe in Mew.
>> No. 14734
Anyone know the edibility of unfertilized Honchkrow eggs? I got one of the rarer birds that lay eggs once a month regardless of fertilization, and I figured they'd be an awesome source of protein for when I'm on those weeks-long hikes between regions.
>> No. 14735
File 128726146712.png - (150.96KB , 481x483 , 035Clefairy.png )
And who would be dumb enough to believe in fairies, right?
>> No. 14736
Guys I'm really worried about my Starmie.
Ever since i caught it as a Staryu I've been able to tell how it feels and what it wants by its gem shine and quality, and when evolved, we even formed something like an empathetic link (I guess because it became a psychic type, but I'm still not really sure why). But lately the link has broken, and I can't even read its gem. Its like its completely closed itself off from me.
I've been to the Pokemon Center and they say its not sick, and I live in Olivine (commute to Canalave, that's where I caught it so I take it with me all the time, for work-related purposes) so it gets plenty of time in the sea.
What should I do? I don't want to lose the Pokemon that took me through all the gyms in Johto.
>> No. 14737
>Implying that Clefairy is an actual fairy.

Everyone knows that Clefairy's are aliens from the Moon, that's why Moon stones evolve it.
>> No. 14738
It could be lonely. Trainer-pokemon closeness is good, but sometimes your pokemon needs a little time with its own kind. Do you have any other water types that it could play with?

I hope it feels better!!
>> No. 14739
Well, when I take it to Canalave it goes and sees all of its old friends and family. But maybe since they're still Staryus its feeling out of place. Should i take it too see other Starmie's maybe? Or should i just visit a water type expert, I don't really want to go all the way to Cerulean, but if it will help, I'll do it.
>> No. 14740
Well, if you know any trainers with a Starmie, you might as well give it a shot.
>> No. 14742
I don't know. A friend of mine swore he saw a Mew hiding under his dad's truck when he was younger.
>> No. 14744
Oh god. I finally got rid of the ghosts via a friend with a psychic type, now there are eggs. Why do ghost pokemon lay eggs?
>> No. 14745
Taught him Rock smash. Nothing special under the rock, well for me. It was a treasure trove of fungii and mushrooms and dead plant matter put there by poliwags. Thanks so much!
>> No. 14746
>>14745 again
Forgot to mention that Quagsire loves them. Oh god I have a tupperware bin that smells like death took a shit but he is so happy. I love watching him munch away, it's like I gave him pizza :3
>> No. 14749
Oh, if only it were so easy. Unfortunately, my Elekid is the headstrong brawler type; if he can't Thunderpunch it in the face, it's not worth dealing with.

At least I've got some good news. I don't know how, but apparently one of the Beedrills swarming my house yesterday was carrying a King's Rock; I found it embedded in my roof as I was cleaning up. Poliwhirl's now a Politoed, and his demeanor hasn't changed a bit. I get the feeling the two of us are gonna be bros forever. :)
>> No. 14762
A'dawww. I'm glad it worked out.

I just mentioned the items thing because my Nidorino used to do just that and once I taught him THE SMASH he kept digging up old potions and Pokeballs and stuff.
>> No. 14764
I made this nifty little chart if you ever visit Bergen, locations of where you can find various Pokes.

Warning: some of these Pokes I've only heard rumours of, and some are VERY RARE, so some might be harder to find.
I might be missing some types too, I know you can find Mareeps and Miltanks out in the farmlands, but they're not really up for capture, y'know.
>> No. 14765
File 128735713931.png - (272.68KB , 1040x2140 , Holy shit.png )
Forgot file, derp.
>> No. 14766
File 128736196163.png - (187.09KB , 600x563 , 1284732894770.png )
It's great to see all you people enjoying a free range environment that's conducive to raising Pokemon. I, however, live in New York city, and I feel like the only pokemon I see being raised here are Pidgeot and Dasutodasu (see attached).

Does anyone from a busy city have any experiences with say, plant Pokemon? I have no room and I simply cannot afford to feed a canine or feline pokemon. One of my friends in the suburbs has an Oddish and it is incredibly relaxing.

>> No. 14767
File 128736282917.png - (70.64KB , 376x258 , 551Meguroco.png )
Ok, so, I acquired a Meguroko (this little guy here) a few weeks ago. Everything was fine with him until a few days ago. It seems like he's trying to mate with my Absol. o_O She seems pretty freaked out by his advances, so I've separated them for now. Is there anything I can do to get him to leave her alone?
>> No. 14769
Try feeding her spicy berries. With a lot of female Pokemon the odor they emit from the gas from spicy natural foods confuses other Pokemon and either makes them think the female is male or just makes them freak out and avoid her altogether. I hear in the wild it's a defense mechanism for when an undesirable male wants to mate or if the female is already pregnant. I don't know if it works on Absol but it's worth a shot.
>> No. 14779
I have a leafeon that I evolved from the eevee I got for Christmas a few years back. She's sort of a prima donna sometimes and can be a priss if I don't pay enough attention to her, but since I moved to Florida, all the sunlight we get has done wonders for her mood. She's really mellowed out, and is pretty content as long as I leave the blinds open in my living room. Now the only thing I have to deal with is her trying to drag me out for a walk every single day.
>> No. 14780
How many Pokemon have you guys caught overall? Because I live in a small apartment now and I don't really have the space to have all my Pokes with me, so they're stuck in the box.
Are they getting treated well at least? I have no idea what being in the box is like....
>> No. 14782
The box isn't bad, it's one of the best short term solutions for lack of space. But, it can cause some minor health problems if your pokes are kept there for more than year and a half. I would look into re-homing some, it's your duty as a trainer to give your pokemon the best, and sometimes that means giving them to an owner that can give them the time and space that they need.

Unless you have porygon. The fucking love the box.
>> No. 14784
Just...don't put Porygon in your own computer.
A perfectly good power supply, gone. And I have no idea what the fuck happened to my OS but this is not Linux.
>> No. 14785
I'll give it a shot. And maybe try to find him a more appropriate ladyfriend.
>> No. 14789
B-but! :( I've just moved out, I have to live closer to work...ugh, it's so hard! Maybe I should just leave them with my Auntie...she lives far out in the farmland and they could have loads of fun there, but I can't really afford visiting them too much.
...This sucks. :(
>> No. 14793
That might be for the best. Being away from your pokemon sucks, but their long term health and happiness needs to be top priority. And it's not like you'd see them that much more if you keep them in the box.
>> No. 14936
>>14767 here again.
The Spicy Berries seem to have worked. I've been feeding Absol them with her regular food over the past week and now my Meguroko won't go near her. He's currently sulking in his sandbox, but I think he'll get over it. Thanks for the help. :)
>> No. 14963
Best bet is to find a nearby Pokemon Center or Lab that has a ranch. They'll take care of them, feed them, put them in the proper environment, etc.
It can get a bit expensive long-term in a Lab, unless that's where you registered, but most Pokemon centers do it for free, since they're government funded.

Downside is, however, that although they're happy, they're MUCH harder to recall on the fly for a battle. If you're in the league, make sure you've got your main team all boxed and ready to go. Otherwise it could be anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours(depending on who's working, how well your pokemon trusts the staff, their environment, etc.)
>> No. 14967
Mkay, I've put all my Pokemon in a ranch area where they get to roam around and play all day long, and get taken care of. It's gonna cost me a little, and they're far away so I can't really go see them often... but it's for the best, I love my babies too much to keep them in their Pokeballs.
I've kept some of my Pokes though, like my Meowth (I can NEVER part with her) and my Staraptor. Meowth because I love her and she's tiny enough to not feel crammed in this apartment, and she knows the city enough not to get captured or hit by a car. And Staraptor because she can fly around wherever she wants, she lives on my roof basically.
>> No. 14969
You never really know how creepy Mr. Mime is until you see one up close, in the wild.
>> No. 14970
Hate the little shits.
Broke my nose one afternoon running after a Mankey.
He thought it was HILARIOUS!
Houndoom didn't think so either.
>> No. 14971
I wish our dorms allowed pokemon. :( We can't even keep magikarp because one evolved in someone's room a couple years ago and wrecked, like, half the building.

Of course that doesn't stop some people. I'm pretty sure my neighbors have a freaking chatot or something. They're gonna get busted soon if they don't teach it to SHUT UP.

...screw it. I'm sneaking my snorunt in next weekend.

Next year, I'm living in the pokemon-permissive apartments, brah.
>> No. 14972
Alright, so I finally have six Pokemon!

Too bad the sixth was a hostile sonofabitch Porygon who jumped onto one of my downloads and proceeded to wreck my dorm room when he showed up.

Anyone have any experience with Porygon? I got him into a ball, but I could really use the help in getting this guy to calm down.
>> No. 14973
Give the guy a flash drive and he'll be happy though. They fucking love playing around in those things.
Just make sure never to use that flash drive for anything but Porygon, cause again, thing fried my power supply and I still haven't figured out how to shut my computer down with whatever he did to my operating system. :(
>> No. 14974
Also, if he doesn't stop freaking out, you might wanna give it an Upgrade. Despite the name, I think it actually like...completely rebuilds them from the ground up, so any nasty bugs/malware should be cleared out when he evolves.

Of course, I've never known of a Porygon to get a virus attached to it, I'm pretty sure they're way better at protecting themselves from that than a person would be, but, y'know, I guess anything's possible.
>> No. 14988
okay, so i have a bit of a problem. i had to go out of town last week and i couldn't take my beloved eevee with me so i put him in a box. i was only supposed to be gone for a couple of days and i've never had any problems with boxes before but now he won't come back out. i got the pokeball from the pc but when i called eevee out the ball just flickered and nothing happened. i think he's mad at me (he's never been in a box before, i spoil him). how do i get him to come out and forgive me?
>> No. 15086
Okay guys, I've got two problems. in order:

I think my beloved Octillery may be either upset or sick. I've had him for a while now and he's one of my closest Pokemon. He's usually so friendly and affectionate and loves spending time outside his aquarium (Heck, when he first evolved from a Remoraid I had to get a new aquarium because he kept breaking out of his old one late at night) but lately he's been totally not acting like himself: He's just been hiding away inside the fake rock inside his aquarium and won't come out except to eat. Is there anything you guys can think of that would cause him to act this way? I haven't moved or changed his diet so i can't think of any reason he'd be acting like this

Second: I've been away at school and haven't been able to bring all my Pokemon with me because the place I'm staying is too small (All I could bring was my Octillery and my Misdreavus) so I've left the rest of my team (A Torterra, Ludicolo and Snorunt) with my Mom at her apartment (She has a lot more space). So last semester a friend of mine offered me a Mawile (A Pokemon I've always wanted) and I jumped at the opportunity! My mom said she'd be cool letting the Mawile stay with her until I move back in in January and things have been going real great; that is until I brought my Misdreavus home to visit last week. My Misdreavus and Mawile absolutely HATE each other! We had to keep them separated for my entire visit! I love both of them with all my heart and would hate to have to give one away; is there anything I can do to try and promote a better relationship between these two?
>> No. 15186
SO! How was everyone's Halloween this year?

The night was a most splendid thing. Went trick or treating in Goldenrpd *huge city is huge*. Mostly tricks though, Girlfriend got in on the action as well.

Showed me a cute little bugger called Bachuru, though he refers it as Blinky.

A prank war started near the department store. The Jennies came round half an hour later. Its safe to say that they're STILL cleaning off all the egg and TP off the Normal Gym..

..Why do I get the feeling the instigators were trainers who want the Gym Leader's Miltank DEAD?!
>> No. 15328
Okay, hey there trainers!

I just wanted to share with you all, and maybe ask some advice.

I still live with my parents (yeah yeah, I know. I just got my Trainer's License a few years back, and now that I am out of Basic School I am iffy whether or not to go on a 'Trainer's Journey', but whatever.) And our house is....notably crowded. We have a nice large house and a big yard, which is nice, but still. Our current residents are: My father's Himonlee, Nageki, Ursaring, and Arcanine; my Mother's Vileplume, Sudowoodo, Teddiursa, and Sunflora, and my....notably large amount of Pokemon. I have a Torterra, Electivire, Sableye, Kecleon, Mawile, Tangrowth, Granbull, Smeargle, Zuruzukin, and Hitmontop.

....yeah I know. All of my Mother's Pokemon, and my Tangrowth, Torterra, Elecitivre, and my father's Ursaring live outside. The fighting types all live in our Garage...which has been turned into a makeshift sparring ring, and the rest of them...pretty much all live inside. Tentacruel is typically in a nearby pond...as it doesn't necessarily want contact. She is able to keep herself nicely.

Anyways, my question is, what do you all think of having a large commune of Pokemon living in a single home? Everyone is generally happy and it seems that it brings THEM joy, but is it healthy for them? Also, what is YOUR living situation like trainers?
>> No. 15371
Some Pokemon are very territorial, so you might want to consider boxing some of them, or putting them in a field somewhere where they can run around a little.
That's the problem with Pokemon, if you have too many of them... you don't know what to do about them!
>> No. 15389
Hi, guys. Early last spring, I caught a Gible down in South America. He's a Gabite now, and a real sweetheart. But I'm a little worried. Winter is coming up, and anything lower than fifty degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for him. During our winters, it usually goes down to ten degrees. He'll freeze to death if I keep him outside, but my house is pretty small and he can't stay cooped up in there very long like my Cubone and Nincada can. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?
>> No. 15477
Anything lower than 30 degrees is still a bit low, but it's much less fatal.
Gabite can survive as low as -10 Fahrenheit, but it's not comfortable and it will die. Garchomp can survive as low as -50, but again it's not comfortable.

If you DO let it out in the cold, make sure it remains active. It's reptilian, but it needs to keep its' blood pumping to stay awake/alive.
>> No. 15487
Do you have any caves nearby? Gabites love caves.
>> No. 15528
I've been keeping a magicarp in a fairly large fish tank and up until today he's been content with floating around and staring at my living room. When I went to check on him this morning he was thrashing around and blowing bubbles. is this normal?
>> No. 15529
Not really, but I wouldn't worry about it. It's unlikely he'd damage anything.
>> No. 15780
Oh hell, thats a sure fire sign that Magikarp is close to evolution

Useless or not, when a Magikarp starts thrashing about like THAT, get yourself a BIG ASS POND for it swim in content. Gyarados are NOTORIOUS for ripping shit apart at the drop of a hat
>> No. 15791
Man, that's just an unfair reputation Gyarados have gotten because they're popular to people who want "badass" Pokemon but aren't responsible enough to raise them right. A well-raised Gyarados is less likely to destroy your stuff than a Milotic, even if that Milotic was raised well. Milotics are freakin' crazy.

But what do you expect from purebreds?
>> No. 15793
>Milotics are freakin' crazy.
This. Ever get two Milotics of the same gender together in a room? Shit gets fucking dangerous.

I agree with the gentle Gyarados comment, too. They're like pitbulls. People raise them to be mean and badass, and so they get that way. Maybe they're a little more feral than other Pokemon when wild, but as long as you dedicate time to raising him properly, he'll be fine.
>> No. 15798
File 128997479840.png - (47.98KB , 260x240 , 018.png )
I was gently fluffing the feathers of my beloved Pidgeot today when a thought crossed my mind.

Ever since he was a Pidgey, I noticed that his coloring seemed a bit different compared to other members of his species. My understanding of it is that this uncommon color mutation is like the equivalent to albinism in that it's caused by a double-recessive allele.

Does anyone else have a Pokemon in their roster with a similar color mutation? Does it predispose the Pokemon for any major health concerns later on? Or is it simply an appearance thing?

So far, Baron's been in great health and hasn't had any major problems. Though, it's scary how quickly a bird's health can decline if you're not paying close enough attention. If he is at risk for some kind of serious health problems, knowing any additional warning signs to keep an eye out for would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!
>> No. 15799

He'll be fine, it's just an unusual coloration. He does need a more varied diet, though, since he requires different pigmentation chemicals.
>> No. 15808
I thought my Charmander was black but it turns out he was playing in the fire place.

It is very hard to bathe a fire-type. I don't get why those damn fire and water-proof tail covers are so damned expensive. How the hell else do you bathe a Charizard?

Okay, fair enough he usually just incinerates the dirt but this was pretty difficult before he could fly too high to harm anyone.
>> No. 15830
On the other hand, most Donphan owners would suggest giving them a dust bath. dust clings to their moist skin, they just raise their temperature, then give them a good brushing. Seems to work on the long run.
>> No. 22493
Been flying on my steelix using magnet rise. Pretty sweet, but I have to stay on its head cause the back segments generate the field by spinning like fucking dynamos.
>> No. 22495
S'up guys? I was wondering what you guys know about Team Plasma. I've been listening to some of their speeches and while I don't understand all of what was being said. some of it did make sense. I was wondering if I should join or not.
>> No. 22639
If I were you, I'd be sure to stay a few more miles up in the air - those Steelix spines would be enough to decapitate everything in its path.

Nice to see that the help thread is back up and running. I'm still having problems dealing with my Elekid (from >>14749). He's getting close to evolution, and I'm worried that as an Electabuzz he'll be even MORE irascible and prone to Thunderpunching everything in his path.

Is there some food or berry or training method that'll help me calm him down? Or should I just trade while the tradin's good and settle for a more mentally stable electric type, like Flaaffy.
>> No. 22651
So I have a Shellder and a friend of mine has...HAD a Slowpoke. I think you can see where this is going.

So my Shellder bit the Slowpoke's tail and now it's a Slowbro. But my friend won't give me my Shellder back! What can I do?
>> No. 22652

Elekids calm down quite a bit after evolving, but he will still have a headstrong fighting streak in him that will last well into old age. You ought to find him a sparring partner, or at least a sandbag. Two birds in one stone if you can get ahold of a Snorlax, the few hours he is awake in a week will absolutely EXHAUST your electabuzz. Just be sure you can afford a snorlax diet or live in a forested area for him to forage. Otherwise finding him a ground type to spar with would be best, electabuzz have been known to paralyze even steelix from tme to time. Its just less of a problem with snorlax since they can sleep it off with no long term repurcussions.
>> No. 22719
I didn't know that evolution would actually mellow my Elekid out a bit. I admire spunk and fighting spirit in Pokemon as much as the next guy, but right now's too much of a good thing.

Sparring partner...how about a Larvitar? A friend of mine has been breeding them incessantly for months now, and has plenty to spare.
Otherwise, I think I could always grab a Geodude from the mountains in the northwest, or a Diglett from that tunnel nearby.
>> No. 22720

Larvitar would be ideal if they had grown up together, as they stay in their pupal stage for a loooong time. If your elekid is getting close to evolving, a geodude would probably be better since graveler and golem are hardy enough to withstand quite a few thunderpunches. Just be careful to avoid teaching your geodude any self-destructing moves for obvious reasons.

Dont worry about a major personality hange, he'll always be the rapscallion you raised, just easier to calm down.
>> No. 22722
Thanks for the advice! I'm off to go get a Geodude right now - I'll let you know how things pan out.
>> No. 22736
I have been having some troubles with my Aaron, it keeps trying to eat all of the metal things I have in my house; like silverwear, cars, bikes, and so on. I don't think it understands that it can't eat those things, how do I get him to stop?

(also, where is OP's pic from? I remember seeing a lot of pictures like that.)
>> No. 22740
File 13141283002.png - (1.23KB , 64x64 , 51.png )

An Aron, huh? Try grinding up some Babiri Berries (pictured), and smearing it on the thing it likes to chew around the house. The berry smells of rust to Steel-type Pokémon, which repels them.

As for its diet, I've seen specialty stores around Pokémon Centers that cater to rock and ore-eating Pokémon. Buy some iron ore chunks and some sour berries to help harden its shell. Also, don't forget to provide it a proper training ground where it smash things to its heart's content.
>> No. 22776
If you are all so smart tell me, how does Sketch work?
>> No. 22784
guys i have a bit of a problem

my braviary came back with a murkrow egg one day, and it was already fertilized. I decided to take care of it, and it imprinted itself onto me the second it hatched. I really cant just give it to someone else now, and it might not make it in the wild. My braviary is certainly the father, as its somewhat protective of him, but prefers to let me raise it.

Which leads me to the real problem: my snorlax seems to think its a snack, and will fight both me and braviary to get to the little thing. While I can handle living with a murkroe, i would muc prefer he goes to a good home asap. How do i do this without traumatizing the poor nestling?
>> No. 24210
Sorry to revive a thread that's been silent for a few months, but GUYS GUYS GUYS.
My Elekid (from >>14749 up to >>22722) evolved into Electabuzz a few months ago, and he's been...well, manageable. About the same in temperament as Elekid, but far more aware of his strength. He's enjoyed sparring with the Graveller I caught anyway.

A friend of mine from Sinnoh sent me an early Christmas present - an Electrizer.
Should I use it? An Electivire can't be any MORE troublesome than an Electabuzz...can it?
>> No. 24236
The whole board's dead, never mind this thread.
>> No. 24237
Electivires tend to be much more mellow than Electibuzz, but they're also a shitton stronger, so I guess it all depends. He'll chill out in general, but if he does rampage or something, it'll likely be a pretty fuckin' big deal.

If you evolve him, maybe evolve the Graveller as well, although Electivire do tend to delve into Fighting type attacks more than their younger stages, so even a Golem might not be able to keep up with him if he flips his shit???

Kind of a risky move I guess.
>> No. 24376
File 132635438531.jpg - (94.81KB , 900x720 , creepachu_by_omegaus-d32mx9h.jpg )
It's been close to 14 years since I first got my Pikachu. He hasn't been looking so good these days. Do you think I should evolve him?
>> No. 24381

strength, health and lifespan is overrated
>> No. 24435
Outside of the game; would it be safe to cross-breed pokemon?

And, can you have more than 1 pokemon in a ball? Not like having seven Miltank in one ball; more like having 5 unknown in a ball that have sort of clumped together and pooled their powers together to be like... stronger or something along the lines of that.
>> No. 24437
Depends on the species. Some pokémon are strangely cross-compatible, others aren't.

Good luck getting anything at all to breed with Slugma, for one thing.

Also no, you can't spoof the storage system. A pokéball isn't a terminal, it has a limited memory capacity.
>> No. 24440
My issues have been solved. Young kid wanted to raise a Murkrow, so I let him keep it after helping the two bond. My Snorlax is his usual self and no longer ravenous for eggs, and I now own a young Bouffalant. Braviary was a little upset at giving away his young so early but he's chipper lately. Probably the warming air.

My question now is: is it...normal for Feraligatrs and Krookodiles to swim in winter waters? Because it's just above freezing out and I'm still having to drag them away from the water.
>> No. 24460
Most Krookodiles I've ever seen would rather bury themselves in the sand than swim around in a river. I'm stumped on that one, buddy.

As for feraligatr, it's one big beast. If winter has any effect on him at all it'll be eating more. He can maintain his own body temperature pretty well besides. Just be careful about him hiding under the ice and surprising people.
>> No. 24468
So for a class project we were given a choice between rearing a Kricketot or a Caterpie. I chose the Kricketot because all the Caterpie would do is sit there and eat, and I don't regret my decision.

The only this is that he keeps chiming off-tune, believe it or not. I admit I'm not a very musical person, but is there any way for me to teach him how to play better? He's starting to keep us up at night. My roommate keeps threatening to feed him to his Charmander.
>> No. 24471
Play cello at him.
>> No. 24488
Does Hidden Power always have to be little glowing enrgy balls or can it be something else to; like a secret move or ability that your pokemon knows for one reason or another. (Like a Tympole with a Hidden Power move that deals with sound or vibrations instead of glowing balls of energy?)
>> No. 24520
Me again - I bit the bullet a few weeks ago and let Electabuzz decide whether or not to evolve. He seemed to grasp the importance of the decision, and pushed the Electrizer back to me. I'll hang onto it until he's ready - likely once Graveler starts winning their sparring matches.

Thanks for the help, folks!
>> No. 24525
This brings up an odd question; what about old-young pokemon? Like that treeco that was the leader of the group, it was old, but was still in the first stage. If it evolved would it still be old, or would it be younger?
>> No. 24529
Holy shit this thread is still here.
>> No. 24700
Age is still age. He'd be invigorated a bit, sure, but he'll still be old.
>> No. 24815
File 133281491817.png - (2.40KB , 99x56 , poke_breeder_by_Sakura_Yuki_Darkwulf.png )
Hey guys, seasoned breeder here.
I never really went out on my own as a kid. My family has been very supportive of all my life choices, so it was never an issue. I love breeding, I have a real passion for it, but lately I've been thinking about going out to see a bit of the world. Maybe try to get all the badges in my region if it goes well (I'm located in Sinnoh near Hearthome).
In any case, I was just wondering what you guys think. I'm 20 now so I feel like I'm a bit too old for it...

I was also looking to get opinions about cherry-picking genes. If I do decide to do this should I use my breeding knowledge to the max? Or should I try and start like most trainers with mostly wild-caught pokemon?
>> No. 24816
I know they say gym battles are a young teens sport, but you tend to see quite a few older trainers in the league fights so there's no need to feel embarrassed or anything. and heck, it gives you a chance to travel the routes, that's a pretty great opportunity. And I don't see why you shouldn't play into your strengths as a breeder. Just because everyone else goes around catching mangy Rattatta doesn't mean you have to.
>> No. 24817
Hey now, a lot of the competitors in the leagues are in their twenties, or even older. Some people get into that stuff for life, even make a career out of it. Just because you start late doesn't mean you won't get anywhere.
>> No. 24820
I would suggest though that you try your hand at batteling small-time trainers first though to get a feel for batteling and your pokemon.
>> No. 24821
Thanks for the input guys!
I've decided to go for it! I've got a Growlithe who's been my buddy since I was little and he'll be my 'starter' as it were. My dad also let me borrow his Octillary Lefty for breeding purposes (I'm so thrilled!!), so I've got a little school of remoraid in the pond out back. I'm trying to get to know them a bit so I can pick the one with the best personality.
In what I think may be an effort to get me to put off leaving a bit longer my parents have asked me to go through the storage boxes and release or find homes for any excess pokemon. They've also got me toting around a bag full of eggs (they're mostly feebas with a few random eggs that got lost in storage). I'm making pretty good headway with the boxes, it's always rewarding to see a pokemon who's happy to be set free or who's found a good home with a trainer.
In any case with luck I should be able to set out by the end of the week!
>> No. 24823
Hey guys, I'm having some problems that I think may actually get me in legal issues.

So I was walking around fine, and a kid saw me and challenged me to a battle. Normal stuff. I got out my Smeargle, and he got out his Shedinja.

He then proceeded to become pale and collapse on the spot.

I'm with him now on my Hidden Base, he still breathes, but I can't reanimate him in anyway. Help?
>> No. 24824
Fuckin' kids these days, always trying to use Pokemon they think are sooo cool!!! without knowing the risks or anything.

Yeah I got no clue on how to resuscitate someone who's had their soul ganked, but I don't think it'd get you into any trouble. G'luck bro.
>> No. 24828

You see, the problem is I kinda already have a record for shit like this. One time I had to run away from a mob because when fighting some little shit with a Rattata I used a Hypno. Apparently to the eyes of the public you can only use Hypno when fighting opponents 18 and up :/

I decided to leave the kid near his Shedinja and bail. Way I figure, someone finds him and he's safe, or a Gulpin finds him and he becomes goop. It's not as if kids being killed in the wilderness by some random pack of Mightyenas or something is rare.

>> No. 24829
File 133334336425.png - (148.50KB , 616x522 , scolipede_by_suguro-d3cznbr.png )
Sounds good. As long as you left him on/near a path he should be fine.
I feel sorry for you man. I've gotten a lot of shit for my pokemon too.
I swear the only reason my scolipede flipped out was because some little shit had an insect flute. Bad day all around.
He's really quite docile. For a scolipede.
>> No. 24830
You raise a good point, how do you keep larger and more aggressive pokemon from going wild? I know that someone in my town has a Nidoqueen but I've never heard anything bad about her. I think the worst thing she's done is she ate all the flowers in the park's gardens when she was younger, that's it.

On the other hand, my neighbor has this cute little murkrow that steals EVERYTHING, and has been known to sneak in to houses to take stuff.
>> No. 24831
It's like saying "how do you keep pitbulls from tearing into the neighbor's kid?" Proper fuckin' raising, that's how.
Got a friend with a Haxorus, sweetest giant bladed death machine ever, wouldn't hurt a fly unless she asked it to.
>> No. 24836
What the hell is a pitbull? Are you talking about a snubbull?
>> No. 24837
Pokemon raised by careless owners tend to be more feral. All they really need is enough attention to be imprinted on. They're like children in that sense.
>> No. 24838

is this a regional thing?

Do you guys not have...?

y'know what, sure, I am talking about an exceptionally aggressive snubbull. Or Poochyena would probably work better, if they have those wherever you are.
>> No. 24955
I'm curious about this "pitbull" you speak of.
>> No. 24962

Fuckin weird looking Normal/Fighting type, walks on all fours like a mightyena but has a really short coat like a snubbull. They also have varying colors and patterns to them like a spinda. Supposedly bred specifically as attack pokemon? Don't believe a word of it, even if they learn Crunch at level 15, theyre sweet as can be if raised from birth (their parents dont lay eggs? Not even sure if they are pokemon, like Indian Elephants.)
>> No. 24976
So me and my Gardevoir, Aranea, were going for a walk when we happened upon this… I /guess/ it was a Missingno.??? Now she's weird-looking, with jet-black skin, a purple dress, orange hair, and empty white eyes. What is this I do not even.
>> No. 24977
So me and my Gardevoir, Aranea, were going for a walk when we happened upon this… I /guess/ it was a Missingno.??? Now she's weird-looking, with jet-black skin, a purple dress, orange hair, and empty white eyes. What is this I do not even.
>> No. 24983
Hey guys, I think my Pichu learned about lust. And now she has lust, or her understanding of it, towards my Togetic.

My friend taught Thunderbolt to my Pichu, and showed off her breeding duo, a Pikachu and a Jigglypuff. Pichu was invested in the acts they did...

And now she wants my Togetic to breed with her. He explained that she needs to evolve, and she wants to...

I don't want to lose my partner to sex. How do I "fix" her?
>> No. 24987
Just take it to a move deleter and have them delete the move "Lust". Easy as.
>> No. 24989
>a move

>> No. 24990
Dear Goddess, guys, this is serious.
>> No. 24991
Please tell me /x/ doesn't have you believing in that "reality glitch" bullshit.
I don't know what's goin' on with your Gardevoir though. Tried taking her to a PokeCenter, seeing what Joy had to say about her?
>> No. 24992
Joy said it was an alien organism, and then code-switched to medical technobabble. :/
>> No. 24993
File 133517126959.png - (42.92KB , 220x165 , 220px-PIA_Badge.png )
...Maybe you should have a seat.
Stop worrying about this nonsense.
>> No. 24994
Gardevoir palette-swapping? Yeah, mine did that once. It was just a phase she was going through.

Though she did end up keeping the purple glitter lipstick...
>> No. 25000
Are you sure your Gardevoir isn't a Gothitelle?
>> No. 25002

Hmmmm… That might be it.
>> No. 25003
Dudes is it okay for my Machop to play with my sister's makeup and dolls? She seems to love them so much but she keeps scaring my sister's pokemon.
>> No. 25004
I'm more worried about your sis's pokes. What kind are they, and more importantly, what's the makeup? There was a case where powder-based makeup was ingested by a Bellsprout who died as a result.
>> No. 25005
She's got a bunch of these cute pokemon; like she's got a Clefairy, Mareep, and a Skitty. So do most of her friends. The make up is pokemon-safe; just some kiddy-type stuff for little girls.

See, her friends have like this girl's night where they dress up their pokemon and give them makeovers and my Machop wants to join in but she's tough and rowdy and the other pokemon don't seem to like her. And she kinda... breaks things. Like when she was playing with my sister's barbies she accidently broke the doll house and car. I dunno what to do; I don't have any other pokemon that are girls, just her and my bro Slakoth.
>> No. 25033
File 133567912850.png - (200.10KB , 780x560 , grr_im_gruff_grr_by_Zhampy.png )
My Nidorino has been showing signs that he might like to evolve soon. I have a moonstone in my bag but... I hate to say it but I like him how he is. I have nothing against Nidokings, but they're kinda large and typically aggressive. Gino is used to being able to follow me around, and I know if he evolves he'll be too big for a lot of places. There's also the excess aggression to worry about. He's surprisingly sweet for a Nidorino, and I'm worried that the evolution might cause a personality shift.
Basically, what should I do? I want him to be happy, but I really don't want him to change.
>> No. 25036
I faced the same problem with my Electabuzz a few months ago (see >>24210 and >>24520), although there it was less of a temperament issue and more of a property damage one.
Although Nidokings tend to be more powerful Pokemon, Nidorinos are able to use their smaller size and agility to use different techniques in battle.
I've seen a Nidorino take down a Steelix in one hit with its horn. I shit you not.

What I'm getting at is, don't feel obligated to evolve your Nidorino. If you want, you can give it the choice to evolve or not. Pokemon tend to respond well to having that kind of involvement in their own development.

....OH CRAP. Electabuzz just stormed into my room and is wrecking everything. 'Scuse me for a while.
>> No. 25038
File 133615797216.jpg - (1.15MB , 2127x1536 , 1336157113514.jpg )
How do you keep your neighbor's pokemon out of your yard when they're huge and could mot likely squish you without a second thought?
>> No. 25209
Lots of repel. Like, buy out the mart if you can.
>> No. 25210

I have a similar but very different problem: My friend recently traded me his Arceus and I've only now discovered I don't have the proper badges to get it to obey me. Now normally I wouldn't be too concerned with this, but Arceus is basically God and "Disobeying me" in this case means "Playing with the very fabric of space and time".

I guess the short version is: How do I deal with a miniature black hole in my backyard?
>> No. 25232

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